The various nations of the world have varying ideas about who may touch whom in various ways on various parts of their bodies. In the United States, contact considered "sexual" is generally limited to those who are eighteen years of age or older. Throughout much of Europe, that age is often sixteen, though some nations consider fourteen to be an acceptable limit; in fact, there are still yet a few societies in which twelve is an acceptable age of consent.

In this realistic treatment of the topic, which takes place in the US, US rules apply. "Eighteen or older" is the rule. However, as in the author's youth, the people in this story are not ones to be much concerned about such rules. But it might be illegal for you to even READ about such things. Meanwhile, here, a youth and an adult have quite the dashingly gay affair.

As always, this author has no interest in telling pure JO stories. As always, there IS a story, and, hopefully, you will find the people interesting and their challenges exciting. There are, however, many sexy parts because sex is fun, and fun is good.

Author’s Note: We have seen hints of one of the types of action these guys have enjoyed, but here it really comes out.

Power Topped by a Big Dicked Boy

Nathan was finished with the arbor and had returned from a drive into Shasta to upload the new design before Adrian had returned from his bike ride. It had not been much work. He was able to move the saved design onto the newly uploaded, correct plot and shrink it a bit along one dimension. They would even be able to salvage all the material, but the foundation work was a loss. In his email, he suggested to Jim that they have the landscaping crew throw in some “extra touches” in compensation for tearing up their client’s yard.

Other than the colossal problem with the septic pumping company, things were going well. His mechanic, Dominic, had texted to say that the equipment in general had been severely neglected. When he called him, the mechanic had much to say. Nathan had bought the shop from a fellow who had ran it for thirty years, and he kept the head mechanic on. It was pure luck, Dominic said, that the pump had lasted as long as it had. There was no way it could have gone unnoticed, for the bearings would have been making terrible noises.

Nathan was then thinking that Miguel had no place in his company. What he did was sabotage. He had complained about Nathan’s choice of equipment, for he had wanted a new truck of a different make. Evidently, to get his way, perhaps, he had taken steps to ensure failure. Dominic also told Nathan that all three trucks were a mess inside and out – a clear violation of company policy.

Nathan had to admit that he had not done an inspection himself. He had seen the numbers. They had been making money. The jobs had been coming in. He had trusted Miguel. He did not like it when people he trusted failed. He did not want to micro-manage anyone. He liked to find the right man or woman, pay them well, and let them get on with it.

Back in camp, he pondered these things as he made a batch of his special, Austrian-style sauerkraut made from fresh cabbage, lemon juice, apple juice, and caraway seeds. It would go well with the sausage and buns he had planned to feed Adrian when he returned.

He laughed to himself, for he had spotted a funny double entendre: “Sausage and buns!”

His dour mood brightened. He stretched. He looked around. He went over to the edge of camp and looked out over the river valley. He had his hands on his hips. He felt good.

Ah! There he is!

He saw Adrian making his way across the rock-strewn, dry river bed. He was carrying his bicycle on his shoulder. In the trees on the far side, Nathan saw another bicyclist riding down the road.

He saw Adrian look up at him, so he gave him a wave, and Adrian waved back.

He returned to the cooking area to check on his cabbage. It was almost done. It was essential to not overcook it. Bavarian kraut was fresh and crisp, not boiled to hell. That was the secret. On the second burner, he placed a pan to heat up. He would cook the sausage in that, just in time for Adrian’s return.

“How was your ride, Adrian?”

Breathlessly, he answered as he leaned his bike up against the pine, “It was great. There were a couple places where I needed knobbies, and a couple places where I could have used shocks, but it went well. Beautiful trail! I got some pictures on my phone. You wanna see?”


Adrian showed him while rubbing against his side as Nathan rolled the sausages around in the pan.

“What’s that in the other pot?”

“It’s authentic sauerkraut, Austrian style with a Bavarian touch of caraway.”

“I don’t usually like sauerkraut.”

“A lot of people don’t, but this is different. It’s crisp and fresh with a hint of sweet. Try it, anyway.”

“OK.” He moved to the other side and took a fork to taste it.

“Oh, that tastes totally different!”

“Exactly! Good with sausage, buns, and mustard. Brian taught me the recipe. He learned it in Switzerland.”

“Well I am fucking hungry as fuck!”

“I thought you would be. I was trying to time it. I have four sausages for you, and by the way, you smell good! I see you have no road dirt on your legs. Did you go for swim?”

“Yeah, and I rinsed my shirt. Also, I met a dude at the trailhead. He was on a full shock MTB. He smoked my ass!”


“Mountain bike. His name is Micheal. Super cute! Seventeen! I flirted with him!”

Did you now? Interesting. How did that go?”

One of Adrian’s smiles was more of a smug, suppressed grin than a smile. It made his eyes twinkle and his cheeks big. He smiled that smile.

Nathan lowered the burner flame and covered the steaming sausages with four buns. He put the lid on the pan. The food would all be ready in minutes.

Adrian said, “How about I chug some more water and pop us open some root beers and I’ll tell you about it over lunch?”


Sitting on the logs by the fire pit, Nathan gave Adrian time to wolf down one sandwich before trying to get him to talk. He needed no prompting, however. Sighing contentedly from the sandwich and burping unselfconsciously from the root beer, he said, “So I basically copied the way you hit on me.”

“I didn’t hit on you, Adrian.”

“Well, you gave me an opening. You told me you were gay, and you indicated that you found me attractive.”

“Yes, but that was to give you a chance to ditch me.”

“OK, but, also? Maybe? Hint hint?”

“OK. I’ll give you that. So?”

“So at the trailhead, I was tightening up my front brake, and he was getting dropped off, and he came over and told me he liked my bike. He recognized the frame and liked what I had done with all the components. You know, bike geek talk? He also understood that my bike is a road bike that can be taken off the road. It’s not a trail bike. I told him I’d ridden the whole country, and this was just a fun little break, and I was camping downstream with a friend, but he was staying in camp. He was really really cute! His hair was all long and fluffy brown, with the prettiest face and the cutest little butt you ever saw. He asked me if I wanted to ride with him, and I said, ‘Sure!’ But I told him I would not be able to keep up on the rough spots, and I might not have traction for the uphill pitches if the trail was soft, and that was all OK with him.

“But before we rolled, I told him, ‘You might not want to ride with a gay guy, and I think you are hot as fuck!’ Just like that!”

Nathan laughed. “And what did he say?”

“Well, he looked a little surprised, and he just said, ‘Well, I’m not into guys, dude, but I don’t care.’ It was like you said. He didn’t freak. It didn’t matter, and I dropped it. That’s all. It’s not much of a story, but the thing is, I did hit on him. We had a good ride. He knew all the details about everything. It’s a popular ride. We had fun.”

“Cool. I’ve found that straight guys will often accept sexy compliments from us queers. It pleases their vanity. They like to be seen as desirable, even from a gay guy. But you’re going to have to start carrying rubbers and lube, like I do, if you are going to be hitting on random dudes. I don’t want you bringing home any nasty STDs, buddy. Seriously. But anyway, so what would you have done if he took your bait?”

“I’m not sure. I sure would have liked to suck his dick! If he wanted, after telling him how hot you are, I would have brought him back here to meet you.”

“Already you are looking for a three-way? You are bored with me so soon?”

“No! You are kidding, right?”


“Actually, I was more like thinking it would be a fun way to impress you and show off.”

Nathan chuckled. He almost said that a seventeen year-old was off limits for him. Instead, he shook his head, a little exasperated with himself.

“What? What is it, Nate?”

“I was gonna say that a seventeen year-old was against the rules.”

“Hah! You fucking pedophile!”

“Call me a pedophile again, and I’ll spank you!”


“That’s it!” Nathan grabbed him, tossed him over a knee, and gave Adrian’s beautiful bubble butt a couple of hard whacks! He made him shriek a bit.

“Oh, Nate! You are making my dick hard!”

Just as quickly as they had rough-housed, Adrian sat back on his log, and laughed. He was far from finished with his lunch. “Ooh. That stings a bit! You hit me hard!”

He was not complaining. He said it with a grin. Suddenly philosophic, he quietly commented, “We’ve never talked about this, and maybe we should, but I remember you said that you told Brian he could not have an exclusive with you. Right up front. You told him that at the beginning, and then I met this cute guy, and something might have happened, and I don’t want something like that to come between us. It made me think is all. Not that I’m looking, but what if? Is all.”

“I read you loud and clear, Adrian. So as far as that goes? If you do have a bit of fun? I’d love to hear you tell me about it. It would be a turn on. Demanding or needing an exclusive is not how I roll. OK?”

“OK. But I’d be really jealous if you hooked up with another young guy. Honestly. I know I would! An older guy? No problem, but a guy my age? That would be a threat. I’m jus’ sayin’. I’m just being honest.”

“And it is to your credit, Adrian. Thank you for bringing it up.”

Nathan, surprised at his own feelings, laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“It’s just that suddenly I was thinking that if you hooked up with an older guy, I would be jealous! A younger guy? No problem! You should have your fun, but a competitor? Grrrr!”

Adrian grinned broadly then. “So we have that in common too!”

Nathan nodded and arose to warm the last of the buns in the hot pan. That had been an interesting development! They had just set up some rules about their “relationship.”

Nathan hated that word when applied to couples. Brian had said it was a repurposed mathematical term just as “gender” was a repurposed grammatical term. Even in his mind he would sound it out with a silly tone. He said none of that to Adrian. He resolved to come up with a better term to describe their union.

He told him, “After lunch, let’s walk down to the nudie hole. We can walk down the river bed instead of the road. Along the way, we’ll find somewhere to fool around. How about that?”

“OK! Let’s do it! But I need to wash my ass crack better. I’m pretty skanky from the ride, so I need a good scrub.”

“Fine. I’ll make sure to pack some soap in my bag.” He handed Adrian another sausage and kraut sandwich and chuckled, “I love the way your belly sticks out when you’ve had a good meal, Adrian.”

Adrian laughed quietly. Between bites, he said. “Speaking of that, we should also bring toilet paper. I have an epic shit in the pipeline.”

“Oh, you are such a guy!”

“And you like that, huh Nato?”

“Yeah, Adrian, I like that, but I suggest you just wash up here. We have hot water and all that.”

“Good idea.”

Nathan made up the last three sandwiches. Two for Adrian and one for himself; however, when he was dishing his boyfriend up, Adrian, with a burp, announced he was quite full. Nathan had noticed that Adrian sometimes needed to eat again an hour or two after a meal, so he packed the sandwiches in a plastic bag and put them in his backpack. While Adrian went off to evacuate his bowels, he added several more items to his backpack. They had talked about doing some shooting, so he packed a couple of his smaller handguns and a box of ammo. He loaded up everything else they might need.

When Adrian returned, he finished his cleaning rituals. Nathan suggested they just wear shorts without underwear and go barefoot. Adrian wanted to wear his t-shirt on his head in the headdress way he liked, but he dis go shirtless. Nathan, as he usually did when in bright light, wore his sunglasses.

Thus equipped, they went exploring. After crossing the valley, they made their way down the far side, following the branch of the stream there. They were constantly coming upon people or seeing them at a distance, so when they came to a side stream feeding the river from the north, they climbed up that to find a private spot. The boulders in that steep section were all large and angular. Nathan pointed out that indicated that the stream was geologically new, for it took thousands of years to round off the stones. Adrian had fun rock-hopping, but Nathan chose easier paths. It was steep going. They emerged onto a flatter area where the bike trail crossed the stream through a ford. Adrian pointed out all the bicycle tire tracks. It was, as he had said, a popular trail.

They passed over the ford and continued higher. On the far side of a particularly steep and difficult pitch, almost a waterfall, they found a dark, serene pool with overhanging tree limbs and no human footprints.

Adrian, cutely leaning into Nathan, commented, “Looks like we finally found a spot to fuck, Nathan!”

Nathan spotted a small sandy area under overhanging foliage. It looked dark and cool. “Uh huh! That little beach over there looks like a good place to get a boy off.”

The pool was shallow enough that they could walk across. “Ah,” Adrian sighed, as he worked his bare feet in the cold, wet sand, “this sand feels great on my feet!”

He reached over to take Nathan’s left hand in his right, keeping his voice level, he wore a cool and calculated look as he said, “After you suck my dick for a while, I want to fuck you with it.”

Looking at him, Nathan spotted yet another new look in his wonderfully changeable companion. It wasn’t exactly a teasing face, more taunting. It was almost the look of a bully! “Feeling bossy, are we?”

“Yes. Very bossy. You spanked me! Now I’m fucking you like bitch!” He said this as he moved in front of Nathan and fondled him.

Looking down knowingly and then back up triumphantly, he taunted, “I see that excites you, Nathan.”

Nathan wanted to play this game. He felt a rising excitement. An aspect of Nathan’s kinkiness was he genuinely liked to be dominated upon occasion. It balanced out his “Captain of Industry” life. However, the game was ruined if he had to provide instructions. Thus, it was an incredible thrill when a partner sensed this need and provided it without any prompting.

“Yes. I like butch boys, Adrian. You are making my ass twinge just imagining the things you will do to it.”

Adrian tipped back his head and cocked it to the side. He studied Nathan for a few seconds with his hawklike gaze. He made Nathan’s heart thump when he unzipped Nathan’s shorts and reached in while he cooly said, “Also, I want you to eat my ass. After that, like I said, I think I’ll fuck you in the mouth for while before I fuck you in the ass.”

Nathan said nothing. Adrian knew what he thought about that, for his cock was in Adrian’s hands, and it was hard enough to break rocks.

“Oooh,” the kid teased. “I’ve struck a chord with you, huh?”

Nathan let himself go. He relaxed into Adrian’s beautiful, hard, strong, young body. “I could rub you down, Adrian. With my hands. And this cold water. It will feel great after that long ride.”

“That sounds good, Nate. Sure. You can do that. Sure. Let’s drop our shit on the beach and get naked, huh?”

Adrian had dropped the bossy tone, but he was confident and assured. They went to the beach and set up their towels before dropping their shorts, and standing, they kissed each others lips and stroked each other’s big dicks.

After enough of that, they moved back into the shallow, cold water. Adrian dropped back into the water holding his torso up on his elbows with his knees up. He spread his legs wide and flipped his knees together, back and forth, rapidly. There was something cute and boyish to it, in Nathan’s eyes. His cock was only marginally engorged. It made him look like he had only a big softy. Nathan had many times noted how Adrian’s cock was the kind that changed size dramatically. When soft, he appeared to be perhaps only a touch above average, but when hard, Adrian’s penis was way beyond average.

The water was only a foot or so deep, and the sand, as Adrian had observed, was sensuous in its texture. Nathan, on his knees, scooted up between Adrian’s thighs and immediately began splashing water on him and rubbing him down with his strong, carpenter’s hands. He began at Adrian’s neck and worked his way down slowly, at once washing him and massaging him.

As always, Nathan gloried in the beauty of his lover. In his eyes, Adrian was transcendentally beautiful. From the tiny moles at the base of his neck to the fine hair that rose up to his navel from his pubes, simply perfect. Adrian had big, powerful legs. They were the legs of a young man who had ridden across the nation on a bicycle. His upper body, though hardly “skinny,” had no trace of fat. Every rippling muscle was in view, and his rib cage was large, but he had not the powerful shoulders and large pects that Nathan had. He was still youthful that way, and, in Nathan’s eyes, even more beautiful because of that. The young physique under in his hands would only last a minute. In the next hour, his lover would be a man, and a big, studly man at that. It was a set of sensations to be cherished, for it was a fleeting instant in a long life.

Rubbing his fingers in a patch of fine hair between Adrian’s chest muscles, he noted that it was a bit longer there. It was a cute beginning to his chest hair, but he would not ruin the mood by pointing such trivia then. Instead, he massaged Adrian’s wonderfully hard chest muscles, avoiding his small and almost invisible nipples, for his Adrian was incredibly sensitive there.

Adrian tipped back his head and sighed. “That feels great, Nathan. I love your strong hands. You are good with your hands.”

Nathan smiled happily. It felt good to be praised. He said nothing. He slid his hands down the inside of Adrian’s hard thighs, still quite pumped up from his bicycle ride, and feeling yet stiff.

He asked, “Are your legs achy and sore?”

“A little, but in a good way. Just a little workout, Nato. Totally normal.”

“You have some of the most beautiful legs on the planet, Adrian. I love your legs.”

Adrian merely smiled at him. He knew he had great legs.

Nathan brought his knees together and lifted Adrian up on them so his crack was exposed. He was red and raw down all around the area. Nathan commented, “That bicycle seat did a number, huh Adrian?”

Adrian grimmaced as he rested on his elbows and tossed his head, “Are we going to chat all afternoon, or are you going to lick my butthole?”

There was that bossy tone again. It made the boy’s dick jump. It turned Adrian on to boss a big strong man around.

Nathan understood that in the deepest way possible. Even in the middle of passion, Nathan knew what Adrian felt. It was an exquisite reversal of roles, and one he had yearned for without even knowing he yearned for it. So it turned his boy on to command a big, strong man? Well, it turned the man on to have a boy commander.

Nathan took the hint. He gave Adrian his best whore-boy analingus. He pulled up Adrian’s hips and dove deep into the slice. His skin was cold from the water, and, licking him wetly and loudly, he tasted like river and sand with a hint of orangey boy spice. He worked his way up, back to front, licking his taint, nibbling his heavy, shaved balls, so smooth and high riding, and he spun his head around the base of Adrian’s long, slender cock, round and round, slapping his face and neck with it.

Adrian made soft, appreciative noises during this process.

As Nathan was working his way wetly up his shaft, Adrian said, “Let’s go to the beach. I’m getting cold.”

They went to the beach, and there, Nathan assumed the position he had suggested: He lay on his back and arched his head back so Adrian could sink his upward pointing cock deep in his throat.

But Adrian was not ready for that. Instead, he sat on Nathan’s face, and wiped his ass on him! Nathan had a hard time catching his breath. His tongue kept catching on the peculiar ridges Adrian had on either side of his taint. Scar tissue, Nathan surmised, from rising a bicycle four thousand miles. Feeling daring, Nathan even gnawed and nipped him there, biting, using quite a bit more “tooth” than most lovers would like, but Adrian liked it. He was toughened in that region and could take it roughly.


“Oh, fuck, Nathan, that feels great!”

This outcry was immediately followed by Adrian lifting up and scooting back to slash his incredible cock and still cold, sucked up, and wrinkled balls on Nathan’s face. He held Nathan’s head in his hands and savaged him with rude presses and slaps against his face. Nathan knew when a guy was in full heat, and his boy was there. Next, he’d be trying to stick his big dick in Nathan’s mouth, so Nathan arched back his head in readiness, and true to his prediction, Adrian grabbed his head and fucked his mouth, rudely, sticking it deep.

He heard him laugh, “Nathan! Your cock is so hard!”

Changing positions a bit, Adrian leaned forward to grab Nathan’s thick cock with one hand while grabbing his balls with the other. His grip was so forceful, it hurt a bit, but Nathan did not care. He was stuffed by the boy’s long and lovely penis while caressed at the other end.

Nathan heard him gasping, “Fuck! I don’t want to come yet!”

He pulled out and told Nathan, “Get me a rubber and put it on me!”

Nathan did that. One time, in a sex club in West Hollywood, they had a contest on the stage. Who could put a rubber on the quickest? Nathan had not won the contest, that went to a famous rock star, but he had been a close contender. He had a rubber on his lover in an instant. He also smeared a dollop of lube on the head and wiped the remainder in his hole. He was ready to be fucked.

Adrian, in a mad frenzy, shoved at Nathan to get him on his hands and knees. He wanted to come at him from behind. Nathan complained, “Aww, I hate getting fucked that way! I like to look at you and kiss you!”

“Oh, you are such a sissy! No! I’m fucking you doggy style! Do you want to get fucked or not?”

“I want to get fucked.”

“Then shut the fuck up!”

Adrian did not kneel behind him, however. He rose up with his knees only slightly bent and shoved his dick in full length without hesitation or warmup. Even Nathan’s expert anus was strained by such a forceful entry.

Nathan was not by nature a bottom. He liked to fuck guys. He did not usually like to get fucked. But Adrian managed to thrill him. He fucked him like a man, pressing down with his hands at the base of Nathan’s back and sliding his long cock in and out in a domineering way. It was a tricky position, for the top’s dick was bent down and back. It did not work well for guys with short pricks, but Adrian had no problem.

The angle tickled Nathan’s g-spot, and he actually felt a rising orgasm!

Adrian, for his part, did sweetly lean forward to twist Nathan’s head around to give him an affectionate kiss before he announced, “I’m coming!”

He hammered Nathan hard then, letting himself go, not trying to be gentle at all. He fucked him good. He fucked him like a man!

Typically, Adrian made no noise when he came. Nathan felt it as a series of surges within him even as he he edged on the verge himself.

It was a masterful fucking. As good as it got, in Nathan’s experience.

Adrian pulled out and flopped to the side. He slipped off his soggy, semen filled condom, he said, “I’ll let you lick my cock clean now, Nathan.”

Nathan did more than lick only his cock. He nipped sucked his balls again and slurped up Adrian’s golden pubic hair.

Adrian laughed lightly. He then announced, “I need to suck your fat cock now, Nathan. It’s so hard, I bet it’s aching!”

“Yes. I’m ready to pop. I almost did while you were fucking me.”


Nathan lay back, propped up, and watch Adrian blow him. He was already much better, and he had been great the first time. He gripped Nathan’s cock strongly and sucked the head thirstily. He alternately stroked and sucked, often looking up at Nathan with smiling eyes.

In merely seconds, Nathan was splashing hot spunk on Adrian’s face, lips, and tongue. Adrian used him to give himself a facial!

What a thrill! Adrian had gone from bossy top to total receptivity. He was emerging as a true versatile.

Nathan wanted to lick the come off before it cooled, so he grabbed Adrian and tossed him on his back to lavish his pretty face with licks and kisses. They both laughed together.

Finally, Adrian panted, “That was really gay sex.”

“That’s what you like, huh Adrian?”

“And you should talk, you fucking slut.”

“You fucked me good, Adrian. That’s not my usual style.”

Adrian looked at him with an expression that was yet another new one. It was a knowing half smile. Nathan knew he was busted. Adrian had figured out an aspect of Nathan’s kinky side.

Nathan laughed laughed out loud. “It’s fun being a faggot, isn’t it?”

“It really is! I do not envy straight people at all!”

“Me neither. Let’s rinse off and go be beautiful fags together at the nudie hole, huh?”

“I like the way you think, Nathan!”

It pleased Nathan’s self-esteem the way Adrian would copy his expressions. He kissed his sweet boyfriend. They rinsed themselves off, shared a water bottle, and made their way to the big swimming hole.

It was great. They had a secret together. Nathan only appeared to be the alpha of their duo, but they were equal partners. Nathan had not expected this. He had not been looking for it. He had foreseen – and expected – a life with less sex, not more.

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