Physical Attraction

by tim the story guy

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Physical Attraction

by tim

Chapter 5

From the last chapter:

"Yes Mike, Please???" begged Bobby.

"Please???" repeated all of the other boys.

"I don't know what to say boys." replied Mike, as he tried to hold back his tears. "I love all of you so much! I hope we can find a way to make this go away, and I can continue to show all of you how much I love you."

At that point, the swim team showed up at Henri's door. Henri needed no introduction, and all of the boys on the team remembered him as well. Corey and the boys went over what Mike and the younger boys had talked about, and they too had been questioned about Mike's contact with them. The fact that they were all over fourteen though allowed them to refuse to say anything, since any contact would have been legal anyway if they initiated it. Every boy on the swim team agreed with the younger boys though that there had to be a way out of this, and that Mike shouldn't give up. They all cared too much about him for that.

"Okay, I'll keep laying low boys." said Mike. "I just hope it doesn't get any worse."

Before the boys left that evening, they decided that one of them who was legal should spend some time with Mike to help him feel better. Mike was surprised when Reese volunteered, and convinced the other boys to let him be the one. Mike stripped Reese first, then Reese stripped Mike. Once they had laid in bed together, Mike began gently kissing and caressing Reese. Mike was very gentle with his love-making to Reese, and both of them enjoyed an incredible orgasm. After it was over, Reese smiled as he gazed into Mike's eyes.

"Our parents have no idea what they're talking about now." said Reese. "If you made love to my brother Perry like that, and I'm sure you did, he is one lucky little boy. I know you'll never hurt any of us Mike, and I don't feel uncomfortable at all about you making love to my brother, or any of the other younger kids you've made love to. We all love you very much Mike, and we'll do whatever it takes to clear this mess up for you."

"Thank you so much Reese." replied Mike. "You are a very loving young man. If your last doctor couldn't see that, then it's his loss. It'll be a pleasure to show you love anytime you want Reese."

Mike did a little better the next day, although he was concerned about how the boys were being treated. He thought maybe it would help to watch some TV around noontime, but it turned out to be a bad idea because all that was on was the news.

"Local police are desperate for information leading to the capture of who they call the worst child molester in recent history." said the newscaster. "Here's his picture again. His name is Mike Leighton, and he may have molested dozens of young boys in the area. If you have any information that could lead to his capture..."

Mike turned the TV off at that point, because he didn't want to throw something through Henri's TV. "Those assholes!" exclaimed Mike. "I didn't molest those boys. I gave them the love or affection they wanted, and weren't getting from anyone else!"

Mike wasn't in the best of moods for the rest of the afternoon. When Henri came home though, Mike saw that Denny was with him. That helped Mike's mood somewhat.

"Hi Denny, my friend!" said Mike, as Henri and Denny came in. "How did you find me?"

"I went to Corey's house, and Corey called Henri." replied Denny. "Then Henri came by there and picked me up. I sure am sorry about what's happening Mike."

"I should have listened to you though Denny." said Mike. "I'm sorry for not doing that. Have you guys heard what the news has been saying about me?"

"Yeah buddy, and most of it isn't pretty." replied Denny. "By the way, Reese and Perry won't be able to come by this evening. They called Corey and told him that the police were watching them."

"Damn, they're probably watching all of the boys now, trying to track them to me." said Mike.

"I don't know." replied Denny. "Corey said that he only heard from Reese and Perry."

"Well, we'll tell all of the boys to be careful, just in case." said Henri.

At that point, the doorbell rang. Henri went over to the door, and looked through the peep hole first. Then he opened the door and let Bobby in.

"Hi Bobby, what's going on?" asked Henri, after closing the door.

"I don't know how, but it's getting worse." replied Bobby. "Mike, Stephen ran away. I saw him this morning before school, and it looked like he had been in a fight. He kept saying how he couldn't stand what his parents were saying. Then Mikey called me, and told me that Stephen never showed up at school."

"Oh God no!" exclaimed Mike. "We have to do something! We have to find him! He has to be scared out of his wits to run off like that!"

"It's even worse than that Mike." said Bobby. "The police think you may have abducted Stephen, and you're probably going to kill him to keep him from talking. That's why they're watching Perry, Mikey, Billy, and Stewart right now."

"Oh God, I'm going to be sick!" moaned Mike.

"Okay buddy, just calm down." said Denny. "We'll find Stephen for you. We know you could never do anything like that. Stephen is just hiding out somewhere until things blow over, I'm sure of it. Bobby, do you think Corey and his friends will help look for Stephen?"

"I'm sure they will, and they won't stop until we find him." replied Bobby. "Mike, Mikey and Billy both told me to tell you that they love you, and so do I. We'll find Stephen, then we'll clear this all up."

"I never wanted any of you boys to get hurt though!" cried Mike.

"I know you didn't Mike." replied Bobby. "I know you love us as much as we love you. This whole thing is my parents fault, and I'll never forgive them!"

Denny decided to spend the night at Henri's. After calling Corey and asking him to drive his car back to his place for him, Denny took Mike into a tight and comforting hug. Bobby gave Mike a very loving kiss before leaving that evening. The next morning, Denny called into work to stay with Mike. Mike needed company badly that day. After Henri got home, Mike was surprised to see all of the boys show up shortly thereafter.

"What are all of you boys doing over here?" asked Mike. "I thought the police were watching you younger boys."

"They had more important things to do today, I guess." replied Mikey. "Hell, we even got Billy out of the house with us! The police and all of our parents are searching the area around our homes and your home Mike. They're trying to find where you dumped Stephen's dead body."

"That isn't even funny Mikey." replied Mike.

"It's true though." replied Reese. "They're sure that you killed Stephen, and dumped his body somewhere."

"Chris?!" exclaimed Mike. "You came along too?"

"Yeah, I came with Billy to see if I could help my favorite doctor of all time!" replied Chris.

"Just wait until you hear what Stewart has to say though!" said Bobby. "Go ahead Stewart!"

"I think I might know where Stephen is." replied Stewart. "He took me to a place out near the old industrial center, and said he likes to go there when he doesn't want anyone to find him."

"Let's go!" said Mike.

"Wait Mike, we should wait until it starts getting dark." said Corey. "Then you can hide in the middle of our group in case anyone does see us, and they won't see you."

"He's right Mike." said Henri. "I would suggest waiting here and letting the boys go. If you're determined to go too though, at least wait until dark."

Mike finally listened to sense, and agreed to wait. The wait was almost unbearable, even with all of the boys there trying to show Mike that they loved him. The minutes seemed more like hours, until it finally began to get a little dark outside. Four of the boys on the swim team brought their cars, so Mike, Denny, and all of the boys piled into the four cars. By the time they got to the old industrial center, it was getting pretty dark out. Stewart led everyone to the building he thought Stephen might be hiding in, and everyone got out. The swim team formed a group around Mike, just in case there was anyone around, although it seemed unlikely. Then Stewart went to an open place in the building, and led everyone in.

"Stephen!" called out Stewart. "I know you're in here! It's just your friends here!"

Mike thought he heard rustling in a dark corner of the building, but no one could see anything.

"Stephen, it's Mike!" called out Mike. "Please come out Stephen, we're all very worried about you! We all love you Stephen, and we're not going to let anything happen to you!"

"You shouldn't have come out here Mike, it's too dangerous." said Stephen, as he moved out of the darkness. "I couldn't take it if you got caught because you were looking for me."

"Then let's go somewhere where we can talk Stephen." replied Mike. "If your parents were the ones who beat you up, we'll make sure they never do it again."

"I still hurt from where they hit me Mike." said Stephen.

"We need to get you someplace where I can look at you Stephen," said Mike.

"Shit guys, all of our cars are gone!" said Corey, as he came over from the opening they came in from. "That was too damn quick guys! There's something going on here!"

"There's another way out guys, and it'll take anyone a while to figure out where we went!" said Stephen. "Can you carry me Mike, so we can move fast. I'll tell you where to go."

Mike picked Stephen up, and Stephen guided the group to the far end of the large building. Then they went through a tunnel connecting it to another large empty building. They finally got outside in about the most desolate area any of them had seen in the city. Everyone except Corey, that is.

"Hey, I know this area." said Corey. "This is where I had that dream I told you about Mike!"

"Look at that, just what we need." laughed Bobby. "What's a bus stop doing out here though."

"I'm afraid that bus stop hasn't been used in quite a few years." said Mike. "No one comes out here."

"Then why do I see a bus coming?" asked Stephen.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Corey. "It wasn't a fucking dream! It really happened!"

The bus pulled up to where the group was standing, and the door opened.

"Bobby!" called out the driver. "We have a situation here!"

A young naked man who must have been Bobby came to the door of the bus and replied, "What is it Hank? Don't give me this situation crap on my first solo run." Then Bobby looked out the door and said, "Oh my, we have a situation!"

"Who are you people?" asked Mike.

"We're the people that's about to save someone's butt, but we have to get going." replied Bobby. "I need to know who is Mike, and who is Stephen?"

"Mike and Stephen aren't going anywhere without the rest of us!" said Corey.

"Yeah, it's either all of us or none of us!" said Bobby from the group of boys.

"We haven't got time to argue here!" said Bobby. "The police will be here any minute, and we shouldn't be! Everyone, get on the bus! We'll have to straighten this out later."

Everyone got on the bus as quickly as they could, and Hank took off. After a few minutes, everyone saw a bright flash of light outside, and the scenery had changed to something none of them recognized. Corey finally went back to the naked Bobby and sat down.

"You guys still don't believe in clothes, do you?" asked Corey.

"You've been with us before?" asked Bobby in return.

"Yeah, a guy named Wes picked me up in a bus just like this one." replied Corey. "I was given a choice, but decided to go home. Why have you come for Mike and Stephen?"

"Yes, how do you know us?" asked Mike.

"We've been monitoring you Mike, and Stephen too." replied Bobby. "We've learned to extrapolate future outcomes from what is happening in the present, and you and Stephen are in grave danger. By the way Corey, Wes is now my husband."

"What do you mean by grave danger?" asked Mike. "Who are you?"

"Mike, you stand a ninety percent chance of being arrested, and being killed in jail." replied Bobby. "I'm afraid Stephen's chances are even worse. He has been mortally wounded in the attack from his father. Without proper care, he would die in two days at the most. We need to get him medical attention as soon as possible. That's why Hank has been told not to make any stops, and go directly to our main medical facility."

"Please don't let my Stephen die!" begged Mike. "We'll do whatever you ask of us."

"I came here to prevent that from happening, so don't worry Mike." replied Bobby. "As for who I am, my name is Bobby, I am a facilitator here. My job is to make first contacts with people that the council decides to approach. You're not going to believe this next part Mike, but all of you are now in another dimension. Corey can tell you that I'm telling you the truth though. Welcome to Orgasmia."

"Corey?" asked Mike.

"Do you remember that dream I told you about Mike?" asked Corey. "It wasn't a dream. It's happening again, and it's all real. We ARE in another dimension."

At that time, the bus began getting into the city. Nothing looked familiar now, and Mike knew that they were no longer in Toronto. Mike just sat in his seat stunned, not knowing what to think. Corey and the naked stranger tried to talk to him, but Mike couldn't respond. All that the other boys knew was that they were taking Stephen to a hospital, and it was starting to show that he needed it. It seemed like forever before the bus finally pulled up to what looked like a medical facility. Two naked men who said they were a doctor and a nurse came onto the bus to tend to Stephen. When they started to take Stephen off the bus, Mike wanted to go with them.

"You can't do anything in there to help Mike." said Bobby, as he held Mike back. "Our medical procedures are much more advanced than anything you've been trained in. Besides, I need you here to help with the other boys. By now they're realizing that they're not in Toronto anymore, and I'll bet a lot of them are scared."

"Okay, I'll help." replied Mike. "Just promise me that your people will save Stephen."

"I promise Mike, we'll do everything we can to see that he recovers completely." replied Bobby.

At that time another naked man stepped onto the bus, and Bobby immediately went to him.

"I told you there are no such things as simple assignments dear." said the man.

"I know Wes, but I didn't expect things to get this complicated." replied Bobby.

"I can see that!" laughed Wes. "We send you for two people, and you come back with a busload! What happened?"

"The rest of them wouldn't let their friends come alone, and the police were about to show up at any minute." replied Bobby. "I did the only thing I could do."

"Okay, we'll sort this out." said Wes. "Did the injured boy make it here alive?"

"Yes, and the doctor says we got here in time to save him." replied Bobby.

"That's good news anyway." said Wes. Then Wes turned to face the passengers on the bus and said, "My name is Wes, and I'm a member of our council here."

"Where is here?" asked Reese. "We can pretty much tell that we're not in Toronto right now."

"You're right son, you're not in Toronto." replied Wes. "Do all of you remember that bright flash of light you saw, shortly after the bus pulled away from the stop where it picked you up? That was a dimensional portal. You are no longer in the dimension you call your home. This place is called Orgasmia." That got a few snickers from the boys. Once the snickering died down, Wes said, "I need a spokesman for this group. Where is Mike?"

"Right here." replied Mike, as he stepped up to Wes.

"Okay Mike, I need you to introduce me to everyone." said Wes. "We need to find out who's staying, and who we have to return home."

"Okay." said Mike, as he started down the aisle of the bus. "First we have Chris. He's eight, and he's here because he wanted to help me tonight."

"Hello Chris, how are you?" asked Wes.

"I'm fine, but a little confused." replied Chris.

"I understand that Chris." replied Wes. "How is your life at home Chris?"

"It pretty much sucks these days." replied Chris. "Doctor Mike and I did sex things, and my parents said if I didn't tell on Mike, they would tell everyone that I was gay. I didn't tell though, because I knew that would get Mike in even more trouble. My parents didn't like that. They didn't hit me like Stephen's parents did, but they were close a couple of times."

"Okay Wes, next we have three brothers, Bobby, Mikey, and Billy."

"Hi guys, how are things going with you lately?" asked Wes.

"Our parents have ruined Mike's life, and I'll never forgive them for that!" replied Bobby. "We all love Mike, and Mike would never hurt any of us. I'm satisfied that he was very gentle with Billy, and loves him as much as he loves the rest of us. I hope we never go back there again!"

"I can't forgive them either Wes!" said Mikey. "Wherever Bobby goes, I go!"

"Over here we have Stewart." said Mike.

"Let's face it, all of our parents suck!" said Stewart. "They all want us to say how horrible Mike was for having sex with us, but he wasn't horrible at all! Mike loves us, and we love him!"

"Mike, have you had sex with every boy on this bus?" asked Wes.

"Yes, and I did it because I love them!" replied Mike. "If that's a crime here, then lock me up now!"

"Love should never be a crime anywhere Mike." replied Wes. "No one here is going to lock you up for showing love to anyone. Who's next?"

"Next is Reese, and his brother Perry." replied Mike, having calmed back down quickly.

"I'm not letting my parents hurt my little brother again!" said Reese. "I love my little brother, and Mike loves him too. I'd trust Mike around him before I'd trust my parents anytime!"

"Next we have a very good friend of mine, Denny." said Mike.

"Hey, I'm just here for the beer!" laughed Denny. "Seriously though, what's been done to Mike and all of these boys should be a crime, not what Mike has done."

"Last we have Corey, William, Ari, Robbie, Ty, Seth, Jared, Erik, Jeremy, and Bri." said Mike. "They're all members of a high school swim team."

"Hello again Wes." said Corey.

"Corey?!" exclaimed Wes. "Is that really you?"

"Yeah, I came back with Mike here." replied Corey.

"I'm glad you did Corey!" said Wes. "There have been further developments in your case. We definitely need to help you!"

"What is it Wes?" asked Corey.

"First of all Corey, don't panic." replied Wes. "We can treat you here as easily as any common infection. Shortly after you went back, you were infected with what is known in your dimension as HIV. I'm afraid it has spread to all of your friends here. I guess that would include Mike too now."

"Do you mean Corey gave all of us HIV?" asked William.

"If I'm not mistaken you've all had sex with him dozens of times, right?" asked Wes.

"Maybe hundreds." replied Ari.

"All it takes is once boys." said Wes. "As I said though, it is easily treatable here. In forty eight hours we can have the virus eliminated from all of you."

"You better make that Stephen and Denny too then." said Mike. "It hasn't had a chance to incubate for me to spread it to the other boys. Are you sure you can treat it here Wes?"

"Absolutely Mike!" replied Wes. "It won't be any problem at all. I guess we should get the rest of you into our medical facility then. We'll go ahead and check the other boys to be safe, and if they're not infected yet, we can give them a vaccine that will make sure they stay that way. All of you have a decision to make though, so let me tell everyone about Orgasmia first. The citizens of Orgasmia are made up entirely gay males. There are females here occasionally, but they are just visitors, and most of our citizens will never come in contact with them. Here in Orgasmia, we can travel between dimensions, which is how we restock our population. We choose gay males from other dimensions who are mistreated in the dimension they live in, and ask them if they would like to live here. That choice is totally up to the people we bring here, and no one will try to coerce you into staying. Orgasmia is much more advanced than most other dimensions. We can do things here that most of you would think impossible. Since our population is entirely gay males, you will find that our laws and customs will be much more liberal and comfortable to you. Also since we are all gay males here, and our climate is so favorable, no one here in Orgasmia wears clothes, except occasionally for visitors. I'm sure that if you boys stay though, you will become accustomed to being nude all the time very quickly. Most of the people we decide to bring here rather enjoy that aspect of our customs. Now, let's go inside and get all of you treated, so you can concentrate on making your decision."

Everyone got up, and followed Wes off the bus. Some of the boys didn't want to appear out of place, so they had already removed their clothes. As they waited inside the medical facility to be seen, the rest of the boys followed suit.

"Damn, they're taking to that nudity thing rather quickly, aren't they?" Mike asked Denny.

"Don't you just love that about boys?" replied Denny. "Their lack of inhibitions is their most adorable quality."

Mike and Denny laughed at that, then joined the boys and removed their clothes. Mike was expecting a barrage of tests, but all that was taken was a few drops of blood, and a swab from inside the cheek.

As they waited for the results, Mike asked, "What are we going to do about these boys Denny?"

"Well Mike, Stephen would have died if we hadn't come here." replied Denny. "The older boys are old enough to make this decision on their own, but we will have to talk carefully about this to Chris and Billy. I highly suspect Billy will go along with any decision that Bobby and Mikey makes though. As for you my friend, the only thing that awaits you back there is prison, where you would likely be killed by other inmates. I'm not letting you go back there, regardless what Wes said about no one being coerced into staying. I have nothing to tie me back there, so I will willingly stay here to help you with the boys who decide to stay."

"Just like two parents raising a family huh?" asked Mike.

"If that's how you want to think of it." replied Denny. "I care more deeply about you than any man or woman I've ever met Mike. When we become settled in here, would you marry me if they allow it here?"

"I don't know about that Denny." replied Mike. "I do love you, but I love these boys too, and I want to be able to express that love to those who decide to stay."

"I can understand that Mike, and I feel the same way." said Denny. "Saturday night was the most wonderful and incredible night of my life. These boys will need two parents though, especially Chris and Billy if either of them stay. I'm asking you to be my partner, so we can raise these boys as a family."

"In that case Denny, I'd be happy to marry you." replied Mike.

"One of the nurses thought my cock looked incredible!" laughed William, as he joined Mike and Denny. "I asked him if he'd like to feel it inside him, and he said to come back in forty eight hours! I think I could really like this place! I know my family would ask me to leave if they knew I was gay."

"Well William, Denny and I will support whatever decision any of you boys make." replied Mike. "I do love you, and I'll make sure you finish growing up to be a fine young man."

"Yeah, I think you'd do a great job with that Mike." said William. "I don't know about some of the guys on the team, but I don't think Corey will be going home this time. If he stays, I'm staying."

"That will be up to each of you boys, and I'll love all of you no matter what you decide." replied Mike.

"I'd love to have parents who love me for a change." said William.

Mike put an arm around William, and drew the boy into him. Then Mike gave William a very passionate and loving kiss. William's cock responded immediately, so Mike stroked it gently for him as they kissed.

Mike broke the kiss after a few minutes, and as he continued stroking William's cock, he said, "You are a very beautiful young man William, in every way. I meant it when I said that I love you. I love all of you boys. It would make me very proud if you considered me your dad."

"Would that interfere with us being able to make love?" asked William.

"Never son." replied Mike.

"In that case, I'd love for you to be my dad Mike." replied William, as he laid back in his chair and let Mike masturbate him.

In a few more minutes, William began moaning softly. Mike lovingly stroked his cock, until William's cum came shooting out forcefully. The other boys who were around them cheered at their friend's orgasm, as a nurse came out to happily clean it up.

"I'm really sorry about that." said Mike. "We just got caught up in a moment of passion, and we couldn't stop it."

"That's okay sir." smiled the nurse. "It happens all the time around here."

The doctor then came out and said, "Okay everyone, I have the results of your tests. With the exception of Billy and Chris, all of you are either infected, or have been exposed. Mike, yours is a full infection, so it's apparent that you were infected long before having contact with Corey. The other boys who aren't a part of Corey's group were then exposed by you. Since Billy and Chris's sexual contact has been very limited, nothing needs to be done about them. The rest of you will require an injection here tonight, then we will give you medications to take for the next two days. You may come back to be retested if you wish, but I can assure you that the virus will be gone after you take the last of the medications. I have to ask that all of you abstain from any sexual penetration until your treatment is over. Masturbation is fine though, if you need sexual release. We just don't want you cross contaminating each other during your treatment. William, one of our nurses has asked that you do come back to be retested. I think you made an impression on him, although judging by your impressive cock, I can't imagine why."

That got a laugh from most of the boys, as William replied, "Well, I did make an offer to him. I guess it would be rude to go back on that."

"I'll let him know then, so he can be prepared for you." smiled the doctor. "As for Stephen, he is undergoing a procedure right now to repair the damage that was done to him in his attack. He was brought here in time though, so I assure you that he'll be fine. He'll need to rest here tonight though, and then I'll evaluate him in the morning."

"I need to stay with him." said Mike.

"I understand that, and I'll let you know the moment he is taken to a room." replied the doctor. "Mike, if you are considering staying here, I'd also like you to consider letting us bring you up to date on our medical knowledge, and joining our medical staff."

"I'd love that." replied Mike. "Denny, can you handle the boys for tonight? I have to stay with Stephen."

"I understand Mike, we'll be fine." replied Denny. "I can handle the hundreds of questions they're going to have."

"Okay everyone, Bobby is going to take you someplace you can stay while your making your decision." said Wes. "As your facilitator, he will be spending a lot of time with you. Since your group is so large, I have made arrangements for you to stay in our mass intake facility. It was set up for boys coming in from a particular dimension that are not wanted there because of their sexual orientation. I hope you don't mind Denny, but you'll be up to your neck in boys tonight."

"I'll try to manage Wes!" laughed Denny.

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