Physical Attraction

by tim the story guy

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Physical Attraction

by tim

Chapter 1

Doctor Mike Leighton first admitted to himself that he was gay in his first year of college in Toronto. It was during an encounter with an upper classman, who wanted to show Mike how it was done. Up until that point, Mike had only played around with the idea of sexual encounters with other guys. There had been quite a few encounters where Mike had fondled and kissed other guys, and even a few occasions where oral sex was performed. The oral sex was usually when an older guy would want Mike's cock, and Mike would be talked into returning the favor. The upper classman in college changed all that for Mike though. In the first two day encounter they had, his college mate taught him more about sex than he ever dreamed of knowing. It left Mike knowing that he loved having sex with other guys, and that he had always been gay.

As luck would have it, Mike had gone to college to become a doctor. This made his parents very proud of him. Mike would laugh as he wondered how proud they would be to know how many guys he was having sex with while in college. Mike was always careful in his escapades, using protection when he didn't know if he could trust his partner. This left Mike with a fascination for male penises. He loved every different shape and size of penis you could think of. He even had a curiosity in the back of his mind about boy's penises. That is why when Mike finally graduated Medical School, and completed his residency requirement, he opened his own practice in Toronto and specialized in providing physical examinations to schools and employers. He quickly realized that boys would let him handle them all he wanted, while he had to be more careful with men. His first contract was with a middle school district, needing a new doctor to replace the one who had just moved away. It was getting close to time for baseball season, so Mike would be very busy right away.

"Okay boys, I need you to form a line here near the door to the coach's office." said Mike. "I have twenty exams to do today, and another twenty tomorrow, so we have to get right to work."

Once the boys were lined up, the first one went in and closed the door behind him at Mike's instruction.

"Okay Mike, nice name." said Mike.

"Thanks sir." replied the boy named Mike. "Everyone calls me Mikey though."

"I'll need you to remove all your clothes Mikey, and we can get started." said Mike. "Just hop up on the table here when you have all your clothes off."

"All of them sir?" asked Mikey.

"Yes, even the underwear." replied Mike.

Once Mikey was naked and on the table, Mike started the examination. "Okay Mikey, your ears look fine." said Mike, as he peered into them with a light, while keeping his other eye on Mikey's penis.

"What are you looking for in there sir?" asked Mikey, beginning to relax a little.

"I'm looking for any perforation or abnormality in your eardrums." replied Mike, as he moved around to examine Mikey's eyes, nose, and mouth. "And please call me Mike, or Doctor Mike."

"Okay Mike." smiled Mikey. "I like it when adults let you use their first name."

"Well, I hate being called sir." smiled Mike back, as he shined his light in Mikey's pupils.

As Mike did that, he let one hand rest on the table, against Mikey's bare leg. As Mike moved from Mikey's eyes to his nose, he glanced down and noticed that Mikey was getting erect. Mike looked into Mikey's nostrils, then examined the inside of Mikey's mouth thoroughly. Once that was over, Mike put his stethoscope up to Mikey's smooth chest.

"Just relax Mikey, so I can hear your heart and lungs." said Mike, as his other hand left the table and began rubbing Mikey's back.

"I am relaxing Mike, quite a bit." cooed Mikey.

"It looks like one part of you isn't though." replied Mike.

"My dick gets stiff like that a lot Mike." replied Mikey casually. "I've tried to control it, but I can't. Is there something wrong because I can't?"

"Not at all son." replied Mike, as he moved on to check Mikey's reflexes with his small rubber hammer. "It's perfectly natural for a boy's penis to become erect a lot when he starts entering puberty. How old are you Mikey?"

"I just turned twelve Mike." replied Mikey. "The problem is that my dick usually gets stiff when I'm around other boys. Shouldn't it only do that when I'm around girls?"

"Not really Mikey." replied Mike, as he took Mikey's penis between his fingers. "A lot of boys start off being aroused easily around other boys. Being aroused around girls can even be a source of embarrassment for a lot of boys your age. Then as you get a little older, that changes and you get aroused mostly around girls. Even if you keep being aroused mostly around boys though, it's not a big deal to some people. By the way Mikey, you have a really nicely developed and good looking penis for a twelve year old boy. You aren't feeling uncomfortable, are you?"

"Heck no Mike, that feels good!" replied Mikey. "I think he kind of likes it too."

Mike then gently stroked Mikey's dick, as his other hand gently rubbed Mikey's testicles. Mike looked into Mikey's face, and saw a complete look of bliss that told him the boy was willing to try almost anything. "Your penis and testicles seem to be in fine order Mikey." said Mike. "How is this feeling?"

"It feels great!" replied Mikey blissfully.

"Then this should feel really nice." said Mike.

Mike leaned down, and took the head of Mikey's dick between his lips. As Mikey moaned softly in pleasure, Mike couldn't believe the luck of his very first boy to examine being so willing. Then as Mike's lips stroked Mikey's shaft, and his tongue caressed Mikey's head, he felt Mikey reaching at the crotch of his pants. As Mike stroked the five inch hard shaft with his lips, he gently guided Mikey's hands to his zipper and buckle. Mikey eagerly freed Mike's cock from his pants, and wrapped his hands around it.

Mike backed off of Mikey's dick, and said, "Lay back on the table Mikey."

Mikey reluctantly released his grip on Mike's cock, and laid back. Mike then climbed up on the table, hovering over Mikey in a sixty nine position. Then Mike went back to sucking his first boy's dick.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Mikey, as he stroked Mike's seven inch erection hovering over his face. "It's so huge! It's the most incredible thing I've ever seen Mike! I love just looking at it in my hand!"

Even though Mikey loved looking at it, he grabbed Mike's hips and began pulling down. Mike let the boy pull his cock down into his mouth, as he continued sucking Mikey's dick. Mike almost gasped around Mikey's dick, as he felt Mikey's young and soft mouth envelop his cock.

After only a few minutes, Mikey moaned, "I'm going to pee Mike!"

"That's not pee Mikey." replied Mike. "That's cum. You're about to have an orgasm. Don't worry about it, and just let it happen. I want to taste and swallow every drop of your cum."

Mike and Mikey went back to sucking each other, and Mikey began writhing on the table. Mike held on though, and was soon rewarded with the sweetest tasting cum he had ever tasted before. As Mike sucked the last drops of cum from Mikey's dick, he felt his orgasm shooting into Mikey's mouth. Mikey tried to swallow, but wasn't ready. Some of Mike's cum went down his throat to his stomach, but the rest ended up running over his face and throat. Mike recovered quickly, and pulled his cock from Mikey's mouth. When he saw the mess that had been made, Mike gently cleaned Mikey's face and throat with his tongue. The boy was so cute that it was a pleasure for Mike to clean him like that.

Mike finally handed Mikey a towel to finish cleaning himself, and finished the examination. Mike checked for a hernia really quick, then examined Mikey's anus. Mike could tell that the boy also seemed to enjoy it when Mike stuck his finger into Mikey's anus, and felt around for his prostate. Finally, the first examination was over.

"Are you okay with what we did Mikey?" asked Mike.

"What did we do Mike?" replied Mikey.

"We just had sex son." smiled Mike. "You were my very first boy too, and you were great in every way."

"Cool!" exclaimed Mikey. "Not only is this the first time I've ever had sex, but also with a guy and an adult and a doctor! It was awesome!"

"I take it you're okay with it then." chuckled Mike. "I just want you to do me a favor Mikey. You're a very sweet boy, and it was fun having sex with you today, but I need you to promise not to tell anyone about what we did. If you were to do that, I would get in a lot of trouble. If you want Mikey, I'm just starting my practice, and I'm taking new patients. We could have some more fun again sometime."

"That would be great Mike!" replied Mikey. "My old doctor moved away last year, and my parents haven't been able to replace him yet. Doctors make a lot more in the U.S. than they do here in Canada, and a lot of doctors seem to be moving there."

"Well Mikey, I never will." replied Mike. "There are things that are more important to me than money. Seeing that a sweet boy like you has proper medical care is one of them. Here's my card for you to give your parents. Have them call my nurse, and we'll set you up as a new patient."

"I almost look forward to getting sick now." giggled Mikey.

Mike gently patted Mikey on the butt and said, "It will be a pleasure to take care of you anytime you are sick Mikey. Now son, get your clothes back on and send in the next boy. You passed with flying colors."

Mike had a great time the rest of the day. None of the boys seemed to be too bashful about taking their clothes off for him, and he saw some of the most beautiful boy dicks he could have imagined. Nothing went as far as with Mikey, but about half the boys couldn't control their erections, and half of those seemed okay enough for Mike to fondle them a bit. Mike was a good judge of character, and not one boy complained about the contact. One boy named Stephen had a very nice uncut dick, and smiled as Mike fondled it. Stephen stiffened out to almost six inches at just thirteen, and rubbed the front of Mike's pants at one point. Mike was very tempted to see what he could do with Stephen, and at the end of the examination, he wished that he had.

"Thanks for the examination Mike, it was fun." said Stephen.

"It was just an examination." chuckled Mike.

"It felt like more than that to me though." replied Stephen. "The way you handled me so gently, even though you had a job to do felt really nice. The doctor last year wasn't quite so gentle, and he seemed really uncomfortable being around us boys."

"Well, you boys are our future." said Mike. "There is nothing about boys that makes me the least bit uncomfortable."

"I could tell." said Stephen. "Anyway, I'm going to need to start a training program for the position I play if I intend to carry it into high school. I don't have a doctor though, and training without one could be dangerous. You wouldn't happen to be taking new patients, would you? I really like the way you treated me, and I'd look forward to having you as my doctor."

"You're right there Stephen." replied Mike. "Here's my card. Have your parents call my nurse, and she'll set an appointment for you next week. I want to run a little more extensive examination, including flexibility and stress tests. I promise I'll make it as fun as possible."

"I'll look forward to it then Mike!" smiled Stephen.

Mike knew from that conversation that Stephen had wanted to do more, but now it would have to wait until next week. After the fun at the school, Mike had a few adult patients to see at his office. The day before, he had contracted with an employer to do examinations for their male employees. The first one was a 30 year old man named Christopher. Mike naturally asked Christopher to remove his clothes.

"Why do you want me to take all my clothes off now?" asked Christopher. "You're not thinking of doing anything weird are you? Trust me, if you do, I'll report you!"

"Please don't worry Christopher." replied Mike. "I've seen enough people without clothes so that it doesn't mean anything to me. It will just take us less time if you are naked before we start, rather than me having to wait for you to remove the rest of your clothes later."

Mike had explained things well, and Christopher didn't object any more. Mike kept the examination very professional, although he did discreetly make a mental note of Christopher's six inch flaccid penis. Mike imagined that it probably stiffened out to around eight inches, although he would never get to know that for sure. Christopher went through the examination completely flaccid. Mike thought it was a shame that someone who looked so nice there would be so paranoid.

The next man was named Denny, and was twenty one. When Mike asked Denny to take all his clothes off, Denny smiled as he immediately complied. By the time Mike had made his way to Denny's chest, Denny's cock had stiffened to seven and a half inches. Denny was also uncut, and uncut cocks fascinated Mike. So much so that Denny noticed Mike looking at him, and laughed lightly.

"You're doing great so far doc, and little Denny thinks so too!" said Denny.

"I wouldn't say he's quite so little." smiled Mike. "Thanks for the compliment though. You do have a very nice looking cock Denny."

"You're the first doctor I've ever met who hasn't tried to put on a show, and refused to call it anything but a penis." laughed Denny. "I'm starting to like you too."

"Do you like other guys Denny?" asked Mike.

"I like guys as much as I do girls." replied Denny. "I had a date with a really hot woman last night, but if a nice guy wanted to do anything right now, I'd jump at it. Sex is good no matter who it's with Mike."

"That's a relief Denny." said Mike. "That last guy was nowhere near as nice and understanding as you. I could tell by the way he said hello that he wouldn't be anyone to mess around with."

"Well, I had him pegged as a bad apple too." said Denny. "Do you mean that you never even tried or said anything to him, and he still acted that way?"

"He was practically accusing me of stuff right off the bat, and just because I asked him to remove his clothes." replied Mike. "He was insinuating that I was a weirdo, and threatening to report me."

"Damn, you would think he'd have enough brains to realize that he had to take his clothes off for a physical!" laughed Denny. "He must live a very sheltered life. As for me, I'd drop my pants for anyone if they wanted to see it. Then I'd just hope they had nice things to say about it. At least living here in Canada though, we have a national hate crimes law to protect us from jerks like him. I can't imagine what it must be like south of the border, where they don't."

"I've heard stories from there, and they aren't pretty." replied Mike. "And as for dropping your pants for me, you look very nice Denny."

"Thanks doc." smiled Denny, as he made his erect cock bob for Mike.

"Please Denny, call me Mike." replied Mike.

"Okay Mike, do you have any more patients after me today?" asked Denny.

"Nope." replied Mike. "After you, I'm out of the office."

"Can we go out on a date then?" asked Denny. "Like I said, I'm really beginning to like you."

"I'd love too Denny!" smiled Mike.

After Mike closed the office, he and Denny went to a movie and dinner. Then they went back to Mike's apartment, and made themselves comfortable. As Mike was sitting on the sofa, with his arm around Denny, he asked, "So Denny, what do you like to do with guys?"

"Everything that I like to do with girls, and then some." replied Denny. "After all, you can't suck a girl's cock worth shit!"

That made Mike and Denny both laugh, until Denny pulled Mike's face toward his. Denny pressed his lips against Mike's, and the two men shared a passionate kiss. After a few moments, Mike and Denny began trying to undress each other on the couch. Once that was accomplished, with a little effort, Mike reached into the coffee table drawer and pulled out two condoms.

Denny couldn't help himself as he laughed and said, "You keep condoms in the coffee table?! That's good though, because I was wondering where they were going to come from."

"I like to be prepared for anything, you sexy man." smiled Mike. "You'll love this too, they're flavored!"

"Please say strawberry!" replied Denny.

"What else would it be?" asked Mike, as he continued to smile.

"This is going to be a fun night, as long as you have them in the bedroom too." replied Denny.

Mike couldn't help himself as he laughed, then asked, "Do you really think that I would have them in my coffee table drawer, and not in my bedroom?"

"I guess not." replied Denny, as he chuckled. "I'll bet you even have them in your doctor bag."

"Yeah, but I don't think I'll ever need them there." replied Mike. "I only use that for school physicals."

"Right, you wouldn't want to get caught with a boy, no matter how tempting it may be!" smiled Denny.

"It's not that, it's just that boys in school are usually pretty safe as far as STD's go." replied Mike.

"You haven't, have you?" asked Denny, with a look of interest.

"Earlier today, at the middle school." replied Mike. "It was with a twelve year old boy named Mikey. His cum was the sweetest thing I've ever tasted. Then I had a thirteen year old named Stephen who wanted to, but I missed the signal."

"The signal?" asked Denny.

"Yeah, it's the signal a boy gives that he's willing, and would like it to the point where he wouldn't tell anyone." replied Mike. "I have to be sure of that, due to the consequences if he's not. I see that kind of interests you Denny." As Mike said the last part, he pointed down at Denny's fully erect cock, which was bobbing up and down involuntarily.

"Yeah, Denny junior gives me away every time." laughed Denny. "I have to admit that it's a major turn on that when we have sex, the last dick that will have been in your mouth was twelve years old."

"Well, I like twenty one year old cocks every bit as much as twelve year old dicks, if that helps." smiled Mike. "To be honest, I didn't really think a boy that young would be so interested. I though I would have to wait for high school physicals for some younger dick."

"We better do something now Mike, or you're going to make me orgasm just by talking about these boys!" said Denny.

With that, Mike rolled a condom over Denny's cock, while Denny did the same with Mike's. After a short kiss, the two men laid down on the couch in a sixty nine position. Mike took Denny into his mouth hungrily, as Denny swallowed all of Mike's erect shaft. Mike rolled his tongue over Denny's foreskin, even though it was covered with a condom. Mike was liking this, and couldn't wait until they knew each other well enough to have sex without the condoms. Denny could feel Mike's cock pulse with every beat of his heart, which was what he liked most about having sex with guys. Mike and Denny moaned as they worked on each other's cocks, both wanting their partner to feel pleasure. Denny began sucking on Mike's balls, and could feel them begin to churn inside his scrotum. Denny knew Mike wouldn't be very long, and Denny was pretty close behind him. After five very intense minutes, Mike began to shudder. Denny moaned as he felt Mike's cum fill the condom in his mouth. After Mike's orgasm was over, Mike sucked even harder on Denny's cock. A few moments of that was all that Denny needed, as he began filling the condom that covered his cock.

After Mike removed the condoms and cleaned both of them, he said, "I'll get us both a glass of wine to sip, while we recover enough to move this to the bedroom."

When Mike showed up at the school the next morning, he could still feel the wonderful sensations of how Denny's cock had opened his ass up the night before, then filled it. Of course he had given Denny some intense feelings too, and the two men had exchanged numbers before Denny left for home. Today started out kind of slow, and Mike was starting to give up on anything interesting happening. Out of the first eight boys he examined, none of them got the slightest bit erect for him. A few of them he even pushed as far as he could while examining their genitals, and still get away with it. Then came a twelve year old boy named Perry. Perry was beginning to stiffen by the time Mike got to his genitals, so Mike went ahead and fondled his beautiful four inch erection a little more than he had the other boys.

"That feels really nice doc... I mean Mike." cooed Perry. "I wish you could do that for me for the rest of the day. Nobody else will, because my dick is too small."

"Who says your penis is too small Perry?" asked Mike.

"Everyone does." replied Perry. "I'm afraid to let the other kids see it, because they all think it's too small."

"Son, there is nothing wrong with your dick." said Mike. "It's perfectly okay as far as size goes, for a boy your age. The average erect adult penis is only six inches."

"Can I see?" asked Perry.

"You really want to, don't you?" asked Mike.

"I kinda like looking at dicks." replied Perry. "I look at my classmates as much as I can, but I don't want to get caught doing it. Last week I found a magazine in a park, and it was filled with naked men. It made me so hard that my dick hurt, so I stuffed it in my backpack and hid it in my room at home. The guys in the magazine were huge though, so I figured that my classmates must be right."

"The men who pose for magazines like that are hired because they are well above average Perry." said Mike. "Even mine is a little above average when it's erect. It gets to about seven inches. You can look at it if you really want to though. I'll even let you play with it like I just did with yours."

When Mike said that, Perry got the most adorable smile on his face, accompanied by the cutest gleam in his eyes. Mike smiled at the boy, and went ahead and pulled his pants and briefs down.

"Wow!" exclaimed Perry. "Your dick looks so cool Mike!"

Perry went ahead, and reached out to put both hands around Mike's quickly inflating cock. Mike let Perry play with his cock, while he continued gently stroking Perry's hard little shaft.

After a few minutes, Mike moaned, "Can you cum yet Perry?"

"What's cum?" asked Perry.

"It's when white stuff comes out of your dick, instead of pee." replied Mike, almost breathlessly.

"I've never had that happen Mike." said Perry.

"Well, I can, and I'm going to in just a moment if you keep playing with my cock!" moaned Mike.

"Cool!" replied Perry, as he began to stroke Mike's cock.

"Then aim it at your chest Perry, and I'll clean it off you later!" moaned Mike.

Perry went ahead and aimed Mike's cock at his chest, then stroked it even harder. Mike grunted as his cum shot out, and splattered against Perry's smooth chest. Perry watched in awe as Mike's orgasm struck his chest, then ran down his tummy and onto his crotch. As soon as Mike's orgasm was over, he leaned down and began licking his cum off of Perry. Perry giggled boyishly as Mike cleaned him off completely.

"Okay Perry, we need to finish this examination." said Mike euphorically. "I need you to bend over the edge of the table, so I can check your anus and rectum."

Perry happily did as he was asked, and grunted when he felt Mike's lubed finger push up inside his butt.

"Did that hurt Perry?" asked Mike.

"No Mike, it felt awesome!" replied Perry.

"Then you might like this." smiled Mike.

Mike found Perry's prostate, and began to stroke it firmly. Perry almost jumped right out from underneath Mike.

"Oh my God!" grunted Perry. "You almost made my dick feel like it was going to burst! Please Mike, keep doing that!"

Mike did as Perry asked, and after a few moments, Perry moaned, "I think I have to pee Mike!"

Mike could tell that Perry's bladder wasn't full enough for that, so he replied, "You're not going to pee Perry. You're about to have an orgasm."

Mike kept his finger inside Perry, as he moved around and knelt down in front of the squirming boy. Then Mike took Perry's wildly twitching dick into his mouth. When Perry felt that, he had to cup his hands over his mouth to keep from yelling out in pleasure. Then Perry's body was heavily wracked by his first orgasm ever. Mike had to hold Perry up as he sucked him, to keep the boy's knees from buckling. Mike couldn't believe how good it felt to swallow a boy's first orgasm, even though there wasn't a lot of cum yet. Once Perry's orgasm was over, Mike slipped his finger out of Perry and stood up. Then Mike picked the naked boy up, and sat him on the table.

"I can't believe how incredible that felt Mike!" said Perry, as a smile began to cover his entire face. "It was the most awesome thing I have ever felt! If boys can fall in love with other boys, I think I'm falling in love with you!"

"Then let's keep this between us Perry." smiled Mike. "If anyone found out, I could get in a lot of trouble."

"I'd never want you to get in trouble for making me feel so good Mike." replied Perry. "Don't worry, it's just between us guys. I do have a few questions about what happened though, if I can see you outside school sometime. My parents both work, and they're never home until about five thirty."

"Then stop by my office after school Perry, and I'll try to answer your questions." said Mike. "Here's my card."

Well guys and gals, I hope that was a good start to what promises to be a fun story. Let me know if you like it, and want it to continue. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you again in Chapter 2.