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(Revisiting Chapter 3)

Having exhausted himself for the moment - and having been fed and watered not too long ago - the irrepressible one's next question came quickly. "What's next, boss?" "I could comment on problems with your use of the word 'boss', but I'll let that go for a moment," Thayer growled. "Dr. Ben Lawson is one of my better friends on the faculty. Additionally, he's seen as one of the finest wrestling coaches in the country. Learned his trade at Iowa State, if I remember correctly. An All-American, Olympic champion, and so forth. Turns out fantastic teams, including quite a few Academic All-Americans. When I told him about you, his eyes lit up. Most faculty members always have to be looking for the 'good ones', you know. If possible, that's where you use your scholarship money. In any case, he asked to meet you when we were on campus. Interested?" "Holy cow!" Robbie sputtered. "What a day! You better believe I'm interested!"

(Continuing Our Story: The Castle)


Soon they found themselves approaching an older, gray-stone building that resembled nothing less than three stories of a square medieval tower. "Sawed it off kinda short didn't they?" snickered Rob. Having always had some of the same thoughts - and worse - Professor Thayer simply nodded, adding, "Architecturally, there isn't another structure on campus that even resembles it! In any case, Robbie, this is the 'lair' of Coach Ben Lawson. Most of my colleagues complain that he runs his own little kingdom at the expense of the University, but I suspect they're mainly jealous of the money he controls and the power he exerts in University circles. I find him intelligent, hardworking, and immensely creative. Besides that, he's always for the student. Make up your own mind...if you get the chance to work with him.

Walking up the side stone stairs, they were pleasantly met at the door by a young program assistant. Within minutes, they were shown into a high-ceilinged third-floor room that was "distinguished", if indeed that is the word, by its relatively small size. Rob noticed that most of the floor was covered by pads in the University's light green and black colors. Four climbing ropes on one wall led up to a walkway that ran along the top of each wall. An army of banners awarded to the University's wrestling programs hung from the ceiling.

On arriving, Coach Lawson and his three assistant were working with pairs of wrestlers, one from a heavier weight class and one from the lighter class. After a few minutes, a whistle blew, and Lawson announced that the boys should come together, take a knee, and listen up. Coming over to his guests, he graciously welcomed them and asked them to join "his boys". He introduced them In turn, Professor Thayer as a valued colleague, a friend, and someone who had strongly supported Timothy wrestling during his years on the faculty. He then introduced Rob as a young man who was considering his options and taking a look at their school for fall. Much to Robbie's surprise, he also said he had spoken with his coach at River High School and with two current team members who had come to Timothy from River High to work with the "Black Bears". All three agreed that Rob Lewis was a powerful wrestler and a top team leader. One of the team members added that he was always regarded as a "good guy" whom they wished they had been able to know as a friend. "So, Mr. Lewis," he continued, "Note that you're among friends. We're real pleased to have you with us today, and we hope we'll be seeing a lot more of you."

(A Little "Demonstration")

One of the lads who appeared to be a senior team member called out, "Coach, we'd like to get to know Rob. Any chance that he would be willing to wrestle a little with us and then join us for a little while after practice?" Keeping a perfectly straight face, Scott Thayer grinned to himself and observed silently, 'Lawson, you old SOB. Smooth, friend, smooth... If we hadn't talked last night about setting this up, I would never have gotten it!' Leaning a tad closer to Robbie, he whispered in a voice that the boy could barely hear, "Here's your chance, Robbie. Here's your chance to put a ton of crap behind you and get a fresh start among friends. Have you got enough courage to tell your fears to go to hell? You know, son...just like you walked out of that house the other night! Are you willing to take another chance on yourself?"

Coach Lawson turned towards Robbie. "Well, Mr. Lewis," he said positively. "You heard my team captain. Want to get to know us a little better?" His face a wild shade of red, feeling that his knees would begin to shake at any minute, Robbie looked down at the floor before he raised his eyes and looked right at the Coach. "Yes, sir, Thank you. I'm obliged." Coach Lawson grinned, exploded with a "GREAT!", and told one of his assistants to take Rob and get him ready while he returned to work with the team.

After a short break, Robbie reappeared in the door that led to team facilities behind the practice room. Slightly embarrassed - but obviously extremely proud of his appearance - he stood silently in the light green and black spandex singlet, plus the black headgear, knee pads, shoes, and green-trimmed socks of the Bears. As the team became aware of his presence, a buzz swept over the room. Later on, Scott Thayer offered a "translation" of the looks the young man was receiving, e.g., "Holy shit..." "What a build!" "This kid is a freshman?" Although he discovered only later that the assistant coach had been unable to find a jock strap of sufficient size to fit him, he still thought to himself that Robbie's agreeing to wear nothing beneath the singlet was an exercise in pure chutzpah! That bulge was downright intimidating!

Having called the team back into a wide circle, the Coach asked if anyone would be willing to work out for a bit with their guest. "Ok, Pete... Rob, I have to warn you that Pete Austin's the league champion in the 165 lb. weight class. Fifty to one in last year's matches - and the one loss came in the second match of the season! Chances are he'd give you a little competition. Still willing to go 'round with him for a few minutes?" (A wicked little buzz arose from the assembled team, together with a few dry snickers.) "Yessir, I'll do what I can," the boy replied with a nod of his head. "Ok, Coach snapped. "Pete...headgear! Begin on the whistle in a neutral position."

Donning headgear, Pete walked jauntily to the center of the wrestling area and stood erect, balanced on the balls of his feet, his arms extended in a grappling position. Robbie followed at a slower pace. Professor Thayer noticed something that he hadn't seen before...something vaguely disturbing. Before taking his position, he noticed that Rob had momentarily closed his eyes...that warring emotions seem to have left his face, a face that had become peaceful, even introspective. At the same time, the rest of his body was...tense, ready. The effect was hard to describe, but disquieting.


Immediately, the two young men began to circle each other, occasionally slapping away a hand, occasionally doing a little foot or arm work that screwed up his opponent's timing. There were a few flurries, but nothing developed. Suddenly, with all the subtlety of a runaway locomotive, Robbie launched the full force of his muscular body at Pete's shins. Perhaps more surprised than Rob, Pete dropped backwards...hard. Rob was on him like glue, but champion that he was, Pete escaped. From then on, the first period was a wild mix of attack and defense.

About a minute into (what would have been) the second period, however, Rob went into an unrelieved attack mode. (One of the team members said later that he looked like a mongoose going after a king cobra!) On his stomach, Pete found himself slowly forced over onto his back. Rob's muscles flexing in an exercise of brute strength, Pete soon felt his shoulder blades kiss the mat. The castle seemed to shake on its foundations when the team (and the coaches) saw Lawson slap the mat, signifying a pin! The practice room was in chaos as the team members crowded around the two wrestlers, pounding them on the back, hugging, jumping, howling their congratulations! It never ceased as Robbie was carried over to Professor Thayer on the shoulders of two team members, one of them being Pete Austin! "Professor Thayer," Pete called, "Could we have this guy for a little cleanin' up and a lot of celebratin'? We promise to get him home at an UNreasonable hour. The crowd howled.) Also, he'll phone you within the hour. Ok?" Looking up at Robbie. whose eyes seemed to fear the worst, Scott grinned and shouted above the tumult, "Ok. Just give him back!" The history professor vowed never to forget the look on Robbie's face as the crowd turned and pushed towards the showers.


A wide smile on his face, Coach Lawson came over as the boys disappeared, saying quietly, "Well, Scottie, how many do I still owe you...16?...maybe15? Oh, and say, we have one unbreakable rule on this team that the boys didn't mention. You don't have to worry about illegal drugs. If they even get close to them, they're gone!" "Tell you what, Ben," Thayer replied, "Why don't we call it even and just start over?" Coach Lawson winked and walked Scott out to the front door, his arm around an old friend's shoulders.

Scottie was just arriving home when Robbie's call came in on his cell. The young man was clearly still on high. "Great food, sir...great food! They sure make some good pizza in this town!" he babbled. I'll call later to let you know that all's well. Got any orders for me, sir?" "No orders, Muscles. That's not how a relationship between two adults works. I will make a few of 'requests' if that's ok." "Yessir! Shoot," the boy replied. "First, I hope you won't drive with someone who is plastered. There are many alternatives. For instance, there's usually someone else in the crowd who's driving and will give you a lift. Secondly, you're not a baby. If you have sex, I hope you'll wear a condom. Please? Finally - and this isn't a request - I'll not have illegal drugs in my house...period." Seemingly a little shell-shocked, the lad stumbled for a moment before saying firmly, "You're a little...different, sir, but I love you very much. You can bet on my respecting your wishes. See yuh."

About 2:00 a.m., the phone rang again. "Dad, nobody's around who hasn't had too much beer. I haven't had much, but I know I'd have real problems making practice tomorrow. One of the guys, Seth, said I could sleep over and he'd give me a ride home in the morning. Can do?" "Yep," Scottie answered, yawning widely, as if he didn't have a care in the world. "Sleep well." (His tone of voice nicely covered the fact that his stomach had just collided with his heart!)

It was already close to 8:00 a.m. when Scottie heard something being carried up onto the outside porch. He went to the screen door only to find Rob hitting the kickstand on a very expensive-looking bike. "Could you use a cup of coffee, Traveler?" Scottie inquired. "Better believe it, sir! Any chance of a little chow? I left Seth's house without any breakfast. The guys forgot that 6:30 a.m. workouts were scheduled, beginning today. I wasn't about to make a big thing about it. Besides, Seth said he would loan me his bike." With a grin, the irresistible one added, "Nice morning for a ride!" "So...get cleaned up," his mentor replied, "and I'll see what I can find in the cupboard! Damn, at the very least there ought to be a piece of dry toast!" With a big grin, the youngster turned towards the stairs - only to be sent on his way with a good clout on the rump!

A half hour later saw two very happy human beings at the kitchen table. As expected, Robbie was in the altogether. Dear God, his skin - actually, everything about him - was absolutely radiant. As he consumed an enormous breakfast, Scottie got a pretty good account of a super evening. (Well, Seth's couch was pretty lumpy, but you know...) "If it's ok with you, I do have one 'request'." the youngster said seriously. "Don, an assistant coach who's studying for his law degree, stopped by and I had a chance to ask him about adoption. It seems that it's really cut and dried in this state. I'm 18 and can be adopted by 'most anyone of legal age who'll have me. It's just a matter of filing a simple petition and appearing in court when called. I guess the state checks your record, but it doesn't get further involved. My request, sir, is for you to adopt me as your son. I'd give my right . . . to be known as Robert Thayer." (Embarrassed pause.) Abruptly changing topics, he continued enthusiastically, "Great trip over to Timothy, Dad! I feel great, better than I've felt for...years. How about you?"

Scott Thayer stood up from the table, motioning for Robbie to come over to him. When the lad came close, Scott tightly embraced him, kissing him on the lips (for the first time), and allowing his hand to slowly move down the boy's muscled back and taut buttocks. "How do I feel? Well, let's see, Man Mountain. I feel so proud of you that my head is swimming. I feel honored that you want to be my son. Although we'll take care of the paper work immediately, you are my son from this moment on, as far as I'm concerned! Finally, I'm hornier than I've been since college! Neither of us got much sleep last night. Like to go upstairs and try to make some of it up? (Well, we could always say that we tried!") The breakfast dishes got done...that afternoon.

(To Be Continued)