I must preface this story by saying that it is pure fantasy. As you might know, I don't always write fantasy. Sometimes I write fact disguised as fantasy. It's up to you to tell the difference. I avoid the usual disclaimers because, I figure, why are you here in the first place? Wouldn't you like to be surprised for a change?


Ok, a word to the jaded. I don't usually resort to mushy romance because for the most part it is either baloney or trite. What occurred in this chapter has to do with the personality of the character. You should be relieved to discover that it is one-sided and exploitive. Although it is folly, Edward is like a real character and I am compelled to depict a person like him. Feel free to skip down to the dirty bits, I won't be hurt.


Also, Just so you know that this story doesn't go on and on and on, this story ends at chapter 12 or possibly 13


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Part 8: Trouble, More Trouble.


Peter had last seen Joey on Friday morning when he left for school. Although he pictured Joey as being like he was when he was that age, he was beginning to worry. With his Mother around, Joey could come and go. If he didn't show that meant he was home. Normally he wouldn't be worried but Jeanie had given Joey to him to take care of.

It was already after lunch on Saturday. Peter grabbed his coat and headed over to Jeanie's apartment. He had no key so he rang the buzzer hoping Joey would look out the window and throw down the key.

"God damn it, I told that little bastard to get me a key! When I find him someone is gonna get a beatin."

The black girl from across the hall was letting herself out of the building.

Peter blocked her way. "Hey, did Jeanie give you a key, I got to get in there. I'm Peter and I'm taking care of her son."

The girl laughed into his face and said, "Yeah right, tell me another one." with that, she hurried off.

Peter went around back and found Ray, the super. Ray was a little more sympathetic. "You know she better pay her rent cause they're fixin to evict her real soon."

It had to be providence or dumb luck because the phone was ringing just as he was let into the apartment.


It was Jeanie but her voice was a bit raspy. "Peter is that you?"

Peter sighed and thinking to himself, one down and one to go. "Yeah, It's me."

Jeanie spoke. "Peter, is Joey there?"

Peter lied, "No, he's over at my place. We've been worried because we haven't heard from you. I called that club, the Inferno and you weren't there."

She sounded like she had a cold or something. "Tell Joey that I miss him and I think about him all the time."

Peter answered. "Jeanie, are you ok?"

"Oh shit, Peter, it's all fucked up here. Lots of assholes from back East have set up shop here. I tried to get away from that shit but I ran out of luck. I'm fuckin strung out again and I can't come home until I get it together. Vegas looks pretty but there's just as much low-life here."

"Jeanie, just hop on a plane, we'll take care of you and anyway, you might lose this apartment so get your ass home."

Peter heard her on the phone and could tell that she was crying. "Peter, I can't come home, I'm locked in to a situation here. Please take care of Joey, tell him I love him."

Then she hung up. Peter realized that she didn't leave a number. He already knew that the other number was no good. He couldn't tell her that he didn't know where Joey was and he had no fuckin idea how to help Jeanie. It was one fucked up situation! Peter was angry.

More trouble:

It had been a long time since Edward had felt so carefree. It had become pure pleasure to humor Joey's every request. Edward had begun to idealize Joey as a boy saint. Like Eros, only younger. He thought to himself, "How old was Eros anyway?"

Edward stocked candy, cakes, soda and picture magazines for Joey's amusement. He studied Joey to find out what level his reading was at and how far along he was in math.

"If I am going to take you back to the city tomorrow, I better wash your clothes."

Without being asked, Joey removed all his clothes restoring himself to his preferred state of nakedness. The sight of him naked, tongue tied Edward and this advantage was not lost on Joey. He was quickly learning how to exploit it.

Edward whisked the soiled clothes away and when he returned, Joey was leisurely masturbating.


When he was naked and with Peter, Joey let Peter manhandle him into whatever position he wanted. Passivity for someone like Joey has its rewards. Peter dug his tongue up his ass and he pushed his big cock in and of his mouth and up his ass. Peter took charge and made him do whatever he wanted and Joey really liked it.

Edward, an older man, was very different. Passivity on his part bore no fruit. It was a complete contrast leaving Joey in charge. Edward didn't quite realize it but he had actually put Joey in charge by his own sexual indecisiveness and lack of courage.

Holding his erect penis in one hand Joey casually said to him. "Do you got any cigarettes here?"

Edward didn't smoke. He blinked and stuttered, "I, I,.. I don't think so?"

Joey looked doubtfully at him and said, "Are you sure?"

Edward was at a loss. "I could go out and get some.. what kind?"

"I don't care, any kind."

Still naked and perpetually erect, Joey watched Edward's car roll out the drive way. Edward's absents gave the boy an opportunity to go through the drawers and look for something that might not be missed. Thinking that he might return for a visit, he replaced an old pocket watch that he considered stealing for Peter.

When he returned Edward brought the pack of cigarettes along with a small dish to serve as an ashtray. Joey sat cross-legged on the bed and lit his cigarette and then put in down after only a few puffs. He lay back and continued to masturbate under Edwards nervous and elated gaze. With a smile on his face, Joey watched Edward and showed off for his benefit trying all the while to tempt the older reticent man into joining him. Joey lifted both legs up in the air and began to probe his asshole with his finger just to see Edward's reaction. Edward who avoided not only his own asshole along with anyone else's was stunned that an innocent would do such a dirty thing. The boy became a primal goblin or a mischievous imp tempting and daring the inexperienced older man to let go. He pushed his finger as far up his butt hole as he could and then, while looking up at Edward, put his finger in to his mouth. The sight made Edward weak in the knees.


"Edward, are you home?" A call came from downstairs.

Joey leaned back and looked expectantly at the bedroom door.

Edward went noticeably white. "Oh God, It's Clayton, Whatever you do, don't come out and if anyone comes in, hide!"

Edward ran out of the room and swiftly closed the door behind him.

He caught the youngish good looking man just as he was about to climb the stairs. He was accompanied by another somewhat beefier man. It was plain to see that they were a couple... A gay couple.

"Edward, this is Shane."

The beefy friend extended an overly firm hand.

"Edward, you look like shit, don't tell me, you spent the whole night drinking,.... alone?" Clayton gave out a cruel laugh.

Edward was distracted. He kept thinking about the naked boy in his room. There would be no way to explain that away."

He stuttered. "It's g-g-good to see you Clayton."

Clayton did like Edward, at least he did for a little while. Edward had helped him through school but after a while, Clayton needed someone more sexually exciting. Having an older man blow you every night the same way, gets boring.. Eventually he and Edward had gone their separate ways but had always stayed in touch.

"I wanted you to meet Shane, he's a physical fitness instructor. Edward, you look like you could use a little physical instruction yourself."

The Edward man ignored the remark. Clayton always made a point of charming anyone in the immediate area with superficial, catty chatter.

"Don't you remember? We're supposed to have dinner this evening and I stopped over just to make sure you remembered."

Clayton nudged Edward. "Good thing I did, don't you think?"

Edward nodded sheepishly.


Upstairs, Joey, still naked, was extending his toes and bringing his masturbation to new heights.


Clayton had a sense that something was going on but he wasn't sure exactly what it was. "Edward, are you ok?"

He nodded yes to the prying Clayton. "Is there anything that you want us to bring?"

"No, I got everything."


Joey got off the bed and looked around for something to stick up his butt. he found something but he had no idea what it was. Later it proved to be a shoe horn with an extended handle that was smooth and supple. It was just right. Whatever Edward's problems were, Joey wasn't about to stop doing what he had started. Anyway, he was bored.


"Are you sure?" Clayton searched Edward's face for clues.

"Yes, I'm sure, I got everything. Maybe you'll be off now so I can get started?"

The three moved towards the front door.

"What time is good for you Edward?"

He opened the door and led them out to the front porch. He stuttered again. "Six, six thirty is good."

Clayton and Shane were saying good-bye when suddenly they heard a distant sound. Clayton stopped to listen. He gave Edward a quizzical look.

He said, "That's strange, it sounded like a bird call or an animal bark of some sort?"

Clayton shrugged and they turned and walked off.

When he returned to the bedroom, Joey was reclining and relaxed in the center of Edward's bed. He seemed content. Edward noticed a few small drops of clear fluid lay on his belly.

The sight cause him momentary anger and resentment towards Clayton.. He thought to himself, "Because of him, I missed it."

The old man's car pulled up in front of the train station. "Joey, I am so sorry I have to send you back like this but I can't help it."


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