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(Revisiting Chapter 4)

"My request, sir, is for you to adopt me as your son. I'd like to be known as Robert Thayer." (Pause.) Abruptly changing topics, he continued enthusiastically, "Great trip over to Timothy, Dad! I feel great, better than I've felt for...years. How about you?"

Scott Thayer stood up from the table, motioning for Robbie to come over to him. When the lad came close, Scott tightly embraced him, kissing him on the lips (for the first time), and allowing his hand to slowly move down the boy's muscled back and taut buttocks. "How do I feel? Well, let's see, Muscles. I feel so proud of you that my head is swimming. I feel honored that you want to be my son. Although we'll take care of the paper work immediately, you are from this moment on, as far as I'm concerned! Finally, I'm hornier than I've been since college! Neither of us got much sleep last night. Like to go upstairs and try to make some of it up? (We could always say that we tried!") The breakfast dishes got done...that afternoon.

(Continuing Our Story: Mount Baxter's Heat Wave)

"Dad, I love you so," Robbie lamented, "but I just don't know what to do! Hell, I don't know what to do with a woman or a man! It doesn't do much good for you to tell me to 'just do what comes naturally'. I mean...fuck! If I did that, I think I'd eat you like you were a good steak, enjoying the taste and the feeling - no, everything about you! Trouble is, I've got a feeling that you might bite back...that is, if you didn't carve me up first!"

"Well, that's not the worst place to begin, Muscles," Thayer laughed. "Here I am laid out on this big plate that we usually call a 'bed'. How about getting things underway by using your lips to feel, your tongue to taste, and your teeth to bite? (Just remember that my flesh is a lot softer than a good T-bone, so take it easy with those fangs of yours, hear?") Seeing that the youth's face was so red that it shone softly in the darkened room, the Professor tried a little pump priming. [Author's Note: Though he didn't think of it quite as "clinically" at the time, he also knew that many obstacles were blocking the lad's natural instincts. That is, he faced numerous barriers of fear and pain to break through, let alone those of ignorance.] Lovingly, he placed his hand on the back of Robbie's neck and gently brought the boy's face down to his. "Ok, lover, lets have a little tongue and lip work!"

Resisting just a tad - as if being told to copy out his 2x tables for the zillionth time - Rob tentatively brushed Scott's cheek with his lips. Almost of their own accord, they moved over to his lover's lips. Touching led to the tip of his tongue flicking out like the tongue of a serpent seeking entrance into the nest behind. "Um-m-m-m-m," he moaned, probing a bit deeper. "Oh shit!" he groaned, "That tastes good!" "So enjoy it, lover boy!" Scott whispered. "It's all yours...just one else's..." (He also grinned to himself as he felt the newbie jerk slightly...down below.) "Come on, li'l dogie, don't be a chicken!" he taunted (as clearly as he could). "Let's have a little 'War of the Tongues'!" That only slowed down when they produced so much saliva that they began simultaneously choking and laughing!

"Ready to continue?" Scott asked with a snicker. "Yep," replied the auburn-headed one, though he seemed loathe to break off a continuing series of little lip-tongue searches. "Ok, Muscles, remember when we had a Mexican lunch when on campus yesterday?" "Yeah..." "Remember those little red things in the salsa that you liked so much?" "Yeah!" "Ok, now move your lips and tongue down to my nipple. (Pause.) Oh damn, farm boy! I forgot that at some time you must have bottle-fed orphaned lambs. Easy now... NOT SO HARD, BEAST! Ok, Robbie, now take it really easy. Bite down gently on the tit. (Pause.) WOW! Oh yeah!" "Whoa, Dad," the youngster yelped. "Your penis poked me in the stomach so hard I can still feel it!" "Try as he might to avoid it, Scott snickered as he said, "Guess a little judicious teeth work turns some men on, right?" "I guess," the lad answered only partially convinced. "Ok, lover. Your meal is laid out on the table." Rob's guide whispered encouragingly. "Check it out at your own speed for a few minutes. Lips, tongue, teeth...right?"

The first lesson was perking right along when Scott kissed the reddish brown mop that was moving around on his body. "There'll be more lessons, son...if they help." Panting a little, Rob interrupted the Professor, insisting, "Oh, they help, Dad! They help!" "Well, great!" Thayer said with returning enthusiasm, especially when he caught a quick look at the youth's swollen underpinnings. "Maybe we can take care of one more item tonight.

"Lie right where you are, Big Guy...stretched out on your stomach right between my legs as I lie on my back. Slowly, now, inch forward. That's it...right up and onto my body towards my head. Don't lift up on your arms... Just slide... Let the contact come from those big shoulders, hard pecs, and sharp ab ridges moving over my body. Know that I am waiting for you when you reach my lips!" Scott realized full well that the youngster was heating up nicely as the intimate contact spread heat throughout his body. The pièce de résistance, of course, came when he suddenly scraped his massive, rock-hard equipment over the Professor's. Let it be noted that the academic's equipment was of decent size that surely met all the rigidity requirements of Krupp Steel! Suddenly, the young athlete's eyes opened wide as he let out a wild oompf, forcefully expelling the air from his lungs, and stopped dead in his tracks. Aided by his mentor's hands that slowly rotated his buttocks, the youth began grinding his hardened, sensitized cock into his companion's. Following his rule of not pushing things too far on early attempts, Scott removed his hands from the magnificent globes. It didn't have the slightest effect. Indeed, the grinding process gained in strength, speed, and ferocity! Suddenly, the boy's entire body took on the appearance of a steel beam. Emitting a high-pitched, wailing scream, his body shook momentarily as if being torn asunder by a mammoth earthquake, expelled an absolute flood of semen...and crashed back down onto the bed. Inasmuch as Scott had added his own generous contribution, it took time and a couple of towels to begin cleaning up the glorious mess!

When his eyeballs stopped revolving, Robbie giggled and said rather breathlessly, "Wow! Gotta have some more of that!" As they decided to take a short shower in order to come further unglued, Scott simply rolled his eyes and looked to the heavens. "Lord, what have I created if that was only the first "lesson?" he murmured under his breath.

Despite the stereotype, "lover boy" was not about to drop off to sleep after a round of good sex. As a matter of fact, he was on high! "Gosh, dad," he burbled. I need to know more about the gay life. What do you advise?" Before speaking, the Professor had to shake his head vigorously in order to drive the sleep from his eyes. Finally, he yawned before saying seriously, "If you decide you want to continue on to college, some of your problems will probably take care of themselves - as you may have guessed yesterday.

"Dad, may I say something critical?" the young man finally asked hesitantly. Coming fully awake, the Professor replied, "Well sure, Muscles! Fire away." "Sir, I think you sometimes are a little too easy on people. The truth is that my love for you is built more on who you are than on what you do for me. You know I'm an ol' farm boy. What say I get out there tomorrow and begin getting a bed ready for planting some garden vegetables? Then the winter can complete the process. There'll be plenty of time for some picking up and swimming."

Scott slid slightly up in bed as he reached out and put his arms around Robbie's heavy torso. Lightly sniffing the youngsters neck, his shoulders, and a heavy bicep, he reached over and just touched the tip of his tongue to a nipple. The sweet scent of the young male in his nostrils, he let his lips rest on Robbie's for just a moment. "I know you're right, son, for that's the way I love you," he whispered as he extinguished the bedside lamp. "Further," he murmured, "it's wrong to make a person feel he's being bought no matter what's true. Just lie here in my arms, Muscles. Let me feel your love and you, mine."

Robbie wasn't joking when he suggested cutting in a bed for the vegetables they commonly consumed at the table. Barely awake the next morning, Thayer felt a big hand lightly caress his body before jumping out of the sack. Even the sound of water in the shower couldn't prevent him from falling back to sleep and catching just a few more z's before his day had to begin.

Struggling down the staircase a little later than usual and entering the kitchen revealed a new pot of fresh coffee. Sipping the steaming brew from a large ceramic mug, he momentarily peered through the large window, revealing another sight even more warming. Dear God in heaven! As the early sun burned a light fog off the old farm vista, it surrounded the redheaded one with something of a shimmering aura. But for his old clodhoppers, he worked in the nude. As the dirt flew, his muscles trembled, flexed, then rolled across the plains of his body like chariots, spewing a translucent reddish-bronze light that transformed him into the statue of a god. The Classical Greek historian looked on in wonder.

They toiled together, working lime, sand, and large quantities of peat into the soil. When finished, it wasn't exactly the south forty, but it was surely a more than adequate space for an extensive kitchen garden. Smiling in great satisfaction, Robbie actually led a little tour, pointing out locations for the next year's peas, tomatoes, chives, carrots, lettuce, and cucumbers. Having had quite enough of spading, Scott quickly agreed to the plan, insisting only that room be found for a hill or two of cantaloupe.

In all this there had been only one miscalculation. The warmth and light of mid-fall days peak rather early. Hence, by the time they had completed their work, cleaned and stored their tools, and quickly washed off with the aid of a hose at the back of the house, the pool looked less and less attractive. Turning to the human being for whom Scott had been waiting all his life, he simply smiled and said, "Come with me, son." Arms around each other, they made their way up a small hill that rose on the eastern side of their home. Enjoying the lingering warmth of the day, they lay close together in a protected spot on the slope, kissing, laughing about moments of humor that always are waiting to be noticed, and looking forward to their next life adventure. Even the storm clouds rolling in couldn't dampen their spirits.

(To Be Continued)