I must preface this story by saying that it is pure fantasy. As you might know, I don't always write fantasy. Sometimes I write fact disguised as fantasy. It's up to you to tell the difference. I avoid the usual disclaimers because, I figure, why are you here in the first place? Wouldn't you like to be surprised for a change?


by Larkin, .... jet2larkin (at) gmail (.) com
Copyright 2011



Part 9: Joey's Return, Playland, 11p.m.


Joey sat by himself next to the window watching the Meadowlands rush by. The hazy skyline of the city appeared off in the distance. New York City was an island cut off from the surrounding lands. You couldn't tell that it was an island when you were there but when you were away from it you were adrift.

It was a weekend and there was hardly anyone on the train. The conductor came around to collect tickets. The old man had given him money and a folded up piece paper where he had written his phone numbers and a short note. One number was his office at NYU and the other was the house in New Jersey.

Dear Joey,

You are a very special person. Thank you so much for visiting me. If you ever need anything, anything at all, please call me. If you would like to visit me on a weekend, just call me in the middle of the week so that I can plan for it.

Love Edward

He folded the note up and put in back in his pocket.

In his mind he left the old man behind. Out if the window he could see the approaching city. He could feel excitement rising up inside of him and he was suddenly anxious to get back. He was looking forward to seeing Peter. He would hug him and cuddle with him to show him that he was glad to be home. They would fuck around together and give the kind of time that Peter liked best. After that, he would go out and look for Reggie and they might go to Playland or talk about stuff and do stuff.

All the windows suddenly went black. The train had entered the long tunnel going under the river and taking him into Manhattan.

The train went for sometime in darkness until it slowly rolled to a stop along side of the lower platforms of Penn Station on 34th street. It released Joey back into a sea of people rushing in all directions. Joey knew the city and the subway concourses by heart. This was the connection point for most of the trains in one of the most complex subway and train systems in the world.

Joey was a small figure, quickly weaving in and out of throngs of slower moving people. He had complete knowledge of each staircase, each turn or platform that took him on the shortest journey through an underground system that was almost one hundred years old.

The small boy climbed the stairs up to sidewalk level and into bright sunlight and more crowds. It was only a few more blocks until he would see Peter.


Joey put the key in the lock and turned. It slid the bar away opening the Fox lock into Peter's apartment. Peter was standing there. Joey gave him a big smile but Peter's expression was serious. When Joey had closed the door behind him, Peter suddenly exploded.

He grabbed the small boy by the front of his shirt and dragged him halfway across the room and began shaking him hard. Joey was stunned and looked up at him with wide and frightened eyes.

"You little fucker! I'm gonna kick the shit out of you!"

Joey screamed and Peter pummeled him, threw him down and picked him and started again. Joey was crying and pleading. He would never have fought back or even consider challenging Peter. In defense he curled into a fetal position and Peter pried him apart so that he beat him more. Peter was so forceful that Joey went limp and just took it.

"God damn you, you little motherfucker if something happened to you I'd go fuckin crazy!"

Peter grabbed him and pulled him up face to face and roared at him. "Don't go ever go away for that long without lettin me know! When your no good whore mother was here you was her problem but she isn't and now you're my fuckin problem. You might not think I care about you, but I do. I never cared about no one before but I care about you!"

Peter realized that Joey was back and that he was holding him. The violent fever to broke and he gave it up. The storm ended and the two embraced. Joey continued to sob but he was in Peter's arms and that was all that was important.

Not long after when they began sex. The seriousness gave way to the pleasure they took from each other. How could it not. Shared masturbation, mutual adoration and for the first time intimate kissing. Joey was beginning to grow from an imp to something different, something beautiful. It was strange that they hadn't kissed before but now it seemed right and it made dicks hard. For Peter it was a masculinity thing. For Joey it was ignorance and lack of experience. You could say it was something that had been reserved for intimacy. However, in the end, sex as something dirty was far more preferable to sex as romance.

The storm was all but forgotten and Joey lifted his legs up high and pinned them back with his arms, completely exposing his hole. Peter lubricated his cock in the boy's mouth and then penetrated him as deep as he could for a close and intimate fuck. Joey's mouth was open and his eyes were transfixed on Peter's face. Peter's strong and forceful motion up into Joey and it went on and on until he was unable to delay the resolution any longer and his fluid began to flow.

The two ordered pizza and stayed in bed the rest of the day. Perhaps it was a certain level of respect that Peter had for Joey or maybe he remembered his own days as a kid when he ran the streets but he never asked Joey where he went or why he was gone. The issue was never brought up....

Peter did tell Joey about the phone call he got from Jeanie. He omitted the parts where she told him that she might be strung out again because he was afraid it might worry Joey unnecessarily. He figured that they'd deal with that when the time came. Hoping that she might call again, Joey decided to stay overnight at home which was really an excuse to connect with Reggie. Peter let him go because he thought it might do Jeanie good to hear Joey's voice.

Before he went out the door, Peter said, "In the morning, get me a key to your Mother's apartment or don't bother coming home!"


Joey and Reggie at Playland, 11pm:

"Where the fuck you been?" Reggie was excited to see Joey.

Joey was coy, "Oh, around."

Reggie was sullen. "I'm getting sick of fuckin Playland, you can't never tell what you're gettin into. Sometimes it's exciting and other times you wanna puke and just when you like somebody, they fuckin move on."

Reggie was drawn away from the machine by a portly man wearing jeans and a sweater. Joey looked and then went back to the machine to play a solo game.

Reggie was excited when he returned and talked low into Joey's ear. "He says he wants me and you to come back to the hotel with him and he wants you and me to fuck around while he gets to watch."

Reggie was giddy with excitement. "Come on, please, he says he just wants to watch and nothin else. and he'll pay us both!"

Joey shook his long hair away and out of his eyes and looked at the man who was standing out on 7th avenue. The electric glow of night time Times Square created a surreal tension. The Man had a shoulder bag and was looking nervous, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

The hotel was a big modern one, uptown and East on 6th avenue. The man, a young teen and a younger, long haired boy slipped in the large lobby unnoticed. The elevator took them up to the 16th floor. Reggie and Joey kept on a silent communication with each other with Reggie leading the way.

Once the door to the plush, cream colored room closed behind them, the man began talking softly to Reggie. "Just pretend I'm not here. Like I said, I'm not going to do anything."

Just as he was saying than he pulled out a complicated looking, black and silver camera from his bag. Reggie looked at it and was unsure what it meant.

When he looked back up at the man, the man said, "Well what'ya you think I was payin you for?..."

Reggie looked over at Joey who had made himself comfortable on the large bed.

The man prodded Reggie. "Listen, no one's gonna see it but me and guys like me."

To get away from reservations that Reggie might have about being photographed, he changed the subject. "So you know this kid?"

The man looked over at Joey. "I'm not gonna get any trouble out of this am I, I mean do you know him?"

It was a way for the man to ally himself with one boy in defense of the other.

Reggie reassured him." No, me and Joey been together lots of times. He's cool."

The man pulled Reggie close. "Hey, I want you to do everything, don't hold back."

Both Reggie and Joey were each given a tall can of beer. The not so attractive, pimply, overgrown boy in cheap clothes with his arm around a ragged but stunningly beautiful younger boy. They both looked into the camera and smiled. The man told them it was a introduction shot. When he took the picture the camera flashed and made a audible clack and quickly after, a zip noise. It did it again when he took another one... Flash, clack, zip, Reggie and Joey looked at each other and suddenly had a realization and the whole drama came into sharp focus. If they wanted the money and wanted to be able to get out of there they were going to have to perform...Flash, clack, zip!

What followed was the perfunctory transitions of an elementary porno play. The make-out, the crotch grope resulting in Reggie's large bulge and then the rude display of an erected cock rising out of opened pants and underwear. The blow-job and naked, 69 embrace. Joey was completely unselfconscious and ended up orchestrating Reggie. They shed their clothes and they gave the man everything he was looking an more.

Flash, clack, zip eventually became a drug like dose of narcissism, each time freezing Reggie and Joey in a flash of white light. He imagined himself and Joey being in pictures that guys everywhere might look at and jerk off to and it embolden him. It was hard to see what Joey though but it was Joey that encouraged the stage-struck Reggie to penetrate him and eventually withdraw and ejaculate under the light of the cold flash.

It was after one in the morning with the two boys walked back towards ninth avenue. Reggie was still excited by the movie star qualities of the now, profoundly hollow experience. They each had a fifty dollar bill in their pockets.




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