I must preface this story by saying that it is pure fantasy. As you might know, I don't always write fantasy. Sometimes I write fact disguised as fantasy. It's up to you to tell the difference. I avoid the usual disclaimers because, I figure, why are you here in the first place? Wouldn't you like to be surprised for a change?


by Larkin, .... jet2larkin (at) gmail (.) com
Copyright 2011



Part 11: Voyage to Astoria, Reggie In Montclair, The Terror, Journey Home


They gather in alleys, basements, abandoned houses and woods along the railroad tracks.
This is the boy empire as old as time itself.

Out in the open they attract those that would try to break them up because they know they are a danger, a menace.
Everyone knows that boys steal, invent weapons, employ schemes and start revolutions.


Voyage to Astoria:

Joey awoke to find that Peter hadn't come home. He wasn't particularly disturbed. Why should he be? The people in his life all had their own lives and moved in and out his accordingly. When his mother didn't come home for days at a time, Joey was not troubled. He figured that she would show up sooner or later. Why should it be any different with Peter?

Naked and completely erect, he moved to the edge of the bath tub that was in the small kitchen. He peed almost vertically into the air and it came down into the bath tub. Peter always liked when he did things like that and encouraged him. He collected the clothes from around the floor where he had discarded them and dressed for the day.

He would go look for Reggie.

Since Reggie's Mother was back on the day shift Joey felt free to take the RR train to Astoria and catch Reggie before he headed into town. He and his mother lived on the ground floor of a decrepit triple decker.


Joey knocked. There was no response. He knocked again and then went around back. He pulled himself up and looked into Reggie's window. He saw him asleep in bed. He rapped on the window and finally was able to rouse the sleepy Reggie. Reggie rubbed his eyes and wearing only his underwear, slowly stumbled to his feet. Opening the window wide, he wrapped his arms around Joey and pulled him into the small bedroom. The two fell back onto Reggie's warm and messy bed.

He seemed to fall back to sleep and lay quietly until Joey, cuddled up close and reached a hand into his underwear.

Joey and Reggie's sexual encounters had become so plainly dirty that it was hard to call it romance and yet, they had become very intimate and uninhibited with each other. There was an unspoken language where they each knew the other as a natural compliment. They communicated visually and tactilely and were as comfortable with each other's bodies as they were with their own.

In preparation, Joey pulled his legs back and pinned them behind his arms making his hole entirely accessible. Reggie moved forward and first lubricated Joey with his tongue and then penetrated him. Once eased in together, they began consummating a union based only on pure pleasure and enjoyment.

They were blissfully ignorant of concepts like dedication, commitment, sanctity, purity, liability and accountability. And it's a good thing too because if they were aware it would destroy the innocent pleasure of what they were engaged in.

Being with Joey was the one time when Reggie could demonstrate his uncertain masculinity and experiment without fear. Joey was not only accepting but encouraging. They took their time together starting over as if to recreate the magical beginning of the encounter more than once. They repeated the sequence several times until holding off was no longer possible.

Once Reggie started fucking with intensity and deliberation he did it hard and fast and continuously until he reached that perfect moment. Gasping, he alerted Joey and then tilted him up and came down on him releasing a large volume of cum that flooded Joey's insides.

Once completed, he collapse and then seemed to go back to sleep.


Joey got up and wandered around Reggie's room. He occupied himself by opening drawers and looking at things. Scattered on the floor all around the bed were Reggie's dirty pants, tee shirts socks and underwear. He looked up at a shelf that held a glittery but a dusty series of junior bowling trophies. There was a framed picture of Reggie from the fifth grade and a pile of school books that sat where he had put them a year ago when he quit.

Joey found his way to the bathroom where he perched himself on the toilet in the same way he did after being with Peter. He peed and let Reggie's fluid drain out of him. Looking around he saw cosmetics, shower caps and many towels hung in a disorderly fashion next to the shower.

These were signs of Reggie's Mother. He wondered if she was anything like Jeanie. Joey's Mother had been gone for almost 6 months but now, she was due home in less than a week.

Naked with his hair in disarray, Joey wandered around the rest of the apartment. Everything was neat and in place. The exception was a vacuum that stood in the middle of the living room. The kitchen was also spotless with not a plate or a fork in the sink.

When he came back into the bed room he found Reggie sitting up in bed and lighting up... but it wasn't a cigarette.

He gagged, coughed and then choked before he handed the tiny bit of a cigarette to Joey. The smell was familiar to him but not from Peter. Peter only drank. Maybe his Mother smoked but kept it from him. He thought this because the smell was so common to him.

He took it from Reggie and drew just the right amount of smoke from the ragged joint. He climbed back on the bed with Reggie.

He passed the smoke back to Reggie who made another awkward spectacle of himself by choking and gagging more than the first time.

Joey said, "I gotta go to Jersey to visit a friend."

Reggie said choking on his words. "When?"

"Um, I guess today."

Reggie responded, "Well, I was thinkin of just stayin in bed all day and goin out just before my Mom gets home. Are you going to be at Peter's apartment later? I never been there so give me his address."

The sensation of the pot was new to Joey but agreeable. He was sitting up next to Reggie when he first felt it. It was sort of a dreamy feeling like he was about to become weightless. He sat with his legs slightly spread and looking down he saw that he had become intensely erect. He was so erect that it seemed almost to be glowing and radiating through his body. He looked at Reggie and smiled broadly.

Just touching it was unnaturally pleasurable causing it to move stiffly up and down. His foreskin retracted on its own and the sweet scent of Joey's penis hung in the air around both of them. He stretched his slim body out and pushed his hips up making his erected cock and scrotum prominent and available.

Reggie had discarded the rest of the smoke and moved over share to share in Joey's magical erection.

"I never seen you get a boner like this before., it's so red and tight. Does it feel good?"

Joey nodded with opened mouthed enthusiasm. Reggie positioned himself between Joey's legs where he could suck his cock and lick his compact scrotum. The intensity and the suddenness of it was not to be drawn out more than a minute. Joey's response was chaotic and almost musical causing a vocal resolution to come very quickly. It was more spectacular than anything Joey had experienced before and concluded with an spontaneous embrace between the two boys.

"Reggie, can you get any more of that stuff?"

A lull of a few minutes went by and Joey said, "Do you want to go to Jersey with me?"

Reggie was gnawing on a toenail and seemed preoccupied. "What's in Jersey?"

Joey was looking out the window and beginning to think about getting on his way. "Oh, just this guy I met. He has a big house and he said that I could come down and visit anytime I wanted."

He looked over at Reggie, "The house must have a hundred rooms and he lives there all alone."

Reggie picked a small mirror and was fretting over his complexion. "Well, suppose he doesn't like me."

"Well if he likes me then he'll probably like you."

Reggie put the mirror down and looked at Joey. "Wait a minute, is this guy a creepy suit?"

Joey responded quickly because he really did not want to go alone. "Not really, he's really nice. I stayed overnight and it was a lot of fun."

Reggie didn't have any plans to begin with so he said, "Ok."




Reggie's Visit to Montclair:

Edward was stunned at the sudden and unexpected appearance of the two street boys at his doorstep. haltingly, he moved aside and let them enter. Reggie was in awe, looking all around at the impressive interiors.

Feeling unbalanced having to deal with two boys at once and looking doubtfully at a the boy in red cargo pants that were about to fall to the floor, he said, "Joey, what is your friend's name?"

Joey looked at Reggie and then back at Edward. "Reggie."

Reggie maintained a serious almost defensive expression then offered Edward a series of complicated handshakes and fist bumps that not only left Edward confused but branded him as not being part of the culture that Joey and Reggie were a part of.

Not wanting Edward to get upset with their sudden appearance, Joey tried to warm things up. "So I was thinkin about you and I was tellin Reggie what a nice man you were and we decided to come and visit you."

"Joey, I appreciate that but you should call first."

Edward was worried about appearances. This town was conservative and the two young boys of obviously low morals and appearing to be decidedly sexually active could start a fire storm of gossip at his expense. This was what was going through his mind. He would have to keep them out of sight.

Edward was troubled and conflicted. They were the answer to his loneliness, the solution to the emptiness of his life and just looking at them filled him with excitement, but what if Clayton and his idiot boyfriend should drop by or the neighbor who was always filled with stories about her grand children. They would see through him in a second. Reggie bent down to tie his shoe unintentionally exposing a naked butt crack. The two boys were a handful and all of it increased the tension building inside of him.

Reggie spoke up, "You got anything to eat?"

They were both looking up at him.

"Well I don't know, what do you boys like? I could order a large pizza? Let me phone it in and then I will take you on a tour of the house."


The first floor was filled with what Edward called presentation rooms. The living room, the study, a large dining room and the foyer with a grand staircase.

Reggie continued to be in awe. "It's like a castle from olden times."

Edward was having trouble figuring out what to do with the two boys so showing them around was a good way to ease his awkwardness. He really wished that Joey had come on his own and not brought a friend.

They climbed the stairs to the second floor. On the landing between the first and second floor was a large stained glass window depicting a fantasy landscape.

Reggie eyes were wide. "It's like a church."

Edward chuckled, "I hope not."

Out of the three, Joey was the most relaxed. He was happy to be with Reggie and he felt safe around Edward.

The second floor had five or six bedrooms each with their own bath. All of them were done up nicely and although unlived in were kept presentable. Edward called them guest rooms.

"You mean you live here alone?"

"Yes, Reginald."

"Reginald!, my name's Reggie, don't ever call me that."

Edward immediately apologized. "I'm sorry, forgive me, I won't do that again."

The boy was visibly angry. "It's not Reginald, it's short for some stupid Polish name and I don't like that either so it's Reggie, understand?"

Edward continued to be apologetic. How he had been so cowed by him, Edward could not fathom.


The third floor was different. The bedrooms were small and the bathrooms shared. Most of them were unequipped serving mostly as storage. Each room had a haunting feeling about it as if it was hiding untold stories.

Edward watched the two boys. "This was where all the servants lived."

Joey looked up at Edward and said, "Where'd they all go, did they quit?"

Edward laughed, "No, that was a long time ago. People don't have servants like that anymore."


The trio went all the way down the three flights and stood at an obscure door that led to the cellar. Of course the door creaked when opened. It was a black hole until Edward switched on a light.

"What's down there?"

Edward said, "Old brick walls, dirt floors and spiders everywhere."

The prospect of going down was ominous and fearful.

"What's a train engine doing down here?"

"That's the boiler to keep the house warm in the winter.

Reggie said, "It reminds me of a torture chamber I saw in a movie. "

The door bell upstairs was ringing, the pizza had arrived.


The hot pizza, refreshments and the trio headed up to Edward's room to relax and eat.

"Reggie, how old are you?"

Edward poured each a glass of milk.

Reggie said, "Sixteen."

And you Joey."

Joey said, "Twelve and thirteen in a few more months."

Edward watched apprehensively as Joey lit a cigarette.

Edward poured a glass of wine. It was his first of the day. He took a full swallow and silently contemplated the moment. Looking out the window, he saw that the sun was going down...



The Terror:

Who knows how much time had passed. There were several empty bottles of wine and Edward's nightly liter of vodka had been finished off as well.

Both Joey and Reggie were naked. Joey reclined on the bed and watched Reggie strutting around. Reggie held a bottle aloft and drunk wine from it.

He knelt over a semi comatose Edward and growled at him. "You are our prisoner and we can do whatever we want."

His voice slurred, "Anything!"

Earlier, in a drunken state, Edward lay passive and allowed the two boys to tie his hands and ankles with extension cords. Doing this had embolden them and they had become pirates. They taunted him by masturbating each other and exposing their untidy butt holes to him.

Edward's alcoholism had evolved to where just the right amount would push him over into a state of catatonic paralysis. He was viewing Reggie and Joey like a mouse looking out of the eye hole of a long dead animal carcass. Edward was unable to move. The only thing that worked were his eyes and if nothing else, he saw a strange and unique passion play involving himself and two erratic and volatile street boys.

Joey and Reggie put on an inspired demonstration of dirty boy lust for Edward's benefit that made the hotel photo shoot look like nothing. All along Reggie reminded Edward the Joey belonged to him and that he could do anything he wanted.

Reggie was pleased with himself and put his bare foot on Edward's face. "You are nothing!.. Me and Joey are the rulers and this going to be our castle from now on!"

Edward was looking up but could say nothing. Reggie's bravado and careless cruelty filled Edward with a bizarre and lurid warmth. Through the vodka haze Edward felt like he was receiving just punishment and he was where he had always wanted to be.

"I get to fuck Joey and nobody else and especially not you, you big old fag."

He climbed on Edwards limp body and rode him like a dead horse, seating his bare butt rudely on the back of Edward's neck . He swung an arm in the air and cried out in cocky arrogance, "Me and Joey rule!"


Journey Home:

The room gradually came into focus. Edward looked up to see Joey's smiling face. It was morning. He was over Edward untying the cord that loosely bound his wrists. Then Joey slipped of the one tying his ankles. Edward was still and fighting off the memories from the night before fearful of what he might see or worse, what he might remember..

"Joey, maybe you and Reggie better go, ok?"

Joey was in a good mood. Edward watched while the boy pulled up his too big pants. He pulled his belt tight causing them to bunch up around his narrow waist.

"Joey please call next time, ok?"

The boy was cheerful and began tugging Reggie awake. Reggie gave out a frightening moan. Neither Joey or Edward could catch sight of Reggie's face. Silently he dressed and when he was done, Joey pulled him to his feet and the two boys walked out the bedroom door, down the stairs and let themselves out into the bright sunlight. Reggie promptly threw-up on the trimmed lawn.




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