Physical Attraction

by tim the story guy

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Physical Attraction

by tim

Chapter 3

From the last chapter:

"Good then, it's settled!" smiled Derrick. "And Mike, your cock felt really nice while I was sucking it for you. I may not be ready to switch teams, but I will look forward to my next visit here."

"And I'll look forward to being the doctor for your entire family Derrick." replied Mike.

Mike went ahead and finished the examination, while he and Derrick casually stroked each other occasionally. Both men remained semi-flaccid though, after having nice orgasms already. When the examination was over though, Mike did give the head of Derrick's cock a kiss before he got dressed. Mike had Sandra make copies of Derrick's examination report, then make a patient file for Derrick. It had turned out to be a very nice Monday for Mike.

Although Tuesday turned out to be a slow day, Mike expected the next day to be a bit of fun.

There were thirty boys on the high school swim team. Mike didn't know what to expect, but the first fifteen looked very nice. The first boy was named Corey, and he happily stripped for Mike. Corey was sixteen, stood five feet and six inches tall, had short brown hair and hazel eyes, was slim but muscular, and had a very good-looking five inch flaccid circumcised cock.

Corey sat on the table, spread his legs slightly, and asked, "So doc, how do I look?"

"Incredibly nice!" replied Mike, without thinking.

"Cool!" exclaimed Corey. "A gay doctor! This is going to be fun!"

"I think I might be the one needing a physical after today!" laughed Mike softly.

"Okay then doc, drop your pants!" snickered Corey.

Mike could see that even though the moment was light-hearted, Corey was hoping that he would. Mike went ahead and dropped his pants, which made Corey smile even more.

"Yours must get to about what, eight inches when it's hard?" asked Corey.

"Very good guess." replied Mike. "I would guess your cock stiffens to about seven inches?"

"Don't you mean penis?" asked Corey as he smiled.

"I like to stay away from the more technical terms, and call it what most people do." replied Mike.

"You're cool Mike!" said Corey. "I've never met a doctor who would call it anything other than a penis. The rest of the group is going to love you!"

"The group?" asked Mike.

"Yeah, there's a group of ten of us on the swim team." replied Corey. "We get together every Saturday night for an orgy. That keeps the coach off our backs about having sex before a meet. We're all really great friends, and we all like each other quite a bit. That way we don't really care who we're making love to, as long as it stays in the group. We usually find one adult though, to ask to be a part of the group each week. It makes things kind of exciting."

"So, a third of this swim team gets together every Saturday night for a gay orgy?" asked Mike.

"What can I say?" replied Corey. "We all love cock, and we all love sex! I can see you like that idea too! That's a very nice eight inches there Mike. Don't be surprised if one of us asks you to join us Saturday, after we all get a chance to meet you."

"We're going to end up having sex before the examination is over, aren't we?" asked Mike.

"I'd bet on it, and it probably won't be the last time for you today." snickered Corey. "All ten of us are in today's group. The next guy is William. He's the black guy, and has the most incredible eleven inch cock you've ever seen! He mostly loves to fuck, and no one ever forgets having him inside them. I'll let him in on you when I go out, and he'll probably fuck you today if you want him to."

"I'm going to love having a sixty nine with you, before William comes in and fucks me!" smiled Mike.

"Cool, I can't wait to suck your cock Mike!" smiled Corey.

The examination was over quickly, and Corey made room for Mike on the table. Mike climbed up onto the table in a sixty nine position, and he and Corey immediately swallowed each other's cocks. Mike could tell that Corey loved sucking cock, and Corey had an incredible cock to suck as well. After several minutes, Mike and Corey began moaning around each other's cocks. When Mike's orgasm started, he could feel Corey suck very hard on his cock. Then Corey's orgasm exploded into Mike's mouth, and Mike returned the favor. Once Mike and Corey were drained of their cum, Mike turned around into Corey's arms. Then Mike gave Corey a deep kiss on his lips.

When Mike broke the kiss, he said, "I loved sucking your incredible cock Corey."

"I loved sucking yours too, but then again, I've never complained about any cock I've sucked." smiled Corey. "I'm just kidding Mike. Your cock was great, and I can't wait for the next chance to suck it. I hope when we decide to ask, you'll come to our party on Saturday night."

"I'll try to be there, but I do have a date on Saturday, and I don't know how long it will last." replied Mike.

"Bring him along then Mike." said Corey. "I'm sure any man who dates you will be okay with us."

"That's the problem, it's not a man." replied Mike. "It's a middle school boy."

"You like them young, huh?" asked Corey. "You do know that you have to be careful with the middle school boys, right? They aren't exactly at the age of consent yet."

"Stephen is very close though." replied Mike. "He's thirteen, and this is his last year of middle school."

"That's cool then." said Corey. "As soon as he turns fourteen, all he has to do is say he wanted the sexual contact, and you're off the hook! So, is he young AND hung?"

"He's pretty nice for thirteen." replied Mike. "He's six inches erect."

"He's damn nice for thirteen!" laughed Corey. "What the heck. If he wants to, we might let him join us too. I was only dreaming about having a six inch cock when I was thirteen!"

After Corey left, William came in a few minutes later. Mike watched in awe as William came in, and stripped naked without saying a word. Then William smiled as he held his hand out.

"Hi doc, I'm William." said William happily. "I hear you're gay like us, and really like us younger guys."

"I love teenagers!" laughed Mike, as he gazed at William's impressive cock. "I just don't see how you fit that in a speedo!"

"Don't worry, it fits." laughed William. "It also fits in other places, if you're interested after the examination."

"I would consider it an honor and a pleasure for you to fuck me William." replied Mike. "I'm afraid Corey already drained me of cum for now though."

"Well, I'm sure I'll get a taste of that Saturday night." smiled William.

Mike finished the examination quickly, then stroked William to his full eleven inches. As William lubed his massive cock, Mike bent over the edge of the table and relaxed as much as he could. He knew that he was really going to feel William's cock going into him. William put his cock up to Mike's pucker, and smiled as he began to push. Mike grunted loudly when William's huge cock pushed into his rectum, so William took it nice and slow. Once all of William's cock was inside Mike, it completely filled his rectum, and a part of his colon. Mike held onto the sides of the table, and moaned incoherently as William began to thrust in and out. Mike had never felt this much cock inside him before, and it took all of his control to stay relaxed enough to accept it. Even though William did pick up the pace of his thrusts, he did so gently.

After a few minutes, William asked, "You love my huge cock inside you, don't you Mike?"

Mike moaned out a rather unintelligible, "Oh God yes!"

William just smiled as he continued to fuck Mike. A few minutes later, William gasped, "I'm going to cum very deep inside you Mike! It's going to feel different than anything you've ever felt!"

Mike thought he was going to pass out when he felt William's massive orgasm blast into the walls of his colon. Mike held in there though, and rode out one of the most incredible experiences he had ever felt. Mike couldn't move a whole lot as William drew his cock back out of him. William went ahead and cleaned both of them off, then dressed both of them. As Mike laid on the table recovering, William gave him a passionate kiss.

"You were great doc." said William, after breaking the kiss. "I loved every minute of being inside you. I'll give you about five minutes before I send the next guy in."

Mike was just coming back around when the next boy, named Ari, came in and said, "William has that effect on everyone. I've only let him fuck me once, because it's so intense. I'm working on building up to it again though. Anyway Mike, we've been talking it over out there, just from what Corey and William have said, and we want you to come to our party on Saturday night. What do you say?"

"I'd be a fool to say no!" smiled Mike.

Mike ended up having some sexual contact with all ten boys in the group that day. He never built back up to another orgasm though, until the last of the ten boys came in. That boy's name was Robbie, and Robbie had fun sucking Mike's second orgasm from him. Robbie also had the sweetest tasting cum of the ten boys in the group. The last five boys that day didn't show any interest in anything, other than letting Mike fondle them briefly. Mike was now looking forward to Saturday night though, after his date with thirteen year old Stephen.

The next day wasn't quite as eventful, although two of the boys did let Mike handle their dicks quite a bit, and seemed to enjoy it.

Friday was a busy day at the office though. The first appointments of the day were Mikey and his two brothers. Mikey went in first, still remembering the physical he had had last week.

"Hi Doctor Mike!" chirped Mikey. "How are you?"

"I'm fine Mikey." smiled Mike. "I take it you are doing good today?"

"Of course, I'm here to see the best doctor I ever had!" replied Mikey happily. "Are we going to have more sex stuff today?"

"Is that what you want Mikey?" asked Mike.

"Yeah, the last time was fun!" replied Mikey. "Are you going to be doing the same kind of stuff with my little brother Billy, and my big brother Bobby?"

"You didn't tell them about what we did, did you?" asked Mike.

"Of course not Doctor Mike." replied Mikey. "You asked me not to, so I'm never going to tell anyone about the fun we have."

"Thanks Mikey, I appreciate that." said Mike. "As for Billy, he's only six, and may be a bit young for that kind of fun. It says here that Bobby is sixteen though, so that would be up to him. Even if I do, it won't change the way I feel about having fun with you though Mikey."

"Cool!" exclaimed Mikey.

Mike did the physical as quickly as he could, after making copies of the physicals he had done last week. That way he only needed a little more information, plus Mikey's current vital signs. Then Mike asked Mikey if he wanted to do the same thing they had done the last time, except one at a time. Mike was shocked that Mikey not only wanted to do it that way, but he wanted to suck Mike first. Mike laid back on the table after lowering his pants, and watched the cute boy engulf his cock with his mouth. Mikey sucked Mike's cock very enthusiastically, and Mike enjoyed it a great deal. Mikey was doing a great job on his cock, and Mike was soon building toward an orgasm. Mike felt his balls start churning just moments before his cock started shooting into Mikey's mouth. This time Mikey sucked and swallowed, and managed to swallow a lot more of Mike's cum. Mikey still got a little on his face though, which Mike cleaned off with his tongue.

"I like it when you have sex in my mouth, Doctor Mike." said Mikey. "It tastes kinda neat."

"And I like cumming for you Mikey, so you can swallow it and have my little sperms swimming around in your tummy." laughed Mike softly. "Now, lay back on the table so I can make your dick feel good too."

Mikey laid back on the table, and Mike savored every moment of sucking his very nice dick. Mikey seemed to love watching his dick go in and out of Mike's mouth, and cooed softly as his dick started feeling really good. When Mikey started writhing on the table, Mike held onto him and prepared to taste his sweet cum. This time Mikey made a little bit more, and Mike loved every drop of it. Once Mike was sure Mikey was ready to go back out, he had the boy get dressed, and asked him to send his younger brother in next.

Billy was an adorable little boy. He favored Mikey quite a bit, except in smaller proportions. Once the boy was undressed, Mike noticed that he has a very beautiful little two inch dick. Of course Billy was much too young to do anything, but he didn't seem to mind letting Mike play with his dick for a little while. As a matter of fact, it made Billy giggle very adorably.

Then came the oldest brother, Bobby. Mike asked Bobby to undress, and Bobby did so happily. Bobby seemed perfectly happy sitting on the table naked, as Mike examined his ears, nose, and throat. Mike did take a little while longer on Bobby's ears than usual, because he thought he saw something he didn't like. Mike decided to continue on for now though, and come back to that. As Mike was listening to Bobby's chest, Bobby started giggling as his dick got stiff. Mike moved on to Bobby's dick, and examined it good.

"I can see you have something in common with your brother." said Mike, as he saw Bobby looked willing to play. "He seemed to enjoy that part of the examination too."

"Did Mikey let you play with his dick?" asked Bobby. "He tends to be a horny kid at times."

"He did seem to like me having contact with his dick, so I might have lingered there a bit." replied Mike.

"I knew it!" said Bobby. "You had sex with my little brother! I hope it was just Mikey, because it would be kinda creepy if you did anything with Billy."

"No, I didn't do anything with Billy." replied Mike, as he tried not to panic just yet. "It wasn't the way you think with Mikey either. We didn't do anything that he didn't want to do. I would never force a boy into doing anything."

"Yeah, but I know how horny Mikey can be, so it kind of makes the imagination run wild." said Bobby. "Don't worry though doc, I won't tell anyone. You haven't seemed to hurt my brother, and that's what matters most. As a condition of me being quiet though, I want you to have sex with me. I want to know that the man who's having sex with my little brother isn't treating him badly."

"Bobby, you would get a lot more positive reaction if you went about things a little more nicely." said Mike.

"What do you mean doc?" asked Bobby.

"First of all, trying to extort me into having sex with you isn't very nice." replied Mike. "I love having sex, and I'll have sex with anyone from puberty on up. If you just asked me to have sex with you, I'd most likely say yes. Second, drop the act. If you want to have sex with me, just say you want to do it because you think you might enjoy it. Don't use your brother, and say you want to make sure I'm treating him okay. Mikey is very happy with everything we've done, and that should be obvious just by looking at him."

"Oh." said Bobby, a little more subdued. "It's just not that easy for me though doc. I don't know how Mikey can do it. He seems to have no inhibitions at all when it comes to stuff like that. I'd love to be as horny and rambunctious as he is, but I seem to have a problem when it comes to expressing myself."

"Bobby, if you're afraid of being gay, talk to someone about it." said Mike. "Almost everyone who is gay goes through that. Your little brother just seems to be one of those rare exceptions, if he is in fact gay. If you're gay though, it's just the way you are Bobby. No one chooses it. Does it feel like a choice to you?"

"No, it doesn't." replied Bobby. "And what do you mean, if he is in fact gay? He's having sex with his doctor. How much proof are you waiting for?"

"He's also just now going through puberty." said Mike. "He had his very first orgasm last week, when I gave him his baseball physical. Right now he's having sex because it feels good. I imagine if it had been a girl who started playing with his dick like I did, he would have ended up having sex with her. I'd give him a few years before committing him to a life of being gay. You and me though Bobby, are old enough to know that we are in fact gay. I can tell you from experience though that you don't have to be afraid of being gay. Will you let me help you with that Bobby?"

"Sure doc, I might like being gay without being afraid of it." replied Bobby, as he started smiling again. "Would you consider having sex with me doc, even though I acted like an asshole? I really would enjoy it with you."

"You weren't an asshole Bobby, just misguided." smiled Mike. "And it would be a pleasure to have sex with you. I think we have some important matters to take care of first. Let me finish the examination, and then I'll explain what's next." Once Mike had finished the physical, he asked, "Have you noticed any ringing in your ears, or dizziness Bobby?"

"When I have to run really hard to catch a fly ball, I get kinda dizzy and miss the ball a lot." replied Bobby. "My coach just says that I try too hard though."

"Well, your coach isn't a doctor, or there's a good chance he would have moved to the United States by now." said Mike.

"Huh?" replied Bobby.

"I'm sorry, that's just a Canadian doctor joke." smiled Mike. "I don't think the problem is you trying too hard though Bobby. I need to flush out your left ear, so I can get a better look at it."

"What about having sex though?" asked Bobby.

"That'll have to wait for now Bobby." said Mike. "Your ears are much more important right now."

Mike went ahead and filled Bobby's left ear with hydrogen peroxide, then flushed it out with water ten minutes later. Then Mike looked into it again, and said, "Uh-huh! It's just what I figured."

"What's wrong doc?" asked Bobby.

"You seem to have a very small perforation in your eardrum." replied Mike. "That's what affects your balance when you exert yourself. Right now though it's very small, and it's a very clean tear. We need to treat this starting right now, before it becomes a much worse problem. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to sit out at least the next two weeks of baseball."

"How much worse can it get?" asked Bobby. "I really don't want to stop playing, not even just for two weeks."

"The perforation will get larger, and the torn edges will start to heal over with a gap in your eardrum." replied Mike. "Your dizziness will get worse, until just standing can be enough to make you fall down. There is also the good chance you could lose all hearing in that ear. I don't want to see any of that happen to a good-looking young man like you, so I want to start treating it now. I'll talk to your mother about what needs to be done. I'll keep you here until the office closes today, and she can come back to pick you up then. Maybe if you're up to it, we can have a little fun too. Other than that though, I don't want you to exert yourself for at least the next two weeks."

"Okay doc, I'll do what you say." replied Bobby.

"I'd just like to know why the doctor who did your team's physicals didn't catch this." said Mike. "The season has just started."

"I think he was in a hurry to get the physicals done, because he was getting ready to move to the United States." smiled Bobby.

Mike smiled at Bobby's joke, or at least he hoped it was a joke. Then he went out to talk to Bobby's mother. She agreed that the problem needed to be treated, then said she would be back later to get Bobby. Mike went back to the exam room, and started treating Bobby's ear.

Once Mike was finished for now, he said, "Okay Bobby, I just want you to lay there on your side, just like you are now. I have to get to my other patients, but I'll be back often to check on you. Okay?"

"Okay Mike." replied Bobby. "Can you come down here closer to my face?" Once Mike was face to face with Bobby, Bobby said, "Thanks for taking care of me Mike, and for helping me with so many things. I love you."

"I love you too Bobby." smiled Mike.

Mike then leaned in, and gave Bobby a very nice kiss on his lips. That was enough to make Bobby smile before Mike left to take care of his other patients.

Mike had fun with Stewart, even though Bobby was still in his thoughts. For some reason, Mike couldn't quite shake the sixteen year old dreamboat that he left laying on the table in the other exam room. After Mike and Stewart had both had orgasms inside each other's rectums, Mike went back to check on Bobby. Bobby was still laying on his side, but now snoring softly. Mike smiled as he stroked Bobby's hair, then leaned down to kiss Bobby on the forehead.

Next up was Perry's older brother, Reese. Mike knew he was in for a rough time when Reese came in, and slammed himself down into a chair. This wasn't a boy he was going to ask to get naked for him.

"Well Reese, it's nice to meet you too." said Mike. "Too bad you aren't as easy going as your brother Perry."

"Oh, can it doc!" replied Reese. "Let's just get this over with!"

"As you wish Reese." replied Mike.

"Besides, why do you even care?" asked Reese. "You're just like the rest of them. You're going to move to the United States too!"

Mike picked up on that right away, so he went over and gently put a hand on Reese's shoulder.

"Do you want to tell me about your last doctor Reese?" asked Mike.

"I thought he cared!" replied Reese, on the verge of tears. "He got me and my brother through all of the childhood diseases! He was there whenever I got hurt! I'm hurt now though, and where is he?"

Reese started crying then, and Mike wrapped the boy in a hug. Mike let Reese cry it out for the next five minutes, before trying to stop his tears. Then Mike picked Reese's face up to look at his.

"Reese, it takes a special man to care that much." said Mike. "I highly suspect your doctor wasn't special like that. He might have taken care of your illnesses and injuries, but he was never able to take care of your feelings. It takes a man willing to do this."

Mike then leaned down, and put his lips against Reese's lips. Mike began kissing Reese passionately, and after a few moments, Reese began kissing Mike back. Mike held Reese in an embrace and kiss for the next five minutes. Then Mike finally let the kiss break.

"You're right Mike, my old doctor never cared that much." said Reese. "He played with my dick when I was younger, but I must have gotten too old for him. It still hurt when he moved to the United States though."

"I know it did Reese, but I'm not moving anywhere." replied Mike. "Now, can we get on with the examination?"

"Sure!" said Reese, finally smiling for Mike.

Mike went ahead and did the examination, but decided to stay away from any activity unless Reese initiated it. He didn't want to do anything that might send Reese back into a bad mood. The only thing Reese ended up asking for was another kiss, which Mike was happy to give him. Then Mike went to check Bobby again, before seeing Perry.

"Ah, I see you're awake again." said Mike.

"I'm sorry I drifted off." replied Bobby. "My ear feels kind of funky right now, and I guess it made me tired."

"That's okay Bobby, I understand." said Mike. "It probably didn't help that you didn't have anyone in here to talk to either. I only have one more confirmed patient today. There are two prospective pre-employment physicals this afternoon, but the employer wasn't very sure about it, so I'm not planning on it. After I'm done with the next patient, I'll spend the rest of the day with you. Is that okay?"

"Sure Mike." replied Bobby. "I love you."

"I love you too Bobby." said Mike.

When Mike walked into the room with Perry, Perry said, "Thanks for fixing Reese's attitude Doctor Mike. He's been really mean lately, but now he acts more like he use to." Then Perry started taking off his clothes.

"I'm glad I could help then." laughed Mike. "I just need to do a few things I didn't do for your physical, and take new vital signs Perry. Then we can talk a little, or whatever else you want to do."

"Do you mean that you could suck my dick?" asked Perry.

"I'd love to do that Perry." replied Mike.

"And could I try sucking your dick too?" asked Perry. "I think I would really like doing that."

"If you really want to Perry, I'd love it." replied Mike. "I don't know if I can have an orgasm for you, but it would still feel nice."

Mike went ahead and did the examination, then had Perry sit back on the table. Mike put his lips around Perry's dick, then began to suck lovingly on it. In just a few minutes, Perry was cooing adorably. Mike concentrated on making Perry feel as good as possible, and in about five minutes, Perry began squirming on the table. Mike reached up, and gently caressed Perry's balls, which immediately pulled up. Then Perry writhed on the table, as he started cumming in Mike's mouth. When Perry had finished his orgasm, and had a chance to recover, Mike took his place on the table. Perry couldn't get much more than the head and a few inches of Mike's cock in his mouth, but that seemed to be enough to make him happy. Mike knew that he might be able to cum if he wanted to, but he wanted to save that for Bobby. Perry happily sucked Mike's cock for almost ten minutes, before deciding that was enough for now.

"I'm sorry I couldn't cum for you Perry." said Mike. "I promise the next time I see you here, I'll have you scheduled first thing in the morning. That way I'll have plenty of cum for you."

"That would be great Doctor Mike!" replied Perry.

Then Mike went back to Bobby, who was eagerly waiting for him. Mike took a look at Bobby's ear first, then said, "Your ear looks like it's doing okay for now Bobby. Would you like to have some fun now?"

"Sure, but what kind of fun can we have like this?" asked Bobby.

"Do you like oral sex?" asked Mike.

"I guess we can try that." replied Bobby.

As Bobby lay naked on the table, on his side, Mike went to where he was right in front of Bobby's crotch. Then Mike knelt down, and lovingly took Bobby's flaccid dick into his mouth. Mike caressed the head with his tongue, until Bobby's dick began to stiffen in his mouth. Bobby moaned softly, as Mike began caressing his entire dick with his lips. When Mike sucked each of Bobby's balls one at a time, Bobby gasped lightly. Mike spent a few minutes on Bobby's balls, before returning his attention to Bobby's delicious dick. After a few more minutes, Bobby began whimpering lightly. Then Mike began to make love to Bobby's dick passionately. A short time later, Mike was rewarded with Bobby's cum. As Mike swallowed, he moaned from the delicious flavor of Bobby's cum.

As soon as Mike had gotten all of the cum from Bobby that he could, he kissed the boy on the nose and said, "That was so wonderful Bobby. I could savor the taste of your cum all day long. Would you like to suck my cock now?"

"I'd love to suck your cock more than anything in the world Mike!" replied Bobby dreamily.

Mike pulled his pants down, and stood at the head of the exam table. Bobby opened his mouth, and Mike lined his cock up with it. Then Mike gently pushed his cock into Bobby's mouth, until he felt it touch the back of Bobby's throat. Mike let out a low moan as he felt Bobby's lips wrap around his now erect cock. Then Mike gently thrust his cock in and out of Bobby's mouth, being careful not to make him gag.

After a few minutes, Mike said, "The next time I push in against the back of your throat Bobby, I want you to swallow. As you do that, I'm going to push my cock into your throat. I promise it will fit without gagging you, as long as you take a nice swallow."

Bobby mumbled in agreement around Mike's cock, so Mike pushed back against the back of Bobby's throat. Bobby swallowed nice and hard, and Mike easily pushed his cock into Bobby's throat. Then Mike thrust in and out of Bobby's throat for about a minute, before backing out so Bobby could breathe. Mike was now close to his orgasm, and Bobby sensed that. Bobby began sucking passionately on Mike's cock, as Mike still did most of the work.

Just before his orgasm hit, Mike moaned out, "I love you Bobby!"

Bobby swallowed as fast as he could, not wanting to miss any of Mike's cum. Mike moaned deeply at the amount of suction Bobby was using on his cock. That caused Mike's orgasm to go on a little longer than he thought it would. Once Mike's orgasm was finally over, he pulled out of Bobby's mouth and lowered himself down until their faces were even. Then Mike pressed his lips against Bobby's smiling lips, and the two shared a very warm kiss.

Once the kiss was broken, Bobby said, "I love you too Mike. I've never met anyone I feel this way about. I'm glad you had sex with my little brother, or we might not have met."

"Well, I enjoyed doing it with you much more Bobby." replied Mike as he smiled. "I think I'm going to need to see you in my office quite often."

"I'd like that a lot Mike." replied Bobby.

I know that was a lot of sex, but in case you hadn't noticed, Mike seems to be addicted to sex. It did seem like there was something between him and Bobby though. Will Bobby eventually help him with his addiction, and make him settle down with him as his only lover? Maybe, but not anytime soon. lol. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in chapter four, as the story goes back into the regular rotation now.