Chapter 5

When I awoke the next morning, I smiled. Cale would be over soon, and the day was bright and cheery outside I could see from the sunshine already streaming in. I did have to wonder though how we were going to get a few minutes of private time with Jeff coming with Cale today, because I was already painfully hard, but I did not want to have to take care of it myself, I wanted to have my baby with me to do that. I finally decided to roll my soggy ass out of bed and went downstairs after putting on my robe. I made and ate some breakfast and had a cup of tea. As I was drinking it, I was looking out the back windows to the house, looking out over the lake, and as I looked, I saw the boys already half way to the house, both of them in the canoe paddling away. Given there were two of them and they could paddle faster, they were making good time, they worked well together when in a canoe together.

A few minutes later they were alongside the dock and hopping out. They skipped up the dock and the lawn toward the house. I had the door open and a bright smile for them as soon as they arrived.

“Good morning Baby, how are you today?” I asked cheerily.

“Good morning, really good, and you?” He asked as he jumped up into my arms and gave me a deep kiss.

“Mmm, really good now. Good morning Jeff, how are you feeling today?”

“Good thanks. I feel better today.”

“That's good, and I see you're wearing a diaper again, that's good.”

“Thanks, I know.”

“So, how'd you boys' talk go last night?” I asked of them.

“Well, Jeff told me that he was upset with me for spilling his secret, but I told him I had to and that dad would've noticed eventually anyway, as well I told him I didn't know why he was trying to hide it anyway, like dad would've cared any. I already have the same problem anyway, so what's one extra. I even told him how much I like diapers now, and even if I started getting full control, I wouldn't give up my diapers.”

“Oh yeah, and how did you take that Jeff?”

“I knew he was right for doing it, and I wasn't really upset with him for doing it, I knew Daddy was gonna find out eventually anyway, but I was embarrassed. Cale said it was for no reason, and I guess it wasn't. I sorta knew he was a diaper lover anyway, and I do sorta know why he would be, they are comfortable, and they do help, especially out in the shop. Now I never have to stop to go in to the bathroom any more. I actually didn't even use the toilet all day yesterday, except to go poop, and I got lots more done because of it.” He grinned shyly.

“That's good. You know, if it's only a temporary thing, if you keep liking diapers as much as you're already starting to, once you do regain full control, you won't want to go without your diapers either, just like Cale and I.”

“Yeah, Cale warned me about the same thing, and I even asked dad what I should do if that happens. He said if that ends up being the case, that we'd deal with it at that time and to not worry about it any. Like he said, there are worse things to like. I don't know, if any of my friends at school knew, they'd never let me live it down.”

“Yeah, but if they're good friends, they'd be teasing you as they were asking for you to diaper them so they could try it out too.” I laughed.

“I doubt that.”

“You'd be surprised just how many boys like diapers. Trust me, if they tease, it's because they're jealous.”

“I still doubt it.”

“That's okay, it's still all so new to you, though it really shouldn't be, you're already used to wearing diapers to bed, and you know how good they are.”

“That's what I told him as well.” Cale added.

“That's good. You're lucky Jeff that you have a couple people that know exactly what you're going through and even feeling to help you out.”

“I know, thanks.”

“Hey Jay, I could really use a diaper change, I didn't change yet, I knew you'd want me to change your diaper as well. Jeff says he'll just stay down here while we change each other. I asked him on our way over here this morning.”

“Okay good, yeah, I could really use a diaper change too.”

“You guys go and enjoy your diaper changes.” Jeff grinned and blushed.

From the grin, I knew as well as he did what a diaper change entailed, and furthermore, he wanted just such a diaper change, but he would not ask, and even if he did, neither Cale nor I would do so anyway. We headed upstairs, and knowing that we did not have a lot of time to play around today, Cale started stripping as soon as we were in the bedroom. I threw off my robe and crawled onto the bed. Once Cale was down to his wet diaper, he too crawled in and joined me.

He started out the same way we always start, and that's with a nice deep kiss, we kissed for only about five minutes this time before breaking. Instead of sliding down though, Cale turned so that he was facing my diaper, putting his right in my face. I grinned, liking what he had in mind. I had never done a 69 before, but had always wanted to try it.

We both pulled down the front of the others diaper at the same time, freeing each other for all that we intended. I sucked Cale in to the root, balls and all, at the same time he engulfed fully three quarters of my erection. We both started a moderately quick pace, knowing that we did not have the time this morning, not to mention, we just needed release. We sucked for at most two minutes before we had all we could take, and we both exploded at almost the exact same time. Cale swallowed all that I had to offer, and when we came down, we let go of each other and Cale swung back around.

“Ah, much better. Thanks.” Cale sighed.

“Mmmhmm, thanks.” I sighed.

Cale started the kissing once again, and once again we kissed for a few minutes before breaking apart. Once we did, we both sighed deeply, contentedly, and then we changed and dressed each other so that we were ready for the day. Finally we were headed back downstairs to find Jeff sitting at the counter waiting for us.

“Took you guys long enough.” He grinned.

“Sorry, we were as fast as we could be.” Cale grinned right back.

“Right.” He laughed.

“Well boys, should we head out to the shop so that I can teach you how to really do scroll saw art?”

“Okay.” They both said happily.

We headed out and I got the shop opened up and turned on. Jeff stood in the open doorway for several minutes just looking around at everything. Finally he was able to move and speak.

“Wow, you have a really nice shop, it's so big and you have some great things.”

“Thanks, I really like it too. So, what sort of things do you boys like to work with on the scroll saw?”

“Whatever we can I suppose.” Jeff answered.

“Okay, so you just use scraps and stuff then?”

“Mostly, yeah, why?” Cale asked.

“It's a good way to get rid of scraps that'd otherwise go to waste, so there's nothing wrong with it. There are a few things though you have to know, and you might have already learned this on your own. First is; no knots, they make it really difficult to work with. Second is; softer woods are better, you'll break fewer blades and take less time than when using hard woods. This is of course not to say you can't. You can actually use almost anything you want, but the key is good blades. I've met several artists who scroll in all sorts of things: Wood, bone or antlers, brass and even some steels, you just have to have patience when working with anything harder. To start, start with soft woods, though you boys are no longer beginners. Probably the most important thing though is to choose the right blade for the job at hand, and don't cheap out on blades, trust me, without a good blade, your scroll saw is nothing. In the drawer underneath my saw you'll find thirty different types of blades, each compartment is labeled with what the blade is and what it's good for. If you have questions, just ask me. That's pretty much it. Any questions?”

“Yeah, why so many different types of blades, we only use one type at home?” Jeff asked curiously.

“And let me guess, you break a lot of blades and they wear out quickly right?”

“Actually yeah, but Dad says not to worry, they're cheap.”

“Yeah, they are, trust me, he buys them from our store, and even though I've tried to get the boss to bring in the good blades, he won't. He doesn't understand scroll saws and how to use them, or the value of good blades, and he won't listen to me. Like I told him, what's the use in having a master woodworker on staff if you won't listen to his advice on certain things. Whatever. I actually buy all my blades in bulk from a supplier in the states, they're way better than any blade I can get through my suppliers at work anyway, so I don't mind paying the good money for them. I usually buy about a couple hundred of each one at a time, so I'll give you guys a dozen or so of each one so that you have them.”

“You don't have to do that, they're expensive.” Cale said.

“Not really. By the time all the smoke clears, each blade ends up being about twenty cents a piece. Just when you buy six or seven thousand blades, twenty cents a piece adds up surprisingly fast. The fifty dollars in shipping hardly even hurts. My last order I bought almost seventy five hundred blades and the bill was more than fifteen hundred dollars. I get a pretty damn good discount though.”

“Why buy so many though?” Jeff asked.

“The bulk discount makes it worthwhile. I could probably buy less, but believe it or not, the price doesn't actually change all that much, so it's worth it. I also go through a lot of certain blades, so I buy more of those, and then less of the ones I don't go through as often. No matter how good the blade, when you're going through a hunk of ebony or wenge wood, you're gonna break a few blades.”

“Oh, that's cool.” Cale smiled.

“So, what do you boys like to scroll then?”

“What do you mean, you already asked us what we use for wood?” Cale asked with a cute confused look on his face.

“Well, do you like to scroll pictures, toys, 3D artwork, that sort of thing. What do you do?”

“I've done lots of toys, I used the scroll saw for a lot of the toys you guys sold for me yesterday, and I've done some artwork, but we don't know how to do the 3D art. No one's been able to show us that.” Jeff said.

“Yeah, what he said, but he uses the scroll saw more than I do, so I've only done a few small things here and there.” Cale added.

“Okay, so that's where we're gonna start then, 3D artwork. The key is to have a plan. I have a CD in the house that an old guy made for me years ago now, it has over fifty thousand scroll saw art plans on it, and fully half of them are 3D. I'll make a copy of it for you boys to take home with you. I do have several of them printed out though that we can test out today. What we need though is another scroll saw so that you can both work. Actually, I do have a super fine blade for the band saw, I can switch that over, you just have to be a lot more careful on that than a scroll saw. A scroll saw will nick you good if you touch the blade, a band saw will just bloody well take your finger off.”

“We can just share the scroll saw, we do at home all the time anyway, so don't bother switching the band saw over.” Cale said.

“Nonsense, I have two tools that you two can use, there's no sense in one of you standing around if you don't need to.”

“Fine.” Cale sighed.

I went and changed the blade over to a super small and fine finishing blade that I had for when I was doing re sawing of really small stuff, it would work just fine as a makeshift scroll saw though. I made sure that the tension on the blade was perfect, teaching the boys how to make sure it was and the importance of why so as I did, because they had never done this before.

“Okay boys, here's the folder with all the plans that I have printed at the moment, just go ahead and flip through and see if you see anything you like.” I handed over a full accordion file folder.

The boys both flipped through them for a good ten minutes, they would each pull one out every so often, and then once they had went through the entire folder, they went through the ones they liked and picked out the one they wanted to do.

“Okay, you both chose pretty hard ones for your first go, but that's good as well, you may as well challenge yourselves. Jeff, you can't use the band saw for yours though, because the one you chose requires drilling a few holes in key areas and removing the blade from the scroll saw and feeding it through the holes in order to cut in certain areas. You can always tell because of the drill bit diagram beside. You see how it tells you the size of the bit it requires, make sure to heed that warning, and drill exactly where it shows you. Now, both of you, each plan tells you exactly how large the block of wood has to be in order to make what you want, so go to the scrap pile and pick out what you want. I suggest you stay away from the harder woods for these, but don't pick anything too soft either.”

“Okay.” They both said and then went and did just that.

Once they had their pieces, they each put them through the table saw to cut them down to the exact sizes they needed. I then showed them how to cut the plan, which was pretty easy, cut on the dotted line, and then glue the cutout onto the wood, making sure that it was perfectly aligned. Once their glue was dried, I told them what was next and to go for it. They both went and did what they were supposed to do. Cale went right to the band saw and got started, whereas Jeff went to the drill press and selected the correct drill bit and loaded it up and drilled the dozen holes he had to drill first. Once he was done that, he went and threaded the blade through the first hole, which was marked with a number one, and started following the lines exactly where he was supposed to. I went between both boys, watching them as they did their work, and I had to admit that Alex had taught the boys patience well, because they were both very slow and precise, making sure to let the saw do the work at its own pace, never once did they push the blades.

They both finished side one of their piece at almost the same time, so I told Cale to hold off a few seconds until Jeff was ready, and when he was, I explained the next step. I told them how they now needed to tape that side and the other together, so that the pieces did not shift too much as they were cutting side two, so they did so right away and then went and got back to work. About twenty minutes later they were both done.

“Great, now all you have to do is pull off the tape and remove all the cutouts, and if you did it right, your pieces should pop out like you never imagined before.”

They did it right away and they were both amazed. Then again, so was I. I sure the hell did not do near as well with my first try, then again, I had had no help and had to learn much of what I told the boys on the fly. As well I had crappy blades at the time. I then instructed them that the rest was all hand sanding if they so desired, they did, so they grabbed the sand paper they wanted and got to work finishing them off.

“Those look great boys. I think you have the gist of it, so now go ahead and pick another one and do some more. While you boys do that, I'm gonna go finish off the last few paddles so that they're done.”

They both smiled brightly and said okay. They went back and picked out their next choices from the list, and the boys had to swap saws, because Cale's this time required drilling, and they got to work. While they played on the saws, I went to the paint booth with the last four paddles I had made and sprayed them. Once the first coat was done, I went out and got started on a bowl blank that I already had glued up and started carving it. It was a solid design, but was still put together much like my segmented bowls were, but this was done in a very intricate pattern. It was also one of the largest bowls I had ever done before. Both boys looked up every so often to see what I was doing. Jeff actually stopped for several minutes and watched me work. I just let him.

For the next few hours, the three of us worked almost silently. I stayed on the lathe, and the boys kept working on the scroll and band saws, all of us having a lot of fun. Once I had the outside of my bowl completed, I went and sprayed the second coat on the oars, and then told the boys that we needed to go get some lunch. They both said they only had a few minutes left, so I told them to come in once they were done and left them to finish their pieces.

I headed into the house and made a good filling lunch for all of us, and when the boys were done, their third pieces by the way, they came in and joined me for lunch. We talked happily the whole time we sat there eating, and when we were finished, we all cleaned up, went and changed our diapers and headed back out to the shop. We all continued with what we were doing, the boys both picking out new patterns and getting to work on them.

By the time dinner time was rolling around, and the boys should probably be heading home, I had my bowl ready for final sanding and finishing, the boys had completed their seventh pieces each, and all three of us were very much ready for diaper changes once again. I gave the boys each a box for their finished pieces and they put them in, then we exited the shop and I told the boys I was gonna go make them a copy of the CD while they got Cale's canoe down from the storage rack. It would take both of them to do it anyway.

I was not surprised that Cale came in about half way through the copying process, I knew what he was here for, and furthermore, I wanted the kisses and cuddles that we were about to share as well. I turned in my chair and he came and sat on my lap facing me and pressed his lips to mine and kissed me deeply, tenderly, and there we stayed kissing each other for several minutes. It was the ejecting of the completed CD that told us that our time was up.

“Well Baby, I'll see you tomorrow morning I guess.”

“Yeah, you will. Jeff will probably stay home tomorrow though, and tomorrow I want to work on the lathe more. After I do the chores around here though.”

“You don't have to do that.”

“I know, but I want to, I still want to pay off the lathe, even if we're boyfriends.”

“Fine, then I'll help you.”

“I can live with that, that way we get done sooner and we can do the fun stuff.” He smiled brightly.

“Exactly. Well, have a good night Baby, love you.”

“Love you too, goodnight.” He said with one final quick kiss goodnight. I passed him the completed CD and he skipped from the house happily.

I watched the boys as they crossed the lake, all the way until they were out of sight as they were pulling their canoes up to their house. Once I could no longer see them, I went and changed my diaper, made and ate dinner, and then sat back and relaxed for the night. Once I was ready to do so, I went to bed and slept the night away peacefully.

I woke up almost half an hour later than I normally do, but I still laid there and luxuriated in my nice warm soft bed for a few minutes as I enjoyed the warm sun shining on my face from the many windows in my bedroom. I finally decided to get up and get started with my day, so I threw on my robe after getting out of bed and then went down to get some breakfast and tea. As I was coming down the stairs, I was almost surprised to see Cale walking up the back lawn toward the house. I slept in half an hour, but he was half an hour early, oh well, I was more than happy with that. I met him at the back door.

“Good morning Baby, you're early today.” I said after I gave him a nice good morning kiss.

“Yeah, I woke up early and decided to come over after having some breakfast. I didn't think you'd mind.”

“Nope, not at all, but had you been ten minutes earlier, you'd have caught me still asleep, I actually slept in a bit this morning. So, Jeff stayed home today then did he?”

“Oh, good thing I came when I did then.”

“Oh, you came already, shame that?” I giggled.

“Yeah, but I can cum again if I have to.” He giggled too.


“So yeah, Jeff stayed home today, he was excited to get started on the scroll saw, but dad gave him the usual warning to be careful, since he wasn't gonna be home. He was really happy with the stuff we made yesterday by the way.”

“Actually, that brings up something I was wondering about. Who watches you guys during the day when your dad's at work?”

“Up 'til a year ago, we actually had a babysitter who was there all day with us, but then she moved and dad decided we were good by ourselves for the most part. Our neighbor, he's really old, like I'm talking seriously old, well into his nineties, checks up on us, though we check up on him almost as much. Dad made sure that we had keys to his house, so that if he didn't answer the door, we could get in, he has keys to our place as well, but we have to keep the door to the shop open if we're in there working, so that he can just look out his sitting room window and see that we're okay, because he's across the street from us and can see right into the shop.”

“Oh, not sure I agree with leaving you boys with next to no supervision like that, what if you had an accident!”

“Then we know what to do, call for help and if one of us is bleeding, stop the bleeding as best we can. We've actually all taken first aid courses, even I've got two different certificates, but Jeff's got three and Dad's got five. He's almost certified to be a paramedic, and because of that, he get's extra pay at work too, because he's the first aid person for his shift.”

“That's good I suppose, but you boys are still so young.”

“I'm almost ten and Jeff's twelve, in a year he's allowed to start babysitting, and dad thinks we're old enough to handle ourselves. He's always raised us to be very self sufficient and we can do almost anything around the house.” He said a little firm.

“I wasn't trying to insult you, and I guess I know how smart you are and how well you handle yourself, so I suppose I can see how your dad can trust you. I wasn't allowed anywhere near the freedom you boys enjoy even when I was fourteen, so I guess I'm just looking at it from the wrong perspective. Your dad knows your abilities far more than I do, he knows you far better than I do, so you still seem so young to me, but I suppose you aren't.”

“It's okay. Dad actually had some family worker come to the house a few months ago because some old bitty down the street called them and told them that we were unsupervised and were causing havoc all over the neighborhood. Boy was my dad mad at her. With the family guy with him, he went right to her house, because he knew who it was that called, even though the guy wouldn't say, and he asked her what right she had. He explained a few things to her, and then we went to the guy who watches us, and he asked him to tell the families guy exactly what he does for us, so he explained it, and said how polite and quiet us boys were, how we usually just rode our bikes around or went paddling in the lake, or worked out in the shop. He said that, other than the sound of our tools, he never hears a single peep from us, and that he makes certain to watch us, especially when we're in the shop.”

“The families guy still said we were still a little young to be in a shop unsupervised, even if there was someone across the street watching, but dad told him to keep his nose out of it, because it did not belong there, and he trusted us boys, because he knew our abilities, whereas he did not. The guy had to relent, because he could not charge dad with anything, because we were being watched, and clearly the complaint was false, so he left. I should also note that my dad told the old lady that if she ever sent in a complaint about us again, that he'd sue her for everything she had, and that she had no right to harass a hard working quiet family, that he was doing his best for us boys and could not afford to pay someone to watch us when we were capable of doing so on our own. She tried to say something and he told her that her best choice was to keep perfectly silent, because he never wanted to hear from her again. Funny thing was, we've never heard another word from her again.”

“That's good, I'm glad that you guys were able to take care of that problem so easily, but sometimes those families people can be real jerks, they will do whatever they can to protect kids, even if they don't need it. I'd hope that the old lady would never say anything again, and if she did, then sue her for sure. So anyway, what would you like to do today?”

“I think you know of both things I want to do today.” He grinned cheekily.

“Yeah, I think I can guess. I just have to have some breakfast, and then we can go change each others soggy diapers, that should start item number one on your wish list.”

“Okay.” He said brightly.

I grabbed myself a bowl of cereal and sat down to eat it while the two of us just sat there and talked. When I was done, I cleaned up my mess, and then I took my baby's hand and led him upstairs. When I let go of his hand, Cale turned and reached up and released the tie on my robe, letting it fall open, and then pushed it off my shoulders. The robe fell to the floor at my feet. Standing there in only my wet diaper, he smiled. I then got him to the same state of undress, removing his shirt and pants, and then finally his diaper shirt and socks, and there we both stood, happy baby boys.

I picked Cale up and held him lovingly and there we stood for several minutes as we pressed our lips together and battled tongues in a tender loving kiss. Without breaking the kiss, I worked us over to the bed, sat down, and then finally laid down, still holding Cale, still kissing him deeply. Cale broke the kiss first, at least the one he had going at my lips, and started kissing his way down my body. He played with my nipples a bit, tongued my belly button a bit, and mashed his face into my soggy diaper for quite a bit, but finally he released the tapes on my diaper and went for what he had been wanting since he had waken up this morning. Hell, who am I trying to kid, so had I.

With a sharp intake of breath that hissed deeply, I gasped as he sucked me in as far as he could go. He started bobbing up ad down slowly, and once I heard him gag slightly as he tried to take me further than he was used to, but he controlled that quickly, and before too long, he actually had me in all the way, he was sucking my entire dick now. He started pulling all the way off slowly, and then slipping it all the way back in even slower yet, doing things with his tongue that were driving me nuts. Speaking of nuts, my god, they were burning, they wanted to explode already, but I was once again forcing them to hold off, I was enjoying this far too much to want it to end. For no more than six minutes Cale did this to me before I could hold on no more and exploded. Cale must have felt the signs, because as soon as my first shot erupted, he pulled so that only the head of my dick was still in his mouth, so that he could truly savor every drop I produced.

It took me nearly as long to come down from this mornings massive orgasm as it had taken for Cale to cause it in the first place. As I laid there panting and gasping for breath, which probably meant I had been holding my breath again for a couple minutes, Cale was just laying there playing with my balls in their sack and gently sucking my dick, almost like a soother, but not doing anything that would cause me any discomfort. In fact, it felt downright relaxing.

With a deep contented sigh, I came down from another amazing orgasm. Cale looked up and smiled brightly at me, even with my dick still in his mouth. His smile is so bright that it causes his entire face to light up. He finally pulled up slowly and let me fall from his mouth and worked his way back up my still slightly heaving body. Once he made it to my lips, he kissed me deeply and tenderly once again.

I broke the kiss this time after about five minutes and rolled Cale over. Once he was on his back, I started licking and kissing my way down his amazing little body, until my face was pressed into his soggy diaper. I could feel his pulsing hardness beneath all the wet material, and he was moaning and sighing deeply as I played with his hot little erection buried inside. Eventually I released the tapes to his diaper and rolled it down out of the way and sucked in his dick and balls at the same time and started sucking and tonguing him softly and gently.

Cale must have been real close from sucking me though, because he took not even thirty seconds to cum. He squeaked and squealed, and panted and gasped, his erection pulsed madly, and finally he calmed down. I left his dick and balls in my mouth and just gently sucked on him like he had done to me and waited a few minutes for him to come down. Once he sighed, I looked up and smiled brightly at him, with his dick and balls still in my mouth. He saw and smiled at me too. I let him fall from my mouth and crawled back up his body, kissing as I went, until I was kissing his mouth. I rolled to my side, and so did he, and we laid there for several minutes more just kissing each other, touching each other tenderly.

Almost ten minutes later, Cale broke the kiss again, and usually where we would be getting up, he clearly had other ideas, because he turned around and offered his erection to me once again. Well, I admit I was still hard and could easily fire another load off, and sucking Cale was no hard chore to do, and really, we had no pressing matters, so why not. I sucked him in as he sucked me in, and this time we went even slower and more tender than normal and really just sucked each other to feel good. It was definitely our longest oral action yet, and it felt like no less than ten minutes passed before we finally came. Though I wish it could have lasted even longer.

Clearly Cale did too, because as soon as we were both down, he started sucking again. A third time in a row, sure, why not I thought. This time we had to have lasted at least fifteen minutes before we had our hot baby boygasms, but as soon as we were done, I pushed Cale away, telling him not to restart again by doing so. We ended up both laying on our backs, heads by our boyfriends groins, staring up at the ceiling for a good ten minutes as we came down fully from our amazing oral activities. Finally, at almost the exact same time, we both sighed deeply, contentedly and Cale swung around again and pressed our lips together for just one more kiss. Of course, just one kiss can last several minutes, this one lasted just a little longer than that. It was actually the signals that my bladder was sending me, saying I had to pee, that told me our time was up. I pushed Cale away softly, I had to have smiled brightly from seeing his bright smile.

“Mmm, Baby, you're amazing, but I have to go pee, so we need to get diapered up.”

“Mmm, and here I thought you were the amazing one, but so do I. I've had to go for the past ten minutes or so, but I just felt so content being in your arms, kissing you, that I pushed it back.”

“Yeah, that about sums up how I felt too, but now it's getting urgent.”

“Yeah, me too.” He sighed and hopped up. He went and grabbed our diapers and came back and diapered me first, and then we traded places and I diapered him.

“So what on earth got into you this morning Baby, three times in a row? I've never felt anything like that before.”

“Don't know, it's just what you do to me. You tasted so good, I just couldn't stop.”

“Yeah, know how you feel. Did I even have anything on my last orgasm?”

“Yeah, not as much as the first two, but a bit.”

“That's good. Well Baby, now that we're diapered, and already wet, should we get dressed?” We had both started peeing almost as soon as the diaper was up, not even finished being taped up, just as soon as they were in place, we both had to go so bad.

“Okay.” He said brightly, so we got up and did that, dressing each other.

Once we were dressed, we headed out. I was going to go straight to the shop, but Cale reminded me that we had to do the outside chores first, so we went and did all them. The lawn desperately needed mowing today as well, since I had not done it in well over a week, so while Cale was picking up goose poop, I started on the front yard. By the time he was finished picking up poop, I was done the front yard, so moved to the larger yet back yard and started mowing it. Cale went on to the weeding of the gardens, and we both finished our chores at much the same time. Cale asked why I had a push mower and not a much larger ride on for doing such a huge yard, saying I could do it in half the time if I had, but I explained to him that it was good for me to do it, and only took a couple hours to do once every week or so, so I never bothered. My property was five acres, but my lawn was only about one, and with the shop and house on that one, the grass area was not so bad I thought. Cale just shrugged.

Finally we were done our chores though and I grabbed the keys to the shop and we went in and got started on our projects for the day. Cale went to the scrap bin to see if there was anything in there he could use, while I got started on sanding and finishing my bowl from the day before. Cale did not find anything he liked, so asked me, and I told him to go look upstairs to see if there was anything he liked up there to use, so he did so. He came down several minutes later holding a large block of wood with a beautiful live edge on it. It was really funky looking, and I had planned on using it for a bowl as well. I had found an ad on the computer where someone had a walnut tree in their yard that was dying and they wanted to know if anyone could come take it down for them for free if they kept the wood, I was only too happy to go look at it.

I ended up having to buy an even larger chainsaw than I had in order to do the job, because my twenty four inch bar saw was not going to cut it, quite literally, and I had to go buy one with a five foot bar, and even still, I had to finish from the back side, because the bloody thing was six feet across at the base. It had incredibly gnarly figuring in the bottom six to eight feet, but then from there it went up nice and straight and then had massive branches. I made sure to cut the bottom section into as many usable blocks as I could just for the purpose of bowl turning, the rest I turned into lumber for my various other projects. I figured all told that I probably got ten thousand dollars worth of wood from that tree, and I still had most of it left, from when I had cut it down almost two years ago. I told Cale to go ahead, that it would make a very beautiful, if not challenging piece for him. He smiled and said he liked a good challenge, I laughed and said yes he did.

His first chore was to mark and cut it down to size, but for that he was going to need the band saw, and it still had the fine blade on it, so I quickly hopped up and changed it to the correct blade for him before he even realized why he would need it, so I explained to him why when he asked. As soon as I had it changed over, Cale came over and got started, he had drawn his circle while I was working. It took several minutes, and almost as many passes for him to cut out the large cylinder shape he needed in order to start, but once he was done, he went and found a good piece of plywood the size he needed and then cut a circle out of it for the sacrificial base and glued and clamped it to the bowl blank.

As I was working away, Cale finished what he was doing and went and grabbed all the scrap pieces from the bowl cutoffs and took them to the scroll saw and started cutting all sorts of pieces. He was cutting all sorts of random shapes though, and I was curious enough to ask, so I did, and he told me he had an idea, so was just playing while his bowl dried, which he would not be able to do today anyway. I told him to go ahead and play away. Once he had a huge pile of random pieces cut, he went and grabbed a hunk of a maple branch that I had and started cutting more pieces, only this time he was doing it and fitting them with the walnut pieces he already had, and was setting them up in a bowl mold that he had grabbed when he grabbed the maple. I now understood what he was doing, he was actually making a specific pattern, but I could not see what it was. It took him a good few hours to actually cut all the pieces he needed, but by that time I was getting hungry, and was less than half way on the finishing of my bowl.

“Hey Baby, I think it's time for lunch, let's go in before you get started on something else.”

“Okay, that's a good idea, I'm getting pretty hungry.”

“I bet you are, and I bet you're pretty soggy too, aren't you?”

“I bet you're right, and I bet you are too.” He smiled brightly.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I am, but if you even think of trying anything during our diaper changes, you might kill me. I think this morning was more than enough.” I stalled him, because that smile he had going said I might be in trouble.

“Nah, I wouldn't kill you, maybe make you pass out, probably make you wish you were dead, and definitely make your day.”

“My day was already made the second you walked in the door this morning Baby.” I smiled warmly to him and reached in and gave him a quick kiss.

“Mmm, same here.”

We headed into the house to make and eat lunch, and as soon as that was cleaned up, we headed upstairs to change each others diapers. Neither Cale or I started anything during our diaper changes, but he was rock hard, then again he has not been soft for one diaper change yet, and even I was at least half hard, but I changed his diaper first, and seeing a hot hard little boy dick could make almost anyone hard. We headed back out to the shop and continued what we were doing. Cale grabbed a pencil and numbered all the pieces as he was taking them out of the mold, because now he had to glue it all and put it back together in the same order, so numbering was his best bet. Once he was done that, he grabbed the glue and got started, and half an hour later he was done gluing that up. Whatever it was, it was going to be very neat.

Once he was done, Cale cleaned up all his mess, put everything away properly and where it belonged, and then went to my folder with the scroll saw patterns in it. We only had less than a couple hours left, so I guess he figured there was no point in starting something too time consuming, since he already had two of them on the go. He picked out the pattern he wanted and went and found a piece of wood that was close enough to the size he wanted, it just so happened to be a piece of the walnut he had just cut, so he took it and cut it down to exact size and then glued the pattern into place.

For a little more than an hour, Cale worked on his chosen piece, while I continued on with my sanding. I was almost done all the sanding though, this piece had taken a long time because it was so big, but I was also trying to finish it my absolute best possible, because it was such a fine piece. We both finished at almost the exact same time, he was done, but I still had to wax my piece for it to be done, and I figured that would take an hour or two still, I wanted this one to shine like the sun.

“That's a neat one, I've never done that one before.” I said of the piece that Cale had just finished.

“Thanks, I thought it looked cool. I think it turned out pretty good. Well, after I clean up, I think I'm gonna head home, I'm starting to get pretty tired, you wore me out this morning.” He grinned cheekily.

“I wore you out, who are you trying to kid?” I laughed.

“Clearly not you, but I'm far too pure and innocent to have started it.” He tried giving his best I'm too angelic look.

“Hah, not even your dad believes that, hell, not even a nun would believe that.”

“No, you're probably right.” He giggled.

He finished cleaning up within a few minutes, and before too long, he was once again in my arms, kissing me deeply. I melted into his embrace, he melted into mine, and we kissed as the true lovers we were. After nearly ten minutes of kissing, I set Cale down, and we whispered goodbye to each other, and he headed down and paddled away.

I decided that I wanted to finish my bowl tonight, so I went up and had some dinner without locking up the shop, and as soon as I was finished eating and cleaning up from that, I came down and finished my bowl. Even I had to admit after I put the final coat on that it had to have been my best piece yet, and that was hard for me to say, not only do I never say that sort of thing, but normally it was hard to beat some of the things I had made, they were all tied for first place if you asked me normally.

I finally headed in for the night, changed my diaper, sat down for a bit and watched TV, and then went to bed. Visions of my beautiful baby boy danced through my head all night long. Had Cale not drained me so well that morning, I may have flooded my diaper with wet dream emissions. It was a good night to be sure.