I must preface this story by saying that it is pure fantasy. As you might know, I don't always write fantasy. Sometimes I write fact disguised as fantasy. It's up to you to tell the difference. I avoid the usual disclaimers because, I figure, why are you here in the first place? Wouldn't you like to be surprised for a change?


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Part 10: Jeanie's Apartment, The Eviction, The Heist.


After the bizarre photo shoot Joey and Reggie went back to Jeanie's apartment. It was very late and Reggie did not want to go back to Astoria. There was a white paper taped to the apartment door and Joey snatched it down letting it sail away down into the stairwell. It was something from the city.

Joey turned on the answering machine. Jeanie's voice was barely above a whisper.


message #5

Joey, I'm comin home by bus. I'm leaving Vegas on this coming Thursday and will get into the city Tuesday evening at the Port. I love you Joey...


Reggie said, "Sounds like you Mom misses you."


They were tired and fell into Joey's day bed that was not quite big enough for the two boys. Feeling immune from the world of adults and authority, they slept naked and entwined.


In the morning, neither sleepy boy wanted to dress to use the bathroom out in the hall so, firmly erected, they peed into the bathtub.

Back in bed they embraced, head to bottom. Reggie like to pretend that he was the tough guy, the man in charge. He claimed this role mostly because he was bigger and also that he was relaxed around Joey. He wanted to suck Joey just as much as Joey was interested in him, but Joey allowed him to be the tough guy if only for a moment. This served to bolster the rather shaky image he had of himself. Soon they would be curled up doing sixty-nine which was a statement of equality between them.

When it was time to do something different, Reggie said, "You think you want to try and fuck me?"

Joey had never told him what he and Peter together and he was completely used to being the one that got fucked. Not having much of a dick next to Peter and Reggie, he had never considered turning the tables. Reggie had been fucked a few times before but the experience was a bit of a trauma, even so, the desire for it to happen began to prey on him. When Joey encouraged him to fuck he did it and later, when he was alone in bed, he transposed the experience in his mind imaging someone safe, like Joey, fucking him.

"Yeah, I want you to try it."

Joey was untroubled by the idea and said, "Ok."

Naked together, Reggie lifted both legs and offered himself to his friend. Joey pushed his stiff dick down till is pointed straight forward. It had gotten a little larger over the last half year, maybe to three and a half inches. Reggie spit on his fingers and pushed it up his hole. Joey applied his own spit to his cock, then holding onto one of Reggie's ankles, Joey moved forward and penetrated Reggie. Joey's cock stayed hard but bound up a bit. He pulled out and applied more spit.

Now it went smoothly and quickly like a brand new machine.



The Eviction:

There was a loud banging on the door. It was repeated again.

From outside in the hall they heard, "This is the Sheriff of the City of New York! Open up! This apartment is in final eviction."

The two boys quickly pulled on pants and shirts and opened the door just in time to stop them from breaking it down. The bellowing voice came from a very black man wearing an imposing official badge. He came into the apartment followed by several other men and a New York City patrolman to see that everything went smoothly. In New York City, the sheriff is archaic role and all that remains is to officiate over evictions.

He looked at Reggie, "Is this your apartment?"

Reggie backed away and said, "No, I live in Astoria, it's his!"

He pointed at Joey.

The Sheriff looked at the smaller boy and said, "Where are your parents?"

Joey told the Sheriff that his mother was away and wisely told him that he lived with his father over on 47th Street.

"You better because if you're tellin me a lie, I'll have to remand you to Social Services and I can promise you, you don't want that.. Grab what you need now and these men are gonna pack all this stuff up and I'll give you a receipt. You'll have two weeks to claim your belonging."

Underneath all his gruffness and official bluster, the black Sheriff, probably already a grandfather, had seen too much misery and pain and it showed in his face.

He pulled Joey aside. "I can give you this receipt cause it's for the owner of the apartment, I'll just tape it to the door. You and your friend get out of here quick before they call Social Services. You got no idea how bad it is. When I call the patrolman over, you and your friend slip out the door and never tell anyone we had this little talk."


Once out on the street, Reggie said, "Well at least you can go to Peter's."

Joey was visibly shaken.


The Heist:

Joey let himself into Peter's apartment. Peter was glad to see him and immediately hugged and then tugged him up onto the bed so that they could lay together.

He pulled Joey close and placing his hand on top of the boy's head, he used slight pressure to direct his head towards his crotch. "You want some of this?"

Joey didn't need to be prompted but neither did he rush it. He became pliable and passive letting Peter rule over him. He liked it and It just felt right. Seeing Joey was always enough to keep Peter on the very edge of an erection but he liked to try to get his cock into Joey's mouth before it got hard. It wasn't easy because once Peter got his boner, it wouldn't go away until its squirting mission had been arrived at. The first rise to erection was a special event all on its own. It was a shared experience to have his cock go from soft and floppy to engorged, upright and so stiff in the boy's mouth. Once accomplished, Joey was only too happy to demonstrate devotion by licking Peter's big balls among various other things.

Peter pulled off his shirt and kicked his sweatpants away and then undressed Joey. They lay on the messy bed with Joey on top, oriented head to bottom. Joey had to use both hands to hold Peter's cock and suck. Peter spread, sucked and pushed his tongue up Joey's hole. adding even more urgency. The conclusion was predictable and it has been described a number of times before. When it was all done, Joey perched up on the toilet seat, Asian style and let Peter's volume of fluid drain out of him.


"Hey little dude, you want sum thin eat?"

Peter reached into a bag and gave him a cheeseburger. They sat together and ate.

After a satisfying belch, Peter said, "I got sum business to do tonight and I need your help."

Holding Joey close, he picked up one of the black tee shirts he had tossed on the floor. Peter pulled it over Joey's head. It was so big that it fit the small boy like a gown. The sleeves fell below his elbows and the shirt bottom went almost to his knees. then he picked up a black knit sock hat and put it on Joey's head and pulled down almost over his eyes. Including his pants, Joey was dressed entirely in black.

Peter picked a bulky coil of rope, stuffed it into a back pack and the two headed down to the street. It was already after nine at night when the pair took the B train down to 23rd street. When they got off, they began to walk cross-town.

"Where we going?"

Peter said, "Not far, just over to 6th avenue and 25th street."

It was what was once called the flower district. There was very little residential and mostly business or manufacturing lofts. Once 6 o'clock came around and it got dark the district was deserted and desolate.

The two stopped in front of an old four story loft building that had been converted into apartments.

Peter said, "Come on."

Joey followed him around to the back of the building where it adjoined a vacant lot.

He stooped down close to Joey and said, "Look up there. You see, both the third and fourth floor are dark. That's cause the third floor is empty and the guy that lives on the fourth floor is in Cuba."

He looked at Joey. "You know how I know?"

Joey shrugged his shoulders. Peter went on. "Cause I painted his fuckin apartment and he told me."

Peter quietly laughed. "But there are some problems. You got the fire escape but the back windows are gated so I got to get in another way.

The two went back around to the front of the building. The front door of the building was chronically unlocked and Peter and Joey climbed the four flights up. They did not stop at the fourth floor apartment but kept going up and onto the roof. Peter pulled the rope out of his backpack and quickly tied it tightly around one of the roof flues. Then he started fashioning the other end into a harness for Joey.

"Listen, I going to lower you over the parapet and when you get to the level of the window you are going have to swing towards it.

For the first time in his life Joey began to feel fearful and insecure in Peter's care.

"Listen to me, you're going to be alright. As soon as you get in the window, go and open the door to the apartment and let me in.

Peter slipped the rope around Joey's waist and another loop to support his butt. They crawled up closer to the parapet. It sloped up and overhung the front of the building by about 3 feet. They peered over to edge and saw the street way below. Normally Joey was fearless but this time was different. His breath became shallow and caught in his throat.

Peter whispered in his ear. "I need you to do this for me. Don't worry about a thing."

Peter was shoving him on and Joey was resisting. "Come on, over the side, I got you, I'm not going to let go."

In a decisive and determined move, Peter gave Joey an unexpected push that sent him over the edge. Joey suddenly dropped down into fearful and uncertain darkness. The few passing cars would never notice the small black figure dangling high above the street lights on the front of the old loft building.

Joey cried out in fear. He was swing back and forth and the building facade was just out of reach.

Peter called down to him. "Joey, You have to swing back and forth and then grab on to the building and pull yourself into it."

There were many tries and as many failures but once over the edge of the parapet, there was no going back. Tears were running down Joey's cheeks but they were tears of pure fear. He had no choice. He had to get into the dark apartment through a closed window, four flights above the city street.

Finally Joey clung to the window frame but Peter hadn't let out enough rope for him to get into the window. For what seemed like a long time he hung in the balance until Peter began to slowly let the rope out. Once inside he was relieved but now disoriented in a dark unfamiliar apartment. he made his way to the entry room and unlocked and opened it to a waiting Peter.

Peter took his back pack containing the rope and put it on Joey. "Take this home, I don't want you here with me in case something happens."

He turned Joey around and gave him a push. "Take the subway and I'll see you in a few hours."


Joey arrived back at Peter's apartment. He hadn't thought to tell Peter about the eviction from Jeanie's apartment. He didn't go to Playland to try and find Reggie. Instead, he went to sleep.

In the morning, Peter hadn't come home. Joey gave it a passing thought but it was no reason to worry.




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