Physical Attraction

by tim the story guy

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Physical Attraction

by tim

Chapter 2

From the last chapter:

Mike kept his finger inside Perry, as he moved around and knelt down in front of the squirming boy. Then Mike took Perry's wildly twitching dick into his mouth. When Perry felt that, he had to cup his hands over his mouth to keep from yelling out in pleasure. Then Perry's body was heavily wracked by his first orgasm ever. Mike had to hold Perry up as he sucked him, to keep the boy's knees from buckling. Mike couldn't believe how good it felt to swallow a boy's first orgasm, even though there wasn't a lot of cum yet. Once Perry's orgasm was over, Mike slipped his finger out of Perry and stood up. Then Mike picked the naked boy up, and sat him on the table.

"I can't believe how incredible that felt Mike!" said Perry, as a smile began to cover his entire face. "It was the most awesome thing I have ever felt! If boys can fall in love with other boys, I think I'm falling in love with you!"

"Then let's keep this between us Perry." smiled Mike. "If anyone found out, I could get in a lot of trouble."

"I'd never want you to get in trouble for making me feel so good Mike." replied Perry. "Don't worry, it's just between us guys. I do have a few questions about what happened though, if I can see you outside school sometime. My parents both work, and they're never home until about five thirty."

"Then stop by my office after school Perry, and I'll try to answer your questions." said Mike. "Here's my card."

Perry had left Mike craving more. None of the other boys seemed as willing as Perry though, although a few did let Mike fondle them quite a bit as they giggled. When that happened, Mike would handle their dick with as much care and warmth as possible. When the boy would get stiff though, they would usually have had enough. Then they would thank Mike for playing with their dick, and making it feel good. The last boy of the day was a little different though, and would make Mike glad he had specialized in providing physicals.

The boy's name was Stewart, and things started off the same way they had with the other boys. Stewart had a very nice-looking boy dick, and Mike thought he could get away with fondling it. Mike knew when the boy leaned back and closed his eyes, he could get away with a little more.

As Stewart felt his dick stiffen, he asked, "Doctor Mike, if you're going to masturbate me, can I do it to you too? I'd love to jack-off an adult cock."

Mike immediately pulled his pants and underwear down for Stewart, and felt the boy's hand wrap around his cock. As Mike stroked Stewart's now six inch erect shaft, he looked at it and licked his lips. Mike then moved more to Stewart's side, so the boy could continue what he was doing, and bent over toward Stewart's dick. Mike took the shaft into his mouth, and began sucking the boy lovingly.

"Oh God Mike, how did you know that I love oral sex?" moaned Stewart.

As Mike continued sucking Stewart's dick, he felt the boy moving around. Then he felt Stewart's mouth come in contact with his cock. Mike couldn't help but think that Stewart was a damn good cock-sucker for only thirteen. Mike finally pulled away from Stewart's dick, and had the boy sit back up.

"Not that I mind Stewart, because I definitely want to finish what we're doing when the examination is over, but how can a boy your age seem to be so experienced at gay sex?" asked Mike.

"I had a best friend, who moved away six months ago." replied Stewart. "We were the same age, and from the time we were five, we wanted to do the things older boys did. We couldn't cum until about a month before his parents moved him away, but we loved doing the things that led up to it. We were both performing oral sex on each other at five, and moved up to other things as we got older. He made friends with an eighteen year old, who was willing to get us gay porn films to watch. We had a blast trying to copy the things we saw in those movies. Before we started cumming, we would spend hours at a time sucking each other's dicks, trying to put our dicks in each other's butts, and putting other things in each other's butts. We didn't get big enough to put our dicks in each others butts until we were eleven, and that was fun! Like I said though, he moved away. I'd love to find someone else to do those things with though, but I have to be careful. I don't think my parents would like me if they found out that I'm gay."

"Okay then Stewart, let me finish the examination first, then we'll finish having sex." said Mike. "Would you like that?"

"I'd love that Mike!" replied Stewart enthusiastically.

Mike finished the exam, leaving Stewart's anus and rectum for last. When Mike got there, he noticed that Stewart's anus looked very open for a thirteen year old boy.

"What kind of things have you been putting in your butt Stewart?" asked Mike.

"Well, my favorite thing lately has been good-sized cucumbers." replied Stewart. "I have to wash them off good though. I wouldn't want my mom to find my poop on one of them."

"How about an adult cock Stewart?" asked Mike. "Would you like to have one of those in your butt?"

"Sure Mike, I'd love to let you fuck me!" replied Stewart eagerly.

While Stewart was still bent over the edge of the table, Mike moved up behind him. Mike put some KY on his cock, then put it up to Stewart's pucker. Stewart seemed to relax when he felt that, so Mike pushed his cock into Stewart. Stewart's rectum was so snug that Mike let out a low groan.

"You're an incredible boy Stewart!" said Mike. "I'm glad you're the last boy of the day! My cock doesn't hurt you, does it?"

"Your cock feels great Mike!" moaned Stewart softly. "Please make love to me now!"

Mike began to thrust in and out of Stewart, and both of them enjoyed it. This was the first boy Mike had ever fucked, and it felt incredible. After about five minutes, Mike knew he was close to cumming.

"Stewart, I'm going to cum soon!" gasped Mike. "Once I put my cum inside you, there's no taking it back out. Do you want my cum inside you?"

"I hope you fill me until it shoots out of my ears Mike!" moaned Stewart. "I'll love having your cum inside me!"

Mike drove his cock deep into Stewart, and began filling the boy's rectum with his cum. Stewart let out a deep but brief moan with every shot of Mike's cum. Once Mike had stopped cumming, Stewart used the last of his strength to climb up onto the table. Then he laid back, with his still erect dick pointing straight up.

"I have to cum now Mike!" moaned Stewart. "Please make me cum!"

Mike wasted no time in swallowing Stewart's dick. A few seconds later, he was rewarded with a mouthful of Stewart's cum.

As Stewart recovered, Mike said, "I don't care if you do have a doctor Stewart. I'm accepting new patients, and I'd love for you to be one of them."

"As luck would have it Mike, I need a doctor." replied Stewart. "My old doctor just moved to the United States."

"Damn it!" exclaimed Mike. "How many doctors does one damn country need?! Anyway Stewart, here's my card. Have your parents call my office, and I'll set you up as a new patient. And Stewart, I loved today. I hope you and I can have lots more fun in the future."

"Plan on it doc!" smiled Stewart.

After leaving the school, Mike went to his still not very busy office. A little while after the schools had let out, Mike's nurse called back and said, "Doctor Leighton, you have a boy named Perry here to see you."

"Okay Sandra, bring him back to my office." replied Mike, as he smiled. A few moments later, Mike heard a knock at his door, and said, "Come on in Perry."

Perry was smiling as he came in. After closing the door completely, Perry asked, "Do I need to take my clothes off again Doctor Mike?"

"You can if you want to Perry." replied Mike. "I'll never complain about seeing a cute boy naked. Do you want me to take off my clothes too?"

"I'd love to see you naked again Mike!" replied Perry.

"Then come over here to the couch, and have a seat once you have your clothes off." said Mike.

As Perry walked over to the couch, Mike began removing his clothes. Once Perry was at the couch, he began stripping too. Since Mike had to wait for Perry, he reached over and pressed the intercom button.

"Sandra, this is as busy as it's going to get for the rest of the day." said Mike. "If you want, you can shut off everything up front and take off for today. Just make sure you send all calls back to my office, and lock the front door on the way out. I'll let this patient out the back before I close the rest of the office."

By that time, Perry was naked, so Mike and he sat down on the couch together. Mike looked down at the cute naked boy, and Perry smiled back up at him.

"So, I take it you have questions to ask me." said Mike.

Perry gently took ahold of Mike's cock as he replied, "Yeah, a few. I like your dick Mike."

"I like yours too Perry." said Mike, as he began to gently fondle Perry.

"Anyway, am I really your patient now?" asked Perry.

"I'd love to have you as a patient Perry, if your parents agree." replied Mike.

"Cool!" said Perry. "Like I said, I love you Mike, so I'll ask them tonight. Now, what happened to me today? It was kinda scary and exciting at the same time."

"It shouldn't be scary Perry." replied Mike. "You had your first orgasm today. That was what happened to me, when that white stuff shot out of my cock onto you. Orgasms are perfectly natural though Perry. They start happening to boys as they enter puberty. It's a sign that you're growing up."

"Why did it make me feel so weak?" asked Perry.

"A boy's first orgasm tends to be very intense Perry." replied Mike. "It's something that your body has never done before, and it takes some getting use to. Even though it drained you physically though, it felt really good, didn't it?"

"Oh God yes!" replied Perry. "It was the most incredible thing I've ever felt! I really can't wait to do it again! Do you really think that my dick isn't too small?"

"Your dick is perfect for a boy your age Perry." replied Mike. "I think it's a very nice looking dick, and to prove it, I'm going to help you with wanting to have another orgasm. I'm going to put as much love as I can into making love to your dick. Is that okay Perry?"

"Sure!" replied Perry breathlessly.

Mike leaned over, and began sucking passionately on Perry's dick.

The next day, Mike got a call from a local high school. Their swim team needed physicals before the start of their season, and their old doctor had just moved to the United States. Mike was still smiling from having sex with Perry twice the day before, and the incredible good-bye kiss from the boy, as he agreed to provide the physicals. Mike also got calls from Mikey's, Stephen's, Perry's, and Stewart's parents. All of them were relieved to find a doctor who would take the boys as new patients, and wanted an assurance that Mike wouldn't move to the United States. Mikey's parents also asked if he could accept Mikey's younger brother and older brother as new patients as well. Mike also found out that Perry had an older brother, who was also in need of a new doctor. Mike didn't turn down any of the new boys as patients. He was to see Stephen on Monday, to evaluate his condition prior to working out, and the rest of the boys would be seen on Friday. That left Wednesday and Thursday for the swim team physicals.

The next week started off a little busier. Word had started getting around that there was a new doctor in town, who wouldn't move to the United States. First up on Monday though was Stephen. Mike had gathered all of the equipment he would need in his largest examination room.

"Okay Stephen, you know the drill." smiled Mike. "I need you to take all of your clothes off."

"Sure!" replied Stephen, as he too smiled.

Once Stephen was naked, Mike began a thorough physical examination. He not only rechecked everything that he had at the school, but Stephen's height and weight as well. This time though, Mike examined Stephen's genitals much more thoroughly.

"Your balls seem to be uniform in size and shape, and are very nicely shaped Stephen." said Mike.

"Thanks doc, but don't you mean testicles?" snickered Stephen.

"Would you rather I call them testicles or balls Stephen?" asked Mike.

"Balls will be fine." replied Stephen as he smiled. "I love having a doctor who isn't afraid to use common names for body parts."

"Great." smiled Mike. "Now I'm going to pull the foreskin back on your dick. Tell me if it's the least bit uncomfortable." When Stephen didn't say anything, Mike continued, "The head of your dick is very nicely colored and shaped. The frenulum is in perfect condition, with no signs of previous detachment."

"What's the frenulum?" asked Stephen.

"It's that small cord of tissue that connects your foreskin to the head." replied Mike. "Your dick seems to be perfect in every way Stephen."

"I could tell that by the way you're playing with it while you examine it!" snickered Stephen.

"I'm sorry." smiled Mike. "When I see such a nice looking dick, I can't help myself, even if it belongs to a boy. Do you want me to stop playing with it Stephen?"

"Hell no!" exclaimed Stephen. "It feels really nice when you play with it!"

Mike continued to fondle Stephen for several minutes, before having the boy turn around so he could examine his anus. Mike had Stephen bend over the edge of the exam table, then grab his own butt cheeks and pull them apart. Then Mike put on a glove, and put some KY on his finger. Mike used Stephen's pucker to spread the KY around his finger, then pushed it into Stephen's rectum.

"Are you okay with that?" asked Mike.

"Yeah, your finger feels nice." replied Stephen blissfully.

Mike took his time feeling around inside Stephen's rectum, since the boy seemed to enjoy it anyway. When Mike hit Stephen's prostate, Stephen almost jumped. Mike began to caress the organ inside Stephen, and Stephen began to coo lightly. An anal exam that normally only lasts five seconds, took five minutes with Stephen.

Before Mike pulled his finger out, he said, "You have a very nice butt too Stephen. Your sphincter doesn't overly protrude, and is uniform in shape and tension. Your prostate is very reactive, which is perfectly normal."

"I'll say it's reactive Mike!" moaned Stephen. "You're about to make me cum! Is there any way you would put your cock inside me Mike? I've been wanting to try that for a while, but no one I know would be interested."

"Are you sure you want that Stephen?" asked Mike, as his finger involuntarily moved in and out of Stephen.

"Yes Mike, I want you to fuck me." begged Stephen softly.

Mike locked the door to the exam room, then stepped back behind Stephen and lowered his pants. Then Mike put some KY on his stiffening cock, and placed it against Stephen's pucker. When Mike pushed his cock in, Stephen moaned softly in pleasure.

"I hope you don't take long to cum Mike, because I won't be able to hold back long!" moaned Stephen.

"If you can keep from cumming when I'm inside you, I'll let you put your dick inside me." offered Mike.

Stephen was surprised that he was able to hold back, as he felt Mike's cum shoot into him several minutes later. Then true to his word, Mike bent over the table, and offered his hole to Stephen. Stephen lubed his dick, put it against Mike's pucker, and pushed in quickly. Mike grunted from the feeling of Stephen's six inches thrusting into him. Stephen thrust in and out of Mike urgently, and was cumming inside Mike after only about a minute.

"Thanks Mike." said Stephen, as he pulled his dick out of Mike. "It means a lot to me that a man like you would have sex like that with a boy like me."

"It was my pleasure Stephen." replied Mike, as he stood up and cleaned them both off. "Now, let's get on with the examination. First, I need you to step over to the machine with the mouthpiece attached to it. I'm going to have you blow into the mouthpiece a few times, and keep blowing until I say stop. That will measure your lung capacity, as well as give me a chance to look at your beautiful dick some more."

That made Stephen giggle, as he picked up the mouthpiece. Once that test was over, Mike began to attach electrodes to Stephen's smooth chest. Then Mike had Stephen lay on his back and close his eyes, so he could get an EKG reading on Stephen at rest. Once that was done, Mike had Stephen step up onto the motorized treadmill.

"Okay Stephen, all you need to do is keep up with the speed of the treadmill." said Mike. "It will get faster and faster as the test goes on, and your dick will be bobbing up and down quite a bit before it's over. That's my favorite part of this test."

Mike took several EKG readings at different speeds. He also got quite an eyeful of Stephen's bobbing dick, which he even reached down and stroked a few times.

Once that test was over, and Mike removed the electrodes from Stephen's chest, he said, "Okay Stephen, we're almost done. The last piece of equipment I have here is a strength meter. It will tell us how strong certain muscles in your body are, and where you need improvement. First I want you to put your right forearm against that black pad, and push with all your strength."

By the time Stephen was finished with the tests Mike was putting him through, it felt like he had been through a good workout. Mike fed all the results into his computer, and got a report back in about a minute. Then he has Stephen sit on the side of the table, so he could lay the report down beside the boy. Mike looked through the report with one hand, and fondled Stephen's dick with the other.

"Okay Stephen, here goes." said Mike, as Stephen's dick stiffened in his hand. "The physical exam was fine. Your lung capacity is nearly perfect, which shows you are healthy and you take good care of yourself. The EKG is nearly as perfect, in all stages of rest and stress. You are one of the most healthy people I have ever seen, and you're not bad at having sex either. You should have no issues at all with working out. There are three areas you should concentrate on with your workouts. Your upper arms are the least of the three, and that can be improved with arm presses. The next area is your abdominals, merely because the stronger they are, the less chance you stand of suffering a back or groin injury. The area you need to concentrate on the most are your forearms, and they can be improved with curls. If you bring your forearm strength up, you will definitely notice yourself throwing the ball faster and farther. Now, do you want to schedule a follow-up, or do I have to ask you out on a date?"

"A date would be nice." replied Stephen.

"Okay then, how about Saturday?" asked Mike.

"That would be so sweet!" replied Stephen. "I can't believe I have a date with an older guy, and a doctor at that! Not to mention a doctor who says he won't move to the United States! This is so cool!"

"I'll see you Saturday then Stephen." chuckled Mike. "Since your parents probably wouldn't like you dating an adult, I'll need you to come to my house. Here's the address."

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Stephen. "That's only three blocks from where I live! We're practically neighbors!"

"That's great, I'll see you at noon on Saturday then." smiled Mike. "And I still want to do a follow-up in two weeks, so see Sandra on your way out."

Mike had a few new patients to see that day, mostly kids who's parents thought he was specializing in pediatrics. Altogether he saw two girls and five boys, ranging in age from five to fourteen. He joked to himself that he would have to talk to Sandra about accepting girls as new patients, but he knew he couldn't turn anyone away, since there seemed to be a shortage of doctors in the area for some strange reason. There was also two men who Mike saw as new patients, which surprised him. It seemed as though Denny was also spreading the word about his practice. Then Mike also had two pre-employment physicals to do, for a total of twelve patients, all needing a complete physical exam. As was Mike's procedure, he asked all patients undergoing a physical to remove their clothes at the start. He did however make an exception for the two girls he saw, having them leave their panties on until he got to that area.

There were two more bright spots that day, after the examination of Stephen. The first one was a bit of a shock, as it was an eight year old boy named Chris. Chris smiled and giggled as Mike examined his ears, eyes, nose, and throat. Mike thought that was adorable. When Mike put his stethoscope up to Chris's chest, the boy wriggled and giggled even more.

"That's cold Doctor Mike, but it feels good!" giggled Chris.

"That's because I keep it in the freezer when I'm not using it." joked Mike.

That got a very adorable laugh from Chris, then Mike noticed that his three inch penis was sticking straight out. Mike couldn't help but stare, even though Chris was much too young to do much with.

"My peter gets like that sometimes." said Chris, breaking Mike out of his trance. "Why does it do that?"

"Well Chris, the blood flow to your cute little peter comes directly from the major artery from your heart." replied Mike. "There's a valve there that controls the amount of blood going into your peter. Whenever the source of blood or that valve is stimulated by anything, it's possible for the valve to open, allowing more blood to flow into your peter. The increased blood flow makes it get stiff like that."

"Do you really think my peter is cute?" asked Chris.

"It's the nicest looking part on any male body, but yours is especially cute." replied Mike.

"It gets a little uncomfortable sometimes when it gets stiff like that." said Chris. "Is there anything I can do about that?"

"If you rub it like this, that might help soothe it." replied Mike, as he reached down and gently stroked the small shaft for Chris.

Chris immediately got a very blissful look on his face, which told Mike that the boy was okay with what he was doing. Mike was enjoying caressing the small organ with his fingers quite a bit too.

After a few minutes, Chris said, "That feels really nice Doctor Mike, and it does make it feel much better. I'm glad you're rubbing my peter for me."

"I'm glad you like me rubbing your peter Chris." replied Mike. "It's very cute, and it feels really nice to rub it. If you're ever in my office, and you need to have it rubbed like this, just let me know. Just don't let anyone know though, because they'll say you should be doing this for yourself, okay?"

"Okay Doctor Mike, it's our secret." replied Chris. "I'd hate for you to have to stop doing this."

Mike wanted so bad to feel Chris's three inches in his mouth, but he thought that would be pushing things for now. Mike just continued caressing Chris's dick with one hand, while he finished the examination. When the examination was finally finished, Mike told Chris he could go ahead and put his Scooby Doo underoos back on, and get dressed.

As Chris was getting ready to leave the exam room, he said, "Thanks for rubbing my peter so much today Doctor Mike. You've made it feel better than it's ever felt before. I hope you do that again the next time I have to come here."

"I would love to do that for you every time you come to see me, if that's what you want me to do." smiled Mike. "Remember though, it's out secret, okay?"

"Okay!" chirped Chris happily.

Mike was surprised that the other bright spot was one of the pre-employment physicals. He had thought that at least one of the two men Denny had sent him would be up for some fun. They did enjoy getting naked for Mike, but things didn't go any further than a little playing around. They did however give Mike the impression that more might happen in the future. The real fun was with a thirty year old man named Derrick. Mike started off by asking Derrick to remove all of his clothes.

Once Derrick was naked, which he did without complaint, he said, "Okay doc, the clothes are off. Now I want you to take your clothes off!"

"Me?!" replied Mike.

"Yeah you." laughed Derrick lightly. "If I'm going to do this exam naked, so are you!"

Mike went ahead and undressed, like Derrick had asked. Then he went ahead and began the examination. As Mike looked in Derrick's ears, he could feel Derrick's hand caressing his balls. Then when Mike moved to Derrick's eyes, nose, and throat, Derrick moved to Mike's cock.

Mike looked into Derrick's face as he wrapped his hand around Derrick's cock, and said, "I'm beginning to love this exam Derrick. Why me though?"

"I've had a few pre-employment physicals, and you're the first doctor who's asked me to get naked right off the bat." replied Derrick. "After getting a look at that cock of yours, I was hoping that this was why."

"I take it you wouldn't mind doing a little more then." smiled Mike, as the two men stroked each other's cocks.

"I'd love to Mike!" replied Derrick. "Say Mike, I need a new doctor, and I see that you're just starting your practice."

"Don't tell me, your doctor moved to the United States." said Mike.

"Nah, he was killed in an accident." replied Derrick. "He wasn't going to move to the United States until next month."

"Okay then Derrick, you have a new doctor." smiled Mike. "Now, I'd love to make love to that beautiful cock of yours!"

Derrick smiled as he spread his legs apart, and leaned back on the exam table. Mike took a flavored condom from one of his drawers, and rolled it down over Derrick's eight and a half inch cock. Then he leaned over, and began sucking Derrick's cock passionately. Derrick moaned his appreciation as he rubbed the back of Mike's head. Mike put as much feeling as he could into sucking Derrick's cock, and in a few minutes, he felt it begin to throb in his mouth. Derrick began moaning softly for the next few minutes, until his cock erupted into the condom. Mike continued to suck until Derrick's orgasm had ended. Then Mike removed the condom, and cleaned Derrick off.

"Okay Mike, let's switch places." said Derrick, after he had taken a moment to recover. Once Mike was on the table, and Derrick had a condom on his cock, he said, "Just one more thing Mike. Don't let my wife know we did this, okay?"

"You're married?" asked Mike in a surprised tone.

"Yeah, going on four years now." replied Derrick. "We're expecting our first child in about six months, hopefully a boy."

"Why are you doing this with me then?" asked Mike.

"I love my Debra very much, if that's what you're thinking." replied Derrick. "I've had a few friends who are gay though, so I don't see anything wrong with it. Before Debra and I got together, I even let one of my best friends suck me to an orgasm on a few occasions. This will be the first time I've ever sucked another guy though. There was just something about you that made me want to do it."

"I just wish you had told me this before." said Mike. "I would have loved to have sex without the condom, and tasted your load of cum!"

"Maybe next time Mike!" replied Derrick, as he gave Mike a wink.

Then Derrick leaned down, and took Mike's cock into his mouth. He was a little unsure of himself at first, but was soon sucking Mike enthusiastically. Mike rubbed the back of Derrick's head, as he moaned out how good Derrick was making him feel. That gave Derrick enough confidence to start putting even more feeling into what he was doing.

After about five minutes, Mike moaned out, "Oh God Derrick, you are doing a great job! I'm going to cum for you now!"

Derrick sucked intently, as he felt the condom fill up with Mike's cum. Once Mike's orgasm was over, Derrick removed the condom and cleaned Mike off.

As Mike slowly sat up, Derrick said, "That was incredible Mike! It could never replace what Debra and I have, but it felt great none the less. I can see why some men are so attracted to being gay now."

"That friend of yours must have taught you quite a bit Derrick." replied Mike. "What you made me feel was fantastic! I'm looking forward to being your doctor now."

"Can I ask a favor Mike?" asked Derrick. "Debra needs a doctor too, and I would trust you completely with her. Who knows, maybe you can even bring our son into the world, if you think you can handle delivering a baby."

"Well, I was trained to do that in medical school." replied Mike. "I would want the delivery to be in a hospital though, just in case we might need help."

"Good then, it's settled!" smiled Derrick. "And Mike, your cock felt really nice while I was sucking it for you. I may not be ready to switch teams, but I will look forward to my next visit here."

"And I'll look forward to being the doctor for your entire family Derrick." replied Mike.

Mike went ahead and finished the examination, while he and Derrick casually stroked each other occasionally. Both men remained semi-flaccid though, after having nice orgasms already. When the examination was over though, Mike did give the head of Derrick's cock a kiss before he got dressed. Mike had Sandra make copies of Derrick's examination report, then make a patient file for Derrick. It had turned out to be a very nice Monday for Mike.

Although Tuesday turned out to be a slow day, Mike expected the next day to be a bit of fun.

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