Planet Boylove

****Warning, this story involves boys, men, sex and diapers, not necessarily in that order or by themselves. There is certainly erotica, fetish, and sex involved in this story involving those particular subject matters. If this is not your thing, then please leave now. If you are still reading however, then I encourage you to continue doing so, and I hope that you write to me and tell me your thoughts on it. Email me at if you so desire. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope that you enjoy the story. There is also a special request at the end, please note.****

Have you ever imagined what a world would be like if boylove was the rule rather than the exception. Then maybe this is the world that you dreamed of. Hundreds of years ago, a man from Earth ended up on his very own planet, he had no idea how he or his few people came to be there, but they were, and that was where they stayed. Originally there had only been six of them, but now there were hundreds, because they had mated quite a bit to populate the planet. There had been only one girl at the time, but she was kept pregnant the entire time she lived, she was kept cozy and comfortable as much as possible, but she was always pregnant. The man and the others with him were all special though, they were not straight, they did not even like having sex with the woman, but they had no choice if they wanted to survive. No, these men were boy lovers, in fact, they had been on a plane that was bound for somewhere that promised them boys galore to enjoy. The plane they were on had been hit by lightening half way there, roughly in the center of the Bermuda Triangle, and then something happened, and they ended up on a small planet that they did not recognize.

That was a few hundred years ago, and that man was still alive, all of them were. The man who came to be in charge was named Ralph, he was the smartest person there, he knew almost everything that they needed to know to survive their first few years on their new home, so he was elected King, and he has stayed in that same position ever since. He was a good ruler, kind, generous, and loving to a fault, but he also took nothing for granted. He was the one who commanded that their sole female companion be kept pregnant so as to help populate their fertile lands with boys to help out in all ways. She at first did not like the idea of being a baby factory as she put it, she had just been a boy lover sympathizer flight attendant, but King Ralph gave her an ultimatum, live or die. He had no real love of women, the few women that had been in his life had screwed him up pretty good, so he was not going to put up with her shit, and he told her as much.

None of the men cared for having sex with her either, none of them were straight of course, but they understood seemingly far better than she did that their only hope for real survival was to have more people. It took almost ten years for them to realize that something was odd though, none of them were aging, and the children that they bore also aged very slowly, yet seemingly faster than the adults were. By the time the first boy reached the age of eight years old, it of course still took nine months to have a baby, and it had been almost a year before they started having sex with the woman, the boy looked to be no more than two years old. As soon as baby boy number one was out, once again the mother of their civilization was bred to produce more. Over the next several years, she was kept pregnant, and amazingly enough, all babies born were boys. Their first girl was not born for almost twenty years, and then their second at thirty years. This seemed to be the norm for the planet though, approximately fifteen boys to a girl, and that worked out just fine for the men as well.

The babies were very lovingly raised, but they were taught instead of how they had themselves been taught, that boy love was how it was, and that having sex with a man was the best thing there ever could be. Their very first boy was started down the roads of love when he was about the same age as the average four year old, which actually put him nearly sixteen years old, they trained him slowly, just pleasing him tenderly, having him reciprocate, and he did so happily. All the boys that were born were treated the same way, and the girls stayed with their mom, so that she could watch over them. This went on for hundreds of years, and when a boy reached the true age of ten, he stopped aging as quickly, and started aging as slowly as everyone else there. They were somewhere around seventy years old though by that time in real age, but they decided to gauge everyone on their physical age. A child under the age of ten aged at approximately three to four years to one physical year, it depended on the boy, but then they figured the older the person got, the slower they aged, at least that had been how it was.

The girls also seemed to age the same once they were about twelve, except they matured a bit faster, so were actually older than their male counterparts at the same actual age, so simply put, a twelve year old girl was actually only thirty years old or so, but then she stopped aging as quickly, same as the boys did, and then they became the same for the most part. Almost every girl was ready to start having babies by the time they were twelve, some were ready at eleven, but they all had to start having babies just the same as their mother, and they too stayed in the comfortable home that had been built for them. The men were always careful to make sure that inbreeding would never be a problem, meticulous records of who sired who were kept, to be sure that their gene pool was always kept nice and clean. So, the fate of any female born was simply to make babies, nothing more, nothing less, and they learned to accept this, but the mother of them all took time, because the threat stood, and she was never to instill this upon the daughters, because then she would be killed, King Ralph had informed her of this.

The planet was similar to the Earth that they were used to in a few ways, but was so very different in so many others as well. It was a very small planet, maybe the size of Earth's moon, had only one large land mass, approximately the size of Australia, there were many small mountains on the land, but none were too large. The days were about twenty six to twenty seven hours long, but given all their electronics died when they ended up on the planet, they were uncertain as to exact times. They figured fairly accurately though how long the day was, and the night lasted somewhere between four and six hours, depending on the time of the year. The reason for the length of the day as compared to the night though was mostly due in part to the simple fact that the planet orbited two suns, or more accurately orbited one sun, while another was close enough to throw a very large amount of light towards their planet.

With two suns lighting up their planet, it was understandably warm on the planet, so therefore the inhabitants of the planet learned to cope with the heat, mostly by wearing very little, and very light weight clothes, but always wore enough outside to prevent getting burned by the suns. The animals on the planet too had adapted to the heat in just such a manner, and there was a large assortment of animals as well. While the people named the animals the same things as they had been used to seeing on Earth, the animals on this planet were in most cases far from what they were used to seeing.

Horses were a six legged creature with a scaly skin but no actual hair, similar almost to a reptiles skin, yet quite soft to the touch. They were reasonably well mannered, but took a bit to break and train. Once trained though, horses became very loving and reliable animals, capable of carrying great burdens, or pulling almost anything you asked them to. While similar in size, if only compared with Earth's larger breeds, they were considerably stronger. They too were herbivores, eating mainly grasses and leaves, but were known to eat branches and other assorted things as well if they were hungry enough.

Chickens were actually a fairly fearsome creature, standing roughly one and a half meters tall, feathered wings that were too small to fly, a beak with some of the nastiest looking teeth imaginable, talons on its feet that put obsidian to shame, and a demeanor that really made you not wish to mess with them. The people did find though that the chickens eggs were absolutely delicious, and huge too, one easily fed six to eight people, but getting them was a chore and a half. Taming the animals was impossible, they were blood thirsty creatures that would rip a full grown man limb from limb if given only half the chance, but fortunately none of them had ever found out from experience, only saw it from watching the beasts hunt. Fortunately they were not overly strong, so a good sturdy fence and gate was capable of holding them in place, so instead of trying to find the eggs, they found and kept the chickens instead, it was safer that way, knowing exactly where the damned things were. This of course meant that they had to feed the voracious appetites of these things though, but better that than chancing on one of the bloody things in the woods.

Sheep were roughly the size of a average pony, had long pure white hair on them, similar almost to that of a woolly mammoth, they were quite gentle creatures, and produced almost all the milk that the people drank. Their hair was perfectly suited for weaving, and because it was so fine, almost as fine as silk, and such a pure white, it could be made into very fine garments that could be died any number of colors.

Goats were small creatures that were roughly the size of a medium sized dog. Also fairly tame, they were actually omnivores, so they would eat almost anything that they came across. They were the true scavenger of the planet, eating anything they could get at, plants, smaller rodents and insects, or things that were not even really edible too. Their milk was also used, but given its more bitter taste, it was used mostly in cooking and cheese making, because it did make a most excellent bitter cheese, and when well aged, was simply amazing.

There was nothing that they called a cow, but there was something that they thought looked an awful lot like a buffalo, just a bit bigger, Their fur was also pure white, but was thick and soft, and absorbed huge amounts of water. These animals seemed to prefer staying near to the lakes and the rivers, often going for swims and soaking up huge amounts of water to keep them cool for long periods of time. They also figured that the animals must also get the water that they needed to drink from their skin in this manner, because it was a very rare thing indeed to see one of them drink. They ate only grass and small plants on the ground, they were much too large and cumbersome to get anything else. Their fur was also shaved off and used for cloth, but they had to be careful not to take too much off, or they would accidentally kill the animals from overheating them. This they learned after their first few that they shaved, but they did at least use the meat, something that they all enjoyed a great deal as well, and this was their main source of meat.

The fish in the lakes and ocean were amazingly similar to that of the ones on Earth, but they tasted better and were generally larger. Any time that they went fishing, they always brought in more than enough to feed all of them, and then some, so that made it nice and easy.

There were also an assortment of other wild animals, a few looking similar to cats of various sizes and styles, a couple types of monkey looking animals, and a number of different reptiles, rodents, and insects. Most of these though were of no concern to the people, since they were neither edible or useful in their daily lives.

The plants though were very different in almost every way. Fruits and vegetables that looked nasty were the best tasting things that they had ever tasted, and the ones that looked like they might be good turned out to be either horrible tasting and or poisonous. There were a few close calls in the early years, but thankfully they were smart enough to watch what the animals would eat, and once they were certain something was relatively safe, they attempted a small taste. Of course, as with Earth animals, they are often capable of eating things that humans are not, so there were a few bouts of nasty sickness while the body purged the toxins, but there were thankfully no fatalities.

The favorite plant on the planet had to be something they called a peppermint tree, it was a very large tree, large leaves, and smelled so sweet that you just wanted to eat it all. It bore a small pink fruit that had spikes on it, but the meat inside was so delicious that everyone just had to have it. The leaves could also be be pressed or steamed for many different applications. The oil was used for soothing baths, cooking, massaging, and was even a leading ingredient in the lube they made. It was steeped and drank as a tea, very refreshing, especially when iced, or it was boiled and made into a jelly or for use in an assortment of different deserts. The wood from the tree was also beautiful to burn, giving off a very pleasant smell that was very soothing.

On their flight they had an assortment of different fresh fruits, which were promptly seeded and planted in small groves, and these took right away and grew into large healthy trees. They had apples, oranges, bananas and peaches. These were of course only a few of the fruit trees that were on the planet, because there were many others, but almost half of them were poisonous to the people.

The vegetables and leafy greens were also plentiful on the planet, there were large natural gardens of all sorts of different plants, bearing all sorts of different foods for them to eat, and most of these were good, but there was one they called cabbage that gave nasty stomach cramps.

Given that the planet was so well heated from the suns, heating their houses was little to no concern, they had no winter, and the little rain they ever got rarely cooled it down. They did have need of fires though for cooking, but all cooking was done in outdoor kitchens, so as to not heat up their houses too much. These kitchens though were just a covered deck, an extension of the house, just with no walls. The only other thing they needed heat for was for hot water, for their baths and for other essential things such as that. This was helped by the fact that the ground itself stayed quite hot. It took many years to figure it all out, but they made pipes that were plumbed as deep into the ground as they could get, and then using water that was heavy with salt from the ocean, they circulated it through tanks that were also kept buried in the ground, and then water was stored in there and used as needed. They had no electricity, so everything was powered either by wind or by rushing water. Usually two to three houses would share one hot water system, and because they used large tanks and the system was very efficient, they never had to worry about anything.

Once again, due in part to the large amount of natural light that they had, they did not need lights. Even during the night it was still light enough to see by, similar to a bright moon lit night. Each house was built with shutters in the roofs and were controlled by cables to allow light in or to block it. Their windows also helped, and the glass was almost the exact same as that that was on Earth, made the same way, from the same product, but it was different, stronger, and easier to make. The raw sand had a lower melting point, so it was easier to make, but once it re hardened into their glass, it was amazingly strong. The glass workers were also known to make beautiful crystals from the glass, and when cut just right, they could create vivid lights for the ceilings, so these were now most commonly used.

When they first arrived on the planet, they started off by just building a couple small huts, but once they realized that there would never be any hope of getting off the planet, seeing as how they had no idea how they ended there in the first place, they started building a large castle. It took many years to do, but the materials they used were amazingly easy to work with, natural stone and clay, so they did not too bad. It took almost twenty years to complete, but they did it, and then they started building their houses, but these were smaller and took less time. As the children started getting older though, they were able to help out as well, so every house went just a little faster, but they still took a couple years each to build. As their population grew of course, they required more and more houses, but they often favored going with larger houses with more rooms, so that more people could live in them.

With as hot as it was during the days, it was not a very common thing for it to rain at all during the day, and most of the time it rained during the slightly cooler hours of the night. However, the odd tropical like storm would flow in from the ocean during the day, and everyone had to be certain to stay inside, because such storms could be quite violent. There was usually plenty of warning though to tell them that such a storm could be building, because they could see the very dark clouds building off in the distance, as well the water on the beach became very choppy and the waves grew larger. Snow was something that not one person ever saw on this planet, it was just much too warm for that. They were essentially a tropical rain forest, just without the heavy daily rains, instead it was usually once or twice a week during the night. Given how hot the ground was, it was actually somewhat of a surprise to not find a volcano, nor had they ever heard or felt anything that was anywhere near to a volcanic reaction, so they figured that the ground just held the heat from the sun very well.

The water on the planet was also very warm, and it took a long time for the new inhabitants to get used to drinking warm water, because even the water from the wells they dug was just as warm. Most of the water they drank though came right from the river, they had built a raised water way to bring the water right to them and they harnessed this as well for powering the few things that they needed, like the circulating pumps for their hot water systems and the grinding stones to their grain mill. Water was also stored in a large water silo that had taken years to build, so that they always had lots of pressurized water for their showers and baths and other such needs. This was built right in the center of their small town so that they could all more easily use it.

Each and every house was even built with a fully functioning bathroom, including toilet. With the running water that they had, they were able to flush their toilets with no problem at all. The waste water and sewage was piped down to a large pit that had been dug down the hill from where they lived. It really was a fully functioning city, but it took many many years to build.

The planet was thankfully home to many natural resources that helped the new people to build all that they needed to survive in comfort. There were raw metals that were strong and durable, yet easy to work, there was the sand for glass, trees that were amazingly strong yet light, clay that fired beautifully and harder than anything on Earth, and of course there was the ocean salt. The ocean was roughly five times saltier than that of Earth's oceans, and they were able to steam extract it with ease, and this was what they used for a number of purposes. This salt also had a lower boiling point, which made it perfect for their hot water harnessing system that they devised. It was the salt in the water that actually made it almost uncomfortable to swim in the ocean, at least for longer than for just a few minutes. As of yet though, no one had found anything on the planet that would be anywhere near to a precious metal or stone, but no one really cared any about that. There was also almost everything else there that they could possibly need, so they used it as well, but they were careful to always use and reuse everything that they could. They were always careful to not pollute their new home as much as possible, so they reused and recycled everything that they possibly could.

As time went by, they each took on different jobs, doing the different trades that they needed in order to survive. At first it took a long time to do anything at all, simply because there were not enough people to do everything that they needed, but eventually it got easier. As children were born and they got old enough, they too started learning everything that they needed to be able to help, and help they certainly did. It took a good couple hundred years for them to became a fully functional and thriving community, they were a small people, but they had everything that they could ever want or need. For the next couple hundred years, they concentrated on building up and populating the planet so that they would more easily survive. Once they hit a few hundred people, they became less strict on breeding, going from each female had to stay pregnant at all times, to having only one baby every five years or so.

They have now been on the planet for nearly five hundred years, King Ralph looked to be no older than the average eighty year old man, he knew he was getting older, and that he could not last forever, so his son would eventually take over when he passed on, the very first boy to have been born of his seed to the planet, which was aptly named, Planet Boylove. Early on in their lives, they started building their home, they had many natural resources to use, namely large stones and clay that were hard yet easy to work. At first they only had rudimentary tools to work with, but as time went on, they were able to forge new and better tools, and eventually they had everything that they could possibly need. King Ralph had known how to make all sorts of different things, and as soon as they had the ability, and the materials to do so, they made everything that they needed to be happy.

Ralph junior, or Prince Ralph was just as smart as his father was, and he had made some improvements to their way of life once he grew up a bit more. He, like almost all the men there, liked to see their young boys in diapers, and truth be told, he liked them as well, and so did a couple of the older men. So, with that being known, Prince Ralph had designed a new diaper that was far more comfortable than the cloth that had been used up until that time. They were still a cloth diaper, but they were an all in one design, thinner, yet thirstier, and had easy open holes in two key areas. This was of course not the only thing that was designed to make loving of the boys easier and more enjoyable, because a number of things were developed, including a lube that had the extract of a plant in it that increased the great feelings, as well as just a tiny hint of another plant that had a numbing effect, but lasted only a few minutes.

Each and every boy grew up learning the joys of gay sex, they all loved it, craved it, needed it to live. The men of course were all too happy to learn that their boys would stay boys for so many years, because then they would have years and years to enjoy. Of course learning that they too would live for years and years had not been taken as being bad at all, in fact, they enjoyed this fact a great deal. Of course, as time often does, it eventually caught up to them, and the original six all started dying off. The oldest one was the first to go, and that had been the mother, and that had been a sad day, because all the others knew that their time would also be coming to an end soon. A few years later, the next of them passed away, then the next, until finally only King Ralph was left of the original inhabitants. The day did finally come though that he succumbed to old age as well, and that day truly was the saddest of all yet. Large memorials had been held for the passing of each person, but Prince Ralph, or now King Ralph the second held such a huge memorial for his father, their much beloved and aged king, that the party had gone on for three days.

It had been the wish and the desire by everyone that no matter how sad you were that you were not to mourn the passing of another, because life had to end, they all knew this, so they all felt that a party to say goodbye was the best way to do it, and such a party had there never been before as for the passing of King Ralph. Every boy was there, dressed in only a diaper and a small slip, sheer, but in varying colors, or some multicolored. Only once you reached the age of twenty were you allowed to wear pants, but there was only a few dozen of them, and most of them still wore less, but they all wore diapers no matter what they wore as well. They had come to an agreement about age though, that they would count one year for every five actual years after you reached the age of ten, which did vary for each boy, but they knew when that day was, because that was the day each boy came for his first time and sprayed his thin seed into someone's mouth.

Chapter 1

“Boys and men of Planet Boylove, it has been a busy three days of celebrating the life of my father, our King, but it is time to get back to our lives and get back to work. It has been a beautiful memorial to send a man that we all loved more than life itself into his final resting place, but three days is enough. You are to all go home and get some sleep and then tomorrow, we must go on. Tomorrow afternoon I will be holding interviews to find suitable servants for myself, as almost all the castle servants have reached the maximum age, but those who have not, may of course feel free to come for an interview as well.” King Ralph called out to his people.

A cheer rose up and it lasted for a good ten minutes before King Ralph raised his hands to quieten everyone down. As soon as everyone was quiet, he politely told them to all go home, so they did. The next day would be a busy day for King Ralph, because he really did have to find all new servants for the castle. It was the servants' job to keep the castle clean and inviting, the food cooked, and the king happy above all else. Every boy in the land wanted this position, for it was the very best position there was, but only the most beautiful boys, the most willing boys ever got the position. The rest got to be shared amongst the rest of the men.

The boys may have been servants to their men, but they were never treated as such, they were treated as family, and not in every case they actually were. Many of the boys never knew who their fathers really truly were, nor did the men really ever know who their sons were, they did not care, they were all family, and that was all that mattered, so as such, the boys were treated with the utmost of respect and love. From the age of four, the boys started learning the arts of being a servant, and got to serve their fathers and the other men, and they were all very happy to be doing so. The boys received just as much from the pairings as their men did, they learned love and sex, they learned a craft or more, they learned everything that they would ever need to know.

The boys though that were lucky enough to become servants of the castle, their lives were even better yet. The king was known to lavish on his boys gifts and treatments that made all the other boys jealous, but they enjoyed hearing the stories, and the castle boys enjoyed spending time with their friends on their days off and telling them of life in the castle. King Ralph the second was undoubtedly going to be much the same, because rumors of how well he treated the castle boys when he was a prince were far and wide, and all good, very good in fact if you asked the boys. The boys must not be over the age of fourteen though, that was a stipulation, and as soon as they turned fourteen, they had to step aside for a new boy, of whom they got to personally choose and groom, this job usually took about a year to do, but what a year the retiring boy would have, because he had a non stop boy at his beck and call. Afterward the boy would then get to start helping to raise and teach the younger boys, as well as start working. Once he became a man, he was then allowed to have a boy or two of his own as well, but it was well known that no boy of any age was without companionship, because they all enjoyed helping each other out, no matter what, and of course, boys who lived with one man did not only ever just stay there, it was widely accepted, even encouraged that the boys traded places every so often, just for fun, and the men never complained.

The next day King Ralph was up bright and early, very excited. He changed his diaper, something that he had rarely ever had to do himself, but he had no servants at the moment, so he had to. He noted how wet he was with a smile, and put on his new diaper and his robe, and then exited his bed chamber. He headed down to the kitchen, where there were at least a couple young boys still there to help out, until he got his full personal servant staff again. They greeted him happily enough, hoping that they would once again be chosen for castle duty. They made the king a great breakfast, but unlike normal, the boys did not go and sit next to the king, or on his lap, they had not yet been chosen as castle boys, so they were not allowed to, yet. Such were the rules, you could not do anything to the king until you had been chosen, and to be chosen, meant that you were also chosen to be a kings servant, a very lofty position. King Ralph really hated this this morning, because there was nothing he wanted more right now than to take one of the very cute little boys onto his lap as he ate and have him ride him slowly until he spewed forth a large kingly load deep inside the little boy. Sadly, that would not happen until the following morning, so he held off.

For the rest of the day until the interviews were held, King Ralph did his required rounds of their quaint little city and talked to everyone he knew, which was of course everyone. They all told him how their day was going, what they wanted or needed, and he told them the same. They all worked together for the good of each other, helped each other out, and they all did so with no money of any sort. It was the kings job to make sure that everyone pulled his own weight to help everyone out. Not even the king himself was exempt from this job, because he too had a job to do, a very important one. He was the designer of things, or in the case that someone else came up with a good idea and or how to make something or make something better, it was his duty to put it into action. It was also his duty to make sure that everyone was happy and healthy, that no boys were ever being mistreated in any way, because that would lead to punishment. No abuse was ever to be handed down to a boy unless they had written consent of the king, and it had damn well better be for a large transgression that you request punishment. That however was a very rare thing, because most punished their boys in ways that hurt them far more than giving them the belt or putting them in the stocks in the middle of the courtyard, no, for the boys, punishment usually consisted of denying them any sexual fun for a day or two, maybe more if they had been truly bad. This was normally more than enough to curtail any sort of misbehavior, and the king smiled when he entered one shop to find a boy, standing in a corner, his diaper being just pulled back up, the hint of a chastity device just seen as the diaper slipped up over it. The boy was then turned around to face the corner and told to stay there.

“So, what did he do?” King Ralph asked.

“He accidentally broke something after repeated demands that he stop fooling around and get back to work. I threatened him with three days of no sex, and he continued to fool around. The problem is, if I didn't know any better Sir, I'd say he enjoys getting restrained like this for a few days at a time given how often he misbehaves.”

“You remember how bad you were when you were his age John, I remember you getting the restraint at least a few times a year for at least five years, you just had too much energy, and not enough brains at the time to calm down.” King Ralph laughed.

“Too true, but I tell you, the first time after each punishment sure was great. Although, it sure was torture to have to wait three days to get to cum again.” He laughed as well.

“Don't I know it, that was done to me more than a few times as well. Why have you got him in the corner though, that's not like you?”

“Mostly because he defied me point blank, so he gets to stay there until I think he's had enough, which will probably be when he falls asleep. Tomorrow, if he tries the same thing, then he'll get to squat against the wall until he realizes that his goal in life is to learn.”

“Ouch, I hated having to do that. Being the prince sure didn't get me out of punishments like that when I misbehaved, but I guess it's for the best. No one wants spoiled rotten brats running around who think they can do anything they want whenever they want, it's just not good. So, was there anything that you needed today?”

“Very true Sir, hence the reason for the harsh punishment. As for what I need, just some more cloth, as usual. Is there anything that you need?”

“I'll need a new load of diapers once I choose my servants, and I believe you know how I like them. I could also use a couple more for myself, mine are starting to wear out a bit.” John was of course the local diaper maker, he made all the diapers for the entire population.

“As soon as I know who the boys are, I'll get them to you right away. The diapers that they will be wearing will be good enough for the time being I'm sure, as well as I'm sure you have more than enough extras for just in case.”

“Thanks, and yes, but I only have maybe ten spare diapers, in various sizes, so that's definitely not enough, but it'll do until you get me the new ones.”

“And what color would you like your boys' diapers to be? Your father liked purple, but I know your favorite color is red.”

“Yes, I was thinking of going with red for the boys' diapers, so let's do that, please and thanks.”

“You got it your highness.” John smiled.

“Hey, none of the your highness crap, you and I are the oldest friends here, hell, we were the first to fuck each other back all those years ago.”

“True, but you're still king now, so that means we all have to call you your highness, that's the rule, either that or sir.”

“I might just have to change that rule, but I guess it's needed so that people will show the proper respect.” King Ralph sighed.

“Yes, it is. Now, I believe you have other places to be, so you had best be going Sir.”

“Yes, I do, so good day to you, and I will see you tomorrow when you drop off the diapers.”

“See you tomorrow Sir, have a good day, and an even better night.” He grinned, everyone knew the king would not be really up to doing much the next day, because he would be exhausted from exhaustively interviewing his new servant staff.

King Ralph did the rest of his rounds, visiting everyone that he needed to on that day. With as many people as there were now, he would be unable to do it all in one day as his father had been able to do early on in his rulership, but that was okay as well.

Finally the evening arrived, and with it so did fifty boys who were hoping to become the new castle servant staff. The boys were all lined up in the throne room from smallest to tallest, as it always had been, for they did every ten years change the whole staff over, so that almost everyone got a chance at least. King Ralph was sitting on his throne, watching the proceedings of the men who were helping out, trying to get all the obviously nervous boys into position. Once they were all ready, King Ralph stood up, and all went silent.

“Good afternoon boys, I'm happy to see all of you here today. If the men and older boys who are not here to be chosen would please leave the hall, I will get down to choosing the twenty finalists. I will be choosing only ten of you for the position of castle servant staff, so I'm sorry, but approximately forty of you will leave undoubtedly upset. Have no fear though, you will still have a good life.” King Ralph called out, and then waited for the extras to leave the room.

“Good. Now, most of you boys I know well, have even been with a few of you, and many of you are very good, especially with certain parts of your bodies. There are a couple of you that are very young yet that I have not had the privilege of being with, but would certainly enjoy the chance to. Now, because as much as I would really love to do so, I will not be able to personally make love to each and every one of you, so as I am sure you already know, many of you will get to play with each other while I watch, to get a better feel for how well you are in bed, and then of course there are the other tasks, for which I will ask many questions of you in private. Before we start though, are any of you in need of a diaper change, or did you all change into fresh clean diapers before arriving?”

“No your highness.” They all called out clearly.

“Excellent, as it should be. I see that each and every one of you is highly cleaned and well polished, each and every one of you is sparkling and glowing, that is very good. As much as I love your cute little slips, I would ask that you all take them off now, so that you are standing here in only your diaper?”

It took only a few seconds for the boys to all take off their slips, and then they were standing there with their slips in their hands, wearing only a diaper and a smile, most of them extremely happy. A few of the older boys King Ralph could very easily see how happy they were.

“Please turn and put your slips onto the chairs behind you, and then I will come and do the first visual inspection, to start picking who I would like to take with me to the next round.”

The boys did as they were told, and as soon as they were done, King Ralph started at the tallest boy, so that he could work his way down the line to the smallest, and started inspecting them. Each boy he would run his hands down their bodies, feeling each one gently, and then he would slip his hand inside their diaper, and give them a nice feel. For some of the older boys, this was too much, they were just too excited, and they came. If the boy were old enough to spray some sweet cum, King Ralph would be only too happy to pull his hand out of their diaper and lick off the tasty treat. All the way down the line the king went, until he made it to the smallest boy, a boy of about five years old. He came the second the king stuck his hand in his diaper, and collapsed onto the floor twitching.

“Wow, a very hot little boy, aren't you?” King Ralph laughed once the little guy came to again.

“Sorry your highness, I just came off of no sex punishment this morning, so I was really horny.” The little boy said with a tiny grin.

“Ah, I see, and why were you being punished, you naughty little boy?”

“I kept trying to suck my masters dick, even though he expressly forbade me to, because I had work that had to be done.”

“Oh, I see, so you enjoy doing that as often as possible do you?”

“Oh yes sir, every bit as much as every other boy here does I imagine.” he said happily.

“While that may be true, you continued doing so, even after you were forbidden to do so. Most of the others would have at least stopped at that point instead of having to be locked up.”

“True Sir.”

“Very good. If you would all go ahead and pull your slips back on, I am going to go sit down for a few moments and deliberate about whom I will choose to go to the next round for the chance to become castle servants?”

The boys all turned and grabbed their slips, pulled them back on, and then turned and stood perfectly still with warm smiles on their faces, watching and waiting for their king to make his choice. As always, they knew that they only had a one in five chance of being selected, and that forty of them were going to go away unhappy, but they were happy to at least have the chance to be there that day. They stood watching the king as he sat watching them, thinking over who he was going to choose.

“Okay, I have made my choice, it is difficult to choose from so many fine boys, but at this time, I have chosen twenty of you to stay. The rest will then leave the hall and return to their current masters to continue learning to the best of your ability. I will come up to you, and if I touch you on the head, you get to stay, the rest, if you are passed, must fall back and exit the hall silently, please and thank you.”

The boys all understood the rules, so they were not shocked by this, it was just the way it was. King Ralph started at the oldest once again, and worked his way down the line, touching the forehead of each of the boys that he wanted to see in action. Not too surprisingly, but the youngest and smallest boy was chosen to stay, the king liked the looks of him, and loved his character. He would be a tough one at times, but sometimes they were the most fun.

“You boys are truly lucky to still be here. I know you all know the math, and I know you know that half of you are still fated to leave this hall until the next time, or possibly never again, depending on how old you are. That will not mean however that I would not love to have you here any less, for if I had it my way, all of you would get to stay, but I must be fair and let some of the others get to enjoy you as well. You are all beautiful beyond compare, you are all happy to please, and would enjoy being pleased just as much, and the few of you that I have been with before, I know enjoy giving and receiving just as equally. I may be king, but I have certain needs as well, and each and every one of you that gets chosen to stay here for the next ten years, or until you become too old, will get to help me fill those needs, just as I will fill yours as well. Now for the truly fun part, we get to go into the second phase of our interview. I would ask that all of you exit into that chamber, except for the oldest of you, and then as he enters back into the chamber, the next oldest is to enter, so on and so forth, so that I may conduct your oral interview.”

The boys all filed out of the room and into the chamber that the king had instructed them to go into, all except the oldest boy, who stayed exactly where he was, until he was beckoned forth.

“Please come up onto the dais with me and have a seat.” King Ralph requested.

“Thank you your highness.” The boy said and then stepped forth.

“I was pleased that you chose to come forth for the choosing Simon, you are by far one of the most enjoyable boys that I was with when I was a prince. However, do not let that fool you to believe that that means that you will get the position, you have just as much chance as every other boy in that room.”

“Thank you Your Highness, I appreciate the compliment, and of course I would be here, I knew how much you enjoyed your time with me while you were free to do so.”

“That I did. So, other than your bedroom skills, what other skills do you possess, and what have you been trained to do so far?”

“I have been trained as a cook, some medic training, and some diaper making as well. I can run very fast, I can jump very high, I love to hike and play sports, and my favorite thing in the world to do is swim.”

“Excellent. Anything else that I should know about you?”

“Well, I have never been sick, I have never broken anything, I have only seen the medic once, and that was because I got a bloody nose while playing. I poop in the potty, but of course I never pee in anything other than my diaper, that is what we wear them for right. I enjoy doing anything and everything with everyone, except I don't like to be hit, but I do like to be tied up sometimes. I can even take some of the older boys hands inside me now, but not the adults, and the younger kids just feel awesome inside me.” He grinned.

“Excellent, thank you very much Simon, go ahead and join the others and send the next oldest in will you please?” King Ralph asked.

“Thank you Your Highness, I hope to see you soon.”

Simon left the hall and the next boy entered. This was one of the few boys that King Ralph knew very little about, he had never had the pleasure of being with him before, but the interview went well. He went through each of the boys, all the way until the end, the youngest boy of course last.

“And how are you today Matthew?” King Ralph asked as soon as the little boy was seated in the chair for him.

“I'm really good Sir, I'm really happy to be here.” He said giddily.

“I bet. So, how much experience do you have now?”

“Not much yet, I've only been learning for a year now, and I can't take my masters dick in my bum yet, but I really like to suck him. I'm really working though to take a bigger dick in my bum, but so far the biggest I've been able to take was from a thirteen year old.”

“I was a year older than you are before I could comfortably take an adult, there's no shame in that, don't push yourself too far or too fast, or you'll only hurt yourself, and we don't want that. What else do you like to do?”

“I know your Highness, my current master keeps telling me that. I love it when he fingers my bum and uses the smaller toys in it, I love to suck and be sucked, and I really like fucking the other boys and even my master, but I'm too small to really fit in him. I absolutely love it when the older boys fuck me and then pee in my bum, it makes me feel real full, and then they put a small butt plug in me, and that just feels so awesome.” He said happily.

“Ah, I see, one of the many that enjoys pee just a bit more than others do, and that's okay too. And how about messing your diapers?”

“I try not to, but sometimes I still do, especially after getting peed in.”

“Yes, that's easily understood. What have you been trained to do so far, how good are you in that, and what do you like to do?”

“I've been working with the fabric maker for a while now, since I started training, and he says I'm getting pretty good with the loom. He says I still have lots to learn though before I can operate it on my own, and he says that that usually takes a few years. I like to have sex and ride horses and bikes, and I even sorta like swimming, but I can't do it too well yet.”

“Well, we all like sex here on Planet Boylove, that's what we're all about, so that's good. Anything else you wish to tell me?”

“No, I don't think so your highness.” Matthew said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Okay. Then if you would, please gather the rest of the boys from the room, and have them come back in?”

He hopped up immediately and went and got the others. They lined back up the way that they were supposed to, and waited for their king to be ready.

“Excellent. So far all of you boys are doing very well. Now for the bedroom portions of our interview. As all of you know and enjoy, sex is a major part of our daily life here, it is to be embraced, enjoyed, and never abused. We are all going to go to the play room, where we will all get to have some fun. Now, a couple of the younger boys are unable to take larger erections into their bums, so heed their warnings when they tell you no, because, remember, the punishment for raping someone, no matter who they are or who you are, are very severe and prompt. I am certain I should not have to tell you this by now, but I also know how some of you young men can get when you are getting very horny.”

“Yes your Highness.” The boys all said.

“Excellent, now follow me please, and remember this is the only time while I am a king that having sex with you does not automatically enter you in as being a castle servant.”

“We remember your Highness.”

That was one of the rules, all the boys knew it, all the men knew it, and the boys often tried tirelessly to seduce the king to make him waver enough to bend them over wherever they happened to be and get on the servant staff. The king had to be strong, but sometimes the boys were just so tempting, and King Ralph the first had been known to end up with as much as fifteen boys at a time, until they either aged too much or he had to purge. King Ralph led the boys to the play room, where only a couple had ever been before, but all wanted like nothing else to visit. Once there, it was to be an all out sex fest until King Ralph was satisfied.

“Now, as much as I would love to have sex with each and every one of you, that is simply not possible, and I do not wish to tire out too quickly, so you boys get to start, and I am going to watch. Each of you grab a partner and start out with just kissing and touching each other, nothing sexual yet, I want to see how passionate you all are. I may from time to time break a pair of you up and test out your abilities in the kissing department, or I may put you with another boy, but I want to see how well you can kiss and be sensual.” King Ralph commanded.

All the boys smiled widely and scattered to find a boy that they could have fun with. As soon as they were ready to go, they did so, and King Ralph went even harder still in his diaper from seeing the sights. He had never been witness to this, except the one time he tried out to be a castle servant, but he had not made it that time, it was against the rules, only the participants and the king got to bear witness to this. At first it had hurt Prince Ralph's feelings when his own father had not chosen him for castle servant staff, but as his father explained to him, it had been a fair trial, and he had failed in his attempts, plain and simple. Of course, king and son were the only true exception to the rule, the king and the prince could, if they so desired, spend as much time together, doing whatever they wished, and the prince would not automatically become servant staff. This way they could still enjoy a proper father son relationship, and the prince would not immediately get a position that every other boy dreamed of having.

King Ralph watched the boys for almost twenty minutes before deciding to break a few of the boys up and set them with another boy. He chose three pairs and pointed each of the boys to another boy and they went back at it again, all except for young Matthew, of whom King Ralph just had to sample. The boy was so soft and supple looking, and just so damned hot in nothing but his cute little pink slip and nice puffy diaper beneath it. He beckoned the little boy forth, and he grinned widely and accepted the offer. As soon as Matthew was in range, they grasped onto each other, moved so that their lips were pressed together, and young Matthew showed that he was a true artist in the ways of kissing and petting.

“Oh Matthew, I think you should have told me that one of your special skills was kissing, you are an incredible kisser.” King Ralph sighed when he broke their kiss.

“Thank you your highness, that means a great deal to me coming from someone I know has been praised very highly on his kissing talents.” Matthew said brightly.

“I think that should we hold a kissing competition, that you would win hands down. Now, go find your partner again, and continue kissing for a few more minutes, I wish to test out the talents of a couple more boys yet.”

“Yes Sir.” He said happily, and skipped back over to the boy who still had a dreamy look on his face from kissing young Matthew.

King Ralph watched the boys kiss their partners for a few moments more, and then broke a pair of boys up, and nearly scooped a small eight year old boy up into his arms and laid onto the nearly startled boy a kiss that would have melted stone. The boy sure melted though, right into his king, he sighed deeply, and kissed as deeply and passionately as he possibly could. When the king set him down, the young boy sighed sadly, thanked the king for an incredible kiss, and then went back to sharing a tender kiss with the boy he had been kissing.

This went on for another ten minutes or so, the king watching and sampling a few of the delights, and all were very happy. On those that were large enough, you could easily see in their diapers a bulge to show how happy they truly were. Even the youngest of them though were painfully hard inside their diapers, only they were not quite big enough yet to push out a thick cloth diaper enough to be noticed with ease.

“Please break up now boys, the kissing section of your interview has passed, and I must say, the few of you that I personally tested were most excellent, and from what I saw, you are all very accomplished kissers indeed. It is now time to strip off the few clothes that we might be wearing, and start using our hands and mouths in other, more intimate ways, ways of which I am absolutely certain that all of you enjoy just as much as I do.”

The boys all broke out into large grins, stripped off their sheer slips, and helped each other to remove their diapers, for it was almost forbidden to remove your own diaper. Sure, it was not a rule, but no one ever removed or changed their own diaper unless they absolutely had to, why bother when there was almost always at least one willing person around to change your diaper for you, and a diaper change rarely ever lasted less than half an hour, because diaper changes usually led to other fun things. In fact, it was considered punishment for a master to tell one of their boys that they were not allowed to have anyone change their diaper for them.

Once all the boys were naked, they all stood there proudly, showing off their hot young bodies to their king, they all stood in line once again, and King Ralph toured the lineup, once again using his hands to caress and touch each and every boy there. He loved the looks of each of the boys, they were all soft, yet hard, only two of the older boys had the start of a pubic bush going on, but neither were truly hairy. There was nothing at all like obesity on planet Boylove, they all received far too much exercise for that, granted, a good portion of that was in bed. They also got lots of other exercise as well, because they were always very active, so this meant all the boys were lean and fit, toned, and in a few cases even well muscled. Of course, even the youngest of them was about four times older than he looked, so this meant a lot of time was spent staying in shape.

“Very nice boys, you're all very beautiful, amongst the best there are. Of course, all boys are beautiful, especially Planet Boylove boys, we make only the most beautiful boys there are here, but you truly are the best there is. I personally cannot wait until I get to taste and test each and every last one of you. For the first act, none of you are to do any touching, I wish to suck each one of you to orgasm, then after that, I wish to see you all sucking each other, so that I may see how well you can do that. Please go ahead and lay down on one of the comfy cushions, and I will do my utmost to make you feel pleasure the likes of which you have never known?”

The boys all scattered and claimed a cushion of their very own, there were exactly twenty of them, so each boy had one. King Ralph did not do this in any particular order, he just headed towards the boy nearest him and sank down on his knees and inhaled the nine year old boys pulsing young erection into his mouth and sucked him for all his worth. He did anything and everything that he knew to make the cute boy feel only the best feelings, and the boy was whimpering and moaning the entire time. With a giant shudder and a deep satisfied moan, the boy came, and quite powerfully as well.

Down the line King Ralph sucked each and every boy, making each and every one of them feel the same feelings. He was a true artist in the ways of oral pleasure, he could make boys feel things they had never felt before, and he enjoyed this a great deal, as did all the boys for sure. He enjoyed the taste of the cum from the seven boys that were able to provide him any of the thing he loved most of all, but the most intense orgasm had to have come from their youngest member, Matthew. He was a real little firecracker to say the least, and when he came, he had the longest lasting and the most powerful orgasm of all the boys there. He quaked and quivered, and he was so very vocal during his blowjob and subsequent orgasm, that it actually made a few of the older boys chuckle. Each and every one of the boys there could not wait until they got to try sucking him as well, because they wanted to cause that sort of reaction in him. Only one of the boys there had ever sampled the boy, so the rest were in for a real treat.

“You boys taste great, especially the ones who were able to provide to me a nice taste of cum. Next I want you to break into pairs again, and show me your skills in the arts of oral attention. I will ask only two of you to give me any attention during this time, which I am sure will last a couple hours, but who gets to suck me will depend wholly on how well you suck each other. So, please get started.”

The boys broke off into pairs again, none of them taking the same boy or boys that they had already been with. They got right down to sucking each other, and King Ralph had the great pleasure of getting to watch all those very cute young boys sucking each other. He was extremely hard now, he was dripping a near steady supply of precum, and he knew that he had to choose the boy he wanted, and soon, before he wasted a perfectly good load of cum on the floor in what would be a monumental spontaneous orgasm. Once again, it was a sad thing to waste a perfectly good load of cum, each and every boy and man on the planet always helped each other, and every load was taken in in some way or another, but never one was wasted. Wet dreams were of course almost non existent, because the boys were always kept well drained, so no worries there.

King Ralph chose his first boy, the one who seemed the most eager to please his partner, the one ho seemed to be doing the best, and once again, he was surprised to find that this had to be Matthew. The boy was just a little sex kitten. He tapped the young boy on the shoulder, and he looked up, grinned with the dick still in his mouth, and did something that made the boy in his mouth explode. He screamed almost loud enough to be heard outside the play room. Matthew sucked back the nice tasty load the boy gave to him, disengaged from his chore, knelt and grinned at the king while licking the stray cum from his lips. King Ralph beckoned him over to a cushion that was not currently being used, laid back, and Matthew got to work right away.

King Ralph was only half way surprised that Matthew could take him in all the way without gagging at all, most boys learned how to suck a big dick quite early on. Most boys Matthew's age though had a hard time taking such a large dick all the way down, but Matthew did without problem. The king moaned deeply, he was truly enjoying the feel of the young boy sucking him, he was just as good at sucking as he was at kissing, and higher praise the king could not give. He wondered just how good the little boys bum would be once he was finally able to take it. King Ralph vowed though that this little boy was destined to be one of his precious castle servants, and that he would be the first adult to penetrate the young boy. In fact, no one else would get the chance after today until he himself had broken through the boys barriers and entered him fully.

With this final thought passing through his head, King Ralph grunted deeply, and unleashed a torrent of cum that would surely have caused the boy to drown had he not been such a good cock sucker, and realized what was happening. He swallowed every last drop of cum, but kept the last volley in his mouth to savor it. As soon as the king was done firing, the little boy pulled off and made a show of savoring the last little bit and swallowing it all down.

“Wow, that was incredible Matthew.” King Ralph sighed.

Every boy in the room knew right then and there that Matthew was definitely going to get to stay on, but none of them were jealous of him, because they all wanted him as well. Within just a few more minutes, the last of the boys came, there were moans, groans, sighs, and screams all throughout the room, it sounded great. They all laid back and rested for a few minutes, King Ralph taking the longest, he actually felt more drained from being sucked once by Matthew than he normally felt after a few hours of raw sex.

“Okay boys, switch partners and continue on please?”

The boys quickly traded places with their partner and the suck fest continued on. King Ralph sat this entire round out, not even moving at all, just watching the boys have their fun. After the boys all came again, they were informed to change partners and start over again. He knew the boys would be able to do this without problem, many a servant interview at the castle went on all night, but the boys knew and expected this. The boys all traded partners again twice more before King Ralph decided upon his second boy to suck him off. Once the boy that he had been sucking was done, he went and tapped the boy on the shoulder and beckoned him over, and the boy happily followed and sunk to his knees as soon as he was able to. He was good, there were no doubts there at all, but he was still not half as good as Matthew was, yet he had to have been the second best in the room from what the King saw. Every boy that Matthew had sucked had nearly been floating by the time the little boy was finished, he was that good.

As soon as King Ralph exploded, he slumped back down and instructed the boy to rejoin the rest of the group, and they all sucked each other for another half an hour, through two more sessions. King Ralph stayed sitting where he was and watched for the rest of the time.

“Okay boys, time to diaper each other once again and go get ourselves something to eat and drink, because I know full well that many of you need to pee and all of you will be getting very hungry by now. The cooks I'm sure will have a banquet fit for our deeds ready by now.”

The boys cheered, they were starving, they were bursting, and they were even getting tired, although not one of them would admit that. The break would do them good. They went and retrieved their diapers and diapered someone else, and then King Ralph beckoned a boy over to diaper him. They all put on their slips, although King Ralph was in a robe, and then headed next door to the banquet hall. There they found a large table filled with all sorts of delicious looking and smelling foods, there were three different types of meats cooked to perfection that the hunters had brought in that morning, there were fresh fruits and vegetables brought in from the gardens probably only an hour ago, there were treats baked to splendid consistency, and then there was the drink. There was no alcohol on the planet, none wanted their senses dulled in the least when they could feel the highest of highs just from having sex. Their drinks though were some of the finest drinks ever known to mankind, the fruits of the world afforded this in bountiful measure. Even the apples and oranges that were grown from apple and orange seeds that had been on their flight tasted better on this planet.

Everyone was used to eating like this already, the castle did not receive the finest of everything, everyone got to share in everything, so they were used to this already. What they may not have been used to though was an all you can eat buffet such as this. Normally the boys ate about five or six times a day, just very small meals, this way they kept their energy up, nor did they often receive cakes and pies or other such treats, they were usually reserved for special occasions, well, the king felt that this was just as good as any reason for this sort of treat, so the kitchen had been instructed to bake to their hearts content. All of them dug in and ate plenty of food to regain their energy, because they had worn off a good portion of it already, and there was still plenty of time left to them.

As soon as everyone had had their fill, they all sat back and chatted happily with whomever happened to be sitting next to them. They sat and talked in the banquet hall for a little more than an hour after eating, which meant that they had spent nearly two hours in there by the time all was said and done. King Ralph finally instructed everyone to go ahead and head back to the play room, so they all did.

“Excellent, now that we all have our energy restored, we've allowed more than enough time for our food to settle, and everyone's diapers have been well wet, I say it's time to move onto our next phase.” King Ralph called out as soon as everyone was there and waiting.

“Shall we remove our diapers your Highness?” One of the older boys asked.

“No, I don't think we shall, at least not yet. No, now I believe that it is time that all of you get to show me how well you can use your hands. I am going to lay back on the bed here, and one by one, you get to finger my ass for five minutes. As soon as this is done, then you will get to finger each other. Start from oldest to youngest this time please, and someone please count the time.” He instructed, and then laid down on the high bed, or low cushion topped table, whichever you preferred to call it.

The boys lined up in their position, the first boy came up, opened the rear hole in the kings diaper, grabbed the lube, coated two of his fingers, and then very gently probed the hot moist hole inside, and slid his fingers in deeply. Every boy on the planet learned this from the time they were about two equivalent years old, so it was second nature to them, and as such, they became very good at it. This boy was very good at it, and just as the five minute mark was called, King Ralph was worrying that he might cum from the feelings. The next boy slipped into place, and he was not quite as good, so King Ralph was able to hold his orgasm back. He did not fill his diaper up any more until the fifth boy, he was every bit as good as the first boy was, and King Ralph could hold back no longer. They went on down the line like that, and the incredible cum he had had not all that long before, allowed King Ralph to hold off until the very end, where he learned that little Matthew's talents also laid in his tiny little fingers. King Ralph exploded not one full minute into the fingering, and then came again just as the five minute mark was being called.

“Wow, I've never cum two times in a row so fast in my life, Matthew, you are incredible.” King Ralph panted out a full minute after time had been called.

“Thank you Your Highness, I appreciate the compliment.” He grinned cheekily.

“You must have been a real handful at your old home.”

“No, at least not yet, when I get older I might be a handful, but so far my dick and balls together barely fill two fingers worth.” The little boy giggled, and the entire room burst into laughter, the king was the loudest.

“As true as that statement is young man, you know full well that was not what I was referring to. And now I know full well that you really are a handful as well. You are a mischievous little imp, I have no doubts. Your punishment that you told me about earlier only helps to clarify that even more.”

“I can't help it.”

“And you probably don't want to either, do you?” He laughed.

“No, not really.” Matthew giggled even more.

“Yeah. Well, everyone go ahead and pair off, don't bother to remove your diapers, just finger each other, and have some fun. You will get to switch off every five minutes, but unlike last time, you switch to a different person each time, until each and every one of you has been fingered and each of you has fingered someone else at least twice.”

The boys sounded happy with this, and broke off into groups. King Ralph sat back in his chair once again and watched the proceedings, enjoying the show a great deal. It took a couple hours more for the boys to make it through the rotation twice, but not one of them even thought once about complaining.

“Very well done boys, all of you are amazingly gentle and loving, that's very good. Now you get to try out anal. Older and bigger boys pick out a smaller younger boy, make love to him through his diaper, and then switch. Unfortunately, for most of the younger boys, this will mean that they will have to remove their diapers, and some of the older boys may have to remove one or both of your diapers if you are not quite large enough yet. Matthew, you are the only one that is not yet able to take a full adult penis, so you get to pick out the boy you want, the one you know you will be able to take easily, I do not wish for you to get hurt in the least, so please pick now. Once that is done, the rest of you get to pick who you want.”

Matthew went and picked a very cute looking twelve year old that had a pretty good sized erection, but was still nowhere near as large as he would soon become. As soon as Matthew had chosen his fuck buddy, the rest paired up and they got down to it. King Ralph had to admit that he watched the Matthew pair most of all, to make sure the little guy was not being too over zealous with whom he chose, not to mention, he wanted to know if the little boys bum was just as talented as the rest of him seemed to be. Well, the look on the older boys face as he sank in after lubing Matthew up again said more than just talented, it said the boy he was currently fucking was simply amazing. After watching that pair for a while, King Ralph watched the rest of the boys, and then decided who he wanted to come and fuck him for the first round. As soon as both the boys in that pairing had fired, he went and tapped the boy on his shoulder, and then knelt down on the ground, presenting his ass for the taking.

The thirteen year old boy re lubed the kings ass and fingered him for a few seconds before lining himself up and slipping in all the way. King Ralph was right, the boy was good, and a good size as well. He loved the younger boys for their youthfulness, but there was just something about a really young looking hung boy that really turned his crank, he loved to feel them fill him up, and then really give it to him. The boy sure did give it to him as well, doing his best to make this really count, because he, like everyone else there, knew that this could make or break his appointment to castle servant. He pulled all the way out before sliding all the way back in. Every time he hit bottom, he swirled his hips slightly, to really probe the kings ass, and then pulled all the way out again to repeat the same thing.

The boy lasted at most ten minutes before exploding, and King Ralph was almost not able to hold off himself, because the boy had been really quite good. They both plopped down and panted and sighed for a few minutes, before the boy was instructed to go ahead and rejoin the party. King Ralph watched for a few minutes more before choosing a boy for himself to fuck. As soon as he and his partner were finished, he tapped the boy on his shoulder, and asked if could have this ride. The boy smiled brightly and nodded, saying yes, of course.

The boy laid on his back, pulled his feet up and back and tucked them under his head, and opened himself fully for what was to come. King Ralph fingered the hot young sloppy hole for a minute, and then pulled his erection out the front of his diaper, lined up, and then slipped into the very hot and talented young nine year old bum. He started a good rhythm, not too fast, not too slow, not too deep, not too shallow, and they were both moaning and sighing. Granted, the moaning and sighing in the room was almost becoming deafening. As soon as King Ralph started spilling his seed into the little boy bum he was buried inside, the young boy himself exploded with a mighty cry. They slumped down and panted for a few minutes to catch their breath, and then got up.

The boys were by now all finished their first round, so they all switched, and almost all them had to take their diapers off for the final time. The youngest boys all sunk into the older boys, and then starting fucking away merrily. King Ralph really did want to feel Matthew fucking him, but knew that he could not play favorites, and even though he knew just as well as the boys did, that they all knew he was going to choose Matthew, that did not mean that he could not try another boy right now. So, he chose who appeared to be the next best, and assumed the position. He was right, the little guy was a spirited little fucker, and even though small, he sure knew what to do. This boy was an old six, almost to seven year old equivalence, but still had many months before that day. As soon as the little guy finished his orgasm, King Ralph had not had one this time, he chose another boy to fuck. This was another of the older boys this time, and the boy knelt down and offered his bum. The king took it of course, and did things to it that the boy would dream of for quite some time.

It was not long after this that the boys and the king were done for the day, or the night as it were, because it was well after dark. They were all very hungry again, all were getting very tired, and those that could shoot, were no longer shooting, and even the little guys were starting to burn each time they came now.

“Okay boys, it's about high time we went and got ourselves some more food and drink and a fresh diaper. So, as usual, pair off and diaper each other please, and then follow me.”

They all diapered each other in a fresh diaper that each of the boys had brought, and then they slipped their slips on, and followed the king as soon as he too was diapered and ready to go. Once again they headed over to the banquet hall and ate a hearty meal of all the leftovers that were still there and drank their fill. They sat there once again for about an hour after they finished eating and talked happily, but tiredly about the day. A few of the younger boys were starting to fall asleep in their seats, so the king got everyone's attention.

“Okay boys, I do believe that it is high time that we all headed to bed. You will get to sleep in the play room, there are plenty of blankets in the linen cupboards in there, and then I will sleep in my own bed, alone for the first time in years, how disturbing, and then I will see you in the morning.”

“Your highness, why not take one of us to bed with you tonight.” The oldest boy there asked.

“It is not allowed, for to do so would automatically give you a position.”

“We understand that Sir, we know the rules, but we all know full well that Matthew will be getting a position, and we are all good with that, at least I believe I speak for everyone here, so why not just go ahead and take him to bed with you?” The boy said honestly, and all the other boys nodded.

“You are all very perceptive, that is good, but still, until it is official, it is not allowed, but thank you for the offer.” King Ralph smiled warmly.

“You're welcome your highness, we just don't want you to have to sleep alone if you don't have to.”

“I appreciate it, but let's get you boys all set up and in bed, it has been a very long and tiring day for all, and we need to get to sleep. The morning will be soon enough to decide who gets to stay on, and then I will not need to sleep alone again.”

The king led the boys back to the play room and helped them to all get blankets and pillows enough for all of them. Most of the boys curled up in groups of two to five, and then before the lights were even shut off, almost half of them were asleep. As soon as the lights were turned out, and the door closed, King Ralph headed to his bedroom to go to sleep himself.

It had been a very long few days for him, the day had been very long, and now he had to decide who to keep on. Five of the boys were instant yeses, of that he had no doubt, but how to choose only five from the remaining fifteen, that was going to be tough. He scratched three off right away, but the rest would cause him a tough sleep, but he did sleep.

Morning came, and with it King Ralph woke up and stretched. He got up, went to his private bath chamber and started himself a nice hot bath. As soon as it was filling, he added some scented oils to the water, removed his very wet diaper, and then slipped into the hot soothing water. The sleep had not helped to make the decision that he needed to make, so he hoped the bath would. He decided on a further two that held a lot of promise and were still quite young, and then chose one of the older boys, he would not have as much time, but he figured the boy would still be a great asset. Finally he ended up just mentally throwing darts and picked the final two. Finally with his mind made up, his kinks all worked out in the hot water, and he was now clean as well, because he had done so while thinking, he climbed out of the water and dried off. This too was something that he was not used to doing alone, he was used to having at least two other boys there to help him at all times, or at least once he became an adult. Until then he of course had to help adults do the same things, but then they always helped the boys as well. As soon as he was ready, he went back to his room, put on a new diaper and threw on a robe and went to collect the boys.

“Good morning boys, I trust you all had a good sleep?” King Ralph asked as he entered the play room to find all the boy awake and chatting.

“Yes Sir.” They all chimed at once.

“Excellent. Now, I know that all of you wish to know who I've chosen, but before we do so, it is customary to have breakfast first. So, once again, follow me to the banquet hall and we will have our breakfast.”

The boys of course knew that this was the rule, but that still did not make it any easier. Most of them had tossed and turned all night long, even with the extreme sexual exhaustion, they were still too excited to really sleep. They wanted to know if they got the position or not, and they wanted to know now. Matthew and a couple of the other boys who were certain that they had made the cut slept well, but not the rest. They all headed to the banquet hall, and once again the tables were laden with food and drink, this time it was breakfast foods. There were eggs done in five or six different ways, and these were not just ordinary chicken eggs, the chickens of this world would rip your head off if given only half the chance, and they were roughly about ten times the size, so therefore so were their eggs. They were however the best eggs on the planet bar none, just really dangerous to get, and the breeders of them had to be tough. There were pancakes and crepes and waffles, there was berry sauce and whipped cream to go on all of them, there was fried potato like things, although they still called them potatoes, because they were almost the exact same, just a better flavor, especially when fried. They had it all, and as usual, the boys gorged themselves on the wonderful food. They did need it though. As soon as they were all finished eating, King Ralph stood and gathered all the boys' attention.

“Now boys, ten of you are about to get some bad news, but I don't want for you to take it as bad news, even though I know you will, just as I did when I was in your position. You all know that there were only ten spots to be filled, and there are twenty of you here, so therefore ten of you have to go. It was a wonderful night, and one day I hope to test you once again, but here are the boys who get to stay and serve the castle.” King Ralph said, and then recited the list of boys that were to stay on.

The boys took the news well, if not a bit sad for those that were not getting to stay on, but they graciously shook the hands of the boys who got to stay. King Ralph then gathered them up, took them out to the main chambers after changing each of their diapers for the now cleaned ones, theirs were cleaned during the night, thanked them once again for coming and trying out, and then they were off. He headed back to the banquet hall and gathered his new boys.

“Now boys, as you all know I'm sure, getting to be on castle duty is not a free ride, there are just as many chores here as there are anywhere else, but you do get better than most because you got chosen to be here. Over the next several days you and I will get to know where your strengths lie and what your main duties around the castle will be, but for now, you will all rotate as to who does what and when. You will all make up a schedule of what is to be done and when, as well as by whom, and as always, there is to be no arguments or fighting, because to do so could get you kicked out of your position, and I do not believe that any of you wishes to have that happen. A schedule of all the tasks is kept in the kitchen at all times, but as always, expect that some emergency can and will pop up and will need to be taken care of right away. As soon as you are all running somewhat smoothly under my guidance, I will select a leader out of you, and then that person will see to it that all chores are being done, and that everyone is pulling their own weight.”

“Now, same as I'm certain that you're already used to, sex may only happen in times when you are not supposed to be doing something else, even I am not immune to that, I cannot just stop and bend one of you over and have my way with you at any given time, we all have certain things that need to be done. Of course, I am more flexible in that than you are, and if by some chance I do need a little attention from one of you, I will always ask your team leader who is available for a little attention. My bed of course will never be empty, I could call one or two or more of you for some bedtime fun, of which you then get to sleep with me as well. Sleeping with each other is of course more than allowed, and you'll find there are not enough beds in the servants quarters for you anyway, it's just always been that way, and even still, not all the beds are ever full anyway.”

“Baths are held every morning in my personal bath chamber, all of you are required to join me, at which time we will all clean each other, and sometimes something pops up while in the bath, that is to be expected, and we usually take care of each other well. After bath time is breakfast time, and whomever happens to be on kitchen duty will then have to go get breakfast ready, while the rest of us get a few other morning chores taken care of.”

“Now, we have to call in the previous servants and inform them that their duties are now complete and thank them for their service. They should be waiting in the kitchen, so Matthew, if you would please ask them to join us?”

Matthew smiled brightly and skipped from the kitchen and called for the boys to exit. It was a well known tradition that the goodbye to the staff was another all out orgy of pure pleasure, and was the last time the king could have sex with them, unless they were lucky enough to gain a second term. All the boys filed in a few minutes later and while they smiled, everyone could tell that they were sad smiles, they would miss life in the castle.

“Good morning boys. As you know, your term as castle servants has now officially expired. A few of you tried out for new positions, but for one reason or another you were not reselected this time. This is not something against you, so as always, please do not take it personally. I wish however to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most excellent service that you have given to the castle, to my late father, and even to myself when it was allowed. As a final farewell gift, you get to have as much sex as you can handle with either myself or the new servants, and you will be allowed to do almost anything. The only true exception is that young Matthew here is unable to take larger erections up his tiny little bum yet, so if he tells you that you are too large for him to take comfortably, then you are to leave it at that. As always of course, no means no, and if someone does not wish to be with you for one reason or another, you must respect that. This goes for everyone though, and all know that well. So, please feel free to grab one or two boys who will be to your liking, and feel free to use us to your hearts desire?”

“Thank you your highness, it has been a great pleasure to serve the castle and your father, as well as you when we were given the chance. It is with great sadness that we leave you, but we leave you in capable hands, and mouths, and cute little asses. I for one see one very cute little ass that I soon will be filling up, because he and I have enjoyed each other a few times.” The current leader stepped forth and said. Once again, this was tradition.

“Then proceed.” King Ralph smiled warmly.

For the next several hours, the old servants used and sexually tortured the new servants and the king, and not one of them was unhappy with this, in fact, when they all collapsed a little after lunch time, they were all very very happy indeed. Each person had to have had no less than five orgasms a piece, a few boys were filled with cum and or pee by the old servant staff, and more than a few mouths were used as well, sometimes at the same time. It was a good time had by all, but once they were completely drained, the king stood on shaky legs, got the boys' attention, and spoke.

“Well boys, I hope your send off was enjoyable, because it certainly was for me. Now, please stay and allow my newest servants to cook you lunch. All new servants please head to the kitchen and make lunch? You have one hour to have lunch ready, and then we will be waiting. You will of course join us, so you will have to clean up afterward.”

For the next hour, King Ralph and the servant staff that was exiting sat back and talked happily about castle life and how much the boys were going to miss it. King Ralph smiled warmly to the boys and told them that he would gladly have them back, and some day they should try out again if they were not too old to do so by then, but that once they became too old to be castle servants, that he would gladly find them and fuck them silly as well. He didn't mind his boys a little older, so he was more than happy to do so. The boys were pleased to hear this of course. An hour later they all headed into the banquet hall and sat down. The last of the dishes that were prepared for lunch were just being set down, and then the new servants joined the old and the king, and they ate a nice meal. It was subdued, because everyone knew how sad the old staff was to be leaving, yet they were happy that they had had the chance as well.

“Well boys, I guess this is it. Please go on with your lives, learning just as well as you have here, and you will do just fine. I will miss you, almost as much as I know you will miss this place, but remember, you are always welcome to come back and visit and enjoy the servant staff whenever they are not busy with more important chores, but I am now off limits to you, which is sad to be sure, but that's how it goes.”

“Once again your highness, it was with great pleasure that we served the castle, and we thank you for your kind words and hospitality today. As much as I wish that I could try out once again, I know I am too old now, I have just over a year left before I can no longer be a servant, and that was the reason I did not try out again, same as a few of the others. This was possibly one of the best positions I have personally held, and I will remember it for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything, and good bye.” The leader said, and then he and all the others rose as one from their chairs and filed out of the room. A few of the younger boys could not hold back their tears, and it crushed the king to see it, but that was the way it was. It was designed this way to be more fair to all the boys, but it still hurt to see them go.

“Well boys, it is about time to go clean up the kitchen, and I have some work to do. Find the chore board and start working together to get everything done while playing to your strengths, but do not be afraid to learn either. I will be back in no more than four hours, and dinner shall be ready in five, so you must have that done in time. A normal dinner though is more what you are used to in your previous homes, so nothing quite like what you have experienced these past couple days, because none of us need to eat that well all the time.”

“Yes your highness.” The boys all said as one, and then scurried off to the kitchen to get to work.

King Ralph then started on his rounds, so that he too could get his work done. His very first stop was to John the diaper maker, to put in his order of diapers. John was very happy to see the king and to hear the tales of how the trials went. He was painfully hard the entire time King Ralph told him how it went, and he realized that he was going to have to go and find himself a boy to have a little fun with, because his current boy was still in trouble, and he had no others at the moment, since his other boy was now castle staff, so no sex at all for him any other way. This was a good part of the boys punishment though, because he would be made to stand at the end of the bed and watch while the two or more of them had a great deal of fun, but he was not allowed to. As soon as King Ralph was finished his story, and John had the order for what was needed, he left. John left as well for a few minutes to see if he could find a boy or a trio of them to bring back home for an hour or so worth of fun. That was never a problem on Planet Boylove, the boys were always more than happy to go and have some fun, even more so than the adults were, so he found two boys right away, in fact he had not even had to go anywhere, they were walking past as he exited the house.

King Ralph continued on his journey, seeing how everyone was doing and what all, if anything that they needed. He put in his orders wherever he needed to, and told each of them who needed what and how much, and they all said they would get right on it. Once he was done that, he headed back to the castle to do what little work there that he needed to do, and waited for dinner to be ready. As soon as dinner time came around, he headed to the regular dining hall and took his seat. The very first of their dishes were just being set out, and minutes later the boys all joined their king for their meal.

“This smells very good boys. How did it go today, and do you have any questions so far?”

“Thank you your highness, we hope it tastes as good. There was only a couple minor issues that we ran into, but we all put our heads together and figured it out.” Simon said.

“I'm sure it will Simon, and I'm glad that you were able to figure it out. If you all work together, then you should be able to do that. Tomorrow I will be able to spend more time with you helping you to learn the ropes a bit more, but as you know, today was pretty busy.”

“We don't mind Sir, so it's no problem. Having more help though until we know what we're doing better will be nice though.”

“I am sure it will. Remember though that I did not live in the castle for the most part, so there are even things I do not know about the running of this place, although I am fairly confident that much of what you have to do is pretty routine stuff, and between all of us, I am sure we can figure out how to make things run nice and smooth. Sure, my dad knew that his days were numbered, so for the past couple years he has been teaching me all that he could, but there are still things that I might not know.”

“I'm sure we'll be just fine as well your highness.” He smiled.

“Yes. Well, let's eat now shall we, and then we're going to go sit down for a bit and I want you to all tell me and everyone all about yourselves.”

The boys all nodded at this and they sat there and ate. It was a good meal for sure, a few of the boys were already quite talented at cooking, it was one thing that all boys had to learn, no exceptions, so most would already be starting to get the hang of it. As soon as they were finished, they headed out to a nice comfortable lounge that had enough seats for all of them. There as a nice large fireplace in there, but at that time it was not lit, and the couches were set in a U shape facing the fireplace.

“So, from youngest to oldest, tell everyone a little about yourselves please?” King Ralph asked once everyone was seated and ready to go.

“I guess that means I'm first.” Matthew smiled. “Well, I just turned five years old, my name is Matthew, I love sex so much I miss it when I'm not getting to play, I love to play in the woods and the fields, especially have sex there, and that's about it.”

“And tell everyone what sort of things you like please?”

“Well, other than sex, I like to ride horses and even swim a bit as well, but I'm not all that good yet. I was working with Lars the fabric maker, and I'm getting pretty good with the loom, but have a couple years yet before I could do it on my own. I think that's about all sir.”

“Thank you. Next please?”

“Thank you your highness. My name is Shawn, I'm six years old, and of course I just absolutely love having sex, I think we all do. I like all sorts of different sports, I like riding horses, swimming, hiking, and I was working with the hunters, learning how to hunt and kill wild game for food. I can gut almost all animals now, I can skin all of them, and I'm getting pretty good at shooting the bows. My master said that I was almost ready to go out and hunt down my first animal all by myself.”

“Thank you Shawn, next please.”

“I'm Zane, I'm six years old as well. I worked with the leather worker, so I worked with Shawn a lot, because he was always the one to bring in the pelts. I can cure and tan a hide almost all by myself now, but I still have to have help for the larger thicker ones, because I'm just not big and strong enough for some of them. I really love sex as well, like everyone else, and I like to ride bikes and horses, swim and hike. I don't like the faster sports though, I'm not big or strong enough for them, but I don't think I'd like them even if I was big enough.”

“I'm Pete, I'm seven, I worked with the gardener, and we also went into the woods to collect wild fruits and vegetables as well. I can tell almost all the edible ones from the poisonous ones, and I'm really good at growing things. I like digging and finding things, and I've even worked with the miners a bit, just because I like to do that.”

“I'm Owen, I'm eight, I was with the miner, and I love to dig in the ground and find all the things we need to make all the things we need. Pete and I have worked together a bit, I got to teach him a lot, and in turn, he's taught me some things about how to find edible plants, as well as what to watch out for. I like to swim, and I even made myself a nice raft for going out onto the lake. I enjoy working with the animals as well, and I've even done some learning in the barns with Tony and Tommy.

“Well, I'm Tommy, I'm eight, I was in the barns like Owen said. I love working with the animals, even the chickens, but they can be pretty scary at times. I was almost killed last year when one of the beasts broke out of its pen and charged me. Fortunately I was able to dive into another pen and escape it before it could eat me. I just love working with the horses as well, but I'm too short to brush them without a ladder handy. But then again, so was our master, but the horses are really tall. I love to ride the horses whenever I can, and I enjoy racing them as well, especially the chariot races.”

“I'm Tony, I'm nine, I worked with Tommy in the barns, and I hate the chickens, those things just scare me. I like the other animals though, but the goats and the sheep have to be my favorites. I've learned how to sheer the sheep for their hair, and the weaver comes and gets it from me, in fact Matthew has been the one to do that most of the time for the last year. I just like to work with the animals, nothing much else, except maybe swimming.”

“I'm Skyler, I'm ten, I work with the wagon and harness maker. We make the wagons, chariots, and all the harnesses to hook them up to the horses. I worked in the woods with the wood cutters before that for a couple years, but I wanted to make things more, so that's what I do now. I love to carve wood in my spare time, and I even work with the wood workers from time to time, just because I enjoy making things, but I really love the wagon making, so I'm not leaving them. I like to boat as well, and in my spare time, I've been building a boat, so that I can try and sail away and see what else there is to see. No one else has done that before, so we'll see.”

“Actually Skyler, that is not entirely true. We had one boy try it a hundred years or so ago, he was gone for three years I think, and he never found anything. We live on the only land on the planet, and while it is quite large, there is nothing else that he ever found. You are however more than welcome to try though, who is to say that he was able to fully circumnavigate the entire planet. He did state that our world was quite small though, and from what our astronomers have figured out, it is very small, hence the reason why we have almost no darkness.”

“Oh, I had no idea. Why was I never told this before?”

“Did you ever ask, because while it is well known, many do not bother saying anything, because in most minds it was a failure, but then again, not trying would have been a larger failure?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Then it was your own fault for not knowing. Remember, you are in charge of your own learning in many ways, and if you ask no questions, you will never learn.”

“Thanks your highness.”

“You're welcome. Next please?”

“I'm Kevin, I'm eleven years old, I worked with the wood cutters, so we provided the wood for the fires, for the wood workers and the wagon makers, as well as to anyone else who just needed wood for some reason or another. I'm getting pretty big and strong with using an axe and a saw for the past twenty years or so, and I get to use the horses to pull the logs out of the woods to cut up to use. I like to climb trees, ride horses, swim, and hike.”

“I'm Simon, I'm twelve years old, and I'm a fisherman. I've always loved fishing, and that's where I started back when I was four, so a long time ago already. I do mostly shore fishing, because I can catch a lot and not have to bother with the boat, but I do enjoy going out on a boat and fishing as well, especially in the lake. I smoke the fish as well to preserve it, and the biggest fish I ever caught was a few years ago, and it almost dragged me in, but my master was there at the time and caught me before I fell in and helped me reel it in. I love to cook and swim, and I make all my own flies for fishing, and I like to hike, especially to the far side of the lake, the fishing is better there.”

“Excellent boys, that was all of you, so that is really good. Well, as you all know, I am forty years old, which means that I am actually somewhere around two hundred and fifty years old. Once you get to be my age though, you really do not bother paying too close attention to it. I, like many of you, enjoy riding horses, swimming, hiking, and many other things, but of course, as with all of us here, my favorite thing to do in the world is to make love to a cute boy, and I daresay I have gathered many a cute boy. Over the course of the next several days, we will get to know each other very well, we will all talk a lot in private and in public here, and we will soon know each of our likes and dislikes.”

“As always, each of us has a very specific chore that always has to be done, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, all chores must be done before playtime is allowed. This goes for me just as much as it does for all of you. Should you not be pulling your weight, punishment will be awarded, up to and including having you dismissed from your duties in the castle, never to be allowed to interview again. This has only happened once, please do not make me do it to any of you, because I know for a fact that that had to have been one of the most difficult things for my father to do. Normally punishments will of course just be the same things that you are already used to, but always remember, that constant misbehavior could have undesired results. I truly truly hate to punish anyone, let alone boys, but in order to keep control, I will do so, I will do so as harshly as I need to, and as soon as I can, just to make sure that it does not continue.”

“However, with that being said, if at any time you have a problem, please come and see me. If for some reason you just have too much energy and you need to burn it off, I will sometimes grant special permission, but remember, there is always a price attached to that, so make sure that you really need to ask for something like that. I will also always help out, if for some reason you are unable to achieve results in whatever it is you are attempting, ask for my help, and if I can help you, I will, if I need to ask someone else to help you, I will. Boys are not slaves, nor are men slave drivers, we have no desire in seeing any of you suffer, so always ask for help if for some reason you are over your head. Especially in the beginning, this is going to be hard on you boys, you will be learning to do a lot of new things, things that maybe you have never had to do before, and you are going to need a lot of help until you adjust. There is never any shame in asking for help, only punishment for not asking for help when you clearly needed it and you did not ask for it. Does anyone have any questions so far?”

“No your Highness.” The boys all called out.

“Good. Always remember to ask questions as well, because without asking, you will never learn. Learning is your sole responsibility, every day is a new day, and every day is a good day to learn. Take that to heart, because I will not hesitate to remind you as I strap a chastity device to your young genitals so as to remind you of this. I will also not hesitate to make you squat against a wall for hours until you collapse if you really fail to learn. Everything else is secondary to learning, but that does not mean though that you get to stop doing other chores that are necessary to keep life flowing here. We all have to help out, or we will all fail. We are a small people on a small planet, and if we do not help each other, we will all surely perish, and I for one do not care to do so any time soon. Are there any questions?”

“I have a question Your Highness?” Skyler asked.

“What would you like to know Skyler?”

“Well, you said that we would all be learning a lot, but what will we be learning?”

“Anything and everything. As I am sure you know, you have one day off a week, one day is spent with a tradesman learning the art of a trade, and the rest of the time you are here attending to your chores. At first you will continue working with whomever it was that you started learning with, but after each year here, you will switch and learn a new trade as well. This way you all get to learn a bit more about other things, which makes you better all around, because you know more, so on and so forth. Working in the castle is much the same, because each of you has to learn everything. Not only are there the various cleaning chores that must be done, but we have our own barn and garden that need to be tended to, and each of you has to help there, as do I, at least once a day I am out there myself for about an hour. Cooking is of course another major chore, and each day at least two of you are dedicated just to that. Then there is of course your daily classes in the arts of language, math, science, and anything else deemed necessary by your teacher. Two of you at a time will be in class every day for the week, two of you will be with a tradesman, and two will be off on any given day, but of course the schedule changes slightly from time to time and sometimes it's not two of you, but it is most of the time. That then means that every day there should in theory be four of you to do the daily chores in the castle, two of whom are usually dedicated strictly to the kitchen for most of the day. Again, we will go over all this later once we do up your schedule. Are there any questions on that?”

“Yes, I have a question your highness!” Matthew piped up.

“What would you like to know?”

“Well, you say that one day I'll be in class, one day I'll be working with a tradesman, one day I'll have off, and the rest are working in the castle. Well, okay, that means four days a week doing chores here, and that four boys at a time are doing the chores. Is there really that much to do that we'll keep busy enough?”

“Well, yes and no. We have the gardens and the barn to attend to, there is the cleaning of the castle, laundry, and of course kitchen duties. There is also yard duties and other assorted things that must get done, so there is plenty to do. However, unlike your previous posting, you will find that once you get used to everything and get in the swing of things, that you will end up with a fair bit of free time on your hands, or something else on your hands.” King Ralph chuckled.

“Trust me though, you will be busy most of the time, just maybe not so busy as you may have been previously used to. Given this, that means that from time to time you may have a friend visit you in the castle, even if you are on duty, as long as he does not impede your work. More than a few have even helped out in the past so as to get things done faster, so that there was more time for play, and that is perfectly okay. Just remember, your work must always be done, and be done properly before you get any play time, failure to do so will result in punishments being handed down, and I do not care to have to do that, even though we all know I will, and in a heartbeat if I have to.”

“Thanks Your Highness. I think we all understand the rules, but we'll ask if we need anything.” Matthew smiled warmly.

“I would hope that you all would.”

For the rest of the evening they sat around just talking more and learning more and more about each other. There was a lot of laughing and joking around as well, and they all had a good time. Finally it came time to go to bed, but as with every other day, bed time meant nothing about going to sleep, sleep time was not for at least another hour, or until someone passed out. Given how tired everyone still was from the past few days though, everyone knew that it would likely be an early night, and probably more than a little tame.

“Well boys, I think that it is close enough to the time for bed that we may as well call it a night. I would like for two of you to join me this evening, but it will be an early night, because I am getting quite tired, so amongst yourselves decide who gets to spend the night with me please?” King Ralph asked.

The boys gathered around and worked out who was to go with the king tonight. It ended oldest and youngest, so Matthew and Simon happily broke from the group and joined the king by his side.

“Most excellent. I am thankful that all of you were able to make the decision without fighting, that would not have been appreciated. Go ahead and head off to bed now boys, and do not forget to to change each others diapers before bed so that you do not have more laundry to do tomorrow, and try to get to bed soon, okay. It is going to be another long day tomorrow, so you will want to get your rest.”

“Yes Your Highness.” All the boys called out clearly.

“Excellent, well have a good night boys, we will see you first thing in the morning for our baths.”

“Good night guys.” The boys all called out and scattered off to their bedroom.

King Ralph turned and smiled to the boys, then turned and led them to his bedroom. Once there, they all removed and folded the very little clothing they had been wearing, and then met on the bed.

“I would very much like it if you two boys would ride me this evening? Simon, if it would please you, I would very much like you on my dick and Matthew I would love for you to sit on my face. You two may kiss if you like, and I will play with your cute little baby boners.” King Ralph asked hoarsely.

“Oh Sir, that sounds so fun, I'm up for it.” Matthew almost cheered.

“I just bet you are. I'll have to take your diaper off, but Simon, you can leave yours on if you prefer.”

“I bet he's up for it as well, but then I'm willing to bet that so are the both of us, and I'd rather leave my diaper on, thanks.” Simon grinned.

“Well, I would not bet against you, that is for sure. Come here Matthew, let me remove that cute soggy diaper of yours?”

Matthew stepped forth and raised his arms, so King Ralph undid the diaper and removed it from the very horny little boy, he was pulsing hard inside his diaper, but once he was free, he started pulsing even more. His little erection was almost tight to his stomach and his cute little balls were pulled up almost right inside his body. Both the king and Simon chuckled at this, seeing the little guy so very obviously needing attention.

King Ralph climbed onto the large soft bed and laid on his back to let the boys do all the work. It was always about what the boys wanted, no adult ever told a boy what to do, they could ask for certain things like King Ralph had earlier, but when it came to sex, it was always the boys' decision as to what they actually did. Simon opened both holes on his diaper and the front hole on the kings diaper, and then prepared his bum and the kings erection with the jar of lube that was on the bedside table. Once he was ready, he climbed on and sank all the way down on the kings shaft.

Matthew by then had already climbed onto the king himself and started enjoying the ride right away. Matthew decided that the king most certainly had earned his reputation well at having the most talented tongue around, because he was doing things to his cute little bum that no other had done before. King Ralph had not taken a hold of Matthew's young erection yet, he was waiting until Simon climbed on before he did that, but that did not matter for Matthew, because after only just a few seconds of the intense feelings in his little bum, he came with no stimulation to his dick at all. Simon actually laughed just as he was about to sit down on the kings dick, but that of course turned to a deep sigh.

Matthew quickly calmed down from the massive orgasm, and started bouncing more on the kings face as he jabbed his tongue in and out. King Ralph had by now grasped onto both boys erections, he was fondling them gently and slowly, just enjoying their firm softness. As both boys rode the king though, they thrusted their hips to increase the feelings on their dicks, because it just felt too nice. The boys did not end up kissing though, simply because they were too preoccupied with everything else. It probably would not have worked well for them to kiss anyway, considering their size difference.

King Ralph was finding it difficult to hold back his orgasm after only five minutes, Simon just felt too good wrapped around him like he was, and giving a great rim job to an even greater boy was not helping all that much either. He was rising very quickly to his peaks, and he could tell that both boys were getting close as well, Matthew again. So he started stroking the boys harder and faster, attempting to bring them all off at the same time. Each of them knew what was happening, and they wanted it to happen, but they wanted to hold it off for as long as possible, so they were all attempting to hold it back for as long as possible. With mighty growls all around, they unleashed their pent up orgasms, all much at the same time, the king spraying his load deep inside Simon, Simon spraying his load all over Matthew's stomach and chest, and of course Matthew was dry.

“Oh wow. Matthew, turn around and scoot down a bit, I need to clean Simon's very tasty load off of you, and then I'll give you a nice kiss so that we can share the wealth.” King Ralph sighed out a few moments later.

“Okay.” Matthew said brightly and presented his front side to be licked.

King Ralph licked Matthew totally clean and then moved in so that they were kissing deeply, and Matthew loved getting to share the load in this way. Some of Simon's load of course ended up being sprayed onto the kings belly, so as soon as Matthew and the king were done kissing, Matthew changed positions and licked up the last of the mess, and then kissed Simon deeply, sharing the last bit of the load with him as well. Simon was only too happy to join in and kissed Matthew enthusiastically.

“Wow, you two boys sure know how to treat a guy right.” King Ralph sighed.

“And you really know how to treat a boy right as well Sir. No one has ever licked my bum so nicely before, and I love having my bum licked.” Matthew said happily.

“I'm glad you liked it. Now, how would you like sticking that cute little boner up my bum, while Simon and I suck each others dicks, that is of course if Simon would like that?”

“Hell yeah.” Simon said excitedly, and Matthew nodded his head even more excitedly still.

They got into position, Simon laying on his back, King Ralph on his hands and knees above the boy, and Matthew grabbed a few pillows and got himself positioned so that he could comfortably enter the king. Simon removed King Ralph's diaper, so that Matthew would be able to fit in, and then got to work. At almost the exact same time, they started, the two suckers inhaled each other, and Matthew stuck his dick straight into the kings ass with no preparation. He was small enough, and the king well used to this enough that he was able to do so with ease. They once again enjoyed themselves a great deal, but Matthew felt that he had the best position of all, because not only was he happily fucking away at the kings ass, but Simon was busy with his hands as well, one hand had a couple fingers inserted deep into the little boys bum, fingering him and making him moan. The other hand was toying with the little boys little nuts, and this too was causing Matthew to moan. Matthew was the first to explode in yet another fantastic orgasm, the things that were being done to his hot little body were just too much. The sounds of his orgasm though caused the other two to follow suit very quickly, and just a few seconds after Matthew started, so did they. They all slumped down a few moments later, panting and gasping for breath.

“Wow, that was incredible. I think I made a very wise decision keeping you two on as castle servants, and if it would not make the other boys jealous, I would keep you in my bed every night for your entire stay here.” King Ralph sighed.

“We wouldn't want to do that to the other boys Sir, as enjoyable as this is, we need to share you, and the other boys will be almost as good, although I dare say us two are the best.” Simon grinned.

“Yes, I dare say you are that, and more. Hence the reason that you two were the first chosen, without question.”

“Thanks. Now, I don't know about you Sir, but I doubt I can go another round, so let's say we get all nice and diapered up and get some sleep.” Simon smiled warmly, punctuating it with a deep yawn.

“That sounds like a really good idea.”

“I could still go for another couple cums.” Matthew pointed out.

“Yes, I am sure you could, but even you have to admit that you are tired, you have been yawning almost non stop since we stopped.” King Ralph pointed out.

“Yeah, but I've had sex while more tired than this and still managed to have a few orgasms.”

“You might be able to, only because you are so young, but the rest of us cannot, and you should not either. You need your sleep, so come on, let us get diapered and into bed.” King Ralph smiled.

“Okay.” He said a little glumly, almost as if someone had taken his candy away. Both the king and Simon almost started laughing.

Simon hopped out of bed and grabbed the diapers that they would be needing, as well as the cream and the lotion, and then came back. The boys diapered the king first, and then he diapered them. They all curled up and fell asleep quickly.

Elsewhere in the castle, the other boys had found their room, it was a large room with a few large comfortable beds for them to all share. They wordlessly broke into smaller groups of two to three boys, found a bed, and also got down to some serious sexual fun. Not one of the boys finished off the night with less than four orgasms, and those that could shoot, were shooting as dry as the boys who could not by the end. They all diapered each other up and then curled up on the beds and fell asleep quickly as well.

Chapter 2

“Good morning Matthew and Simon, how did you sleep last night?” King Ralph asked as he woke up, the boys were both laying there gently tickling his chest and stomach, something that he absolutely loved.

“Very well Sir, and how about you?” Simon asked.

“Very well as well, thanks to you boys. We should probably get up and start our day, so Matthew, if you would, please go get the other boys and have them meet us in the bath chamber?”

“Certainly Sir, be right back.” Matthew said giddily and hopped out of bed. He bolted from the room, his soggy diaper bouncing cutely as he ran.

“Hey guys, time for our morning bath.” Matthew called out as soon as he entered the dorm room.

“You look happy this morning Matthew, how was it?” Skyler asked.

“Oh, it was incredible, I've never cum so hard in my life. It almost felt as if I was gonna spray a couple times.”

“Wicked. I hope it's my turn tonight then.” He said hopefully.

“Maybe it will be, but if we don't hurry up and get to the bath chamber, all of us, we might get in trouble, so let's go.” Matthew said happily, and then took off.

The boys had just been laying there in their beds talking when Matthew came in, so they were ready to go as well. They all hopped out of bed and followed Matthew.

As soon as Matthew had gone, Simon and King Ralph also hopped out of bed and headed to the bath chamber to get their bath ready. The water was turned on and a good healthy dose of peppermint oil was added to the water. Next King Ralph also added some soap to the water to give them a nice bubble bath, and by the time the boys arrived, the bath was almost half full.

“Ah, good morning boys. How was your sleep last night?” King Ralph asked as first Matthew appeared, and then the rest only a second later.

“Really good Sir.” The boys all answered.

“Good to hear, and it looks like you all remembered to get diapered up for bed last night, so that is very good. The bath is almost ready for us, so let us get stripped and get clean.”

They all helped each other to remove their diapers quickly, and then they all stepped down and into the large sunken tub. It was a very large tub, easily capable of holding all eleven of them, and more if needed. They all sighed deeply from the nice hot water and the soothing feeling of the peppermint in the water. They all sat back and relaxed for a couple minutes, every one of them closing their eyes. Not too surprisingly maybe, but it was young Matthew that got the itch first, so quietly he fingered his little hole, and then reached over and started stroking the dick that was nearest to him that he could easily take, which just happened to be Skyler's. Skyler sighed audibly and deeply, but no one really noticed, just thinking that he was enjoying the water. As soon as Skyler was fully hard and ready for what Matthew wanted, Matthew climbed on Skyler's lap, facing him, and sank down, holding the erection in place, and sinking until he was all the way impaled. Both boys moaned deeply, and this time there was no mistaking that sound, which of course caused all the other boys and the king to open their eyes to see who started the fun. King Ralph chuckled.

“I should have known it would be you to start the fun this morning Matthew, you horny little boy you.”

“What, I can't help it, it just feels so good.” He grinned.

“Don't I know it. Well, I am hard now, so should anyone care to take care of that, they are more than welcome to.”

There was a quick mad rush as three boys hopped up to get the chance to do so, but it was Kevin that made it there first. The other boys just smiled and went and found someone else to do, an arrangement that all were good with.

“Good morning Kevin, feel free to do whatever you so desire.” King Ralph smiled warmly.

“Thank you Your Highness, I think I'd first like to sit on your dick and have you shoot your morning load into me.”

“Which morning load?”

“Both if you can Sir, I like it.”

“I might just be able to fill you right up then.” King Ralph smiled.

“I'd like that Sir.”

As they had been talking, Kevin had been fingering his hole, and with the soap and the peppermint oil in the water, he was nicely lubed to take the dick right up his cute little ass without problem. He crawled up onto the kings lap, took a hold of the pulsing meat that was hidden beneath the waters surface, and then sat down on it fully, both of them moaned.

Kevin started a nice gentle rhythm, really enjoying his first fuck by the king, pulling nearly all the way off before sliding right back on again. He was unfortunately too short to kiss the king all the time, but on every up stroke, he gave the king a nice kiss, but broke off in only a second to sink back down again.

All around them there were boys in some very interesting positions, all making love in one way or another, all enjoying themselves immensely. Of course there were eleven of them at this time, so with an odd number, it was with no surprise that at least one of the groups had more than two people in it. There was only one this time, three boys together, all the others were in pairs. This group consisted of Simon, Tommy and Pete. Tommy was encouraged by Simon to lay back as much as he could, and then Simon climbed on and sank down all the way on his dick after only a seconds worth of preparations, and then Pete was instructed to go ahead and slip inside Simon's more than willing ass as well.

Simon was of course not the only person, boy or man, on the planet that enjoyed being double stuffed, many of the boys enjoyed this once they got used to it, but the younger boys were cautioned to not do this, especially with the adults and larger teens, because many of the younger boys were just too small to take it.

Without surprise it was Skyler that was the first to explode the very first load of the morning, Matthew was just too talented and felt just too good, although Skyler would say that there was no such thing as being too good, because he sure was enjoying the younger boy, a great deal in fact. Not even a second after Skyler exploded, so did Matthew, but instead of stopping, Matthew just kept right on going, and for some reason, Skyler was okay with this.

Kevin and King Ralph were the next to explode, and they exploded at almost the exact same time. The rest of the boys were all exploding as well within seconds of each other, many at the same time. Skyler and Matthew though were the only pairing or group that did not switch it up a bit though and change at least something, because everyone else did. In the trio, Tommy asked to be double fucked by the other two, so they traded places and soon Tommy was taking both dicks in his ass happily. In the other groups, the fucker became the fucked, except in one other pairing where they just kept right one going as well.

Without too much surprise, their second orgasm of the morning was longer in coming, and it was just as intense, but this did not stop any of them. They all just traded places again, and continued right on going. Even Skyler and Matthew traded places this time, because Skyler wanted a dick up his ass as well, so made Matthew trade places with him. In the trio, they traded places again so that Pete was now on the receiving end of two dicks up his nice tight ass. It was a tight fit for him, because he was still pretty small, but he had enjoyed being double fucked a number of times, just never with a boy as big as Simon as well, just with two younger boys. He was in no pain though and was enjoying himself a great deal, and in this round, he was the first to explode, it was just so good, he could not hold it back. And with that, he caused pretty much everyone else to explode as well, because they were all close, and hearing one explode caused all the others to as well.

“Wow boys, I do believe that that was possibly one of the best times I have had in a very long time. Watching and listening to you all was incredible. However, as much as I would love to keep going all day long, I am saddened to say that we must now stop, so that we can get something done today, other than satisfying our primal needs. Pete, how is your bum? I heard you grunt quite a bit once you took the second dick in your bum, and I saw you grimace quite a bit as well. I know you have been double fucked by a few of the younger boys, but as best I know, never by anyone as old as Simon.”

“Yeah, it was a tight fit at first, and it hurt a bit when Tommy slipped in as well, but I'm not sore, so I'm good. I'll get a bit of the healing cream put on though, just to make sure. It felt really good though, so I'm definitely gonna do it again, and soon too.” He grinned happily.

“That is the spirit boy, a little pain never killed anyone, and we all experience or have experienced that pain before, but willingly went through with it just to have the greater feelings afterward.”

“Oh yeah.” Almost every boy sighed.

“For sure. I mean, we all get used to anal stimulation at a very young age, we all love it and crave it, but the first time an adult dick breaks through our tender young bums, it really hurts, but we all go back for it, again and again.” Simon smiled.

“Some more enthusiastically than others.” King Ralph chuckled.

“Oh yeah, and I'm gonna get my first adult dick, real soon, and I'll keep coming back for it too.” Matthew said hungrily, looking directly at the the king, letting his intentions be well known.

“And you will get it, soon too, but we will prepare you as well as we can first, but no more bigger dicks, stick with the smaller ones for now, because I want to be the first to break through your tight little bum, if you will allow it.”

“Oh yes Sir, I want for you to be my first big dick.” Matthew said happily.

“I am happy to hear you say that Matthew. Now come on boys, let us get all washed up and ready for the day ahead, we have a lot to do, and we really should start at some point in time today. Of course we all wash each other, where is the fun in washing yourself, but no more sex please.” King Ralph called out.

“Okay.” The boys all said happily, and then started washing each other.

They pretty much all stood up in the center of the bath, all of them helped to wash each other, there were hands everywhere, no one was certain who was washing whom at any given time, they were all washing each other, but not one of them touched themselves. Not too surprisingly though, each and every one of them was hard, because as each person started washing someone else, they always seemed to start with either dick, balls, or asshole, and then moved from there. In this manner they all became clean, but it took at least half an hour, and more than a few of them had another orgasm.

Finally King Ralph called out that that was enough washing of bodies, and that it was time to wash hair. They all helped to wash each others hair, and then with soap still in their hair, they all hopped out and headed to the shower wall and rinsed off totally. Once again drying off was not something that you did for yourself, someone else dried you, and they all helped to really dry each other off again, there were soft towels flying everywhere as each of them saw a wet spot and attempted to dry it.

“Wow boys, I do not know when I have enjoyed a bath so much before. It is time to head back to my bedroom now and we can all get diapered up nice and thick, just the way we all like it. After that it is time to get some breakfast, because I daresay we all probably need it. We will have to get you boys' schedule all done up and figure out who does what, but we will worry about that after breakfast. This morning we will all help to make breakfast and clean it up, even me, and then we will spend the entire morning working out a schedule that we can all live with. I will be doing nothing else today but spending it with you boys to get everything worked out.”

They all headed back to the bedroom to get diapered, none of them saying a thing about what the king had said, they all appreciated the fact that he was going to come and help them and spend the entire day with them. It took only a few minutes for them all to be diapered and ready for the day ahead, all of them forgoing the getting dressed beyond their diapers, because none of them felt it was necessary. In most cases, most boys or men did not wear anything other than a diaper. About the only time they did was when there was a formal thing going on, or if they had to be covered for one reason or another. They tried not to as often as possible though, because most of them preferred a great deal to just stay as nude as possible.

They headed to the kitchen and all helped to make a large filling breakfast that would get them through to their mid morning snack, which would then tide them over until lunch time. As soon as they were all finished cooking and eating, they all helped to clean up, and with all of them working hard at this chore, it was done quite quickly. After that, they all went and sat down at the large table in the kitchen, King Ralph stayed standing though, he grabbed the large chore and schedule board and rolled it over, and then for the next couple hours, they all started going over everything and working out who was to do what each and every day. Once their schedule was up and running smoothly, and the boys got more used to things, it was rotated weekly, but that would take a month or two, or maybe longer if the boys needed it, before that would start happening. That would be the team leaders decision as to whom was moved to what and when though, King Ralph would not have to worry about that any.

It took a while for them to hammer out a schedule that worked well for them all, and starting the following day it would be implemented, and all the boys would have to follow it to the letter. Of course things could and would be changed at any time if needed, but no matter what, all chores had to be done each and every day. For the rest of the day, King Ralph took the boys through the castle, showing and teaching them everything he knew about what they would need to know to run the castle. There was of course the kitchen and all its daily chores, which were probably the hardest, hence there were always two people doing them. Then there was the laundry, which was of course surprisingly light for the amount of people living there, and usually consisted of mostly just diapers and their cleaning cloths. The yard, which was really large, but mostly it was kept as low maintenance as possible, so that they had less work to do, and the sheep were normally employed top take care of the grasses that they did have. The barn, where of course all the animals were kept, and they needed to be fed and watered, their pens cleaned out, their milk animals milked, and their eggs collected. Then there was the garden where of course they grew much of what they needed for food in the castle, and given that the food grew year round on planet boylove, because there was no off season, they always had a bountiful selection to choose from. They also always made sure that when a plant started to die off, that they staggered their growing spot and time, so that they always had premium growth. And then there was the general cleaning of the castle, such as sweeping and mopping, dusting and cleaning windows, taking out any garbage and such things as that. That was for the most part the major part of the chores, but there were many other minor things that always needed to be done, as there always seemed to be in any house or castle alike.

The next few days went by quickly with all the boys and king working hard and together to figure everything out. King Ralph was with them almost every minute of the day for those few days, he almost never ventured out of the castle during that time, he had dedicated his every waking minute to making sure that the boys were comfortable in their chores before he left them alone. Often times he would even help the boys. The first couple days it took a great deal of time for them to do all the chores, but by their fourth day they were getting fairly quick at getting everything done, so by mid afternoon they were pretty much free to do as they pleased. The only exception of course was always to be kitchen staff. The kitchen staff always had to work most of the day, but there were large periods of time where they would have nothing much to do, even if they did have to have a snack ready at pretty much all times, so they got to play as well. This too changed every day though so that no one boy was ever worked too hard.

Every morning started the same though, no matter what, they all started with an incredible bath, and they all worked off a good portion of their morning sexual appetite, and in many cases, multiple times. Bed time was much the same though, King Ralph would have one or two boys with him, and the rest would get very creative in how to have fun and include all of them. Little Matthew was of course probably one of the most incredibly horny boys on the planet, and he had to be told on numerous occasions to get to work and stop trying to have sex. It was also he that wanted his bum fingered at all times, and had taken to wearing larger and larger butt plugs, just so that he could finally get the king inside him, because he oh so desperately wanted it, like nothing before he wanted it.

After two weeks, the castle was flowing like the cum that everyone so often spewed, so nice and freely and easily. Little Matthew was now taking a butt plug that was easily twice as large as he needed, and every morning he was even fucked deeply by an even larger dildo than was strictly necessary. He had not volunteered again since his first night to spend the night with King Ralph, he wanted his next time to be all about his hot little baby boy pussy.

“Guys, can I ask you all something?” Matthew asked as they headed back to their bedroom after their morning bath.

“Sure.” They all answered.

“Could I have the king to myself tonight please, and could you guys possibly not present yourselves to him, I want him as full and hot as possible please?”

“Sure, why not.” Simon smiled. “Let me guess, you think you're completely and totally ready for the king and you want him for yourself for the first night?”

“Yeah. You don't mind do you?”

“No.” Everyone answered.

“I know you're all lying, but thanks. I know you all want to be there and even get to join in, but I really want my first man all by myself.” Matthew smiled warmly to them all.

“Gee, how'd you guess?”

“Because I'd want the same thing if I were you guys, but I'd let you too, just the same as you're letting me.” He smiled brighter, showing that he was quite the observant and bright young man.

“Good point.” He grinned right back and all the others grinned and nodded too.

The rest of the day was a good one for all the boys, they all did all their work as needed, and had plenty of time to play around as well. It was nearing the end of the day and they were all seated in their lounge just relaxing. Finally King Ralph decided that it was time for bed, so stood up and got the boys' attention.

“Okay boys, it is now time for bed I do believe. Would any of you care to join me for the evening?”

“Oh yes Sir, I will.” Matthew said happily.

“Only you tonight, none of you others care to join in?” King Ralph asked curiously.

“Not tonight Sir, Matthew has asked us for a favor to keep you all to himself for tonight. If I were you, I'd be expecting to pass out many hours from now, not able to go any more.” Simon said with a straight face.

“Oh really!” King Ralph stated, looking to Matthew.

“Oh yeah Sir, I'm ready for you, and it'll be a glorious night to be sure.” Matthew nodded happily.

“Okay, if you are absolutely certain, then lead the way little man. Just remember, I do nothing to you unless you first ask for it.”

“I understand Sir, and rest assured, you won't even need to speak the entire night.” Matthew grinned brighter still, only instilling in the other boys the desire to watch them even more.

“Ooh, sounds fun.” King Ralph laughed.

“It will be Sir. Come on, let's go. Have a good night guys, see you in the morning some time.” Matthew said and then grabbed the kings hand and led the way to the kings bedroom for the night of his life.

“What would you like for me to do Matthew?” King Ralph asked as soon as they made it to the bedroom.

“First of all Sir, no more talking, we do this with only sounds of our love making. However, just lay on the bed on your back please, I'll take care of everything else from here on out.”

King Ralph only nodded his agreement to the terms and conditions of the night. He was happy with this as well, he always felt that there were times when talking only got in the way of things, and he knew that Matthew had plans for this night that would not be revealed until it was time to do so, and would be done completely non verbally.

As soon as King Ralph was laying down on the bed in the requested fashion, Matthew got started. He started at the Kings toes and started sucking, kissing and licking them, and started slowly working his way up the kings hot hard body, truly making love to the king with his tongue.

King Ralph was loving the attention so much that he had to wonder if he would be able to hold back the incredible cum that he could already feel building in his heated loins, and Matthew was only at his knees.

Matthew was so good at reading the signs of orgasm, that he could feel and see that the king was getting seriously close to cumming by the time he reached the kings thighs. So he backed off and let King Ralph cool back down a bit.

Matthew did not want one single drop to be wasted this night, each and every load that the king spewed forth this night would be collected deep inside of Matthew's very talented little bum. That meant then that if Matthew wanted to make tongue love to the kings entire body, that he had to back off a bit.

King Ralph nearly begged for Matthew to continue, he was pretty sure that there had to be a law against torturing the King, but knew that his father had liked this sort of treatment himself too much to have such a silly law. However, now he was not so sure that he liked this torture all that much.

It took nearly ten minutes for Matthew to start up again, and only after seeing that King Ralph was sufficiently backed away from the precipice of a crashing cum. Matthew started where he had left off, in the kings thighs, but much to King Ralph's chagrin some ten minutes later when he had bathed every centimeter there that he could, that Matthew skipped right past his diaper and the fun bits buried inside.

Matthew started instead on the kings stomach and started working up once more. By the time Matthew made it to the top of the king's taut stomach, Matthew could tell that he was getting too close once again, so he once again backed off, and once again King Ralph wanted to command Matthew to continue and to let him cum.

Matthew actually had the gall to grin at the king, knowing exactly what he was thinking and feeling. Telling the king in that one look that he knew just what he was doing and that he would take care of everything in due time.

King Ralph slumped down in sexual frustration, getting a frown on his face, and Matthew nearly chuckled.

Almost fifteen minutes later, Matthew started up once again where he left off, and made it to the top of King Ralph's chest before he had to stop once again, once again for fifteen minutes.

King Ralph was now sweating buckets, he was moaning and sighing up a storm, he was vibrating, and his nice large piece tucked his diaper was so hard and pulsing so madly that he was not sure that Matthew would be able to stop him from cumming soon, no matter what he did.

Matthew was noticing this though, and knew that King Ralph only had another few minutes left in him before he came, but he also knew that they had only a few more minutes until he sank down on the king and got what he truly wanted, what he needed, what he craved, what he was born to receive. He wanted the king buried deep inside him, and soon. He wanted the kingly load spewed as deep inside his hot little ass as it could possibly be, and soon. He knew without a shadow of doubt that it was going to be huge, he had made sure that none of the other boys presented themselves to the king all day for a reason, he wanted the king full and horny, and boy was he.

After letting King Ralph come down once again, Matthew started where he had left off, and that was the kings neck, but that was to be as far as he went. He knew that King Ralph was the kind of person that could cum from being sensually mouth kissed properly, and Matthew knew he could do it properly, because he had done it himself only a few mornings before during their bath.

King Ralph was now panting and gasping more than ever before, he was so close he was in pain. Then the little sex heathen stopped once again, but even though King Ralph did not open his eyes, because he was trying his hardest to contain his orgasm, he was certain he knew what Matthew was doing.

Matthew had backed off and immediately opened up the rear entrance to his diaper, and got a good quantity of lube on his fingers. He removed the rather large butt plug that he had lodged deep in his talented little ass, and then added more than enough lube for at least ten good sessions. Once he was ready, he did the same thing to the kings diaper, only the front panel, and he fished out and lubed up the incredibly hard dick.

Without further ado, Matthew hopped up and slammed all the way down, he had literally jumped onto the kings dick in one go. This of course proved to be far too much for King Ralph, and with a scream that was heard nearly all over the castle, he came, and he came, and he came hard. Twelve hot strong pulses Matthew felt expel into his little ass, and it was the most amazing feeling Matthew had ever experienced.

Of course Matthew had had boys cum in his little bum before, many times in fact, but none were as strong and copious as this load was, from his first man, from the king. Now, Mathew had absolutely no intentions of stopping, any time soon in fact. He did not even give the king any time to come down, he just started bouncing on the king, riding him for all his worth.

King Ralph for his part started gasping and panting even more so, and started slamming his hips upward as Matthew started coming down with every stroke, they were really and truly fucking now, there was no passionate love making here, and Matthew had no intentions of making love for at least an hour, he wanted it raw and primal.

Raw and primal it certainly was too. Not even in the barns when they had their animals breed did they ever hear noises the likes of which both Matthew and King Ralph were currently making. Three huge crashing cums later, King Ralph was nearly crying. Never before had he hurt how he was now, and Matthew, who had already cum seven times to King Ralph's four, was only smiling brightly, truly enjoying what he was doing.

However, he could see that he was about to make the king pass out, so he stopped after the last cum, and just laid down. He did not however lift off, he left King Ralph buried deep inside himself, so as to not let him free. They both sighed, both for different reasons of course. King Ralph for the brief respite, even though he was very certain that it was going to be too brief, and that before too long he was certainly going to pass out. Matthew of course because he now had what he had wanted for so long, and it felt far better than he had ever imagined it would or could.

Matthew let King Ralph rest for almost twenty minutes before starting up once again. This time he did not go near as fast, he cut his speed roughly in half, and started really long dicking himself on the kings staff. The growl that King Ralph released was as close to a chickens growl as Matthew had ever heard, and he nearly laughed, but he was too busy to, he was too busy riding the king.

Two more cums Matthew rode King Ralph through before he let the king rest again. Matthew had had three more cums in that time.

After almost twenty minutes rest, Matthew started once again, this time going even slower still, and this time pulling all the way off the king before lowering himself fully and really grinding his hips in the lowered position, to really drive the king nuts.

The king was now nearly dying, he had never had anything that felt so good and so bad all at the same time before, and he had been sexually tortured more times in his life than he could count, and by some of the best sex experts the kingdom had ever seen. They all paled in comparison by a huge margin compared to what Matthew was now doing to him though.

Three more cums from King Ralph and five more from Matthew, and the king passed out, completely and totally. Matthew though did not disengage, he was waiting for the final load of the night to exit the king, because he knew that after nearly three hours that the king would have to go pee, and would pee a lot, and he wanted that load almost as much as he wanted the kings cums.

The wait was not long, at most five minutes he figured, and he was being filled well passed maximum capacity for his little bum. He did not care though, what he could not hold would leak out and fill up his diaper anyway, so he was not too worried. It was definitely by far the most his little ass had ever had to hold before though, and only half way through the piss enema, it started leaking back out and filling up Matthew's thirsty diaper. Finally the flow stopped and King Ralph sighed in his sleep.

Matthew then pulled off carefully and grabbed his butt plug that he had thrown aside, and promptly stuffed it back inside his hot little ass with a sigh, and then went and grabbed a fresh diaper for himself and changed. He grabbed a fresh diaper for the king as well, and began the difficult chore for his small body of removing the kings diaper and replacing it with a dry one, so that the king would have a good dry sleep.

Finally he managed though, and with a smile as to what he had done and how exhausted the king looked even in his sleep, he laid down and curled up to the king, not bothering to pull up the lite covering, and he too quickly passed out. Even for Matthew, that had been a huge amount of back to back orgasms, and he was almost as tired as the king was, so he fell asleep as if he too had passed out.

The boys in the dorm all had a really good night as well, they got into three groups of three, and they all double stuffed each other in their group at least once each until they were all well satisfied. This of course lasted at least two hours, but they still all fell asleep to the sounds of King Ralph and Matthew going at it, all of them with smiles on their faces, wondering when or if their beloved king would wake up in the morning, or if he would be possibly the first person to sleep past lunch.

“It's getting quite late, maybe we should get up and get some breakfast going.” Simon suggested.

“Yeah, it's getting quite late and I'm getting really hungry.” Shawn said first.

“Yeah, same here, and I'm betting that King Ralph is gonna wake up real hungry when he does, so having a nice filling breakfast for him might not be such a bad idea.” Tony added.

So, breaking from tradition, the boys all got up and headed to the kitchen to get a huge breakfast started. They took at most half an hour to make breakfast, and then it was unanimously decided that they should take everything right to the kings bedroom and feed him breakfast in bed, and they figured feed him literally as well. They made it there a few seconds later, and did not even bother to knock, knowing that they would not be awake yet.

They were wrong though, because they noticed that Matthew was already awake and was softly stroking the kings chest. As he saw the others enter with breakfast, he had a large smile on his face.

“Wow, thanks guys, that smells great, and I sure am hungry.” Matthew said happily.

“We figured you guys would be, considering you were still going when we stopped for the night.” Kevin said.

“Give me a second to wake the king then, and then we can feed him.” Matthew smiled, and did just that.

He rolled over and started nibbling the kings ear while whispering to him to wake up. It only took a few minutes for him to wake up, and when he did, he found all the boys gathered around him, breakfast on a few carts.

“Good morning Sir. We took the liberty of changing things up a bit, knowing that when you guys did not come collect us for our bath on time that you were probably still asleep and more than a little tired. We figured that breakfast was going to be much needed before anything else, so we made you breakfast in bed. Go ahead and sit up and we'll feed it to you.” Simon said warmly.

“Wow, thanks boys, you are all the best there is to be sure.” King Ralph smiled tenderly, but still looking more than a little wiped out.

They said nothing more, they just set all the trays on the bed, and then they all dug in. They each had a fork, except King Ralph, and they each took a bite, except Matthew, who offered the first bite to the king. They each rotated as to who was feeding the king his breakfast, and they all ate every last crumb that was on the platters, and there was a lot there too. Finally though they were finished.

“Wow boys, that was amazing, thanks so much. Now, I think we all need a bath very bad, so let us hop up and do so now.” King Ralph sighed.

“Okay.” They all said and hopped out of bed and ran to the bath chamber.

Simon took the liberty of getting the bath started, making it as hot as they could stand it, and added plenty of peppermint and bubble bath to make it a nice bath. They only did this about once per week, but this morning they all felt they deserved to be spoiled a bit.

They all slipped into the hot bubbly water a few minutes later once it was nearly full, and they all sighed. They all sat back for a few minutes, just luxuriating in the relaxing waters.

“Sir, may I have this mornings kingly ride?” Shawn sidled up to the king and asked.

“Sadly Shawn, not this morning. Matthew wore me out so completely last night that I doubt I'll be able to get hard at all until at least tonight, if I am even that lucky. By all means though boys, play if you so desire.” King Ralph said sadly.

“That's too bad Sir, but I understand, having had Matthew wear me out a couple times already since we've been here.” Shawn chuckled.

“Thanks.” King Ralph smiled softly.

“Hey guys, I have a hot wide open little asshole that I think can finally get double stuffed by a couple of you bigger boys.” Matthew called out.

“You think you can take me and Simon at the same time?” Kevin asked quickly.

“You bet I can, even if it hurts a bit, I know I can do it.” Matthew grinned.

“I could go for that.” Simon smiled brightly.

“You sit down then Simon and I'll climb on, and then you slip in as well Kevin. Just let me remove my butt plug first.” Matthew said and then removed the rather large toy and tossed it onto the floor.

Matthew then went and sat down on Simon's good sized dick and got comfortable, and as soon as he gave the nod, Kevin also slipped in and slowly buried himself all the way in.

The entire rest of the boys in the tub at the time watched with rapt attention, wondering if tiny little Matthew was going to be able to take it, and amazingly enough to all of them, except the king who was certain that Matthew was going to be able to do it easily, but Matthew only sighed deeply as Kevin slipped in. He made not one sound or grimace to show any discomfort.

Both Kevin and Simon started really fucking Matthew only a few seconds after they were fully inserted, and the others just watched in morbid fascination as the smallest boy in the castle was taking two of the largest dicks up his impossibly small ass. They had all known that he had worked hard to be able to do this, and some of them thought he might soon be ready to do so, but they never imagined that he would be able to. All of them realized that they were all quite a bit older before they had been able to do it themselves, and all of them at least felt a little discomfort at first, whereas Matthew sure did not seem to.

It took nearly two minutes of watching before all the others in there were ready to get started on their own, but still the king was not interested in joining in, but he sure was interested in watching the three boys. In fact King Ralph watched only those three boys go at it, not even looking to the others once. For nearly an hour the three of them fucked mercilessly.

Both Kevin and Simon were starting to really burn, and after their sixth rapid fire back to back orgasms, they were dry. Both had to pee though, and with just one nod from Matthew, they knew what he wanted, so they both let go at the same time, and really filled him up. As soon as they were finished, Matthew grabbed the butt plug once again, and as he was pulling off the boys that had filled him nearly as well as the king had the night before, he was slipping the butt plug back up inside himself.

“Ah, much better, thanks guys.” Matthew sighed out.

“Wow, that was incredible. You're welcome. How many times did you cum though, I couldn't keep track?” Simon asked curiously.

“Ten times. Not quite as much as I did last night, but I'm still a bit tired out from that, we fucked for a long time last night.” Matthew said proudly.

“Wow.” All the boys breathed out. King Ralph only meekly nodded his agreement.

“Well, I guess we better get washed huh, we're seriously running behind schedule.” Matthew grinned and said happily.

“Yeah, I suppose we should.” King Ralph had to chuckle.

They all got up and washed each other as they normally did, and then they rinsed off in the shower, dried each other tenderly, and then they went and diapered each other, collected their dishes from breakfast, and went about their day.

The next several months and years were like this, it was non stop fun and games in the kingdom of Planet Boylove. Of course there was plenty of work to be done, there was always plenty of that, but there was even more time for fun and games too. Sex of course being the leading fun game they all played. The boys in the castle all really got to know all that they had to do, and they were all very enthusiastic about getting their chores done quickly and perfectly, so that they had all the more time to play, and play they all did.

Many days they had friends to the castle, or went out and visited others, they all had the most remarkable sex imaginable, and the king was kept nearly dry at all times. It was good to be king on Planet Boylove he figured. Eventually it was time to once again rotate the castle staff, and would you not know it, but Matthew was on every rotation until he aged out, but he never truly left either, because even after that, he was a routine visitor, and his hot fourteen year old weapon of mass ejaculation was legend amongst every man and boy there. He was not the largest, but he was a good size, and he never stopped being absolutely insatiable.

All the boys of planet boylove loved their home with all their hearts, they loved everyone there, they loved what they did, and they were all the happiest people in the entire universe they figured, and given the misery on many of the planets in their universe, that was more than likely very true.

******Now I am doing something that I have never done before. I am done with this story, I cannot write any more, but there are many others out there with great imagination that I hope can spin off chapters to this story. All I ask is that you keep it somewhat the same as what I have started, as in love and no forcing, all that sort of thing. I would really love to read others work about what else can happen on planet boylove.

As always, I have written this story for myself and am sharing it with anyone that cares to read it. I truly hope that you have enjoyed my completely false tale, and I encourage you to write to me should you have any comments. Please feel free to email me at Thanks for taking the time to read this, enjoy.******