The various nations of the world have varying ideas about who may touch whom in various ways on various parts of their bodies. In the United States, contact considered "sexual" is generally limited to those who are eighteen years of age or older. Throughout much of Europe, that age is often sixteen, though some nations consider fourteen to be an acceptable limit; in fact, there are still yet a few societies in which twelve is an acceptable age of consent.

In this realistic treatment of the topic, which takes place in the US, US rules apply. "Eighteen or older" is the rule. However, as in the author's youth, the people in this story are not ones to be much concerned about such rules. But it might be illegal for you to even READ about such things. Meanwhile, here, a youth and an adult have quite the dashingly gay affair.

As always, this author has no interest in telling pure JO stories. As always, there IS a story, and, hopefully, you will find the people interesting and their challenges exciting. There are, however, many sexy parts because sex is fun, and fun is good.

Author’s Note: Our heroes, while very much living life vividly, begin to consider how to make their affair “work” in the real world.

The Elephant in the Room

Nathan slowed down so as to not miss the road to the small lake he had in mind. Finding it, he bumped the truck up over a small hill and dropped down into a shady valley. Through the trees they glimpsed the lake and finally emerged into a small parking area near the water. They stopped and got out. Nathan told him that there were campgrounds all around the lake. They saw no one.

“Wow. Listen, Nathan!”

“What? I don’t hear anything.”


In the shade of tall firs at the front of the truck, Adrian moved to Nathan, with “fuck me” eyes. Nathan drew him into his arms, and breaking his own rule, he leaned back against the grill. He ran his hands up and down Adrian’s hard back. They kissed. He felt Adrian’s cock hardening against him.

Before he met Adrian, Nathan always found that having an affair with a really young guy had more negative aspects than positive aspects. Pretty, yes, but often ignorant and usually too defensive about their limited experience. He found such lack of confidence tiresome. Worse, they were usually not much skilled in any active role, sexually.

To Nathan, young people were generally untrustworthy, socially inept, and, ultimately, boring as fuck. That was his opinion of twinks in general. Their cuteness did not make up for such flaws, and Nathan had outgrown one night stands, so they weren’t even good for that any more.

But Adrian had thrown that rule book out.

His young man murmured, “I am feeling a lot of ‘sexual tension,’ Nathan.”

Nathan kissed him more, amused at how Adrian imitated his voice and expression. After a satisfying period sweet kisses and caresses, he suggested, “Let’s find a private nook around here and I’ll take care of that for you.”

They walked partway around the lake, holding hands. Adrian kept looking sidelong at Nathan, smiling shyly. After passing through a few empty campsites, listening and looking, Nathan concluded that they did, indeed, have the place to themselves.

He had Adrian lean on a large, fallen tree with the calm lake behind him. They were sheltered by many tall white firs and accompanied by the sounds of insects, birds, and the occasional frog. The barkless tree was silver with age and slippery smooth. Nathan knelt in front of him, drew down his shorts and underwear, pulled out Adrian’s long, smooth, pale, and gorgeous cock.

Nathan took a few moments to admire his boyfriend’s beautiful penis. Ever the connoisseur of cock, Nathan yet again adored the long, sleek, smoothness of Adrian’s stellar penis. He was so pale there! The whiteness extended to mid-thigh where the line of Adrian’s riding shorts met a deep tan at the the top of his thighs. It was a darker tan than Adrian’s rippling belly, but not as dark as his back. Part of Adrian’s sexiness was his “earned” tan. This was no decadent model with a carefully crafted suntan.

It only made Adrian hotter.

Nathan gave him him a slow, luxurious blow job until Adrian, gasping, fed him his magic seed. He did not spill a drop.

“You feel better now, darling boy?”

“I feel better. You want me to do you?”

“I’m an old man, Adrian. Remember? Coming once a day is fine with me. I can wait, and, in fact, I would prefer to. You will be ready again soon enough.”

“I’m ready right now! But don’t fucking lie! You came, like, four times yesterday! Also, you are not really old.”

Nathan stood up as Adrian pulled up his shorts. His cock was still hard in his underwear as he zipped his fly.

“Thanks, but all the more reason I need time to reload. I’m good. OK?”

“OK.” Adrian looked around. “Are you going to fish?”

“Nope. I see no sign of fish. This lake is spring fed and bottom draining. No inlets or outlets. I see too many frogs. That means no fish. If there were fish, they’d eat the eggs and the tadpoles, so there would not be so many. They plant this lake with fish later in the season for the tourists, but there are no native trout here that I can detect. Let’s go, huh? The shooting range is not far.”


Adrian, evidently satiated by his break from “edging,” was calm and quiet on the drive south over the next road Nathan took. It curved in and around valleys and ridges, maintaining the same elevation. After a few miles of driving in dappled light beneath towering firs, they came to another road to the left, and Nathan took that.

The shooting range was nothing impressive. It was a large scallop out of the mountain with a big pile of dirt and gravel near the road. Nathan had always assumed it had been made during the road’s construction then pressed into service as a shooting area. It was good for handguns, but it was not large enough to be a fit place for any challenges with rifles.

Nathan backed the truck in, pulled out his gun safe and took it to the tailgate. He gave Adrian the standard safety lecture: “All guns are loaded. Never point the gun at anything that cannot be destroyed. There is no such thing as a ‘safety.’ Keep your finger off the trigger until you mean to fire the weapon.”

Adrian accepted that information. Nathan asked him, “What did I just say?”

“All penises are full of come. Never stick your dick in anything you can’t fuck. There is no such thing as a straight guy. Keep your dick in your pants unless you mean to come.”

Nathan chuckled. “Hah. Adrian. Very funny. But seriously?”

“I was being serious.”

Nathan nodded. Adrian grinned. He repeated the gun safety mantra. He added, “‘Never mix guns and alcohol.’ My dad says that.”

“Your dad is right. Let’s start you with the 22. I told you this is actually my favorite handgun. It’s got a short barrel, so it’s hard to shoot well, but if you can get a one inch group at twenty-five yards with this guy, you can shoot.”

He showed him the workings of his little revolver. He let Adrian hold it.

“It has a nice feel, Nathan.”

“I know, right? That’s what I love about it. Not a cheap gun at all. I’ll set up a couple targets.”

He pulled two paper target sheets and thumbtacks from his box and walked downrange to fix them to the posts. When he came back, Adrian commented, “Damn, Nathan, this place is a fucking mess! Look at all the spent casings and trash.”

“I know, right? A lot of gun nuts are fucking slobs. It’s no wonder they are accidentally shooting each other all the time. I despise even being associated with that culture.”

“It’s kinda like being gay, huh? A lot of gays are little, fucking, faggot, bitches!”

Nathan looked at him quizzically. He snorted, “I have to agree, dude.”

Changing the topic, he showed Adrian how to load the little Smith & Wesson. He had Adrian put on safety glasses, and he lent him his large ear muffs. He himself inserted his spare earplugs. “Let’s see how close a group you can get with five shots, Adrian.”


Nathan studied his technique. He had a good stance. He knew how to twist and lock his elbow. His grip was a classic two hander. He practiced that a couple times, raising the pistol from his side and taking aim. He kept his finger off the trigger.

He glanced at Nathan and smiled. Then he flicked off the safety, raised the pistol, and fired exactly five shots in quick succession. He did not fire hurriedly, nor did he fire slowly. He was precise and confident.

He looked at Nathan. “You said five. I shot five. There are three more rounds in the chambers.”

That had been a test in itself. Adrian had passed. Nathan liked the way he said “rounds” instead of “bullets.” Adrian had been trained. “Yep,” he answered. “My turn.”

Nathan already had five rounds in his hand. When Adrian handed him the gun, Nathan reloaded it.

Adrian commented, “My dad told me that in the army, they teach you not to say, ‘gun,’ but I’ve noticed that only dorks follow that rule closely.”

“I would agree. It’s not a hard rule. However, I do say ‘pistol’ for a semi-auto handgun and ‘revolver’ for this type. It’s a preference.”

“Yeah. I noticed that. But anyway? You gonna shoot?”


Nathan fired off five rounds. They went up together to retrieve the paper targets and replace them with new ones.

“Not bad, Adrian. You got a two inch group with one stray.”

“Yeah, but look at yours! Fuck! I really need my glasses, Nathan! That target is pretty much just a blur!”

“I have seen that. I see you squint a lot. I’d hate to see your pretty brow get frown lines from squinting all the time.”

Adrian sighed. “Well, it’s going to have to wait until I get home.”

“Maybe not. We could drive to Redding this very day and go to a Lenscrafters or something and get you a pair to get you by.”

“I don’t have three hundred dollars to spare for that, Nathan.”

“You can pay me back.”

“Uh… Hmmm. But then we’d have to drive back again in a week or so. How long are you staying up here?”

“I was planning on a week. But if you pick a frame they have in stock, and your prescription is not too difficult to grind, it only takes a couple days. Let’s do it! Fuck this suffering! Right now! Today!”

Adrian shrugged.

“What does that “shrug” mean, Adrian? Does that mean, ‘No. I do not wish it?’ Or does it mean, ‘I do not mind, but I am embarrassed to put you out and be in your debt?’”

“The second.”

“OK. Let me ask you this: ‘What do you think I want to do?’”

“You want to help me. It would make you feel good, and you would not feel put out at all.”

“Good answer! So it’s settled. Now, do you want to shoot my Python?”

“Fuck yeah!”

After blasting away with one of the more powerful and beautiful handguns in the world, and feeling the rush that always followed, they drove to Redding, dropped into a Lencrafters, got a prescription, selected a pair of classy looking tortoise shell, horn rims, and had lunch at a small restaurant nearby with outside seating and great sandwiches.

Nathan had asked which styles of frames might have quicker turnarounds, and they were guided to a slightly more limited selection. The optician expected the glasses would be ready in only a day or two.

Between bites, Adrian said, “That was easy, huh, Nathan?”

Nathan was writing an email. He looked up. “Yep,” he answered. “And let’s just get food here, too. I looked it up. There’s a Trader Joe’s off Highway 5 on the way out of town.”

“My mom goes there. I think there’s a couple in Portland.”

“They’ll have everything we need with higher quality and better prices than in Shasta.”


“I want to stop in Shasta though. I’ll need to check my email again. I’m having some stuff uploaded. I’ll tell you right now something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, and that is to seriously work out a way to run my company remotely. I am also thinking of going with an employee owned corporate structure. I need some legal advice.”

“You mean like WinCo Foods?”


“My dad could help you with that. He knows about it. It’s one of the things he likes to talk about.”

Nathan stared at him.

“You really want me to meet your parents, don’t you?”

“Yes, Nathan. I really want you to meet my parents. I want them to meet you, too.”

Nathan studied him again. Adrian dipped his beef sandwich in the broth and took another bite. Nathan knew this was where the guy spoke next, lost.

Nathan lost.

“Where are we going with this, Adrian?”

Adrian shrugged. His eyes twinkled. He was chewing. He could not answer.

“It’s the elephant in the room, Adrian.”

Adrian nodded. He knew the expression. It meant the big thing no one was talking about, but everyone saw it.

When he swallowed he said, “I could ask you the same thing.”

Nathan nodded. He decided to simply lay out the options and the facts.

“I have been dreading the time we part. You go home, get accepted at a college. Deal with your parents. All that.

“I go home and deal with my company. I restructure my management and phase myself out. I am thinking of building a boat and sailing around the world. I want to leave LA. This taste of the mountains has taught me again where home is. It’s in the wild places. I am a wild thing.”

“You want to sail around the world? Wow!”

“Yes. I thought of it on the PCT, and it’s been an ember in my heart ever since. But I do not want to incorporate my company. As soon as that happens, my employees will be fucked. I want to sell them the company. The whole process will take years.”

“Maybe about as long as it will take me to finish college? I’m thinking of going into law after my bachelor’s degree. My road trip made me interested in Native American rights – really, civil rights – and, now, gay rights.”

“That’s a gorgeous dream, Adrian. The world could use a lawyer like you.”

“Thank you, Nathan. You are the first person I told that.”

“Thank you again, Adrian, really. But? The fucking elephant in the room?”

Adrian took another bite of his sandwich. Nathan could see he was very hungry, so he told him, “We’ll talk about that. You finish your sandwich. I’ll finish my emails. I need to use this time that way, anyway.”

Adrian nodded again.

While shopping at the “Trader Joe’s,” a wonderful West Coast grocery store with high quality imported foods and great prices, Nathan’s phone rang. He answered it, and when he hung up, he and told Adrian that his glasses were ready.

“That was fast! I thought he said two days.”

“Yes. Who would have thought?”

Adrian looked at Nathan suspiciously. “You bribed them, didn’t you!”

“Here’s one for the ‘Wonderful Adrian List’: ‘Adrian, still a boy, knows more about how the world works than most eighty year-olds.’”

Adrian tried to scowl, but he could not do it. He laughed instead. “Well, I do not owe you that money! That was not fair!”

“Agreed. But I would gladly spend a couple hundred bucks to not have to drive down here again in two days. So it was worth it to me. Jaime told me he was not sure he could get it done today, so I gave him a hundred and told him to try, no strings attached. I also told him if he did it? I’d give him another hundred. Well, he said that he told the lab that there was a hundred in it for them if they could deliver. Clever lad! Spread the wealth! Your prescription matched lenses they had in stock, and the frame was a routine insert.”

Adrian shook his head as he pushed the cart. Nathan, ever the savvy old man, was studying Adrian’s choices for food. He liked quality, and he always went right to fresh food rather than pre-prepared food. However, he did pause in the frozen section when he found a bag of shrimp. “Do you like shrimp Alfredo?”

“Sure. You are not mad at me, are you, for spending that money?”

“No. How could I be. Actually…”

He leaned over and whispered, "…it kinda turns me on!”

Oh, it’s way beyond love!

“But you were saying about shrimp Alfredo?”

“Yeah. I’ll make it for you. My mom taught me. We need heavy cream and fresh parmesan. I like to add a little jack cheese too, otherwise it’s too salty, but my mom’s way is you serve it over a bed of raw spinach instead of pasta!”

“Sounds delicious. I still have cream. I use it in my chocolate drinks.”

“Yeah, but it’s not enough. I’ll make it for you tonight. We can’t get much frozen stuff. It won’t keep. So it’s a treat. Would you be willing to share a bottle of wine with me? I know you’re not a drinker, but this is a special occasion.”

“What occasion, Adrian?”

Our occasion! The occasion of us!”

“You are such a romantic.”

“I am!”

It was six in the evening before they zoomed back “up the hill” as Nathan called it.

During the whole drive, Adrian was enraptured to see the individual leaves of trees and be able to read signs again. He looked dashing with his new glasses. He kept taking them off and looking at them.

“I would not have picked the tortoise shell style, Nathan. I would have gotten the black frames.”

“Like I said, the browns and golds complement your sapphire eyes. Really fair people do well to avoid black. I like the look. It gives you the, ‘Young Executive,’ look. You don’t look like a nerd. You look sharp.”

Adrian grinned at the compliment. He smiled again when he said, “That guy at the Lenscrafters? Jaime? He totally knew we were queers. Did you pick up on that?”

“I did. He didn’t care. I think he thought we were a stylish couple.”

“Yeah. I was looking at us in the mirror. We have a bold and edgy look together. I know I keep saying it, but you do look like a fucking movie star, Nathan!”

Then, With no prompting and without a lead up, Adrian talked about the “Elephant in the Room.” He said, “So you as much as said it will break your heart to part with me, yes?”


“But we can’t be together.”


“Except we can be together, Nathan! I’ll be eighteen in a few months. We just have to play it cool until then. But there’s no reason why we can’t continue, Nathan. You’re, ‘rich as Croesus,’ as my dad would say. So there’s no reason why you couldn’t just hop on a plane and fly up to see me, or, if you wanted to spring for it, you could fly me to Santa Monica. Fuck, you could buy a plane if you wanted! We could have fun weekends together. Why not?”

Again and again, Nathan had seen Adrian assert himself and take command. He did it naturally and unselfconsciously with no competitive edge at all. Nathan, a natural leader himself, recognized the style. “I like the way you think, Adrian.”

Adrian sighed. “I do have to talk to my parents. I am going to have to lie about you to them. Or, maybe not… Fuuuck! I can’t get you in trouble, but I haaaaate lying to my parents! Coming out to them is one thing, but telling them I’m having an affair with a man the same age as my dad? Fuuuuuuuck! I want you to be friends with my parents!”

Nathan nodded. Adrian said out loud every problem they had. He admired Adrian’s determination.

He had only one piece of advice: “Better you come out to them sooner than later. They will then have time to process it. That’s one lie you can shed. When you are eighteen, you can bring home your boyfriend.”

“Yeah. Maybe. But I want them to know you before that. I was thinking you could just drive me all the way to Portland. I’ll tell my dad I talked you into talking with him about an ESOP. That’s an ’Employee Stock Option Plan,’ by the way. My dad really does know about that stuff. He could actually help you! Also, Nate, I would score major points if I actually got him a contract with you.”

Nathan did not fail to catch Adrian’s hints. He also once again impressed him with knowledge. “An ’ESOP?’ Is that what they call an employee owned company?”

“Yeah. My dad is an expert. He likes to talk about his work, so I hear the terms. So that’s a good fucking cover story!”

“It’s more than a cover story, Adrian Dear. It’s sheer fucking genius!”

Adrian laughed nervously, took off his glasses, and looked at them again. “I sure do like these glasses, Nathan!”

Nathan knew Adrian had to change the topic. He rolled with that. “Good. We should try shooting again tomorrow. We don’t have to go to the shooting range. We can climb the hill past the bike trail on the other side of the river to find a safe backstop.”

“There’s a bike trail?”

“It’s a Forest Service road popular with mountain bikers. All dirt. What they do is get a ride up to the ridge and ride down. Would you like to ride it? I’ll give you a ride. We don’t have to spend every second together. I do have that arbor to work on on my computer. That’s a couple hours’ work, maybe a half-day.”

“Hmmm… Let me Google Earth it.”

Nathan was not sure what he was doing, but Adrian seemed to know how to find unmarked roads and trails on his phone. “You’ll have to show me how you do that,” he told him.

“Uh huh,” Adrian answered, almost talking to himself, “no problem. It’s native on Androids. Not sure about iPhones. Hmmm… Yeah! It even runs on old phones like yours.”

Nathan did not think his phone was old. All he said, however, was “You did that fast.”

Adrian did not look up as he said, “Well, we are gonna lose reception pretty soon… OK! So this trail looks totally doable with the rubber I have. It starts right near the PCT trailhead! You don’t have to give me a ride. I can hump up the paved road and back down the trail. I’d rather do that. I could use the burn. I’ll take all my gear off the bike. I’m guessing two and a-half hours up – maybe two? – and an hour back. The trail goes all the way to Mt. Shasta City. Oh, here’s some reviews! ‘Epic,’ they are saying! Yeah!”

Adrian continued. “OK. Here’s my plan. You wanna hear my plan?”


“First, we stop in Mount Shasta City so you can check your email again like you said. Then, we go have dinner, which I will make. You can make the fire and get water this time. Then, we have really gay sex with each other. Then, tomorrow, I get up early and go riding while you work on the arbor. I’ll be back for a late lunch, so you could have something ready? Then, we go to Brian’s pool and have more sex. Then, we go hiking and shooting. And for dinner tomorrow? I don’t know! What do you think?”

Nathan laughed at the way he rattled it off, even counting on his fingers with the sex as merely a bullet point in a list. “I think I like the sexy parts best.”

“What a fag you are, Nathan!”

“I know, right? Also, you don’t have to say ‘Mount Shasta City.’ All the locals just say ‘Shasta,’ and the context indicates whether you are talking about the mountain or the city. But let’s go for a dip when we get back first. I’ll let you suck my dick for a little while.”

“OK. We could do that. I really like sucking your dick. I like the way you blew me today – nice and slow. You do it different every time! Do you want to come in my mouth or in my ass?”

“I want to come in your mouth and in your ass!”

“OK! We could do it that way too. Hey! I was thinking you got all those bungees and all those straps! We could kiiiinky! My dick is getting hard again just thinking about it. I could take my pants off right now! You want me to?”

Nathan laughed his big laugh. The kid was too much! But cooly he said, “That would not be wise, Adrian. It would be bad luck. It’s asking for trouble, and so far, we have been lucky. Let’s not burn up our karma. OK?”

“Oh, don’t be so serious! I was just kidding!”

“Were you?”

“No. It would be hot. I’m very fucking horny!”

“Let’s save that thrill for another road with less traffic and slower speeds. Seeing you naked would make me crazy right now. I need to drive safely.”

“OK, you spoilsport!”

Nathan enjoyed Adrian’s teasing. Having a young boyfriend was great fun. He thought to ask him then, “How is your ass, by the way? Still sore?”

“Mmmm, not too bad. We might have to go easy on it tonight, honestly though.”

“Yes. I know a fucking style that works for that, it’s called ‘Workman’s Compensation!’”


“Yep. What you do is sit cross-legged and your partner sits on your dick. You don’t pump it in and out. You hug and kiss and talk. If the one penetrating starts to soften, you ride him a little to get his dick hard, and then you chat and kiss.”

“Why do they call it ‘Workman’s Compensation?’”

“Because it can take a long time, like hours, so presumably it’s a way to while away time when you have no job.”

“Well, that sounds like a way that was made for you and me to fuck on your vacation!”

“I was hoping you’d get into it.”

Adrian fiddled with his penis in his shorts. “My dick is really hard now, Nathan!”

“I can see that.”

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