I must preface this story by saying that it is pure fantasy. As you might know, I don't always write fantasy. Sometimes I write fact disguised as fantasy. It's up to you to tell the difference. I avoid the usual disclaimers because, I figure, why are you here in the first place? Wouldn't you like to be surprised for a change?


To re-assure or to placate those concerned about the element of HIV entering this story. I can say that it will not be a part of this story. This is not to say that it didn't exist, it did. In fact, this was the time of the terrible silent spread and it selected many from all of the "on the edge groups" including Joey's.


by Larkin, .... jet2larkin (at) gmail (.) com
Copyright 2011



Part 5: Back at Playland, MLK Middle School, Marty, Reggie


Joey and a kid he had met once before were taking turns on the same machine, a colorful and vivid variation of Pong called Break-Out. It was competitive but friendly exercise. Reggie was a Polish kid who was about 15 and more than a foot taller than Joey. He was blond, pimplely and not especially good looking. In spite of that there was something attractive about him. His nature was aggressive but he seemed harmless and friendly. Reggie wasn't afraid to get up into Joey's face with playful confrontations.

"So what do you do when you hang out here?"

Joey shrugged his shoulders. "Nothin."

"So you just come to play the video games?"

Joey said, "Pretty much."

"You seem pretty cool, maybe we could hang out... You know what I'm sayin?"

Joey nodded in passive agreement. Reggie figured he'd have to give some information before he'd get Joey to give anything in return.

Reggie looked around to make sure he wouldn't be over heard. "I went with someone and he sucked my dick and gave me a twenty."

The fact that Joey didn't show signs any signs of disapproval encouraged Reggie.

"Twenty bucks! and I didn't have to do nothin."

Joey seemed to nod in approval.

"That was pretty easy and I got off on it. I done it a bunch of times but I hate suits! You know, these men that come from the suburbs."

Joey looked puzzled.

Reggie went on. "You know, Assholes in business suits. I like guys that dress like you and me. I know that the suites have the money but guys that dress cool like us are just more fun."

Reggie studied Joey's face for clues.

"So you ever go with some of these older guys that hang around here?"

Joey was still reluctant to give anything away. He just shrugged his shoulders.

Reggie was getting frustrated. "You're a fuckin little jerk off you know that? Because I seen you go off with a fuckin suit and you won't go with me... Why don't you go fuck yourself!"

Reggie turned and walked out of Playland's open front and onto 7th avenue in the middle of a crowded Times Square.

A sullen Reggie blended in at a crowded corner waiting for the light to change. Just before he started to cross he looked down and saw Joey at his side. Instantly Reggie knew that he had made contact and that everything was going to be alright.

"Where do you live?"

Joey pointed in the opposite direction towards ninth avenue. Both boys turned and walked towards the Westside.


Reggie looked around the small apartment. Joey turned on that answering machine.

Message #1: "Hi honey, I arrived safely. Las Vegas is so exciting, I know you're gonna love it! I promise I will call a couple of days. Be good,...bye bye."

Message #2: This is a message for Miss Jean Ryder. Being late with the rent is getting to be a habit with you. Please try to pay your rent on time or we will have to make other arra-------

Joey clicked off the machine.


Reggie said, "Who else lives here?"

He walked over and peered into the messy bedroom.

"Just me, My Mom's in Las Vegas."

Reggie was nervous. He sat down on the day bed that Joey usually slept on.

"You got any cigarettes?"

Joey retrieved one from a hiding place and sitting up close to Reggie, lit it and then passed it to him.

The cigarette helped and Reggie was finally beginning to relax.

"So we can do anything we want here and no adults or anything is going to show up?"

Joey shrugged and said, "Pretty much."

Reggie stretched out, opened his pants and pulled out a large uncircumcised penis and began to jerk off. After watching a bit, Joey did the same.

Looking a Joey's pinky sized penis, he laughed and said, "This is my big fat Pollock cock."


Not long after, back down on the street, both boys acted like nothing had happened.

Reggie's mind was already elsewhere. "Maybe I'll see you at Playland again sometime."

Joey and Reggie turned and walked off in different directions.



MLK middle school:

Peter Had been painting apartments for awhile. A one two or three day job gave him money for a few weeks so he like to pace the work and besides it gave him more time to spend with Joey. He was happy that Jeanie had left Joey with him but secretly dreaded the day where she might call asking him to put him on a plane to Vegas. Peter decided not to think about that. It was already September. Peter started bringing Joey to a few painting jobs. He was great company but to be honest Joey wasn't much help painting and Peter liked to do it, get his money and be gone.

They woke up together in the small bedroom and began doing what they would do every morning. It was what they did every night before sleep and sometimes even in the middle of the day. There was no predictable routine except that it was frequent. To insure Joey's interest, Peter would suck his penis and balls until it was stiff and upright. Peter was good at getting his tongue up Joey's ass. He wondered why Joey always tasted so good. He thought that maybe it was the boy's diet of candy and hamburgers. Joey would arch his butt up making himself completely accessible. Peter would spread his behind and with tongue, saliva and fingers he would make his hole slick and ready for penetration. When it occurred, slow and carefully at first, it was profound and stunning because of the size difference between Peter and the still small Joey. Once a physical accommodation had been established, Peter would turn Joey over so that they faced each other and with the boy's legs pulled back as far as they could go, Peter fucked hard and long. Occasionally Joey would suck Peter's cock to conclusion but he preferred finishing up in Joey's butt hole.

Peter was laying flat, breathing hard and sweating. The whole room was filled with his slightly bitter scent. Joey got up and was almost finished dressing. He climbed up on the bed to have Peter tie his shoes.

"It's only 8 o'clock, where the fuck do you think you're goin?"

Joey sat back and said, "School."

Peter looked confused.. "But I thought you said, fuck school? If you're livin with me, I'm sure as hell not goin to make you go."

Joey said, "I decided to go anyway. Today is the first day."

"What school?"

Joey said, "Martin Luther King Middle School up on 65th street."

Peter looked calmly surprised and pleased that Joey took it upon himself to get himself registered into school.

He said, "Well, don't let me stand in your way. Do you need lunch money or anything?"

Joey nodded and Peter gave him 5 bucks. With that, Joey was out the door. Once on the street, Joey headed uptown.




Peter lit a cigarette and made coffee. After a bit, he dressed and went downstairs to use the phone on the corner.

"Hi Marty, It's Peter, you want some work today? I got an apartment in the forties, it's an easy job."

The voice on the other end of the line said, "Sure."

"Ok, 654, 46th street, I'll bring the stuff in a cab and be waitin out front."

Marty hung up.


Marty was tall, slender and just under 17. He had unruly black wavy hair that he sometimes tied back and warm brown eyes. Recently he had been wearing a thin mustache that Peter humorously referred to as a "beginner." Marty was gregarious, outgoing, friendly and often times, amusingly stupid.

"So how's it hangin?" Marty gave out a goofy laugh.

Peter gave him a doubtful eye as they set drop cloths out in the apartment.

Marty went on. "I mean, you gettin any pussy lately?" He stuck his tongue out through two fingers and flicked up and down.

Peter decided that this was as good time as any to be candid. "Well if you have to know, I haven't been into pussy for a long time."

Peter was opening paint cans and stirring the contents.

Marty said between laughs, "Well what's your problem, you some kinda monk or something?"

Peter stopped and said, "Women are too fuckin much trouble. If you must know, I go both ways but you don't need to worry because I got my hands full at the moment."

Marty blurted out, "I'm not a fag or anything but don't get me wrong, I'm not prejudice or anything. "

Peter said, "I didn't think you were."

Marty said, "I were what? a fag or prejudice?"

Peter looked at him and smiled. "Marty, relax, ok."

Paint was being poured into the trays and Peter started on one wall and Marty on the other. There was a an uncharacteristic silence between the two. It was as if Marty was thinking about what Peter had just told him. Peter was wondering if Marty got the message. Peter was doing trim and Marty was rolling it on.

Without looking away from his work, Marty said, "I might try it if it was the right person and all.."

Peter said, "Try what?"

Marty stopped and faced Peter, "You know, try it, but you have to know that I like girls. I got a girl friend, Tiffany and we are getting married real soon."

Peter waited and then said, "Marty, girls aren't like guys. We just like to get off and we don't like it when things get complicated. Girls like things to be complicated so they can control you. Guys like to take out their dick, get fuckin hard, fuck or get sucked, cum and then run. It's that simple.."

Marty listened to Peter as if he was a wise old sage. Peter moved up closer to Marty who looked somewhat perplexed.

He smiled at Marty and said. "For instance, we could do something and you wouldn't have do anything in return and I'd help you get off, and we could finish painting this fuckin shit-hole and you could get paid and go see your girlfriend, Tiffany like nothin happened."

Marty wasn't looking at Peter, he was looking off at the unpainted wall, imagining. Peter slipped his hand down into Marty's sweat pants and took hold of his cock. He was already very hard. Marty gave Peter a mischievous smile. Peter slid Marty's sweat pants down and took Marty's large uncircumcised cock into his mouth. The whole thing lasted no more than 4 minutes. Afterwards the two went back to work and at the end of the day, Marty left thinking that Peter was ok and that he had made a good friend.



Peter asked, "Joey, You hear from that no-good Mother of yours?"

Joey was flipping through one of Peter's porno magazines. Looking disinterested he pushed it aside and picked up another. "Um, I checked the machine yesterday. She said everything was ok and that she would send some money when she got some."

"Do me a favor, get me a key to your Mom's apartment in case I got to call her when you aren't around, like when you're in school or something. Speakin of which if you better hurry up you're gonna be late."


Joey hopped off the bed and headed out the door. Peter really didn't want him to go but it really made him feel like he was being responsible to see him off every morning. What Peter didn't know was that Joey had gone to school on that first day and was so intimidated by the crowds of kids, ringing bells and all that was involved with getting to the right place that he took the side door out and went home to his Mom's empty apartment. He didn't stop going because he never started to begin with. Joey didn't tell Peter about it right away because it gave him the opportunity to be on his own if he felt like it. Peter had a tendency to rule over him and he figured that he needed some space. Every morning Joey would go to the apartment and check the answering machine and then just hang around.

Message #1 "Hi honey and Peter if you're there. Things are ok here. Of course the job isn't all it was cracked-up to be but things never are. I miss you and wish I could see you soon. believe it or not, I even miss New York. I never thought I'd say something like that. Bye honey, I'll try to call around 5 your time and maybe you'll be there."

She made a kissing sound and hung up.

Later in the morning he would go the 3 blocks over to Playland in Times Square and look for Reggie and then they'd walk back to the apartment.

Joey asked, "Where do you live Reg?"

Reggie answered, "I live in Queens with my Mother, "The Bitch!" I'm surprised they didn't throw me out of school already but I'm gonna quit as soon as I can. I just wanna do stuff I wanna do and the more I stay away from home the better."

Joey said, "Yeah, I quit school."

"Joey, How'd you do that, you aren't old enough to quit yet?"

Joey thought about it and said, "I don't know, I just didn't go."

Reggie was envious. "I would have quit except for my Mother, the Bitch!"

Joey used the key to open the front door to the building and then the two boys climbed the stairs.

"So how long's you're Mom been gone and when's she comin back?"

Joey shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know?"

"Well who looks after you? You got to have someone that yells at you or orders you around?"

Peter does. He's like my father but he's ok, I like him a lot."

"Does he live here?"

Joey said, "No, he has his own apartment."

Reggie was quick to see advantage. "Maybe I could live here?"

Joey left the question unanswered.


Reggie now felt at home in the apartment. He looked forward to Joey showing up. Today he was wearing a tape player with sleek set of earphones. He was playing an imaginary guitar. "You sure your Mom isn't just going to barge in here and have a fit seeing us acting all out of control?"

Joey gave him a cigarette. They both stopped and shared a light. Clouds of smoke rose up between the two boys. Whenever they were alone together in the apartment the thrill of no adult supervision took Reggie over and put him in a high energy mode. To music that only Reggie heard with the proper intensity he danced and gyrated out in the middle of the room. He was squeezing his crotch and acting out with exaggerated lust. Reggie got over Joey who was sitting on his day bed and menaced him with a mock fucking motions. Instead of retreating, Joey held on to him and tugged at his belt until it slipped through and opened. Reggie stopped to watch while Joey opened his pants and then lifted out his cock. Joey put it into his mouth. Reggie's bravado was tamed by Joey's assertiveness.

They had been jerking off together like best friends but Reggie hadn't really expected anything like this. It became obvious to Reggie that Joey wanted to do it. They stopped and sitting next to each other, undressed.

Reggie gave Joey his stupid, smiling, dog boy look. "It be fun if I could live here and we could hang out all the time."

With the exception of Peter, Joey never did anything aggressive with the men that he went with at Playland. He would just lay there or do what they wanted with moderate resistance but Reggie was like him, he was a fucked up kid and Joey felt a kinship towards him. Once naked, they lay on the bed in a 69 position familiarizing themselves with each other. For boys together, 69 is a statement of equality and mutual desire. Out of the two it was Joey that was the more worldly and skilled about sex. Raising his legs, he took hold of Reggie's springy boner and pulled it forward aiming it at his asshole.

Joey said, "Come on, it's ok, you could do it."

Reggie was unsure but rather that be exposed as a virgin in these matters he followed Joey's lead.

Reggie's cock was big but not as big as Peter's. He was awkward but Joey gave him all the help he needed. Once, with Joey's help, his stiff cock had been aimed and directed in deep, Joey embraced Reggie and would not let him go. Joey was left him with no choice but to go on and fuck until he came up inside.

Afterwards, Joey was pleased because it was with someone different than Peter and he liked Reggie's friendly qualities.

Reggie was gratified and emboldened and he was changed by the experience. He thought that Joey had a good affect on him. It was as if he excused all the bad feelings he had about himself when he sucked a stranger's dick. Joey had encouraged him to fuck like a dude and according to Reggie, it was, awesome....



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