Peeping Eli

****Warning, this story contains elements that may not be suitable for all audiences. This story involves a gay man and teen boy enjoying gay sex, diaper usage, and piss play. If this is not to your tastes, or is illegal for you to read, then please leave now. Should you desire to read this anyway, I hope that you enjoy. Should you wish to contact me, please do so at erich5748 at, I am always happy to hear from those who enjoy these sorts of stories, for I write for myself, and simply share with others who enjoy them. Please remember that this story is mine, and if you share it anywhere, please ask first. Also remember that Nifty is a free site that needs our support to keep going, I do what I can, and so I ask that you do what you can as well. Thanks, and I hope that you enjoy.****

I first saw him about two weeks ago, standing at the end of my driveway, watching me as I worked in my shop. He was hidden a little by the large cedar shrubs that I have, but not nearly so much as he clearly thought he was, because I still saw him. After that, I constantly got the feeling that I was being watched, and so, I would peek over, and sure enough, he would be there, watching me work. I never looked right at him, I never gave him any indication that I knew he was there, I would just continue working, and let him watch.

Given that my driveway is rather long, I cannot tell much about him, other than it certainly looks like a boy, he has short hair, medium brown, plainly styled, and that is about all I can see. I cannot tell you how old he is, nor anything else about his features. He does look a little skinny, but it is hard to tell, because he wears an over large jacket. It is still winter time, but I usually work with my doors open, because it is not that cold.

I moved into my house several years ago now, I bought it for two reasons, first and foremost, it had an amazing attached shop that was huge, and second, but damn near as important, it was well out of the way, there are only four other houses in my entire area, and we are all well spread out, so lots of space too. As far as I know, no one in my area has kids, so where this boy came from, I have no idea.

I am a wood artist, so I needed a nice large shop, and this certainly is. I can do most any wood working projects, and I do take on paid projects, but mostly I just create whatever I want and sell it online, and I do pretty decent at it. I am not going to make millions or anything, but it is my passion, and I love doing it.

The reason I wanted somewhere out of the way, is because, several years ago, someone accused me of doing something unthinkable. They claimed I had abused their daughter, but that most certainly was not the case. But, an accusation is as good as a conviction in most peoples eyes, and even though I said that there was zero chance of my ever being with a girl in any way, because I am totally, one hundred percent gay, her parents did not care, even the police officer did not believe me, even she told them that we had never done anything, though she did ask. She had wanted to learn woodworking as well, so I was teaching her.

The stupid thing is, she never went inside my house, the doors to the shop were always open, I even sent her to her own home to go to the bathroom, but her parents still accused me anyway. She said she certainly never claimed such a stupid thing, but that she had asked for it. I was just barely twenty then, I am just thirty now. So, yeah, I sold my house, moved a considerable distance away, and even though the police claim that I have no record, I am certain that I am still on their radar. No one escapes an accusation of sex with a kid, ever. At least that is what I think. I hope I am wrong, but I do not believe that I am.

My dad had died when I was seventeen, and his house had been left to me, as well a little bit of money, so I had that. I had no mom that I ever met, and even still I have no idea who she is. That at least gave me a slightly better footing, though it sucked to lose my dad, he had been the only one to truly understand me. He had known I was gay from the time I was eight he said, though I admitted it when I was almost thirteen. He had also been the only other person to know my other secret.

Right from the time I was little, and my dad tried to potty train me, he knew something was wrong. I could never hold my pee. I did try, I know I did, but I could never hold it for long. He took me to the doctor when I was almost five, and they found that there was a muscle in my bladder that did not function correctly. So, I was in diapers for bed, and condom catheters and a leg bag during the day, and I was told that I would go for surgery once they determined what and where the problem was, and how to fix it. It took a year, but instead of fixing it, they made it worse, which we had been warned could happen, but, how much worse could they make it. Well, after, I could not hold it at all, though that is not entirely true, I can, but usually only when I am really hard or really concentrating on it.

I told my dad I never wanted to do that again, and he said he would never make me. I had been scared, but not that bad, the doctor had been amazing about that. So, I was still diapered every night, and catheter and leg bag the rest of the time. Except, sometimes I went and got diapered, and then I did it more and more, and finally my dad asked me why I was wearing diapers more often than not, I was almost ten, and I told him that I think I prefer them. Then when I was admitting to him that I was gay, I also admitted that I think I love my diapers, and will never go back for the surgery that my doctor says they can do to replace my bladder, and he said that was okay.

So, yeah, gay baby boy, diaper lover. What a horrific shame. Except my dad never treated me like that. The other kids in school sure did, that had been the reason I had to admit it to my dad, they were being so cruel at school that I was starting to crash. Had he have not accepted me, I already had the plans on how to kill myself, but I had to know, and when I finally admitted it, and he laughed and asked me if I honestly thought he did not know, and how he has known for years already, I was so relieved. I admitted to him that had he not accepted me, that I had planned to kill myself that very night, and he hugged me and thanked me for being brutally honest with him. Like I said, I felt he needed to know what his acceptance of me truly meant to me.

After that, even though the kids at school were still horrible, I knew that I had a loving home to go to where I was loved for who I was. The day my dad died, I damn near did as well. He had warned me that he might not make it, we had gotten the diagnosis almost six months before, it was not good, and though they tried, the cancer spread, and there came a day when he said he was not sure how much longer he could hold out, and that I was going to have to go it alone, but that he has left me with as much as he possibly can. Later that day, I was holding his hand when he looked to me and said it was time, that he loved me more than life itself, and then said goodbye. I told him I loved him as well, and then he closed his eyes for the last time. Thankfully the hospital had a grief counselor help me out, I stayed in the hospital for several days to ensure I was going to be okay, and she did help a great deal.

So, for at least two weeks, I was being spied upon. Some days I did not see him, but most days I did, yet every day I felt as if I were being watched. I have no idea why he would watch me, but he did. I probably should have chased him off, or, at the very least, found out why he was watching me.

He was watching me this morning, and when I went in for lunch and then came back, he was gone, so I paid no mind to it. Then something else happened that I had not anticipated, nor had I ever had it happen. Someone walked up my driveway. I do recognize her, my elderly next door neighbor. I have never had a visitor since the day I moved in, when this very same lady came and welcomed me to the neighborhood. Like she said, it is small and quiet, and hoped that I would help to keep it that way. I promised her that the only noise they would ever hear from me was my woodworking tools, but that I only use them during the day to be polite to my neighbors. Not that they would hear anything anyway, she is my closest neighbor, and I would have to have a good sized gun with scope in order to hit her house from mine.

“Um, hi, Marnie right?” I said.

“Close, Marie.” She grinned. “And it's Toby, right?”

“That's correct.”

“How can I help you today. I haven't been making too much noise, have I?”

“No, not at all. Was just wondering if you'd felt a wee bit spied upon lately?”

“Yes, any idea who he is?”

“That'd be my grandson, his name's Elias, but he goes by Eli.”

“And you knew he was spying on me?”

“I'd caught him doing so a few times, told him it's not polite to spy, that if he wanted to talk to you, to just come on up and do so. He's too shy though, too scared of people to do so, but he really wants to.”

“Why's he so scared?”

“Same reasons you had reason to be scared as a boy.”

“Um, and how exactly do you know about that?”

“The rumors went around when you moved in, saying what you'd been accused of, who and what you are, all that jazz, so, of course, I did the research myself, found out that the police no longer consider you a suspect, that you were freed and cleared of any wrongdoing, and all the research I did says that that's accurate. I used to be a data miner for the Canadian government, you could call me a spy, I suppose, but it's not entirely accurate either, because I was never a field agent, I just found out all the information that they needed. So, I know how and where to search, and even though I'm technically retired, I'm pushing seventy after all, I do still work for them, just from home now, which means I still have full access to some pretty cool sites.”

“Oh, um.” I stuttered, not entirely certain what to say.

“I know. No worries. I ensured that none of the others caused you any harm, you stayed to yourself, you leave home once a week like freaking clockwork, come back a few hours later, and then that's pretty much it. I've never even seen so much as one visitor here the entire ten years you've lived here. That's actually really not all that good.”

“Yeah, well, I learned never to trust anyone.”

“I figured as much.”

“So, um, why would your grandson wanna come see me?”

“Not only does he know that you two are alike, I may have accidentally been talking on the phone, telling a friend about my neighbor and how he's a gay diaper wearer. I may have accidentally said it loud enough for Eli to hear it. Of course, there was no one on the other line. The kids were so cruel to him, his own mother was worse. He's my son's son you see, and his mother and I've never really seen eye to eye on certain things, like being a fucking human. If everything's not her idea of perfection, then it's garbage, and so, what does one do with the garbage, they throw it out. When she found out that Eli was gay and that he'd been faking wetting the bed still to keep his diapers, she freaked on him big time. I hadta pick him up from the hospital after the suicide attempt, I charged his bitch of a mother with everything I could, and I still have some mighty powerful friends, so she's not likely to get outta jail any time soon. So, yeah, I wanted him to know that there's someone close by who he could talk to.”

“Um, don't mean to be rude, but what makes you think I'd want a kid hanging around here. I never want another kid around, I tried to be nice once and teach someone, and look where that landed me?”

“No rudeness detected. I know you don't want it, but it is what you need. Face it, you have no one.”

“I know, that's why I'm all the way out here, that's what I wanted.”

“I gathered as much. Now, where that girls' parents did a horrific thing to you, I'd never do that, however with that being said, Eli does want you in that way, and I want you to give it to him.”

“P-Pardon me?”

“You heard me perfectly clear. He's fourteen, he's horny as fuck, he's searching for it, and once his horniness exceeds his shyness and fear, he's gonna search it out, and I want for him to find it with someone who'd treat him right. I think you would.

“I lost my second son to that, he was gay, he was scared, but one night, when his horniness overpowered his fear, he went searching, I got the call at one am, telling me he was in the hospital and wasn't expected to live. I got there, and he told me what'd happened, who and what he was, and not even two hours later, his body finally gave out.

“He was supposed to have been at a friends house, I never knew a thing. The bastard beat him so severely that the doctor was shocked that he was still conscious, let alone alive. I was the one to find the bastard, but I let the police get him, I didn't want the murder charge on my hands. He died in prison last year, I was there for it, told him that I'm glad that he's finally getting what he deserves, and that I hoped that his cancer was excruciatingly painful, which he claimed it was.

“Then Eli's dad, my only other child, died when Eli was only three, so, Eli's all I got left, he's my entire world, and I don't want for him to hurt like his uncle did. The fact that he's gay, or a diaper lover, truly doesn't bother me, if that's the most strange thing he does, then he'll be fine. Trust me, in my job, I've seen some truly bizarre things, and loving diapers barely even scratches the first notch on the weirdness scale.”

“I'm sorry to hear all that, truly I am, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna help you out. Sorry, no, he can't come spend time with me.”

“I knew that was gonna be your response, but, I have more to say.”

“I don't suppose I can stop you from saying it, can I?” I sighed in frustration.

“Nope. I'm dying as well.”

“We all are, that's the secret of it, isn't it?”

“While that may be true, I happen to know I haven't got more than a year left in me.”


“Cysts that keep coming back, I've been seeing the doctor for years. It goes away, then comes back, every time in a different area, every time worse than the last. These ones are on my lungs, there's too many of them, so they can't operate. They've got me on drugs to help alleviate the pain and to prevent them from growing too fast, but, the simple fact of the matter is, a year, tops, is about all I have left in me. Some days are so bad I can barely go from one end of the house to the other without my oxygen tank. Then there's days like today that are so good I walked all the way here with zero trouble. The bad days are coming more and more though.”

“Does Eli know this?”

“Yes, I've held nothing back from him. He has no idea what he's gonna do, I'm his only living relative, other than his grandfather on his moms side, who says that it'll be a cold day in hell before he ever looks at the rat bastard who jailed his daughter. He thinks Eli's a useless piece of shit too, and blames him fully for everything. So, yeah, no one. I want for him to find a new home before I go, so that I can ensure he'll have a good life.”

“Once more, I'm truly sorry to hear all this, but I still can't.”

“I understand that, but I'm still not finished.”

“What more could you have to say?” I asked, even though I really did not want to.

“I've already named you my heir, that you're to keep Eli should anything happen to me, my most trusted family friend.”

“Friend, we've met a grand total of two times.”

“Yes, well, they don't really needta know that, now do they?” She grinned.

“What if I refuse?”

“Then you'll be charged with abandonment.”

“That's not fair, and I'm pretty sure illegal, no one can be forced to take a child they don't want.”

“Partially true. I have all the paperwork already that says you agreed. Sorry, kinda hadta forge your signature, but, I assure you, there's not one expert on the planet who'd be able to say it wasn't your signature, and that it was notarized.”

“Are you fucking kidding me.”

“Nope.” She grinned and laughed lightly.

“No no no no no. This can't be happening.”

“Well, it is. Look, I know more than you know what a false accusation like what you dealt with does to the head, I know what feeling like a second rate citizen is like. Believe it or not, I was once in your shoes, only, well, I kinda sorta did have sex with him, I was eighteen, he was ten, I was babysitting him, and his parents walked in on us, and well, the shit hit the fan. Mine wasn't entirely a false accusation, but it wasn't my fault either, he pretty near raped me the first time, not that I complained, he was a fucking hot young man, and so we had lotsa fun after that. The fact that he started it meant nothing, even in a time when people turned a blind eye to that sorta thing, he was the ministers son, and well, I hadta be punished. I carried that shame for a long time, I thought I'd never amount to anything, but the government recruited me, and look where I am now.”

“Yeah, pushing your grandson onto someone who doesn't want him.”

“Sorry, but it's the only way, really. If there was someone else I could trust, someone who's like Eli, then there'd be no problem, but there isn't, believe you me, I've searched.”

“How do you know you can trust me?”

“I have good instincts, I know who's lying, who's telling the truth, who's hiding something. I can almost always tell. You've never lied to me, yet you've hidden lots, but I knew anyway. Once more, it helps that I have some pretty advanced search tools.”

“You've spied on me too, haven't you?”

“Not really. A bit, but not for years.”

“Gee, that's comforting.”

“It should be, except you're possibly one of the most boring people I've ever met. You do absolutely nothing. You read, you do woodwork, you do a bit of research, and pretty much nothing else.”

“What else is there to do, watch TV, mindless drivel, watch movies, they're all the same, play games, waste of time. No, I do only what I wanna do, nothing more, nothing less. I have exactly everything I want and need, and I need nothing more.”

“You need to go out and get yourself laid is what you needed to do. Honestly, have you ever had sex?” She asked.

I admit, I think I am blushing huge, I can feel my cheeks burning at roughly ten thousand degrees.

“Oh, I guess not. You blush lots.”

“Um, you're not like most grandma's.”

“Thanks.” She grinned.

“That wasn't a compliment.”

“Sounded like one to me. I'm not some prudish old bitty, I know what life's about, something you clearly needta learn.”

“And what, exactly, is it about?”

“Sex, I thought you would've figured that part out.”

“I don't think so.”

“Well, it is. Our whole purpose in life is to spread our seed and reproduce. Of course, you gay guys won't be getting any girls pregnant anytime soon I suppose, but that means nothing.”

“Right. I have zero desire to have sex.”

“You're a liar. Remember, I can tell. You desire it, a great deal, but, I think you needta be enticed by the right partner. I think, and don't bother trying to correct me here, but you want another gay baby boy diaper lover, you wanna have it as kinky and as slutty as you can get it, you want for both of you to give each other as much cum and piss as you can possibly give. I've read your stories, and I emailed the link to Eli, he thinks it was from some online friend, and he too loves your stories.”

“Fuck, figures you'd find that.”

“Did you honestly think I hadn't?”

“Hoped, more than anything.”

“Exactly. Now, Eli was discovered by his mother when he was twelve, he's known for a long time who and what he is and what he wants and needs, and, like I said, he's getting to the point where his horniness will soon outweigh his fear. He's fourteen now, I wish the law was still fourteen is the legal age, but sadly it's sixteen, so, that does mean that he's still gonna be a little on the illegal side for you, but I assure you, not one of us three care about that.”

“Um, I do, I can't go to jail, I'll kill myself first. No matter how willing the boy is, I'd be labeled a monster in there, and I'd be punished every day because of it. Eli's lived with you for two years already, huh, never seen him 'til about two weeks ago.”

“I know you don't wanna go to jail, no fears there, no one does. I've told my boss about you and Eli, and what I want for you two to do, he says he'll continue to protect you, no one will be able to touch you. I promise you that. You see, most of the time, the police really don't give a damn, as long as you're not raping a child, if the child truly is willing, then they'll look the other way. And yes, I know what you think about that, and it's true, if they're pressured into something by someone, then there's problems.

“Did you know, though, that your friends' parents had been punished for filing a false accusation against you. They knew it was false, they admitted it, but they knew you were gay, and thought it a horrific abomination, and so, made up the story. He lost his ministers position, they were barred from their church, they were both fined heavily, given as much community service as the judge could give them, but escaped jail, only because they had a daughter, and the judge felt it would be far more punishment to her to have her in foster care while her parents were in jail, he did not feel it was fair to punish her, so he slammed them with what he could, then their church also slammed them as well.”

“Good, I'm glad they were punished, but I had no idea that they knew, or that they had made the entire thing up to ruin me.”

“They did, and, by the way, their daughter never forgave them, that was ten years ago, she's twenty now, and when she moved out at eighteen, she went to a completely different country, and has never contacted her parents again.”

“Good, they deserve that too. Sad for her though that her parents would use her in such a way. If I were the judge, I would've jailed them and had her find a new family who wouldn't abuse her like that.”

“I agree with you, but I do understand the judges thinking in that.”

“I understand it, I just don't agree with it.”

“Same. Now, you also know that I'm the only original owner left here since you moved in, right, so, while it had been a rumor when you moved in, I'm the only one left that knows it, no one else here does.”


“Yeah, have you really never seen the fact that every other house in the area has sold and that new people have moved in?”

“No, I pay no attention to others, I don't care about anyone, so why should I, because if they know who and what I am, then they're only gonna cause me troubles.”

“You're very cynical, you know that right.”

“Maybe, but I think I'm just realistic. Look, the vast majority of people don't give a damn if it was an accusation, to them an accusation is as good as a conviction, proof isn't necessary, or even really wanted. You think I haven't at least seen some of the news. My god, what they're doing to all those famous people right now is sickening. Of course they fucked as many as they could, who wouldn't in their position, and anyone stupid enough to have sex with them willingly, and then later on say it was because they were in a position of power and made them feel like they had to do it is utter bullshit. No, money is at the centre of all that bullshit, but the majority of people can't see that.”

“Glad you at least pay a little attention. I agree with you on that as well. They're being unfairly treated, that's true, but, really, as long as you don't flaunt who and what you are, no one will notice. I'm your closest neighbor, no one else will see anything at all, so no worries there.”

“Yeah. What happens when your place sells though.”

“It won't, I'm not selling. I plan to go at home. I won't be in a hospital. When I'm gone, everything I have becomes Eli's, and then you're already named as his father. So, he'll come to live with you. No one hasta know anything different, and no one around here will. Most of the places around us are peoples summer homes, I doubt there's more than five or six people in the entire area at any given time any more, and yes, that includes you, me, and Eli.”

“Really, I had no idea. Like I said, I never pay attention to anyone else.”

“Yes. Now, I haveta go to the hospital tomorrow for another treatment, I want Eli to come here. You both need each other a great deal. And yes, he is ready for you as well. He will want it, and he knows you do too, I fully expect when I pick him up in three days time, that he'll finally smile. Poor boy's had for too little to smile about these past couple years.”

“No, please don't.” I whispered.

“Look Toby, it's happening whether you're ready for it or not. I haveta ensure that Eli's taken care of, like I said, I have at most a year, at most,” She emphasized. “and I needta know that Eli will be well taken care of, and I know that you're gonna take care of him in the way he most desperately needs. He doesn't need a parent who'll help him with everything, he's incredibly bright and self sufficient, he doesn't want or need anyone to take care of him, but the one thing he needs, you can provide to him, should provide to him, and you should give it to him willingly, before he does something neither of you will regret the following morning.

“I don't know if he's figured out that his favorite author is you yet or not, I assume he hasn't, otherwise he'd already have had you I'm sure, but, like I may have mentioned, he's incredibly shy and scared, so maybe he does know, but is still too scared. It won't be long though. By the way, his email is babyel, I'm certain he's emailed you before.”

“He has.” I said, recognizing that one, since he's the one who emails me most.

“Thought so. I assure you, when you tell him tomorrow who you are, and I encourage you to do so as soon as you meet him, he'll probably already be stripping down to his soggy baby diaper.”

“What if I don't wanna?”

“Then it'll take longer, but it's still gonna happen. If you don't, then when I get back, if I don't see what I need to see, I plan to tell him somehow. I won't tell him myself, but I will ensure he knows it's you, and then I guarantee you, his horniness will overpower his fear, in which case, even locking your doors won't help.”

“Look, I don't want him, not sexually, not as a parent, I can't go to jail.”

“You won't, I've ensured that that can't happen. No one will ever know. Oh, and by the way, Eli loves woodworking as well, which is why he's watched you, he's wanted to come and ask you to teach him, and you have lots to teach.”

“How can I know you're telling me the truth.”

“I suppose, with your cynicism, you can't, you probably feel that anyone who says something nice to you only says so to make themselves feel better, and that everyone either hates you or is lying to your face.”

“Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.”

“Yes, well I too was once in your shoes. I know how you feel, truly I do, and nothing I can say could convince you that I really am telling the truth, but I am. All I can do is give you my word, but my word is better than any contract. I'm not scared of dying, by the way, the only thing I'm afraid of is leaving Eli all alone. He is my entire life, he is who I sacrifice everything for, and he is who I need to make sure is happy when I'm gone. You don't believe me, I know it, I feel it, but, I have nothing to lose, and you have everything to gain. You're not happy, you say you have everything you want and need, but you lie, everyone needs someone who they'd happily sacrifice their own life for, but you have no one. You don't even love yourself. You have zero self esteem, you're borderline suicidal, and if even one thing went wrong, you'd kill yourself in a heartbeat.”

“Yeah, well what makes you think that this isn't the one thing that could push me over the edge.” I said, and yes, I can feel the tears flowing down, because I know she is right.

“I don't, all I can do is hope that you have just that tiny amount of strength left in you, that one tiny little flicker of hope that something could go right for you. If you let it, it could be so great. I won't promise that you'd be healed, but you'd finally have someone to live for.”

“Yeah, well, since my dad died, I've had no one to live for, no one I'd trust, and I'm not entirely convinced that I could or should trust you.”

“I know, I feel it. Do you ever dream of good things?”

“No, never dream that I remember.”

“Well, you do, I read it in your writing, I see what you long for, I know what you dream of, and he lives next door.”


“Yes. You can deny it all you want, but you have no secrets from me. Same as Eli, I know his every dream, his every desire, and you two were made for each other.”


“Yes. Look, we could do this all day if you want, but I'm starting to feel worn down, and as it is, it's a long walk home, so I won't have the strength to make it if you continue this charade. I know what you want, I know you know what you want, we both know what you dream of, and I am giving you the opportunity to finally get what you need. You have no say in this, accept that, and all will be good. I'm dropping Eli off at eight tomorrow morning, be super soggy, he'll want it through your soggy baby diapers. Have a good day.” She said, and then turned and walked away.

To say I am stunned would be the understatement of all time. I did something that I have not done in a long time, I went and sat down, and just did nothing. I did a lot of thinking. I thought, should I just end it all and save the headache, but then it was my dads voice coming through, saying trust, just this once, trust. Maybe he is telling me something, maybe I am going insane. However, the words my dad told me when I told him that I had considered killing myself had he not accepted me came forth, he said, killing yourself is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. I responded with, being gay is not temporary, nor would his hatred of me had he not accepted me. He said, true, but the pain of rejection is only temporary, and people can live without their parents. Sadly I found that out far sooner than I had ever wished. I need him now more than ever, but it was his voice that is telling me to trust. Whether I am going insane or not, I cannot ignore that one voice, and so, I decide to accept what will come.

I had, if possible, one of the worst sleeps I have ever had in my entire life, I tossed and turned all night, I woke up nearly every hour in cold sweats, I had to have asked myself a million times if I am doing the right thing, and every time it was my dads voice that simply said, trust.

I also managed to sleep in, because of the horrific sleep I had, and it was ten minutes to eight when I finally woke up and decided to get up. I had not even looked at the clock when I did so. Well, I guess I do not have a lot of time to ponder, Marie said she would bring Eli at eight, and she seems the type of lady who is annoyingly punctual and doesn't stand for fashionably late. And just as I thought that, there was a knock at the door. I sighed to myself, threw on my robe, and went to answer the door.

I finally got a good look at Eli, but his grandma said he was fourteen, I think he might be only eleven. He is certainly cute. He is small and fragile looking, very soft and nearly feminine features, his hair is short and brown, his eyes are large and brown, he even has cute ears.

“Good morning.” Marie said happily.

“Morning.” I grunted.

“You look like you had about a good a sleep as Eli had. He said he had a horrible sleep, he's kinda dreading coming here as much as you're dreading him being here, and yes, I did tell him you want this just as much as he does.”

“You didn't needta tell him that.” Eli said quietly.

“Why, it's true, I don't want you here, your grandma's making me, and so it sounds, you too.”

“Yes, I am, for both your own good.” She laughed.

“Not sure how you can laugh about this. I woke up not even five minutes ago, I had the worst sleep I ever had last night, and I thought of going out into the woods and giving the wolves a nice meal at least a million times.” I said.

“Easy, you two are so much alike it's not even funny, though, no, I haven't told Eli just how much alike you truly are, that's for you to do. Here's Eli's things, you boys have a good time. Eli, behave, Toby, behave, and both of you, go talk.” She said, and then gave Eli a kiss to his forehead, handed him his bag, and then turned and left.

We were left, standing there, staring at each other as we heard her pull away.

“Well, fuck.” I said.

“My thoughts exactly.”

“Well, like I said, I just woke up, I haven't eaten, and I needta, you may as well join me, come on, just throw your bag down there, we'll figure out where you're gonna sleep later, because I don't have a spare bed, and my only other blanket is my summer blanket.”

“I could just go home where I belong and we both forget all this.”

“As much as I'd honestly like that, do you think your grandma left any possible way for you to get back into the house without breaking in, because, she doesn't seem like the type to do that. No, she wants us to spend time together, and as much as neither of us wants that, it seems we really don't have a choice in the matter.”

“Fuck, you're probably right.”

“You shouldn't swear.”

“Yeah, my grandma would wash my mouth out with soap for that, but I'm fourteen, I think I should be able to say whatever I want when I'm getting a raw deal.”

“Know how you feel. Honestly, though, you don't look fourteen.”

“I know, I look eleven or twelve right.”

“Yeah, about that.”

“It's because I was severely premature, I wasn't supposed to even survive, and I have other medical problems that aren't letting me grow properly, mostly because of that.”

“How about down below, has that been slowed down too.”

“Yeah, unfortunately. I don't even cum yet, I have like five hairs, and I'm only like ten, maybe eleven centimeters long at my hardest.”

“You know, I was about the same at your age, I too was a really late bloomer, but then, all of a sudden, just after I turned fifteen, I grew massive amounts, started cumming, grew lotsa hair, and finally looked like I was supposed to. Bloody well hurt going through three years of puberty in only six months though.”

“My doctor says the same thing's likely gonna happen to me, that once I do start, that it might not be very much fun, but that at least it'll be fast.”

“Yeah, there was that. Come on, let's go get breakfast.”

“Thanks, I am pretty hungry.”

We went and grabbed some cereal, I only have good healthy ones, but, strangely enough, Eli said, Mmm, my favorite, and grabbed the shredded wheat, and took it with milk and a few drops of maple syrup on it, same as me. Okay, how weird is that, I have never met another who likes that cereal in that way, most hate that cereal unless they pile on the sugar, but I hate sugar. I said nothing.

We ate in dead silence. I usually do anyway, but I have not eaten with another since the day before my dad died.

When we finished, we cleaned up, still in silence, and then I figured that I may as well go and show Eli around, and then sit down and talk. The tour was fast, I do not have a huge house, in fact, my shop is considerably larger than the rest of the house, but that is only because the bottom half of the house had been converted into the rest of the shop, and sealed from the rest of the house. Then we went and sat down in the living room. I took my lounger chair, Eli took the couch.

“So, Eli, or should I call you babyel.”

“You know?”

“Yes, your grandma told me how she knew about you, and how she got you hooked on my stories, and then told me your email address, and I have to admit, you're possibly one of my biggest emailers.”

“She's the one who sent me your link?” He gasped and blushed.

“Yeah, seems there's not much that she doesn't know, about either of us. She says you're getting super horny, and that soon your horniness would overpower your fear, and that you'd do something that you'd likely regret, like your uncle.”

“Why, what happened to my uncle. I know he died years ago, he was just a teenager Grandma said.”

I recounted the story to him that his grandma had told me.

“Wow, that's horrible, but it explains so much.”

“I'm sure it does. Your grandma seems to think we need to strip each other down to our super soggy baby diapers and fuck like bunnies 'til we're both completely satisfied, and possibly even happy. I don't want that.”

“Considering your stories, no, I know you don't. You dream of love and tenderness, that's what I love about your stories so much. They're not just fuck and suck stories, they're love stories. Grandma knows lots, she's almost too observant, but she doesn't know all if she honestly thinks I just wanna get in the sack and fuck like crazy, because I don't either.”

“Yeah, and maybe she did know that, and wanted me to be brutally honest with you, just like this, so that we'd both admit that, it does seem the type of thing she'd do.”

“Yeah, you're right about that. She was right about one thing though, my horniness was starting to overpower my fear. You know I was watching you, didn't you?”

“Yeah, I could always feel you there.”

“Thought so. I saw you see me a couple times, but you just ignored me, I'm guessing hoping that I'd just fuck off.”

“Pretty much, yeah.”

“Yeah, well, I heard my grandma talking about you one day, said her neighbor was gay and hadta wear diapers, and that he's the quietest and kindest man she knows, so he couldn't be all bad.”

“Yeah, it was a fake conversation you were supposed to hear.”

“Figures. She wanted me to come to you, but I was too scared. I'd almost done so a hundred times since I heard her say that, I was getting more and more bold though, getting stupid horny.”

“Yeah, and your grandma assures me that you can take me even. Sounds like she made sure that you had toys that'd help you scratch your itch. I'm guessing a light saber, or possibly other toys that gay baby boys might be able to use inside themselves.”

“Um, no, she actually let me buy what I needed. When she visited me in the hospital after I tried to, well, you know, kill myself, she told me flat out that she knew I was a gay baby boy diaper lover, and that if I wanted the toys to help me, that she would give me her credit card, and that I was allowed to spend as much as I needed. When we got home, she handed me her card and the computer, and said, don't buy more than you need, and don't forget to buy lube, she also told me to splurge and buy the diapers I had always really wanted, and not to worry about price. I'm sure I blushed huge, but I did take it, and I did order it all, and when I got it, Grandma handed me the packages and said go and have some fun, I'll wake you when dinner's done, and you know what, she hadta to. I was so worn out. You know though, it was so nice, after that, because I knew that no matter what I needed, I could ask, and she'd happily let me buy it. All I hadta say is can I buy more personal items, she'd grin and give me her card, and I'd go and get whatever I needed.”

“Wow, must be nice, I was well into my twenties the first time I bought a toy, and I still have just the one.”

“Wow, I have three different dildos, two butt plugs, a cock ring, all vibrating, and even a cock shaped soother. It goes pretty deep into my throat, and took me two weeks to be able to take all in.”

“Okay, I admit, that made me pretty hard.”

“Good, 'cause so am I. You wanna know something, had my grandma made it known that you're my favorite author sooner, we'd already be boyfriends.” He grinned to me.

“Yeah, well, I still think this is a supremely bad idea.”

“Yeah, well, I'm starting to not think so, so much. I'm so fucking hard and horny right now it's stupid, I don't doubt for a second that you are too. We both want and need love, you even more so than me, but, I think we already know each other more than anyone else does, other than maybe my grandma, but I've said things to you that I've never even said to her, though I wonder how much she's read.”

“Sounds like she's probably read it all. No clue if she read our emails. I honestly thought that you lied to me about your age though. Granted, you never said your exact age, just that you are a very young teen baby boy who needs cock and cum and piss, and as much as you can get, and how you wished I were your baby, because you'd keep me so fucking drained I might be mummified.”

“Yeah, I knew you'd be skeptical if I actually said my age, and by the way, that comment still stands, I will happily keep you so drained you may be mummified.” He grinned brightly to me.

“I never doubted that part of your statement in the least, no worries there.”

“Toby, I wanna come over there and suck you, will you let me?”

“, oh god Eli, please don't do that to me.”

“We both need it. I gotta taste you, I'll happily feed you mine as well. I do haveta go peepee, and I know you want it as much as I do.”

I could not answer, because Eli hopped off his couch, stripping off his clothes as he stepped forth toward me. My mouth went incredibly dry, I could not have spoken had I tried. Then he is standing just in front of me in nothing more than a super thick and soggy tape on diaper, his hot teen baby dick pushing out as large a bulge as he is capable of pushing. Fuck, he is smoking hot.

Then he reached forth, grabbed the tie on my robe, undid the bow, and opened my robe, exposing me in my super soggy diaper. I am so hard that my head is poking out the top. I had looked down as well. Then Eli hit his knees and pressed his face deep into my soggy diaper, and he sniffed deeply, and mashed my erection with his nose.

That was when I came for my first time.

I exploded so hard that even though my dick was pressed against my stomach, with just my head barely peeking out the top of my diaper, cum still splattered all up my stomach and chest, and I even felt a few stray droplets hit my face.

“Fuck me, that was awesome.” Eli groaned, and then did one of the things we both knew he had wanted since forever. He licked off all my mess.

“Wow.” Was all I said.

“You taste fucking amazing, and what a cum.”

“Thanks. You shouldn't be doing this though.”

“Oh god, of all the things I shouldn't be doing, this is nowhere near that list, fuck, I've needed this for so fucking long.” He said, and then pulled down my diaper, and latched onto my dick.

“Oh holy fuck.” I groaned out.

Clearly his soother has taught Eli a lot, because, wow, what an amazing cock sucker he is. He is being incredibly slow and tender, very slowly swallowing me until I am buried as deep in his throat as I can be, and then he does something with his throat to my head, all while humming lowly, that just drives me wild, and then pulls back off and does it all again.

I honestly have no idea how long I lasted, all I could concentrate on were the exquisite feelings that Eli was causing through my entire body. I have never felt this way before. I have never experienced sex in any way, other than with myself, and believe you me, I have never managed to make myself feel anywhere near as good as what Eli is doing to me.

Deep down I know I have to return the favour, Eli would not be upset if I did not, but I would be. I wonder, though, will I be able to give Eli even half the pleasure that he is giving to me.

And that was when I exploded again.

I have not cum in at least a week, and I think Eli just sucked out of me that entire weeks worth of cum, just in this one orgasm, forget the first one that was also spectacular. I am starting to wonder if maybe he was right, I might just be mummified if he keeps it up. He is not stopping though, and truth be told, I am powerless to stop him. I doubt I could even if I wanted to.

“Peepee in my mouth Baby.” He mumbled around my dick.

I have no idea if I will even be able to do so, I am still so fucking hard, but I concentrated on that hard, and forced myself to give to Eli what he is needing. Truth be told, I need it every bit as much. I could not give him much, not only did I not have a lot, but it was so hard to pee, and yes, I do mean that in the way it sounds too. Eli sighed so deeply as I peed, I just knew he was getting one of the things he had always dreamed of. I know how he feels, and as much as I know I should not, in a few minutes, when I suck Eli, I want him to feed me all his as well.

Eli continued to suck me masterfully, though he has not actually swallowed down all my pee, he has lots of it still in his mouth, and he seems to be savoring it, and it feels even better than before to me.

Once more, I have no clear idea how long I lasted, but far sooner than I would have wanted, I am cumming once more, and I think that I passed out for at least a few minutes. Everything went black, and then the next thing I know, Eli is no longer sucking me, my diaper is pulled back up, and he is just nuzzling and sniffing my soggy diapered crotch with his whole face. Fuck, that feels amazing too.

I reached up and just held his head tenderly, played with his hair, and we both just enjoyed the feelings for a good ten minutes. I am not hard, though I am not actually soft either, but what Eli is doing feels so amazing that neither one of us wants it to stop.

“Wow, that felt way better than I imagined.” I whispered.

“Tell me about it, and you tasted so much better than I dreamed. I've been drinking my own pee for years, sucking it out of my soggy diapers most often, and I loved it, but I loved yours even more, but your cum, fuck it was heavenly, if I believed in heaven of course.”

“Same here. Now, as much as I know we absolutely shouldn't, I just haveta taste you now. Would you like to sit, lay, or stand?”

“I'll lay down, that seems like it'd be more comfortable for you, since you're so much taller than me, that way you can lay down as well and we can both really enjoy.”

“Okay, let's go to the bedroom then, more comfortable there.”


I led the way, though as we went, I shrugged off my robe, considering it is only in the way now. When we made it to my bedroom, Eli crawled on the bed, laid on his back, spread his legs, and patted his hot little soggy diapered dick, telling me to come and get what I need. Fuck, do I ever need it.

I crawled onto the bed as well, laid down so that my face is pressed right into Eli's soggy baby diaper, and I too sniffed and nuzzled him. He groaned deeply, but nowhere near as much as I did. Fuck, he smells astounding, he feels blissful, and I desire more now than I ever have before to suck a dick. And that was when Eli came for his first time.

I felt him pulsing through his soggy diaper, and it felt sublime, it made me hard again, feeling him cum so hard like that, though how I can possibly be hard again I simply have no idea.

I pulled down Eli's soggy baby diaper and exposed his incredible looking erection for my first gaze. No, he is not big, yet, but he is perfect. He is all natural, he has just the tiniest amount of hair, he has a very slight curve to his right and up, and he is decently thick for the rest of his size. His balls are starting to descend, and they look nice and plump and full. My mouth is watering so much right now, far more so than I have ever felt before, and I just know that I desperately need Eli in my mouth.

When I slipped him all in, Eli moaned out, 'Fuck me.' Well, I guess he likes. I am doing everything that I can possibly do to make him make the sexy sounds that he is making, he is moaning and sighing, panting and gasping, making sexy little squeaks and squeals, and once more, I simply have no idea how long it lasted for, I was enjoying myself so much.

Eli came far too soon, and as soon as he came down, I told him to go peepee, though I too did not detach at all, just mumbled around his hot hard gay baby bone. I can feel him concentrating, attempting to give me one of the things I have always known I needed as well. When finally he started, I too savoured it, and he tastes absolutely fucking amazing. I love my own, his tastes better.

I too kept as much of Eli's magnificent pee in my mouth as I could, and continued to suck him. Even though he does not enter my throat, he is just kissing my throat entrance, and I love the feeling of it. I am doing everything in my power to make it feel every bit as good to Eli, as he had done for me, though considering how I felt, I am sure that I am falling far short of that marker.

Eli seems to be enjoying himself though, the sounds he is making are still incredible, and are making me hotter just hearing them, and every time I do something that makes him make extra sexy sounds, I attempt to do so again, and in far too short a time, he is cumming once more.

I had been watching Eli's face, and with that orgasm, he too passed out, and so, I pulled his soggy diaper back up, and began nuzzling him like he had done to me, sniffing deeply, taking in the scent of the gorgeous baby boy. I stayed there for easily five minutes before Eli came back down and his eyes fluttered open.

“Wow, that was fucking amazing.”

“Really, you liked?” I asked meekly.

“Of course I did, why wouldn't I, you did fucking amazing, I've never felt something so amazing in all my life.”

“Oh, well, I'm glad you enjoyed.”


“Good. Well, you're every bit as much a super soggy baby boy as I am, would you like a super soggy baby bum change?”

“Oh yes please. I haven't let anyone change my soggy baby diapers since I was little, like around five or so. That's when my mother got me Pullups, even though I still wanted Pampers, I was growing out of them, and I didn't want her changing me any more. I was already starting to feel certain things, and I was playing in certain ways I thought that maybe she might detect, and I already knew my mom was a bitch, so knew I hadta hide that at all costs.

“Even the fact that I wet the bed still was a huge shame. She usedta diaper me, even at five, to try and shame me, she'd diaper me up every night and tell me that she is diapering her little baby, because I am a baby who pees the bed like a baby. It never bothered me. By the way, she tried several times to take away my Pullups even, but I still wet the bed so much it wasn't even funny, and no, it wasn't always outta spite either, even still I'm positive I wet the bed at least two to three times a week genuinely. True, I don't pee in the potty before bed, but I don't wake up either. I usedta just flood the bed, everything would be soaked.

“My mom threatened to beat me, and I told her clearly I still need Pullups, and maybe I should just call Grandma, because I knew she'd buy them for me. I think my mom was scared of her, because that threat always worked. I shoulda done it too, I shoulda come and lived with her when I was five, when the abuse really started.”

“Maybe you should've. I haven't let anyone change me since my dad died, well, it was several days before he died I suppose, but still. And, would you, you know, liketa be mega thickly diapered?”

“Oh hell yeah. I brought my ultra thick baby diapers with me, and I have diaper doublers as well.”

“Wicked, I have the same. Wanna be naughty and wear one of each others super thick baby diapers as well, I'll wear one of yours inside mine, and you can wear one of mine outside of yours?”

“Fuck yeah, that sounds amazing. Could we maybe put another doubler between them then?”

“Yeah, it does, and why the fuck not, that does sound wicked as well. And tell me, does baby still like his true baby lotion and diaper rash cream and baby powder?”

“Oh hell yeah.”

“Good. For the first time in forever, I wanna diaper someone else up.”

“Me too.”

And so, we diapered each other up in two incredibly thick and thirsty tape on baby diapers, with two almost as thirsty diaper doublers in them as well. I am still way too skinny, and Eli's diapers are only the next size down from what I wear, so they do tape up on me, but only just, and of course my diapers are too big on Eli, but with one of his diapers and two doublers underneath it, it taped up just fine and fit him pretty well.

“Wow, you're really fucking hot like that. Can we go get some tea so that we can peepee our baby diapers properly?” Eli said.

“You look fucking hot like this as well, but tea sounds great, let's go.”

I made an entire two litre jug of tea, which made four large thermal mugs full, so we each get two of them. Why I have so many large thermal mugs I actually do not know, I bought them all so that I could rotate, but I never do, I just make two mugs worth at a time and call it done.

“Mmmm, this is great tea, way nicer than what I normally have.”

“You noticed that it was a proper loose leaf tea, this is one of the most expensive ones there are, and definitely the nicest I've found to date, and I've tried hundreds of them. I love Earl Grey tea, which is what this is, but I also have a good selection of others as well.”

“Make sure and give me the name of it please, I'm sure Grandma will enjoy this as well, so I'll ask her to buy it.”

I told him what it is and where to get it, and he wrote that down and put it in his bag. We then went and sat and enjoyed our tea, and for the longest time, we did not even talk. Eventually I started talking though.

“So, your grandma told me that she's told you of what she's going through and all that?”

“Yeah, she's held nothing back from me she says, says it's important that I know what's happening, that because I'm a man now, though I'm not, I'm just a baby, and I told her so, that I have the right to know, and to prepare for it. Like she says, we all haveta go sometime, and most people never know when that time will be, in a way she's lucky, because she kinda does. Sucks for me though. I know she's getting older and all, but, really, if it weren't for the damned cysts, she's in amazing condition and could probably go for another twenty years or more. Honestly, I always thought she was too fucking stubborn and strong to die, and I guarantee you, she's gonna last longer than the doctors think. They've told her a year, at most, but that it might be as little as three months, that was last month that they gave her the final news, that there was no recovering from this one, this time. I bet she makes the year, maybe more. She'll keep on fighting the grim reaper 'til one of them finally gives up, I bet on him though, my grandma's way too stubborn, and she'll go when she says it's bloody well time, not him.”

“Yeah, kinda got the same impression of her to tell you the truth.”

“Wish I had half the strength. I honestly have no idea how I'm gonna survive without her. That's why I'm here though, isn't it. She wanted us to get together, she was hoping to find me a new home before she died, wasn't she.”

“Hell, wish I had quarter the strength she has. I wouldn't handle that nearly as well. Yes, that's what she's doing, even though I told her no, repeatedly, even damn near threw a temper tantrum about it, and she just gave me the, 'I know what's best, and if you know what's best, you'll do as I say, or else,' kinda look.”

“Fuck, I know that look well. Why do you think I'm here. I sure as hell didn't wanna come here either, I swore I was gonna stay home, and that she wouldn't be able to drag me here even with the car.”

“Yeah, she's a pretty powerful force.” I had to laugh.

“Yeah, which is why I wonder how she can be dying.”

“We all haveta go some time.”

“Yeah, but, like I said, she's too damn stubborn, and strong to die, when I was little, I thought that she'd live forever because of that.”

“Funny, but sadly not true.”

“Yeah, and she laughed and said the same thing when I said that to her too. Like she said though, it likely is that that's kept her going this long though. The first time she had cysts removed, nearly twenty years ago, they told her then that the prognosis isn't good, that she might only have a year or two. She said fuck that noise, rip the goddamn things outta me and let me go live my fucking life. Apparently she shocked the shit right outta the doctor when she said that.

“She's hadta go in for six more cyst removal operations since, and every time it's gotten worse. She hadta have all her baby making equipment taken out the second time, not that she said that was a huge loss, she wasn't gonna have any more kids anyway, she lost some of her bowels twice, one kidney, half her liver, her gall bladder, and now, her lungs. They were gonna go in and operate, but there are simply too many, they'd haveta take too much, she'd never live through the operation they said. She told them to do it, they said no, went and consulted with dozens of other specialists, and came back to us last month, saying that this time she had to accept defeat, because they simply can't, and even in that month, when they rescanned, the cysts had nearly doubled.

“Some days she's in perfect condition, but they're getting worse, because there are days she hasta use her oxygen nearly all day. I honestly don't think she can last a year, but I'm sure she will, because, she's too stubborn. With that being said, it won't be the disease that kills her either, I know that once it becomes too much, that she's gonna end it all in her own way. Once more, she's too fucking stubborn to let the grim reaper take her himself.”

“I'm truly sorry to hear that Eli, I know it hasta be super hard on you. When my dad was diagnosed and we were told that there was no magic fix, and that we hadta make arrangements for everything, I was crushed. I told you I almost died then too, I didn't think I could carry on, but clearly I did.”

“I'm doing okay in that regard, actually, I've known since I was young the problems my grandma has had with that. She always told me that she'd keep on going for as long as she could, but that eventually we all go, and that this is likely what will take her out. She's never held anything back from me, we've talked a lot, cried a lot, and even though I've only lived with her for two years, we've lived a lot. It's only been the past few months that were hard, but it's so hard seeing someone so strong get so suddenly weak. She never gets frustrated though, she amazes me the amount of strength she must have to be able to take what she has and keep going. She says I am her strength, but I'm one of the weakest people I know of, maybe that's why she hasta be strong, because she knows I can't.”

“Glad to hear that. When the day comes to say goodbye, it will be a hard day, I guarantee you that, I was holding my dads hand when he just went to sleep, and I broke down in pitiful sobs. The nurses were really good, they let me take all the time I needed, they even let me help clean him up, it was the least I could do for him, and I think I told you how I stayed there for several days with the grief counselor talking to me every day.”

“I know it'll be hard, but, I guess, she was right about getting us together, because, when the time comes, I want you there with me.”

“Yeah, I suppose I'll haveta be now, huh. Fuck, I hate it when others are right.”

“Me too. She was though, wasn't she. We kinda are the perfect fit for each other, we already know each other far more than anyone else possibly could, we're so much alike it's not even funny, I doubt that there's a secret that I haven't told you, and honestly, I think you've pretty much said all your secrets and desires in your stories, and not only do I know them, but that's what makes me want you so much, because we're so much alike, everything you want, so do I, everything you don't, so do I.”

“Yeah, and for the first time ever, I truly am thinking about finally getting filled up, being made love to, and maybe even finally making love to someone else.”

“Me too. I honestly never thought I would, I thought I'd be forever alone, just like you, like you've told me a few times in your emails. I mean, honestly, how many people are so like us that we could be together, we like so much strange stuff. I know there's lots, but finding them is nearly impossible. My grandma found us and put us together, which should be disturbing at best, but it's really not.”

“Yeah, same. We're gonna do it this weekend though, aren't we?” I asked, because as much as I know we should both wait, neither of us truly want to either, and like Eli said, we are absolutely so much alike.

“Oh yeah, I really think we're gonna haveta. I needta be filled, I haveta finally feel it. I know we barely know each other, yet we do, and I think I fell in love with you more than a year ago already, just reading your stories.”

“Same. So, these mega thick baby diapers will likely last us 'til tomorrow morning now, so, when we change, we change into single baby diapers, then peepee them 'til they're pretty much leaking, and then make hot gay baby diaper love to each other. How's that sound?”

“Like fucking heaven.” He smiled warmly to me.

I had the strangest desire to kiss Eli, and not just a light kiss either, and from the look in his eye, I think maybe he is feeling the same thing. I have no idea what drew us together, but together we ended up, and just as we were about to meet, our eyes closed, and we kissed deeply, lovingly. Our tongues danced together, we held each other softly, we caressed each other even more softly. Before I knew it, I had tears running down my cheeks, and I can feel that Eli is also crying. We have our eyes closed though, we are pouring everything that we have in ourselves into the kiss, and for the first time in my entire life, I know true love. Of course I loved my dad, but this is different, much deeper, more intimate.

“Wow.” Eli sighed deeply as we broke our kiss, it had to have been at least ten to fifteen minutes later, and by then, neither of us were crying any more.

“Wow doesn't even begin to describe that.”

“Yeah, but it was the only thing that came remotely close.”

“True. You were crying too, weren't you?”

“Yeah, and I could feel you crying as well.”

“Yeah, I was. I've never felt that before.”

“Me neither. I know I love my grandma, but that was far more, well, loving.”

“Same with me and my dad.”

“We're baby boyfriends now, aren't we?”

“Yeah, I guess we are.”

“Mmmm, good.”

For the entire day, we talked and talked and talked, we learned everything else about each other that we did not already know. We sat and played games most of the time that we talked, and it was really quite nice. We made and ate lunch together, then dinner, and still we talked and played, and then when it was bedtime, there was simply no question as to where Eli would be sleeping, and we crawled into bed together and promptly fell fast asleep.

Chapter 2

The last time I slept with anyone I was about Eli's age, of course my dad, so it has been a lot of years. I have to admit, I sure did miss it. Eli cuddled up to me the entire night, and we held each other all night long. I slept the best sleep that I have had since my dad died, possibly since well before that.

I was the first to wake up, and when I did, I noticed how light it is inside, so it must be quite late already. Normally I am up somewhere between five and six in the morning, and lately, when I wake up, it is still dark out. It is currently shockingly light. I lifted up and looked at the clock, and was astounded to see that it is already just after nine. I cannot honestly say the last time I slept until anywhere near this late.

Eli is also just starting to stir, and so I tickle his back ever so lightly, and a very soft smile appears on his still sleeping face, and then he made a sound that was a cross between a very contented cats purr and a very contented boys sigh.

It took almost ten minutes for Eli to wake up, and when he did, he smiled lovingly to me, and then pressed his lips to mine once more and kissed me deeply. Well, I am kissing him back just as deeply. We are holding each other still, softly touching each other everywhere, tickling each other as tenderly as we can.

For easily ten minutes we laid there, kissing each other. Once more, as our lips met, our eyes closed, and we kissed like lovers. I guess we really are now.

“Mmmm, that was every bit as nice as last nights kiss.” Eli sighed deeply.

“Mmmhmm, it sure was Baby. Are you as soggy as I am this fine morning?”

“Oh, so gloriously soggy, yet, I don't think I'm close to leaking yet either.”

“Let me feel.” I said, and then I felt his super soggy diaper, and he did the same to me.

Fuck, it feels amazing, feeling Eli in this way, and having him do the same to me. Well, said soggy diaper testing very quickly morphed into something more, and before we knew it, we are kissing once more, and stroking each others diapers. Of course, with four super soggy diapers essentially in our way, we can just barely feel anything, but what we are feeling, feels, delirious, is honestly the best word I can come up with to describe it. Neither of us will cum fast in this way, but this is not entirely a bad thing either, because we will likely build up incredibly strong.

I was right, because we lasted it had to be fifteen minutes, kissing and rubbing each other, and when finally we did cum, I was first, Eli a breath behind, it was stupendous. I swear I flooded my diaper with more cum than I had pee since I had it put on me, and I know that is physically impossible, yet that is still how that orgasm felt.

For probably another five minutes after cumming, we kissed more tenderly, less urgently, and though we continued to pet each others super soggy baby diapered dicks, it was just softly, neither one of us are trying to make the other cum now, just feel amazing, and believe you me, that is not even close enough to describe how I am feeling right now.

Without a word, we slipped from bed, we grabbed each others hands without even thinking about it, and walked to the kitchen hand in hand, heart in heart, deep in love. I never thought that I could love someone, especially after my dad died, well, I guess I was wrong. We made and ate breakfast, and you know, the funny thing is, we said not one single word out loud, yet it never felt like we were silent. Something felt different, like we were connected, when I looked to Eli, I could see and feel what he was thinking, and from the way he smiled every time he saw me, I felt that he felt the same things.

As soon as we were done breakfast, we made some tea, and then sat down and enjoyed some of that for a bit, before deciding that our quadruple thick baby diapers were getting just a little too full, and so, we went and changed each other, this time into just one of our super thick diapers by themselves. After changing, we had the second mug of our tea, and then went and sat back and actually watched a movie together. I cannot honestly tell you the last time I did so, but it was nice, cuddled up to my baby, watching a movie. This was one that my dad and I had loved to watch together, and since he died, I had not been able to watch it, but I felt it was time to watch it once more, and it felt good to do so.

Had Eli not been the age he is, he would have been about a year old when my dad died, and of course if I believed in such a thing, I would honestly believe that maybe my dad reincarnated into Eli, but, the timing is wrong, and of course I do not believe in that. For the first time in forever, I do not have the desire to go work in the shop, even though I do have projects that do need completing. I am so perfectly content just sitting here cuddled up to my baby.

After that movie, we watched a second, and then made and ate lunch. We had another batch of tea with it, and our nice thick diapers are already starting to get nice and soggy, but not enough for what we want and need. Once fed up and cleaned up, we sat back down at the table and continued to play games until we were both very much ready for something that we both so desperately need. We are both good and soggy, and I have to go pee quite desperately now, I can see the same in Eli.

Saying nothing, I stood and extended my hand to Eli, he took it and stood up, smiled softly to me, and we walked hand in hand to our bedroom.

“I'm kinda scared, I don't wanna hurt you.” I whispered to my baby, then kissed him for just a second.

“Me too, but you won't, I've been practicing. Will you make hot gay baby diaper love to me first please?”

“I guess so, but I was hoping you'd make hot gay baby diaper love to me first.”

“Please, because I can't wet cum yet, I can cum more than you do, and I know you'll cum when I do if I make love to you first, and I want and need all your cum in my gay baby diapered bum.”

“I suppose you have a point there, I'll never last with you making love to me. Okay Baby.”

Eli went and laid down on the bed on his back, he opened and pulled back his legs just enough to give me all the access I would need. I grabbed my jar of lube and crawled onto the bed as well. I aimed for right where I need to be, only, I do not think that Eli expected what I did. I kissed him instead.

While kissing, because he is still short enough to do so, I reached down and poked a hole in the seat of his super soggy baby diaper, and started tickling his hot moist little hole. We had lotioned and creamed each other really well at our previous soggy baby bum change, so he is nice and juicy back there still, leaving plenty of moisture to get us started. What I found, though, is that Eli is very nearly gaping open. I guess he is the same as me in that regard, when I get the desire to play with my baby bum hole, all I have to do is start thinking of it, rub my soggy baby diaper a few times, and my hole starts opening itself up, and I can sometimes slip in my dildos with no extra lube. I think I could possibly slip myself in fully with no extra lube right now with how Eli feels inside.

For easily five minutes, I fingered Eli gently, using the lube that was already there, I started with one finger, then slipped a second inside him, and finally a third. Each time I added another finger, Eli just sighed deeply into our kiss, and he took them all so well. I pulled out, added plenty of lube to my fingers, and then went back in, this time adding even more lube, making him good and juicy, trying to ensure that there would be zero discomfort for my baby and I as we make love for our very first time, ever.

As soon as Eli was ready, I broke our kiss, knelt by his head, and Eli took the hint. He poked the hole in the front of my super soggy baby diaper, pulled me out, and slathered on more than enough of the lube I passed him to make things slide nice and easy. I then moved into position, and looked to my baby. The look on his face was one of pure love and desire.

“Are you absolutely certain Baby?” I whispered, I just have to do so.

“Absolutely, more so than anything other than my love for you.”

“Make sure and tell me if you need me to stop or slow down or pull out, okay.”

“Of course. Do it, make hot gay baby diaper love to me, fill me as full as we both deserve. Cum in my gay baby bum, then piss in my pussy, then piss fuck me. After you cum your second time, we'll trade places and I'll make gay baby diaper piss love to you twice, then we can trade back and forth 'til we can't go any longer, I'm hoping for at least four times each.”

“Personally I'm hoping for at least ten times each, but I'll be happy if we can last four.”

“I sure wouldn't complain about ten times myself. Now do it, make gay baby diaper love to me.”

And so I moved forth, slipped my dick inside Eli's soggy diaper, pressed my head to his hole, and slipped in as slowly and as tenderly as I possibly could. Once I got my head inside, the rest slipped in with ease, and we both moaned deeply from it. I pressed our lips together once more just after slipping inside him, and we kissed deeply as I pressed all in. It took me well over a minute to slip all inside my baby, and not once did I even feel Eli in distress at all, and nor did he ask me to stop or slow down.

As soon as I was buried as deep inside my baby as I could be, our super soggy baby diapers are pressed together as perfectly as anything can be, Eli wrapped his legs around me, locked his ankles together, and wrapped his arms around me and held me possessively. I dropped my position a little, and then I started making slow tender love to my baby.

I pull out as much as I can in this position, and then slip it back in as far as I possibly can. Given our position, and how Eli has me, I can only pull out a little bit better than half way, before slipping back in, and my god, if feels fucking fantastic. Yet we are so totally making love to each other.

After about five minutes of kissing even deeper than we have yet managed, and making slow tender love to my baby, I was already in urgent need of cumming, but I willed that away, slowed down even more, and attempted to make it last even longer. By ten minutes, though, I was nearly burning up, and knew I could not hold on for very much longer. In the end though, it was no use, I could feel Eli building up to a monumental orgasm too, and then he exploded, and took me with him. I came so hard and so much, I am surprised I cannot taste it coming out Eli's mouth.

I must have convulsed and pulsed and pumped at least twelve good sized shots of gay baby cum up Eli's gay baby bum, and it feels utterly amazing. Even through our orgasm, we still managed to kiss, and I was still thrusting softly inside my baby, we managed to not even stop a little, even though that was by far the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced in my life.

It took a good couple minutes to come down from our orgasm, and when we did, my urge to go pee came back, and so, I willed myself to pee deep inside my baby. For a little better than a year, since Eli had started emailing me, the one thing that he repeated more than anything, was how strong his desire to be peed in and then made love to up his hot cummy pissy pussy is. I admitted that my desire is up there every bit as far as his is, and how often I have dreamed about both giving and receiving.

I admit, feeling it, and dreaming of it, were simply not the same. The feel of finally getting to do this is out of this world amazing, spectacular, well, I think you get the picture. From the deep sigh that escaped Eli into our kiss, I think he feels the same, and I think he finally received that which his body has always needed. I cannot wait until it is my turn as well. I need to feel this too.

Even though I have not actually finished peeing, I am so hard that it is even harder to pee after all, I continued making love to my baby, only after every time I pull out and slip all the way back in, I pause for just a second and squirt just a little more pee inside my baby. I cannot seem to master the art of peeing while I am thrusting, however, with that being said, this feels so amazingly good it is not even funny anyway. It had to have taken me every bit of five minutes to completely drain out inside Eli, and by then we are both at about the half way point in our orgasms again. Though I wonder if I can last another five minutes. This is beyond sexy, getting one of the things I too had needed, the most is being filled myself.

We lasted damn near five minutes more, and once more, it was Eli that set us off. As soon as he exploded, I did too, and I filled Eli up with even more cum. He now feels spectacularly sloppy. As soon as I come down, I stop all motions. I am not pulling out yet, we need a few minutes to enjoy this closeness, but we are no longer making love. We are still kissing every bit as deeply of course, and I am buried as far inside Eli as I can possibly get, but we are not making love right now, yet I think we still are really.

I never went soft, I could have continued making love to my baby had I wanted to, but I so desperately need to be made love to now as well. When I broke our kiss and started pulling out of Eli, he tried to pull me back in.

“No, keep going.” He whispered, pleaded.

“No Baby, it's my turn, I needta feel you filling me up now too.”

“I know, but having you inside me feels like heaven, if I believed in that of course, and I don't want you to leave me.”

“I'm never gonna leave you, I'm inside you now, for forever more, I am now inside you, and now I need you inside me too. I've just marked you as my baby, and I need you to mark me as yours. Please make sweet gay baby diaper love to me now.”

“Okay Baby.”

As soon as we were apart, I rolled onto my back and positioned myself properly. Eli is not yet tall enough to kiss me and prepare me at the same time, so he grabbed the lube, poked the hole in my soggy diaper, and started preparing my gay baby diapered bum. He too started with one finger, but within just a minute or so, he was up to four fingers in me. I am so loose and open that I have absolutely no doubts that he could slip his entire hand inside me quite easily, but that will definitely be for another day.

Eli must have realized the same thing, because no sooner had I thought it, when he grabbed the lube, knelt by my head and waited. I did not make him wait long, I poked the hole in the front of his soggy baby diaper, pulled out his hot gay baby bone, and slathered on a little lube. I know I do not need it, but it does not hurt either, and feeling Eli like this cannot be considered in any way bad.

Eli then moved himself into position, I am vibrating, I am so excited. I have known I needed this since before I actually remember. My dad had said he suspected me of being gay as young as eight, but I am pretty sure I was in grade one the first time I looked at a boy and wanted to suck his peepee like a soother. I think it was not long after that that I started dreaming all sorts of other super naughty things. No clue the first time I dreamed of being peed inside, but it too came not long after that. Eli and I had both admitted to the same things in our emails to each other, so, we know we are the same there.

Eli slipped his erection inside my soggy diaper, kissed my lips with his, and looked to me, and I nodded. He slipped all the way inside me as slowly as he could, until his soggy diaper is pressed into mine once more, the way they should be. My god, he feels absolutely amazing inside me. He is not big yet, in fact he is still pretty small, especially for his age, however, with that being said, he is filling me up just fine. Sadly, once more, Eli is just too short still to kiss me as he makes love to me, so, instead, we are making love with our eyes as he makes love to me.

I too had wrapped my legs around my baby and locked my ankles around his soggy baby bum, and I too am holding him as tenderly as he held me. Eli is pulling out until he is at risk of slipping out of me, and then slipping all the way back inside me where he belongs, until our soggy baby diapers are again pressed together perfectly.

He is going as long and as slow as he is capable of going, and it feels exquisite. Nothing has ever felt better to me, and I just got to make love to my baby too, yet this feels better than that, but he has not even peepeed inside me yet, and that is the thing I cannot wait for. Given that we have already had two massive orgasms, we are lucky in that we manage to last just a little longer for this one, but still, it cannot have been any more than twelve minutes before we came. I came first, and that set Eli off, he slammed into me as hard and as far as he could, and I can feel his erection pulsing strongly inside me, trying to eject the cum that he is still at least a few months away from creating, he is trying to fill me as much as I filled him.

It took a couple minutes once more, and once down enough to do so, Eli started peeing inside me. He too could not actually make love to me while peeing, so he adopted the same technique that I had used. The sigh I heard escape me says more than I ever could, same as it had for Eli, I finally have what I have known all along I needed. I have never experienced this except in my own head, and it feels far more, well everything good, than I ever dreamed was possible.

Eli could not fill me with a lot, but what he gave to me was certainly more than enough. He continued to make hot gay baby diaper piss love to me, and for easily fifteen minutes more, we lasted. This time Eli went off first, and that caused me to explode instantly as well.

Eli slumped down and rested, and for several minutes all he did is caress my skin lovingly with his surprisingly soft hands, while still buried inside me. It was, by far, the most loved I have ever felt in my life. Eventually though, Eli wanted me to make love to him again, and so he pulled out, rolled onto his back, opened his legs, and mouthed to me to make love to him. He never said anything physically, but it was hard not to understand. I crawled over my baby once more, inserted myself inside his already ruined diaper, and then pressed myself to his hot moist and still gaping open hole, and pushed in slowly and gently.

I did not stop until our soggy baby diapers were pressed together once more, and just as I pressed our diapers together, I once more pressed our mouths together, and kissed my baby as deeply as I am making love to him.

I have no idea how long we managed to last, all I know is that I am in agonizing pain from going so slow and holding such an unnatural position for so long, yet, I will hold it for forever if I need to, and happily at that. When finally I did explode, it was once more Eli that set me off. I had not even realized he was that close, and when he came, I was on an out stroke, which caused me to ram almost all in, and explode almost instantly myself.

Once more, we stayed locked together like this for several minutes more, I am still mostly hard and buried deeply inside Eli, his arms and legs are wrapped around me, holding me, touching me, caressing me lovingly, all while we are still kissing. I have no idea if I can last for another round, but I want it anyway, and so, I eventually broke our kiss and disengaged from my baby and rolled back onto my back and mouthed to Eli to make baby diaper love to me again.

He crawled into position once more, slipped inside my diaper, centered himself on my now gloriously gaping hole, and slipped all the way inside me once more. I sighed even deeper than Eli did, this, this is what I need. Eli made slow tender love to me, just as slow as I just did to him, and I am holding him once more in the same way, just as tenderly, just as softly, but just as possessively. We are each others babies, and from now on, we know that that is how it has to be.

From the way we are vibrating near the end, nearly twenty minutes later once again, I think we can both tell that this is going to have to be our final session. I am now no longer even fully hard, it does not even feel as if Eli is either, yet he is still making such sweet love to me. We are panting, we are gasping, and my god are we sweating. The bedding will have to be changed on the bed, of that there are simply no doubts, but ask me if I care even one tiny bit. Nope.

Eli came first again, and even though I wondered if I could cum again, I most certainly did. I can only assume that I was completely and totally dry, I doubt that there is anyone on the planet who could still be firing after what we just went through, and from the way it burned, I know I am probably right.

I was also right about another thing. There will be no more making love for this session, even Eli went fully soft, and though he is still mostly inside me, he is every bit as soft as I now am. We laid there, me holding my baby, he holding me as best he can in his position, still just slightly inside me, for easily five minutes before Eli slipped from inside me, and then we continued to hold each other for easily another five minutes after that.

Finally Eli pulled away, I let him do so, and he crawled up, and pressed his lips to mine once more, and kissed me so deeply that it nearly made me cry. I have never felt that I could be loved, and here I am, feeling all this, and it is just so amazing. From the tears I can feel spilling onto my cheeks from Eli, I can only assume that he feels the same way too, but, once more, as we kiss, we have our eyes closed.

We broke our kiss after probably ten minutes, yet we still did not detach, Eli just laid right down on me and held me close, hugged me tight, we moved not one muscle, and it was amazing.

It was the incessant prodding of both our stomachs that finally made us detach. It had been about two hours until dinner time when we started making love to each other, and now, as I look at the clock, I understand why it seems we are both so ravenously hungry, it is a bit better than an hour after dinner time now.

“Wow, damn near three and a half hours, no wonder I'm so worn and hungry.” I chuckled.

“No shit. We need something more important than even food right now though.”

“I think I agree with you. Wanna go four baby diapers thick again?”


“And would you like a nice vibrating butt plug up that hot gay baby bum of yours?”

“Oh yeah, just as long as I get to put one in you as well.”

“Mmmhmm. And do we need lotsa nice smelling baby lotion, baby diaper rash cream, and baby powder added as well?”

“Oh hell yeah.”


We gathered everything that we will be needing, and Eli urged me onto the bed first for my amazing gay baby bum change. My diaper nearly fell apart as he took it off me, and spilled nearly half its absorbent material out, causing Eli to giggle. He just balled it up as best he could, and threw it in the trash. We already know the bedding has to be washed anyway, so the little extra mess really does not matter any at all. He then slipped underneath my baby bum the first of my diapers that he had already prepared by poking a whole bunch of holes into it, then lotioned and creamed me up perfectly, then slipped inside me my plug, and then finally powdered me up. He slipped one of the doublers inside, and then pulled that diaper up and taped it on.

Next he grabbed my even bigger diaper, I have the next size up for doing just this sort of thing, and slipped a doubler in that as well, then slipped it underneath me and pulled it up and taped it on. Eli had me stand up so that he could adjust my super thick baby diaper properly, and then he grabbed the roll of packing tape and taped it on well enough to ensure that it will not come off easily.

Once Eli had me perfectly diapered, he threw himself onto the bed in soggy baby bum change position, which caused his already ruined diaper to explode just a little bit more, and some of the soggy inner material actually sprayed out the hole that his now soft baby peepee is still sort of poked through, it was hot, and fucking funny, and I admit, I giggled like the little baby boy I am.

I changed Eli's super soggy and ruined baby diaper in exactly the same way, giving to him everything that he had just given to me, and he too sighed just as deeply as I had when the plug was inserted, and then again when the last diaper was taped up nice and snug. I too had him stand up, so that I could make certain that his diaper was properly aligned, and when I was sure it was, I too taped his diaper onto him extra securely, and deemed my baby, well, babyish.

We stripped the bed together, took it to the laundry room and dumped it in the washer, got it going, and then headed to the kitchen to get some very much needed dinner. We did something that was quick and easy, because we are starving, had a couple cups of tea with it, and then a couple glasses of water as well as we were cleaning up. For the rest of the evening, we just sat and cuddled on the couch, watching mindless drivel, which I cannot honestly tell you if either of us caught at all. We did remember to transfer the bedding to the dryer, but probably only because I had set the washer to alert me when it was done, so that it would be ready for bed time.

When it came time for bed, we had to go and make the bed, and then we climbed in and curled up tenderly, kissed each other deeply, whispered I love you to each other, and then passed out.

And here I thought I had had a good sleep the night before. It was nothing compared to the deep peaceful sleep I had this night. It is earlier this time at least, I can tell that it is getting light when I wake up, just not quite so light yet, so I am going to guess about seven or so. It was not the length of sleep that was nice, I just feel completely at peace. I can also feel that Eli is already awake this morning, he is tenderly tickling my back, as we are still in the same position that we went to sleep in, holding each other, wrapped up in each other, and it is perfect. I tickle Eli's small back as well, and other than that, neither of us have moved, and for easily ten minutes this is all we did.

Eli was the first to move in and press his lips to mine, but believe you me, I am not against this in the least, and kiss my baby deeply. I was the first to reach to the front of Eli's super thick baby diaper, and even though super thick, I can still feel his incredibly hard gay baby bone buried inside, so I pet it lovingly, and Eli follows suit and does the same for me. It just feels too good. Nothing is supposed to feel this good, yet it feels even better than that to be kissing and stroking my baby as he does the same for me.

It had to have taken us ten minutes to cum, and as soon as we came down from that, Eli worked his hand deep inside my diaper as best he could, and scooped as much of my cum as he could, but instead of licking it off his hand himself, he fed it to me, and I was only too happy to lick it all off, that was erotic in and of itself, but of course I did not swallow it down, I know what Eli wants and needs, and so do I, so, as soon as I finished licking it all off, I pressed my lips to my baby's once more, and shared with him my cum load. We kissed for probably another ten minutes before breaking apart.

“Wow, that was fucking amazing.” Eli whispered to me.

“Yeah, those words will work, though I'm not entirely convinced they say all that needs to be said about what we just shared, nor about how I feel about you. However, with that being said, I'm not entirely convinced, either, that there are words to describe that or how I feel for you.”

“Mmmm, ditto.” He said.

I admit, I giggled again.

“Yeah, ditto. It's okay, you don't needta say anything to tell me how you feel, I feel it radiating off of you like the heat from an oven.”

“Yeah, that about sums it up for you too. It's just so amazing, isn't it. I'm gonna really hate telling my grandma that she was right, again.”

“Yeah, and same here. Somehow I don't think we're gonna haveta say anything though, I think that she'll be able to see it instantly.”

“Yeah, of that I have no doubts either.”

“When is she coming to pick you up today anyway?”

“She said about noonish.”

“I'm not gonna wanna let you go, you know that right?”

“And I'm not gonna wanna go, but I haveta, I haveta be there to help my grandma. At least she's not so stubborn that she won't ask for help. When she's getting worn down, she'll tell me, and ask me to help her with things. As much as I wanna stay here with you, Grandma says I'm a man now, and as a man, I have certain obligations, and though she'll never tell me, I know she needs my help, and as she gets worse, she's gonna need it more and more, so I haveta be a man and do what I haveta, I can't possibly leave my grandma to fend for herself.”

“I know, but we don't haveta like it any, now do we?”


We got up and went and had some breakfast, sat back and talked and made the best of our remaining time together. At just after eleven, our super thick baby diapers were more than full enough to warrant changing, and we knew that we probably should, as well as get dressed. That woman is too damned punctual, because at two minutes to noon, she knocked on the door, and we trudged there as if heading to the hang mans gallows.

We both answered the door, and before anything was said, she took one look at us, grinned, and nodded, and then simply said, “Good.”

“Thanks, and yes, you were right, just try not to rub it in too much.” Eli said.

“No need, it looks as if you two rubbed more than enough into each other.” She grinned wickedly.

“Yeah. It was amazing.”

“Good, I knew you two were perfect for each other, and I'm glad you finally realized it as well. I trust you never even once entered your shop this weekend Toby?”

“No, and never have I done that before.”

“Good. You needed to.”

“Yeah, I think you're right. I feel better.”

“You both look it.”

“Thanks.” We both said.

“So, how'd the appointment go Grandma?” Eli asked.

“About how I suspected. They scanned me again, and the cysts are multiplying rapidly, they did the treatment to try and shrink them, but, when they scanned again, they don't think it did any good. They've warned me at the rate that they're multiplying now, I might not be able to take it for another month. They've warned me that there's likely to come a time when I can't breathe at all. They want me to come to the hospital to stay, so that they can keep me comfortable now, but, like I said, that wouldn't be comfortable for me. I asked for the drugs to keep me as functional as they can, but that I'd go at home, where I belong.”

“Fuck. How much time do you think you have?” Eli said, and though I can see tears in both their eyes, they are both being so damned strong.

“I don't know. Some days I say fuck that noise, I'll go when I'm bloody well ready, and that's not for years, then there's yesterday, when I seriously thought of ending it all then and there. It is getting worse though, they say a month, maybe less, today I feel okay, but I do have a fair bit of drugs in my system. I'm not even sure I have two months left in me any more.”

“When are you gonna do it, I know you have zero intentions of letting the disease wear you away 'til nothing?” He asked, and the tears are flowing.

“Maybe in a couple weeks or so. I'll go as long as I can, I'll probably still outlive the doctors expectations, but I still needta ensure that you're okay.”

“How are you gonna do it?”

“Haven't decided yet. If it were cold enough here, I'd do like the Inuit people do when they get too old and no longer wish to be a burden, and just walk out into a blizzard, I hear that's the nicest way to go. I still have some cyanide, but I hear that's not exactly a pleasant way to go. I'd like something that's nice and easy.”

“I wanna be there when you do it though, I don't want you to be alone, especially not then.” He said, tears full on falling now.

“Thanks Baby, I appreciate that, it means a lot to me.” She smiled warmly to him.

“It's what I needta do, I couldn't let you be alone like that, not after you've rescued me and gave me life, and now given me love as well.”

“That's all I ever wanted for you was for you to find the love you deserve. You've always had so much love trapped in that little body of yours, and no way to let it all out. Now, I needta get home Baby, and as much as I know you wish you could stay here, sadly, I really do need your help.”

“I know, and Toby and I already discussed that.”


“Well, thanks Toby, goodbye, have a good night.”

“You too.”

They walked to the car, Eli having grabbed his bag that we had already set by the door. I watched them go until I could no longer see them. Then I cried.

Eli and I spent as much time together as we could, but his grandma really was getting worse he said, and most days she needed his help. Then there came a day when she could not seem to get enough oxygen, and Eli had to help her go to the washroom. Eli called me and told me that his grandma said it was time. I asked him if he wanted me there with him, and he said yes please, so I went and did something that I hoped I would never have to do again in my life, hold someone's hand as they died.

In the end, she did not even have to do anything to go, she said that her time is up, and then, not even ten minutes after I arrived, she took her last breath, and she slipped away. I called it in, and then the rest of the day went by in a blur.

Grandma had already had her lawyer out within the last week and explained to him everything, how Eli gets all her money and property and everything, and that I am now Eli's father, he got everything all set up, and made that nice and easy. So, when everyone left, Eli and I went back to my place for the night. We changed each other and just held each other for the rest of the day. Two days later, we held a simple service, Grandma had been cremated, and we spread her ashes in her prized garden, right where she wanted to be for eternity she said.

It was decided that we would live in Eli's house, it was much larger than mine, but, more importantly, it had an even larger shop than I had had. His house really is the jewel of our area, absolutely the nicest one in the area, on the nicest and largest land. I decided to sell my place, and someone bought it that wanted it for a summer home, and they pretty much took out the shop and put in a games room, but that is okay by me, I now have an even better one.

Eli and I are still together, it has been ten years now. He grew up to be a fine young man, still just as gorgeous as ever, still just as insatiable as he had always been, and I love him more every day we are together. Of course we are still diapered every day, there is simply nothing that will change that, and we love to be quite kinky as often as possible. I taught Eli everything I knew about woodworking, and together we do even more beautiful work, and sell lots and lots. Still we will never make millions, but, as it turns out, we do not need to.

My place sold for just over a million, not bad considering I had bought it for only three hundred thousand, so I am set quite well, and we really have no major bills except power. Eli, though, was shocked when the final numbers had come through, telling him what his net worth was. Apparently Grandma had been quite well off, Eli had known that, just not how much. So, yeah, we do not have to worry about money, and honestly, we make far more from our woodworking to pay for everything, and then the interest in our investments just keep multiplying our accounts nicely.

So, from barely concealed misery and depression to the happiest gay baby boy diaper lover in just one weekend. How can life be any better.

The end.

****Well, here you are, at the end of yet another story. Even though I wrote this in the first person, none of this is me. This is actually the culmination of ideas from two of my fans, mixed in with a bit of my ideas and likes, and I suppose I am the writer of which I speak of, so I guess some of this is me, yet it is not, if you know what I mean. I suppose that deep down, this is my dream as well, but some of the structure of the story came from fans. Probably not what they were thinking when they gave me the ideas, but hey, that's how I roll. As always, if you enjoyed this story, I would love to hear from you, but, I certainly do not require your comments to keep writing, as I've said many times before, I write for myself, and simply share with others who may enjoy my stories as well. Erich5748 at though if you do decide to email me. Please remember to support Nifty, they are our friends and provide a great service for all of us, so please do what you can. Well, that's all Folks, see you on the next.****