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Richard Darby Stories presents...


Pennsy Puppies.


A 2 part story written by Robert Lawrence.


Chapter 2 The Apartment.


Another week went by after the pool trip.  Robert had his movie film developed on a rush order, and on Friday night, Robert ran the films for Chris and John.  Upon seeing the incident with Mark and `the broken wrist', even John agreed that Mark was probably gay and was sending signals.  John recalled that as a boy, he too was looking for any man who would pay any attention to him.


The three roommates usually tried to eat their evening meals together.  The following night John was working a split shift and had to go back to his job before dinner time, so only Robert and Chris were sitting at the dining table around 6 pm when there was a knock at the front door.  Chris opened the door and was only mildly surprised to see Mark standing there.


"Come on in," Chris said with a flourish, holding the door open wide.


Mark stepped in.  He was dressed like a little boy at play on a summer evening, wearing a white T-shirt that was a size or two too big and was no longer white, and a pair of red cotton gym shorts that also seemed too baggy.  He had on dingy deck shoes with no socks.  Against the objects in the room it was easier for Chris to figure Mark's height as close to 5'1".  But he still looked skinny.


"We're having our supper," Chris said.  "You want something to eat?"


"No thanks.  I ate.  Go ahead."


"Well, you can sit over there on the sofa.  You can watch the TV, if you want." Chris tried to invite him.


"Nah."  He started to look at the magazines on the coffee table in front of him.  Chris knew, of course, what he would find there, so he continued to eat with one eye on Mark.


Chris did ask, "Mark.  Do you have to wear glasses?"




Chris knew little boys could be vain and liars, so he pressed a little bit.  "But I can see little imprints on the sides of your nose, like mine," Chris said, accompanying the question by pulling his own glasses away from his face and pointing at what he meant.


"Oh, yeah, those.  Well, I'm supposed wear them to school but I don't really need them," Mark hedged.  "I can see the cover of these magazines just fine," he said gesturing at the table.  Chris gulped noisily.



Robert ignored the challenge from Mark and decided to find out some more, so he asked, "Mark.  What grade are you in?"


"I'll be in eighth grade next year."


Robert knew another universal axiom about boys.  They almost always want to appear or be older than they really are, except for future boylovers who try to stay young.  He was suspicious of Mark's response so he wanted to try to catch Mark in a fib.


"How old are you?" Robert asked.


"Thirteen," came the reply.


"Oh, come on now," Robert said condescendingly. "I'm sorry but you really look a lot younger.  Maybe you're 12 or 11?  Nothing wrong with that."


Apparently, Mark had put up with this before and was prepared with a non-verbal response.  He stood up and with one coordinated movement, his left hand went to his T-shirt hem and lifted it up to his neck and put his chin down to hold it.  At the same time, his right hand went to the top of his gym shorts.  His thumb hooked the shorts and the top of the briefs underneath, he arched slightly back and pulled the shorts down, forming a V that framed his smooth lower stomach and genitals.


Chris and Robert couldn't speak, just stare.  Chris would describe Mark's dick as a `button' dick.  It hardly protruded more than one inch away from his body in its current soft state, circumsized and surrounded by a little collar of flesh.  But what Mark obviously thought should be of interest was the little patch of pubic hairs, sparse and straggly and brown, not black, backing up the base of his penis.  His little hairless sack was pulled up tight between his legs.


He allowed the showing for a few seconds, staring first at Robert then at Chris. Then he let the shirt fall as the waistbands of the shorts popped back up.  Neither Robert nor Chris had figured out a response to this display, and the intervening seconds dragged.  Mark took the initiative and picked up one of the gay magazines off the coffee table.


He held the front cover towards Chris and Robert, with a frontal nude of a young man in full color, and stated in a controlled soprano voice, "I may not look like him but I am thirteen."


Any other pissed off individual would have a frown when they said this, but the silence in the room was broken when Mark let out a high pitched laugh and his face contorted with a huge grin.  Apparently, all was forgiven in just the last few moments.  He had his revenge.  He had made not one, but two grown men speechless.


"God, that was neat," Chris stammered, and finished with the obvious observation.  "You've got your hairs already."


"Yep", Mark said plunking his skinny ass back on the sofa, but still staring down the men.


"Uh, congratulations," Robert said lamely.  In all his years with boys, he had never encountered one who had so quickly and graphically surrendered his secrets.


"Whose boyfriend is the other guy?" Mark asked matter-of-factly, the grin fading from his lips.


"John and Robert are a couple," said Chris.


"Oh," Mark commented, his face lighting up.  "I saw him leaving your place the other day.  He looks pretty young."


Mark was too small to be turning tables, wasn't he?  Robert thought, getting the feeling again he wasn't talking with an 11, er 13 year old, but a little adult in disguise.


The wicked grin was back on Mark's face.  Chris jumped in, "John is 21.  He and Robert have been together for about four years."


Mark proved to have a strong grasp of math.  "He was only 17 when they met?  Wow."


It was hard for Chris to tell if this was a disapproving `wow' or a hopeful `wow'.  But Robert made the next declaration.  "John was already having sex with other guys since he was your age.  We both love each other so there's nothing wrong with it."


"I think it's cool," Mark said, apparently not wanting to give the wrong impression.  He started thumbing through the pages of another mag.


Chris and Robert knew they were finished eating.  Nothing was going to top the preceding few minutes, so they silently carried the plates into the kitchen.  Chris looked at Robert and raised his eyebrows in a questioning look.  Robert vigorously nodded his assent.  Robert began rinsing the dishes, while Chris went back into the living room.


Standing near Mark, he said, "You want to go to my room?"


Mark stared back into his eyes, even while he stood up.  "You bet.  I can't stay long, though."


That was all Chris needed to hear to know what Mark's real desire was.  He hadn't misread the signals.  Mark had been doing everything except hitting him between the eyes with a log, to tell him.


The blinds were down on the window in Chris' room, so even with the sun still up, it was a dim twilight in the room.  Chris let Mark go in first, then stepped in and closed the door behind him.  He started to reach for the light switch, but Mark said, "You don't have to.  It's kind of nice this way."


Chris got the message, and the mere thought of what was probably going to happen made Chris' dick begin to firm up.


"Did you lock the door?" Mark asked, in a pitch even higher than his normal soprano.


Chris wanted to say he didn't need to, but thought better of it.  Instead he reached out and made sure there was an audible click, to reassure his little lover.


Chris sensed, correctly he hoped, that Mark had mapped out this fantasy in his mind.  So Chris was quite willing to follow Mark's lead.  If he faltered, then he'd try to keep things going.  Chris sat down on the edge of his bed while Mark remained standing, sort of staring at the shelf with Chris' sound system, but not looking anywhere near Chris.


Eventually Mark said, "I've never done anything like this before, you know?"


"That's OK," Chris reassured him.  "Pretty much whatever you want to do is fine with me."


"Does your tape deck work?"


"Sure."  Chris got up and circled Mark to get to the shelf.  Chris could feel the unusual warmth radiating from the boy.  "Anything in particular you want to listen to."


"I don't know.  Something you think is good," Mark offered.


Chris had not considered being prepared with mood music.  He reached for a cassette, not wanting to drag the moment out too long, and saw it was the soundtrack from the movie "Bless the Beasts and the Children."  What the hell, Chris thought.  He stuck it in the deck, punched play and turned the volume way down.  What some people think of as "Nadia's Theme" or "The Young and the Restless" began playing softly.


Chris sat back down at the foot of his bed.  No one moved for a long time.  Then Mark slowly turned to face Chris and shuffled forward touching Chris' knees with his knees.  Chris spread his legs and Mark came in closer.  He bent down, moving his face close to Chris'.  Chris saw his eyes were closed and his lips beginning to purse.  Chris figured that Mark was re-enacting what he considered a classic love scene that started with a kiss.


Chris positioned his lips and let Mark's meet his.  The pressure was light at first and then increased.  Suddenly, Chris felt a little, moist tongue flick across his mouth.  Chris was getting the sense of the maturity that he was dealing with.  Chris opened his mouth slightly and the tongue went inside.  Chris slowly extended his tongue and Mark's lips parted for him.  Some little boys are natural kissers, and Mark was one of them.  More and more the tongues encountered each other.  Even their breaths became synchronized.  Chris was fascinated.


Then Mark stopped and stood back up straight.  Chris was looking straight at Mark's crotch.  Mark was reaching for the neck of his T-shirt and pulled it off over his head.  Chris wanted to let Mark have the lead, in hopes of not frightening him too much.  But Chris knew he had to take some action, as well.  He hoped that Mark expected it.


Chris stared at the skinny boy's white shoulders and neck, and the mounds over the collar bones.  Mark had already started a "farmer's tan" with a faint demarcation between the white of his shoulder mounds and a slight darkening of the arms.  His arms hung at his sides.  Chris looked at the small light colored nipples and really wanted to suck on one.  The belly was flat and hairless.  The belly button stared back at him.


Chris reached out slowly and grabbed the tops of Mark's shorts.  He hooked the elastic tops of the gym shorts and the briefs under his thumbs and slowly pulled them down together.  Chris could feel his now rampant cock trying to push out of his cutoffs.  Mark's body seemed to stiffen.  Mark reached out his arms and laid them on Chris' shoulders.  Thus steadied, he was able to lift each foot and let the sneakers fall off, before Chris got the shorts below his ankles, when he could just step out of them.


Chris was looking at the button dick again, only in closeup.  It was now stiff, and all the previously wrinkled skin was stretched along the shaft.  It was still only about 2 " long, but it stood out straight from Mark's now trembling body.  And the pubic hair intrigued Chris immensely.  His right hand came up and his fingers rubbed the little hairs while his palm gently brushed across the erection.  Chris took the little prick between his thumb and first two fingers and oh-so-gently stroked it.  Mark began to shiver.  He brought his head down toward Chris' head.  Chris lifted up his face and met Mark's lips again, and as their tongues entwined again, Chris kept up the slow ministrations to the little cock, almost in rhythm with the stereo.


A minute later Mark appeared to be falling forward, his hands pushing on Chris' shoulders.  Chris took his hand away from Mark's prick and laid back on the bed. Mark undid the snap of Chris' cutoffs and pulled the zipper down.  Chris wasn't wearing shoes, which made it easier for Mark, after Chris lifted his ass slightly, to pull the jean shorts straight off.  Mark stared at Chris' cock sticking straight out of the opening in Chris' boxers.  Mark giggled for the first time since the love-making had started.  He reached for the boxer tops and Chris again obligingly lifted his butt to assist in being stripped.  Chris sat back up and allowed Mark the final move of pulling his T-shirt over his head, while Chris held his arms up.


Mark was fixated by the sight of the nude male in front of him, particularly the profusion of hair. "You're like a teddy bear with a cock," Mark whispered.


At that moment, both boys knew the serious part was behind them and Chris laughed.  He grabbed Mark by the waist and pulled him down on top of him, between his legs.  Mark giggled. The two stiff dicks ended up next to each other.  Chris made a few more movements to hoist them farther up on the bed so their legs weren't dangling.  Mark was squirming around, obviously trying to enjoy the exciting feeling of all that fur underneath him.  Mark's movements became more like humping, and Chris began responding back with little lifting motions, as well.


After a minute or so of this, Chris broke the silence.  "I suppose you can come, yeah?"


Mark's motions stopped as he croaked out "Yeah.'


"You want me to do something that will make you feel real good?"




Chris lifted the little kid off of him and over to one side, on his back.  Chris said, "Don't be afraid.  This will feel really cool."


Chris repositioned himself and moved his head over Mark's chest.  He began lightly licking Mark's little chest, and then moved above a nipple that seemed as erect as it could get.  Chris licked it and Mark giggled and squirmed.  Chris placed his full mouth around it and lightly sucked.  Chris thought he could do this all night, but decided to move on to the grand prize.


Chris began to move his lips down the middle of Mark's smooth stomach and past the little navel.  Mark was giggling all the while because it tickled, but he didn't want Chris to stop.  Finally Chris arrived at Mark's pubic mound and moved his lips around in the sparse pubic patch, enjoying the sensation.  He didn't need his hand to position Mark's cock; his mouth simply formed around it and began sucking.  Mark gasped in a huge lungful of air when he felt Chris' warm, wet mouth on his prick. He began to moan lightly.  He had never felt anything like this.  Once his friend Bobby had tried to suck his dick, but it certainly didn't feel like this.


Chris knew to keep the saliva coming and the lips tight and the teeth out of the way.  Chris's tongue would stroke the glans while his lips moved up and down more and more quickly.  His hands were rubbing all over Mark's chest and belly, the smooth skin seeming to increase in temperature, either from friction or from an internal boy source of energy.  Mark began to move his hips up and down, at first not in time with what Chris was trying to do, but very soon they synched up. As Chris felt the slim hard-on moving down, Chris moved up slightly.  As Mark began to thrust up, Chris moved down until the little pubic hairs were in his nose and the tip of Mark's dick was pushing at the back of his throat.


Soon, the unmistakable muscle clenching of a major orgasm began in Mark's loins.  Chris could sense it coming, almost as if he were plugged into the same control mechanism.  Chris knew his own cock was already wet with pre-cum, and was anticipating the same from Mark.  Suddenly there was a new taste on Chris' tongue boy juice.  Chris extended his hands and arms across Mark's body and pressed down, in an attempt to keep the kid from flying off the bed in spasms.  The next thrust of the little erection brought a small squirt of boy juice loaded with sperm.  Then another squirt and another.  It wasn't much in volume so Chris could move it around in his mouth on his tongue and savor all of it, while still riding the bucking pony.


As quickly as it started, the thrusting subsided.  But Chris kept the little cock in his mouth.  Soon it began to grow limp, but Chris lay there not wanting the event to end, as he knew it must.  He swallowed almost all of the cum, but kept a little in one side of his mouth.  His tongue continued to lick the limp organ, but Mark suddenly complained.  "Please stop.  It's too ticklish now."


Chris did as he was asked. Another moment passed, and Mark said, "Did you swallow?"


Chris lifted his head and decided to see if the next question could gross Mark out.  Manoeuvring his tongue around the little wad of cum, Chris answered, "Not all.  You want to try some?"


To his and maybe Mark's surprise, Mark said, "Yeah."  Chris crawled up beside Mark, caught Mark's eyes and pointed to his mouth.  Mark got the idea and leaned into put his lips on Chris.  Just like they had done before, but with a slightly new intent, Chris parted his lips, trying to hold the little bit of cum on his tongue, while Mark's tongue entered his mouth and probed around.  Their tongues touched and Chris deposited the globule on Mark's tongue.  The little tongue gently retracted with its cargo.  Chris pulled his head back to stare into Mark's face while he sampled his own boy juice.  Chris expected Mark to make a mock deal of how horrible it was, and references to puke and such.  Instead, his little lover raised his eyebrows a bit and his eyes widened, but Chris saw him swallow.


"It's kind of sweet," said Mark.


"Yes, you are," laughed Chris, pulling the little 13 year old back on top of him, stomach to stomach.


Mark scooted himself up a little further on Chris' furry chest, enough so that Chris' boner sprung up free between the V of Mark's hairless thighs.  Mark moved back down a bit, clamping his legs together.  Chris thought this a fantastic manoeuvre and began pumping his cock up between Mark's artificial ass cheeks.  Chris' cock was so covered in pre-cum that the action became slippery in no time.


Mark pushed his arms down enough on the bed to prop himself up to watch Chris' face during the thrusting.   And then he noticed something out of the corner of his eye.  There was Chris' mirror over his dresser which was tilted at such an angle that Mark could make out their combined forms on the bed with Chris' prick rhythmically coming up from between his own thighs.  Mark was amazed and transfixed by the image.


Chris was already on the verge of coming when he had closed the door to the room, so he knew it wouldn't take much more action for him to blow his wad.  Mark's thighs were so smooth and warm and tight that Chris might as well be fucking him in the ass.  Chris began to shudder with the approaching orgasm.  Mark seemed to sense it too, and increased the tightness in his thighs even more, to give his new lover as much pleasure as possible.


Chris suddenly called out and began to grunt breathlessly.  It almost scared Mark, but he could see in the mirror image a milky glob shoot into the air and then another and another.  He felt the hot stickiness of each ejaculation land on his back, first between his shoulder blades and then each farther down, until the last one ended up dribbling along the cleft in his ass.  Mark knew about corn-holing and decided then and there that he was going to have to try that someday.  Chris kept pumping up and down and Mark stayed with him, but he had to loosen his clenching thighs or he knew he'd get a cramp.  Chris wanted to stay locked this way forever, but soon his cock deflated to mushy softness.


With a practiced hand Chris reached out blindly for the top drawer of his night stand, pulled it out and reached for the towel he kept there.  Mark at first started to move off of him, but Chris' other arm held him.  "Wait," Chris said, and Mark quickly figured out why.


Just to fuck with Mark's head a little more, Chris held the towel poised in one hand but used his other hand to start spreading his man juice around Mark's back.  For Chris the slipperiness was a great sensation.  Mark giggled and wriggled a bit.  Chris' hand followed the cum trail down to Mark's bottom and he couldn't resist pressing one slippery finger between Mark's ass cheeks.  Chris even touched the little butt hole, but that was as far as he knew he should take things this time.  As he did it, Mark pushed up and looked him in the face from only inches away, and gave him a look that made Chris want to cry.  It was a look of "Please" and "Thank you" and "Not this time" and "Maybe next time" all rolled into one expression, in the weird way that only a boy could do.


Finally, Chris brought the towel down on Mark's back and lovingly wiped his sperm off of the boy's back and butt.  When Mark felt that he was finished, he scissored one leg wide and rolled off to Chris' side.  He immediately moved his head down to Chris' crotch and put the soft man cock in his mouth.  Chris almost smashed through the headboard with shock.  Mark pulled his lips away with a slurping sound.  This time, though, he wrinkled his nose.


"Not so sweet," he whined, but with a big smile.  He lay back, his arms behind his head, legs splayed, his little button dick in its hairy nest, for all the world to see.


While wiping himself off, Chris said, "We'd better take a shower and get you cleaned up before sending you back home."


Mark made a dramatic gesture of sniffing the air.  "I don't think so.  I'm just a smelly little kid anyway.  If I come home clean, that will be worse than this.  Besides, your sperm only smells like pool chlorine.  I'll take my shower when I get home.  That will scare the folks too, but not so bad."  Mark let out a high pitched chortle at his own humor.


Chris was a little disappointed.  One of his favorite things was showering with a boy and all the things you can play with in the spray.  But he knew Mark was right this time.   "One last thing, then," Chris said.  He scooted to the foot of the bed and motioned Mark to come and stand in front of him.  The strip tease was reversed, and Chris slowly pulled the T-shirt back over Mark's skinny arms and head.  He positioned the briefs for Mark to step into, which he did, and Chris slowly pulled them up, stealing one last kiss on the little pubic mound.  He positioned the shorts and pulled those on.  And while Mark stuck his feet back in the deck shoes, without tying them, Chris pulled on his own boxers.


He stood up and held Mark close to him, then leaned down and kissed him, and Mark kissed back.  Boys are full of surprises, thought Chris.  I'm so fucking lucky.


He unlocked and opened the door and they walked down the short hall side by side, Chris' arm over Mark's shoulders and Mark's arm around Chris' waist.  Robert was in the living room watching TV.


"I'm guessing you had a real good time," he said to both of them.


"The best," Mark grinned.


"The best," sighed Chris.  He opened the front door and saw that the sun was going down.


"Just in time," said Mark as he wiggled his little ass seductively, and ran off to the front door of the building.


Chris closed the apartment front door and looked at Robert with an exhausted expression.


"A keeper?" queried Robert.


"You know it," smiled Chris.




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