The various nations of the world have varying ideas about who may touch whom in various ways on various parts of their bodies. In the United States, contact considered "sexual" is generally limited to those who are eighteen years of age or older. Throughout much of Europe, that age is often sixteen, though some nations consider fourteen to be an acceptable limit; in fact, there are still yet a few societies in which twelve is an acceptable age of consent.

In this realistic treatment of the topic, which takes place in the US, US rules apply. "Eighteen or older" is the rule. However, as in the author's youth, the people in this story are not ones to be much concerned about such rules. But it might be illegal for you to even READ about such things. Meanwhile, here, a youth and an adult have quite the dashingly gay affair.

As always, this author has no interest in telling pure JO stories. As always, there IS a story, and, hopefully, you will find the people interesting and their challenges exciting. There are, however, many sexy parts because sex is fun, and fun is good.

Author’s Note: Those of you who have read The Boys of Summer will recognize this setting. It is a real spot. I called it the “Boddhi Tree Hole” in that earlier book, but that is not the true name, and I do not name it here nor are my directions good enough to follow. Some spots can only be shared hand in hand, never in print. But this is an actual and immensely popular nudist’s place.

Also, in the last chapter, though it might have seemed to be particularly graphic porn, I have given you a window into how couples work out their relationship through sex. So even though Adrian “fucks Nathan like a bitch,” it develops the characters and the story. It shows how they see each other, but that is not how the rest of the world might see them. I’ll bet you have experienced that in some way – the private exchanges between couples that only they know about. We have some more of that here. How to handle “extra-curricular” liaisons? What are the rules?

Flirting with Hot Guys

Feeling much relaxed, Nathan and Adrian made their way back down the route over the tumbling cascade and many obstacles to the river. Eventually they emerged on the far side of a long, deep cut in the river with dark, slowly moving water in front of a wooded area. On the opposite side of the bank was a long granite shelf populated by many nude sunbathers. It was an older crowd. It always was. There would be only an occasional young person. Adrian was astonished by the nudity.

“I’ve never seen this before, Nathan!”

“It’s been like this here my whole life, Adrian. It’s a pocket culture here. I’m sharing something secret with you. Watch! When we undress, we’ll only get a casual glance. And notice how no one cares that they are old or chubby or skinny or whatever? These are people who live in a spirit world. I love them. Nudists are actually the antithesis to perverts.”

“Oh, Nate. The things you say! But they will look at me! I know they will!”

“Yes, Dear Adrian, they will look at you. They will see you as the beautiful creature you are. So go ahead and be beautiful. You are an aspect of sacred divinity, and that is how they see you, like a deeply rooted rose which needs no water for her far reaching roots, or a grand young pine, rising above the others.”

“Oh, Nathan, I love the way you spout poetry when you only chatter! I am so in love with you!”

“Thank you, Adrian. I do not ordinarily speak thus, I confess. You kindle an inner fire. You bring it out.”

Adrian only looked at him happily. It had happened. They were no longer a “man slash boy” couple. Like bonobos, they had worked it out via sex. The rest of the world could go ahead and perceive them one way, but between them, they were a couple of free spirits without ages and not the slightest need to defer or patronize each other.

But they had roles to play in the eyes of others. It was understood. Nathan might appear to be “The Boss,” but this was actually useful to Adrian, and Nathan was completely in his service. He would never act without Adrian’s complete agrement.

It was a deadly combination. Both were enhanced by each other. Few, indeed were they who could conspire so well together.

As soon as they found a spot to throw down their towels, beneath an ancient ficus tree – completely unique for the region, both he and Adrian immediately undressed and dove in the water. It was deep there. One could really get a good swim due to the length of the pool. Nathan, avoiding slow swimmers, went up and down the pool several times before he came out of the cold water to join Adrian who had earlier climbed back up to their spot. He had put his t-shirt back on his head and put on his glasses. They did not stare at the sunbathers. That was not done. But their sweeping glances revealed that they were, indeed, noticed. Nathan understood. Both he and his beloved were exemplars of male beauty. Such splendor will attract the eyes of anyone, gay or straight, and their obvious closeness would touch any empathetic soul.

Dripping wet, Nathan dug into the pack to pull out the sandwiches. Adrian commented, “The people here seem super cool, Nathan.”

“Yes. It’s a live and let live scene.”

“Did you see those two guys checking us out?”

Nathan did not look until he found his sunglasses. He asked, “Which ones?”

“They are at the far end. One’s a blond with curly hair, and the other’s a cute, long haired guy with dark hair. They look, like, twenty-something.”

Nathan situated himself so he could spare a glance as he ate his sandwich. He spotted the pair. They were handsome lads, sun-browned from head to toe. The blond had the beginnings of a youthful beard on his chin, but the dark haired boy had a shaved face. They both seemed to be ignoring them then, but they sat very close. They did seem to have a kind of sex energy between them.

To Adrian he said, “Yep. They are eminently fuckable.”

“Maybe we should change sides of the river and flirt with them.”

“We could. Or we could let them come to us. The next time we swim? Let’s swim upstream and give each other a little peck where they can see us and see what happens, huh?”

Adrian’s eyes glittered. He was into it! He smiled at Nathan. “Yeah. Let’s do that. All casual, right?”


“But I’m not looking to hook up, Nathan. I just want to flirt.”

“Whatever you say, Adrian.” Nathan grinned at him. He knew that Adrian was simply delighted to be “out.” He knew that Adrian was loving the wonder of his new life, no longer a larva, but a bright, new, wet butterfly.

If the gods in which he did not believe were to be asked, he would have prayed for a chance to lead the way for one such as his Adrian.

By the time they had finished their sandwiches, they were both hot from the sun, so they dove into the pool again. They swam downstream in front of the two young men. There was a slight jog on one side of the pool that placed them out of the view of other bathers but kept them in the view of the two guys they meant to entertain. Arriving there, Nathan and Adrian horsed around, boyishly laughing, splashing, and dunking each other. When the moment came, they hugged and kissed.

It was a brief moment. It felt natural.

Behind them, they heard double splashes. Turning, they saw the two submerge and swim underwater toward them. The two guys had taken the bait!

Adrian had said he “just wanted to flirt,” but Nathan knew that as a fresh butterfly, he would soon do more than dry his wet wings. He would need to fly. He wanted to see how Adrian would handle it.

The two young men seemed themselves a bit shy. They did not immediately swim up; rather, they settled themselves on the opposite side of the stream, about twelve feet away, with friendly smiles and casual waves. They were mostly in the water, sitting on submerged rocks.

Adrian made the first move. He called over to them, “Nathan and I were trying to figure out if you guys are a couple, but you are, aren’t you?”

The curly headed blond had a great big grin. He also had a patch of hair on his tan chest. He laughed and called across, “We were trying to figure out the same thing!”

The smaller one, the one with long dark hair, said, “Nice to see we aren’t the only double arrows at the party!”

“Double arrows?” Nathan called back. He had to raise his voice, so he swam across. Adrian joined him. They found places to stand in the water close to them.

“Yeah,” the blond said. “That’s Alex’s invention. You know, from the arrows in the symbol for male?”

“Ah! Clever! I’m Nathan, and this is Adrian. Adrian thinks you guys are hot as fuck, and I agree.”

The dark haired one, Alex, had dark, pretty eyes. He was long lashed and slightly feminine in his features, yet with a surprisingly deep voice, he said, “I’m Alexander, and this is Tom. We’re on a bike tour. They told us in town this was a skinny dipping hole. We just got here, and Tom thinks you two look ‘edgy.’”

Adrian asked, “Is that a compliment?”

Tom smiled. What a smile! “It’s a compliment.”

Adrian grinned. “I just finished a cross-country bike ride! Manhatten to Santa Monica.”

“Wicked!” Tom exclaimed. “We’re not following a set course. We are just going where the wind takes us.”

Alexander added, “We play street music for money – a uke, a mandolin, harmonica, recorder, and vocals. We mix it up, so we are always hunting out cool towns to play in. Shasta has been kind to us. The culture is much like the Bay Area. People are cool.”

Adrian clapped his hands, “Way to roll, dudes! I ended up broke and had to stop and work at farms and ranches. At first, it was scary, but it turned out to be awesome. People were always happy to help me. Even Nathan here gave me a ride out of LA, and we just hit it off.”

Nathan told them, “We’re camping upstream. There are places to camp all along this river. Basically, if you see a side road, you’ll find campspots.”

Tom said, “We had a ranger come through with a gun, she was all, ‘You can’t live in the woods! You can’t live in the woods!’”

“Yes,” Nathan said. “They do that. Was this a tough looking woman with short brown hair?”

“Yeah,” Alexander said.

“That’s Jeanine. She seems all hardass, but she’s actually pretty cool.”

“Well,” Tom said, “she kept her hand on her gun the whole time. Kinda freaky!”

“But holstered? Right?”


“They are trained to do that. It’s so you can’t grab her pistol. I’ll bet she kept her hip turned away too?”

“Yeah. Still, kinda scary. Why be that way?”

Nathan was in no mood to justify the behavior of law enforcement officials. He felt he had given them enough information. But he shrugged and told them that the region was thinly patrolled. Jeanine was the only ranger with a gun in the whole district, and she covered Shasta and two National Forests. She would likely return in a few days, and then they would probably not see her for another month. It was all an appearance of power without substance. It was the gun toting rednecks who liked to get drunk and whoop it up that were the real danger.

This made them laugh.

Adrian, to his credit, did not mention that Nathan was packing two handguns in his backpack not ten feet away.

Tom asked them, “You guys like to party?”

“What kind of party?” Adrian asked.

“We’re smokers, not drinkers, ya’ know?” Tom hinted.

Nathan said, “I used to, but it makes me too tired these days. Adrian is his own man, though.”

“No,” Adrian said, “That stuff makes me feel weird. Sorry. But I don’t want to appear rude. Live and let live, guys. You know?”

“Cool,” Alexander said. “We like to get high and make out. It makes it last, ya’ know?”

“I do know,” Nathan said. “I used to even tweak on the weekends. One time, between meth and viagra, I had a seven hour erection. Fucking thing turned cold and blue! Then I couldn’t get it up for a week. It scared me man! I want to keep fucking until I’m way past eighty, so after that, I decided I’d better chill. I’ll tell what though, guys, If you want an awesome meal, come to our camp for dinner. Are you on any special diet?”

“Oh, yes, very special!” Tom laughed. “We only eat what we can swallow!”

Nathan chuckled at the double meaning. “Cool. We are big eaters ourselves. So, anyway, if you take the next turnoff and make a left at the clearing, you’ll see a dark green pickup and a big expedition tent at the edge looking over the river. That’s us. Come by. Seriously. Like tonight. At dusk. We’ll feed the fuck out of you. You can play music by the fire with full bellies, and feel free to put a fat buzz on for yourselves, all right? Us ‘double arrows’ gotta stick together.”

Nathan saw the two exchange a look. Alexander’s pretty eyes sparkled as he looked him and Adrian over. “Sure,” he said. “It’s a date, and thanks for the invite!”

They all shook hands. It always gave Nathan a buzz the way gay men could connect. He told them, “Well, Adrian and I were planning on doing a little more exploring, so we’re going to hit the trail. We’ll see you like, and hour before sundown? When the sun is right there?” He pointed at the place in the sky the sun would be.

It was agreed. He and Adrian did not linger in the sun. Wet, they put on their shorts and headed back. Nathan took him downstream first, where there was a crossing through shallow water and a path that led through the campground. He wanted Adrian to see the place. There were many more campers there. It was the most popular spot on the river.

“There’s a lot more shade here than our camp,” Adrian observed.

“Yes. That is the one problem with our spot. There’s no place to pitch a tent that doesn’t get beat on by the sun most of the day. That’s nice when the weather cools, which is, actually, most of the year, but I do like the view.”

“I agree. We have the best spot on the whole river.”

Adrian fumbled a little with his next topic, “But, uh, so…”


“What’s up with those guys? Did we just make a sex date?”

“Who knows, Adrian? Part of the fun is not knowing. We made no commitment, and neither did they, but who do you think is cuter, Tom or Alex?”

“Tom. Also, he has a big dick. How about you?”

“I really liked Alexander’s pretty eyes, but I could go either way. Tom has a fabulous smile. I’ll leave it up to you. If you want to play with them, you let me know. I won’t encourage them without a green light from you.”

Adrian liked that answer.

They walked back along the road, passing the turnout where they had seen the camper the night before. Adrian wanted to look at the pool in daylight, so they explored it again, and since they were already dry and hot, they stripped off and had another dip. With no one around, they also shared a sweet embrace and another round of kissing.

“I’m ready to go again,” Adrian told Nathan as he hugged him and Adrian nuzzled his neck.

“I notice! But I really want to see how much better you can shoot now that you have glasses again.”


“But we need to find a spot that has a good backstop and won’t cause the sound to echo up and down the canyon, so we need to go sideways from the stream.”

“I know a spot, or, I think I do. The bike trail crosses another tributary a little further up, and it’s fairly open. It makes a bend upstream. It looks pretty unused. We might have to walk in the stream.”

Nathan nodded. He was not sure, but he thought he knew the place Adrian was talking about. “We still have a few hours. It would be nice to find a good spot for shooting that was close. Let’s check it out.”

Adrian was right. It was a good spot. They found and open, grassy area in front of a tiny rivulet with a steep, open hill behind it. Since Nathan had not brought any paper targets, they set up pine cones and sticks. However, to test Adrian’s ability to shoot a tight group, Nathan told him to hit a particular, palm-sized patch of a certain pine.

Adrian used the same revolver he had used the day before. When they went to inspect the shots, he had successfully halved the size of his group.

“I told you I needed glasses!”

“Yep. You can shoot. No doubt. Let’s try it with my hunting pistol. It holds ten rounds. You shoot five; I shoot five, and let’s back it up to twenty-five yards. We’re trying for a spot the size of squirrel’s head. That’s the bar.”


Nathan showed him the operations of the semi-auto and had him show him he could do all that. Satisfied, he shot first at his target. He handed the pistol to Adrian, who emptied the clip into his target.

When they went to inspect the targets, Nathan commented with a whistle, “Your old man taught you well, dude!”

They slapped palms.

Nathan told him, “We should hunt some squirrels. Down by the lake on the north side it’s Forest Service land with no people and lots of oaks. Would you be interested?”

Adrian shrugged. “I really like target shooting, Nathan. Maybe we could set up a better range with your paper targets?”

Nathan got the message. He placed a hand on his shoulder and kissed his cheek. “Let’s head back, Adrian. Next time we go out, I’ll bring some targets. We could try some moving targets too, now that I’m confident you won’t accidentally shoot someone tossing a can.”

Adrian smiled shyly.

As they made their way back, Nathan had a suggestion for Adrian. He told him, “I have an idea for an approach you might try with Tom and Alex.”


“I suggest you be open and honest about how you’ve just come out, and you really don’t know what to expect when you are around other gay guys.”

“Well, that’s totally true.”

“They seem like good guys. They’ll probably say that they don’t know what they or we are looking for either, but I expect one or the other will hint that they want to get it on. I mean, you and I agree that they are hotly fuckable. I bet they’ve had this same conversation about us.”

Adrian laughed nervously. He asked, “How about you, Nathan? What would you like?”

“I think it would be super sexy to give them a chance to adore you. I think you are the star of the show. You could control it. You might say how much you like to kiss and how your ass is sore. That would give them some guidance. With me being the old guy, they might worry that I’ll be too domineering, but I can handle them on that.”

“Do you want to do them, Nathan?”

“I want to do you. I can go either way with them. It’s up to you. You are the prize.”

Adrian sighed, “You really are doing wonders with my self-esteem, Nathan.”

“It goes the other way just as much – more! I was in a fucking depression when I left LA. I’m glad you like having a rich boyfriend because I like having a boyfriend who cheers me and excites me. Money can’t buy that, Adrian.”

Nathan’s eyes watered when he said that. He looked at Adrian and could not help but blink. He saw that Adrian saw that.

“We make a good team, don’t we, Nathan?”

“We do.”

Dinner with Tom and Alexander became a public affair. It was the music that made that happen.

By dusk, the campground had even more people. It was almost full. There were kids running everywhere. The two handsome young men carried shoulder bags when they rode their bicycles in, and they soon revealed that these bags were full of musical delights.

As Nathan finished cooking a big pot of meaty stew, they first pulled out the ukelele and mandolin. With these charming instruments, they played and sang old and new folk music. It was the music of the people. It was the music of the revolution. It was the music of pain and suffering. It was the music of tragedy and joy.

They were quite good. They had beautiful voices and a vast repertoire of tunes. They soon gathered a crowd of children, and to these children they passed out many playful objects for making rhythms: shakers, rattles, wooden blocks with sticks, and for the older kids with some slight sense of pitch sensitivity, kazoos!

The noisy cacophony of the children soon drew adults, and within a half hour, Nathan and Adrian’s camp became the party camp. Nathan himself, though he loved music, had no skill in its creation. Adrian, he had already seen, was a good singer. He was often able to join in on many songs.

He had managed to situate himself between Tom and Alexander on the tree rounds. The children were noisy, moving, bundles of energy, and the parents hung on the perimeter. Eli, who Nathan had met, and the big bearded man, whose name was Billy, after checking with Nathan, brought beer and lawn chairs.

Nathan had made a big pot of stew, but seeing all the people, he added several cans of corn and beans. He had only two bowls, so the musicians had to eat in shifts. Of course, children being children, wanted some food as well, despite the parents admonitions to the contrary. Nathan softened them by saying, “There’s no way in hell I’m not going to share food with any kid!”

Their neighbors, John and Frances brought over chips and dip along with their two beautiful children.

It became a smorgasbord then, for naturally, they all had to bring more food, plates, cups, and bowls. Billy brought his guitar. He also knew many folk songs. He was a Woody Guthrie fan and knew many of the more obscure lyrics to songs that had been recorded differently. The “real Woody,” he said, was a revolutionary. This showed up in his live performances.

For much of the time, Adrian held John and Frances’ baby boy. Nathan could see he was infatuated with Adrian. He was cute when he shook the rattles. He seemed to catch the beat and sing in tune with his baby voice and noises.

It was a great party. However, being kid friendly, it started to wind down around 9:30. Tom and Alexander had to do some running around to retrieve all their instruments, but they let the kids keep the kazoos.

By 10:00, it was all over. It was just the gay guys left around the fire. Nathan fed them all again. Adrian was ensconced between the two. To him, he commented, “See why they call us ‘gay?’ Wasn’t that a gaily festive party?”

They all laughed. Nathan added, “I see you three have become quite cozy.”

He had been observing the little touches all evening. They would rub shoulders, stretch their legs out to brush together, and hold their faces close when they talked with laughing eyes.

Tom said, “Don’t be a stranger, brother.”

Alex, ever the clever wordsmith, said, “You know what they say, ‘Four’s company, three’s a crowd!’”

“Hint, hint,” Tom added.

Nathan looked at Adrian, who winked.

That was his cue. He had just been “green-lighted.”

He would have liked to sit cross-legged in front of them all, but the closeness of the fire prevented that, so he walked behind them and laid his hands on Adrian’s shoulders. It was an intentionally posessive gesture. He massaged Adrian’s shoulders as he said, “I must tell you, guys, I do not usually go in for men under twenty-five, but this handsome lad broke through my crusty old shell. If it were not for him, it is not likely we would be having this conversation, the four of us, all together, right now.”

Adrian reached up a hand to pet one of his. He said, “But we would not be ‘having this conversation’ if it were not for this old man, either. I only just came out. I’m a newbie. We talked about you guys. You know we did, right? And Nathan said he bet you guys talked about us, and I told him I did not know what to expect, and he said you guys probably thought the same thing, and he said to just be honest, and honestly? My dick is getting hard just thinking about getting it on with you! But you have to be gentle with me.”

Alexander asked, “I don’t mean to pry, but how old are you guys?”

Adrian answered, “I am too young, and Nathan is too old. There. Are you satisfied? How old are you guys?”

“Old enough,” Tom answered.

They all shared a laugh. Fuck the rules!

Nathan added, “And just to let you know? We need to be safe, and we need to be clean. I have everything we might need. Also, no smoking in the tent. But if you guys want to pack a bowl, I’ll set us up with warm water and such while dear Adrian arranges the tent.”

Adrian said, “Let’s us all share some really gay kissing before we do anything else!”

Without waiting, he pulled Tom and Alexander’s heads to his for three tongued kiss. Nathan moved around front and with a little bit of bumping and laughing, they made it an awkward four tongues.

It was on.

Nathan, as passionate as he was, nevertheless always had a certain kind of clinical detachment as he observed himself and others. Three-way sex tended to evolve into one of the guys being the center of attention while four-way sex tended to evolve into pairs. These were rough rules that did not always work out that way, for nice guys tended to like to take turns in various positions and to try to be fair with each other. He was curious how it would go.

Over the course of the evening, he had observed that he and Alexander were often making eye contact while Tom’s eyes were often on Adrian. Of the two, Tom of the blond, curly hair and the larger of the two, was the hairier one. Alexander was the smoother. The same aesthetic was at work with he and Adrian. It was Nathan’s best guess that they would gravitate to that pairing.

And so it was that shortly thereafter they were happily sixty-nining in two pairs – Tom with Adrian and he with Alexander. Adrian had gotten the mood lighting exactly right and had spread the sleeping bags out perfectly. It could have been more softly padded, but all them there were accustomed to sleeping on the ground, so that was not a problem.

Alexander had a lovely body. He was on the skinny side, but this, Nathan knew by the hard feel of his muscles, was from much exercise. He kept himself groomed from head to toe. The dark bush above his finely shaped penis was nicely clipped. He was neither big nor small down there, and Nathan liked that. Puny dicks were a stone, cold turn-off while monster dicks simply made sex difficult. Alexander, it seemed, much enjoyed Nathan’s abs. His hands were often upon them. In fact, his busy, massaging hands made him a most pleasing lover. He was always moving them around, and he kept initiating changes of position even as they continued to sixty nine. Alexander was not able to quite swallow Nathan’s cock, but then, there were few men who could. Alexander was, however, a guy who liked to suck dick, and that was all Nathan ever needed from any blow job.

Whenever possible, he watched Adrian. It was not always easy to see him, but just then Adrian was on top of Tom, glancing sideways and looking at Nathan mischievously as he sucked and stroked Tom’s big dick. Tom’s penis was much like his own, on the thick side. Adrian flashed Nathan a happy grin when he saw Nathan look at him. He was showing off!

Nathan thought it was the cutest thing.

As was often the case with gay men, kissing and hugging became stripping and stroking. This would be followed by a round of cock sucking that would become ass fucking. The pattern was coy and sweet to hard and rough with relative degrees of difference.

Tom and Alexander were sensitive to the cues they had been given. They let the newbie determine the main course of events.

What Adrian wanted to do then was change partners. He indicated this by flopping over and gently pushing Nathan’s head away from Alexander’s cock so he could get at Alexander’s cock while Tom still sucked him.

Nathan then did the same, and for a few minutes they formed a sixty-niner square. The tangle of sweaty limbs was awkward and uncomfortable, so they soon found themselves paired again.

Tom, like himself, was a hairy muscle stud. It was always fun for Nathan to fool around with big, strong guys. One could use a lot of force on such men with no complaint. With Tom, he reached across his hips and snuck a hand up in from behind to grab his heavy, hairy balls, thus pulling the skin of his veiny cock tight. Of their foursome, only Tom had been lucky enough to have parents who were not superstitious about the evils of foreskins. Nathan had always liked playing with that extra bit of skin. Tom was also a beautiful lover with strong, musician’s hands. His sucking technique was both strong and sweet.

Feeling him surging underneath him, Nathan rolled over and they crashed into the other two, making them all laugh.

Nathan’s had guessed about what Adrian wanted. He would try to maximise the experience. He would want to suck every dick, fuck every hole, get his dick sucked by everyone, and get his ass fucked by all.

He must have been feeling confident, for he lifted his head and blurted out, “So how do you guys fuck each other? Are you top and bottom specialists? You want to watch me and Nathan fuck?”

Tom, breaking away from Nathan sat up and kidded back, “Alex is a total bottom, but he won’t admit it.”

“Am not! You’re the total bottom!”

Nathan leaned over to the insulated wooden chest he kept water in and pulled out one of his bottles for a swig. He told them, “Cock sucking is thirsty work!”

Adrian wanted a drink as well. They all did. They passed the bottle around, and Nathan told them where the trash container, the stash of condoms, and lube were. He asked, keeping his voice cheerful, “Do we want to argue about who’s the biggest bottom, or do we all just want to fuck each other?”

They all wanted to fuck each other.

Naturally, that meant them all getting fucked.

Adrian did warn them, “My ass is still a little sore, so go easy, guys? OK?”

Nathan, to get the next phase kicking, said, “Translation: Who wants to fuck him first?”

“I do!” Alexander immediately answered. “Besides, you guys have the big dicks. It’s fair. I can warm him up.”

Adrian took a seductive pose on his side. He rested on one elbow and lifted one leg to give them all a nice view of the the spread. He stroked his long cock. His sexy hole winked at them in the shadow of his ass crack. His eyes were sultry when he warned them, “Be prepared to get as good as you give, or no deal!”

It was a deal. The fucking phase of the sex party began.

But rather than pairing off, as before, Tom suggested, “Let’s make a chain!”

Alexander put on a condom and got behind Adrian while Nathan kneeled in front of them and took a bit of his “special” lube to grease and relax Adrian’s anus with his fingers.

At first, Tom simply kept an arm across Nathan’s shoulders and watched, but when Nathan grabbed Alexander’s cock and guided it into Adrian’s ass, he moved behind Nathan to play with his hole with slippery fingers. It felt great. He kissed Nathan’s neck while he did that. Nathan began to prep Alexander’s ass then, and soon, they had their daisy chain going.

In porn videos, they made it seem easy, but in fact, it was difficult for four guys to keep their dicks in each other’s asses. They were constantly popping out.

It was fine. It simply made them laugh.

Adrian, figuring out the game, soon scooted away from Alexander, put on a rubber, lubed it up, and got behind Tom. It was Alexander’s turn then, but he wanted to fuck Nathan, so he split him and Tom apart, and Tom took the front so Nathan could fuck him. They did that arrangement for awhile.

Nathan really wanted to give pretty Alex a good pounding then, so they paired off again– he and Alexander, Tom and Adrian. Just before the finish, it was Nathan fucking Alexander’s smooth ass in missionary position while Adrian straddled Tom from the top.

At the finish, it was Nathan up Adrian’s ass from behind while he blew Alex, and Tom below sucking Adrian. As Nathan had expected, it was Adrian who became the man in the middle. They had timed it well, soon, they collapsed into a confused tangle of sweaty limbs in a dogpile, kissing, thrashing, stroking, and blasting of hot gushes of many pent up ejaculations all over each other.

As they washed up, Nathan asked, “Do you guys want to crash here or head back to your own camp?”

Alexander said, “We had planned to head back. I don’t know how it is for you guys, but a fun party like that makes us just want to cuddle together.”

Nathan understood. Partner swapping had always induced the same feeling for him. But he said, “You’ll miss out on a great breakfast. I was thinking of steak and eggs with fried potatoes.”

“Aww, man,” Tom said, “You are really tempting us, but it’s our turn to feed you. We were gonna get an early start and get into Shasta early to claim a good spot. We gotta play for spange.”

“‘Spange?’” Adrian asked.

“‘Spare change,’” Alexander explained.

“Well,” Nathan said, “Don’t be strangers. That was fuck hot. This old man had a blast.”

“I noticed,” Tom kidded, “I think I still have some in my hair!”

They shared kisses, and the two dressed, gathered up their gear, and hopped on their bicycles.

“So, Adrian? What do you think about that?”

“It’s fun to be gay, that’s what I think.”

“Yes. It’s fun to be gay, but it’s also messy. I’m going to need to do some washing tomorrow, I think.”

Adrian laughed. “It smells like a locker room with come splashed on the walls!”

Nathan laughed. “I could use a another good rinse. Let’s go take a dip and then wipe down with warm water when we return.”

“Yeah. I’m surprised you didn’t bring an extra cover for your bedding.”

“I usually do. I forgot it in the rush to get out of town. No one’s perfect.”

“Some guys are pretty close, Nathan.”

“Thank you, Adrian. Fuck, You turn me on! I could go again right now!”

Adrian laughed. “You definitely got it, old man! I thought you were the hottest guy in the tent, and those guys were hot!”

“I’m totally in love with you, kid. You realize that, don’t you?”

“That gives me a good feeling, Nathan. You are right to love me. I am quite the catch, aren’t I?”

Nathan, utterly enchanted by Adrian’s self-esteem, kidded him, “You’re a vain little fuck, Adrian.”

“Haha. No one says it like you! Let’s go for a dip, huh? Then let’s kiss and snuggle.”

“That sounds like a good plan, Adrian.”

Despite mutually best intentions, they did not ever see beautiful Tom and Alex again on that trip. For the rest of their brief times there, they kept missing each other. However, Adrian kept in touch via text and Twitter, and he continued report to Nathan their friends’ adventures. When Adrian, Nathan saw, made a connection, he worked at keeping it alive.

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