Chapter 4

This morning when I woke up, I knew that it was going to be a hard day, because I had to go back to work the following day, in which case I would not get to see Cale that much. I figured that I would just have to make due with the situation though, I did not want to quit at the store, I really did like the job for the most part. I still had today though, and today is all that really matters in the end. I got up and stretched, headed down for some breakfast, and then sat around waiting for Cale to arrive. I did not bother to go get dressed this morning, and I sort of hoped that Cale had not changed his night diaper yet.

As soon as he arrived, I asked Cale if he needed a diaper change, because I was super wet, and he grinned, saying that no, he had not changed his diaper yet either. Without any further words, we headed up to my bedroom to change each others diapers, among other things. We spent a good half an hour just kissing and caressing each other before working into each others diapers. Today we just reached inside each others very wet diapers and gently took care of each other that way. It was a much more relaxed orgasm this morning, I did not feel as if the entire universe exploded, but it was still a very good cum to be sure. As soon as we came down, we pulled our hands out of each others diapers, and Cale pulled his hand to his face and slurped up my seed, smacking his lips as he did so.

“Mmm, you taste so good.”

“Let me try.” I grinned and leaned in and kissed him deeply.

“Mmm, you're right, I do taste good.” I teased.

“Mmmhmm.” He sighed.

I hopped out of bed and pulled Cale so that he was in diaper change position and grabbed his bag, that he had brought in with him, grabbed one of his diapers, and then went to change him. I looked up at him and he was smiling serenely at me, I just grinned and reached into my bedside table drawer and grabbed my nail file, it was very sharp pointed, and I had it there for one reason, and one reason only. Occasionally I liked to double diaper myself, so I used it for poking holes in my diapers when I desired to do so. I began poking holes in Cale's diaper, he never even questioned me, he must have known what I was doing. Once his diaper was ready, I added his second diaper and taped him up nice and snug.

“There you go. You like?”

“Oh yeah, how'd you know I liked double diapering?”

“I didn't, 'til now that is, but I like it and I want to be double diapered too and figured you'd like it too, glad you do.”

“Yeah, I do. Go ahead and lay down then and I'll get you all taken care of.”

I did as I was told, and within a few minutes I too was double diapered. I grabbed Cale's clothes that he had worn in and helped him to get dressed, and then Cale went to my dresser and picked out my clothes and came back and helped me to get dressed as well.

“Thanks Baby. Wanna go to the shop?”

“For sure.” He smiled brightly.

We headed out to the shop and I got everything opened up and turned on as usual.

“So, you wanna learn how to turn your bowl that you put together the other day?”

“Sure, but what's so different about carving it over a solid one?”

“Because there's spaces in between each of the pieces to make it all hole-y, if you use the wrong type of chisel, it'll dig in and catch, and as you know, that's a bad thing, so only use rounded chisels, nothing with a sharp point. You already do it very softly and gently, so that's good. You also know to use a good sharp chisel, but that's even more important when doing segmented bowls. If we hadn't left all the spaces and just made it solid, it'd be no real difference, other than the glue is sometimes harder than the wood, so can be tricky with this many glue joints. Then there are the glue joints in this type of bowl, again the joints are going to be stronger than the wood around them, so you have to be sure to keep good control, which you already do. Otherwise, the only thing to do is go in and give it a try.”

“Okay. I'm gonna go hone my chisels really quickly then, where's your sharpening station?”

“Right over there. Do you need help with that?”

“No thanks, I do all the sharpening at home, even the saw blades, dad says I do a way better job than he does. Even the kitchen knives I do, and he says they're downright dangerous when I sharpen them. Even my carving chisels at home are so sharp that if you accidentally touch them in the wrong way, they'll cause really bad bleeding, trust me, I know.” He grinned, and then showed me the palm of his hand, where a pretty nasty scar could be seen.

“Yikes, you did that with one of your carving chisels?”

“Yep, but it taught me to never push a chisel toward my hand, it wasn't one of the brighter things I've done, that's for sure.” He grinned.

“I'd hope that'd teach you a lesson.” I laughed.

“Yeah, I'm not stupid enough to do the same stupid thing twice, once is usually more than enough for me.” He said happily and skipped over to the sharpening station I had set up.

I had everything over there that you could possibly need to sharpen nearly any type of blade, I even sharpened my own band saw and table saw blades. He went right to the whet stone and turned it on, and once the stone was covered fully in oil, he went in and just barely touched the stone with his first chisel and honed it so finely that it was probably more sharp than I could do it. He did this for all ten of his chisels, even though the day before he had only used three of them, and it took him at most half an hour to do them all.

“Wow, no wonder your dad has you do all your blades, you're really good at that too.” I said after he had finished, I had grabbed his large gouge and checked it myself, and it was very sharp.

“Yeah, but I still have to take off the burr, do you have any thousand grit diamond paper by chance?”

“Um no, should I?”

“If you want sharp blades, yes. You have six hundred grit, that'll do for now, that's what I'll use.” He went and grabbed a piece of that and using it on his fingers, he just barely touched each of the blades once again and removed what tiny bit of a burr there might have been, and once again, I checked the large gouge, and I could feel the difference, slight though it was.

“Yikes, now that's sharp.”

“Thanks. I can do your kitchen knives for you as well, all you'd have to do is set your knife on a tomato and the weight of the blade will nearly push it all the way through. I can cut a carrot with my knives with no more effort than most people cut butter with. Dad says my knives are downright scary, he won't use them, I call him a chicken. He just laughs and says he likes his fingers where they are, but like I tell him, as long as he's not stupid enough to get them in the way, then he has nothing to worry about.”

“I might just have to get you to do my knives then. I have really good knives, I sharpen them all the time, and they're extremely sharp, but if you can get them that much better, then go for it.” I said in clear awe, Cale just kept amazing me.

“No prob, any time. Well, I'm gonna go get to work then.” He smiled and skipped back to his lathe and got started.

I decided to grab my chisels and sharpen them as well, and changing my style to match what Cale did, I did all my chisels, and I could tell they were far better than I had ever done before, I was impressed. It is not often that children can teach adults such things, but I was not going to complain about learning, especially from Cale. As soon as I was done, I went and got my bowl onto the chuck and got it going. Cale was already well on his way with his bowl by the time I got started. As with before, he started on the outside, and with the most gentle of touches, he was removing less than a thousandths of an inch with every pass. It was more like ultra fine saw dust coming off, instead of curls of wood like what would be more normal when using a lathe.

I adjusted my position to match Cale's more, to see if that was how he was able to produce such a light touch, and I found that it did work. So by adjusting my body just a little I could better control how much pressure I applied. I always adjust for that reason, but I had never done what he did, and I found that it really worked well. Cale was also very relaxed, though I could tell his grip on his chisel was still strong, but he let his body move with the wood, instead of controlling it. I decided to give it a try as well, and at first I almost screwed up, but once I let myself go more, I found that the wood did guide me a bit, all I had to do was follow it.

Lost in our work now, we both worked and worked on our bowls, neither of us even paying any attention to the other, we ended up working straight through until we were finished the entire carving process. All we needed to do now was to sand them and coat them.

“I like how you handled that Cale. I actually adjusted myself to how you were doing it, how you relaxed your body and let it follow the wood, and it worked. I tried positioning myself like you do and using an even lighter touch than I normally do, and while it took longer to carve, it turned out even nicer. I thought I was supposed to be teaching you, but here you are teaching me.”

“Thanks. It just feels natural like that, and the guy who used to teach me said the same thing you did. It was just how I did it, and how I always do. I watched an old native man carving something when I was six, and I noticed how he kept his eyes closed most of the time, I was amazed at what he was doing, so I asked him. He told me that if you listen to the wood, let it guide your hand, that the wood would tell you how it wants to be carved. He said he never starts a piece knowing what it will look like or anything, he just carves it how the wood wants to be carved. It was just after that that I started using a lathe, so that's how I do it. I can't quite do it with my eyes closed yet, but I did today for a bit, and it didn't blow up, so that's good.”

“Wow. I'd never even think of closing my eyes while using a lathe.”

“Let your body go, feel the wood as it turns, and you'll be able to feel where the chisel needs to go. I still have to use the calipers for thickness and to gauge how much more I have to take off, but for the rest of it, I let it tell me.”

“Nice. Let's grab some sand paper then and get these finished off.”

“Okay.” He said brightly and led the way to the sanding station.

We both grabbed the sand paper that we wanted, but when Cale went to grab the steel wool and the wax, I stopped him.

“On these types of bowls, you can't use wax, you'd never get it applied properly and it wouldn't look nice. These bowls can't be used for food anyway, so we'll spray them in the paint booth once they're all sanded.”

“Oh, okay. What do you spray them with?”

“I use a high gloss diamond finish poly urethane, and I give them at least three coats usually. Sometimes I give them even more, but normally only three.”

“Okay, cool. You'll have to teach me how to do that, that's something I've never done before. All the finishing I've ever done has been right on the lathe with it spinning.”

“That's okay, there's still lots I can teach you, and hopefully lots more that you can teach me.”

“Awesome, I love learning things.”

“Me too.”

We headed to our lathes and got to work sanding them down to make them perfect, and before too long, we were done. Once that was done, we removed the bases, sanded them on the belt sander, and then went to the paint booth. I mixed up the finish, filled the gun and hooked it up, and then proceeded to teach Cale exactly how to go about doing this. Once I was done, I handed the gun to him to give it a shot. He was a little clumsy at first, but with some tutelage, he was soon spraying the finish like a pro, like the pro he seemed to be.

“There we go. This dries really fast, so in twenty minutes we'll be able to come back and apply another coat. I think these deserve at least four or five coats though, they both turned out very well, and the finish coats will show that off much more. Now, however, we both need to get get some lunch and then a much needed diaper change I think. We're well past lunch time and even our double diapers are starting to get pretty full.”

“Okay.” Cale smiled, so we headed into the house. We grabbed a snack first, and then went and changed each others diapers without any playing.

“Let's go do another coat on the bowls, and then we'll clean up the shop while we wait for the next coat to dry.”


We headed out and did just that, and once we were finished spraying and started cleaning, we once again started talking.

“So, my dad noticed that I was really happy yesterday.” Cale said.

“Ah, so he knows about us now huh?”

“Yeah. He asked if I pushed you into it, so I told him no, that it was very much mutual. He told me that he was happy for us, but asked me to take it slowly with you, of which I told him we'd already agreed on that anyway.”

“I didn't think he'd miss it when we started.”

“Yeah, but now Jeff's a bit jealous that I have a boyfriend, and I'm more than a year younger than him. I told him that we'd always be brothers and best friends, but that I couldn't do anything with him any more, because I didn't want to do that to you, and he was a bit upset. I told him that he'd find a boyfriend, or maybe a girlfriend, and he'd be fine.”

“Thanks, but if the two of you still want to play, I wouldn't be upset, you are brothers and best friends, and you share something special. Don't give that up just for me.” I said softly, it was very sweet though.

“No, that's okay. Now that I have you, you're all I want and need. I told him a long time ago that the two of us could never be anything more than brothers and best friends, we could jack off and play around a bit, but nothing more. He still doesn't really get it, but he will soon enough. Family can't be lovers as well, well I suppose they can be, but it's not really right I don't think. If others wanna do it, and they can handle it, then great, but I don't want that, he'll have to learn to deal with it. Anyway, dad says that if we're gonna be boyfriends, that I have to be very careful, because what we share is very dangerous to you, but I told him I already knew that. I told him that no one would ever find out about us from me, they could torture me and I'd never spill. He asked me what would happen once we became anal active and if I were to get caught, they'd question me and I'd be forced to tell them everyone that I had contact with. I told him that even if they did so, then I'd tell them that I live five minutes walking distance from a very popular campground, that I visit there at least a few times a week and get as much sex as I can from as many boys and or men as I could. Which by the way I know happens, a lot. He laughed, saying he wouldn't doubt that it happened, but I told him that I'd actually go and do it if I had to, because they couldn't test me against my wishes without a court order, so we'd stop having sex and I'd go out and be a dirty slut for as long as I had to in order to protect you.”

“Oh.” I could not think of anything else to say.

“Yeah, I wouldn't enjoy it, well not a lot, but I'd be dreaming it was you filling me up. Anyway, the point is that he wanted to make sure that I knew the repercussions of what we share and what would happen if we were caught in any way.”

“That's good, but what if someone were to actually catch us in the act somehow?”

“Easy, we never do anything outside this house, and there's no way for them to know, unless they can see us, which there's no way for that. They can't just barge in, and even if they came knocking while we were in the act, it wouldn't matter, because they can't detain me, and they can't test me right away if I refuse. I'd tell them that we're nothing more than teacher and student, that you're teaching me all about woodworking and stuff, as well that I work for you to pay off the teaching. You'd of course want to say the same thing by the way, and you have to know all this as well, just in case we ever do get questioned for any reason, which we never should.”

“No, if we're careful, then neither of us should ever have to worry about that, that's for sure. It's good that you have a plan, even if some of it puts you in a position neither of us would like, but would be necessary. I'd hate thinking of you out there doing that, but if it comes down to it, then so be it, but that should never happen.”


We continued talking for a bit longer as we cleaned up the shop, and by the time we were finished the cleaning, we were ready to put another coat of urethane on the bowls. After that, we went and sat down on the dock, nearly touching everywhere, just looking out on the water and talking softly. For the next couple hours, that was all we did, other than getting up every twenty minutes or so to spray another coat on our bowls. By the time that Cale had to be going, we had put seven coats on both the bowls, and they looked absolutely amazing because of it.

“Okay Baby, I have to work tomorrow, so I won't be here. I won't be home now 'til Sunday, so give me a call tomorrow night, okay.”

“Okay, or I could come over for a visit after you get off work.”

“No, you do need to spend time at home too Baby, as much as I'd love to keep you all to myself, we can't do that. Call me before you go to bed, that'll have to be enough, okay.”

“I suppose you're right. I love you.” He smiled sadly and reached up for a nice tender kiss goodbye.

We kissed for a few minutes and then I set him down. I said I love you and before too long, Cale was paddling away. I closed down the shop and headed into the house for the night, made and ate dinner, and then when the time came, went to bed. For the life of me, I cannot actually tell you what I did to kill the time though.

The next morning I trudged to work, really hating having to go, but it is a job, and I did need it, at least a bit. I could not afford to buy all the hardwoods I got otherwise, so I would make due. Having to go without my baby all day though was really hard to do. One of my co-workers even asked me what was wrong a couple times throughout the day. I just played it off as being very tired, which of course led to the question of what I was doing on my days off. Of course I said the usual, just working out in the shop. Even though there were several cute boys in the store today, not one of them held a candle to my baby Cale. I was still friendly and helpful to everyone that came in, I still did everything that I was supposed to do while I was there, but my heart just was not in it and I wanted to go home far before the end of my shift.

Finally the day was done and I headed home. The drive was not too bad today, all things considering, and finally I made it home. As I pulled into the drive and parked next to the house in my carport, I noticed someone sitting on my dock, their legs dangling and waving. As soon as he heard me, he looked up and I saw that it was Cale, I had wondered if he would still swing by to say hi. I waved and headed down there as soon as I parked, he waved back and started walking toward me to meet me half way.

“Hey Baby, what's up, how come you're here?” I asked happily.

“Wanted to see you, just getting to talk to you tonight wasn't gonna be enough, and I wanted to pick up my bowls to show my dad and Jeff.”

“I admit I really wanted to see you too. When does your dad get home?”

“He'll be home pretty quick himself, he gets off at six, and it takes a bit to get home, but he'll be here soon.”

“Oh, okay then. Well, let's go get your bowls Baby and get you on your way so that you can spend the evening with your dad.”

“Okay, when we're in the shop, you better believe I'm also gonna want a nice tender kiss.”

“I wouldn't dare stop you, in fact, if you don't kiss me, I'll just kiss you.”

“Good, then we're in agreement.” I smiled.

I ran back to the house quickly and grabbed my shop keys, then ran back down to the shop where Cale was ready and waiting for me. I knew the bowls were just an excuse, but he really should take them home to show them off, and it worked for me. Once we were safely hidden inside the shop, I grabbed my baby and picked him and laid on him a kiss that zapped us both of all our oxygen I'm sure. At least we were both gasping when we let go.

“Ah, that's so much better.” Cale sighed deeply.

“Mmmhmm.” I had to agree, now the day was complete.

I went to the paint booth and grabbed both our bowls and handed Cale's to him as soon as I was near enough. He took it and looked at it closely for several minutes, inspecting it with expert eyes.

“It's not perfect, but it's really good.”

“Why isn't it perfect Baby, I thought it turned out great?”

“I don't think I like the poly urethane, it shows too many flaws, and I think I could've sanded it a bit more, there's still a few rough edges. It's really nice, and the design is great, but I guess it's not bad for a first try.”

“Wow, you have really high standards, but when working on a segmented bowl like this, good luck getting it any smoother than that. Poly urethane does show off the flaws, if you know what to look for, but trust me, no one will see them, just you. To everyone else it'd be stunning.”

“My dad's forever telling me that I'm too much of a perfectionist, and that I'm too hard on myself when something isn't perfect, but it's just how I am, I'll get it as perfect as I can possibly get it, but it might take me a few more tries.”

“I can be a perfectionist too, but sometimes you have to accept what is, even with its flaws.”

“I know, and I can accept this, especially since it's my first, but I'll try harder on my next one. I should probably head home now though, I love you.”

“I love you too Baby, and striving to be perfect isn't bad, as long as you don't block out everything during the trip and learn nothing else.”

“I know, good night.”

Cale grabbed his other bowl and gave me one final kiss goodbye, and then went and hopped into his canoe and headed home. As soon as he was almost across the lake, I headed into the house. Not only did I need a diaper change, but I needed some food too. I purposely left the shop open, because as soon as I was finished dinner, I was going to come back to the shop and finish off another paddle or two. After dinner, I did go back and completed two of the paddles before I decided to call it a night. I locked up the shop and headed into the house and pretty much straight to bed. The next couple days went by the same way, only both these nights, I just called Cale to wish him a good night and to say I loved him. Both those days were really hard, though I must say not nearly as hard as I was during our nightly phone calls. I did not jack off though, I wanted to save that for Sunday morning when Cale arrived.

Speaking of Sunday morning, it had finally arrived. I woke up feeling hugely refreshed. I finally got to see my baby again and I was excited. I did not bother to change my diaper, knowing full well that Cale would want to do that as soon as he arrived, amongst other things I was sure. I went and had breakfast and a large mug of green tea, waiting for Cale to come over. I was only half way through my tea when I saw Cale coming up the dock toward the house. I hopped up and unlocked the door and stood there waiting for him to arrive.

“Hi there my gorgeous baby boy, how are you this morning?” I said, sounding more than a little giddy I was sure, sounding an awful lot like a little school girl, I almost laughed.

“Hi there my gorgeous baby boy, I'm doing great thanks, and how about you?”

“Much better now that you're here.”

“Yeah, same. Hey, my dad said he had a few canoes ready, and he suggested that if we weren't doing anything important today that maybe we should come pick them up and take them to the park and try and sell them. He told me that I should try and sell my bowls as well, because he said they were incredible. I asked him if he wanted either of them, but he said no, that I should sell them instead, because I could make good money off them.”

“That's a great idea, we'll just have to go down to the shop and finish a few of the paddles, and then we can go there and collect the stuff.”

“Okay, I said we might do that if we decided that was a good idea. In the meantime though, I really need a diaper change, and I haven't jacked off since our last time together, and I think I'm starting to understand what blue balls means, because boy are they getting sore, and I can't even make cum yet.” He laughed.

“Trust me, it only gets worse once you do make cum, and boy do I know it at the moment. Last night as we were talking, I nearly came without touching myself when you said hello, you're just so sexy sounding.”

“Same here.” He giggled.

“Come on Baby, let's go take care of a couple things, then we need to get to work.”

He did not say anything further, just dragged me up the stairs and jumped on the bed. I pulled his pants off and unsnapped his diaper shirt, noting that it was brand new, and fit him better. I then ripped off the only thing I was wearing, which was my robe, and jumped onto the bed as well, nearly landing right on top of Cale, pinning him to the bed. He giggled cutely, and then sighed deeply as I started kissing him deeply.

This morning I decided to venture into new and uncharted territory between us, and for me at least, ever before. I wanted to taste Cale in the worst possible way. After kissing for a good ten minutes, maybe more, I started kissing my way down Cale's incredible little body, pulling up his shirts as I went, because he was still wearing them, making sure to nip his nipples, enjoy his innie, and then I pressed my face into his nearly saturated diaper. His smell was intoxicating, I could just lay here and smell it for hours. Sadly though I did not have hours to spend doing this, because if I did not hurry, we were both more than likely going to spontaneously explode, and neither of us wanted that. Not to mention, I really wanted to suck Cale this morning.

Cale was moaning and sighing the entire time I was kissing and licking him, he was nearly wailing as I was mashing his erection with my face through his diaper, but when I released the tapes to his diaper and pulled it down, and then engulfed his entire erection and nut sack in one gulp, he exploded and passed out. I looked up and with his still incredibly hard erection and his hot little balls in my mouth, I saw what had happened and laughed. I did not detach, he tasted much too good for that, and he was still really hard. I did not do anything though other than hold him until he came too again.

It took almost five minutes for Cale to come to again, and when he did, he looked down at me with a glazed over look on his face and grinned brightly. With that, I started a slow and gentle suction and tongue lashing, trying my best to make this the best blow job of his life. Of course it seemed I did not have to try that hard, because the sounds he was making even when I was barely moving said that this was the best thing he had ever felt. When I really toyed with him though, he really moaned and panted. I loved hearing that so much, these sounds alone could have set me off, but I was doing everything in my power to not explode, I knew Cale would want to savor this load.

For the next five minutes I did everything in my power to keep Cale making the noises that he was making, until finally he could take no more and once again exploded in an incredible orgasm. With a strangled cry, he came hard, but this time he stayed awake. He was not entirely with it either mind you. A few minutes later he came down and I let him fall from my mouth and I smiled brightly at him, he smiled even brighter at me.

“Wow, that was totally amazing, thanks.”

“You're very welcome my beautiful baby boy.”

“My turn now.” He said giddily and slid out from under me and pushed me over so that I was on my back.

He crawled on top of me and started the kissing all over again, and for ten minutes or so more, he kissed me tenderly, lovingly. He then worked his way down my body, kissing, licking, nibbling, same as I had done for him, until his face was pressed into my diaper as well. I heard him inhale and then sigh, it seemed he liked my smell as well. He stayed there, mashing his face into my diaper and smelling for at most a minute before releasing the tapes to my diaper and inhaling my erection as far as he could.

I too had been moaning and sighing the entire time, how could I not, I would have to be a robot not to have been right, then again, the things he was doing to me, he might even be able to make a robot sigh in orgasmic pleasure. As soon as he released the tapes to my diaper and inhaled my man meat though, I lost my breath, and then exploded. Much like Cale, I did not have a chance to warn him at all, it just happened, it was just too much, I exploded with a ferocity I was not sure was humanly possible. I heard Cale gag as the first shot must have shot straight down his throat, and then I heard him swallowing repeatedly to keep up to me. It must have been a hell of a fight, because I had lost count after six, my mind felt like a bowl of Jello, the flashes of bright colored lights flashing before my eyes were dazzling. And then it was over.

I must have passed out for a few minutes as well, because one minute I remember intense pleasure of the sort no one could possibly explain, the next I am laying there as if I were in heaven, then I realized I was. I was laying there and Cale still had me as far in his mouth as he could, and he was gently tickling my dick head with his tongue. God it felt amazing. I sighed deeply, contentedly, and Cale resumed his sucking. Now that I was awake, he started moving slowly and sucking me gently, copying what I had done to him before, and it felt amazing. Now that I was able to truly lay back and enjoy, I really got into it, and I was moaning even more now, telling Cale just how good he was doing by the sounds I was making. Each time he did something that really made me sigh, he would go back and do it again and again, learning what really turned me on, same as I had done to him. Finally almost six or seven minutes later, I had had all I could take again and exploded.

Though less intense this time, I think I still fired just as much cum, and Cale sure seemed to be enjoying it a great deal. For a few seconds as he was guzzling my cum down, I heard him sighing more than I was. I never knew anyone could enjoy cum as much as he seems to. With a grunt and a deep sigh, I was done. I even started going soft in Cale's talented sucking mouth. He sighed as well and pulled off. He crawled back up my body and continued the kisses he had given me before, and we kissed for a good ten minutes longer.

“Wow, that was amazing.” I sighed out first when we broke the kiss.

“Yeah, it was, you taste so good, especially direct like that. I wish I could get that ten or more times a day.”

“Yeah, but sadly it's just not possible, well, maybe once you could do that to me, but you'd probably kill me.” I laughed, so did he.

“Yeah, even I doubt I could cum ten times in a day, and I don't shoot yet.”

“My record was twelve actually, but I was fourteen, boy did I have a sore dick the next few days though. It was like I was wearing sandpaper underwear, and I'm not talking no four hundred grit either, it was totally sixty grit. Talk about ouch. My best friend laughed his head off when I told him why I was walking so gingerly at school the next day, told me I deserved it, but that he'd done the same thing to himself only a few weeks before. He said he had at least done it on a Friday afternoon while his parents were away, so no one noticed, and he took the weekend to heal. Too bad he wasn't gay, I'd have jumped him back then.”

“Yikes, didn't you ever hear of lube, or at the least hand lotion. God, my dad gave me a bottle of Skin So Soft lotion when I was seven, because I was playing with myself so much, he was worried I was gonna rub myself raw. I just said thanks and ran to my room to try it out. He grabbed a bottle for Jeff too, he went to his room too.”

“Yeah, I learned the value of good lotion after that, no worries there. My mom wondered why I was going through so much, and even asked if my hands were really that dry lately. She asked in front of my dad, and he nearly swallowed his tongue he laughed so hard, and said dear, it's not for his hands, leave the poor boy alone. Boy did she blush, I probably did too, but I was trying too hard not to laugh at the look on her face. She never complained about buying lotion for me again.”

“I bet not, I so wish I coulda seen her face though, that woulda been so priceless.”

“Yeah, it was. She was already well into her sixties then, and just a bit prudish, I think she'd totally forgot what being a teen was like, nor had she ever imagined what it must be like to be a boy. My dad was different though, he was really laid back and open about things. Of my parents, he's the only one I would've told I was gay, he would've accepted it no problem, but my mom probably would've passed out.”

“Oh, so you never told them?”

“No, I never got the chance before they died. My mom died first, and then my dad just withered away after that, and within six months, he told me he just didn't have the will to live without her any more, he died less than a month later. They had been childhood friends, they literally grew up next door to each other, they had loved each other since they were in kindergarten, so when she died, so did he. It's really quite beautiful actually, he just couldn't live without her. I tried to tell him that he still had me, and he said he knew that, but that I was ready to go it alone and he had done for me all that he could. His heart just stopped one night in his sleep, and that was it.”

“Did you cry?”

“You know, not really. I did when my mom died, because it was such a shock, she died of a heart attack too, but my dad told me that he was going to die and to be happy for him, because he was going to go be with his one true love again. I cried at his funeral, and I shed a few tears the morning I found him, but I was happy for him, I knew he was not happy being all alone in the world, even though he had me. I guess it just wasn't the same.”

“No, and I think I know how he felt, because I'd feel the same if I lost you now.”

“Yeah, same here.”

“Should we get diapered and dressed and go get to work?”

“Yeah, we should.”

We helped each other to get diapered and dressed, and before too long, we were ready to go.

“I noticed that you had a new diaper shirt Baby!”

“Yeah, I made myself a few more the other day. I was bored not getting to come see you, so I made them.”

“You really make them yourself?”

“Sure, I know how to sew. I'm not great at it, but I'm not bad either. I've actually made myself several clothes over the years, the first thing I made in fact was a diaper shirt when I was six. I asked my dad to help me do it, so he taught me and Jeff how to sew, because he said it was a valuable skill to have.”

“And it is. I don't usually sew too much, I don't really like doing it, but I can. I just go and buy my diaper shirts, although they're actually body suits.”

“Yeah, I could've done the same thing, but I like the snap crotches of the ones I make, they're easier to change my diapers, that way I don't have to get completely undressed.”

“Yeah, that's true I suppose, because I do have to undress completely to change my diaper.”

“I could easily modify the ones you have though and add the snaps to them if you wanted.”

“No, you don't have to, but I might just do that, I never thought of it before, but it'd be super simple to do.”

“Yeah, it would be.”

We talked more all the way out to the shop, just having a good time. I opened up and turned on the shop, and then we went and grabbed all the paddles that I had made already and took them to the paint booth and got them hung up for spraying. I got two guns prepared with the marine Spar Varnish and told Cale that it was pretty much the same as the urethane, but that we would only need two good coats and he had to wear a good respirator, of which I handed one to him. We took half an hour to spray all of them, and then we went to start loading up all the rest of the things.

“How long does that take to dry?”

“Couple hours at least.”

“Oh, and we still need one more coat right?”


“And then another two hours to dry?”


“Are we gonna make it in time to the park?”

“Yeah, it's open from eleven to three, it's not even seven yet, so that gives us plenty of time, and it's not like we have to get there right at eleven. It's pretty relaxed, we just go and find an open space and set up what we want where there's a space for us. So even if we're a bit late, it's not the end of the world.”

“Oh, okay. What all are you gonna take?”

“I've got a good stockpile of things to take to sell, about thirty pieces, so there's plenty to sell.”


“Yeah, so should we go ahead and start getting all the things ready to go then?”

“Sure, what do we need to do?”

“Come with me upstairs to the storage loft and we'll bring everything down and box it up.”

“Okay, you haven't shown me upstairs yet.”

“No, I thought I had, sorry.”

“No worries, I just figured there wasn't anything up there.”

“Oh yeah, that's where I keep all my finished pieces and the wood I'm drying or storing, because it's always nice and warm and dry up there.”

“Oh, that's cool.”

I led him up there and showed him the shelf where all my things were. There were several bowls, since that was what I did mostly, but there were a few other things from the lathe and some scroll saw art as well. I let Cale look for a few minutes before we started taking things down to box up.

“I really like your scroll saw art, you're very good at it.”

“Thanks. I don't do it often, because I prefer the lathe, but I do enjoy it on occasion, so I do do some.”

“I'll have to get you to teach me how to do this, because we have a good scroll saw at home that I can do this sort of thing on easily, and I can teach Jeff and Dad how to do it as well. Jeff likes the scroll saw, but we don't do much on it, because we don't know how to really do this sort of thing. He's got a bunch of plans for a bunch of small things, but nothing like this.”

“Sure, but why not bring Jeff here when you want to learn that and I'll teach you both at the same time.”

“That'd work too, even though I'm not so sure about sharing you, I could be insanely jealous you know.” He grinned cheekily.

“I'm sure you would be.” I laughed.

I went and grabbed a bunch of boxes and paper and we started packing all the items away nice and securely, since many of them were surprisingly fragile. Once we were finished that, the paddles were ready for another coat, so we went and did that, cleaned out the guns, and then went into the house for a very early lunch, since we knew we would not get one otherwise. After lunch, we went and changed each others diapers, even though they were not really all that full, but they were full enough that we knew they would not last until after the sale in the park. Once clean and dry, we went and started loading the truck up, which really did not take all that long. We still had to wait at least twenty minutes to be able to handle the paddles safely, and even then they would not be cured enough to really handle all that much, just gently. We passed the time by sitting on the dock and talking and laughing. Once we were relatively safe to go, we loaded up the paddles that we had and then headed to Cale's place. When we arrived there, we found Jeff and Alex in the shop once again. It seemed that they were in the shop as much as I was. It was good for the boys though. They both came out as we hopped out of the truck.

“Hi guys, came to pick up the canoes I take it?” Alex said.

“Sure did, and Cale wants to grab his bowls as well.”

“Yeah, I told him he should sell them, he'll make good money off those.”

“That he will, they're very nice, aren't they?”

“For sure. Oh, and Cale, Jeff wants to ask you a favor as well.”

“What would you like Jeff?”

“Could you take some of my trucks and cars and planes and see if you can sell them too please. I'd go, but you're way better at talking to people than I am.”

“Yeah, like I'm great at it.” He sighed.

“Still better than I am, and at least if you get nervous and pee your pants, it won't show.”

“You could always wear one of your diapers as well.”

“Cale, not in front of Jay.” He gasped and turned bright red.

“Oh Jeff, he knows already, and he wears diapers too remember, so your having to wear diapers to bed is nothing to him, even if it does embarrass you still for some reason.” Cale said softly.

“Yeah, I suppose so. Still not sure how you can wear them all day long and not be embarrassed.”

“Easy, I have no real choice, unless I want to go to the bathroom every half an hour and have frequent accidents. Though with as many accidents as you've been having lately, maybe you should more often too.” Cale said pointedly.

“Oh, have you been having lots of accidents lately Baby?” Alex asked gently. Jeff just looked down and nodded his head.

“Do you want to go to the doctor to get it checked out?” He nodded. “Okay, then I'll call tomorrow morning and get you an appointment. It might be nothing, or there might be a problem, so we should check it out.”

“Okay.” He whispered.

“Don't sweat it Jeff, I know how you feel too, I had the same problem as a kid, and like Cale, I had to wear diapers all the time or have non stop accidents.” I said softly.

“I know, Cale told me. Just sell my things please Cale, get what you can for them, even though they won't sell for much.” He said, reaching down and grabbing a large box to pass to his brother. As soon as Cale grabbed it, Jeff turned and walked inside, we could all see he was crying.

“I better go after him, he's been depressed lately, I guess that's the reason why. How come you never told me Cale?”

“He asked me not to, and I'm gonna hear about it later from him too, I know it, but I had to let you know.”

“Thanks. You go and have fun, I'll deal with Jeff, okay.”

“Thanks Daddy, love you.”

“Love you too Baby. Oh, the canoes, I should help you guys load them, there's four ready.”

“Don't worry about it,” I said, “you have a distraught and depressed son to take care of, we can handle it, can't we Cale.”

“Sure can.”

“Okay, you guys have a good day.” He said and ran into the house.

Cale took me to the side of the house where the canoes were stored and we grabbed all the new ones, one by one of course, and loaded them on the truck. I was just barely able to fit all four, but as soon as they were on, we strapped them down and then headed out. It was just eleven, so the sale was already started, but that did not matter. We drove to the park and I pulled into the area where people with goods for sale were to enter, and we went to a spot that was free. I pulled the table out first and set it up, while Cale got started on pulling boxes out and setting them up on the table once I had it up. I joined him in setting up, and before too long, everything was on the large table, displayed for all to see.

I also hand wrote a large sign saying cedar strip canoes for sale and put the price on it and taped it to the rack on the back of the truck so that it was easily visible. There were lots of people in the park already, which was a good sign, and by the time we finished setting up, we had already had several people looking at our things. For the next nearly four hours, we both answered a whole host of questions, explaining that we or Jeff and or Alex were the artists who created or made all the items that we had for sale, and when Cale was proudly showing off his cherry bowl to a gentleman, the guy offered him three hundred for it, saying it was the nicest thing he had ever seen, and praised Cale for making such a beautiful piece of artwork. I think Cale peed his diaper quite heavily at that. It had been his first sale, our second, I had already sold one of my smaller segmented bowls for two hundred and fifty dollars, but they were not the only sales we made. We sold two of the canoes to one guy and his two young sons, about Cale and Jeff's ages actually, and I gave them four paddles, because the guy said his wife would use it with one of the boys as well. We sold the pair of them for a thousand dollars. One of the other canoes sold, and we got four fifty for it, but the guy only needed one paddle. A lady fell in love with Cale's segmented bowl and one of mine of similar design, but different colors, and she gladly gave us six hundred for the pair of them, we split it in half. Almost all of Jeff's toys were sold, but the funny thing was that most of them went to adults as collector things, because they were very well made and realistic looking. A few younger kids did buy them as well, and Cale sold the toys to them for far less than he sold them to adults for. All in all, it was a great sales day, three out of four canoes, three quarters of Jeff's toys, both of Cale's bowls and half my bowls and other art pieces.

“Wow, we sure sold a lot today, I can't believe how much money we all made.”

“Told you you'd make good money selling your bowls, the lady who bought your segmented bowl would have paid twice as much had we asked for it, but there's no point in being greedy. Granted, the guy who bought your cherry bowl only offered three hundred as a starting price, fully figuring you'd counter with a higher price.”

“I was figuring that if I got a hundred bucks for it I'd be really lucky.”

“Nah, three hundred was about right for it. By the way, good job telling him exactly how to handle it and clean and preserve it.”

“Of course I'd tell him that, I want it to last him for years and years, and if he takes care of it properly, it will.”

“Yes, but some people don't care once it leaves their hands what happens to it.”

“I suppose so.”

“Well, let's get going Baby, I should take you home.”

“Yeah, I suppose so.” He sighed, but smiled warmly to me.

We finished loading up the truck with the last of our items that we had left and then headed out. I pointed us toward Cale's house and we talked happily the entire way. When we arrived, we found Alex and Jeff in the shop working away merrily, as if the earlier troubles had not happened at all. I did notice though that Jeff was diapered, he was thicker in the middle than he normally was, and because his clothes had not been bought around hiding a diaper, they were showing well, he looked good like that.

“Oh good, Jeff's wearing a diaper, I hoped he would, and to tell you the truth, I've been wondering if they were truly accidents or not.” Cale said, so he had noticed right away too.

“Yeah.” I said as we were hopping out of the truck.

“Hi guys, where's the other three canoes?” Alex asked almost densely as he and Jeff walked up to greet us.

“Hi Daddy, we sold them.”

“Three of them, really, that surprises me.”

“We had four when we left, there's only one left, so that leaves three sold, but it was real busy, and we sold lots today. Here Jeff, this is yours.” Cale said and handed him an envelope.

“You actually sold a couple things?” Jeff asked in shock.

“Um yeah, more than a couple, and everyone was surprised that it was my twelve year old brother that had made them. Go ahead and look in there and see how much you made.” Cale grinned.

Jeff opened up the envelope and peered inside and then gasped. He pulled out the cash and counted it out and found more than a few hundred dollars. He tried to talk a couple times, but his voice kept failing him. Finally he was able to croak out the question he wanted to ask.

“You sold it all, how?”

“No, only about three quarters of it, there's still about a dozen items left, but all the big pieces are gone, especially your logging truck and the big Cat tractor. The planes all went as well, and all there's left are some of the smaller toys.”

It had been a pretty good sized box filled with a lot of things.

“Wow, I never thought I'd make that much money.”

“I never thought he would either.” Alex laughed.

“Yeah, but here's your cut for the three canoes.” I said, handing him his envelope.

He took the envelope and peered inside and gasped as well. There was nine hundred dollars, which was approximately the sixty percent I told him would rightfully be his, but I just rounded it up to an even amount and gave him the nine. The six hundred I earned from them, as well as the more than a thousand dollars I made off my stuff made it a great day for me. I was usually lucky if I made a thousand, but considering how much my stuff sold for, that was not actually that good, because that usually only meant a few pieces sold.

“Wow, how much did they sell for?”

“I pretty much took five hundred a piece for them, I say we did pretty good on those. We all made out pretty good today. Cale here sold both his bowls for three hundred apiece, so he's got six hundred himself. I think you'll have to hit the bank now.”

“No shit, three hundred a piece, wow, I never imagined that. Yeah, I think I will for sure.”

“Yeah, Cale, you should probably go put your wallet in your room so that it doesn't get lost, and then we should probably get going so that you can grab your canoe.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot about my canoe.”

“You go ahead and your dad and I can offload this one.”

“Okay.” He said and took off. I went to the truck to start unstrapping the canoe, but Alex stopped me.

“That one's yours remember. I actually expected at least three of them coming back, but it's good there's one left, because you still need one.”

“Oh right, and three of the paddles that I have left are yours as well. That worked out well then.” I laughed, I had actually forgotten that that was the entire reason for the canoes to be made in the first place.

“Cool.” He smiled.

I instead grabbed the paddles from the bed of the truck and handed all three of them to Alex. He took them and whistled.

“These are really nice, but why the hardwood core?”

“Not only does it look nice, but it adds some strength, because yellow cedar is so soft and pretty weak, so I find that makes them last a lot longer. These ones were all done with walnut, but I've done cores of cherry, purple heart or black stained maple before. Usually I just use whatever scrap wood I have kicking around for that, because you only need one strip of it and it's not very big. You don't want it too big, or it makes them too heavy, but it looks really nice in contrast, and like I said, it increases the strength a great deal.”

“Nice, I never would've thought of that.”

“An old canoe maker told me about that years ago now. So Jeff, I see that you're wearing a diaper too now, how are you feeling?” I asked him softly, he blushed.

“Better I guess.” He whispered.

“We decided that if he was having accidents, then it was probably for the best, so we're using some of Cale's diapers, instead of his pullup style ones that he usually wears, since they're gonna be more comfortable.” Alex offered.

“Don't sweat it Jeff, it's really not that bad, and no one else ever has to know. Just get some new pants that fit better and get your brother to make you a couple diaper shirts, and you'll be just fine.”

“Thanks, I know, and I was gonna ask him too. His do fit me though, but they're a bit tight, I'm wearing one of them right now.”

“That's good. And don't be so embarrassed around me about such a thing, remember, I know better than most what you're going through remember. Cale will be able to help you out with that too, because he has to wear all the time too. Talk to him.”

“I'm gonna, don't worry.”

“He's still a bit upset at Cale for spilling his secret, though I don't know how he felt he was gonna hide it from me for too much longer. How he managed to for more than a month is beyond me, but the boys do do their own laundry and he doesn't wet a lot, just once or twice a day if he doesn't go right away and coughs or sneezes.”

“Uh oh, that's exactly how Cale and I are. They're not actually related by blood though, so it's not genetic.”

“Yeah, but I think it could just be the onset of puberty, I went through a similar bought when I was twelve as I started puberty, boy was that hell. I already wet the bed, but for six months I'd had at least a few accidents a week during the day, but I hid it as best I could, and I nearly got caught at school one day, but I hid in the bathroom 'til everyone was in class and I snuck out and went home. I tell you, I cried the entire way home. I told Jeff all this, but he's still depressed, and he already knows my line already has a weak bladder problems, hell I still wet the bed once or twice a month myself, and I wet full time 'til the end of puberty, which I finished around fourteen years old.” He said unashamedly, though I was sure that this was not something he shared with most, but I knew what he was going through having to wear diapers full time.

“Well then Jeff, I'd say that you have nothing to fear, it'll likely just be a temporary thing, just get some guards for just in case, and you'll be just fine.”

“That's what dad said too. While at home though I'll just wear diapers, same as Cale does.”

“That's good, they're more comfortable anyway.” I laughed. Just then Cale came out.

“About time, what took you so long?” Alex asked.

“I was getting pretty wet, so I figured I should probably just change my diaper while I was in there. No point in not. I was thinking though Jay, I'll be coming over first thing in the morning, and I was gonna ask Jeff to come with me, so I could leave my canoe at your place and Jeff and I can just paddle over in his canoe. Do you mind pulling my canoe up and storing it for me when you get home and I can just stay home now?”

“Sure, that sounds like a fine idea.”

“Why were you gonna invite me to come with you tomorrow?” Jeff asked curiously.

“Because Jay's really good at scroll saw art as well and he's gonna teach us how to do that, and since I know how much you like it, we thought it was a good idea to include you.”

“Really, thanks, that'd be awesome.” He said happily.

“Good, then it's all set. I'm gonna head out now then and go play in my shop for a bit before dinner and bed. I'll see you boys first thing in the morning then.” I smiled to the boys, Jeff looked really happy again, maybe he would forget about his problems.

“Okay Baby, we'll see you in the morning. Love you.” He said happily, right in front of his dad and brother unashamedly.

“Love you too Baby, see you in the morning.” I smiled brightly I'm sure. It felt weird to say it in front of them, but Alex just looked really happy.

A few seconds later I was on my way home. As soon as I made it there, I decided that I was actually getting a bit hungry, so went and made and ate some dinner first, so that I would actually eat. I knew myself well enough that if I went out to the shop first, that there was a better than even chance that I would not eat dinner at all, or at least it would be far too late to be healthy. After I finished cleaning up, I went up and changed my diaper, then headed out to the shop and played around for a good four hours, cleaned up, and then headed in to get cleaned and get myself to bed.