Chapter 8

Curled up with my baby all night long, life just cannot get any better I thought. I slept so peacefully, and once again we stayed cuddled right up to each other all night long, neither of us moving any from the position I knew we had went to sleep in the night before. For a good fifteen minutes I once again just watched Cale sleeping, wondering for about the millionth time at least how he could love me so, but I loved him far more for it. Finally he came to, and as soon as he saw me laying there watching him sleep again, he smiled brightly.

“Mmm, good morning Baby.” He sighed deeply and then reached in and gave me a nice tender good morning kiss.

“Mmm, good morning for sure. How'd you sleep last night Baby?”

“Way better than normal. I seem to sleep way better when I get to cuddle up to you all night long, but we've only done it twice now. I think I'll have to do it a lot more to be sure though.” He grinned.

“Like you'll hear me complain, because I feel the same way too.” I laughed.

“Yeah, I know.” He said with another kiss.

“Come on Baby, let's get up and get some breakfast going for everyone.”

“Okay. Are you gonna wear just your diaper, 'cause I am and Dad won't mind?”

“Sure, I don't care if he sees me, he already knows anyway.” I shrugged.

We both hopped out of bed and headed to the kitchen. We found some sausage and bacon in the freezer, so took both of them out and got them defrosting. Cale asked for hash browns, so that was what we did. He added a whole onion and one of each red and green pepper to the potatoes as they were cooking, as well as two cloves of garlic and salt and lots of pepper. I asked him if he always used so much garlic, he just grinned and said he usually used less at breakfast time and more at dinner time, and that this was about what he used for breakfast, but said he never got colds. No wonder I thought. Just as the bacon was being flipped, Jeff came sauntering out of his bedroom, and if possible, his diaper was more wet than mine and Cale's were, and he looked cute with his hair sticking up all over the place as it was and his wet diaper knocking his knees.

We greeted him and he us, and then I asked him to get his dad up, because breakfast would be ready soon. The bacon was finished a few moments later so the eggs were put on to cook and the toast was put down. Cale knew how they all liked their eggs and I liked mine the same, so he took care of those while I finished off the last few things. Finally it was all ready and we set it all out on the table so that we could all eat. Alex had already come in and we all said good morning and told him to go ahead and sit back and relax.

We sat back and enjoyed our very good and unhealthy breakfast, all talking happily as we did so. Alex tried to tease me for wearing diapers, I just grinned and asked if he was jealous, and if so, I had spares he was welcome to borrow. The look on his face caused all three of the rest of us to burst out laughing, it was quite comical. Once we were done eating, we all helped to clean up, and then we got started on working.

“So Alex, what is it you want for your new kitchen anyway? Other than just really outdated and plain, the kitchen works pretty well as it's laid out.”

“Actually, over all, I'm happy with how it is. The cupboards over the bar area though I don't want, I want a deeper counter at the bar area, and I want to move the kitchen over into the dining area another three feet, so that we can put a nice island in. For style, hidden frames and hinges, shaker style on the doors and drawers, all drawers on the bottom where possible though please. The upper cabinets I want taller too, just take them to within an inch of the ceiling for the extra storage space for things that don't often get used. If you can do a wine storage area somewhere as well would be great, and I'm buying a wine cooler and a few other new things that the kitchen doesn't have. Namely a bloody dish washer. How he lived without one is beyond me, but I guess it was just one person, and since I did a lot of his shopping, I know he didn't cook a lot. How he survived as long as he did on TV dinners is beyond me.” He laughed.

“Probably all the preservatives in them.” I said.

“I'm not entirely convinced that's a good thing. Anyway, can you also do maple butcher block counter tops, that'd look great with the walnut cabinets?”

“Me neither. Yes, I can do those, I've never done one as large as you'll need, but it shouldn't be too much trouble. I'll have to go buy a new clamping system, but I've had my eye on it for years, now I have a real reason to buy it.”

“No, I'll buy it for you, it's the least I can do, since I'm willing to bet I won't be able to talk you into letting me pay you for more than materials.”

“I suppose so.” I sighed, accepting that at least.

“Thanks. I'm also gonna upgrade all the appliances, so I'll have to give you final dimensions for them once I know them, but I am gonna go with the biggest and baddest fridge and stove I can, a double wall oven and wall mounted microwave. I also have to decide on the sink I want, but I really like those old fashioned white enameled cast iron apron sinks, but if I go with that, I'll have to let you know so that you build that cabinet extra strong, because they're really heavy. I think that's about it though, but if I think of anything else, I'll let you know.”

“Okay, just get me all the sizes as soon as you can, because I'll go get a bunch of plywood tomorrow and get started on the bigger pieces right away. I'll make you a really nice double pantry to go beside the fridge, one on either side, and if I may make a suggestion, go with one of those built in fridge and separate freezer. They're each as wide as a standard fridge, so they make a really great thing, but each one is full sized fridge and freezer, that's what I have and I love it.”

“That's what I was thinking of too, they're certainly awesome, and definitely the best. I want an ice maker in mine though, do they come with them, because they don't seem to have the in door ice service on any I've seen?”

“I've never seen an in door one either, but mine has an internal one, and it's huge and fast too. Inside of fifteen minutes it's already making ice, and I think mine holds almost five gallons of ice or something stupid like that and it fills it in one day.”

“Wow, that's good. I'll definitely be looking for that same model then.”

“It's the most expensive one there is, I decided to splurge a bit and went for the best.”

“That's what I want as well. I didn't when I built the house, because there was so much to buy as it was, but I regret it now. Now however I'm gonna be making a shit load of extra money with renting the other place, so I'll be able to afford it.”

“That's good. Well, we should probably get to work and help the boys unpack and organize everything.” I said, because we were standing alone in the kitchen, the boys had gone off to work.

We worked hard all day long, getting everything organized as best we could and put together the way it was supposed to be, and by the time dinner time was rolling around, we were done, tired, but done. We all helped to make dinner together and then ate and cleaned up. Before too long though I was wishing everyone a good night to head home. Cale came and gave me a nice tender kiss, and then I was headed home.

The following morning was about as normal as they were with me, I woke up, stretched, got up, got breakfast, got tea, cleaned up and waited for Cale and Jeff to arrive. Finally I saw them crossing the lake and I watched them as they paddled all the way across and finally they tied off their canoes and started walking up to the house. As soon as they made it inside, we all said hello and Cale and I kissed for a few moments and then excused ourselves to go change our diapers, which of course always led to other things.

When we made it to the bedroom, I stripped Cale and he pushed my robe off, and then when we ended up on the bed, we ended up in the 69 position and sucked each other to two very satisfying orgasms. As we were sucking each other we were also fingering each other, and by unspoken agreement it seems, as soon as we were finished, I grabbed the plugs and Cale took mine and we inserted them into each other. Finally we diapered and dressed each other, and before heading downstairs, snuck one final kiss.

“Okay boys, we need to go into town today and get some stuff. So, let's head out.”

The boys were good with that, and as soon as we were ready, we hopped in the truck and headed out. The tool store opened at seven, so that was where we headed first, since it was almost seven now, so we would make it at just a couple minutes after opening. I would have headed to my store first, but we opened at eight. When we arrived, we all went in and I found the glue up clamp rack that I had wanted and a couple other things and then we went and paid for it. Of course, for all three of us, spending less than an hour in that store just does not happen, because we looked around for a bit as well, seeing what was new and or on special. By the time we left, my store was already open for a good several minutes, so we headed there next. On the way there I explained to the boys that they were not to say at any time that this stuff was for their kitchen, because I was not supposed to use my employee discount on anyone else, but I would be today, because they were family, at least to me.

I said hi to the guys when we entered and of course had to explain what I was doing, since I very rarely ever came in on my day off, they knew I rarely ever came into town on my day off, that I usually did everything on the days I had to work. I had backed the truck right up to the loading bay and had just grabbed the pallet jack, because I was going to be using more than a fair bit of plywood, so this would make my life a lot easier. The boys helped me to load it all onto the jack, I made sure to grab at least four extra sheets of the cabinet plywood I wanted for just such an emergency. We then went to the plywood I would need for all the drawers and loaded that next, then the plywood for the shaker fronts was next. Finally was all the walnut veneer I would need for doing the various pieces that were going to show. Walnut plywood was retardedly expensive for some reason, whereas the veneer was actually quite cheap, so any visible pieces would then instead be made by me. We went and loaded all that in the truck and then came back and got all the hardware that we would be needing as well. By the time we were finished, even with my rather good discount, the total bill came up to well over three thousand dollars, but we had a lot to show for it.

Finally we were on our way back home, and considering it was now mid to late morning, and it was an absolutely beautiful day out, we were in standstill traffic most of the way home. We just laughed and joked all the way home, and even though it would have normally been painful to have to take so long to get home, the boys and I made the best of it and had a good time. When we made it to the house, I backed right up to the shop and we went about the daunting task of unloading everything. The boys were both a great help today and had done all that they could and never once complained. I thanked them both a great deal when we were done. By that time as well we were all in desperate need of food and diaper changes, so we went and did that, then were back out to the shop to work or play, depending on how you looked at it.

For the rest of the day, we all worked on whatever projects that we so desired. I was building cabinets, Cale was turning a bowl and Jeff was making a large loader. By the time the boys had to go home for the night, we had all gotten a fair bit of work done, but we did not have time to cleanup, so I told the boys I would come out after dinner to do so. Cale and I kissed under cover of the shop for several minutes before they had to go, but before too long, they were gone. I went in and made and ate dinner, cleaned that up, and then went out to the shop. I decided that since I had so little work left to do on the cabinet I had started, that I may as well finish it off before cleaning up and calling it a night, so I did so, and then cleaned up. I went to bed early tonight because it had been another good long day, but I had a great sleep.

The following morning I was half way through breakfast and my morning tea when I saw the boys enter the water in their canoes and start crossing. I was finished both just as they were walking up the back lawn, so I met them at the back door.

“Good morning Boys.”

“Good morning Baby.”

“Good morning Jay.”

“How are you boys today?”

“Good, and you?” They both asked.

“Really good now that you're here.” I said to both boys, but Jeff just grinned and chuckled, I could tell he knew I was talking more to Cale than he, but he was okay with that.

“Cool. Dad went and bought all the appliances yesterday, he took off a bit early and went and did that, so he sent me with a size chart for everything and the final dimensions for the entire kitchen and where he wants everything from what you two talked about the other night.” Cale said, handing over a few pieces of paper.

“Oh good, this'll make life a lot easier then.”

“He thought they might.” He smiled warmly.

We went upstairs and changed each others diapers and played with each other for a bit, then collected Jeff and we headed out to the shop for the day, working where we left off the day before.

The next week and a half went just like that though, we worked every day, all three of us getting more and more done. I finished all the cabinets the day before, all the counters were done as well. It had taken a full day of cutting and gluing, but the new counters were going to be impressive to say the least. Today is Friday, but be damned if I wanted to work, we had all been doing so much lately, and even the boys were getting tired. So, as soon as they entered this morning, I told them no working.

“Aw, how come?” Both boys asked.

“We're all tired, we haven't relaxed or done anything fun for more than a week, not that what we've been doing isn't fun, but we can't spend all our lives in the shop. I was planning on going to the park on Sunday and selling off as much stuff as I could, because it's the last one of the year, and it's usually a busy day, so today we rest.”

“Okay, but can I call my dad and ask if I can spend the night?”

“You know I have no problem with it.” I went instantly hard with that comment.

“I knew you wouldn't.” He grinned cheekily at me, Jeff just snorted.

“Will you take all my things again and try and sell them for me, and Dad has more canoes ready as well? Do you have paddles made though for them?”

“Yes and yes. I have only four more paddles left, how many canoes does your dad have ready?”

“Four, so as long as no one wants two with theirs, then we'll be fine.”

“Then we just sell each one with one paddle and tell them that I'll make them another for the standard amount as soon as I can. If they're tourists, then so be it, each one only comes with one fancy paddle.” I shrugged.

“Okay, thanks.”

“No prob, but you know you could come with us right, most people would like to meet the maker of these beautiful toys you make.”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not good at talking to people like that, I start to stutter and sweat and just make a fool of myself.”

“You know, I used to be the same right!”

“Really, how'd you get over it?”

“Just kept doing it 'til it got easier.”

“Okay, maybe next year I'll do it, but there's no point with this being the last one of the year.”

“Okay, just remember, I'll remember that.”

“I'm sure you will.” He laughed, so did Cale.

“Let's go swimming boys, we live on a beautiful lake, let's take advantage of it while we still can.”


We got everything ready and went out and sat on the dock for most of the day. When we were not swimming, we were laying there just enjoying the beautiful weather and each others company. We all went in at lunch and made lunch and even took it out and sat on the dock and ate out there. It was a very relaxing day. Cale had gone in with all our lunch dishes and said he would put them away, that he had to go to the bathroom anyway, so he may as well. He was gone a while, but that did not surprise me, when he had to go to the bathroom, it was usually a while. When he came down, he said that he had also called his dad and asked to spend the night, Alex was okay with that, so that was good. We even took our canoes out for a good hour or so and just paddled around in the off limits area and just had a nice time. We sat on the dock and swam even more until Jeff said it was time for him to head home, so we wished him a good night and he was off. Cale and I put our canoes and paddles away and then went into the house for the rest of the night.

Since we had not worn our diapers all day, that was the first thing we did. Cale sighed deeply as I diapered him up nice and thick and snug, saying he had missed his diapers. It had not mattered at all that all three of us had still peed without realizing it, since we were on the dock most of the time and in the water most of the rest of the time, so we were constantly washing ourselves off.

Once we were nice and thickly diapered, just the way us two babies liked to be most of all, we went and made and ate dinner. Once again, Cale was practically sitting on my lap and we were feeding each other. We stayed up for a little longer watching TV all cuddled together on the couch, but well before bedtime, Cale climbed off the couch, turned off the TV and extended his hand. I grabbed it and he pulled me up, so I followed, and followed him all the way up to our room, where we stripped each other, eventually, and made sweet tender love to each other for almost two hours straight, or is that gay. We both made love to each other twice, sucked each other once, and kissed and cuddled for the rest of the time. We both passed out after diapering each other, both very satisfied.

The next morning I sent Cale home to spend the day with his dad, even though he argued and said he wanted to stay with me. As much as I loved him and wanted to spend time with him, he had a loving father and brother that he needed to spend time with as well. Finally he understood and paddled home. I called him right before bed time and wished him a good night and said I love you. He said the same back, but before too long, we hung up and I went to bed, I know Cale would have as well.

Sunday morning I was up early as usual, had my morning tea and breakfast, and then took the truck down to the shop and started loading everything into it that I could. Cale had left almost all his things in the shop, and Jeff's last several pieces had been left as well, though he had taken a number of them home too. I loaded everything that I had, and once it was all loaded, I headed over to their place. It was still too early to head over to the park, but I wanted to talk to Alex as well anyway. When I reached the house, all three of them met me at the door.

“Good morning.” They all said.

“Good morning to you as well.”

“You're early, we weren't expecting you here for a couple hours yet.” Cale said happily. I could tell he was not at all upset by this turn of events.

“I wanted to come over and talk to your dad and I wanted to see you as well.”

“Okay.” Cale said brightly and pulled me into the house and straight to his bedroom. “Have you changed your diaper yet?”

“No, I was hoping you'd help me out with that, hence the reason I have my diaper bag with me.”

“I figured that's why you did.” He grinned and started stripping me to change my diaper, amongst other things.

Once I was down to just my diaper, I stripped my baby of all his clothes as well, and then we laid down on the bed and battled tongues for a while, such a sweet battle it was too. Cale was the first to start working his way down this morning, I let him. When he was in position, he opened up my diaper and inhaled me to the root, he had gotten far better at being able to take my entire piece in one go, not that I was overly large, but he was still so small. My orgasm lasted no more than two minutes this morning, I was so hot. It took longer for me to come down once again than it had taken for me to cum. Cale just stayed down there sucking and licking my balls, god I loved it when he did that. I swear a guy could just enjoy that for an entire year and still not get bored of it.

Once I was ready, I rolled over and pulled Cale up and rolled him so that he too was on his back, and then went down and took care of his needs as well. He came in only a minute this morning, he was even hotter than I was, it also took him nearly twice as long to come down as I had, but I just sucked and licked his balls for him as well. I knew he loved that every bit as much as I did. Once he was down, we changed each others diapers and then dressed each other. Finally, almost half an hour after entering Cale's bedroom, we exited. Jeff and Alex were sitting on the couch in the living room watching a cartoon when we entered.

“Have fun?” Was all Jeff said, with more than a little giggle in his voice.

“Yeah, as a matter of fact, we did, thanks for asking.” Cale said brightly.

“Yeah.” Was all Jeff could say to that. Alex just laughed and grinned at me.

“So, what did you want to talk about then?” Alex asked.

“Did the boys tell you I was done your cabinets?”

“No, actually they didn't, and I never bothered to ask when they would be done, because I didn't figure you'd be able to finish them this quickly. It's only been a couple weeks.”

“That was plenty enough time to do them, they're really easy to make. The counters took an entire day of cutting and gluing, the doors took two days to make, the drawers took a further two, and all the boxes took the rest, but only because there were so many of them. They're easy enough to make though, so it wasn't too bad. It actually took almost as long to put all the hardware on as it took to make them, you have a lot of drawers.”

“Oh wow. So, when are you gonna bring them over so that I can install them?”

“No need to worry about that, the boys and I'll do it this week during the days while you're at work. You'll just have to come to my place for food for the next few days. We already talked about it and decided that that's what we'd do, because we'll be able to get it done a lot faster that way. I also figure that we'll try and salvage the cabinets as best as possible and donate them to someone, since they're still in really good condition, just really outdated.”

“Oh, you don't have to install them as well, you already built them all.”

“Exactly, so I want to finish the job properly, and this way I can make sure everything is perfect. Besides, do you know how to install cabinets, and most especially the counter top?”

“The cabinets yes, they're easy, but admittedly I've never installed a counter before, but it can't be that hard.”

“Not hard to do, hard to do right. Don't worry, we'll take care of everything. I do have a favor to ask though, empty all your cupboards today, and if you want, you could start uninstalling them. If not, don't worry about it, we can do that too.”

“Okay, you're probably right, and while you and Cale are gone this afternoon, Jeff and I can take care of the cabinet removal. They probably won't take long to take out anyway.”

“Unless they were built in place, in which case they may be a royal pain in the ass to do. If that's the case, we probably won't be able to salvage them either though.”

“No, they're separate boxes, that I know because I've done repairs on them in the past.”

“That's good news at least. And all the appliances are in the garage ready to be installed as well Cale says?”

“Sure are. Do you know anything about plumbing though, because the freezer needs a water line run to it, and I'm actually quite hopeless with plumbing. I can make a drain line spray water.”

“That's too funny actually, but I'm not bad. Nowhere near good, but I should be able to do that no problem, I did mine, and it's never leaked before.”


“So, Jeff says that you have four more canoes ready to go huh?”

“Sure do. Also have next to no cedar left either, I've used nearly every stick of it that you milled.”

“That's not bad then. That was just one good sized log cut up and it got eight canoes from it. Not bad though, one free log, eight canoes and all the money we made from them. We'll definitely need to make a few over the winter and stockpile them to sell next year huh.”

“Yeah, not to mention the paddles you made for them too.”

“True, and while I did have to pay for the materials for them, it's nowhere near what I charge to make them. In fact, material cost is maybe twenty a piece and I sell them for more than a hundred, so that works out well.”

“I'll say. Especially with as little time that goes into making them. Jeff told me how fast you do them, about twenty minutes a piece once they're glued up and ready, and then a little time for the finishing.”

“Yeah, all told I figure I spend at most forty minutes on each one, but really, it's not even that, because when I make them, I make a bunch at a time, so that I just do a whole bunch of gang cuts and gluing. So it's probably only thirty minutes a piece.”

“And the canoes are almost as fast and easy to make since you milled the cedar almost perfectly, all I had to do was plane it down a bit, cut it to size, and I was able to make each canoe in just a couple nights of easy work.”

“Good, and we make good money from them, so even better yet. So, should we go load everything into the truck so that we're ready to go when it's time?”

The others all agreed, so we went and did that. I of course told the boys I already had their things from the shop, and they were good with that. By the time we were finished loading everything up, we still had some time to kill, so Alex and the boys excitedly took me down and showed me where their new shop was going to go. Alex already had it all staked out and it looked as if it were ready to dig at any time. He was going to go every bit as large as my shop. It was going to be on the opposite side of the property to the boat house, so that there was as little unobstructed view as possible. Then I looked to the boat house.

“What's in the boat house and why not just build your shop right onto that?” I asked curiously.

“I thought of it, but in all honesty, the old boat house looks as if it was built just with wood on ground and it's starting to rot pretty bad. There's an old boat in there, but it's been hoisted up and out of the water since who knows when, so it's probably still in really good condition. I haven't really even taken a look at it yet, and I wouldn't even know where to start on the motor. I was gonna take it to a friend of mine as a project over the winter and ask him to get it all up and running, and once he's done with the motor, I'll refinish the rest of it, because it definitely needs a new paint job and all the upholstery needs to be redone. I'll have to look at it closely though before I even think of doing that to see if it's even worth that much money and effort.”

“Well, if the boat house is rotting, then it needs to come down already anyway, or it's just a safety hazard, so why not kill two birds with one stone. Get the boat out right away and build a new boat house and attached shop. That way it gets the shop over to the same side as the boat house so as to reduce the amount of land it takes up, which will also make it nicer.”

“Yeah, but the problem was, I wasn't sure if I could afford to do it all at the same time. I was just gonna do the shop this year and hold off on the boat house for a couple years. It's still pretty sound, pretty solid, so it's not gonna fall down any time soon, just it will eventually.”

“Okay, I can understand that. If that's the case, then why not still build the shop on the same side, just get it as close as you can to the boat house and then when it's time to do the boat house, then connect the two at that time.”

“I had thought of that too, but I wasn't really wanting to dig too close to the boat house and chance it shifting in any way, that could spell disaster.”

“Ah, good point. Have you talked to your bank yet?”

“Yeah, and they'll lend me twenty thousand easily, but if my calculations are correct, that won't even do all that I want in the shop, so some of it'll have to wait a couple years.”

“Why, what all were you wanting to do?”

“Well, I'm gonna go sixteen foot ceilings, so that we have lots of room, same size as yours is in fact. I'll also want to put in the second floor storage area, but that's mostly what's gonna have to wait.”

“If you do it all at the same time, it'll cost you less in the long run. I'll do what I can for you on the materials for the building, I might even be able to get you about half the price on some of the stuff, but most of the lumber even I don't get that much less than retail, since there's so little money in it.”

“Yeah, I know it'd cost less, but I have to find ways to cut a few bucks. If you can get me better deals on lumber, then that'd be great. You guys aren't a lumber yard though, even though you do have some lumber.”

“Yeah, I know. Actually, what the hell am I thinking, my portable mill will cut up to twenty feet long and take almost any sized log I can move. I already have three huge fir trees down and dried, they fell on my property a couple years ago, just never got around to cutting it all down. I was gonna cut it and sell it off, since I don't really use a lot of fir. We could mill it all for your shop, then the lumber will be free. With my deals on everything else, you should be able to do the shop and boat house at the same time and make the shop the way you want it. I can also get you a great deal, like cost, on metal roofing and siding, I can go right there and pay cash for it, that's what I did for my shop, I didn't even have to pay my bosses markup, they just gave it to me at cost. Same with drywall, we don't even have to go through the store at all to get it, that'll save you huge, at least half, if not a bit better. I can get you all the plywood, insulation, electrical and even any plumbing you want through work though, and I'll try and get it at the best possible price.”

“Wow, really, that'd be great. That way we could easily do the entire thing, because the lumber is the most expensive part.”

“Yes really, and exactly my point. It'll take more than a few days to mill it all, and we'd probably be better off to bring it all here to do it, but that'd be real easy.”

“How do you plan to move the wood?”

“Easy, wood floats and is a lot easier to move that way than any other. We could easily tie it to our canoes and pull it across if we really wanted to, but I do have a boat with a good strong motor on it that can do the job faster and easier for us. The mill I can hitch to my truck and pull it over, so that's even easier still.”

“Oh, never thought of that. Okay, then I guess I go talk to the bank and get it done, then I'll get you a parts list so that you can order what's needed. I think metal roofing and siding for the whole thing would be just fine. Do you have garage doors and stuff though, or can you get them?”

“No, at least not that I know of, and since we have a local company come in to do all that to our three large doors, I'm guessing no as well. They won't be that expensive anyway, so you'll just have to pay full cost for that.”

“Yeah, and with everything else that I'll be getting for free or reduced costs, that won't even matter any at all.” He said happily.

“Good. Then it's settled, go ahead and move your stakes to the other side and get it re planned out, go get the money and the permits, and as soon as we get your kitchen done, the boys and I'll get the wood all milled. We'll go two by six construction, and it'll be rough too, so you'll be super strong.”

“Excellent, thanks so much.”

“Hey, no problem. Well, we should probably be heading out then.”

“Okay, see you guys later, have fun and sell lots. It seems I need some money.” Alex grinned brightly.

Cale and I laughed and headed out. We made it to the park with plenty of time to spare. We set up, and by the time we were done, there were already several people milling about, looking at everything. It was a very good afternoon for sales. It seems one of the guys who had bought the canoes the last time we were there had told his friends that they were the very best around, so two guys came up inside of half an hour and bought two each, they were friends and they were each buying one for themselves and their sons. They only needed one paddle each, but I told them if they ever needed more to call me. Cale sold every turned piece he had, as well as fifteen of the twenty scroll art pieces that he had made, and we sold nineteen of the twenty one toys that Jeff had made, and sixteen of the nearly thirty scroll art pieces he had made. I also sold every last one of the turned pieces I had made, including all the walking sticks that I had done up. The last day of the sale was almost always a good one, but today had surpassed every previous year, and my own hopes by a far margin.

When we pulled up to the house, we saw that Alex and Jeff had made good progress of their kitchen removal, because at least three quarters of the cabinets were now in the garage. They both came out to greet us and to see what all was sold. They could see all four canoes were gone right away.

“Wow, you sold all the canoes!” Alex said right away as we hopped out of the truck.

“Yeah, to two guys, friends of one of the guys that had bought a couple the last time it seems. We also sold almost every other piece that we had. Here's your money guys.” I said, handing both of them their envelopes.

“Holy shit, this is half the shop cost right here.”

“Yeah, and with what you made the last time, assuming you still have it of course, why go to the bank.” I grinned.

“No, that was used to pay for the new appliances, that and all my savings come to think of it. Trust me, they weren't cheap.”

“Oh, I know, because I have much the same stuff at my place.”

“Right. How much did you make Jeff?” Alex asked, because Jeff was still looking in the envelope, trying to make sense of it all.

“There's more than a thousand dollars in here.”

“Twelve hundred and thirty three to be exact.” I said.

“But how, I didn't have that much stuff.”

“Sure you did, and several of the bigger models went for a hundred or more a piece, and the cheapest scroll saw art that I sold was twenty five.”

“Holy crap.”

“Yeah, and Cale made even more than that. The cheapest bowl he sold today went for two hundred, but his really big fancy one went for four hundred.”

“Wow.” Jeff said and asked Cale exactly how much he had made. Cale proudly told him.

“So, I see you've made good progress on the kitchen removal, that's good. Why don't you all hop into your canoes after getting everything cleaned up and come on over. I'll meet you there in a few minutes and we'll make and eat dinner. I think barbecued hamburgers and salad sounds great.”

“Yeah, they weren't too bad to take out actually, but dinner sounds great. Sure, we'll meet you there in a few minutes then.”

“Here's my spare house key in case you make it before I do, which with the traffic and technically you're closer, you just might.” I said, handing over the key.

“Okay. It'll only take us a couple minutes to clean up and close up, then we'll be on our way, so you're probably right, we'll probably make it there first.” Alex smiled.

I headed out and made it home in not too bad a time, but the others had arrived only moments before I had. Alex had only just gotten the barbecue lit, while Cale was in digging in the freezer for the ground beef that we would need, and Jeff was digging in the fridge for all the salad fixings. We all helped to make dinner, and then, sitting out on the deck, we ate dinner and had a good evening together. Cale asked to spend the night, and Alex said yes, so he was happy, ah who am I kidding, so was I. Jeff and Alex left a little while later and before too long, it was just my baby and me.

The two of us cuddled up on the couch for a bit before heading to bed and making love to each other until we were satisfied, which was twice each once again. We diapered each other nice and thickly, cuddled up to each other, and then fell fast asleep. As with every other time that Cale had stayed with me, or I him, we stayed glued to each other all night long, barely moving any at all, and we woke up in the same position I remember going to sleep in. This morning when I woke up though, it was to find that Cale was already awake and he was watching me sleep like I always watched him sleep. I saw him there and smiled, which in turn caused him to smile even brighter still.

“Mmm, good morning Baby, how are you this morning?”

“So much better. I sleep way better when I get to sleep with you, the reason for it of course has nothing to do with how tired you always make me before bed either.”

“Hah, and here I thought it was the other way around. I do however agree that I sleep way better when you're all cuddled up to me.”

“Yeah, well let's just say we have a tendency to really tire each other out and stick with that.” He grinned brightly.

“I can live with that.” And to seal it, I kissed him deeply, tenderly, giving to him all the love I possessed, he just passed it all back to me, we kept filling each other up with more and more love.

Finally we broke apart with a deep and contented sigh. We laid there cuddling, just looking at each other for several minutes before we decided that we should get up and start the day. Since neither of us needed any sexual attention this morning, given that we had well drained each other the night before, we decided that we may as well change our diapers and get dressed right away before going for breakfast. We changed each other, and while I stayed soft, Cale did get about half hard as I rubbed the cream into his soft, smooth groin. We just smiled at each other and I taped him up nice and thick.

“So, are we gonna take all the cabinets over to my place today then and get started?” Cale asked as we were heading downstairs.

“Sure, unless you and or Jeff have any better ideas.”

“None that I can think of, and we probably should get it done, even though Jeff or I'll probably be little to no help, but we'll do what we can.”

“You'll probably be a lot more help than you know. Neither one of you's exactly stupid with a hammer or drill after all, and I bet you'll be just as good at installing cabinets as I am. You may not be able to lift and maneuver them quite as easily, but I bet that doesn't actually matter all that much.”

“True, we do both know our way around tools, we've been using them all our lives. Dad told us that even as young as two he had us in the shop working with him and learning.”

“That's really good and more kids need to learn what you boys did, it's very good for kids to be busy and active, using their hands and their imaginations as much as they possibly can. I never worked in the shop as a kid, but I had thousands of pieces of Lego, and that was almost every bit as good.”

“Yeah, Jeff and I have lots of Lego too, and we still play with it a lot, because we love to build things. Sometimes after a long day in the shop we'll go and play with that instead of watching TV, dad usually joins us too.”

“That's good to hear. Again, far too many kids just spend too much time sitting on their ever fattening little butts watching TV, or god forbid playing those horrible games systems. Neither of which is all that good for you if you ask me.”

“That's what dad says too, and while we do have a TV and a game system, they hardly ever get used. The only reason we do have them is sometimes during the winter it can get pretty boring if we've worked all day and there's nothing better to do.”

“Know how you feel, and that's why I have a TV, but I don't have a games system, other than my computer, which has exactly three games on it; chess, Scrabble and solitaire.”

“That's about all I play on the computer too, but I do enjoy a couple others as well. How long do you figure it'll take to install all the cabinets?”

“Hard to say really. They won't be hard to do, but we'll have to finish taking out all the old ones, then we'll have to make sure everything is plumb and square, which I'm willing to bet it isn't. So we'll have to do some compensating for that, which I built into the cabinets and why I have the filler strips already stained and finished, so that we can cut them to size for adjusting. Oh crap, I don't have any shims left.”

“Dad usually has a bunch in the shop, I'm pretty sure he won't mind us using them.”

“Oh good.”

“Should I just call Jeff and tell him not to bother coming over?”

“May as well, there's little point in him coming over at the moment anyway. The two of us can load up all the upper cabinets ourselves easily enough.”


Cale called home real quick and was glad to have caught Jeff, because he was just about to leave. He explained to his brother what was happening and to just stay home, and it sounded as if Jeff agreed that it would be silly to waste the trip, so stayed home. As soon as Cale got off the phone, he said we were good to go, so we went and pulled the truck down to the shop and started loading the upper cabinets into it. There were several cabinets, but none of them were big or heavy, so Cale was able to help easily. Thankfully there were not more than there was though, because otherwise we never would have fit them all. The base cabinets I knew were going to take three or four trips, and the center island would be one trip just by itself, but I would need Alex's help for that one, because it was going to be too much for the boys and I to do by ourselves.

I covered and strapped down our load, locked the shop back up, and before too long we were on our way to Cale's place. I had made sure to grab everything that we would be needing to install all the cabinets as well, though figuring that Alex probably had it all already anyway, but this way all three of us could all work together. We made it there in good time and backed the truck right up to the house. By the time we were backed into place, Jeff was already there to meet us.

“After we got home last night, Dad and I finished getting the old cabinets torn down and put in the garage, but I had a good idea for him. I told him that they were all in really good condition, and that we're gonna be building a new shop, and shops need cabinets to hold things, so I told him we should keep them for the new shop once it's done and use what we can in there for storage. He liked that idea, because it'll save a whole bunch of money.”

“Oh, that's good, and a great idea on your part too. Good one Jeff. As you know, that's what I use in my shop as cabinets, but sadly I had to make mine, because the ones from the house weren't even good enough in my opinion for a shop.”

“That's where I got the idea actually.”

“Cool. Well then, let's get the uppers into the house and get them all installed, and then we'll have to go back and get the rest and install them.”

The boys were both good with this, and considering neither was shy about working, we got it done quickly. I then showed the boys the fine art of checking everything and then how to install all the upper cabinets. With their help, we managed to get them all installed just before lunch, so we locked up the house and headed back to my place. Once there we had lunch, a diaper change, and then we loaded up the next batch of cabinets. We had the three tall units, they all went along the opposite wall from the sink, they housed the double wall oven, the fridge and freezer, and then two massive pantry units with all sorts of pullouts and other accessories. Over all, the entire wall was just over fifteen feet, but the fridge and freezer took up nearly six of it, the rest was split up for the other three. We also got in the corner units, there were two of them, and one of the center units. We covered and tied this load down, and then headed back to offload them.

“Should we offload these and then go back and get another load, or just install all these first and then go back for more?” I asked once we were backed in, we were just about to hop out of the truck.

“I say offload and install these. We don't have a lot of room left to store anything, so it'll probably be easier if we just do it a little at a time.” Cale suggested.

“Okay, that sounds like as good a reason as any, so let's get to it.”

These units were all far larger than the upper units had been, but between the three of us, we did manage it just fine. Once we got them all in the house, we went about installing them all. Because these ones were larger, and even though we had less of them and base cabinets were generally easier to install, this batch took almost as long to install as the previous ones had. Between the three of us we decided to go ahead and go get another load. There would still be at least one more load the next day, plus the island, which actually had to come in before the last of the base cabinets could. I would ask Alex to come and help me load that up after dinner and offload it at the house, so that we could do it.

We headed back to the house and this load went a lot faster than the previous load had, and we had the same amount. As soon as Alex made it home, he was impressed with what we had managed to get done already. I explained to him what I wanted to do, and he agreed to that. So we all hopped in the truck and headed to my place. We would make and eat dinner first, and the boys and I needed a diaper change as well, before we went and loaded and then unloaded the island. Once all that was taken care of, we went and loaded the island and took it over, and then I said goodnight to the boys, telling them not to bother coming over in the morning, because I would just load the last of the cabinets myself and bring them over first thing in the morning. Once everything was installed and ready, then I would bring the counter tops and all the doors and drawers and we would put them all on. For obvious reasons, at least to most, these were not installed prior to installation.

We all said goodbye, Cale giving me a deep kiss before I left, and then I headed home for the night. It had been a long and tiring day, so almost as soon as I got home, I went right to bed. I stayed up long enough though to give the house a quick cleaning, get myself a diaper change, and then I went to bed and slept well through the night.

The following morning I woke up at my regular time and laid there for a few minutes before deciding to get up. Pretty much the standard routine. I changed my diaper and got dressed right away, went down and had breakfast, and then headed out to the shop to load up the last of the bases. At least this was not a full load this time, there were only four base units left, so they were loaded quickly and easily. As soon as they were covered and tied down, I headed out and made it there in a few minutes.

The boys came out to help me unload as soon as I pulled in. We greeted each other happily and got to work, and then once we had everything inside, Cale pulled me down and gave me a nice tender kiss in the new kitchen. Jeff giggled and told us to get a room. Cale said okay brightly, but I stalled him and told him that we would have to save that for later. He frowned at that and I swatted his cute little diapered bum. We got to work though and installed the last of the base cabinets and then centered and secured the island once it too was leveled.

“There we go boys, all the hardest parts are done, now for the next difficult chore, we have to go get all the counters, doors and drawers. We'll fit them all in one load, but the counters aren't gonna be light, and they might be a pain to install. We'll have to see.”

“Okay, and I think I need a diaper change, like real soon.” Cale said, and I knew he did not need a diaper change because he was wet, though I knew he was getting there, there was an even more urgent matter to take care of.

“Don't worry Baby, so do I.” Hey, who could possibly blame me, the boy had me wrapped around his little, well finger, okay, that works.

“Good.” He smiled brightly, Jeff just laughed and shook his head.

We locked up and headed over to my place. We would get lunch while there, even though it was a bit early still, and then we would come back. We decided to hold off on lunch until as late as possible, so we loaded everything into the truck first, and then Cale and I went to 'change our diapers', mind you, so did Jeff, and then we made and ate lunch. To say it was a good diaper change would be an understatement. Cale and I each blew two loads into each others hungry mouths before we were satisfied, though we sucked each other at the same time, as well as fingered each other, to save time. I am not entirely convinced that worked for us, because by the time we were finished, it was actually passed lunch time. Oh well. Happily we went downstairs and made and ate lunch. Jeff looked a bit more relaxed as well, so he had taken care of things while we had. Once everything was cleaned, we headed back to their house.

The boys were unable to help all that much with the counter installation, so I had them installing doors and drawers and they did very well. In fact, they were going faster than I was able to, because the installation had to be as perfect as possible. By the time that Alex came home though, I was done, and as he walked in, I was just putting the last coat of the same food grade wax as we used for our bowls onto it, and it looked great. The whole kitchen did actually.

“Wow, this looks absolutely amazing guys, it's even better than I imagined it would be.” Alex said happily once he looked around for a bit.

“Thanks. It turned out real well if I do say so myself, but I couldn't have done it without the boys' help. They did more than half the work themselves.”

“I don't doubt they did, they're both amazing with tools, I guess I learned em real good huh!”

“Yes you did. So, now all we have to do is bring in all the appliances and get them hooked up. The water line's already pulled and ready to go by the freezer for you, so all we have to do is hook it up, and we're good to go. Everything else should be nice and easy though.”

“Could you help me with that tonight please?”

“Sure, that's why I was offering.”

“Thanks. So, I went to the bank today and they approved me for twenty five thousand and it'll be in my account first thing tomorrow morning. When and how should we work out how to get everything?”

“That's great, that'll be way more than enough to do all the work. We could go and order everything on Friday from the suppliers that I can deal with directly, but I'll ask that you're not with me when I go to work to order everything, I don't want the boss to know it isn't for me. This won't be the first time I've added on to something here, he knows I'm always fixing and working around here, so he won't even bat an eye about me purchasing all this, but if you're with me, he might question it.”

“Okay, I can probably take off early that day, say about noon. Could you go and do the stuff at the store before that and we just meet somewhere after noon, let's say for lunch? You could just pay for everything from your account and then I'll give you the cash!”

“Sure, that works well enough. Even at my suppliers, they might not like you paying for it when I'm the one ordering it. I get a good deal because of the amount of orders I do, you don't, and they wouldn't like for you to get my purchase price. They probably won't even say the price with you there, just hand me the PIN pad with the total on it.”

“That's fine too. For all they know I'm just there to help load.”

“Exactly. Though we won't be taking everything right away, just making the orders and getting them to deliver it to my new house that I bought to rent out.”

“Ah, good thinking.”

With all that taken care of, the four of us worked hard for just a little more than an hour to get all the appliances moved and installed, it was heavy and hard work, because we had to move it without damaging things, but we got it done. It was when it was all done and we had slumped down that we realized that we had skipped dinner, and were all very hungry because of it.

“Well, this all looks amazing, but we're all tired and hungry, so we need to eat. Let's go to the restaurant down the road and go get us some steak and lasagna, my treat.” Alex said.

“Okay.” The rest of us said as one.

“Good, let's go.”

We all went and hopped in my truck and headed out. When we arrived we were seated right away, because it was well past the dinner rush. We placed our orders almost right away, all of us taking the same thing, exactly what Alex had suggested, and shortly thereafter we were eating. It was a great meal and we all left well fed. The plan, at least as far as I knew, was to just drop everyone off and then head home. Cale had other ideas.

“Daddy, can Jay spend the night tonight?”

“I suppose so, just no keeping me awake all night long again please?”

“Oh but Daddy, you're ruining all my fun.” He whined.

“I know.” He laughed. I just shook my head.

“So, are you gonna stay the night then?” He asked me cutely.

“Oh, I suppose I could sacrifice the one night, but don't let it happen again.” I sighed animatedly just for him.

“Okay.” He said far too happily, the rest of us just laughed.

As soon as we made it back to their house, we all went in and said goodnight to each other, because we were all quite ready for bed. Even though I knew Cale wanted to play around for a bit, I knew that even he was too tired to want to do too much. All he wanted was a nice diaper change I was betting, then again, I could go for a nice diaper change too.

I was right, because as soon as we were stripped down to just our diapers, we laid on the bed, our faces pressed into each others hot soggy diapers, and we started petting and rubbing. Before too long, we untaped one side of each others diapers and started sucking away merrily. Neither of us lasted more than a minute, and this time the once was more than enough, because as soon as we came down, Cale spun around and laid on me a nice tender kiss.

We parted our kiss after a few minutes and then we diapered each other up, curled up to each other and fell fast asleep only minutes later. We slept very well throughout the night, once again not moving any at all. I was the first to wake again this morning, as was normal, and I watched my little baby angel for almost ten minutes before he came to.

“Mmm, good morning.” He sighed and stretched.

“Good morning Baby. How are you this morning?”

“Great, and you?”

“Great as well. I am every time I wake up next to your beautiful body.”

“Same. Should we get up and get started on the day then?”

“I suppose we probably should.”

“What are we gonna do today?”

“We should probably get all the fir over here today and start getting it all milled. It'll take a few days and I could really use you boys' help for that before you start school. You start next week right?”

“Holy crap, yeah, it is already next week.”

“Yeah, the summer has gone by far too fast, hasn't it.”

“It always seems to, but we had a great summer.”

“Yeah, I know I sure did, even if half of it went by without anything good happening, then something great happened, I found the most beautiful baby boyfriend there ever was.”


We got up and changed each others diapers, this change took our more normal amount of time, that is to say almost half an hour. Hey, we only shot one load the night before. Once we were all diapered and dressed, we left our bedroom and went to the kitchen to get ourselves some breakfast. Jeff and Alex met us out there shortly after we came out.

“Good morning boys, you sure were loud enough all night long, I couldn't get to sleep 'til well after midnight.” Alex teased.

“Wasn't us, you might need to speak to Jeff about that then.”

“I wish it was me. I went right to bed and passed out cold. I don't even remember covering up.” He laughed.

“Yeah, you and me both.” Alex said.

“We probably weren't that far behind you actually. We just had a quickie and then went to sleep.” Cale said.

“Hell, even if you had've rocked the house last night, I doubt I would've heard you anyway, like I said, I was dead to the world almost instantly.”

“I'll have to remember that the next time then.” Cale giggled.

“I bet you will too.” Alex laughed.

I just shook my head, chuckling. Jeff and Alex grabbed themselves some breakfast as well and ate with us. They then headed to their bedrooms to get dressed and ready for the day, Jeff of course changing his diaper, and they both met us in the kitchen again a few minutes later. Alex had to be going almost right away, so he left and it was just the boys and I once again. Cale and I told Jeff of the plans for the day and he was good with that, so we hopped in the truck and went to get everything done.

We headed to my place and grabbed the mill first and brought it back and set it up, and then headed back to my place and traded the truck for the boat. I hardly ever used the power boat and wondered why I still had it, but it was nice every so often, like now for instance, even though this was certainly not what it was supposed to be used for. The tow line on it had never been used to haul logs before, but it would work just fine.

Using a fair bit of muscle power, the three of us got the first log rolled down and into the water. We did all three, even though I was not sure of the boat would be able to manage all three of them at the same time. I got the boat started up to warm it up, pulled it out of my boat house, which incidentally was also attached to my shop, so almost the exact same as what Alex was going to build, and pulled it up to the dock to let it warm up. As we let the boat warm up, I grabbed a good sturdy rope from the shop and tied it off to the tow point on the boat and then attached the other end to all three of the logs.

We all hopped in the boat, donned our life jackets, and then using as slow a speed as I possibly could, I started moving the boat. Once the line was taut, I gave the boat a bit more gas, and slowly we started pulling the logs. We were not moving very fast, but the boat was doing just fine. I was at only quarter power, we were churning up a fair bit of water, but we were moving steadily.

We actually made really good time to the boys' house, and when I pulled up to the dock and killed the engines, we all realized that we were about to face a real difficult chore, getting the logs up to shore, and then up to the mill. I untied the rope from the boat, hopped off the boat, followed by the boys, and then once on land, the three of us started pulling with everything we had. It was like a tug of war against the logs, but eventually we won the fight and they were as close as we could get them.

Next came the other tough chore, getting the logs onto dry land next to the mill. It was close to the water of course, because that was where the shop was going to be, but still, it was going to take a fair bit of work. Three twenty foot long logs, the smallest one a few feet across, was going to be one hell of a workout. At least I had remembered to grab my log rolling bar. I had the boys go grab a couple large pieces of wood that we could use as wedges, and as they went to find suitable pieces, I got the largest log spun so that it was perpendicular to the shore, and when they arrived, I told them what needed to be done.

So, using the bar, I rolled the log as far as I could and had the boys block it, then we repeated what felt like a hundred times to get the log up the shore to where the mill was. I am sure it was only twenty times, but still, it was a lot of work. We went and did the next biggest log, and even though smaller, I was getting more tired, so it took just as long. The third and smallest log took the most amount of time, because by the time I had the log up with the others, I had almost nothing left.

“Okay boys, that's it, I have nothing left in me, I'm done for the day I think. There's still lots of time though 'til your dad gets home, we already have the boat out, so what say we take it out for a good burn and show these yuppie tourists what a real boat can do.”

“Okay.” They both said brightly.

I did have to admit that I had a nice boat, it was a custom built one, I had it made several years ago using the engine from the first car I had owned. It was a bored out small block Chevy engine that when I raced, my car always took it to the line first, but the body sadly did not survive my last crash. The engine however only required a small amount of work to repair, and I decided it would be a shame to sell it, and had it made into the boat engine I now had. I told the boys all about this as we were gearing up, and they were amazed that I used to race cars. It ran in my blood, several of my cousins still race to this day, but after my last accident, I decided that it was no longer worth the risk, considering I barely made it out alive.

Once we were all aboard, I took us out past the restricted area and then opened it up. We shot across the lake so fast both boys yelled out 'holy fucking shit.' I just laughed. I had never heard either boy swear, I had never even heard Alex swear, it seemed they did not use such words. This was enough to warrant it though and I laughed at them. They got used to it right away though and we went about having some serious fun. There were times that I was jumping the boat as we went over waves and wakes and the boys were having the time of their lives. We played out on the lake for a good hour and a half, and I got some pretty envious looks from the assholes who had eighty thousand dollar boats that could not do what my twenty thousand dollar boat could do, because that had been all it had cost to have it made for me. Granted, the engine and all the work that went into it would probably cost that much again, but so what. I considered it something I already had at the time, so the cost of the boat in my eyes was twenty thousand.

Finally we headed back to my place and had some much needed lunch, considering it was well past that time. We then all went for diaper changes, Cale and I not playing around this time, and then it was decided to just relax for the rest of the day. The boys headed home shortly thereafter and I stayed laying back, relaxing, only getting up to make and eat dinner. Finally I decided to go to bed, so I changed myself and then fell fast asleep.