I must preface this story by saying that it is pure fantasy. As you might know, I don't always write fantasy. Sometimes I write fact disguised as fantasy. It's up to you to tell the difference. I avoid the usual disclaimers because, I figure, why are you here in the first place? Wouldn't you like to be surprised for a change?

I lived for a number of years 2 blocks West of Times Square in Manhattan.  On 7th avenue there was an arcade called Playland, featured in "Midnight Cowboy".  It had been there since before the 1920's until the Disneyfication of the late nineties.   It was where men went to pick up boys.  This story is based on reality and personal observation but you should assume that it is fiction. 


by Larkin, .... jet2larkin (at) gmail (.) com
copyright July 2011



Part 1: Joey, Tony and Peter

New York City, 1986




It was late summer in the city and was still very hot and humid, the small boy stood in a doorway to get out of the rain. Soaked from the sudden down pour it had done little to cool the air, Joey looked up and then down the street as if he was waiting for someone. The long haired kid was dressed in oversized pants and tee shirt. He looked down at his cupped hand concealing a match and lit up a cigarette. Anyone could see that he was way too young to smoke but there was no one to stop him. He was deceptively small for his age and maybe it was his poor diet because Joey didn't look at all like a twelve year old but he was. His hair was long but he wasn't easily mistaken for a girl. There something about relaxed untidiness that rules out a boy from being a girl.

He wore a shark's tooth earring that dangled from his ear. The piercing and the earring was a gift from one of his Mother's boyfriends. He remembered laying his head in the man's lap and looking up at him. Joey's ear had been cooled with ice and now the man was sticking the needle through his ear lobe. When it was done, Joey felt proud and had never taken the earring off since that day.

In spite of sleepy eyes, worn and unwashed clothes and at times, tangled hair, Joey had an exotic, boyish beauty. Black hair and blue eyes was uncommon enough but anyone could see that he was going to grow up to be very handsome. At this age and in this unformed state, there was something almost iridescent about him. It was a glow that caught people's gaze. He was so stunning that sometimes they had to look away to keep from becoming momentarily captivated. Joey knew this but took it in stride. At first glance, he appeared to be orphaned but he carried himself with such street-wise confidence and independence that people regarded him almost as if he was an adult.


Tony's Bar:

The bar was on the avenue and had a dingy quilted stainless steel front. It was the sort of bar that only locals went to. To the right of the front door was a small window with a green neon shamrock that flickered occasionally. On the inside, there was a long smoky bar with a row of padded stools. It was early afternoon and there was only a handful of regulars in the bar. Tony, the Bartender saw Joey standing at the door.

"Joey, she ain't here and I haven't seen her today. You can't stay in here. You're are gonna get me closed down so get the hell out of here!"

He squeaked in his high voice, "Comon Tony, let me go in the back awhile to get dried off, I'm all wet."

Tony hesitated and then blustered, "Jesus Christ,.... Okay, but stay out of sight and don't come back out here until I let you know that the coast is clear."

Joey ran through the bar and into the backroom. It was a dusty room with a gated window, a cluttered desk and on old couch. He had been here before. There were times when his mother partied up a storm out in the bar. She was very popular and when he was little. Jeanie, his mother, had put him to bed on the musty old couch. Sometimes she would go off and not come back until morning and Tony would be so pissed.

"I can't be takin care of your kid, what's the hell's the matter with you!"

Familiar with his surrounding, Joey put his feet up and lay back on the couch. He looked up at the peeling paint on the tin ceiling and the cardboard covering a broken window. He thought about his Mother and wondered where she might be. He wasn't really worried. He was used to it. The fact that she didn't always leave money or food for him didn't bother him either. It made him independent and resourceful.



The door leading out into the bar opened up. "Hey Joey, you want sum company?"

The man standing before him was a tall athletic man dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt. Peter was an old friend of his Mother's. He always wore a blue Yankees ball cap to blur his identity. He also wore it to hide a hairline that, in his late twenties, had already started to recede. He was lean and skinny and had always smelled like he had been working, loading or unloading, helping people move or painting apartments which is what he mostly did when he worked. When he wasn't working a real job he was scamming or out and out stealing. His reputation was checkered but he was well liked and had a reckless charm that endeared him to Tony, the bar's owner. Tony had a soft heart and had looked after Peter when he was young. When he was 15 he went to jail for three years. It was Tony that send him the little money he needed to survive. He hoped that by the time he reached his twenties Peter would have settled down a bit.

Joey and Peter were familiar with each other. He sat on the couch next to Joey and without saying a word he tugged at the boy's loose pants and slipped his hand down into his underpants. Joey acted unconcerned. He stretched out making himself accessible. Peter fished out the boy's little penis and pulled and stroked on it. Whether this was a natural inclination or had learned it in jail no one could say.

Rising up on his knees beside Joey, he opened his pants and hauled his own large, impressive cock and presented to the boy. Joey held it with both hands and took it into his mouth. Peter's cock stiffened and stood up. They had done this many times before. It was the secret that bonded them securely together.

Peter and Joey's Mother had been couple for a few weeks but it ended when she met someone else. They stayed friends and soon Jeanie started parking Joey at Peter's whenever she was running off with some new guy.

In the back room of Tony's bar, Peter and Joey's activity suddenly matured into something more urgent.

Peter said, "Hey, let's go to my place and do this right, anyway Tony sent me back here to get you the fuck outta of here. You know how paranoid he is."

Joey pushed his small stiff boner back into his pants and sat up, "Okay."

Peter did the same with to his with somewhat more difficulty.




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