Chapter 7

Ah, another beautiful morning. I yawned and stretched deeply, waking up after such a good sleep and getting a really good stretch always made my day. Getting to wake up with the sun still peeking over the mountain and illuminating the lake beneath it like nothing else could and feeling so refreshed, there was just not much that could better. Maybe soon I could find something better, because even I knew that if I could be doing the same thing the next morning with my beautiful baby boy cuddled right into me, it would make it about a trillion times better and I could not wait to try it out. After several minutes of just relaxing, I figured I may as well get up and start the day, so I did.

I headed to the kitchen and made and ate some breakfast, and then made and drank a couple cups of nice soothing tea. As I was drinking my second cup of tea, heaven started crossing the lake, and I watched as Cale and Jeff paddled over. As soon as they were here, they tied off their canoes and walked up the back lawn and I met them at the door.

“Good morning boys.”

“Good morning.” They both smiled, Cale brightest.

“So, what did your dad say?” I had to know.

“He tried teasing me, asking if the baby lovers wanted their first sleepover so that they could make love to each other. I just nodded and said yup. He laughed and called me a slut. Hey, I'm not a slut, I've only got one boyfriend and I've never had sex with anyone else. Besides, how many ten year old sluts can there possibly be I asked him.” He giggled.

“No kidding. I bet he laughed. So, what was his answer then?”

“He said yes, but pointed out that you had to work tomorrow morning.”

“Didn't I tell you boys that yesterday?” Actually, come to think of it, I think it did slip my mind.

“No, what?” They both asked.

“I called my boss the night before last and asked him if I could take the next few weeks off to look after a friends kids because their caretaker died, and he agreed. I just have to go in and work this Saturday, so day after tomorrow, and then I'm free 'til you boys go back to school. Though once you do go back, I'm taking Saturday's off and just working two days a week, and he'll just have to deal with it.”

“Wicked, that's totally awesome, that way I can spend even more time with you.” Cale said, coming and giving me a hug and a deep kiss. Jeff coughed and laughed again after about five minutes.

“Oh get a room you two.”

“Okay.” Cale said brightly.

He grabbed my hand and led me up to my bedroom right away and started stripping quickly. I shrugged off my robe and went and laid on the bed.

“I want you to put my butt plug in me this morning please, because I want you to make love to me tonight, and I want to be ready for it. Then I'd like to put yours in too, even though you won't really need it, but I bet you'll like it just as much. Jeff put his in this morning after he woke up he said, and he said it felt really weird, but good too.”

“Okay.” Was about all I could say, because as soon as I finished speaking, Cale presented his lips to mine and kissed me deeply.

After a few minutes of kissing, I pushed Cale away and hopped out of bed and went and grabbed our toys and lube and came back to the bed. Cale was laying on his back in the ready position already, his legs spread and pulled back a bit so that I could do my work. The only thing he had not done was remove his diaper, but he knew I would want to do that myself. So I did. I released the tapes and pulled it down in the front, leaving the back of it underneath him to catch any mess that we might make.

As soon as he was opened up and ready, I dove in face first and started licking and tonguing him to loosen and open him up, and once again he started with the deep moans and sighs right away. I kept it up for several minutes, but this morning I did not want to spend a lot of time, I just wanted one good orgasm and to insert our plugs, I wanted the bulk of our fun to be tonight once we were in bed, I wanted to save it for our first time making love to each other. As soon as I thought that he was ready, I grabbed the plug and opened the lube and dipped it in to coat it liberally, and then sucked his dick and balls in and pressed the tip of the plug to Cale's hot hole. I slowly pushed the plug until I met resistance, then backed off a bit, and kept this up until, with a grunt from Cale, the plug seated inside him. As soon as that happened, he came. I left him in my mouth, just gently suckling him, he tasted so good, but I did not do much to his sensitive dick and balls. As soon as he came down, I let go.

“Wow.” He sighed.

“How does it feel Baby?”

“Wow, so good.”

“Does it hurt, it's still pretty big for you?”

“A little uncomfortable, but no real pain. I just have to get used to the size is all I think. Go ahead and roll over, it's your turn now.”

“Okay.” And I did as I was told.

For the next ten minutes, Cale did the exact same things to me as I just did for him, and as soon as the entire thing slipped into me, I too came, filling up Cale's mouth with the treat he was looking for. He kept me in his mouth just gently sucking until I too came down.

“Wow.” Now I knew why he had said it. I felt full, but I felt good. It was a bit uncomfortable, but not painful. I liked it.

“How does it feel Baby?”

“Real nice, a bit uncomfortable like you said, but I think I like it.”

“Yeah, and I'm already getting used to it, I just feel nice and full.”

“That's good. Well, should we get diapered Baby, and then today I think we're gonna go and play today and not be in the shop all day. It's a beautiful day and we probably shouldn't spend all our days out there, even as much as we'd like to.”

“Yeah, Daddy tells us the same thing all the time. What did you have in mind?” He asked as he started diapering me.

“Well, I haven't tried out my new canoe yet, so I was thinking that we should go for a good long paddle and head up to one of the trails on the far side of the lake and go for a hike. We can pack a picnic basket and have lunch out and all.”

“That does sound nice. Like Dad always says, what's the point in living in the nicest place on Earth, surrounded by all this beautiful nature and not take advantage of it from time to time. He says winter time is enough time to spend all day every day in the shop, but during the spring and summer, we should try and get out more and do other things.”

“I think I agree with him. The traffic getting here in the summer may be miserable, but it's definitely worth every second of it.”

“For sure. It takes twenty minutes to get home during the winter when the roads are icy and slippery, and sometimes as much as an hour and a half to get home in the summer time if it's nice out.” He chuckled.

“No kidding, but whatever right.”

I finished changing his diaper, because as we were talking, we were diapering, and before too long, we were getting each other dressed and ready to go. Once we were ready, we headed downstairs and told Jeff of our plans for the day, and he was agreeable to them, so we all packed up a good cooler full of food and drinks to take along with us. I made sure to also pack a diaper bag for us, because there was no telling when we would get back, nor if we would want to go for a swim, therefore we may need to change our diapers, so it was better to have it.

We then headed down to the dock and I set the cooler on it and went and grabbed my canoe off the stand, while Cale threw the diaper bag in his canoe and both he and Jeff untied their canoes. I got mine in the water and put the cooler into it in the front and then hopped in myself, and told the boys to lead the way across the lake. I told them where there was a really good trail that we could hike, so they headed there. Jeff led and Cale and I followed behind him, but we were side by side the entire way. We did not talk a lot, just enjoyed our paddle across the lake. It was a good half an hour away if you pushed, but we took forty five minutes.

As soon as we were there, we all tied off our canoes to a tree at the edge of the lake and I took the lead up the trail. Few people knew of the trail or used it, but it was always good and clear, mostly from the animals that used it. We would not have to worry about animals, because I had my hiking bells on me, so we were making plenty of noise to prevent startling any animals along the way. They would hightail it out of there as soon as they heard us coming. It was a very nice hike, and for more than an hour we hiked up the side of the mountain, coming across a stream that went a different way than we had come, but still eventually ended up in the lake beneath. From there we would follow the stream until we met up with it's source, a small mountain lake.

“Wow, I didn't know there were any lakes up here, it's beautiful.” Cale said.

“Few people know it's here, it's very nice, but it's really cold, because it's mostly ice cap fed. I love to hike up here and then strip off completely and go for a good cool dip. If you boys want to, we can do so now as well.”

They never said anything, just started stripping, until they were bare. As soon as they started, I did too and before too long, all three of us were naked. I took a look at Jeff, and he was almost as good looking bare as he was in a diaper, I smiled at him, he blushed at me.

“You look good Jeff, no shame in that, and some beautiful baby boy is gonna be very lucky to have you.”

“Thanks, but Cale's got a bigger dick than I do.”

“So, do you know how to use it?”

“I think I know all there is to know, yeah, and I think I use it well.” He grinned but blushed.

“Then that's all that matters. Now, we better get into the cold water before this talk proves that Cale's bigger than you.” I chuckled, because both boys were chubbing up a bit.

They both giggled and ran to the water and in. Now, living in this area gets you used to swimming in cold water, but still, this was a bit colder than even they were used to. They yelped and stopped as soon as their goods were in the water, but they knew better than to get out, they knew they would get used to it. The lake we lived on was just as cold when we started swimming in it at the beginning of the season, but it usually warmed up a few degrees by the end of summer. Not much, and definitely not enough for some of our southern visitors, but enough for us locals. Once used to it, we all swam and played for a good half an hour before all climbing back out.

“So, Jeff, I noticed you had your butt plug in. You like it?”

“Oh yeah, and I saw you guys have yours in as well.”

“Yep, and I think I speak for both Cale and I when I say we really like them as well.”

“Oh yeah.” Cale smiled.

“Did your dad know about it?”

“Yeah, he asked me what I was wearing, because he noticed my different walk as soon as I came out of my bedroom this morning, even though I was already diapered and he couldn't possibly see the plug. I told him it was a butt plug.”

“What did he have to say about that?”

“He just laughed and said we'd finally talked you into buying them for us huh, so we said yup, but that technically you didn't buy them for us, just bought them for yourself, but as soon as your back was turned I went and stole one, because I was a thief. He just laughed and said, yeah right.”

“Yeah, I bet he believed that.”

“No, not really. He asked me where mine was, and I told him that I'd get mine this morning as well.” Cale grinned.

“Well Boys, should we get into fresh diapers, get dressed and hike back down and have some lunch?”


I diapered both boys, and then Cale diapered me, and we all got dressed. I made sure to put our wet diapers in a bag I had brought with us, put it into the pack, and then we hiked back down. The hike back down was almost as long, and when we made it, we were all glad to be back, because we were all hungry. I pulled the cooler from my canoe and we sat down in the tall grass and had a nice picnic lunch and lots to drink. After lunch we all laid back and had a bit of a nap, it was so quiet and relaxing, how could you not really. Until a large boat, driven by a larger man, with more than likely a smaller dick than the boys had, came cruising by at full speed with music far louder than he really needed it and disturbed our nap. That was probably the only problem with living on such a huge lake that the boaters liked, there were assholes like him during the summer. He could not have missed the canoes, but still by coming so close to them like he did, he was causing them to smash and smack into each other, and he would not care in the least. I yelled at a guy one year for doing that, and he just said so what, my boat cost me eighty grand, how much did yours cost, and sped off like he owned the place. People who think that money is everything really bug me, but whatever. I just ran down to the canoes and calmed them so they did not get damaged. The boys came down as well, they had the cooler between them.

“We figured we may as well go, now that the jerks are out, it's dangerous for us to be out in canoes.” Cale said.


It was true too, last year I nearly got hit by some asshole who wasn't watching properly, because canoes are so low to the water. A big boat can easily miss seeing you, unless they're aiming right for you, in which case, if they hit you, you're dead meat. There had been just such accidents on the lake in the past, but only one death from it that I know of, and that was several years ago. The boys and I all got into our canoes and started paddling back home. We paddled a bit harder this time to make it home quicker, so we pulled up to my dock about half an hour later. Once we were inside the safe zone of our bay, we slowed down some though to enjoy the trip.

“That was nice, thanks.” Jeff sighed once we were on the dock.

“Yeah, it was.” I said.

“What are we gonna do now?” Cale asked.

“You boys wanna help me do the yard work, so that tomorrow we can just work out in the shop, because according to the weather station it's supposed to rain?”

“Okay, sure.”

So that was what we did. I grabbed the mower and started on that, Cale grabbed the shovel and started scooping goose and duck poop and Jeff hit the gardens and started weeding them. The boys were done before I was, and as soon as they were, they each grabbed the hoses, one in front and one in back, and started washing off the sidewalks and patio areas. We all finished up at about the same time.

“Thanks boys, one hour to do all that, it usually takes me a good three to four by myself.”

“Many hands make quick work Dad says, and the sooner we get it done, the sooner we can go play and do the things we like to do.” Cale said.

“It's very true, but so many kids don't seem to understand that.”

“Yeah, but like you and Dad have told us before, we're not normal kids.”

“That's good though. You're both very responsible and respectful, and smart too.”

“Cale's smarter than I am though, he's skipped a grade already, but at least I get A's.”

“Maybe he is in one way, but probably not others. No, you're both exceptionally bright, of that I have no doubts, you're both just as smart, trust me.”

“Yeah, Dad tells me the same thing.”

“And he's right. Don't worry about it.” I smiled warmly and ruffled his hair lovingly.

“Thanks.” He smiled.

“So, what should we do now boys? There's no point in going and playing in the shop, you have to go in about an hour Jeff.”

“We could just go in and watch TV for a bit I suppose.” Cale suggested.

“Yeah, let's just do that then. It'll be my roughly one hour a week that I usually do.”

“Same with us.” Cale chuckled.

We went in and sat back and watched a good program on the Discovery Network, it was actually a very intriguing documentary on our area and earthquakes. Once the program was over, Jeff said he was going to head home for the night, so said goodbye and was gone. We stood and watched as he crossed the lake, arms around each other.

“Well Baby, it's just the two of us for the night now. I'm getting hungry, what would you like for dinner?”

“I'd say you, but if I drain you now, you'll pass out too early.” He giggled.

“Hell, you might kill me.”

“Nah, at least probably not. You do have a good strong heart though right?”

“I sure hope so anyway.” I laughed.

“I don't know what I want for dinner though, really almost anything would be fine, I'm not picky. About the only thing I really don't care for too much is fish, but I'll eat a bit when Dad makes it, just not lots.”

“I don't eat fish at all, so no worries. Otherwise I'm the same.”

We went to the kitchen together and looked through the fridge to see what we had available to us, decided on something, and then together we made and then ate a good dinner. Cale was practically sitting on my lap, and we were feeding each other, it was very sweet and almost babyish. After dinner was cleaned up from, we went and laid back on the couch in front of the fireplace, where we just laid and cuddled for a good hour or more, just petting each other and talking. We said lots and nothing, it was mostly just cuddling. Finally though it was bedtime, and we both knew that the night was going to be a good one. We shut down and locked everything up, and then went to bed for the night, neither of us thinking anything about sleep, at least for a bit.

“Are you sure you want what's about to happen here Baby, I have to know?” I asked as soon as we entered the bedroom.

“Oh yes, I've been dreaming of this for so long now. Make love to me.”

“Me too, but I didn't honestly believe it'd ever happen.”

“Me neither.”

We joined together and kissed deeply, I picked Cale up after only a few seconds without breaking the kiss, and then laid him on the bed, still kissing. After several minutes I finally broke the kiss and started working my way down Cale's body, removing all his clothes and kissing and licking everything I exposed as I went. It took nearly half an hour just for me to complete this wondrous chore. Once Cale was naked, other than his wet diaper, I laid down on the bed so that Cale could repay the favor. He did not seem to complain and did so for me right away. As soon as I was in only my wet diaper as well, Cale crawled back up my body and pressed our lips together once again.

I rolled us over so that Cale was on his back, and then once again worked my way down his body until my face was pressed into his diaper, I played for a few seconds like that, and then released the tapes on his diaper on only one side. I pulled it aside and exposed Cale slightly, and then sucked him in. I was not trying to bring him off though, all I was doing was making his erection nice and wet. Once he was, I pulled off, poked a hole in the seat of my diaper, removed my butt plug, and then moved until Cale was poised at my entrance. I hoped that he was going to be big enough to go through my diaper at least, but figured he would be, if only just barely.

As soon as I felt his incredible hotness touch my ass lips, I quivered, and then sank down all the way, or at least as far as I could go, considering Cale really was not all that big yet. He hissed, I sighed, then we both moaned deeply. I pressed myself down on him as much as I dared, making him fill me up just a tiny bit more, I moaned once again. It was so much better than I thought it would be and I admit I got a bit greedy, what can I say, like anyone else would not be in my place. I started bouncing on Cale as much as I could, and we were both moaning and sighing deeply.

Cale lasted only a few moments, at best about ninety seconds or so, before he exploded in the first of our orgasms for this night, but it would sure as hell not be the last, not especially by him, not if I had anything to say about it, this just felt too good. Once Cale was finished his orgasm, I sat down almost fully and figured out how to massage his dick with my ass muscles, and from the moans and groans he was making as he was still coming down, I figured that he was enjoying it. Finally he came down and looked to me, smiling brightly.

“Wow, that was incredible. Am I big enough for you to feel me though?”

“Plenty. That's not to say of course that I can't wait 'til you grow more, but you already have more than enough to make me feel very good.”

“That's good. Now is it my turn?” He asked excitedly.

“If that's what you want Baby.”

“Oh, I do. You lay on your back for me as well please for our first time.”


I rolled off of Cale, his still surprisingly hard dick slipping from my ass, and I already missed it after just a second. I laid on my back and Cale came down and poked a hole in the front of my diaper, pulled my erection out, and then sucked it as well to wet it. As he was getting me ready, he was working behind his back as well, poking a hole in his diaper and removing his butt plug. Before hopping onto me, he had already taped his diaper back up on the one side, so he was almost ready. I heard the plug hit the bed, so I knew he was ready. As soon as he was, Cale crawled up my body until he was poised right above me, and then grasped onto my erection and placed it at his hole and started moving until he was in perfect alignment, then started sinking down.

The amazing heat was the first thing that ran through my mind, followed very closely by the amazing tightness. It was almost painful for me how tight it was inside Cale. I looked to him though and there was no sign of pain, only contentment as he slid all the way down my length. I am nowhere near large, probably only a bit better than average really, but Cale was so small I wondered how this could possibly feel good to him, especially considering just how tight he was on me. His facial features did not lie though, could not lie, if this were at all uncomfortable for him, I would be able to see it. I would not have stopped him even if it was mind you, but I would have made him pause, because I knew he wanted this every bit as much as I did, I do. It took only a few seconds for Cale to impale himself fully on my entire erection, and as soon as he was down as far as he could possibly go, he sighed far deeper than even I had ever heard him sigh. That in and of itself was surprising, considering just how much I have made him sigh.

“Mmm, so good.” He said, and then started moving.

The comment I was going to make died on my lips the second Cale started pulling up, the feelings were so powerful in me I do not think I could have gotten one single thought to come together had I wanted to, all that mattered was what Cale and I were sharing right then and there. As soon as Cale reached the end, he reversed direction and just as slowly went right back down again. Over and over again Cale did this, he was long dicking himself on my dick, and I could not tell which of us was enjoying it more, because I knew how I felt, but I could very clearly see what Cale felt. The look on his face was a combination of heaven, bliss and complete and total rapture. I am not so sure even I enjoyed riding him as much as he was clearly enjoying riding me.

Cale kept up his painfully slow ministrations on me for the entire two minutes I was able to last, and the only reason I had not exploded after one minute, was because I was doing everything in my power to not cum. I did not want this to end, ever, but end it did, and with a bang. I came so hard I felt it ejecting at what felt like bullet speeds, and as soon as I stopped, so did Cale. He sank all the way down on me and stayed there as I started coming down from my cumming, and after just a couple seconds he too figured out how to massage me from his insides.

“Holy shit, that was absolutely amazing.” I gasped out as soon as I was able to.

“Yeah, it was. You shot so hard in me I felt it easily, now we're one, we're joined together in only the way true lovers can be. I love you so much my beautiful baby boy.” He said with so much love pouring out it almost made me cry, and then he pulled up and off of me, making a plopping sound as he released my still surprisingly hard dick, and then reached up and kissed me far more deeply and passionately, far more lovingly than we had ever done before. It was true though, we had shared a love so deep, we both felt the difference.

Cale broke the kiss after several minutes and then worked down my body, stopping at my diaper to remove it now completely. As soon as it was out of the way, he got up on his knees and removed his diaper as well. He urged me to lift my knees up and out, thus opening myself for what he had in mind next. As soon as I was in position, he moved into position as well and sank his baby bone as far inside me as he could and he made love to me once again. Sadly he was much too short for us to kiss as he made love to me, as much as we both wanted to, but as he made love to me in the more normal sense, we made love to each other with our eyes, looking deeply into each other as he thrusted ever so slowly inside me.

This time we managed to cum at the same time, because as Cale was thrusting in me, he was also rubbing my erection with his stomach, and we both came after about three minutes. Cale slumped down on me, hell I slumped down even more as well, and there we lay like that, still connected for probably quite a bit longer than it had taken for us to achieve the orgasm in the first place.

As soon as we were down again, Cale slipped out and slipped down my body, licking up all the seed I had spilled on my body. Once I was clean, he rolled over onto his back and I rolled with him My first chore, should one wish to call it that, was to clean up my mess that had splattered Cale's front as well. As soon as he was clean, I urged his legs up and out and then moved into place and slipped inside him once again. I started an even slower and more gentle thrusting, once I was fully impaled, than even Cale had used, and we were both moaning and sighing softly, it just felt so good. I was too tall now to be able to kiss Cale, but I did manage to sneak a few kisses every few strokes, otherwise we continued making love with our eyes as well.

We had already had three good orgasms, neither of us were boiling anymore, so we were able to make love for quite a bit longer this time before we exploded. Like when Cale made love to me like this, I was rubbing Cale a fair bit, so he too was rising right along with me this time, and probably ten minutes after starting, we both came once again, only this time I was once again as deep inside my baby as I could be. It was a much more gentle orgasm this time, but it lasted easily twice as long as any of the previous had. As I came down, it took every bit of effort I had to roll myself to the side to avoid crushing my love, and when I rolled, I ended up on my back, and there we both lay, staring at the ceiling, both of us panting. Finally, some fifteen minutes later, we both came down.

“Wow, that was absolutely amazing.” Cale sighed.

“I agree. I think I'm done though Baby, I have nothing left in me.”

“Same here. I think twice is more than enough anyway. I really do love you, so much more than I can possibly say, even if given a thousand years to say it.”

“Oh Baby, it's like you took the words right out of my mouth. I couldn't possibly say how much I love you as well.”

“I think you'd better get me diapered, because I'm getting very tired, and this tired baby will pee and wet the bed lots if I'm not covered up properly.”

“Same here.” I laughed and hopped out of bed and grabbed our diapers.

We got each other diapered up nice and thick, just the way we liked it, and then curled up and fell fast asleep, holding onto each other all night long.

I woke up the next morning feeling better than I had ever felt in my life. I had made sweet passionate love with the most amazing boy I had ever met before, and we stayed cuddled into each other all night long. In fact, when I woke up, we were still in the exact same position as I remembered going to sleep in. I laid there silently thanking anything out there that they had seen fit to give me such a boy, watching the beautiful baby I loved as he slept peacefully. For almost ten minutes I lay there watching him sleep before he started coming to, and as his eyes fluttered open, he saw me watching him, and he smiled so brightly he outshone the morning sun that was streaming into our bedroom, and he blinded me. Nothing else mattered except his smile, his happiness.

“Mmm, good morning Baby.” He sighed deeply.

“Good morning to you too Baby. How do you feel this morning.”

“Like I died and went to heaven. I feel so good wrapped up in your arms, so right, so perfect.”

“I feel the same way too Baby. I never want this to end, I hope and pray that it never does. I wish that I could lay here like this forever with you in my arms, but sadly, we must get up and get some breakfast soon. You're stomach's actually been growling in your sleep since I woke up.”

“Yeah, for some reason I am a wee bit hungry this morning, but I wish we could stay like this forever too.”

“You and me both. How does your cute little baby bum feel this morning?”

“Amazing. It doesn't hurt at all, all I feel right now is empty, and I wish you were still in me.”

“Same here.”

“Yeah, well it'd take a lot more than I have to hurt you.”

“Maybe, maybe not. If you were to just ram it in me without preparing me, you'd still probably hurt me a great deal. No, you may not be big yet, but you're plenty big enough, and you're certainly big enough to hurt even me. Besides, you're not even ten yet, let time take care of that, and by the time you finish growing, I think you'll be very satisfied with what you get. Come to think of it, I almost can't wait for that either, but in the same breath, I wish you could stay just the way you are now too.”

“Yeah, that's true. That actually brings up something I wanted to ask you. Are you only a boylover, what's gonna happen when I grow up?”

“No, I'm gay, but I'm also a boylover, so when you grow up, I'll continue loving you just as I do now. Have no fear, the second you grow hair and stuff I'm not gonna throw you away.”

“I didn't think you would, but I had to know.”

“I know, and I should've explained that to you. Had I've been strictly a boylover, I'd have warned you of that long before we made love though, I'm not heartless to have a boy fall in love with me, then make love to him and then tell him it's over as soon as he grows up. I know it happens, but at least most true boylovers warn their boys that it will probably happen eventually that the sexual nature of their relationship will fade. I could never do that though, I love you so much.”

“I never thought that you'd do that to me, so I wasn't worried, and I'd hope the men would warn their boys of that though.”

“Yeah. Well Baby, let's get up and go get some breakfast. Your brother will be here soon I'm betting.”


We headed downstairs and made some breakfast, and then with Cale actually sitting on my lap this morning, I fed us both breakfast. We each had a cup of green tea afterward as well, and as soon as we finished them, we headed upstairs to change our diapers and get dressed for the day. As we were coming down the stairs, we saw that Jeff was already about half way across the lake, so he would be here in just a few minutes. We decided to meet him out at the shop. We were there first, but by the time we had everything opened up and turned on, Jeff was walking in.

“Good morning Jeff.” Both Cale and I said at the same time.

“Good morning you two. How was the babies' very first sleepover?” He grinned.

“Oh, heavenly doesn't even come close to describing it Jeff, you have no idea. We really need to find you a boyfriend so that you can find out how it really feels too.” Cale said enthusiastically.

“I'd like that.” He smiled.

We talked for a few minutes more, but before too long, we all got to work on our projects, and for the rest of the day, we all played and had fun. Jeff told us that their dad told him that they were going to change houses this weekend, so I told him to tell their dad that I would come over Saturday after work and all day Sunday to help out as well. Cale was happy with that for sure. We broke for a slightly late lunch today, but not too late this time, and then when it was time for the boys to leave, they headed home. I watched them as they paddled home.

The following day was almost the same, except I did not wake up in my baby's arms, which I did not care for, but we took care of each others morning issues before getting to work for the day. Once again we all played in the shop all day long, only today we totally forgot about lunch and were all starving by the time the boys realized they had to go home. I would have to work the next morning, which meant I would not see my baby until afterward, but we would survive, maybe.

I went to work and had a good day. The boss did come in and see me and we talked for a bit, he was mostly making sure that I was still going to work for him and asked if he needed to hire another part timer to help fill in the gaps. I assured him I had no intentions of quitting on him any time soon, but that the next few weeks I was needed elsewhere more, and given the fact that I had never taken any time off, I felt I deserved a few weeks off. He told me that was not a problem, only that he wanted to make sure that I was still available. He informed me as well that barring any unforeseen circumstances, I would not have to work even a Saturday for the rest of summer, I thanked him and got on with my day. Finally it was over though and I was raring to go to go see my baby. I drove all the way home as fast as I could, and instead of heading to my place, I headed directly to Cale's. I pulled in the drive of their old house, which was in fact considerably newer than their new house, but that was beside the point. As soon as he saw me, Cale came running out.

“Finally, you made it. Dad ordered pizza and it just got here, so come have dinner with us and then we'll get started again.”

I could tell he wanted to jump into my arms and kiss me deeply, and as much as I wanted to pick him up and kiss him, this was definitely not the right place for that.

“Okay Baby, dinner does sound good.” I could at least say that, because there was no one about, and I was quiet.

He dragged me into the house and into the dining room, where Alex and Jeff were sitting, already eating. I was greeted by both and told to take a seat and eat, so I did. I had totally not thought of food, only of seeing my baby, so I was glad that Alex at least had the forethought of food, because I would have went without just to see Cale again. We all chatted as we ate, but before too long, we were done and cleaned up, so we got to work.

“So, what all needs to be done then?” I asked, so that I knew what I needed to do.

“We got all the boys' furniture moved over already, and mine's almost done, then it's just the kitchen and living room stuff that needs to be moved.”

“And what of the furniture that was in the house already?”

“Most of it should just be burned, but I'm gonna call a thrift store and see if they want to come out with one of their trucks and take what they want.”

“Okay, and where is it all being put then in the meantime?”

“I was here last night working and got it all moved into the garage. Anything I wanted to keep I left, the rest is already in the garage, so if you see anything you like, take it.”

“Okay. If there are any antique pieces that are worthwhile, I might just take them to refinish or refurbish them if I can.”

“You're welcome to it, it's all garbage to me.”

“Thanks. Well, let's get to work then.”

We got to work alright and worked straight through until eleven that night, but we got it all done. All we would have to do the next morning would be to organize everything and put it all away, because all we had done really is just move it. I had just spilled the news that I should probably be heading out, since I was getting really tired.

“Why don't you just stay the night here Baby? You'll be coming back in the morning anyway, and I have a queen sized bed, so we can sleep in my bedroom.” Cale asked hopefully. I looked to Alex.

“I don't mind, and it's not like I don't already know what you two get up to anyway.” He shrugged.

“Okay then.” I smiled. I had to admit that holding my baby all night long again would be nice, even if we were so tired that sleep would be about the only thing on either of our minds.

“Goody.” Cale said and grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom.

Cale chose the one that Mr. Miller used to use as his TV room, it was a bit more separated from the other two rooms, so therefore a bit more private. It was quite a nice sized bedroom, and with windows on two sides, it had really good light as well. We changed each others diapers, I had my diaper bag with me of course, and then we crawled into bed, and after only a minutes worth of kissing, we fell fast asleep, and even we slept in.