Playing with Wood

****Please note that this story is one of love between a man and a boy, it contains sexual matter that may not be suitable for all audiences. It is also a diaper love related story, so if this does not turn your crank, then please, stop now. If you choose to read anyway, I hope that you enjoy. To any that do wish to read this type of story, be warned, it is a tale of love and tenderness, it is not a friction story intended to get you off. If that is all you are looking for, then please leave now. If you continue to read on, I hope that you enjoy, and if you do, I would love to hear from you, so please email me at erich5748 at Thanks for taking the time to read this, and once again, enjoy.****

The fact: I work in a finishing and woodworking store, so, much like many hardware stores, we occasionally get boys coming in with their dads and such to buy whatever it is that they need. I actually have several boys who are my customers, they come in and buy things for their projects and whatnot. There is this one boy though I am going to tell you about in this story. My god is he ever gorgeous, an amazing body for a boy of maybe ten, I figure late nine, early ten. Anyway, he's nice and small, but what I can tell of his body, he's very well built too. His medium brown shorter cut hair is always impeccably styled, I'm sure he spends a fair bit of time doing it, or maybe his mom does it for him, not sure. He has really nice big brown eyes, a small button nose, great dimples and lots of freckles on his nose and cheeks. He's always wearing these incredibly tight fitting jeans, very low cut, low rise, every boy lovers dreams I tell you. His ass looks absolutely amazing in them, and what little front bulge he has is also accented nicely. He always wears a tank top underneath a very stylish shirt, he seems to have excellent taste in clothes. He does have a brother, but he is never nearly as nicely dressed, and while good looking too, the little brother is the real looker of the pair. And while I would love to believe that he is wearing a diaper under those amazing clothes he always wears, it is more likely that he just has a great shaped ass, but I sure do dream that he is. Other than saying hi to him, and likewise, I have never had the chance to really talk to him, he seems a bit shy. I do catch him looking at me, but then he's caught me looking at him too, and he always looks away and blushes a little, it is really quite cute. I wish I could really talk to him.

Now for the fantasy, and it is really fantasy, none of it is at all true: I was at work, doing what I usually do there, helping customers with everything that they needed. It was nearing the end of the day, it had felt abnormally long for some reason. I suppose it was because it was Saturday afternoon, I did not want to be there at all, and my weekend was just about to start. I still had nearly two hours left though before that glorious time came when I was released from the bonds of work. Granted, I only work three, sometimes four days a week, so I should not complain, but lately, the boss has had me in for four days a week, and it was starting to get irritating. I know it is summer and the others all had to take their vacation time, hence the reason I did offer, but still, everyone was finally back, but he asked me to keep it up for another week or two until he was all caught up from all the paperwork. I wanted to say no, but alas, I am much too nice, most of the time.

The other reason that the day had felt abnormally long, was because there had been a serious lack of young boys in the store this particular day. Summer was usually nice because you could count on at least a few, but not this day, so far there had been none. When school is in, usually Saturday's are the best, because then the boys often come in with their parents, just not so much during the rest of the week, they did still, just not as much. And then he came in.

I still knew next to nothing about the amazingly beautiful boy who dressed far nicer than his big brother did, who was always incredibly done up, as if he spent hours making himself look the way he did. In my mind, I told myself that he did it all for me, that he did not try to be so beautiful for everyone else, but I knew the truth. Today was like every other time he came in, his dad was looking for something, I was polite and answered his questions, but in reality, I was truly watching his stunning son out of the corner of my eye.

He caught me again and blushed cutely, I just smiled at him. He smiled back this time, he does that every so often, his gorgeous smile just brightens my day. Had I had to go to a funeral that day, just seeing his smile could brighten even that day. Today though I noticed when he turned, that his tank top was pulled out on the side some, but it had tails on it that still went into his very low rise jeans, which is definitely odd. It truly did look like a diaper shirt. Then as he was looking at something on an upper shelf, he raised his arms, thus stretching himself even more, causing the band of a diaper to surely be seen. I nearly had a heart attack. Finished with his dad, I went to the end of the aisle to wait if he had any further questions.

When the beautiful boy turned my way, I crooked my finger at him, non verbally asking him to come to me. He decided to do so, and as I went around the other side of the aisle, he came around to see what I wanted.

“Hi there, I didn't want to embarrass you, but your diaper shirt has pulled out a bit and your diaper is showing.” I whispered to him.

“Oh, crap, I need to make some new diaper shirts, these ones are getting too small and keep showing my diapers off. You're not gonna make fun of me are you?”

“Oh no, first of all, I have to wear as well, and well adults don't usually make fun of kids, though there are those out there that do, I know, I had it happen to me a few times.”

“Really, you have to wear too, and adults made fun of you when you were a kid?”

“Sure do. Though technically I only need guards during the day and diapers at night, I just prefer to wear diapers all day, saves the hassle of bothering to go to the bathroom every half an hour. It gets really old, really quick. And yes, back when I was a kid, a teacher actually made fun of me, in front of the entire class, I cried so hard, I left his class and never went back. Nowadays he would have been fired, but back then he was just told not to do that. He wasn't the only one, but he sure was the worst. Not even most of the kids made fun of me, granted, they knew better.”

“Wow, and here I thought I had it bad.”

“I sure hope you wouldn't. So why do you wear diapers then?”

“Same problem as you actually. I can still hold it, for a bit, but if I laugh or sneeze, that's it, I pee.”

“Yep, that about sums it up. What about your brother or your dad, is it a genetic thing?”

“They're not really my brother and dad, well they are, but only by marriage, but then my mom died, so he did fully adopt me. My mom said my dad did have the same problem though.”

“Ah, I wondered about that, 'cause you don't really look all that much like either of them, even though they're both really good looking too.”

“Yeah, I mean he really is my dad though, he's been with us since I was like six months old, and I do call him dad and all, and Jeff really is my brother, but not by blood.”

“That's nice. How do they take your wearing diapers?”

“Fine I guess. Jeff still wets the bed, so he wears diapers to bed, but dad says that he did too 'til he was nearly thirteen, so Jeff might be the same. Dad diapers me, and sometimes Jeff does, but most of the time I just diaper myself now, and they never complain.”

“No pullups for you I take it.”

“Yeah, if I want to leak.”

“Same here.”

“I do use a plain white pullup style at school, less noticeable, but that's the only time I do. How about you?”

“I just use tape on ones all the time, though I used to use pullup styles when I was at work, but I stopped doing that a few years ago.”

“Leaked on you too huh?”

“Oh yeah, all the time. Hey, what's your name anyway.”

“Calen, but I go by Cale, what's yours?”

“I like that, it's different, nice. Mine's Jacob, call me Jay.”

“Nice to meet you Jay. I've seen you watching me before when I come in.”

“It's good to meet you too Cale, and I've seen you watching me too.” I smiled.

“Yeah, sorry.”

“No need to be sorry, I'm not. I couldn't help it, you're very good looking, and you must spend hours making yourself look so good.”

“Thanks, I guess, but I don't try, I just spend a few minutes styling my hair and that's it.”

“Not sure I believe that, it looks like it takes longer. How come I always see you looking at all the stuff in here, yet you never buy anything like your brother or dad does?”

“It doesn't, trust me. Jeff always complains that I look so good crawling right out of bed, but it takes him half an hour to get ready.”

“I bet you do.”

“Thanks.” He blushed again.


“It's okay. The reason though is they like to make things like cars and trucks, but I don't, I prefer the wood lathe or chisels, the scroll saw and band saw, things like that, but we don't have any of that at home, except the scroll saw. I used to work with the guy next door, but he moved, and now I don't know anyone with any of that stuff. We don't have a lot of tools at home, just enough to do what they like to do, though dad said he was trying to save up to buy me a lathe, but we don't have a lot of money, so I mostly just carve stuff with my chisels, but I often find wood out in the bush by our house for that.”

“Oh, so you're into the same things as I am then. That's what I love to do.”

“Really, and you have a lathe?”

“Sure, and sure do. It's one of the best on the market, I use it nearly every day. Sometimes I'll do some scroll saw art or things like that, but most of my time is on the lathe. When did you get started on the lathe, you're only what, ten, most people would never let their kid work a lathe?”

“Nine actually, but I turn ten in a couple months, and I started when I was six, but it's been nearly six months since I last got to use a lathe.”

“That's too bad. I still have my old lathe, if you want it, you could have it.”

“I couldn't, but thanks anyway.”

“Let's go talk to your dad and see what he says.”

“He won't like that too much, he says that we shouldn't take things from other people.”

“Well then, what if you worked it off?”

“That he'd probably except, but what can a nine year old do for you, you must be able to do most of your own stuff?”

“Well, there's several things around my house and shop that I have to do, but don't particularly like doing, so maybe you could do them for me?”

“Like what?”

“Pull weeds from the gardens, clean up the goose poop from by the lake, peel logs that I cut up for my woodworking, clean the outside windows and walks, things like that, the icky stuff that takes time away from the things I really enjoy.”

“You live on the lake?”

“Yeah, I live on the biggest actual property that's privately owned. I doubt you know where it is, but it's on a point, so I'm surrounded by water and I have almost five acres.”

“Know it, I can see it from my house, I live almost right across from you in the big subdivision. I live on the second level, so not lake front, but real close. With my canoe, I could get to your place in ten minutes or less.”

“Ah, so you're one of the two boys I always see canoeing around the lake over there.”

“Yeah, Jeff and I love to canoe.”

“That's good.”

“I'd love to come work it off, but if we tell my dad that you offered to give it to me, he won't like it, so we shouldn't tell him that.”

“Then you get to tell him only what you feel comfortable telling him.”

“Wicked, thanks so much.”

We went around the other aisle, where Jeff and his dad Alex were still looking at my large selection of small parts and pieces for making models and whatnot. Once there, Cale excitedly told his dad how he had met me because I noticed his diaper was showing and I did not want to embarrass him by saying it out loud, then went on to explain how we got on the subject of woodworking and how I had my old lathe for sale, and how he had offered to come work for me to buy it, because he really wanted one.

“That's really kind of you to offer to sell your old lathe to Cale, but how could he come work for you, where do you live, and what sort of things could he do for you?” He asked curiously.

So, Cale, not I, explained what all he could do and where I lived, so on and so forth.

“Okay, so that would be really easy for Cale to come and work it off, but how much is it and how much will you pay?”

“Actually, we hadn't even got to that. Brand new, it's probably a few hundred dollars or more, it's only a few years old, but it's been sitting for more than a year since I bought my new one. I'd say a hundred is more than fair for it, and ten dollars an hour for working would be what I paid. So ten hours worth of work and he could have it. Gives me ten extra hours of doing what I enjoy, rather than that, and he gets himself a very good tool.” I offered. I abstained from saying though that it was closer to a thousand dollars new, and that it probably had only fifty hours or so on it, that it would include a couple hundred dollar chisel set with it, or that I would have given it to Cale for free.

“That's very generous of you. Why would you part with such an expensive tool for so little?” He was far too proud for his own good.

“It's been sitting in my shop for a good year now, just sitting there collecting dust, when I have a perfectly good dust collector already. During our talk, I found that Cale really loves lathe work, and such a tool deserves to be used by someone who'll enjoy it as much as I did. I now have a much bigger and better one, and I really don't care to try and sell things, and really, I don't need to. To tell you the truth, I was just gonna give it to someone who deserved it, but Cale said he'd love to come work off the price of it, so this way he feels he earned it, and he doesn't have to pay too much for a good quality tool that'll last him years and years, or 'til he outgrows it.”

“Oh. Boys, excuse us for a second, go look at the woods for a few minutes please?”

The boys gave their dad a questioning look, but did as they were asked. As soon as they were out of earshot, he started speaking again.

“I've seen how you look at him, granted, I've seen how he looks at you too. This isn't some ploy to get into his pants is it?” He asked cautiously, but thankfully quietly so that none of my co-workers would hear.

“No, absolutely not. He's beautiful to be sure, anyone can admit that, and very attractive I'm sure, but I'd never do anything of the sort. He and I are a lot alike, there's another thing that he didn't tell you about me that we share in common, and that's our need of diapers. We seem to have the same problem with our bladders, so both use the same solution to save hassles. I assure you that I would never do anything of the sort just to get into someone's pants, no matter who they were or what I thought of them.”

“But you do find him attractive, don't you. You're gay, I've known since I started coming here, and possibly even a boy lover. Am I mistaken?”

“You are not, however that information is known by no one, though most probably know I'm gay. I assure you though, that in no way would I ever do anything with a child, I'm more the nurturing type, not the sexual type.”

“Cale's gay too, what will you do if he tries to get with you, because like I said, I've seen how he looks at you too?”

“Ah, now there's a question I wish I could truthfully answer you. I wish I could say I would put him off and make him see that that's the sort of thing that just can't happen, and I'd try it too, but I can't possibly say I wouldn't crumble if he persisted. Know this though, I'd never do anything to harm him, or anyone, ever.”

“You sound just like my adult lover did, but at least you're more honest than he was.”

“Ah, so that's why you seem to know so much about boylove. I admit I sorta pegged you for bi, because I didn't think you were entirely straight.

“No, nowhere near in fact. After my wife died, I haven't been with another woman. Jeff was a drunken one night stand, and Cale's mom was more a marriage of convenience for the both of us. She was bi as well, mostly gay, the boys needed two loving parents at home, and we did enjoy our time together as well, then again we enjoyed a few other things together as well.”

“Ah, I see. Do the boys know any of this?”

“Some, but not all. They know I'm bi, Cale admitted that he was gay, and Jeff isn't sure yet, he says probably bi, but I'm thinking he'll be more gay than anything as well.”

“You've never done anything with the boys?”

“No, never. Cale's absolutely gorgeous though, but I couldn't do anything like that with him, he's my son, and I'd never do that to my son, either of them.”

“I understand, but you have had fun with a younger one before, haven't you?”

“Yes, but not since I was eighteen, and he's the one who started it. I was babysitting him, he was ten, I didn't stand a chance. Granted, I guess I've had a few fifteen and sixteen year olds over the years, they're a lot of fun.”

“Wish I could say I agreed with you, but sadly I'm as much a virgin as hopefully your boys are. I've never had sex with anyone.”

“Too bad. I believe you, since you were completely honest with me, so I'll allow Cale to come work for you. What are your days off and when should he come over?”

“Sunday through Wednesday normally, but I've been working Wednesday's as well lately so that the others could take their vacation time, hopefully next week is the last of the four day work weeks for a while.”

“Wow, must be nice.”

“It is. Thirty years old and semi retired already. I only work here for a few extra bucks and for the great discount I get on stock, and I use a lot of it.”

“And you own the most expensive piece of property in the entire city probably.”

“It might be worth a lot now, but back when my parents bought it, it was only ten thousand dollars, but that was a lot of years ago. They were old, real old when I came along and surprised them, they weren't even supposed to be able to have kids, they were in their early fifties when they got pregnant, and I was nineteen when they died and left me everything they had. It was mostly just the house, but there was enough to live on for a while if I was smart. I worked hard 'til I was thirty to build up a good nest egg, now I no longer need to, so now I only really work what I need to. What about you, what do you do?”

“Construction worker mostly, but I do a bit of everything, so whatever is paying at the time. I don't make a huge amount, but we can afford a nice house on the lake, even though it's bloody expensive, I drive a good truck and I give the boys everything they need. We don't have cable or anything, just a computer and the great outdoors, which we use a lot. The boys each have their own canoe that I made for them, I have one too mind you, we swim and boat and fish and hike, and a lot of woodworking too. We don't have a very big shop, in fact it might be tight to put Cale's new lathe in there, but we'll find room, no worries there. We actually enjoy a fairly simple and peaceful life.”

“I'm much the same actually. I rarely watch TV, though I do have it, and when I do, it's more to watch a good movie. Most of my time is spent in my yard or in my shop. I swim a lot and boat a bit, though I do need a new canoe. I tried to make my own, but I failed, the only thing made of wood I ever failed at making. Actually, how much would you charge me to make me a nice cedar strip canoe like I've seen the boys using?”

“So you've seen them?”

“Sure, but they never got close enough to the house for me to see who they were, I was as shocked as Cale was to learn we lived so close. I could see the canoes though, and they're really nice. I have all the cedar you could use for it, and with my mill, you just tell me what sizes you need and I'll cut it for you, so all you have to do is build it.”

“Wow, nice. It'd be a hundred bucks or so at least if you supply the wood, I can get you a cut list, then I could put it together. Even with all the wood cut to approximate sizes, it'd still take me a week or so to make, there's quite a bit of work that goes into making them.”

“Oh, I know it, but that sounds good. You can send Cale over tomorrow with the cut list, and he can help me cut up all the wood we'll need. I already have a good paddle, so you won't need to worry about that, I carved my own from yellow cedar several years ago and had a native friend decorate it for me, it's really nice.”

“Now that's something I could use, are good paddles. How about we just make a trade, I make your canoe and you make me a few new paddles. By the time all is said and done, it'll probably be right around the same amount of time spent.”

“You have yourself a deal, and I still have lots of yellow cedar and the template I used for mine, so it won't take long to make the blanks at all.” I smiled. This is what I liked.

“Excellent. I think Jeff and I have all the parts we needed this time, so we should probably get going.”

“Great, I'll ring you through then.”

I led him to the till. The boys saw us heading there, so headed over as well.

“So, Cale, I'm usually up at six, no later than that, so any time after that you're welcome to come over on my days off to start working. Your dad will give you any details.”

“Cool, thanks so much Jay, I'll definitely be over tomorrow morning then.” He said excitedly.

“Then I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

A few seconds later they were paid up and headed out. I waved at them, and my entire month had just been made a thousand times better. The boss called not even ten minutes later and said he was all caught up, so I was welcome to go back to my three days a week if I wanted, I accepted instantly. To pass the rest of my shift, I went and picked out a few new pieces of wood that I could not mill myself, since they were not indigenous to our area, thus making them difficult to get. By the time my shift ended, I had just spent my entire weeks worth of pay on the exotic hardwoods that I had just bought, but that was the entire reason I worked there, may as well make it worth my while right.

I drove all the way home, in the annoying stop and go traffic, finally making it home almost an hour later. In the off season, the same drive only takes me twenty minutes, but I suppose it is worth it to live on such a large and beautiful lake, and like Cale's dad said, possibly the most expensive property in the entire city. My land is huge and well cared for, my house is small and nice, and my shop is amazing.

My parents had built the small cabin back in the fifties, well after they had bought it actually, there were three bedrooms, one bathroom, really nice big living room, and then a pretty small kitchen actually, but I had redone it to my tastes and it was very nice now. It had a beautiful stone fireplace in the center of the house that could be seen in the kitchen or the living room, the master bedroom was in the loft, which overlooked the living room, and then the two small bedrooms were on either side of the bathroom and down the hall from the kitchen. The porch wrapped around the entire house and was covered, so from everywhere you could see the most stunning nature you would find anywhere.

I built the shop the year after my parents died, I had always loved woodworking, so decided to do that for myself with some of the inheritance I had received, and did it right. Physical size, it was quite a bit larger than the house, but I had made it look like it belonged there right along side the house, it just looked like an old antique shop, just like the cabin looked. Granted, I had spent a lot of money also redoing the outside of the house to look like that, because it had been rotting, but I did not want to make it look brand new either. In the shop I had put all the tools I had always wanted, spent more money than I probably should have in doing so, but they had paid themselves off time and time again.

I mostly did my woodworking as a hobby, and I made many nice things, but realistically, I did not need everything I made, so I sold a lot of the items that I made. During the summer, our lake community always holds a craft market in the park on Sunday's, so I take everything that I made throughout the year and sell it there to the tourists. I do fairly well, in fact, the first year I did that I think I paid off the tools that I bought, by the third year, I had paid off the shop as well, so it worked well in the end.

When I finally got home, I went right to the shop, instead of going in and making myself dinner like I probably should have, and pulled out Cale's new lathe and got it all cleaned up. I grabbed the chisels next and went and honed them to a perfect edge so that they were ready for Cale when he needed them, and I even went and found the instruction manual for it, because I always kept them. I even grabbed all the bowl making attachments for it when I remembered that I had them, because these ones did not fit my new lathe, so Cale may as well have them as well. About the only thing I did not have for Cale's lathe was the copy attachment, only because I had not needed to replace it, it worked with my new lathe. I then decided what the hell and went and removed even it from my new lathe and put it with Cale's lathe, I would just buy the bigger better model for my lathe instead. Finally I had everything ready for Cale the next day when he arrived, because I was certain he would want to see what all he was working for. Once that was done, I decided to call it a day and went in to make myself dinner.

It was then that I happened to notice that I had gone too long without a diaper change, because as I was taking off my shoes, I realized my pants were more than a little wet. I had been so intent on getting the stuff for Cale, that I had not realized that my diaper, which I always have to change as soon as I get home, was well past capacity. With a mental shrug, I went to my room and changed my diaper, opting to go without clothes now for the evening, since I would not likely be going back out anyway.

After dinner, I sat back and relaxed, reading a book by the fire, which because it was warm out, I had only made very small, really only for the sound and the pleasure. Finally at bed time, I went to bed and passed out, dreaming all night long of Cale.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the lake, Cale was laying in his bed, dreaming of me. He had always had a soft spot, or rather a hard spot for me it seems. He was not sure why, but every time he saw me, he would get hard. Sure he had admitted to his dad almost a year ago that he was pretty sure he was gay, but this was still all so scary and new to him. He was pretty sure that he was not supposed to love an adult, but he was pretty sure he did. In his already slightly soggy diaper that he had had to change not long after getting home that afternoon, Cale once again found himself needing to rub himself until he had his incredible dry orgasm. He always stroked himself on the outside of his wet diaper, it felt amazing to him that way, though he did like doing it the same way as every boy as well, but he loved doing it through his diaper too.

Finally though Cale was able to go to sleep, and he too dreamed all night about me.