I must preface this story by saying that it is pure fantasy. As you might know, I don't always write fantasy. Sometimes I write fact disguised as fantasy. It's up to you to tell the difference. I avoid the usual disclaimers because, I figure, why are you here in the first place? Wouldn't you like to be surprised for a change?


by Larkin, .... jet2larkin (at) gmail (.) com
Copyright 2011


Part2: Joey's Second Home, The Westside, Peter's Flat.


Joey's Second Home:

Peter's place was a five floor walk-up. It was a small, run down room with a hotplate, a small bath tub and a bed and not much more. When Jeanie started leaving her son with Peter, sometimes for days at a time, the two became very used to each other. From the start, Peter was intentionally immodest and they both slept together in the small bed. Fatherless boys are partial to men and this created a situation of exciting intimacy and Joey immediately took to it.

Peter saw no reason to interrupt his daily masturbation rituals and Joey watched with interest. The rationalization was that Joey would learn about life sooner or later so why hide it? He boldly displayed and demonstrated the process of self-induced arousal, the urgent demands of a hard erection and the voluminous and slippery resolution that would leave Peter gratified and breathless. An old tee-shirt would be retrieved out from under the bed to wipe up the mess.

It was simply a matter of time before Joey joined in but, all that was several years ago.

Peter would just lay back and let Joey handle his cock out of curiosity and then fascination. It all happened naturally and without coercion. The older man let it evolve until eventually Joey was eager and accepting. Joey knew what they were doing was dirty but he was completely willing to keep the secret just as long as it would continue. Outside of his mother, why would he jeopardize the only other close relationship in his life? They had done everything that was possible for two males of disproportionate size and mutual appreciation were able to do and it bonded them firmly together. Peter's furtive ways encouraged Joey and created within him the beginnings of his own outlaw spirit. It worked both ways but Peter's motivations were a bit deeper.

This was The closest thing Joey had for a Father and in spite of Peter's primary desire to get into the boy's underpants, Peter treated him with genuine concern and affection. With few alternatives, Joey was comfortable with the arrangement and spent a good deal of time in Peter's apartment.


The Westside:

Out on ninth avenue, the rain had stopped and at half Peter's height, Joey followed along side of him. The dissimilar pair did look a little bit like father and son. Together they were just man and a boy who appeared to have nothing more than the clothes on their backs. You might guess that they were on a mission but no one would suspect otherwise or imagine what was going to happen once behind a closed door.

"You want sum pizza or a sandwich?"

They stopped at the Juice Jamboree and both got hot dogs then continued down 9th Avenue.


In Peter's Flat:

On hands and knees, Joey crawled onto Peter's messed up bed as if it was his own. Peter pulled off one of Joey's sneakers revealing a smelly and filthy sock. Then the other. They were the same pair he worn last time and they were stiff and full of holes. Peter pulled one foot up close and pressed it to his face. Looking behind, Joey jerked and pulled his foot in a ticklish response but Peter held it tight. To Peter, each part of Joey small body smelled different but each part stiffened his cock equally.

He was right behind him and pulled the boy's pants down off of his rear end. Joey stayed motionless while Peter reached between his legs and tugged on the boy's small penis. Finger tips softly touching his scrotum and thighs and behind brought up a perpetual boy erection. Moving closer, Peter parted and then licked out the boy's beautiful and frequently untidy ass.

First putting his forefinger in his mouth he then pushed it up Joey's asshole. Licking his hole again and then probing him with one and then two fingers he was preparing him for a fuck.

Peter leaned across Joey's back. He whispered into his ear. "I am too fuckin hot to wait, let me fuck you first and then we'll cool out for a bit then start all over again doin anything you want to do."

Joey was content to let Peter be in charge. Peter quickly took all of his clothes off leaving the boy still dressed but with his clothes in disarray. Using spit applied to his fingers and his tongue, he made Joey's asshole slick and receptive. He applied spit to his stiff cock and stroked it. Only then did he begin to penetrate Joey's asshole. Joey behaved almost as if he was a passive observer.

Joey, still on all fours, lay his forequarters and his face into the pillow leaving his behind elevated for Peter. Peter pushed his cock slowly and carefully in giving Joey time to get used to it. Being able to do this didn't happen overnight. It took time, practice and many encounters to get to this point. As for Peter, even though they had done it dozens of times before, he could never quite believe it was really happening. His already large cock swelled inside of Joey's behind and not wanting to rush, he started a slow in and out movement. It started with easy confidence and eventually he was able to fuck a little faster and deeper.

Peter looked down at Joey's small and slender frame and imagined that it was himself a long time ago. It was him when he was a kid just as small as Joey and it was it was his older brother that was fucking him. Peter remembered how much he had wanted his brother to like him and care about him. He would do anything for him even let him fuck him or do whatever to him but it never made any difference. His brother always seemed to be angry and when he left home, he never looked back. Peter never got over it.

Now Peter stopped and took the rest of Joey's clothes off. He turned Joey over and pushing his legs back, re-entered his dilated hole. Joey let his body go limp and looking up, watched Peter with his eyes. Joey looked up into Peter's face while he was being penetrated. Joey often wondered who his real father was but during these times he was content to think that Peter might as well be his father. It was better than not knowing and anyway he liked Peter and more importantly, he had grown to like the things that Peter did to him.

Joey's Mother had put an unseen barrier up between her son and the life that she led to survive. He saw the men, nervous, hot or cocky and he watched how his mother behaved to encourage their lust. They wanted her if only for a half an hour or so. They went into her bedroom together and shut the door. When it was done, they quickly left and a strange calm settled over the cluttered apartment. His mother might seclude herself in her room and Joey would quietly entertain himself in the daybed. When he was younger these observations were a puzzle but he would always remember them.

Peter wasn't like that. Joey believed that Peter really liked him and would always like him. The idea of this made the fact that Peter was penetrating him secondary to his feeling towards him. And, besides that, over time he had gotten use to it and wanted Peter way up inside of him.

Peter suddenly held him tight and grunted and groaned and pushed his cock as far up his butt hole as possible. Joey felt himself being flooded and for a short moment and in the middle of the chaos, Joey felt strangely secure and completely happy.

Out of breath and breathing hard, Peter lay on top of him still and quiet. After some time went by, he became calm and peaceful. And then, he slowly rose up and sat on the edge of the bed.

Joey sat up and joined him. Lighting up a cigarette Peter said, "How about we take a bath, then get you off and then go do something today? You don't have anything better to do, do you?"

Joey shook his head, no. The older man passed the boy his cigarette.

Peter got up and started to run a bath. It was a small bath tub and it sat in the kitchen of the small New York apartment. It was commonplace in the older more run down parts of town.

Peter, still naked did various small chores around the apartment. While he did it he carried on a rambling conversation with Joey. "Where's that lousy Mother of yours?"

Joey shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know."

"You know, she don't take very good care of you, letting you run the streets."

Joey still content to be on Peter's messy bed he said, "Yeah, I know."

Peter said, "When's school start?"

The boy thought for a moment. "I don't know, soon I think, but I don't think I want to go. If I don't show up for the first day they won't know the difference. They'll think me and Mom moved or I'm dead or something."

Peter looked seriously at Joey. "Oh great! Then you'll be a dumb ass fuck like me. You need to go to school to learn stuff."

Unmoved, Joey looked around the room, then he said, "What are you gonna do, make me?"

"No, I'm not going to make you, I just don't want you to be a dumb fuck-up like me."

The boy went into the toilet stall and perched up on the seat, he let Peter's slippery fluid drain out of him.

The subject was dropped and both Peter and Joey climbed into the bath together.

Opposing each other the man and the boy shared a cigarette. Joey occupied himself by soaping up and washing Peter's cock. Peter watched, smiled and blew cigarette smoke up towards the ceiling. Joey let his body float to the surface and then peed across his belly. They talked and laughed until the water cooled. Once clean and dry and they settled back on the bed. Peter opened a tall beer.

Joey reached and Peter let him have a drink. "Whoa, that's the last thing I need is a falling down drunk kid. If you are here over night, I don't mind but not out in the daytime."

Peter started to play with Joey's finger sized penis. He put his arm around Joey and the boy stretched out. With just a thumb and a forefinger, Peter began to jerk Joey off. Resting his head on Peter's arm, he could smell the strong scent that made Peter a man and he was comforted by it. Joey's thin body slowly began to ungulate. Peter pushed his finger up the boy's butt and cuddled him while he did it. Joey's orgasms were long, intense and vocal.

Days later, in his memory and imagination, Peter could still hear Joey's high voice crying out.




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