The various nations of the world have varying ideas about who may touch whom in various ways on various parts of their bodies. In the United States, contact considered "sexual" is generally limited to those who are eighteen years of age or older. Throughout much of Europe, that age is often sixteen, though some nations consider fourteen to be an acceptable limit; in fact, there are still yet a few societies in which twelve is an acceptable age of consent.

In this realistic treatment of the topic, which takes place in the US, US rules apply. "Eighteen or older" is the rule. However, as in the author's youth, the people in this story are not ones to be much concerned about such rules. But it might be illegal for you to even READ about such things. Meanwhile, here, a youth and an adult have quite the dashingly gay affair.

As always, this author has no interest in telling pure JO stories. As always, there IS a story, and, hopefully, you will find the people interesting and their challenges exciting. There are, however, many sexy parts because sex is fun, and fun is good.

Author’s Note: I do apologize for the long tease; except, I’m not really sorry. These guys get their gay on now. It was “erotica” before this, but now we will call it what it is – porn, really fucking gay porn.

Spooge in the Water

Pausing, Adrian gasped, “And just in case you were wondering, old man, if you still got it? You got it! Look!”

He stepped back and undid the fly of his shorts, dropping them and kicking them away. He pulled down the front of his riding tights making his cock swing up so hard it slapped against his belly and bounced up and down!

It was, indeed, a long cock, just as Adrian had said. It was not a skinny dick, but for its considerable length, it appeared slender. Smooth and straight, it held itself upward at a jaunty angle and bobbed enticingly. Adrian, being such a bright blond, appeared virtually hairless in the dark.


Nathan commented, slipping off his jeans together with his boxers in a single, smooth motion, “You have a gorgeous cock, Adrian! Truly, a spectacular penis!”

Nathan had seen plenty of hard cocks. The one before him was stellar. His own heavy erection thrust straight forward.

Adrian gushed as he rushed forward again to press himself into him.

“Mine’s longer!” Adrian gloated as he pressed his against Nathan’s.

It was, by perhaps a half inch.

“Mine’s thicker!” Nathan taunted back.

Part of the fun of being gay and a guy was being sexually competitive. But it was only a game, and they both knew it was a game. The only thing that really mattered was whether each liked what the other had, and they both liked what the other had. Anything over seven inches was a genuinely big dick, and both guys had genuinely big dicks.

Adrian cooed, “Fuck, dude, it’s, like, as thick as my wrist!”

“You exaggerate. It is hardly that thick.”

Adrian was not quite giggling when he said, “This is the first time I’ve actually hald another guy’s dick!”

“And you love it, huh?”

“I love it.”

Nathan had his hands down there as well. As Adrian kissed him and pressed against him, Nathan felt that Adrian was hairier than he looked. His balls were pleasantly fuzzy. He moved a hand to stroke both of their big pricks together while Adrian hugged him and kissed him. He was hopping up and down and moaning happily. He was acting like an excited kid, which, Nathan reminded himself, he was.

Nathan laughed. Anyone within fifty feet would have heard that laugh, but there was no one within fifty feet. Taking control then, in his zone, Nathan released his hold on their nether parts and wrapped an arm around the boy’s back to guide him to the water. There, they more fell than stepped into the water. They made a loud splash and caused the water in the pool to slosh around, washing up on the shore of one side and slapping against the rocks of the other side. With their hands then, they rubbed each other down in all their sweaty places. Nathan led that action; Adrian followed. Their pits, their balls, the hot cracks of their sweaty asses, nothing was forbidden; all was permitted.

Nathan had not explained that the reason he brought a bucket was to keep from polluting the river. The idea was to wet a washcloth, squeeze liquid soap on the washcloth, lather oneself, rinse the washcloth in the bucket, dump the bucket in the sand away from the river, fill the bucket again for a second rinse, and repeat the process until the washcloth came up clean.

However, it was so fun to roll around with Adrian in the water, splashing, laughing, and fondling each other, that Nathan had no chance to explain all that.

Adrian was so exuberant!

This was the kind of sex Nathan loved: Sex with laughter. Affectionate sex!

They had thrashed their way over to the same rock that he and Brian had their first erotic engagement.

“Oh,” Adrian hooted, “I’m chafing my lips on your stubble!”

“Let’s fix that, Adrian. Hey! C’mon. Let’s soap down. That’s why I brought the rinse pot. I have some lip balm. I meant to give you some. Also, I can shave. I was planning on it. A nice clean and groom, followed by hot, gay sex with a beautiful boy.”

“OK! OK! But… Nathan?”


“I need to suck your dick! I mean, seriously. I need to!”

“OK, then, Adrian. Suck my dick.”

Nathan understood. He understood perfectly.

As Adrian slipped down into the water while Nathan leaned back against the big boulder at the head of the pool, Adrian looked up. He said, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this, how long I’ve wanted this!”

Nathan did know. He knew it completely. He nodded in agreement.

He gave Adrian no instructions. He offered no advice. He wanted to see what Adrian did. He wanted to see how Adrian handled the first cock he ever sucked.

Nathan loved the way Adrian laughed lightly as he took Nathan’s fat cock in his big hands. It was not quite a giggle, but it was high and boyish. He was clearly delighted as he first batted Nathan’s big dick around, whacking against Nathan’s belly and slapping it across his own face. He kept looking up at Nathan, his dark blue eyes wide with joy and wonder. When he first sucked it, he opened his mouth wide and tried to take it deep, but he gagged a bit and laughed self-consciously.

He sucked just the front third then, using a bit too much teeth. Feeling his mistake, he formed his lips to cover his teeth and tried it that way. He needed it wetter, and he needed to really bring up a lot of slobbery saliva to do it properly, but Nathan did not tell him. This was his journey, not Nathan’s. In Nathan’s opinion, Adrian could do no wrong. He could suck his dick any way he wanted, for the pleasure he took was sexier than the best blow job any thousand dollar whore could give. Nathan knew that last for a fact, and he stored up yet more praise to give Adrian.

He let his lover learn for himself. It was better that way.

Adrian found his style. He sucked Nathan’s prick slowly and lovingly with his long-fingered hands on the base of his shaft and big balls. The fine lines of square jaw bulged as licked, sucked and slurped ever more wetly. He often looked up at Nathan with smiling eyes.

The combination worked. Nathan warned him that he was about to come.

Adrian kept a strong grip on Nathan’s man meat as he lifted his head and commanded, “Shoot it in my mouth!”

Not every guy liked that or wanted that. Nathan liked that too. He was convinced that there was magic in semen, and drinking it made one more sexually powerful. His intellect knew that was nonsense, but his intellect was overruled by intuition on that subject, and it always had been.

He let himself release into his beautiful lover’s pretty mouth, making Adrian squirm with pleasure as he managed to almost swallow the entire shaft. It was merely a moment, but he did it!

To Nathan’s astonishment, Adrian almost shrieked, even as his mouth was full of cock and Nathan’s ever copious semen exploded into it.


Adrian lifted his head to look up at Nathan, gasping, his own face wearing an expression just as astonished. He laughed so happily! Nathan had one last squirt left, however, and as Adrian squeezed and stroked Nathan’s tool, that one last squirt caught him on the side of his handsomely butch nose. A little bit got in his eye!

This made Adrian gasp in surprise. He followed that surprised first gasp with a lusty laugh.

Nathan pulled him up to lick his face and kiss his come drenched mouth. Adrian ground his own cock against Nathan’s belly.

Adrian panted, “I fucking came while sucking you man! I fucking came with excitement right in the water! I wasn’t even touching it! I wasn’t even touching you with it!”

“Wow!” Nathan exclaimed as rubbed Adrian’s back. They kissed more. Both of their big dicks remained hard.

Laughing again, Nathan said, “It’s fun to be gay, huh Adrian?” He gave him no time to agree, for he kissed him again, and Adrian kissed him back, melting in his embrace.

They did not relax that way for long, for the chill of the water was getting uncomfortable.

“Let’s wash up, huh dude?”

“Sure,” he sighed, still laying against him.

They splashed and rubbed each other again quickly and emerged from the pool to wash the way Nathan had long practiced.

“You are sure that even pure, organic soap is harmful to fish?”

“I am sure. I even tested it with a live trout in a bucket. The poor fish was clearly suffering, he twitched and tried to bang his way out of the bucket to escape the poisoned water. I had hardly used more than a drop! Would you swallow it?”

“Hell no!”

“There you go!”

Thus, they followed Nathan’s protocol. Nathan shaved. He was practiced at shaving with cold water and no mirror. He had a razor he had bought from a company that was owned by African Americans and marketed to them; the classic design was such that one never had razor burn. It was an elegant, beautiful tool. With a fresh blade, sitting nude and shivering on the towels together, he also shaved his beautiful boyfriend. He did not really need it, but it was a sexy groom to give to one beloved. Adrian made it sexier by fondling Nathan’s heavy balls and big dick.

Cold as they were, they gave themselves another, final rinse.

Adrian took the opportunity to rinse his tights and jersey, and seeing that was a good idea, Nathan did the same with his boxers and undershirt. For the return trip, neither wore anything but their pants and shorts, respectively. Carrying the towels, bucket, and wet clothes, they walked back to camp under the rising moon. They needed no flashlights. In a carefree mood, Nathan had to resist the urge to skip.

Walking beside him, Adrian suddenly laughed, “OK! It’s official! I am a cocksucker!”

Nathan laughed back. He was feeling boyish. “And a good one! But I always thought saying ‘official’ was a silly expression, like, there’s an office somewhere, and you have to register and have it notarized!”

“Yes! The Grand Office of the Cocksucking Registrar! You go in, and the clerk says, ‘It is not official unless done before witnesses!’ So she takes a number, and you have to blow whoever’s turn it is, and at least two people have to sign, saying, ‘Yes, I witnessed this guy sucking a cock until he got the dude off!’”

Nathan chuckled at his funny description, adding, “But technically… and there’s another silly expression, you are a cocksucker if you’ve had a cock in your mouth. A climax is secondary.”

“Hmmm. OK, so that’s sort of a merit badge! You get the gold seal instead of the blue stamp! No! Fuck that! If you can’t get a guy off by sucking his dick, you’re not really a cocksucker.”

“Well, You are certainly a cocksucker by any definition! It’s ‘Official!’”

Nathan laughed again at Adrian’s kid humor. “Listen to us! We are like a couple of twelve year-olds!”

“Well, if we had met as twelve-year olds, we would have fucked the shit out of each other!”

“Yep. And speaking of ‘fucking,’ I’m definitely good for another round. How about you?”

“Definitely. But let’s eat first.”


Each were lost in their private musings as the carefully picked their way across the sandy river bed under the brilliant moon.

When they neared the road up, Adrian commented, “Hey! We were going to get firewood!”

“Oh yeah! I totally forgot!”

“Well, we had other things on our mind, huh?”


“So how about I go and get wood while you set up your kitchen and get dinner going?”

“Good plan.”

“And we can hang our wet stuff on my bike. It works well for that. At least until we rig up a line. I have one.”

“Always nice to camp with an experienced camper, Adrian!”

“Yeah, I’m a happy camper!”

Adrian laughed at his own joke. Just hearing him laugh was enough to make Nathan also laugh.

After a dinner of steak, potatoes au gratin, green beans in white sauce with slivered almonds, which had been preceded by a green salad and followed by apple strudel, they sat next to each other in their long underwear and sipped hot chocolate.

Nathan thought Adrian looked sleek and sexy in his tight, sheer, black underwear, and Adrian thought the same. They had been amused that they both wore almost identical sleeping clothes. It was far past ten o’clock, and as was typical in those mountains, the nights were cool. Freezing temperatures were not uncommon on the early summer nights.

To their disappointment, a young family had chosen to camp next to them immediately on the other side of the small stand of fir trees that divided the two camping spots. While Nathan was cooking, he had seen the car driving up and down the road. Despite the fact that there were a dozen open camping locations on this half of the camp, they had picked the one which would give both camps the least privacy. This was something he had seen many times while camping. It exasperated him and mystified him.

Sitting there by the fire, drinking chocolate, he told Adrian about his puzzlement at an aspect of human behavior that may as well have been the behavior of another species or alien life form. “Why do they always fucking have to camp right next to you? I swear it happens every time!”

“I know why, Nathan,” Adrian commented with an amused smile.

“Do tell!”

Adrian sipped his chocolate. It was good chocolate made from shaved candy, milk, and richened up with a dash of heavy cream. When he had his drink, he answered, “It’s because they are afraid. They get in the woods, and they feel nervous. You make them feel safe. And they are safe, aren’t they?”

“Yes, Adrian, now that you mention it, they are safe.”

“You have a powerful presence, Nathan. Has anyone ever told you that?”

He smiled at Adrian, once more pleased by him. “I have been told that, yes. However, only those who are themselves powerful will admit it.”

Adrian grinned at the compliment, but he changed the subject radically when he asked, “You ever get shit on your dick from ass fucking?”

“Yep. Though I insist on a condom and have only broken that rule once or twice, or, uh, well maybe few more times than that, back in the days when I drank.”

Adrian looked at him with his intense gaze. “You don’t drink, but you used to?”

“I have been known to have an occasional glass of wine with a meal if I have guests or am a guest, but I never get drunk any more. I’m a crazy drunk. I get mean sometimes. To tell you the truth, I’m sensitive to any drug. You don’t do drugs, do you?”

“I never have, Nathan, and from what I’ve seen, I do not wish to.”

“Well, I would never begrudge a young person their right to experiment, but my experience suggests that drugs of any kind destroy your body and steal your soul.”

“You do like your coffee though.”

“I do like my coffee, but what made you ask about browned dick?”

“Because I usually need to take a shit about a half an hour after I eat, and I feel one coming. Just saying!”

“And thoughtful you is thinking of events we have planned for later, all snuggled up together under soft covers in our tent, naked?”

Adrian laughed in his cute, head bobbing, silent way. “Yeah.”

“Well, it’s the same with me. You know where the shovel is. You found the TP. We could use some wash water from the river. That stand of small trees behind us is a good latrine area. I will assume that you have schooled yourself on proper, ecological sound methods?”

“I have Nathan. There are some who say that one must bury it deep, but others say that just beneath the topsoil, about four inches is better. The poop will break down quicker. So I use the four to six inch rule and flip the topsoil over, then tamp it down.”

“Cool! So you know more than me, and I thought I knew. In fact, while you go drop a deuce, I’m going to the river and get more wash water in my five gallon bucket. I will need your ass squeaky clean.”

“I don’t need to go yet. But I was thinking of something funny. You know how I told you that in high school I watched porn?”


“Well I also read gay porn. I like it, but most of it is silly, you know?”

“Yep. It’s just JO material. No story, really, or a thin facade of one, and characters that are also thin or completely fake. I honestly get the impression that some of the writers have never had sex in their entire life because they are so naïve or unreal in their descriptions!”

“Yeah? But I’ve also read some stories with realism so brutal it was frightening, and I never wanted a life like that, but, anyway, I notice that in porn, the whole topic of hygiene tends to be neglected, but it’s important to me, and I’m glad it’s important to you too, Nathan. I’m glad we can actually enjoy it as a shared experience.”

“For me the same, Adrian. It can actually be sexy and sensual.”

“Like when you shaved my face? My dick got so hard!”

“I noticed.”

“It was so loving, the way you did it, and I like the way you shave your balls. I haven’t shaved mine in a while. One time, on the trip, I got a rash so bad, I couldn’t ride for a week! Bicycle seats! Now there’s a topic!”

“I understand. It was Brian who got me to use old school, single edge razors. I would love to shave you down there, Adrian. You want me to?”

“I’d love it. But not tonight. Let’s put that on our ‘to do’ list!”

“Yes, let’s. I need a lot of light, and we’ll heat water for that. You can do me, too.”

“And you use clippers on your chest and legs. I felt it. You are not furry. You trim it back.”

“Yes. I have them with me. I run them off a converter using the auxiliary battery of the truck.”

“Why am I not surprised?”

“You are figuring me out, I guess, Adrian.”

“That’s my Daddy Nathan, like a boy scout, always prepared.”

Nathan chuckled. They sat in silence, smiling into the fire for a few minutes. Adrian turned his head to look over at the camp next to them. He said, “Looks like they’ve settled in for the night, huh? All quiet over there. Did you see the kids? So cute!”

“I didn’t see them. I heard them though!”

“Yeah. The baby was tired. He needed to be fed and put to bed, but his older sister? What a charmer. She looked up at me and said, ‘Wow! You are so tall!’”

Nathan watched Adrian chuckle at the memory. He had been angry to have that boisterous family next to them, but Adrian made him feel like he was being selfish. The kid was right.

“The kid.” I need to stop thinking of him that way.

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