Chapter 6

The following morning I was up with the sun as I normally was. I stretched and luxuriated in my bed for a bit before deciding to get up, and then headed downstairs and made myself some tea and breakfast. It was more than an hour later when I was starting to wonder where Cale was, because normally he would have been here by then, for at least fifteen minutes. Twenty minutes later, just as I was getting worried enough to think of calling, I saw him at the edge of the lake with his canoe, but he was not alone, Jeff was with him as well. I guess Jeff wanted more instruction, but Cale had not mentioned it the day before, but maybe it was decided this morning, they knew I would not mind anyway. I watched them cross the lake, pull up to the dock, tie off and then walk up to the house. I had already unlocked the door long before then, so as soon as they were at the door, they came in.

“Morning Baby. Oh, you don't look so good.” I smiled, and then it faltered as I really looked at him, because he was really tired looking. I then looked to Jeff, and he was much the same.

“Morning Baby.” Cale yawned.

“What's the matter boys, you both look like you didn't get any sleep at all?”

“That's 'cause we didn't. We didn't get home 'til almost one this morning.”

“Why not, where would your dad have taken you so late like that?”

“Wasn't his choice, we were at the hospital.” Jeff said this time, because Cale was too busy yawning.

“Why, is there something wrong with one of you or your dad?”

“No, none of us. You remember our neighbor, the one I told you about yesterday that was super old, well he died yesterday. I guess just as I was coming home, Jeff went to check on him 'cause he hadn't seen him in about half an hour, so he went and knocked on the door. After a few seconds, there was no answer, so Jeff knew something was wrong.”

“Yeah, as soon as I didn't get an answer, and I knew he was home, I ran to our house and grabbed the key, 'cause the door was locked, and I went in right away and found Mr. Miller on the floor, passed out. I checked his pulse, and he had one, but it was really faint, so I called 911 right away. As I was on the phone with them, his heart stopped, so I told 911 what was happening and that I was putting the phone down to administer CPR, and I did. I was able to get him breathing and get a pulse again, and told the lady so, but told her that I think he'd had a heart attack and to get someone there right away. She said they were on the way. Even I knew though that the likelihood of them getting there in time wasn't very good, this time of the year, getting here fast just doesn't happen. By the time they arrived, I'd already had to do CPR two more times.”

“Yeah, when I got home, Jeff was nowhere to be seen, so I went to find him and found Mr. Miller's door open, so I went there and found Jeff doing CPR on him, I guess it was his second time. Jeff told me that he had 911 on the line, so I said I was gonna go home and call dad right away, so I did, and he left work as soon as he was able to. He made it home not long after the ambulance made it. We told the paramedics we were fine and to get Mr. Miller to the hospital, and that we'd be right behind them as soon as our dad made it home. So as soon as he came, we hopped in the truck and headed to the hospital. It was almost four hours later that Mr. Miller died, and the doctors told us that if it wasn't for Jeff's actions, he wouldn't have made it that long for them to try and save him, but sadly, he was just too old, his heart just gave up. He told us months ago that it was gonna happen, and to not be sad, because it was the way of the world and he had had a damn good run.”

“Yeah, so as soon as we made it to the hospital, Dad got out Mr. Millers phone book and went about calling all his family, only one lives here, one of his daughters, so she came and stayed with us 'til the end. We stayed with her though til a little after midnight, helping her as best we could with all the paperwork and such. She thanked me for trying to save her father, even though at his age, it was almost pointless. I said it didn't matter, I had to try. She thanked me again and told me that if I needed anything to call her. So yeah, just after midnight, I told Dad that I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and asked to come home, since there was nothing else we could do there. Mr. Miller's daughter agreed with me and told Dad to bring us home, so he did. We only woke up pretty much right before we came here. Dad left a note on the table, asking us to call him when we were up and to come here today to see if you would watch us while he figures something out.”

“Oh boys, I'm so sorry to hear that. How are you holding up?”

“Other than tired, we're okay. We're sad that he died of course, but like he told us, he was really old and he had had a good run and a great life. He deserved to go at home where he was truly happiest. His daughter tried dozens of times over the past ten years to get him to go into a care home, because he wasn't as young as he used to be he said, but he told her that he was only as old as he felt, and he didn't feel that old and was managing just fine on his own. And you know, he did too, he never had anyone come and help him with anything, except us two and dad, we cut his grass and weeded his gardens in the summer and shoveled his walk in the winter. Dad Helped him with a few things and drove him a few places, but nothing really all that much. He tried to pay us for it, but we never accepted.” Cale said.

“You boys really should be proud of yourselves, you're both very nice boys.” I smiled warmly to them.

“Why, we just did what we thought was right. He watched out for us and we watched out for him, we helped each other. It wouldn't have been right to take any money from him for doing the little that we did.” Jeff said this time.

“I agree with you, but many wouldn't, they'd just happily take the money and run. I mean taking a few bucks isn't bad, but refusing it just to do something nice is even better yet.”

“We know. So, you mind if I hang out here today with my ex convict of a brother.” Jeff teased.

“Hey, I was never convicted, only accused and held for a bit.” He said seriously. I laughed.

“Actually, he's not kidding.” Jeff said.

“Huh, what?”

“Yeah, last year some kid accused me of stealing something from him, so the police came and talked to me and made me sit in the police car and everything. They told me I wasn't allowed to go anywhere that day while they went and investigated further, boy was that very embarrassing. I guess I wasn't really held, just made to stay home and talk to no one, but I was accused. Boy did I give the kid crap the next day when I went back to school, I told him I had no reason to steal anything from him at all and he had no proof that it was me, he just didn't like me, so accused me. The stupidest thing though was that he had lost it, at school, when he wasn't even allowed to have it at school in the first place, and it had been returned to the office and they were trying to figure out who it belonged to. Instead of looking for it where he had left it, he accused me of stealing it because I hated him. It was the other way around though, I don't hate anyone, or at least I try not to, but I really don't care for him too much anymore, but I still don't hate him, and told him so.”

“Yikes. I guess you're just too nice.”

“Oh, I wasn't very nice to him when I found out he had just lost it, I called him a two faced, back stabbing piece of crap that I had just stepped in, how he could go crawl in a hole in the ground and stay there for the rest of his life for all I cared, because I'd be perfectly happy to never see his ugly face again. I was really mad and not thinking clearly though.”

“I'll say, you were far too kind to him.” I snorted.

“No. I actually went to him a couple days later and apologized for being so mean to him. I cried because I felt bad for saying that to him.”

“You really are a good boy, I think you were well justified to let him have a piece of your mind, anyone would've thought so, but not you.”

“Yeah, well I don't like hurting people, no matter how much they might deserve it. Our dad always taught us to treat others how you yourself want to be treated, and I always try. I wouldn't want anyone to say that to me, so why would or should I say it to someone else. I did tell him though that the next time he misplaces anything, and he thinks I have it, that he should come and ask me, because I'd never steal anything, and if for some reason I do have it, like if I happened to be the one who found it, that I'd happily give it back. By the way, the reason he thought I stole it, was because I was the one to find it, I returned it to the school office, because I didn't know who it belonged to. He only heard from someone that I had it and assumed everything from there. That's what I told the cops too, and they checked it out, so I was cleared.”

“Mmm, I think I would've had much more harsh words for him still.”

“Yeah, he was surprised that I'd apologize to him, said he deserved it, as well he deserved to be grounded, and he had to do something else as well, but wouldn't tell me what. I found out that afternoon though, because his parents came to the school and I was called into the principal's office and then they stood over him while he read an apology letter. I accepted his apology and told him that I still did not care for him too much, but that he was at least allowed to live around me again.”

I just shook my head, he really was amazing.

“Well, what would you boys like to do today then, you're pretty tired?”

“Well, I for one am in desperate need of a diaper change, and then I think both Jeff and I would be happy just laying back and relaxing for a bit and then working in the shop for the afternoon.”

“Okay, then that's how it shall be. Go ahead and strip out of your clothes Jeff, we'll just be in our diapers, and when we come down, we'll all lay back and watch a movie together.”

“Okay.” Jeff said.

Cale and I went up and changed each others diapers of course, and managed to suck one quick load from each other at the same time while doing so. Once our diapers were done, we headed downstairs. I half expected Jeff to still be dressed, but he had stripped out of his clothes and was sitting in the living room in just his diaper. We joined him on the couch.

“I didn't think you'd strip down to your diaper as well.”

“Well, you two were going to be, so I figured I may as well. We're all the same here anyway, so I might as well be comfortable, because diapers can be a little on the warm side, so this keeps me cooler.”

“Very true. You look good like that though. Have you even used the bathroom to go pee since you started wearing diapers?”


“Didn't think so. You're not gonna either, are you?”

“No. I told Dad not to bother with the doctors appointment, I liked this too much, and he said okay, and that was the end of it.” He smiled shyly.

“Congratulations.” I smiled to him.


We all picked out a movie together and I put it in and we watched it, all three of us curled up together on the couch. When the movie ended, I realized that both boys were sound asleep. I had just been watching the movie, not really paying attention to them. They were both just cuddled up to my sides and I was tickling their backs. I guess I just relaxed them too much and they were so tired that they could not stay awake. I gently extracted myself from the couch without waking them up, went and grabbed a couple blankets and covered them up so that they could sleep for as long as they needed. Once they were good, I went and sat on my computer for a while and played around. It was a good hour and a half later that the boys joined me.

“Feel better now?”

“Mmmhmm.” They both sighed.

“Good. You both clearly needed the nap, that's why I let you sleep.”

“Thanks, we did.” Jeff yawned.

“What would you boys like to do now?”

“Could we grab something to eat and then go out to the shop?”

“Sure, may as well get a slightly early lunch and then go have some fun.”

They nodded happily and we went and got some lunch and when it was all eaten and cleaned up, we went and got dressed and headed out to the shop. Jeff went straight for the folder of scroll saw plans, Cale headed to his lathe, grabbing his big bowl as he went, and I headed to my lathe as well. I had left my bowl on there the night before after finishing it, so I still had to take it off, remove the sacrificial base and then sand and polish the base of the bowl to complete it.

“Wow, that turned out real nice.” Cale said as he stopped to take a look at once I had it off.

“Thanks, I think it turned out real well as well. I can't wait though to see the two bowls that you prepared yesterday, they outta be outstanding.”

“Thanks, we'll see I guess.”

So with that, we all got to work, and for the next several hours, we barely spoke a single word. We were all just so engrossed in our work that nothing else really mattered all that much. We all watched each other a bit as well as we worked, we were not totally focused only on what we were doing, just mostly so. Cale was busy carving away bit by bit the large bowl he was working on, at times it looked like nothing was happening, but the pile of sawdust at his feet just kept getting bigger and bigger. Jeff was busy on the scroll saw, he would take about an hour or so per piece, and as soon as he was finished the cutting, he would set it aside and go on to another piece. I guess he figured do all the sanding later at the same time. I could understand that, I usually did the same sort of thing to save time. I however had grabbed a few of the two by two by thirty six inch pieces that I had glued up for use as walking sticks. I had several different species in each stick, and when carved on the lathe, and then when I added detailed carvings later, they always looked really neat. I got one in the chuck on the lathe, tested it to make sure it was going to spin well, and then started it up on a low speed to gouge it down to round. I spent at most about twenty minutes per piece like this, I was not going to sand them yet, because that would come later. As I was finished getting each piece down to size and adding some lathe detail, I set it aside and started another. Because I was not adding a huge amount of detail yet, and I was not working yet to really smooth them out, they were nowhere near perfect, but that was fine.

I then went over to my carving station and sat down in my chair and grabbed my rotary tool. I did very little real carving with a chisel, but I do have them as well, I find it faster and easier to use my rotary tools for this. I drew out some designs on the first one, and then got started on my carving. Each one would now take about an hour or so to do, and then it would go back into the lathe to receive it's final sanding and finishing. These walking sticks always sold well at the craft fairs, because they made very interesting canes for people who had to use a cane, but did not want the plain and boring ones you always had to buy elsewhere. That is why when I decide to do them, I make about a dozen or so at a time. Today I was doing only eight, they would take me a couple or a few days to complete, but that is not too bad, considering I sell them for a hundred a piece. Making eight hundred dollars in two to three days is not all that bad for an uneducated hack like me.

It was nearing six in the evening, all three of us were working away merrily, not really paying attention to time, or much else for that matter, when I heard a truck pulling up to the shop. I wondered who it could possibly be, I have no family, few friends, and fewer people still who would come out and visit me. I got up, and had to stretch out my aching legs because I had been sitting for so long, and went out. The boys both stopped their work as well to come with me. Just as we got to the door, Alex was there to greet us.

“Hi guys.” He said.

“Hi, wasn't expecting you.”

“Hi Daddy.” Both boys said together.

“No, I came to tell the boys to come home, ask you a question, and give the boys some surprising news.”


“Yeah, I take it the boys told you what happened yesterday?”

“Yeah, they did, they're such good boys.”

“That they are. Anyway, I ended up having to leave work at noon today, Ms. Miller, Mr. Miller's daughter, came to see me at work and told me that she had her dads will, and in it, there were some things for us, and that I needed to come to the lawyers office to go over it all. She said he had considered us great friends and neighbors and wanted to thank us for all the help we gave to him, since we wouldn't let him while he was alive. I just had to laugh, I figured he might do something silly like that. So yeah, anyway we went to the lawyers office and he went over the will with me, the parts that pertained to us anyway. He gave both you boys twenty five thousand dollars, which I'm to put into either RRSP's or RESP's for you for later on, and he said that seeing as how the three of us have been the ones to really take care of his house for him for the past nearly twelve years, that he is giving it to us.”

“What, really!” Both boys gasped.

“Yeah. I asked his daughter if her and the rest of the family were okay with that, and she said they were making out well, so the house didn't really matter to them all that much. Most of them don't live here, and she didn't want the house anyway, so it was fine with them. She said that he had been very well off, I certainly never knew that, I mean I knew he had some money, just not so much as he did have. It seems the entire hillside where our entire development we live in was his. About twenty years ago he had it all subdivided and had all the roads put in, and then he sold each parcel for about the same amount he had bought the entire hundred and fifty or so acre property for when he was twenty. He was already rich then, apparently, and he wanted the lakeside property, so bought it all. I have one of the smaller property sizes, and twelve years ago I paid almost three hundred thousand just for the land, and still had to put the house up, so I know he made a hell of a lot of money from selling well over two hundred lakeside or close to lakeside lots. I admit I always wondered how he had the biggest property and the oldest house.”

“Wow, what all did you do for him?”

“The boys took care of the yard maintenance for him, but that wasn't a lot of work, even if his lawn's almost as big as yours, because he had a riding mower. I took care of his house maintenance and took him shopping once a week, and if he needed a ride somewhere, I'd arrange to take him. We were friends for a lot of years, I'm sorry to see him gone, but he had a good life. He was a good man, his kids though are strange. Even his daughter here hardly ever came to see him, and I never saw any of the others ever come for a visit. I mean the only people that ever seemed to visit him were us, and we'd have him over for dinner once or twice a month. His daughter here seems nice enough, but even last night she seemed more pleased than anything that he'd died. Maybe they were all hoping he'd die so they could get their hands on his money. Who knows, maybe he was stingy with it and they hardly saw any of it while he was alive, it's hard to say.”

“I'd say the reason he left you guys so much was more that you were friends with him when no one else was. That means a lot to people, and given you had no idea he was so rich, and that's likely the reason he never said so. More than likely why he liked you is because you liked him for him and not his money.”

“You know, that wouldn't even surprise me, and I wouldn't blame him at all for it. So, what do you boys think of moving to a slightly smaller house, but right on the lake. We'll have to build a shop though, and I'm thinking we could fit one about this size easily enough.”

“I say awesome.” They both said happily.

“Yeah, I thought you might like that. We'll have to rent out our place, it'll make us some seriously good money, couple thousand a month anyway, so that'll pay for the loan I'll need to take to build the shop. Maybe I'll take winter off and build it then, and we can just use the shop in our current place for now 'til then.”

“That sounds great Daddy, that way you'll be home with us more, and we'll definitely help you out to build it.” Jeff said happily.

“Good, that'll be nice. We'll have to go down and check out the boat house as well and see what all is in there. I doubt Mr. Miller's been in there for years.”

“Oh, it's the place with the boat house, I always thought the house with the boat house was the smaller one to the left of it.” I said.

“No, it's right on the property line, they could almost share it, I guess he wanted the views from the house to be unobstructed as much as possible, so it was built way over to the side. I'll do the same with the shop, keep it right on the edge of the property as much as possible.”

“Makes sense, I'd do the same thing. By the sounds of it though, the living room is at the front of the house, where he could see into your shop. Why is that?”

“It was his sitting room, where he had his TV, the main living room is in the back and has beautiful views, same as the dining room and the master bedroom. It's smaller than our house in square footage, but it's all on one floor, and it's quite spacious inside. Whoever designed it, they did a nice job of it. The sitting room in the front will actually end up being one of the boys' bedrooms, the other is across from what will be mine.”

“Ah, I see.”

“Yeah, it's actually a really nice place, but we'll definitely have to do some serious decorating to bring it up to our tastes, because it's pretty seventies in there right now, and while some of it's nice, the kitchen's atrocious, and the wood paneling is too outdated.”

“Well, I just so happen to know a good cabinet maker for you, if you don't do it yourself of course.”

“No, I don't actually. I'm not all that good at finish cabinetry. I can make a simple one, but nothing like I want for a kitchen. Who do you know that does that?”

“Me of course. I made all the cabinets for my place, and I think they turned out great. I can do almost any style you want and I can stain and finish them for you as well.”

“Oh, that'd be great. You'll have to come over and design it for me then, with my help of course, and I'd be happy to pay you for it.”

“Nah, all you have to do is pay for materials and we'd be all good, but I happen to know a good place where you can great deals on that sorta stuff, and if you like walnut, I happen to have roughly ten thousand board feet of it for free.”

“No, I'd want to pay you for making them as well, and as a matter of fact, I love walnut cabinets.”

“We'll talk more about that later. In the meantime, you have two very tired boys here that you should probably take home and get into fresh dry diapers and get them to bed early. They had a bit of a nap today, but given how late they were up last night, I'm willing to bet that they're still pretty tired.”

“I bet you're right too. I do have a favor to ask of you though, would you watch both boys for a while 'til I figure out something for them, since they're still a little on the young side to be completely by themselves all the time. I didn't mind leaving them with Mr. Miller keeping an eye on them for me, but not with no supervision at all. They're very smart and can handle almost any situation possible, but it's still not entirely good to leave them too much.”

“Of course I don't mind, and don't worry about figuring something out, I'll just keep them company for you whenever they're not in school and you're at work. I have the whole shop here where they can play and have fun and learn, and I enjoy the company.”

“Thanks, but I'll owe you, I'll figure something out.”

“Nah, you won't owe me anything.”

“I said I'll figure something out, as in, I didn't expect a response.” Alex said firmly, I just laughed.

“Right. Will you boys paddle home, or just catch a ride here in the morning?” I asked the boys.

“Paddle.” They both said.

“Well then boys, I'll meet you at home then, and if you feel like it, get something started for dinner will you please?” Alex asked.

“Okay, meet you there Daddy, love you.” Cale said.

He then came up and gave me a nice kiss goodbye, and then he and Jeff both said goodbye and headed out.

As soon as they were all gone, I closed up the shop and headed into the house for the night. As soon as I got in there though, I grabbed my cell phone, pulled up the number to my boss and called him.

“Hey Keith, how are you tonight?”

“Good Jay, and you?”

“Not too bad, but I have a favor to ask. Something just came up and I need to take the rest of the summer off, so three and a half weeks. If you still absolutely need me for a Saturday, I can come in, but weekdays are out for me for the next little bit.”

“Oh, well that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I already had you scheduled for this week, and Trev asked for Saturday off, so would you work this Saturday for me still please, since it's pretty short notice?”

“Sure, I can do that.”


“No, thank you. A friend just had his kids' babysitter die on them yesterday, so he's in a bit of a bind you see, and I'm the only one he knows that can really help out.”

“Oh, that's too bad, I understand. I might come in on Saturday to see you then, but otherwise, I'll see you whenever you come in for supplies.”

“Okay, thanks again, have a good night.”

As soon as I was off the phone, I went and made and ate some dinner, because I was getting pretty hungry with our earlier than usual lunch. After that, I decided to lay back and read for a bit before bed. I went and changed my wet diaper and then went and had a good sleep. Once again I had a really good sleep with visions of my angel running through my head all night long.

This morning I woke up, stretched and relaxed for a few minutes, got up, made and ate some tea and breakfast, cleaned up from that, and sat back and waited for the boys to arrive for the day. Pretty much the exact same thing I do every morning. I saw the boys paddling across the lake about ten minutes later, and about fifteen minutes after that, they were tying off their canoes and heading toward the house. I got up to meet them at the door.

“Good morning boys, how are you today?”

“Good, and you?” They both said at the same time.

“That's good. Well, I don't know about you Cale, but I could really use a diaper change.”

“You know I do.” He grinned hugely.

“If you'll excuse us for a bit Jeff, you can go ahead and watch TV for a bit if you like, because if Cale needs a diaper change as much as I do, this might take us a bit this morning.”

Jeff just laughed and nodded his head. Cale just laughed as well, and grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. As soon as we made it there, we locked lips in a passionate kiss. I picked Cale up so that I was holding him under his oh so cute and oh so soggy bum, so that it was easier for us to kiss. After a good ten minutes of this, I laid Cale down on the bed and proceeded to strip him down to nothing but his diaper, and once he was nearly naked, I shrugged off my robe, and then picked Cale back up again and started our kissing once again.

Almost ten minutes later I laid us down on the bed without breaking our kiss, and then another ten minutes later I broke the kiss and moved down Cale's hot quivering body. I released the tapes on his diaper and pulled it down, and then decided that this morning I wanted to taste test another area, one we had not yet really played in. I pulled up Cale's legs underneath his knees, and he pulled his legs up, and I dove in face first to his moist little bum crack. Cale squealed at the first swipe of my tongue to his most private place, and then started moaning up a storm. He was panting and gasping, crying out, and I was loving every second of it, almost every bit as much as it sounded he was in fact.

I had started by just licking the outside of his little hole, but slowly I started to work so that my tongue was buried inside and I was darting it in and out, making tongue love to my baby boy. The sounds he was making were telling me that he was loving it. Then his sounds started to change, and though neither of us were touching his little dick, I knew he was about to explode. I pulled out of his ass and latched onto his dick, stuck two fingers into his bum, and sucked his erection like a mad man.

Exactly three seconds is what I counted before Cale screamed out in ecstasy and exploded. I also counted sixteen pulses from his erection, and nearly two minutes for his orgasm to last. I think that was the longest hardest cum he had had yet, and I enjoyed causing it every bit as much as he enjoyed having it, though I am certain he would disagree.

As soon as he was down again, I pulled my fingers back out and replaced them with my tongue once again, and continued tonguing Cale. He was full out whimpering now, it was really hot to hear. How I had not cum when he did I have no idea, because I was already boiling. I was now inserting my tongue as far as it would go, really digging deep and giving him my all, and decided that I still had use of both my hands, One hand reached up and started playing with Cale's cute balls, the other with his incredibly hot and hard dick. Cale was really panting and gasping now. He was getting close again, but I wanted him in my mouth for that. As soon as I knew he could take no more, I traded places again, and stuck two fingers back inside Cale's bum and engulfed his erection. The only difference this time was that Cale took my fingers far more easily and further in, and I was fully fingering him as deep as I could go.

Ten seconds is what Cale lasted this time, but as soon as I felt him slipping into his orgasm, I slipped a third finger inside his bum, and he took it. He squealed out so loudly this time that I knew Jeff had to have heard it, even with the soundproofing in my room. I knew I had not hurt Cale though, because the sound he made was definitely not one of pain, quite the opposite in fact. This orgasm actually took longer, almost two and a half minutes to complete, and I counted eighteen pulses this time. I had no idea that an orgasm so strong could be had by anyone.

Leaving my fingers where they were this time, mostly because my tongue was getting really sore, I started softly sucking Cale's dick and balls together and gently fingering him. With three fingers I was not all the way inside him, but I was very slowly working them so that I would soon be in as far as I could be. He never once made a pained sound, in fact he was just sighing now, because I was working so slowly. Ten minutes later he had his final orgasm of the morning. I laid there with his dick and balls in my mouth, and my fingers still in his bum, for a full ten minutes as he came down, but I did not move them at all. I left my fingers all the way inside him and I just gently sucked on him until he came down fully.

“Oh my god, that was amazing.” Cale finally gasped out, sounding very hoarse.

“Glad you enjoyed it Baby. I hope you don't mind that I played with your bum today, I just really wanted to taste it. I should've asked first if you were ready for me to do that, but I was so horny I forgot to.”

“No, that's okay, I was definitely ready, and I wanted to ask you to do that to me the first day I came here.” He sighed contentedly.

“That's good. The good news is though, should you desire me to make love to you anytime soon, you'll be able to take me easily.”

“Then tomorrow we make love.” He smiled brightly.

“If that's what you want, then it shall be.”

“Actually, I think I'll ask my dad if I can spend the night so that we can make love together properly.”

“If that's what you want, I won't say no.”

“Good. Now, I know you're about ready to explode, so roll over Baby, and pull your knees up, I wanna taste your bum as well.”

I did not answer, just did as I was asked. Cale released the tapes on my diaper and pulled it down, and once he was done, I pulled my legs up and held them in position for him. A second later I knew why Cale had made the noises he did, because I was now making them myself. Never before had I imagined something that could feel so amazing, so incredibly wrong but right. The things he was causing me to feel should not be allowed, but boy oh boy was he causing them in me now.

I could not last though, I was just too hot, I had held off for just too long. What with the dreams of Cale all night long and not cumming, and then causing three incredible orgasms in Cale without myself cumming, thirty seconds was all I could take, if that long.

Cale felt the orgasm cumming though and was able to trade places in time, barely though I might add, and took my dick just inside his mouth and stuck two fingers up my ass. I went more than a little hazy then, I have no idea how many times I squirted, all I remember was hearing Cale gulping to keep up to me. Had I have looked down, I would not have been at all surprised to see Cale's cheeks puffed out as he attempted to keep my entire load contained, but I could not look down, even had I wanted to, my entire body was locked up, the only thing I could do was pulse, and madly at that too.

I have no idea how long the orgasm lasted, nor do I know how long it took for me to come down from it, all I know is that there was no way even heaven could feel as good as Cale was making me feel right then. Finally I came down and my hazy mind returned to some form of clarity, though as soon as Cale traded places again and started licking and tonguing my hole again, a good portion of the haziness returned. I was not complaining. In fact, from the sounds I was hearing myself make, though it sounded like someone else was making them, I could tell I was enjoying it a lot, I hoped Cale could hear it as well. I am sure he could though, just like I had enjoyed hearing him make the same sounds.

Orgasm number two took a little longer to come this time, thankfully, that way I got to enjoy it far more. It still was only about three or four minutes though before I exploded. The entire universe went blank except for my feelings right then. I knew nothing else of what happened. Nothing else could possibly be happening right then except my incredible orgasm that the worlds most incredible boy had caused in me. I have no idea how long it lasted, I have no idea if I was still alive, something that good just cannot be good for you. Then I started to come down, and I once again returned somewhat to my senses. Then I knew why I had went so crazy.

Cale had pretty much started with two fingers in my ass, and had increased to three shortly thereafter, but as soon as I slipped into my last orgasm, he had inserted his fourth in me as well. He adopted the same slow sucking and fingering as I had used on him, and started very slowly and tenderly working me toward my final orgasm of the morning. I was much more able to focus this time and enjoyed the ride as I slowly climbed to the highest peaks of love and orgasm. How I did not pass out though when I exploded for my final time I will never know. It had to have taken at least ten minutes for me to come down though.

“Oh my god Baby, what did you do to me?” I gasped out, sounding hoarse even to me.

“Just the same thing you did to me, now you know how I felt.” He grinned brightly.

“Wow, I never knew anything could feel so good, so right, yet so wrong all at the same time. Pleasure that good just can't be good, it has to be wrong, but if it is, then I want to be wrong the rest of my life.” I sighed deeply.

“Know how you feel, I'd want that too if we could, all the time.”


Cale hopped out of bed and went and grabbed our diapers and came back and diapered me. I think for the first time since he diapered me, I was not at least half hard. Even after sucking each other a couple times, I was usually at least a little hard, not this morning, I was completely sated. When we traded places, I noticed that Cale was not even a little hard either, this was a first, I had never actually seen him soft before, and I was surprised with just how small he looked.

“Oh my, you're cute when you're soft, you're so tiny. You get so much bigger when hard.” I teased.

“Yeah, well I'm not exactly old remember, and at least it gets pretty big when it's hard.”

“Mmmhmm, and oh so tasty too.”

“And I like yours too. You're way smaller when you're soft too.”

“Yeah. Just never seen you soft before, you're hard all the time.”

“What, I can't help it when I have the best and hottest boyfriend changing my diaper.”

“Know how you feel, only I can't always stay totally hard like you do.”

“Yeah. Should we go get dressed and see if Jeff had any fun while we were up here.”

“If he didn't jack off at least a few times I'd be surprised, and I bet we find him in only his diaper.”

“I wouldn't bet against you, that's for sure. I wanna find him a boyfriend, I feel sorta bad for leaving him high and dry like I have.” Cale said softly.

“I'll leave that up to you, but let's go find your big baby brother and get started with our day. We're going out today by the way.”

“Oh, okay, where are we going?”

“I have to go shopping today.”

“Okay.” Cale said happily. “So, what all do we have to get and where will we be going?”

“Groceries, diapers, tools.”

“Cool, I love going tool shopping. Can we swing by the house so I can grab my bank card so that if there's anything I want I can get it? Jeff will definitely wanna do the same.”

“Sure, why not, but you know I'd buy it for you anyway.”

“Yeah, I know, but I don't want you to.”

“I know.” I hugged Cale quickly, gave him a peck on the lips, and then we went down to find Jeff.

As surmised, he was in just his diaper, and he looked far more relaxed, so he had had a little fun as well. We told Jeff of the plans for the day, so he got redressed, and then we headed out. We swung by the boys' house and they both ran in to grab their wallets. Now that Cale did not have to save up for a lathe he said, he had quite a bit of money to spend, but he did not want to spend it all either. We hit the medical supply store first, and surprisingly, both boys came in with me. I grabbed a couple cases each of mine and the boys' diapers, figuring they would be at my house more than enough now to warrant it, even though they both said they would just bring their diapers from home. I ignored them. We then went to the tool shop I loved and spent nearly an hour in there looking around. This was apparently the same store that Alex and the boys frequented as well, since the boys seemed to know it very well. I found the new copy attachment for my lathe I wanted and put that in our cart, as well as a few other things. The boys also found a few things they wanted and or needed and put them in the cart as well. Once we all felt that we were done, we went up to the till and paid for our purchases.

We had just finished loading our things into the truck and got in ourselves, when Cale asked me, “Hey, do you know of any good toy stores in town?”

“Yeah, there's a couple places for good toys.” I answered and listed off a few kids toy stores.

“That's all fine, I already knew of those, but I'm not talking the kind of toy store they usually let kids into, more an adult toy store. Jeff and I'd both really like our own.”

“For sure.” Jeff piped up right away, not missing his chance to get a toy.

“Ah, I see. Yes, there's a place I know of that caters to that sort of toy. What would your dad think of me buying you boys toys like that though.”

“He told us he wouldn't buy them for us, that we had to figure out how to get them on our own. Would you buy them for us?”

“Well, no, not really, but what I can do is go buy myself a few toys, and if one or two just happen to go missing, I probably wouldn't really notice.”

“You're the best.” Cale grinned brightly.

“I know.”

I drove toward that store next and parked a bit away, so that no one would wonder why two boys were sitting in a vehicle in front of an adult toy store. Talk about uncomfortable questions or what. When I went in, there was just the store person there, and he said hi as I walked in and asked if I was looking for anything in particular. I told him I was looking for plugs, dildos and vibrators, that sort of thing. He told me where they were and to enjoy. Oh, I enjoyed looking alright. I found a really nice butt plug that came in several colors and sizes, so I picked out three of them; one small, one medium and one large. Next were the dildos, I chose two of them, a medium sized one and a fairly large one, it would be a bit of a stretch, even for me, but looked like a lot of fun. I did not have to chose a vibrator though, because the models of dildos and plugs I had chosen had them already built in, so that was good. I happened to notice their selection of lubes, and thought that might not be such a bad idea, so grabbed a couple jars of that. On my way out of the store, on the opposite side, I happened to notice a sign that said fetish wear, and saw some diaper related stuff, so went over to take a look at what they had. There was nothing I wanted, but there were some neat ideas, so I left it at that for the time being and went to the till and paid for our toys, grabbing the batteries for them all while there.

When I hopped in the truck, I passed the bag to the boys, and they opened it happily and looked at all the toys that I had bought. They both moaned, and I was pretty sure Jeff came in his diaper. I would have been surprised if Cale did, since I probably drained an entire days worth of energy from him this morning.

“Wow, you bought lots of really cool things.” Cale said happily.

“Yeah, the smaller butt plug will be yours Jeff, but remember, I didn't buy it for you, and you can have the second lube as well.”

“Wicked, thanks.” He said.

“You're welcome.”

From there we hit the grocery store and I loaded up on all the groceries that we could possibly be needing for the next couple weeks. We spent more than an hour there before finally heading out. I knew the drive home was going to be long, I was already hungry, and I knew the boys would probably be more so, so I stopped at a drive thru on our way home and grabbed us all some much needed lunch. We just ate in the truck and then headed home.

I took the boys to their house so that they could drop off their things, Jeff took his butt plug with him as well. They were both back within a few minutes and we were on our way to my place. Once there, diaper changes were deemed necessary all around, so we went and changed our diapers, and then met by the back door to head to the shop. When we got there, we all continued our work that we had been doing, just all having a great deal of fun. The next couple hours passed by like that, in fact it was time for Jeff to be going before we even realized it, and Cale still had to call his dad to see if he could spend the night. After thinking about that for a minute, I figured that maybe tomorrow night would be better.

“Hey Boys, it's time to be heading home, it's getting late and your dad will probably be there waiting for you before too long.”

“Oh crap, and I was gonna call him and ask him if I could spend the night.”

“Yeah, you were, but you know what, after this morning, I'm still pretty worn out, so how about you just head home tonight and ask your dad to spend the night tomorrow night instead.”

“Actually, even I'm still pretty worn out from this morning.” He laughed.

“That's good. Why don't you two just go ahead and head home now, I'll come back out after dinner and clean up, and then I'll see you in the morning.”

“Oh, okay.” Cale sighed, Jeff chuckled.

“I know. Come give me a kiss Baby, and then you baby boys should be heading home for the night to be with your daddy.”

Cale did not say anything, he just came and jumped up into my arms and pressed his lips to mine and we shared a deep soul searching kiss. Probably five minutes later we heard a cough and broke apart.

“What?” Cale grinned at Jeff.

“Kiss any longer and you guys were gonna swallow each others tongues, tonsils, and it sounded like lungs even.” He giggled.

“Jealous much.” Cale said, sticking his tongue out.

“No, at least not totally, but we should get going.”

“I know, we'll find you a cute baby boyfriend soon.”

Jeff did not say anything to that, Cale turned back to me, gave me one final kiss goodnight, we said I love you to each other and then the boys were off. I watched as they crossed the lake, and when they were out of sight, I went into the house to make myself some much needed dinner. After that, like I told the boys I would, I went out and cleaned up all the mess that we had all made; it took almost an hour to do. It seems we had all made a lot of sawdust. After that I went into the house for the night, changed my diaper, and then laid back and relaxed until bedtime. Once I crawled my diapered bum into bed and laid down, that was it, I was out, I do not remember anything else until I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes the following morning.