A kind reader, and frequent contributor to #niftywriters chat suggested I post this after he had a recent discussion there.

A rather belated announcement (well, only six months or so), and sorry about that, but PJD is continuing, in another directory of The Nifty Archive.

'The Ranch', that was suppose to be published by my former collaborator, has never happened - after eight months, and the gentleman being back on line for three I doubt it ever will. I began writing a sequel to 'Patient John Doe' in early February called 'My Flock'. So far twelve chapters have been posted, but as I am combining this with another story I have on Nifty, it is being posted in Nifty's Adult/Youth, My-Carl directory nifty/gay/adult-youth/my-carl/ All three of these works can also be found, in both TXT and HTML, on my website, http://www.koolpages.com/garysgarden/

Sorry for not thinking about this earlier, and thanks again to the reader for suggesting this announcement!


(I hope I write better than I think, or plan!)