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Jack me off... please.

I met Sam the way most boy lovers meet their victims. I stalked my prey, set a trap, and then I ensnared him. How else do you do it?

I noticed his presence the very first day he moved into the neighborhood. Who wouldn’t have? There was an obvious sign from above presented to my very hungry eyes. Even before I saw the undeniable proof of his sweet little ten-year old face for the first time, I knew that at least temporarily, my most secret desires had a chance, however slight, to become fulfilled. A BMX bike, lying on its side, was all the evidence I needed to give me hope that a real boy was somewhere in the house right next door to mine.

I was pulling into my driveway after work when my eyes locked onto the shiny boy-toy left haphazardly in front of the little old lady’s house next to my own. My mind immediately began racing with thoughts best not said out loud in the real world. Hey, I hadn't seen a boy on my block in months. How would you have reacted?

Was a grandchild visiting? How old was he? Was it in fact a boy that belonged to that bike? Probably, it was a boy’s bike after all. And it was just about the size to put the unknown youngster in the 9-12 year-old age range.

Though I thought it highly unlikely that I would have an opportunity to enjoy the company of a young whatever, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head as I came to near screeching halt in my driveway. The plan was already starting to form in my mind as I looked intently at equivalent of a modern day boy’s wild mustang. What can I say? I hadn’t had the pleasure of a boy’s company in far too long.

With my plan of attack complete, I immediately set out to catch a glimpse of the, as of yet unseen, grommet that had suddenly come to visit the neighborhood. I left the garage door open as I quickly went inside to change my clothes and grab a beer. Then I headed back outdoors to complete some much-needed work on my truck. I turned on the radio and changed the station to something that was blasting out a mixture of rock/hip-hop and the like, something that might appeal to a youngster. Then I set to work on adding the latest bit of bling to my ride. I’d bought a pair of blue dot taillights a few weeks ago and I hadn’t gotten around to putting them on yet. Yeah, the spider was weaving his web. One that, if at all possible, would ensnare an unsuspecting young boy so I might bring it back to my lair for fun and games.

I couldn’t have hoped for a better victim. In fact, I couldn’t even have come up with something in my freakish imagination that would have come close to what suddenly appeared before my eyes. Just as I finished removing the first of the old pair of lenses, I looked up to find a soft brown, doe-like, pair of eyes staring right back at me from the yard in front of old Mrs. Jones house.

Shit he was cute, far cuter than I had dared to hope. I couldn’t say he was beautiful, but damn if he didn’t get my blood pumping right away. He looked about ten or so. And it was confirmed that he was in fact ten; going on eleven in a few months once we started talking. He had medium length dirty blond hair, the kind that has a few streaks of lightness mixed in with browns of varying shades. It covered his ears and hung down just into his eyes when he didn’t have it pushed off to one side or the other. In the back, it hung down to just an inch or so above the collar of his t-shirt. Though it likely hadn’t seen a hairbrush in at least a day, his messy hair certainly was quite adorable.

He had narrow cheeks (on his face and butt since I’m sure you wanted to know) and pointy little nub of a nose hovered over thick pink lips that wore a smirk of curiosity as he stared me down. He had a decent tan covering the scrawny little arms and legs which poked out from the oversized t-shirt and basketball shorts he was wearing. The white little sneakers he wore, without socks I should add, seemed awfully large on the skinny little boy standing before me. Either they were way too big for him like the rest of his clothes, or he had really big feet. It was the latter, in case you were wondering. A sign of things to come I wondered? Most definitely I found out very soon thereafter.

Whatever it is some of you don’t like about baggy clothes I’ll never know. First, I can tell what type of body a boy has just by seeing the little bits that poke through. And this one had all the makings of a tight end, if you know what I mean. Secondly, it leaves something for the imagination of he’s not wearing a skintight thong when you first encounter him. And I have a pretty good imagination. Whatever. Boing!

We continued to look at each other for a few moments before I raised my hand and waved at the sweet cherub that had immediately become my greatest desire. He seemed a bit startled at first when I broke out of our staring contest. And I was a little worried about his reaction, until I quickly realized that he wasn’t afraid of the adult stranger waving to him from a few yards away. He was just a little confused. It was when he turned and looked behind him that I realized that he just wasn’t sure that I was waving at him. When he turned back towards me and let a small smile creep into his cute little face I knew I had a shot at him. The boy picked up his bike, hopped on it and rode it down the driveway, along the sidewalk and into my life. And it was then that I knew I had him… to one degree or another.

“Hi,” he squeaked out with a most unexpected accent. What a welcome surprise and incredibly sweet sound that was to my ears. It was almost as though he had a lisp, but not quite. I really didn’t recognize it at first, or at all, if the truth must be told. It wasn’t until he told me with his undeniable charm that he came “All the way from Arkansas” that I came to realize that it was the sweet sounds of the Ozarks that were ringing in my ears. I’d have guessed they were all trailer-trash-hillbilly-rednecks in that part of the country, or so I’d been led to believe. But he didn’t seem to be anything but a bright and intelligent young boy. Well, I guess he was a little trailer trash-ish, but it was cute as all heck, if you get my meaning.

He and I quickly became friends as he hung out watching and helping me, whenever asked to participate, trick-out my truck while he told me all about himself and most particularly, at least to me, that we were now in fact neighbors. As usual, it was yet another typically sad story of how he came to be the newest resident on our block. Dad’s whereabouts were unknown. Mom had lost the boy due to the fact that she was a meth-head. Well, I’m sure you know how that story goes. The little bit of sadness as he spoke of his mother, the reason he was living with Grandma, and a few other tidbits of his sordid past was quickly overshadowed by his obvious relief to be out of the “crap hole” he’d been living in. That and his enthusiastic outlook on all things that might be possible in his new life on the West Coast was one of the most enchanting things I’d seen in quite sometime.

His look of guilt when I didn’t admonish him for cussing and even agreed with him that no one wants to live in a “crap hole” quickly disappeared to be replaced by a look of pure liberation. He had a new adult friend that was going to allow him to be himself. Yeah, he seemed very pleased that I was one of the “cool adults”.

The happiness in his eyes got even brighter when I asked him to go into my house and get us some sodas out of the fridge.

“You trust me?” he asked with disbelief in his innocent little eyes.

“Why wouldn’t I?” I asked in return as I ruffled his hair. I left my hand on his pretty little head a bit longer than otherwise would seem appropriate as I continued. “We’re friends now, aren’t we?”

The gleam in his eyes as I brushed the hair off his brow was nothing short of heart melting. Should I add that I was getting slightly aroused as I ran my fingers through his dirty blond mop?

So far, my plan to entice and entrap the young Adonis was working as outlined. It only took one more gentle nudge before he became fully ensnared in my web. After we finished with the taillights there was only one thing left to do, right? It was time for a test drive.

“You want to go for a ride around the block?” I asked him as I put a hand on his shoulder and lightly caressed his firm muscles. It appeared as though he wasn’t put off by my touch, so I availed myself every opportunity to cop a feel of the young boys incredibly hard little body, at every possible opening.

Oh, the look in his eyes as he nodded his head eagerly. I’d quickly become the all-time super hero in my little neighbor’s world. And once you’re a hero, you can’t really do anything wrong, can you? It’s even OK, at least it was with him, to slip your hand across the front of his shorts and fondle the hard little boy cock you find hiding within, or so I came to find out.

I sent him home to ask Grandma before we went for our first joyride together. I couldn’t really put him in my truck before getting permission from his guardian without becoming a kidnapper, and likely a few other criminal descriptions, now could I? That and I wanted to start off on the right foot so to speak; if she let him hang out with me, I was going to have my way with him on a very frequent basis if I still had any of my powers or persuasion left within me.

He came out of his house like a runaway train as he ran to me shouting that he could go and he didn’t have to be home until dark. Shit, that was a few hours away. Grandma is either very trusting or very stupid. A little of both I came to find out later. Though she hadn’t come out of the house to meet with me me, I did see her looking out at us through the window. I waved to her with a smile as I thought to myself, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of him. And he’ll likely come home a bit wiser than you see him right now.’ She just returned the smile and wave before she disappeared back into the house.

I made an excuse to go change my clothes because I was dirty. Yes, I did think of inviting him inside right then, but I used the little bit of self-control that I still had and let go the thought. Heck, I already had a plan that seemed to be working pretty well so there was no sense in altering course. I changed into basketball shorts and a t-shirt so I would match him. Yeah I know, but every little bit helps. The only difference between our outfits being that he was going commando only on his feet (or so I thought), I myself chose the more traditional way.

And just like that, we were off and I was alone with the cutest boy I knew. The only boy I knew is more like it, but whatever. We went to the drive-in to get some snacks and drinks before we took a tour of the town. I showed him where he was likely to go to school once it started up again much to his chagrin. Then we cruised the big park, about ten times by his command, much to mine, until he finally agreed that we should move on and go find something else to do.

I took him out by the old quarry to some little used dirt roads and we 4-wheeled it for a bit before I pulled over and said to him, “OK, your turn to drive.”

His look of absolute disbelief was instantly replaced by absolute joy when he finally realized that I was serious.

“Hop in my lap,” I said to him as I patted my thighs.

I wondered how he’d react to the suggestion, as I looked him in his eyes. It seemed he didn’t appear at all hesitant about being that close to me. And apparently he was spring-loaded. He was out of his seat in an instant and snuggling his tight little ass onto my quickly hardening shaft in another. He plopped himself into my lap without worry or care and made himself comfortable.

Cripes, he wasn’t wearing any underwear either! He couldn’t have been. The only thing between my quickly stiffening rod and his ass were two very thin layers of silky nylon. I could feel his heat radiating out of his crevice in waves. How is it that boy’s seems to be at least a few degree’s warmer than everyone else of our species? I know he must have felt my cock poking into his backside; there was no way he couldn’t have. My now raging hard cock was suddenly nestled as close to heaven as I’d dared dream when we started this journey.

I held him by his slender hips as I adjusted him so he wasn’t bending me in quite so painful a fashion. When I settled him into position, my sword slid in between his tight little cheeks as if it had found its sheath, found its home. He turned and looked at me with a quizzical look on his face as he briefly glanced down towards our place of union. When his eyes returned to mine it seemed to me that he was thinking something, but he didn’t really know how to say it out loud.

“Have you ever driven before?” I asked him as I squeezed the thin little waist I was still holding. Hint: If you act as if it isn’t a big deal, even if it is (he-he), he won’t think so either.

The smile on his face grew huge again as he shook his head indicating that he hadn’t. I couldn’t help but wonder if every last bit of his smile was because he was about to do something he’d never done before. Maybe, somewhere deep down inside, he was at least a little bit excited that he had a man cock resting between his tight little buns? One could hope so anyway.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it right away,” I told him.

“Since your legs aren’t long enough yet, I’ll do the gas and the brake.” I continued as I gently caressed both of his lithe little legs. I slid my hands down his thighs until I was touching bare skin. Yikes! A shockwave pulsed through my body and seemingly blasted out the tip of my cock. Did he feel it? It was hard to tell, either he was grinning because he knew a dirty little secret or he was going to burst with anticipation because he was going to drive a truck in the very near future. I prefer the former explanation, if you must know.

“You just work the stuff you can reach with your hands (he-he), OK?” I told him before giving him a rundown of the cockpit layout (he-he). After that, it was simply a matter of talking him through the steps.

It went just about as I expected it would. Except for a few times where I had to grab the wheel to keep us on the road, I kept my hands on his hard little boy thighs. He did an awesome job as he drove around for a few miles with my still throbbing knob parked in his driveway.

As we toured the countryside, I took ample opportunity to sniff him, snuggle him and whisper words of encouragement softly in his hear. Oh shit, it was pure heaven, or nearly so. What if we could be doing this naked my evil mind was pondering quite frequently? His smell was so captivating, so overwhelming that I do believe I was going light headed from time to time. If we’d have been pulled over by a cop, DWI would likely be included on the mile long list of crimes that they were sure to charge me with.

It was obvious that he hadn’t bathed that day, and likely that he’d skipped the prior days cleaning rituals as well. He had that ripe boy smell about him. Not stinky mind you, rather he had an aphrodisiac scent pouring out of him that seemed to contain three-quarters raw sexual energy and one-quarter all boy dynamo. I’d worked my left hand to about mid-thigh on his thin little leg, pushing the satiny shorts up to the same level. The deep brown of his tanned legs quickly faded to pink and got even lighter the farther up my trembling hands traveled. How high could I go I wondered?

When we reached a fairly secluded spot, I directed him to pull over so that were hidden in the trees. Once he put it in park and turned off the engine, I let me left hand slide across his lap, dragging my fingers across his little package, before my hand slipped under his shirt and onto the taut skin of his belly. My other hand moved to his right leg and slid up as high onto his thigh as I had so far dared to venture. Now, both legs of his shorts were pushed up well beyond the halfway point, revealing much more of the precious boy skin I thoroughly craved.

As I’d hoped, he relaxed back into me with a soft sigh. He rested his light head on my shoulders and stared up into my eyes with a look of absolute contentment. Or so his young inexperienced mind must have been thinking anyway. I was about to open the door to a whole new world of contentment, if he was willing to unlock it for me.

I whispered into his ear what an awesome driver he was as I gently caressed his stomach and chest. His smooth skin felt nearly on fire as I worked my way around touching everything I could get my hands on. What came next was crucial to my plan. If he didn’t at least nibble at the next bit, I would likely have to abort the mission.

“Are you having fun so far today?” I asked him as I slowly slid my fingers down the middle of his firm front.

He just nodded his head as he continued looking dreamily into my eyes.

“I’m not sure that we should tell your Grandma I let you drive today,” I whispered in his ear. “She may not like it if she found out that I was allowing you to do grown-up things,” I continued as I winked at him. His response to that statement would set the stage for the next phase of the attack.

He passed the test with flying colors. He shook his head as he whispered back up to me, “She doesn’t have to know. I’m not gonna tell her.”

The very words I was hoping to hear. What I heard next wasn’t totally out of the blue, but it was none-the-less unexpected.

He squeezed his butt checks together and said, “I can feel it,” as he blushed up at me.

I almost shot right then. But I didn’t miss a step. “Yeah, he gets that way when cute little butts are sitting right on top of him.” I winked at him again as I gently pushed myself even harder in between his tight little ass checks. I could tell that I’d begun to leak into my shorts and if I kept this up for much longer he was going to feel wetness on his ass. Not at all where I wanted to put my wetness, at least this time around.

Well, he’d made it even easier for me, so it was time to move things along. “Do you ever get a hard-on?” I asked as I moved my right hand ever so higher up his milky inner thigh.

He just nodded his head and giggled a little. I wasn’t sure if it was the topic or my choice of words to describe my predicament that caused the boys reaction. It didn’t really matter either way though. He wasn’t freaked out so far, and might even be receptive to my next move.

I slid my hand up the rest of the way and made (almost) direct contact with my prize. “Is it hard now?” I asked him as I gave a gentle squeeze.

There are only a few possible reactions to such an act; the two most likely being to either slam your legs shut and get embarrassed or spread them even more and get embarrassed. With much relief to me, he chose the latter.

Yep, he was hard. Not that it was a surprise or anything. I’d been caressing as much of his body as I possible could for the last half hour or so. That and a hard cock riding in the crack of their ass will do it to most every boy.

He just giggled again as I kept my finger tips moving ever so gently across his very hard little boy-toy. I wouldn’t have thought it possible for him to sink into me any further, but somehow he did. And then he gave me the permission I was looking for. He closed his eyes and turned his head so that his cheek was resting on mine. I could have kissed him just then he looked so dreamy. But it’s best not to swing too hard the first time at bat. In this game, one strike and your out.

I gripped him entirely with my hand and gave a few gentle tugs. Shit, the kid was pretty damn big for a ten-year-old. I was holding the equivalent, in thickness, length and hardness, to a roll of nickels in my hand. Not too bad for a kid that couldn’t have stood taller than four and a half feet.

I started stroking him as I whispered, “It feels pretty big for a boy your age”.

He just kept his eyes closed and grinned up at me. Another good sign, one that pretty much said I could continue.

So I did. “Can I see it?” I asked almost pleadingly as I gave it another firm squeeze.

His eyes remained closed as he just nodded his pretty little head once again.

Both of my hands were instantly at his hips again as I softly told him to “lift up”.

What a good little boy he was. He raised his butt off of me without pause. I immediately hooked my thumbs into the elastic waistband and slid his shorts down to his knees. He didn’t seem concerned that I’d pushed them down so far so I took it a step further and let them fall over his kneecaps and slide down his thin legs until the shorts landed at his feet.

Just as quickly as he lifted himself up, he settled himself back down onto me with another sigh. He made sure that my cock was back in the same position as before too, another good sign of things to cum (he-he).

Glory goes to the creator of such perfection. There before me, and pointed right at me I should add, was a steely hard-four inch boy cock just dying to be pleasured. And it seemed he was a completely willing vision of perfection as well.

I let me hands rest on his lightly muscled thighs as I stared down at his cut hairless boy hood. His balls were pretty big as well, each about the size of a mans thumb. While they didn’t appear have fully dropped yet, they were definitely loose in the bag as they lay on either side of his not so tiny joystick.

“How did you get such a big one?” I asked as I moved both my hands onto him this time. He shivered a little at my touch, but seemed unconcerned that my bare hands were touching and stroking his boy cock with ever increasing speed.

He just shrugged his shoulders and leaned into me just a little bit more. I could feel his heart beating in his chest and his breathing had increased considerably since we’d begun. His sweet boy breath was blasting in my face with ever increasing frequency and force.

“Have you been playing with it a lot? Is that how it got so big?” I asked next.

That got him to open his eyes. It also got his face to turn a brilliant shade of red. Even if playing with it wasn’t the cause of his over-sized boy cock, it was clear by his reaction that he did stroke it. Quite a lot if I was reading him correctly.

I quickly saved the awkward moment when I whispered down to him. “Don’t be embarrassed, I do it too. At least when I don’t have someone to do it for me,” I quickly added as I winked at him.

He just nodded his head yet again letting me know that he did in fact play with himself.

“Has anyone ever done it for you?” I asked next as I really started stroking him. I guess I should have added the words ‘before now’ to that last question. But that was just semantics.

He looked down at my hands working his stiffy briefly before he looked into my eyes once again. Shaking his head, he made it clear to me that no one had ever touched him like that, not until then anyway.

“Does it feel good?” I asked softly. A dumb question you might ask? Yeah, but it was all part of the game. A big part too, if you wanted to be allowed to continue playing.

His response was everything I’d hoped for. A smile, another nod, and then his eyes closed as he once again settled back into me.

Will you get the feeling if I keep going?” I asked as brushed my lips ever so gently across his cheek. I wasn’t sure what he called it, if he even knew about it. But anyone who has ever had an orgasm would know what that phrase meant.

He most definitely knew what I meant. Another soft nod as he sighed with obvious pleasure. Yeah, he knew all about the feeling. And it seemed he was ready and willing for me to bring it on for him. I just needed to be sure.

“Do you want me to keep going and give you the feeling?” I asked next.

Just another nod was all I got. And I should have been elated. But it wasn’t quite enough.

“Tell me what you want,” I whispered to him.

His eyes immediately shot open and looked into mine. They clearly showed his embarrassment and were pleading with me not to make him say it out loud.

“I just want to make sure that you really want me to do it,” I quickly continued. I didn’t add that it was a huge turn on for me to hear a young boy pleading for sexual pleasure.

“Will you do it to me, please?” He said in his high-pitched Ozark laced boy squeak as he closed his eyes again.

What a polite boy, he even said please. But I kept pressing him. “Do what?” I asked with a grin.

He seemed startled, even somewhat irritated that I made him keep jumping through my hoops. But we’d already gone this far and there was no turning back for him now.

“Jack me off… please.” His eyes opened once again and glared at me briefly making it quite clear that he didn’t want his pleasure to be delayed by one more second.

He had said just what I’d wanted and needed to hear. He’d pleaded with me to get him off. So I did what any good boylover would do in a situation like that. I renewed my efforts to give the boy what he’d just begged for. Something I doubt that he knew he wanted just a few short hours ago.

I let the seatback ease down a few notches, and then I took him back into my fist and gave him a few more strokes before he surprised me by reaching down and deftly adjusting my hand so that only my thumb and forefingers were working his boy tool.

“Yeah, like that,” he mumbled nearly unrecognizably as he spread his lithe little legs as far apart as they could go. Hmmm? The boy had more experience than I’d have thought. Clearly he knows what he likes, even if no one else had ever touched him that way before.

I wanted to let my free hand take a trip down south and poke around a bit, but again, I already had far more than I’d have dared to dream. So I turned my attentions the other way and caressed my way up to his tight chest pulling his shirt along for the ride. His muscles weren’t big or anywhere even close to having definition. But however little muscle he had on his upper torso, that’s all there was up there. It was pretty much the same throughout his tight little body; no fat, anywhere. Just hard little boy muscles wrapped ever so tightly with skin that had the tautness of a drumhead.

Apparently the boy was highly interactive in nature. More groans of “Yeah” came spilling out of his mouth the second I began tweaking his little dime size nipples with the tips of my fingers. The movement of his hips as he began squirming in my lap with a near orgasmic ecstasy was pushing me very quickly towards the brink as well.

I really hoped it didn’t take him too long to reach Nirvana. I was well on my way before we’d started. Now with my cock sliding up and down ass crack; I was going to explode in my shorts if we kept it up much longer. Yeah, I know. I would have been extremely lucky to blow my load against his tight little butt. Yet, I was feeling more than lucky today. I was hoping to roll the dice and land a hard seven. And his stomach and chest were going to act as the craps table. Well if he let me have things my way, that is. Hey, all is fair in lust and war. Or something like that anyway.

I tried hurrying him along in his quest. At first, I just gently rubbed my lips against his own. When he didn’t react, either way, I kept going. I gave him a few obvious, but subtle kisses before I quickly went back to nuzzling him. Ever so slightly the boy turned his head further towards me. He’d accepted my advances once again. Was there no end to the boy’s willingness? In short, no, he was more than willing to try anything and everything. He even pleaded with me to do it each and every time. He wasn’t dumb. The boy quickly figured out that I not only needed him to beg me for it, it was also hugely erotic.

As I began devouring his boy lips, his squirming increased exponentially. When I stuck my tongue in between his lips he suddenly froze. His rapid breathing came to sudden halt as he reached a hand up and grasped mine that was attacking his rock hard nipples. Again, he was holding his breath, and then he clasped my hand. I thought for sure for a brief moment that I’d gone too far with the kissing, or more specifically, me sticking my tongue in his mouth and he’d gotten freaked out by or foray into the wilderness.

Lucky for me that it was the onset of his orgasm, and not fear, that had halted his breathing and caused his tiny paw to stop my attack on his nipple. It came on with a suddenness and ferocity that was absolutely incredible to witness. Luckily for him, I didn’t stop at the first sign of trouble. I kept stroking his little tool for him and sent him crashing down into new depths of pleasure.

His long and very loud grunt carried with it the sweet sound of the Ozarks, as did the following mews and other sounds of pleasure that came spewing out of his mouth with a pitch only a prepubescent boy can make. I can’t begin tell you in words how fucking hot his little squeals of delight are. I almost shot, in fact I had to batten down the hatches to keep it from happening, if that gives you any idea? At the same time his boy cock pulsed at least five times so hard that I nearly lost control of his wild pony for a brief moment. No, I don’t think pulsed is the right word to describe it. It throbbed, big time! If he had any boy juice to shoot, it would have hit the roof of the truck for sure. Luckily, well for me anyway, he wouldn’t be shooting anything for quite sometime.

As he relaxed his body back into me, I slowed my stroking and started leisurely running my hands over his chest. I even tried kissing him again. He was receptive to everything, except my hand continuing to stroke him. He reached down and pushed my hand away from his still hard boy-toy, as he seemed to shiver with the pain of over stimulation. So I let it fall down to his thigh and gave him gentle caresses as I slid my tongue across his soft pink lips again. That caused his eyes to shoot open again, but he didn’t pull away or freeze up. I let my tongue dance on his lips for a few more seconds before I took a quick trip inside. I made one swipe inside his soft little mouth before I quickly retreated to the safety of the outdoors. Hey, if he didn’t like it he might bite down or something.

I pulled my mouth away from his and whispered ever so softly, “Was it a good one?”

He nodded his head as he kept his dreamy brown eyes locked to my own.

“I’m glad you liked it,” I said before I leaned down and gave him another kiss on his supple lips.

He looked back up at me for a moment when I pulled away. Then a blush came to his cute face as he stated matter-of-factly, “Hey, you French kissed me before.”

I nodded my head as I replied, “Did you like it?”

He just shrugged his shoulders and looked a little embarrassed. I could tell he liked it, but the words weren’t going to escape his lips if he could help it.

I smiled down at him for a moment before I continued. “Kissing makes the feeling a whole lot better. French kissing makes it even better still. Did you notice that it happened right after I stuck my tongue on your mouth?”

He appeared as though he was in thought for a moment before he responded, “Yeah, it did huh?”

I nodded in reply before I leaned in and gave him another little swipe of my tongue. Again, he didn’t pull away, so I whispered, “Its kind of fun to do anytime, not just when you’re having sex.”

His eyes went a little wide at the sound of the S word, but other than that he didn’t seem to be too bothered by it.

Put your tongue out and touch mine next time I do it, OK?”

He just nodded so I leaned down for another taste of oh so sweet boy. This time as my tongue found its way into his hot little mouth he opened his jaws ever so slightly and let his tongue slip out. Is there anything softer than the inside of a boy’s mouth? Well, there is, but not many people have the pleasure of making such discoveries. Not that many have the chance to sample the inside of a boy’s mouth.

At first he was a little hesitant as our tongues danced around inside his mouth. It was as if he was taking a bite of something unfamiliar; Oh so delicately put it in your mouth and take a quick little taste. After five seconds, when he realized that it wasn’t all that bad, or at least it wasn’t entirely gross, he relaxed a little bit. He was still staring into my eyes with the look of a deer caught in the headlights, but he wasn’t quite as tense as when we’d started. After fifteen seconds, he seemed to like it, at least a little bit. He turned his head just a bit more and softly leaned in so our mouths were fully engaged. At twenty seconds, he closed his eyes and gave himself over to me completely. His tongue charted new territory when he began sticking it into my mouth with the passion one might expect from someone twice his age. Yeah, he definitely liked it.

When I pulled away from our first full blown French kiss he didn’t seem quite ready to let it be over. His mouth followed mine and dragged me back into another round of tongue tag. He must have REALLY liked it cause he didn’t pull away for another full minute. When he finally did, I opened my eyes and watched the little boy collapse into me wearing the same blissful expression he’d worn after he’d had the feeling just a few minutes before. He opened his eyes and looked into mine and that was when I knew that he was all mine, for as long as we could make it work anyway.

I whispered down to him, “Did you like that?”

His response was unexpected, but not unwelcome. He leaned up for yet another kiss. That one only lasted for a few seconds, but it was definitely one of the most sensuous kisses I’d ever had. I can say with absolute certainty that it was the best kiss he’d ever had.

He layback and relaxed himself into me as we just held each other’s gaze for nearly a minute before he broke the spell we were both under.

“Are you going to do it too?” he asked with a grin spreading across his cute face.

I cocked my eyebrow in a questioning look in response to his query. While I had a pretty good idea of what he meant, I wanted him to say it out loud.

“Are you going to jack off?” he asked as he rolled his eyes at me. Though he blushed a little bit this time, it wasn’t nearly as hard for him when I’d made him ask me to jack him off.

I nodded my head and looked at him awaiting his reaction. It was only a slight smile that he gave me, but it was full of devilish delight. He was actually somewhat excited about it.

“Do you want me to move over?” he asked next.

I shook my head in response before I replied, “I can do it just like this, if it’s OK with you,” as I reached down in between his legs and gave myself a gentle squeeze.

All he did was nod his head and lay back into me completely.

It was time to ask a few more questions before I whipped it out and quickly made a giant mess of things… him in particular.

“Do you know what sperm is?” I asked softly.

His response was unsure, but entirely unafraid. “That’s the white stuff, isn’t it?”

I nodded my head and gave him a slight kiss.

Before I could continue he asked the next question. “It’s called cum too, right?”

Again, I just nodded my head and gave him another kiss. I was wondering how he knew so much, so I figured we might as well talk about it some.

“Where did you learn about all this stuff? I thought you said you’ve never done stuff with someone else before,” I asked softly.

His eyes went a little wide again and another blush swept across his cute face, but his answer was sure and swift. “From videos.”

“Oh, I guess you’ve seen a lot of them, huh?” I asked next.

This time, the blush that spread across his adorable face was much more obvious. But as before, my little trooper nodded his head with a look that seemed to say, “Yeah, lots of ‘em.”

I looked down at him with a big grin on my face before I asked him, “Maybe we could watch some together sometime.”

His eager nod and devilish smile made it clear that he was definitely into watching porn videos with me. My dirty mind began racing with thoughts of making a few private ones as well. All in good time though, we still had a few more steps to cover before we got to that stage of the game. Though I was pretty sure that he wouldn’t take too long to get up to speed.

It was time to finish so I could begin. “You know that when I jack off, I’ll shoot sperm, don’t you?”

He nodded his head with a face that pretty much said, “Duh”.

Well it was clear that he knew enough about the adult male anatomy to understand what was going to happen when I came. What I wasn’t so sure about was whether he realized where my cum would land.

“If you stay here on my lap, my sperm is going to shoot out right here.” I told to him as I ran my hand across his taut little belly.

It became instantly clear that he hadn’t thought things through completely. His eyes went wide again as he looked down to where my hand was caressing him. He looked back into my eyes a second later and it also became obvious that he wasn’t entirely thrilled with the idea.

If I was going to have my way, he was going to have to say it was OK. In fact, he was going to have to ask for it.

“You can move if you want to… but I’d like it if you stayed on my lap and let me do it that way.” My most pleading look had accompanied the request. I’m pretty sure that my eyes hadn’t had to beg that hard in quite a long time.

He looked into my eyes for a few long moments as he considered my request before he gave me an ever so slight nod. He still didn’t seem very thrilled with the idea, but at least he’d agreed. If only I could get him to beg me to do it.

“Ask me to.” Again, my eyes were pleading with him.

He rolled his eyes again, but then he opened his mouth and said it. “Will you jack off and shoot your sperm on me, please?” Another giggle spewed out of his mouth as another blush swept across his face.

He said please again! Oh shit. Not only is he well mannered. But when you combined his politeness while using his sweet prepubescent accent in begging me to cum on him, he instantly became the most desirable creature on the planet.

I gave him another sensual kiss before I whispered to him to lift up. My shorts joined his on the floorboard in an instant. In another, my raging hard cock was sticking up between his legs and resting against his comparatively small balls. The heat coming off of him was nearly enough to cause me to lose it right then.

As he lay back into me I could see his eyes had gone wide again. It wasn’t fear I saw in them. Rather, it was curiosity mixed with wonder. Perhaps with a bit of surprise mixed in.

“You OK?” I asked softly as I gave him a gentle kiss on his cheek.

His eyes never left my cock as he answered. “Uh huh… it’s just so big.”

While it may have looked big to him as he looked past his four-inch tool to mine standing at attention just beyond, it really isn’t anything to brag about. At roughly seven inches long, at my very-very hardest mind you, and only about two and a half inches across, it was by no means “big”. But I can say that however small it may be compared to others of our species, my little friend had served me, and others, quite well over the years.

“I bet yours is going to be bigger than mine someday,” I whispered in his ear.

He looked into my eyes for a moment, with a look of pride I should add, before he returned his gaze, and hand, to his cock. He gave himself a few tugs before he let it go and moved his hand down just a wee bit further. Just as his fingers touched me, he once again looked into my eyes. This time he was looking for approval.

I just exhaled and closed my eyes. That must have been enough of a sign for him. He reached down as far as he could and took grasped it with his tiny fist. For a few moments he just held onto it, seemingly studying the other “big” cock sticking up between his legs. Then he gave it a couple of strokes and I nearly lost it. Though I kept myself under control, just barely, I did dribble a little bit of juice out of the tip and onto his balls.

“Is that cum?” I heard him squeak out.

I opened my eyes and followed his dreamy gaze down to my still leaking cock. “Huh uh, that’s pre-cum.”

He just turned his eyes back to mine with a questioning look.

“It helps make things slippery when you have sex.” I responded. That’s all he needed to know for the moment. We’ll get into full-blown sex education, and hopefully full-blown sex, at some other time.

“Like for fucking?” I heard him say with a giant grin on his very red face. Either he was embarrassed that he’d said the mother of all bad words, or he was embarrassed because he said the mother of all sex words. I think it was both that time.

I kissed him again to help ease his pain before I answered. “Yeah, it really helps when you’re fucking.”

He seemed quite pleased. Both that I’d used the same word he did and that he’d guessed correctly.

He let go of my cock and let his fingers glide up to the head as he tentatively stuck his index finger right onto my dripping slit. Oh shit, I was seeing stars as he worked his fingertip around in circles all over my glans for a few seconds. Once the tip of his finger was coated with my juice, he pulled his hand away and tapped his thumb and finger together. He seemed intrigued, both by it slickness and how it seemed to be sticking between his tiny little fingertips.

“It’s really slippery,” he declared as if he’d just made a great new discovery.

His next move caught me totally off guard. He brought his hand up to his nose and took a small whiff of the slime stuck to his fingertips. His first sniff was accompanied by an apprehension, similar to what you’d expect if you were watching someone sniff toxic chemicals. Then surprise seemed to wash over him as he looked into my eyes and told me quite simply, “It doesn’t smell like pee or anything.”

I chuckled a bit before I responded. “It’s got nothing to do with pee. Pre-cum and cum come from balls, pee comes from the bladder.” I told him as I tapped his belly lightly.

“Oh,” was he only response. But he seemed content enough with my answer.

He was ready for the next step it seemed. “Do you want to get the feeling now?” he asked with a smirk spread across his sweet little face.

I just nodded and kissed him once again. Apparently that wasn’t a good enough answer for the boy. He grin got even bigger before he got me back for teasing him.

“Say it,” he said while looking at me with his devilish grin.

Oh shit! The boy had already figured out my little game. And it appeared as though he liked to play it.

“Can I cum… Please,” I said to him as I winked.

“Yes you may,” he replied with a giggle as he reached down and once again wrapped his tiny fist around my throbber and started stroking me.

Oh shit again! I wasn’t expecting him to do the dirty deed for me. But if he was willing, I most definitely was as well. It was another nice thing to see in the boy, not only was he polite; he had a good sense of fair play. Something that would definitely be useful as our friendship progressed.

His little hand sped up into a nice rhythm before he turned to me with a big grin on his cute face. “Am I doing it good?” he asked as his eyes danced with glee. I guess he was having a good time. So was I, oh, so was I.

“Yeah,” I replied. “Just don’t stop when I start shooting, OK?” I continued with my pleading eyes.

“K” was his simple reply as returned his eyes to the task at hand (he-he).

I relaxed myself into the moment. I put my left hand onto his still rock hard boy boner and began gently stroking him. My right returned to the tight boy muscles on his chest. God he felt so fucking good! If moments like those aren’t the path to heaven, than there is no such place.

I tried to get him to start with the kissing again. I stuck out my tongue and attacked his lips with frenzy. But he shut me down completely. “Huh uh, I wanna watch it.”

OK, if he wants to see it happen for real, who am I to take that away from him. Besides, he had plenty of other parts that still needed exploring. I turned my nose to the side of his head and buried it in his dirty blond locks. One deep whiff of his sweet scent was all it took to send me over the edge.

“Here it cums,” I mumbled as I took hold of his chest even tighter than before. The hand that held his cock stopped stroking him and moved down to his thigh. Hey, I wanted him to be covered in my cum, not me.

And then I exploded. Even though he jerked a bit when it happened, he was true to his word. He didn’t stop when he was suddenly thrust under live fire. What a brave little soldier he was. He seemed to know that he needed to slow the pace of his flying fist down just a wee bit once the orgasm started to subside. And it seemed as if he had the jack off game mastered. Perhaps it was time to teach him a few new tricks.

I opened my eyes and watched the last little bit of my cum dribble out onto his now slowly moving fist. His taut little belly and chest where nearly covered in my slime as was his not so little boy cock and balls. And it was clear by the way his nose was scrunched up that he was a little grossed out by the sperm that was now succumbing to gravity and finding the path of least resistance leaving trails across his tight skin.

I grabbed his fist when it became unbearable for him to continue any longer. “You did great,” I told him, “but its time to stop now.” I leaned in and kissed his head continuously while I came down from my ultimate high.

“Thank you,” I whispered to him when I fully recovered.

He just turned his face up to mine. Yeah, his nose was still scrunched up.

“Sorry, “ I said to him. “I don’t usually shoot that much. Its just that you made me really horny and I got a little over excited.”

He kind of nodded his head in acceptance. He even tried to put on a smile for me. But he was still clearly grossed out by the aftermath of our encounter. What a trooper he is!

“Don’t worry, it’ll wash off,” I said next as I ran my fingers through the slime on his belly.

He giggled a bit as if I was tickling him before he said with wonder, “It’s hot.”

I nodded before replying, “It came from inside me, when it comes out its as warm as my blood.”

He seemed satisfied with that explanation. So he did what any red blooded western boy would do, he brought his cum covered hand up to his nose and took a whiff off the real thing. If I hadn’t just shot the biggest load ever just a few moments ago, I might have spontaneously exploded right then. He certainly was one curious young pup.

While my little cum sniffer didn’t seem totally grossed out by the very new scent that was invading his nostrils. I’m pretty sure that he didn’t think it smelled like chocolate cake.

He next words made laugh out loud. “People eat this stuff?” He asked as he once again scrunched up his nose.

When I finished laughing I replied with a cocked eyebrow, “It’s more like they swallow it.”

He rolled his eyes making it clear that he saw no distinction between the two. Cum in your mouth is cum in your mouth, no matter what you call it.

Hoping not to allow his apprehension to take root I quickly responded, “Sometimes, if they don’t want to swallow it, they spit it out afterwards.”

He still didn’t seem convinced. And it appeared that he still didn’t see the difference. Cum in your mouth is…

I guess I’m kind of a hypocrite. I don’t like the taste of cum myself. Lucky for me, my first choice in lovers can’t make it. I tried a different approach in swaying him towards the dark side.

I grabbed a hold of his wrist and pushed his little cum covered hand within reach of my mouth. As I looked him right in the eyes, I stuck out my tongue and took a great big lick.

His eyes went wide with wonder as I cleaned all the sticky goo that covered his little paw.

I smiled at him before I added one more point to my cum eating lesson. “You get used to it,” I told him before I continued. “Its kind of the same as when you stick your tongue up your partners butt, you get so horny and hot, that all you can think about is making your lover feel good, no matter what!” I winked at him after a short moment and watched for his reaction.

He was clearly stunned. He was still able to speak though. “You’ve done that?” he asked in disbelief.

I nodded my head before replying. “Don’t worry, you’ll like it… a lot!” I winked at him again before quickly changing the subject.

“You know what else cum is good for besides being a tasty treat?” I asked.

He looked a little confused with all the sex info I was feeding him. Hey, I had to if I wanted to start feeding him something else. At least he didn’t have the look of fear in his eyes.

He just shook his head as he kept his astonished eyes locked to mine while I ran my right hand all over his cum coated chest and belly.

“It makes a really good lube to jack off your partner,” I said as I grasped his still rigid boy cock in my cum covered fist.

He shuddered uncontrollably, nearly jumping out of his slime coated skin at first. But once I started gently squeezing his little stick of dynamite and ever so gently stroking him, he soon felt the magic begin coursing through his veins once again. After a few moments, when the initial shock wore off, he sunk himself back into me and got himself all situated for another wild ride.

“Do you want me to do it again?” I asked softly.

He nodded his head for a moment before he realized that it might not have been enough to keep me going.

“Jack me off again… please?” he begged me as he closed his eyes yet again.

So polite! And so god damn fucking hot was the sweet little Ozark Mountain twang ringing in my ears. If he’d have just begged me for it, I would have gladly bent him over the seat and fucked the life force right out of him, even though I’d just blown my biggest load ever just a short while ago. Alas, it was not to be. Not yet anyway.

Once again, I took hold of his tiny little nipple and set to work on pleasuring the boy. It was pretty obvious that he found this new way of doing it just as good, maybe even better then the standard thumb and forefinger, dry approach.

I whispered in his ear, “This is pretty much what fucking feels like,” as I continued simultaneously squeezing and jerking him.

He sighed again and let himself go completely. So I turned my lips to his and began probing his sweet mouth with my tongue. Either he’d forgotten that I’d just licked my cum off of his hand, or he didn’t care. He immediately opened his mouth and allowed me to stick my cum coated tongue into his third-most holiest of holy’s.

After a few moments of my ministrations, he slid his left hand up and across my cheek until he reached the back of my head. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my mouth into his even harder as his groans of passion flew out of his entrance and shot down my throat. Holy shit, we were full blown making out. And he was as into it as I was.

Only when his orgasm finally overtook him did he pull his sweet little mouth away from mine. I opened my eyes and watched him go off like a ballistic missile. His mouth was still hanging open in the shape of an O. The rest of his face seemed to be saying that he was seeing God himself, or last least some type of unearthly vision on the inside of his eyelids. The mew like groans that were flying out of his mouth and splashing across my face made it clear that whatever hallucination he was having, it was a spectacular sight to behold.

He slowly drug his soft little paw across my cheek again until reached my chin and moved me into position for another kiss. This time it was his tongue that was knocking at my door. And I quickly let him in. His other hand took hold of the fist that was still gripping his hard little member and pulled it away. He was done and that was that it seemed.

After another minute of tongue dancing, he pulled away and let every muscle in his body relax as he collapsed onto me with a very contented sigh. We both just sat there in a state of blissful silence for a few minutes before he finally broke the magic spell.

“I probably shouldn’t tell Grandma about this either, huh?” He said jokingly.

That was definitely a good sign, but it needed just a wee bit more reinforcement.

“Huh uh,” I replied before adding, “Not anyone, not ever!” I said it softly, even lovingly. But I had a definite conviction in my voice.

He looked up at me with his dreamy brown eyes and said the magic words we all want to hear. “Don’t worry, I won’t.”

“Good boy,” I whispered as I leaned in for another kiss.

When I pulled away a minute later he opened his eyes and cracked me up again. “Can we clean up now… please?” he asked me with his pleading eyes.

“Yes,” I said with a small snicker escaping my lips. “Sorry I made you so messy.”

“It’s OK,” he replied. “At first, when it was all hot it was kinda cool. And the second time, when you used it to jack me off, it was way better than the first time. But now it’s just kinda cold and clammy.”

I reached around behind the passenger seat and brought out a box of baby wipes. Hey, they have a thousand (and one) different uses.

He giggled quite a bit in his silly little Ozark way as I pretty much wiped him from head to toe. He immediately stopped as I had him lift his legs while I wiped the crack of his ass cleaner than when we’d first met those few precious hours ago. Hey, I had to be sure I got it all, didn’t I? Though he wasn’t all that bothered by my near invasion of his inner space. He seemed quite relieved once I finished wiping us clean. All in good time I thought. I was pretty sure that my intuitions about him were pretty much accurate. This wasn’t going to be the last time that my cum was all over him, or the last time I touched him down there.

He didn’t seem to be in any hurry to pull his shorts back up, but I unfortunately was. We’d been nearly naked out in public, in broad daylight, for quite a while. Even though we were in a fairly isolated area and hidden amongst the trees, it was time to cover ourselves back up and get the boy closer to home.

I reached down and grabbed his shorts and began to pull them up. He didn’t even need to be told to lift up that time; he just raised his tight little butt up automatically. Hopefully I’ll get that same reaction the next time I try to reverse the sequence.

Once he was dressed, I lifted him up and over to his own seat. Before I had a chance to pull up my own shorts I heard his sweet little voice spout out, “Wow, you got a lot of hair down there.”

When I looked over at him he was giggling and blushing. Then he reached over to cop of feel. He ran his tiny little fingers through my pubes for a few moments before he asked the very important question that all boys his age seem to need the answer to.

“When am I gonna get hair down there?” There was no blushing this time. He was as serious as a boy can be.

Not anytime soon I wanted to say. But if I’m a good judge of boy character, and I think I am, that was most definitely not what he wanted to hear. Instead I gave him the realistic answer.

“Maybe a year, maybe two. You can’t really predict that kind of thing… everyone is different.” I told him as I pulled up my shorts the rest of the way.

While he seemed slightly disappointed that I couldn’t give him a better answer than that, he seemed to accept it.

“I’ll take a closer look later on and see if I can find any signs of things to cum, K?” I added a moment later. That seemed to brighten his spirits a little I noted as he nodded his head eagerly. Mine too, if the truth must be told.

“Hey, you wanna see if your Grandma will let you come over for some pizza when we get back?” I asked as I started up the truck. We might as well get to the inspection as soon as possible. Perhaps we’d have the chance to go over a few new lessons as well.

He nodded his head eagerly as he spouted out, “Yeah, I’m starving.”

“I bet you are. You just had two orgasms in a row.” I said as I threw the truck in gear and skidded back out onto the road, much to his glee.

“Is an orgasm the same thing as getting the feeling?” he asked without fear or embarrassment. Yeah, it appeared as though he needed a few more lessons the fine art of sexual pleasure. And I was quite willing to devote as much time as required so he might achieve complete mastery of all the necessary knowledge and skills.

“Exactly the same thing,” I replied as I reached over and gave him a gentle squeeze on his exposed knee.

Instead of tightening up or giggling at my unexpected groping. He relaxed back into his seat and spread his legs again. It was just a gentle touch I’d given him. It wasn’t even all that erotic. But it seemed as though my young little horn dog was ready for more. I let my hand glide up to the center of his universe and gave him a few strokes with my nimble fingers. Either he’d never gone soft, or he’d boned up again in an instant. Yeah, he was definitely ready for more.

I gently stroked his steely rod through his silky shorts for a few minutes as he sat there with the look of the Cheshire cat on his face until my cell phone got a couple of bars. Reluctantly, I let go of his boy dick and speed dialed the pizza place so we wouldn’t have to wait very long to recharge our systems. Hey, there’s was no sense in delaying the inevitable, was there? It was only going to take me a couple of hours to refuel my engine. Just about the time required for some pizza and maybe a video or two. And it was likely that he’d be able to play at least a couple more games of squeeze the monkey before the day ended. Oh to be ten again.

“So, cheese pizza or… ?” I asked him.

“Yeah, cheese pizza is my favorite,” he replied with a happy grin.

Of course it is. He’s a ten-year-old boy. I ordered the pizza, then moved my attentions back the little urchin gleefully riding shotgun next to me. I slid my hand over and gave his taut little ten-year-old tummy a few tickles before I returned to his boy-toy and kept working him towards another miracle.

He cackled madly when I tickled his stomach. When I returned his not so little tool he lay back again and closed his eyes once more.

The End?

I might continue if I get enough requests. Come on, beg me for it.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.