Party with Kyle

By: Peter Plus

The following story is just fiction; my imagination having a party. So please, do not think this is real, at all. If you read something and it has any resemblance to people living or deceased is just a coincidence. This story is about sexual acts between a male adult and minor boys. If reading this sort of story violates any of the laws in your country or if you are under 18 years old, we strongly suggest for you to leave immediately. For the rest of people, enjoy.
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After the wedding, Kyle and I spend some more time together when I visited them. As you may know by now, Kyle liked it kinky way and on the few visits I did we fooled around in his bedroom while we were "playing video games" and he even gave me a hard-on while eating dinner. He sat across from me and with his foot he was giving me the best dessert ever. I loved how he liked playing nasty in places or on situations in which we could get caught; it made it even better with the "danger" aspect.

As we finished dinner that day, I stayed on my chair for obvious reasons as the rest of Bill's family finished cleaning. Kelly was already on her ninth month of pregnancy, the big day was closer and closer. For Kyle time was going as slow as possible, he wanted to meet his new baby brother. Yep, you read correctly, Kyle's wish came true as we already knew that it was going to be baby boy. Kyle knew he wasn't going to play as we did with him for a long time but he was excited anyways, I can say that fooling around with him wasn't even in his mind... by now at least.

"I don't know why but it seems like the perfect weekend to go somewhere fun" Bill said while he finished cleaning.

"You're right, there are good places we could go...What about the beach?" I suggested

"I'd love to! But I just love too much the beach and I know I can't enjoy it that much now" Kelly said, and she was right. Waves are not always cool with people.

"That's true... but you can always stand close to us or get tanned" Bill said and Kelly liked the idea, so that was our next destination.

I had a friend who could arrange a very nice place almost for free. It was a two floor house by the beach with A/C, individual bathrooms, a pool and the best view for a sunset and sunrise. We arrived like at 9 the next day. We were kind of tired for going to the beach o we stayed inside for a little bit enjoying the cool environment thanks to the A/C. I shared a room with Kyle as you may imagine and while we were "unpacking", we had some fun.

"Do you wanna see my speedo?" my boy asked.

"I'd love to but I rather see you without clothes..." I said as I took him to bed. I sat and he was standing in front of me. I looked at him and then kissed him. I loved to feel his lips on mine. He was an amazing kisser and when he used tongue it was even better. You have no idea how good it felt. He broke the kiss and looked at me. His eyes were telling me something his mouth ended up saying. "Promise me you won't ever be away from me uncle" he said and by the expression on his face I could see he was being serious. "I promise baby boy, you'll have me for the rest of your life. We won't play like this forever though..." and he was suddenly confused and asked me why I was telling him that. "Well you'll get older and you will lose interest on me, it'll be ok don't worry" I said as I continued to caress his body.

"I won't lose interest on you uncle, I want to play like this forever!"

"I know you want to, now. But don't worry about the future baby boy, we have "right now" and that's all that matters"

I could see that he wasn't up to fooling around like we did before, at least for now and I was ok with that. Instead of forcing him to be aroused and enjoy a kinky and nice moment, I sat him on my lap and we held hands. I loved when he grabbed my hand, it was like he didn't want to ever let go. We stayed like that for a few minutes and I told him that if he still wanted to show me his speedo and he nodded and went running to take it out of his backpack.

"Which one is better uncle, the blue or the orange one?" he asked me and I said that both were nice and that he should try both of them.

I thought my boy wasn't up to fooling around but then I realized he wanted to play a different role, not the kinky but the little boy one.

"I need help again uncle, you know I can't undress by myself..." he said and I knew he was on a role now.

"Really? Well maybe I can help you with that, come closer"

As he came closer to me I started with his sleeveless shirt, which looked fantastic on him I must say. Because of the A/C being on his nipples were hard and I brushed the tip of my fingers on them. He just shivered for a moment and then he said: "I'm gonna be cold but I don't care, I want you to see my speedos". So I continued undressing my boy, I started unbuckling his shorts and as they dropped I realized had no underwear on, like if I didn't know already. I was a little shocked to see that his beautiful and tasty cocklet wasn't hard. I was confused by then, maybe he wasn't turned on like I was. Maybe he did want me to see him on his speedos... and no more. I didn't give it a lot time and I decided to continue. He gave me the blue speedo and when it was on him I was even more turned on. He looked amazing, so handsome that I could use more whipped cream and eat him up again like that last time on the hotel.

"Wow..." it was all I could say. My boy looked amazingly handsome...

"How do I look uncle? Do I look that good?"

"Good is not enough, I could eat you right now and without whipped cream" he laughed at my comment and I felt his crotch pressing on my knee just like the last time at the party. He knew what he was doing and he just grinned while he kept on pressing it on me. I did what's natural for me and started softly lifting my knee so it could play with his cocklet. I started to feel it was becoming hard and mine was as well. Just when I felt everything was going to go as the last time he stopped it and told me he wanted to go to the pool. "I can't get a break" I thought because my boy was giving me a hard time by making me wait.

And so we went to the pool, I wasn't in the mood for swimming and I was kind of pissed off because he didn't want to play with me. I don't know why I was feeling this way knowing that maybe he was just playing a role like always. Anyhow, he started swimming and he didn't even ask me to join him. He was acting in a different way and he decided to better invite Bill, his father, rather than me to come and play. I wasn't feeling good at all because just looking at that beautiful boy in speedos was enough to make me go hard.

I decided to take a walk on the beach so I could forget a little bit about this situation and like if the universe was helping me it happened quite quickly. I had like 5 minutes of walking down the beach when I found a secluded place by a very big rock. I thought it was the perfect place to stay and relax for a little bit. When I was getting closer I heard some moaning coming from inside the little place in the rock. I couldn't tell how old was the boy but I knew he was doing some stuff, maybe alone or with someone I thought. I went closer and closer trying not to be noisy and I could confirm it was more than one.

"This tastes so good babe"

"Your mouth feels even better daddy, I can't cum any other way"

I could see it was a boy with his dad or maybe an older friend he called daddy. I wanted to see more so I got closer and I found the perfect place to watch the live show in front of me. It was a boy around 12 and a young adult maybe 20yo. They were both shirtless and wearing just their swimming suit. Obviously the boy had his own on the floor.

"I need something else to drink" the man said

"Me too, can you get me some water daddy?"

"Of course babe, just wait here"

The man stood and started running to the nearest beach house, it was pretty amazing. The boy stayed there while I was still amazed of seeing his around 4 inches cock standing there waiting for his daddy. He had few hairs there, he looked so sexy. I didn't notice anything else when suddenly:

"You can suck it if you want..." the boy told me while he was welcoming me with his legs spread waiting for me to go for it.

I saw the boy lying there with his hands on the back of his head and that gave me the signal. I went there and I didn't even ask for his name as I started sucking on his dick. It was so tasty, one hell of a delicious cock. The boy started moaning so hard I knew someone else could listen but I didn't care. What I did to keep his mouth busy as well is that I put one of my fingers for him to suck. He did it so nicely and he even bit it a little. I was in heaven.

"I'm ready" the boy said while gasping. I sucked more and more and I even went to play with his balls a little bit. I loved the feeling of his hairs inside my mouth while sucking his balls. I knew he was ready for giving me his boy juice and I really wanted it. I continued and few moments later his load was in my mouth. It tasted just as delicious as his cock. I swallowed it entirely and continued to suck for a while.

"You're so good"

"And you're cock is the best one I've ever sucked" I said while I started to jack my own cock.

"Let me take care of that one...uncle" and I turned to see Kyle standing there with a great boner popping out. I couldn't believe it, he probably followed me and looked the entire show of my sucking at this unknown boy.

"You can stay here, my daddy has to feed me" the boy said and put on his shorts, walked towards me and gave me a passionate kiss as a thank you. Then he went over Kyle, dropped on his knees and gave Kyle's cocklet a quick but very nice sucking. Kyle just put his hands on the boys head and started to mouth fucking this boy. As time went I realized that maybe the boy didn't want to go that much and the man who was the "daddy" never came back. I decided to leave the boys enjoying a little bit and went to the house where the "daddy" went to bring the water. You won't believe it but what I found there was the "daddy" with 5 more boys of different ages having a very nice "party". "Daddy" was being fed by 5 different cocklets, he was in the middle of the circle and the boys were waiting turns to be sucked. While I stood there watching I could see that later he was being sucked by four boys while he was passionately kissing and finger fucking one of them. I was jacking my hard cock when I felt someone replacing my hand for two mouths. It was the boy on one side and Kyle on the other one. I stood there and enjoyed this feeling, two boys sucking at my cock. I stayed there until I came. I don't know how they did but each of them received a little bit of my man juice. I was exhausted by all the action.

"There are some more boys for you in there, partner" the "daddy" said as he was with his five boys standing on the door. Kyle and me had found paradise and maybe this weekend getaway could be a place to come more often. I could see the boys were around 7 and 13 years old but every one of them looked so good to suck and fuck like you can't imagine. 7 boys with my Kyle included for two men... Imagine the possibilities...


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