Physical Attraction

by tim the story guy

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Physical Attraction

by tim

Chapter 4

From the last chapter:

Just before his orgasm hit, Mike moaned out, "I love you Bobby!"

Bobby swallowed as fast as he could, not wanting to miss any of Mike's cum. Mike moaned deeply at the amount of suction Bobby was using on his cock. That caused Mike's orgasm to go on a little longer than he thought it would. Once Mike's orgasm was finally over, he pulled out of Bobby's mouth and lowered himself down until their faces were even. Then Mike pressed his lips against Bobby's smiling lips, and the two shared a very warm kiss.

Once the kiss was broken, Bobby said, "I love you too Mike. I've never met anyone I feel this way about. I'm glad you had sex with my little brother, or we might not have met."

"Well, I enjoyed doing it with you much more Bobby." replied Mike as he smiled. "I think I'm going to need to see you in my office quite often."

"I'd like that a lot Mike." replied Bobby.

Denny stopped by that evening to visit with Mike. He was in the mood to play around, but Mike had been drained quite a few times that day. Mike did remove Denny's pants for him though, and had Denny lay back on the sofa. Mike rolled a condom over Denny's nice cock, and began sucking intently. Denny moaned his appreciation to Mike, as he rode the pleasure Mike was giving him toward his orgasm. Mike sucked a very respectable load of cum from Denny's cock, and into the condom. Denny did want to return the favor, so Mike told him about the day he had had, and his plans for tomorrow.

"Damn Mike, you really love boys, don't you buddy?" asked Denny.

"Well, I never realized it until last week, but I guess I do." replied Mike. "It's so exciting when a good looking boy wants to have sex with you. I just can't seem to resist any of them."

"I don't blame you there my friend." laughed Denny. "I've never had sex with a boy before, but I'd love to give it a try. You are being careful about not doing anything with really young boys though, right?"

"I make sure any boy I do anything with is willing." replied Mike.

"Even so Mike, if they're under fourteen, they could be trouble." said Denny. "Just be really careful there buddy."

"I will."smiled Mike. "And maybe the swim team will let me bring you along with me tomorrow night."

"A room full of horny high school boys huh?" replied Denny. "If you could do that for me buddy, I could never repay you for it!"

"Let me give Corey a call, and see if it's okay." said Mike. "And don't worry Denny, you won't owe me anything."

Mike called Corey, and Corey told him that another adult would be okay, as long as he trusted Denny. Denny was excited by the news that he would be going to an orgy with a bunch of high school boys.

Mike took Stephen to a movie the next day to start off their date. As far as Stephen's parents knew, he was out with a friend and would be sleeping over. Stephen even got one of his friends to cover for him, just in case. After the movie and an early dinner, they went back to Mike's place. Stephen was very frisky by then, so Mike had to tell him what the plans were for that evening. Stephen smiled as his eyes went wide, when hearing that Mike was taking him to an orgy with mostly high school boys. While waiting for Denny, Mike and Stephen did play around a little, which included some sucking, but they both wanted to save their cum now. Mike heard Denny at the door, and let his friend in.

"Denny, I would like you to meet Stephen." said Mike. "He's a very nice boy, and he'll be fourteen in just a few months. He was my date today, and he'll be going with us."

Denny held his hand out to shake Stephen's as he said, "It's nice to meet you Stephen. Since we're going to an orgy, there's something I have to tell you. You look like a nice boy, and I have no doubt that you wouldn't intentionally cause any trouble for Mike. I do have a strict rule though, and I don't play with anyone under fourteen. In a few months though, I'd love to play if you're interested then."

"Thanks for being up front with me Denny, I respect that." replied Stephen. "Maybe when I turn fourteen we can get together sometime."

The orgy was at Corey's house. Corey's parents were very liberal, and accepted that their son was gay. They didn't want to do anything to interfere with Corey's and his friend's sexual development, so they always gave the boys their privacy for their little get-togethers. Mike, Stephen, and Denny arrived to a house full of naked boys, who were ready to get things going. William went up to Stephen right off the bat.

"I can tell you like my cock by the way you're staring at it." said William. "Would you like to feel this monster inside you? I'll bet you have a really tight young butt!"

"I'm afraid you'd kill me with that!" smiled Stephen. "I'd love to suck it though."

"Normally I like to fuck, but I've never had a thirteen year old boy suck my cock before," replied William.

The orgy then got started with Stephen trying to suck William's massive cock. Stephen gave it a good try, but couldn't get more than a little over half of it into his mouth. Stephen's jaws began to tire long before William was ready to cum, so William thanked the boy for trying before moving on. By that time Mike was sucking Corey's cock, while being fucked Ari. Stephen went ahead and slipped in underneath Mike, and began sucking his cock. Denny was busy sucking Robbie when William came up to them.

"I love fucking people for the first time Denny." said William. "I'm going to go ahead and fuck you while you finish sucking Robbie."

Denny had wanted to feel William's cock inside him from the moment they got there, so he moved around so William could get to him. Denny had to hold his breath while sucking Robbie, at feeling a boy go further into him than any man ever had before. Denny's rectum and colon felt very good around William's cock, so William fucked Denny very slowly. After a few more minutes, Robbie filled Denny's mouth with his cum. Then a boy named Ty came along to take Robbie's place, while Robbie moved down to suck Denny's cock. William was still taking his time, not wanting to cum inside Denny too soon yet.

Corey and Ari both cummed inside Mike at the same time, then Ari said, "I want to taste some boy dick."

As Stephen continued sucking Mike's cock, Ari moved down and began sucking Stephen's cock. That lasted for several minutes, before Mike and Stephen both cummed at the same time. After their orgasms were over, Mike knew he would need a few minutes to recharge. Stephen's cock never went soft though, and he was still ready to go.

"Hey Stephen, I need you." grunted William, as he continued fucking Denny. "Would you put that cute cock of yours inside me and fuck me, while I fuck Denny?"

Stephen didn't need to be asked twice. His cock was still slick with Ari's spit and his cum, so he stepped in behind William, and pushed his cock into the dark skinned jock.

"Oh God Stephen!" moaned William. "I don't like to be fucked often, but I love how you feel inside me!"

With Stephen now fucking William, that made William thrust into Denny harder. Denny moaned loudly each time William's cock thrust deeply into him. Even though Robbie had just sucked an orgasm from him, Denny was still hard as a rock. Ari saw that, and got underneath Denny. Denny moaned even louder as Ari began sucking his cock. By this time Mike had hooked up with a boy named Seth, and Seth was fucking Mike passionately. A few minutes later at the other group, Stephen moaned loudly as he felt his second orgasm coming. When William felt Stephen's cum shooting into him, he couldn't hold back any longer. William groaned as he shot his cum into Denny's colon. Denny had never felt cum shooting into his colon before, so that triggered his second orgasm into Ari's hungry mouth.

After that, it was time for a rest break. Corey had put out snacks and drinks, and had entertainment playing on the TV in the form of gay porn films.

As the first rest break ended, Mike said, "I can't believe I'm still ready for more!"

"That's because Corey puts stuff in the snacks and drinks to keep you going sexually." laughed William. "He's the smartest of the group!"

The orgy went well into the night, with Mike and Denny cumming more times than they ever thought possible. Toward the end of the night, Stephen had been fucked by a few of the boys, and worked his nerve up to ask William to fuck him. While Mike watched his young friend take the largest cock he ever saw into him, he had a chance to talk to Corey.

"How do you know about things to put in drinks and snacks to keep people hard and cumming?" asked Mike.

"It came to me in a dream." replied Corey. "At least I think it was a dream. It was so real that it was freaky, but I woke up the next morning where I must have fallen asleep the night before, so it must have been a dream. Anyway, I found myself in this really strange place where there were nothing but gay men and boys. The guy I met there called himself Wes, and said I was in another dimension. The dream lasted about a week before they brought me back here, although it was really just overnight. I saw a lot of cool things though, and keeping people hard and full of cum was one of them. There are times when I wish it hadn't been a dream though. They gave me the option of staying there or coming back. I think if I had decided to stay there, I might not have waken up from the dream."

"That sounds really incredible Corey." said Mike. "I've always had a fascination about dreams and their secret meanings. Could we get together and talk sometime? I'd love to hear more about this, and maybe even write some of it down."

"I'd love to Mike!" replied Corey. "I have to be careful about who I talk to this about, because most people think I'm crazy when I talk about it. It would be great to talk about it with someone who doesn't think I'm crazy though."

It was a good thing Stephen had decided to spend the night at Mike's house, as he was walking very funny after his encounter with William. Mike would have hated for Stephen to have to try to explain that to his parents, as they probably would have suspected something.

Mike was still smiling Monday, recalling the events of Saturday night. He now had an open invitation from Corey and the other boys to join them every Saturday. They must have liked Denny too, because they asked Mike to extend the same invitation to him as well. Mike had a great morning, capped off with a visit from Mikey and Bobby's younger brother, Billy.

"What seems to be the problem today Billy?" asked Mike.

"I feel bad." replied Billy. "Can I get undressed for you to examine me Doctor Mike? I really liked that!"

"Okay Billy, but it's just an examination." laughed Mike softly. As Billy excitedly removed his clothes, Mike asked, "Okay Billy, where do you feel bad?"

"Um, I think it's my tummy." replied Billy.

"You think?" laughed Mike.

When Mike began to prod and listen to Billy's stomach, Billy said, "I could be wrong about it being my tummy. It might be a little lower than that."

"Do you really feel bad today Billy?" asked Mike.

"Of course I do Doctor Mike!" replied Billy. "Mommy even kept me home from school today! I had to come see the best doctor in the world, to see if he could make me feel better."

"Does this make you feel better Billy?" asked Mike, as he started playing with Billy's dick.

"Oh yeah Doctor Mike, I think that's it!" replied Billy.

"Billy, you have a very adorable little dick." said Mike. "You're a bit young for me to be doing things like this with though. If anyone found out, I could get into a lot of trouble."

"I wouldn't tell anyone though Doctor Mike." replied Billy. "Mikey and Bobby said you do stuff with their dicks that make them feel really nice. I just wanted you to make me feel nice too."

Mike thought about it for a few minutes. Even though it should have been against his better judgment, Mike said, "Okay Billy, but remember, you can't tell anyone at all about this. Mikey and Bobby shouldn't have told you about it."

"They didn't really tell me Doctor Mike, I kinda just overheard them talking together." replied Billy. "Thanks for trusting me though."

As Mike stroked Billy's two inches, he said, "Okay Billy, this will make your adorable little dick feel really nice."

Mike leaned over, and took Billy's dick between his lips. Billy cooed softly as Mike caressed the boy's dick with his lips and tongue. Mike alternated between stroking Billy's dick and sucking it, as he gently caressed Billy's chest and stomach with his free hand. After about ten minutes, Mike backed off. Billy had the most blissful smile on his face that Mike had ever seen.

"Did that make you feel better Billy?" asked Mike.

"Oh yeah Doctor Mike!" replied Billy. "I feel great now! You're the best doctor in the world. Don't be surprised if I get sick a lot!"

Mike kissed Billy on the tip of his nose, then said, "It was a pleasure to help you feel as good as new Billy. Just don't get sick too much, or your parents might suspect something."

Toward the end of the day, Mike got a call from Bobby. "Mike, close your office now and meet me somewhere!" said Bobby frantically. "Billy blabbed, and the police are on the way there now! Meet me and Mikey at the CN Tower!"

Mike was almost in a panic. He told Sandra that he had to leave, and to close the office and cancel his appointments. Then Mike took off as quickly as he could. After two miles, Mike began thinking again. If anyone were looking for him, they would eventually spot his car. Mike parked the car in a secluded parking lot, then took off for the nearest bus stop. By the time he finally arrived at the tower, Mike was close to being in tears. He knew what he had done would get him into serious trouble. Then he finally spotted Mikey and Bobby alone, and went over to them.

"Can we go somewhere else before we say anything?" asked Mike.

"Sure Mike!" replied Mikey. The boys followed Mike to a park on nearby Lake Ontario. Then it was Bobby's turn to speak.

"Why would you do anything with our youngest brother Mike?" asked Bobby. "He's even too young to get an erection, much less cum!"

"I'm so sorry Bobby, and you too Mikey." replied Mike, on the verge of tears. "I really do love both of you, and I screwed up big time! Billy had overheard you two talking though, and begged me to make him feel good. I told him we shouldn't do anything like that, but he kept begging me! All I did though was play with his dick, and suck it a little."

"Well, we did manage to talk to him alone for a minute before calling you." said Mikey. "He must have really liked it, cause he kept going on about you being a great doctor."

"He also said that he didn't mean for it to get out, but mom tricked him into telling." said Bobby. "He really does seem to be sorry about that."

"Oh god boys, what am I going to do?" asked Mike. "I can't go home, because that's the first place they'll go when they see I've left the office."

"You might want to check into a hotel room until we figure out what to do." replied Bobby. "I know how much love and gentleness you've shown me and Mikey, and I don't believe you would do anything to harm Billy. From what he said, you were even more gentle with him."

"They'll check hotels when I don't show up at home either!" replied Mike. "I may as well turn myself in."

"Hell no Mike, you'll go to prison!" said Bobby. "Mikey and I love you too much for that to happen, and I guess Billy does now too! He told us not to let you get in trouble for what happened today."

"What can I do though?" asked Mike.

"Let me call my friend Stephen, and see if he has any ideas." replied Mikey. "He owes me one anyway after covering for him to go on that date with you Saturday!"

Mikey called Stephen, and explained the situation. Stephen said he had a call to make, and that he would call right back. About ten minutes later, Stephen called Mikey back, and the two boys talked for a few minutes.

"Okay Mike, Stephen called someone he says you know too, named Corey." said Mikey. "Corey says he has an older friend who owes him a favor. You can stay there until we all figure out what to do. Bobby and I have to get home though. The parents are already freaked out enough. Just go to Corey's house, and Corey will have his friend there. Stephen will get the address where you're at from Corey, and we'll all come see you tomorrow after school."

"We're sorry about this mess Mike." said Bobby. "Mikey and I really do love you though. Can I get a kiss before we go?"

Mike looked around to make sure they were alone, then gave Bobby a very passionate kiss. Then he gave Mikey a kiss too, almost as good as the one he gave Bobby. The boys then told Mike they loved him again, before leaving the park. Mike made his way to Corey's house as quickly as he could on public transportation, and Corey met him at the door with a hug.

"I'm not going to get in trouble with your parents if they see that, am I?" asked Mike. "I seem to be in more than enough as it is."

"My parents totally accept that I'm gay, and trust me to decide who I have contact with." replied Corey. "They could even see me do this to you, and it wouldn't bother them at all." Then Corey gave Mike a very warm and loving kiss, and continued, "I'm so sorry that all of this is happening Mike. You're a hell of a nice guy. I did warn you about younger guys though, and so did Denny."

"I wish I had listened now, but it's too late." replied Mike.

"We'll see about that Mike." said Corey. "This is my friend Henri. He's going to hide you out until we figure out what to do."

"Anyone who Corey feels that close to must be okay, despite what is happening." said Henri, as he held his hand out to Mike. "I will keep you safe at my place, and your friends and I will come up with something Mike."

"I already talked to Stephen again." said Corey. "He and some friends of his will see you at Henri's tomorrow, when they get out of school. Me and my friends will come by too. We'll think of something Mike, so please try not to worry."

"To be so close to so many young people, and have them willing to do anything for you must be really special." said Henri.

"These are all very special boys." replied Mike. "I love all of them very much."

"We all love you too Mike." said Corey. "I promise we'll find some way to clear this up."

"Whatever happens though, I may as well say good-bye to my old life." replied Mike. "It's gone now."

"Then we'll help you with starting a new one Mike." said Corey. "Please take good care of him Henri, and keep him safe for me."

"Thank you so much Corey, I love you." said Mike.

On the way to Henri's home, Henri asked, "So Mike, what happened? All I seem to know is that you're in trouble over some younger boy. Do you love boys Mike?"

"I never even thought about it before a few weeks ago." replied Mike. "The first boy was named Mikey, and he was so nice. There have been quite a few boys since then, and I love them all. I would never hurt a boy. A few of them like Corey and his friends, and Mikey's brother Bobby are legal. A few aren't though, like Mikey and his younger brother Billy. Billy had heard about the things I did with Mikey and Bobby though, and he begged me to make him feel good. Then his parents got it out of him about what we did earlier today."

"How old is this Billy, and what did you do to him?" asked Henri.

"Billy is six." replied Mike shamefully. "The only thing I did with him though was stroke his dick, and suck it a little bit for him. I never would have done anything to hurt him. I know his body isn't big enough to be penetrated by an adult, and I never would have done that, even if he begged me too!"

"Well, I can't say that I've ever done anything with a six year old boy." said Henri. "That is just asking for way too much trouble. I can understand it though Mike. The charm of a boy is a very powerful emotion. I have dipped into the twelve and thirteen year old pool a few times myself, and I love having sex with boys that age. Don't get me wrong, I love having sex with men too, but boys are special. You just have to keep from getting caught until they're fourteen."

"You sound a lot like me Henri." said Mike, as he finally smiled for the first time since the frantic call from Bobby.

"There but for the grace of God go I." replied Henri, as he smiled at Mike. "You have some very special young boyfriends though Mike. I would be willing to bet they'd do anything to help you, even little Billy."

"I hope they can." said Mike pensively.

When Henri pulled into his driveway, he said, "Here we are Mike. My home is your home now. Please do whatever you need to make yourself comfortable, as you'll be here until we figure this out. For now it would be safe if you mostly stayed inside. Everyone is going to be on the lookout for you for a while. I promised Corey and I promise you that I'll take very good care of you. Us boylovers have to stick together."

As Mike got ready to lay down that night, Henri came to his room. "Although we do have separate bedrooms, and there's good reasons for that, I would like to make you feel more comfortable tonight Mike. Can I sleep with you tonight Mike, and provide love and comfort to a fellow boylover?"

"You're a very nice young man Henri, and I'd love that." replied Mike. "I never thought about it before, but I guess I am a boylover, aren't I?"

"Don't worry Mike, it gets much easier to call yourself that as time goes on." smiled Henri. "I am a boylover too. And I don't see anything wrong with it."

Henri went ahead and stripped Mike, then himself. Then Henri lay down next to Mike, and covered Mike's body with gentle kisses. Henri made that night all about gentle love, and Mike was soon relaxed enough to drift off to sleep, after they both had very gentle and wonderful orgasms.

Mike was awoken the next morning by Henri getting out of bed, and getting ready to go to work. "Do you have to go Henri?" asked Mike, as he lay in bed naked watching Henri get ready.

"Yes, I must make a living, and now I have two of us to provide for." smiled Henri.

"I have some money saved up Henri." said Mike.

"And you may need that to help get you out of this." replied Henri. "Don't worry Mike, I may not make a doctor's salary, but it's pretty close. I can take care of our needs easily."

"Okay Henri, but if anything were to happen to me, what I have saved is yours." replied Mike. "You deserve it for helping me out like this."

"Please my friend, don't talk of such things." said Henri. "We will get you out of this mess. And Mike, last night was very beautiful."

"It was the most beautiful love-making I've ever had Henri." replied Mike.

"I'll try to be back before your young friends get here Mike." smiled Henri. "I'd love to meet all of them, not just Corey's teammates."

"I take it you've experienced one of their orgies before!" smiled Mike.

"Yes, and it's always an unforgettable experience!" laughed Henri. "Now Mike, remember to stay inside today. The authorities will be focused on your for a while, and you don't need to slip and get picked up."

"Okay Henri, I won't leave the house." replied Mike.

"And don't answer the door or phone from anyone." said Henri. "Everyone who knows me knows that they'd never get an answer during the day anyway. I'll see you this evening, you beautiful man. Now, all I need is a kiss before I leave."

Henri leaned down to the bed, and kissed Mike lovingly on the lips. As he kissed Mike on the lips, Henri slid the bedcovers down off Mike. Then Henri moved down and kissed the head of Mike's cock with equal passion. Henri left Mike laying in bed, with a blissful smile on his face.

Mike couldn't help but spend the day worrying. He had opened his practice to help people, but now was leaving everyone hanging, including his staff. They must have thought the worst of him by now, so there was definitely no going back to that life. Then there were the kids that he cared so much about. What was this going to do to all of them? On top of that, he couldn't leave Henri's home for fear of being caught now. Mike was finally relieved to see Henri return home from work, at about the same time the kids began showing up. Mike began to introduce the first of the kids to Henri.

"Okay Henri, we have Bobby and his brother Mikey, then there's Stephen." said Mike. "After that we have Stewart, followed by Perry and his brother, Reese?! What are you doing here Reese, and what happened to Perry's eye?"

"That's why I'm here Doctor Mike." replied Reese. "You said that you cared, and I'm holding you to it. The police got the feeling that Bobby and Mikey's brother wasn't the only one you had done things with. All of our parents have been giving us the third degree over this. You made an impression on me though, so I didn't tell them anything. You must have made an even bigger impression on Perry though. He told my parents that even if anything had happened, he would have been the one to start it. That's when our dad slugged Perry in the eye."

"Oh no!" exclaimed Mike. "This whole thing just keeps going from bad to worse! Let me see your eye Perry, and see if your dad hurt you."

Mike looked Perry's eye over as best he could without any equipment, but couldn't see anything visibly wrong. Perry did say that he could still see good out of it though, so Mike was relieved by that.

"Okay boys, I can't let you continue to go through this over me." said Mike. "I think I should turn myself in, and tell them I forced all of you boys into having sex with me. That will at least take the heat off all of you."

"NO!!!" shouted all of the boys at the same time.

"Mike, our parents showed what assholes they can be at the mere thought that Perry or I might be gay." said Reese. "I don't know about Perry, but I suspect he is gay. I know for a fact that I am though. You going to jail forever would do nothing to stop that."

"He's right Mike!" said Bobby. "Billy tried taking back what he said because he saw how much trouble you were in now. Our parents started getting rough on him, so Mikey and I stepped in. I told them that I didn't blame Billy for trying to protect you, because you are a great guy and you'd never do anything to hurt any of us."

"How did they take that?" asked Mike.

"They accused me and Mikey of trying to turn Billy into some kind of deviant!" replied Bobby. "They're afraid of leaving Billy alone with me and Mikey now! This whole thing sucks Mike, and it's only going to suck worse if they lock you up!"

"I can't really say my parents are happy with me either, over the thought that you might have done something with me." said Stephen. "It really hurts to hear all of the terrible things they're saying about you Mike, especially since I know that none of it is true."

"Mike, I have never seen boys this in love with someone!" said Henri. "They act like any one of them would lay down their lives for you without thinking about it. That kind of love and devotion is very hard to find in anyone. You need to keep laying low here until we find some way out of this mess."

"Yes Mike, Please???" begged Bobby.

"Please???" repeated all of the other boys.

"I don't know what to say boys." replied Mike, as he tried to hold back his tears. "I love all of you so much! I hope we can find a way to make this go away, and I can continue to show all of you how much I love you."

At that point, the swim team showed up at Henri's door. Henri needed no introduction, and all of the boys on the team remembered him as well. Corey and the boys went over what Mike and the younger boys had talked about, and they too had been questioned about Mike's contact with them. The fact that they were all over fourteen though allowed them to refuse to say anything, since any contact would have been legal anyway if they initiated it. Every boy on the swim team agreed with the younger boys though that there had to be a way out of this, and that Mike shouldn't give up. They all cared too much about him for that.

"Okay, I'll keep laying low boys." said Mike. "I just hope it doesn't get any worse."

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