I must preface this story by saying that it is pure fantasy. As you might know, I don't always write fantasy. Sometimes I write fact disguised as fantasy. It's up to you to tell the difference. I avoid the usual disclaimers because, I figure, why are you here in the first place? Wouldn't you like to be surprised for a change?


Ok, a word to the jaded. I don't usually resort to mushy romance because for the most part it is either baloney or trite. What occurred in this chapter has to do with the personality of the character. You should be relieved to discover that it is one-sided and exploitive. Although it is folly, Edward is like a real character and I am compelled to depict a person like him. Feel free to skip down to the dirty bits, I won't be hurt.


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Part 7: Friday, Peter Cruses the Port, Montclair.





"You look like you could use a healthy meal."

Joey had been standing in front of the Port, a short name for the Port Authority Bus Terminal used by the regulars. Joey looked up he saw a man who was dressed very much like a school principal. He wore wire glasses and carried a brief case.

"How about it, I was just going for lunch, want to join me?"

Joey looked around to see if others he knew who hung around the port were watching his actions. He shrugged his shoulders and tagged along after the man. Joey figured McDonalds or Burger King and then what? But instead, they took a taxi to Kip's Bay on the Eastside.

In the taxi the fatherly man said, "Well let's get acquainted, my name is Edward, what's yours?"

Laces untied and dangling, Joey sat on the back seat. He looked at the man and said, "Joey."

They were dropped off at a small restaurant called the Hour Glass. A tall thin waiter came over, offered menus and turned a old fashioned glass hour mounted on the wall between them, upside-down. This was to signal that they had exactly one hour to order, eat and leave.

Edward said, "I love this place. It's so secluded."

"Don't they have hamburgers?"

Edward answered, "They might. Tell me what you like. Do you like fish?"

Joey curled up his nose.

"Do you like chicken?"

The boy cast his eyes to heaven as if he wasn't sure.

"What about a steak?"

Again, Joey seemed puzzled.

"You've had a steak before? It's hamburger that hasn't been all ground up and they only use the good stuff. I'm having fish but I think you might like steak."

Joey knew that if he didn't like it he just wouldn't eat it.

"How about French fries?"

He nodded yes.

The waiter came with water and Edward ordered wine.

When he returned Edward commanded the waiter's attention.

"I'll have the flounder Florentine with asparagus and Joseph will have a small filet minion with fries."

The waiter looked at Joey who was slumped in his seat and then at the well dress distinguished man and then back at the boy.

And then said, "Oh is he your son?"

It was an impertinent question the deserved a rebuke but Edward graciously said, "No, he's my grandson."

Joey had the sense not to contradict his new friend.

When the meal arrived it provided a welcomed distraction for the slight awkwardness between two people who were worlds apart. In a warm and friendly manner, Edward took the seat next Joey in order to help him cut up his steak. Joey watched with interest and curiosity.

Shielded by the grandfatherly figure, Joey reached for the glass of wine and downed it quickly. Edward looked at the small boy with astonishment and broke into a mischievous smile. With this simple act, the two had just become fast friends.

Edward picked up a small piece of steak with the fork and brought it up close to Joey's lips. "Come on, you must taste it, open up."

Joey did and slowly chewed it. He then smiled with approval that warmed them both.

"So Joey, what grade are you in and how old are you?"

Joey said, "I'm twelve."

He went on. "I'm not in school this year because my Mom went to Las Vegas and I don't know when she'll be back."

Edward looked immediately concerned. "Joey, you must be in school. You're going to fall too far behind to catch up."

Joey pushed the long hair out of his eyes and scratched at his cheek. "Um, I started on the first day but I got confused so I just left and since my Mom has been gone there was no one to make me go so I didn't. It's ok I can take care of myself."

With big eyes he looked directly at the older man. "I don't have to do anything I don't want to do."

Edward was listening intently. "I suspect that is true. Are you staying with your Dad?"

"I don't really have a Dad but sometimes I stay with my friend Peter because he's like my Dad. He's a lot of fun and he's real good to me. He looks after me sometimes but not always."

Edward said, "Well, Joey, If you stay out late isn't there anyone who will worry? Suppose something would happen to you how would anyone know?"

Joey displayed a doubtful smiled and shrugged his shoulders. This declaration set the man thinking.

Joey interrupted his thought. "Peter cares a lot about me."

Edward sat back so that he could get a fuller view of the street kid in dirty, ill-fitting clothes. The wheels in his mind were turning.

When the waiter returned Edward asked for another glass of wine. Speaking to himself, he thought, "I could help him. I could teach him about the finer things in life, about art and music. Maybe I could even adopt him as a son."

It was folly for Edward to think that way but it was alright for the moment.

Just then, Joey put his fork down and he looked up into the man's eyes. Edward was suddenly stunned and captivated. He was overwhelmed by the boy's beautiful long wavy black hair that framed his blue blue eyes and an angelic face.

The wine arrived and when the waiter sped off both the boy and the man looked around to make sure they weren't being observed and then boy quickly drank the entire glass of wine. Edward realized that this boy was not above engaging in a conspiracy with a lonely old man. The growing warmth in the boy's belly eclipsed the growing warmth in the man's heart.

"Joey, I was going to stay in town tonight but I have a better idea."

Joey eyes had suddenly become dreamy.

Edward went on. "Would come out to Jersey with me, I have a very nice house and I promise I will get you back by Monday morning."

Probably because of the wine Joey just listened without any objection.

The taxi took them to a parking garage where the man retrieved his ordinary looking car. Joey was already asleep on the front seat next to him when they crossed the George Washington bridge and began a drive deep into Jersey. Outside of Brooklyn and Queens, Joey had never actually been out of the city. He had a good feeling about the man that allowed him to feel safe enough to fall into a deep sleep. Joey briefly woke from his wine induced sleep. Having no idea where he was or where he was going, he re-adjusted his position so that he could lay his head on the man's warm thigh. He went peacefully back to sleep.

For the first time in decades electricity was rapidly streaming through Edward's body. Racing down the Jersey Parkway had put him in a state exquisite, erotic intoxication. It was now dark and beneath the glowing dashboard lights the boy's long hair lay out on the man's leg. He could feel him breathing and a small hand softly closed and unclosed on his thigh. His feelings were a conflict between erotic sensuality and protective nurturing.

Edward foolishly thought, "I will do anything for him. I would give my very life for him if I can just be in love with him for a little while."

Oh god, this boy is so precious, I already know that I am headed for serious trouble,....but I can't help it,...... I don't care.



Peter Cruises the Port:

Even Joey wasn't enough for Peter. It was a good thing he was in school every day because he had time to cruise around. He was always on the lookout and he was never able to pass up an opportunity on the fly. He saw him standing in front of the Port in jeans and a tee shirt. The boy stood out front as if he was waiting for someone. He was, but not for anyone in particular.

Peter approached him. "What's up?"

The kid said, "Nothin."

Not wanting to waste time, Peter said under his breath, "You like sum dick?"

The kid remained expressionless but he didn't move away.

"You wanna go somewhere and fuck around?"

The kid looked Peter over more carefully. He wasn't a suit which was a good thing but he wasn't a kid like himself either. He was tall slim and maybe, interesting.

The kid was cagey. "You a cop?"

Peter said sarcastically, "No, I'm not a cop."

The kid said, "You know I get paid for it."

Peter looked at him appraisingly. He thought that he might be 15 or 16. He laughed, "Paid for what?"

The kid got nervous. "You're not a cop?..Please tell me you're not a cop."

Peter laughed again, "No, I'm not no cop. That's one thing you don't have to worry about me."

Peter paused and then said, "I got a big one, you interested?"

The kid was cocky. "I might be if I'm paid enough."

Peter stopped and stood there smiling at the boy. "I don't pay for shit, I got a big dick and I get most anyone I want. If you want to learn a few things come on with me, but if you don't, you'll be missin out and it's your fuckin loss."

There was something rude and cocky about this guy that made the kid want to follow him.

Peter's confidence impressed him and he had no luck lately anyway so he went with him.

He could see that the kid was nervous and figured that he was probably inexperienced as well. "Don't worry about it, I know what I'm doin. Just be cool and let me do the work."

The kid was led into an unfamiliar room and the door shut behind the two strangers. He sat on the edge of the bed, awkward and uncomfortable.

Peter held out a half crushed tube of KY for the kid to see. "I'm gonna use this shit, It might be a little uncomfortable but It's not goin to hurt you, I promise."

The kid was tense and alert. "I don't know, I haven't really got fucked before."

Peter wasn't about to be discouraged. He laughed and said, "Hey, that's a good thing cause you're in for a real experience."

He gently turned the kid around and got him up on his hands and knees on the bed. Then reached under him and opened his pants so that they could be easily slid down enough to expose the kid's ass.

He mumbled, "I don't know if I can do this."

Peter said, "Will you fuckin relax, you'll be fine."

Peter tried to push a finger up the kid's ass.

He leaned forward across his back to re-assure him. "Listen I'm want to get my cock way up your ass and then get off. You get all my juicy cum up your ass and that's all there is to it. But you got to relax and let it happen because if you don't, it's goinna hurt. I'm gonna do it anyway so it be best if you cool out and just let me."

The kid was facing the wall. He said, "Ok."

Peter was so firm and determined that the kid found it strangely comforting.

"When I start doin it, just let go and relax just like you were sucking my cock. I know you done that before."

He put a clear gob of KY on two fingers and rubbed all around the kid's hairless asshole and then tried to probed his hole.

"See what I mean, relax and let me do it." He did and Peter's fingers began to slip in and out of the boy's asshole.

""Don't get me wrong, I like how tight you are but loosen up."

Peter stopped what he was doing and talked directly to the kid. "Look, my cock is big and I'm gonna to do it right so's you'll wanna come back for more."

He went back to probing the kid's asshole with his fingers.

It was a tall order for a first time but Peter was careful and considerate. He didn't really go for it until he was sure that the kid had accepted his large cock easily and completely all the way up his ass. It was only during the last two or three minutes that it was rapid and intense. In the end, Peter was satisfied and the kid was defeated and in ruins.

Peter stretched out on his bed, cleaned his uncut cock with an old tee shirt and relaxed. He had an earned sense of accomplishment. The kid had quietly dressed and was going out the door.

Peter called after him, "Hey, what's your name?"

The kid looked back at him and said, "Reggie."




Montclair is an upper middle class neighborhood full of large houses from the last century. The car slowly drove up the gravel driveway and came to a stop in front of an imposing structure.

"Joey, wake-up."

The boy was still in a deep sleep. The man lifted the him into his arms and carried him on along the walk to the front door. Still appearing to be asleep, Joey put both arms around the man's neck to hold on more securely. This simple act on the boy's part filled Edward with rapturous joy. The entryway was a dark woodworked foyer with a large staircase that rose up to the second and third floors. Edward carried the sleeping boy up to one of the large bedrooms and lay him down on a great bed. He pulled off Joey's small shoes and thin socks. There was no resistance when he pulled of his tee-shirt and tugged down his pants to reveal an naked treasure laying in his bed. Then he covered him with a downy quilt. Edward watch while Joey grabbed and clutched the quilt in his small hands and pulled it up close for comfort. In no time, he was asleep again.

The man went downstairs to get a drink. He was in a state of complete confusion and turmoil. A feeling intense ecstasy washed over him only to be replaced with a feeling of dreadful and frightening anxiety. He stood alone in the large empty kitchen.

Edward talked to himself. "I've got to calm down and take it easy."

He poured scotch in to an empty glass and slugged it down. "I must be insane! I'm an NYU professor with tenure and I am risking it all because I'm a romantic idiot that still thinks he lives in the ancient world!"

He poured one more but went light. "That's right get blind drunk so that you do something you'll really regret!"

He sat down in a chair and tried to meditate. "No more scotch, I had just enough to take the edge off. anymore and I am flirting with disaster."

Edward reluctantly put the bottle away. On other occasions he might drink and drink and drink and wake up in the morning still sitting in the kitchen chair with a massive hangover.

He had calmed down just a little and began to rationalize the situation. "I have a house guest. Just go up there, I'll keep my underwear on and sleep next to him and don't do anything. What's wrong with that?"

To be blunt, his rationization was full of holes. Edward put on a night light in the bathroom and quietly undressed. For his age, Edward was not in bad shape but he had never been able to find the right mate. As a homosexual he had all the aesthetic qualities but sexually he was not resolute. He had an affair with a college student that had lasted a number of years but it was mostly platonic. Eventually, Clayton moved on to more exciting fare.

He left on his briefs and a tee shirt and the little scotch allowed him to praise his altruistic intentions. From the opposite side of the bed, he slowly and carefully slid in and moved up close to the naked boy without actually touching him. Edward could feel his breathing and he could smell a wild boy scent.

Edward thought, "If I could just hold and hug him in his sleep, just that and nothing more."

barely touching, Edward lay still for the longest time.

Eventually, the sleeping Joey squirmed and slid close enough so that the boy's back and curled up figure fit nicely into the warm alcove between Edwards thighs and his chest. He felt that he could lay forever next to this beautiful boy but the desire for more led the way. Edward let his arm rise and come down over the boy in a protective embrace. Joey began to stir. Edward retracted his arm and allowed a reasonable space to open between them. He had the fear that it could end suddenly or worse. In the strange dark bedroom, The small boy turned and faced the man in a cuddling embrace. All the emptiness inside the man flowed out of him like water. He would have been content with it but the boy raised it to incredible heights by clinging to him even closer. Edward was inexperienced in this new and uncharted territory. He imaged that maybe the boy felt that it was an obligation, a requirement or worse, submission to an ogre. He had little or no understanding of Joey's life and He was afraid to engage him for it would be crass exploitation that could lead both to ruin. Joey continued to embrace and cuddle him. Edward lay still and let him do whatever he wanted. He remained passive but kept close company with the boy in the dark room. The two shadowy figures took on hallucinatory qualities as in a primitive ceremony around a fire. Joey's voice was musical and they talked intimately in whispers about nothing specific or serious. The boy was erect and even if he was asleep, he was taking full pleasure in his own body. He giggled and Edward breathed in the boy's beautiful scent.

Edward never slept a moment. He lay listening to the boy, watching the boy and guarding the boy. Curiously he was so enthralled with Joey that he never got an erection. He had merged and become part of the boy. For a wonderful moment he had finally lost himself. There was no more Edward, there was no more old man, there was only the wild boy there was only Joey.


In the morning, Edward ran a bath for Joey. He made a special breakfast and they ate together. Edward didn't quite realize it but he was going through a transformation. His step was lighter and he was energetic and even a bit enthusiastic.

During the tour of the house Joey said, "You live here alone?"

Without meaning to, Edward revealed to the boy how really empty his life had been.

"Joey, you can come and stay with me anytime you want."




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