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"Yeah, cheese pizza is my favorite," he replied with a happy grin.

Of course it is. He's a ten-year-old boy. I ordered the pizza, then moved my attentions back the little urchin gleefully riding shotgun next to me. I slid my hand over and gave his taut little ten-year-old tummy a few tickles before I returned to his boy-toy and kept working him towards another miracle.

He cackled madly when I tickled his stomach. When I returned to his not so little tool he lay back again and closed his eyes once more.

Suck me off... please.

While I couldn't keep my eyes on him - Hey, we were driving - I did keep one hand on him as often as possible. Except for those times that required two hands on the wheel, I devoted much of the return trip to keeping the young horn dog in a perpetual state of bliss.

At first, he seemed quite content at my ministrations of his 10-year-old boy stick. Then, all of a sudden it seemed a perpetual state of bliss was perhaps a wee bit longer than the boy was prepared to endure. Quite unexpectedly, he removed my hand from his nylon-encased tool, pulled up the leg of his shorts, and then placed my hand directly onto his rock hard boy cock. As soon as I made direct contact I heard the words, albeit barely, "Do it again, please?" And yes, since I'm sure you wanted to know. His prepubescent Ozark melody was once again ringing in my ears.

Oh shit, we'd not even been back on the road for 10-minutes and it had barely been 20-minutes since he'd had his second orgasm of the afternoon. What a little slut I'd found staring at me from in front of his Grandma's house just a few short hours ago. Actually, that's not even close to a good noun that would describe the young urchin, or so I came to find out. What is two levels higher than slut?

Whether it was my magical fingers or that I'd awakened something within the young pup, probably a little of both I think, young Sam seemed to be a sexual dynamo just dying to make the transition from clandestine self pleasurer to my very willing partner in crime. And I was in desperate need of a young collaborator to help carry out my sins against humanity, or so they like to call it. Thank whomever he understood that no matter what it was we would be doing together, quite a lot by my plan, it still needed to be kept top-secret.

Since I couldn't really give the boy all the attention he deserved whilst we were driving. And since we were still far enough out in the countryside so that the roads were empty of traffic, I pulled the truck over to the side of the road and really set to work on giving him what he lusted for. "One order of orgasm, coming up," I said to him as I threw the truck into park. I then turned my attentions to him completely and began my third endeavor to launch the boy into outer space.

Oh god! His four-inches of boyness was a mouth-watering delight that was seemingly straining to stay attached to his young hard body as I began another round of make the boy mine for all eternity (or at least until he's old enough...). I'd not seen his boy cock from that angle as of yet. And it was a fucking awesome sight to behold as it poked out into the sunshine from within the confines of its silky nylon hiding place. With his shorts pulled up tight to his crotch, my hungry eyes gazed down at his flawless boyhood with a desire I'd not acted upon in far too long. I wouldn't count the little splat of a birthmark painted on his cock just a fraction of an inch from the base of his join as a flaw. No, it was definitely a beauty mark like some random spot on the side of a wild Pinto that his creator had seen fit to grace him with. I couldn't help but imagine that I might be the only one to ever know about it. Someday, after all, he was going to grow hair down there and then it would be covered up for all eternity. Not that I was any hurry to have it become hidden from my view anytime soon, or ever for that matter.

I held the rest of his visible flesh in high regard as well. The dark brown of his bony knees slowly faded to silky white boy skin the further towards heaven my eyes climbed. Specs of near white prepubescent fuzz sparsely dotted his otherwise hairless thighs like flecks of gold sprinkled on some porcelain vase.

Once my eyes reached the center of his very bright universe, the vision of his holiness displayed before me was nothing short of miraculous. The crease where his trim little legs met his hairless groin seemed to be glowing with the energy of a megawatt light bulb. It was if his creator had placed a white-hot ball of heat just below the surface of his boy flesh so I might find my way out of the darkness. And my ministrations on him were somehow causing it to become increasingly brighter with each flip of his switch.

Just below the four-inches of perfection I was stroking ever so gently, his thankfully inactive boy balls hung down just far enough to indicate that they had begun their journey towards his evolution. Just below those two little bits of paradise, I could see a slight seam traversing his taint as if it was a pathway leading straight towards heaven itself.  And then to my delight, he shifted his little legs apart ever so slightly and revealed his slit to me. Only an inch or so of his little crack was visible to my lustful eyes, but it was the most stunning inch of anything I'd ever seen.

I peeled my eyes away from the entrance to his secret spot so I wouldn't succumb to my urges. But as my gaze returned to his steely hard boy wonder, I was again struck with a near uncontrollable urge to stick my face into his lap and eat him alive. Alas I couldn't, at least not there on the side of the road. In the privacy of my house, well that's another story. Not really, read on.

Instead of losing my self-control, I speed up my attentions. This time was going to have to be a quickie. It seemed that I was doing everything he wanted and needed for me to do; at least I thought so until he suddenly opened his eyes and mouth.

"Can you do it like you did the second time, please?" he pleaded as he looked hopefully into my eyes. There was no giggling this time. He was serious again.

Uhmmmm? Was I supposed to whip it out and shoot another load onto his straining boyness? However much the thought appealed to me; I couldn't, not then, not there... even if I'd had enough time to recharge my system. I supposed I'd have to use the age-old alternative to get his little machine oiled up and ready to perform. Sadly, I had to choose the second best method of application as well. I spit in my hand a few times before I returned my attentions back to my young master. Hey, whatever works in a pinch, right?

As soon as I wrapped my hand around him, around it, he mewed "Yeah" and then closed his eyes while collapsing back into the seat. At first, I just squeezed him ever so gently while turning my tight fist so the slickness of my spit would saturate the soft skin of his boy penis. Once I'd worked it around and into him, I took my hand off of it so I could retrieve more of my back up lubricant. At once his eyes told me he wasn't at all pleased that I'd let go of his boy cock. They shot open and glared at me as soon as our connection had been severed. He seemed satisfied when he realized I wasn't abandoning my efforts and I was going to return to pleasuring him once my refill had been completed. His soft brown and very stern eyes followed my hands every move nonetheless just to be sure until I was reconnected to my young lover.

Another sweet Ozark laced moan fill the interior of my truck once I began sliding my slobbery fist up & down his four-inch rod with a passion of my own. With closed eyes and a smile the size of Texas on his sweet prepubescent face, the young Adonis settled back into his own special rhythm getting ready for the magical feeling to summoned forth yet again from the depths of his soul.

What he couldn't see couldn't hurt him, could it? I brought my free hand up to my mouth and let loose another load of my juices. Again, not the right juice for the job, but whatever. Without warning, I reached across and took his precious jewels into my grasp and gave them the attention they were unknowingly calling for.

His eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets because they'd sprung open so quickly. And the near scream that escaped his trembling lips put a fear into me the likes I'd not felt since I'd slid myself into the backdoor of a nine-year-old short stop from the baseball team I used to coach. Luckily, in both that case, and this one, it was a scream of pleasure, not agony that was ringing in my ears. Well, I guess at first there was quite a bit of agony coming from nine-year-old Trevor, if the truth must be told. But he wouldn't let me stop fucking his boyhood right out of him, "No matter what!" So what was I supposed to do?

Sam's world seemingly came crashing down around him as he reached his third climax of the afternoon. As I felt his boy cock throb near uncontrollably, his as of yet non-working young sperm makers were desperately trying to eject his non-existent seed repeatedly. His hard little body was pressed so hard into the seatback that I wondered if he'd leave an imprint of himself embedded in it. As his mews faded into whispers, he slowly came down from his incredible high until he could no longer stand what my hands were still doing to him. With one more violent shudder, he pushed my hands off of him and brought his knee's up to his chest cutting me off from access to his most prized possession. He was content and he was finished, for the time being anyway.

Not 2-seconds later a horn honked right next to us and just about scared the shit out of me. If you've ever had your heart literally leap into your throat... well, that about explains the feeling I had. Since the boy was covered, I turned my attentions to the unknown intruder that had nearly ruined our pit stop, but might ruin my life if they had seen what had just transpired. Once I turned my head and saw the source of the sound, I had to clamp my mouth shut as my heart would likely have come flying out of it and gone splattering into the tinted glass window of my driver's side door. And it would have happened right in front of the Sheriff that was sitting in his patrol car that had been pulled over to within one foot of my truck. If I had wanted, and let me assure you I didn't, I could have opened the window, reached out and touched the green and white carriage to hell and beyond.

I sat there stunned and unable to move before I slowly realized the cop was trying to get my attention. I could barely make out what he was doing for a long fearful moment. But then my senses kicked in and figured it out. Oh, he wanted me to roll down my window. Of course I obliged him without further delay.

"Everything all right?" he asked with that ever so subtle "Everyone's got a secret, all I need to do is find it and they're all mine" cop look spread across his most serious face.

Luckily, I'm very quick with a good lie when the circumstances require it. And I think that particular situation was screaming for it.

"Yes sir, my boy spilled his soda... we're just doing a bit of clean up," I told him as my right hand reached over and blindly grabbed one of the half-full drink cups sitting in the holder between us. Yeah, if I'd had to, I would have made the sacrifice and dumped that drink in a millisecond. Luckily, the interior of my ride was spared the humiliation.

"OK, just checking. Have a good day," he said with a wave before he sped off with the likely hopes of finding some big crime to solve. Lucky for me his patrol car rode just a bit too low for him to see into my lifted ride. Otherwise, his keen powers of observation would have witnessed the crime of the century taking place. Well, on his beat anyway.

Yeah, I nearly wet myself. And I had to make three attempts at getting my pounding heart to go back down my throat before it seemed to agree that the danger of all dangers had passed and it slid down my gullet ever so slowly. Apparently, it wasn't willing to fully return to its appointed place just yet. But at least it had retreated back most of the way.

"That was close," Sam breathed out with a sigh of relief.

I guess he just inherently knew that of all people, the cops should never-ever even suspect something like what we just did had ever happened. Again, thank you to the one that saw fit to instill that bit of wisdom into my boy.

"Way too close," I replied as I watched the cop car disappear behind the crest of a hill a mile away. And that still wasn't far enough away as I was concerned.

Then my boy wonder laid into me with his silky-soft tongue. "Hey, why'd you have to tell him it was me who spilled the drink," he ribbed. He was just joking it seemed, well mostly anyway.

"Because ten-year-old boy's always spill... that's a given," I answered as I looked over at him. "That and it was the first thing that came to my mind. Besides, I had to say something, I couldn't have him get out of his car and take a look at you." I continued as I poked him in the ribs.

He giggled madly as he tried to pull away from my reach. He only succeeded in slamming himself into the door behind him with a bone-jarring thud. I tried my best not to laugh, but it was not to be. Aren't boys so fuckin' adorable in their clumsiness?

When he finally recovered from both his laughter and slight pain he responded. "Why not, I'm covered up," His eyes glanced down to his center, just to be sure, before he looked back up at me with his sweet grin spread out across his even sweeter face.

"Cause you look like you just had your third orgasm in less than an hour." I replied with a grin of my own. The fact is, he did. It didn't matter that we'd both just had the life nearly scared out if us. His eyes spoke the truth about his mental state of being. "I've just had another orgasm at the hands of my new adult friend. And I loved it! Oh, and I'm going to need another one again, very soon."

He just giggled as he looked at himself in the side view mirror on the passenger door for a few moments. When he turned back to me he clearly stated that it was entirely my fault he looked that way.

"If you hadn't jacked me off so good I wouldn't look like a goofball right now" he started to chide me. "And I don't think its ever gonna go away," he added with another giggle and a gleam in his eyes. He'll wear that lustfully contented look for the rest of his childhood, if I have anything to say about it.

"You don't look like a goofball," I replied lovingly. "You look like your full of magic... my magic," I continued before I blew him a kiss. He was too. I'd cast my spell and changed him into a horny toad.

"I won't do as good a job the next time, if that would be better for you," I added with a sinister look in my eyes.

That got his mouth to shut like a spring loaded bear trap. Slam! He shook his head as he drew an imaginary zipper across his full pink lips to seal them shut in case they tried to open up again and possibly ruin the best thing for him since, well, ever. Then he reached over and put the make believe key to his sweet little mouth into my hand while he continued to shake his head fervently. He'd just given me the key that allowed me access to his pleasure center. Yeah, I was most certainly up to the challenge of being his key master.

I smiled down at my young love for a brief moment before I put the truck in gear and sped off for home. Hey, the pizza was going to be there before us if we didn't stop wasting time. Not that we'd actually been wasting anything so far that day.

Quite unexpectedly I felt his hand reach out and clamp a hold of mine. That's when my heart agreed to finally settle back into its slot. It had to; for each and every moment the boy held my hand, my heart kept growing exponentially bigger as it filled to near bursting with lust.

When I had a chance to look over at him, my throat was filled with as much laughter as my loins were packed with desire. He was stroking himself ever so subtly through his silky shorts. It seems the boy's lust is insatiable. That was a good thing in case you were wondering. So was mine.

"How many times a day do you do that to yourself?" I asked him once I stopped giggling.

I laughed even harder at his response. "As many times as I can," came his quick reply. It wasn't until he'd blurted it out that he seemed to realize that he'd given away his biggest, at least until this afternoons adventure, secret. His blush made it clear to me that he wasn't all that used to discussing his most private pastime with anyone else... especially an adult.

""Don't be embarrassed, all boys and men do it," I told him. "As many times a day as they can," I added after a brief pause.

He looked at me questioningly for a moment before he asked yet another all-important boy question. "Than why does everyone talk about it like its something bad?"

While there were many possible explanations I could give in response. I didn't really want to open up that can of worms right then. Trying to explain the reasons behind mankind's hypocrisies was far to deep a subject for the moment. Or so I'd hoped.

Instead I just shrugged my shoulders and replied, "Kinda stupid, huh?"

He nodded his head in agreement as he smiled up at me. "Way stupid!" he nearly shouted. But he still seemed to need more. The look on his face made it clear that he needed to hear a better answer than the one I'd given.

It appeared as though the definition of a hypocrite was required in order to help the boy understand. "As you get older, you're going to find out that a lot of people pretend that they don't like something, even though they really do. And most of them do it, all the while telling everyone else they shouldn't do it."

"Like what we just did together?" he asked next. Yeah, I guess we were going to have the full-blown discussion after all.

"Yeah, lots of boys do stuff together, at least a couple of times in their childhood." I replied with a soft look in my eyes. That conversation could have turned south very quickly if I didn't handle it with the greatest of care.

"Do lots of boys and men do stuff together?" he asked plainly. Apparently he saw a definite distinction between boys and men. Gulp!

"Since the beginning of time" I answered without pause. "But I'll be honest about something... I'm not sure every boy does it because they really want to, at least at first, like you did." It was clear that he'd wanted to, but I just needed to make sure that he remembered that fact. I couldn't allow doubt to creep in and poison his soul for all time to come, now could I?

You did want to, didn't you? The question remained unspoken, as I couldn't summon up the courage to ask.  What if he said something my heart couldn't bear to hear.

He must have sensed my thoughts. "I'm glad we did it. I liked it a lot. But..." his voice trailed off with completing his thoughts.

"But what?" I pressed him. "Come on, just say it." I for one couldn't handle him having any doubts about "what we just did together". And were likely to continue doing, if I could get him over the uncertainty our fucked up society had planted in his brain.

"You're not going to make me do stuff I don't want to, are you?" He asked sheepishly. It seemed as though he was afraid of offending me by asking that question.

"Never!" I almost shouted. "You have to ask me to do it, whatever it is And you can always say no, or stop, and it will end right then," I replied lovingly as I let go of his hand and caressed his dirty-blond mop.

"Sorry," he replied with a distressed look. "I didn't really think you were like that... I just-"

I cut him off. "You can tell me anything, ask me anything, and say anything you feel, anytime you want. Never be afraid of me," I told him as I gazed down affectionately while continuing to run my fingers through his locks.

And so he did.

"They said at school that it was a bad thing to do. That if a man tried to do that I should tell someone." He suddenly blurted out. He was still serious, but he didn't seem troubled.

Gulp-gulp! Yeah, my heart was starting to crawl back up my throat.

"Did you think it was bad or do you feel bad about doing it?" I asked tentatively. My heart would have shattered into a billion pieces right then if his answer had been yes.

He thought about it for a few moments before he replied, " No, I liked it... a lot. And I don't think you're a bad man, in fact I think you kind of loved making me feel good. So that means you kinda love me," he said bashfully as he looked up into my eyes pleadingly.

I nodded my head eagerly so he'd know that I did in fact "kinda love him" as I returned my hand to his tiny paw and gave it a gentle squeeze. I kept my silence though so I wouldn't break his train of thought.

"It's just..." he started to continue. That was the first time I saw doubt about what we had done in his eyes. And yes, it did make my heart ache.

I knew what was coming next before he found the courage to ask his question. Likely, the all time biggest question a boy in his position has ever had to ask.

"Does what we did make me a fag?" he asked

Oh Shit! While I'd had that conversation before, and it had always gone the way I'd hoped. You can never be sure how a boy is going to react.

In short, that discussion consumed the rest of our drive home. And all the possibilities were explained.

"Lots of boy's do it... with other boys and /or men". "You'll likely try girls, when you're old enough". "Gay's really only like other people of the same sex, your not experienced enough to know that yet" "At some point, you'll decide what you like and don't like". Etc, etc...

Like I said, we talked about it all in great detail. And he listened eagerly to my explanations about the other facts of life that they don't like to acknowledge exist in the real world.

After I finished talking, his long pause left me wondering how he was going to react to everything I'd just said. It seemed he was searching his heart for the right answers. Yeah, I was pretty much on pins and needles as I awaited his response. When he finally spoke, he was far more direct than I could have hoped.

"Then fuck them, they're all stupid! I don't feel guilty about it like I would if I'd have stolen something or hurt someone," he suddenly exclaimed with a determination and frustration I'd later learn to anticipate as we'd had our many discussions about humanities insanities.

Fuck them indeed! And apparently the boy has a good moral center; he knows the difference between right, wrong and bullshit!

As we turned onto our street (I love saying that... our street, sigh!) it was obvious he was content. The blissful look spread across his face made it quite clear that he was one very happy boy. Both his physical desires and his emotional doubts had been stroked, soothed and completely satisfied.

"Just in case Grandma doesn't let me come back, thanks... for everything," he said as we pulled into my driveway. He seemed to be waiting for something more as he looked into my eyes longingly. Was it a kiss goodbye he wanted? I think so, but I couldn't give it to him. Not right there in view of the entire neighborhood anyway.

So fucking polite and charming. Oh please, oh please, oh please, Grandma, let him come over again, even if it can't be tonight. I wanted to lean over and give him the kiss he both deserved and desired but... Instead I squeezed his hand while I told him if he couldn't come back over tonight, "Come by as soon you can".

He nodded eagerly before he slid out the door and seemingly flew towards his new home. Just before he went inside, he turned to me with a huge smile on his face and gave me a cheerful little wave.

Oh please, oh please, oh please!

Not five minutes later there was a knock on my door that could only have come from a tiny fist. Luckily for me, she did let him come back. And as before, she'd not even bothered to ask any questions. According to him, the only thing she did tell him was to be sure not to bother that nice man next door. Hey, I am a nice man. I just have a bit of an evil streak, or so they would say anyway.

When I asked him what time he had to be home the boy just shrugged his shoulders. That was strange. And quite disconcerting too, I needed to know what the limits were. Not that I hadn't already surpassed one of the biggest of them already anyway... whatever. I sent him back home with my cell number and a message to call when she wanted him to come home. Hey, it wouldn't do to have her ringing my doorbell at an inopportune time, now would it? That and I know how to score points when I need to.

Sam didn't even bother knocking when he returned. It was as if my boy had come home from a hard day of playing outside and was in urgent need of sustenance. Slam! I heard as he shut the door as only a happy-go-lucky young boy can do. Then the pitter-patter of little feet was heard while he sought me out as if he were a mouse seeking cheese in a maze. Once he found his prize (me) sitting on the couch trying to catch the last inning of the game, he plopped himself down next to me with a perturbed sigh.

"When is the pizza going to get here? I'm starving!" I heard him spout out in his whiny Ozark squeak.

I laughed for a moment as I thought about how he'd just proven to me that he was in fact 100% pure prepubescent boy. Actually, I'd seen all the proof I needed already, a few times that afternoon, but whatever.

"In a little while." I answered as I reached out and stroked his knee.

He just lay back and spread his legs for me, for us. Jeeze, was he really ready again?

Apparently he was. "Are we going to watch some videos tonight?" he asked shyly.

I laughed again for a moment before I responded. "Maybe after we eat. And if you say please," I responded with a wink.

He rolled his eyes and gave me a pouty frown. Apparently that wasn't the answer he wanted to hear.

I stuck out my tongue and swept it across my lips and watched his face go pink before I returned my eyes to the TV.

I guess he needed all of my attention, all of the time. Quite unexpectedly I found a boy in my lap blocking my view of the television. Two dark brown eyes perfectly placed within a sea of cuteness were staring into my own from 3-inches away. And they held a gleam in them that quickly made me forget all about game I'd thought was important to watch just a moment before.

He made me blush with his next question. "How come you always want me to ask for it?" he said as he stared me down with his sweet grin nearly filling his oh so face.

"I just want to be sure that you want to do it," I answered trying to sound as if was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

No, he wasn't buying my story, at least not entirely. Apparently I'd given myself away when I'd blushed. "There's another reason isn't there?" he asked with his eyes seemingly daring me to lie about it.

I wouldn't have lied to him. Though it didn't seem like I would have needed to anyway. I was already getting the impression that he kind of liked having to beg for it.

I just nodded my head at him as I winked once again.

"You like making me beg, huh?" he asked next as his eyes twinkled. Then his eyes looked down at my cock briefly, just so I'd be clear on what he meant by "like", before he returned his now radiant young eyes to mine.

Yep, he'd figured me out. I just nodded once again as I kept my eyes locked to his. I was searching for the truth about what he thought of my sick little perversion. And I didn't have to wait long at all to find out.

His gleam got brighter still when I heard him ask me with what came to be known as his fuck me please Arkansas lisp, "Can we kiss... please?"

I bet the glimmer in my eyes was as bright as his just then as I once again nodded my head and leaned in for another taste of my little lover. Just as our lips made contact he shut his eyes and seemingly transferred all the energy that had powered his lust filled gleam into his soft pink tongue. It quickly slipped its way out of his mouth and into mine with a passion I'd never encountered in anyone, ever before.

We were lip locked for nearly two full minutes when the sound of the doorbell sent a chill up my spine. Yeah, I still wasn't quite over almost being caught by the cop while we were playing make the boy orgasm on the side of the road. We reluctantly pulled away from our embrace and looked into each other's eyes making unspoken promises to each other that we'd start over where we'd left off as soon as possible. It was when the doorbell rang again, several times I should add, that we finally had to get moving.

I sent him into the kitchen to get paper plates, napkins and drinks while I went to the door to get rid of the pizza guy as quickly as I could. Well, that plan didn't work out quite as I'd expected it would. When I opened the door I was stunned speechless, literally. It wasn't a pizza was a pizza boy.  One that I hadn't seen hide nor hair of in nearly three years.

Oh shit times ten! Staring back at me wearing an all-knowing teenage smirk was a boy that at one time in my not too distant past had been the light of my life (and bedroom). Keith was eleven and a half when I'd first encountered him at the little market around the corner playing video games in the back of the store. What a cutie he'd been, and was still - if you're into that age group - as I watched him blasting away at the invaders from outer space. Oh how I'd love to invade his inner space and start blasting away I thought as I watched his tight little butt squirm around inside his very tight, really just way too small, shorts. As I watched him with his blond hair and very bright blue eyes reflecting in the game screen, I felt my pulse tick up a few notches as my desire increased exponentially. In other words, boing!

It had only cost me two quarters to gain his friendship that fateful afternoon. I challenged him to game of doubles when he lost his last man. He didn't have another quarter, so I paid his way... right into my heart (and bed). We became instant friends after we'd finished that one game. He won, in case you're wondering. When he heard about my Xbox system at home, we were walking towards my house a few moments later. Not an hour after that, his shorts and briefs were around his ankles as I sucked his hairless boy dick while he continued hunting demons in some dark cavern of cyberspace. Not until he was near climax did he set the controller down and really began enjoying my attentions. With soft whimpers pouring out of his mouth, young Keith climaxed as he pushed my head as far down onto his three and a half inch boy cock as it would go. Basically, all the way down.

Once he recovered, he reluctantly, or so he made it seem, returned the favor and blew me until I shot in his mouth... well, at least some of my cum got in there anyway. The rest he spread on his lips and cheeks as he worked my shooting prick across his adorable young face while trying not to gag on the juice that had shot down his throat. As I lay back and watched him lick, suck and nearly devour my man cock, it occurred to me that he was doing far too good a job for this to be a first time event for him. Well, apparently I wasn't his first; he'd had at least some prior experience in trading blowjobs before I showed him a few new tricks of the trade. Though he'd made it quite clear that he'd done it before, he would never tell me whom it was that had taught him to suck dick. I guess that's a good thing, though my dirty little mind was just dying to know.

After that first day, at least a couple of times a week he came over to "hang-out", as he liked to call it. We played games for a while until I heard him speak my favorite phrase. "Suck my dick," he'd tell me, almost commanding me to pleasure him. Then, once he'd gotten off, he made me do a little (a lot) begging so I might enjoy the same pleasures he'd just experienced. Too tell you the truth; I think our little rendezvous were some sort of a power trip for him. Yeah, he really liked the control he had over me. But that wasn't the only reason he came over fairly frequently. He liked to get blown just like most every boy does. Any boys out there that don't want to get their dick sucked raise your hand. [Sound: crickets chirping and boy squealing]. To top it off, he liked having a place to hang out, and I was "cool" to be with, as long as nobody ever knew about it. Funny thing, that was his rule, not mine (ha). He'd made me promise not to ever tell anyone after our first time... I even crossed my heart and hoped to die.

Then, at thirteen years and nearly three months old, young master Keith got a girlfriend. And he never looked back. Apparently, she was even more willing than I was to obey his commands. And she even liked his young teen cum shooting down her throat everyday after school. Something that he could tell I only tolerated because I had to. At least he had the courage to tell me when it was over. Most boys just disappear without a word. Cest la vie, it was good while it lasted.

"Here's the cheese pizza you ordered sir," he said with a huge smirk on his face.

And then he about floored me with his next words. "I didn't think you liked cheese pizza," he said in a hush-hush tone as he looked beyond me and into the house. When his eyes returned to mine a moment later they pretty much said, "I knew it!"

"He looks pretty cute... and just about the age I was when I met you," he said just before I felt a small hand touch my lower back and remain there.

"Hmmm, it smells good," I heard Sam sing out as he found his place at my side.

I didn't have any words. Actually my mouth couldn't have moved even if I'd found something to stutter out of it.

"That'll be $15.53 sir," he said as I saw Sam reach out and take the pizza from him.

As soon as Sam had the pizza in his hands, I heard the words that nearly knocked me on my ass. "Is that your son?" Keith asked with his shit-eating grin plastered to his near manly face.

Before I even had a chance to think about an answer, Sam spoke for us. "Yeah, he's my dad," he said as he wrapped his arms around my waste and gave me a tight squeeze.

Keith didn't even blink before replying. "Lucky you, he's a pretty good daddy. Don't worry, he'll take good care of you." Then he topped it off with a wink down at the boy I'd known for all of a few hours.

Oh shit and beyond! I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or just fall over and die right then. Sam's words made my heart grow immeasurably. And Keith's had stabbed a knife right through it.

Sam wasn't quite sure what to make of Keith. He just looked up at me with a bit of confusion showing on his sweet face.

I just put a hand on his head while I asked him to take the pizza inside. "I'll be there in a minute," I told him as he nodded his head and scurried away.

Keith was about to be on the receiving end of my wrath. He'd gone way too far and I was so going to give him a tongue lashing the likes he'd never seen (or felt) from me.

Luckily for him, he knew he'd stepped over the line. "I'm sorry," he blurted out before I'd had a chance to start thrashing him. "I didn't mean to be a jerk... I was just joking around," he added as his bright blue eyes begged me to forgive him.

I'd not seen those beggin' blue eyes in quite a while. And they managed to sweep away my anger in an instant. I guess he still knew how to plead his case after all that time.

I just nodded my head in forgiveness before I finally spoke the first words I'd said to him in nearly three years. "How are you?" I asked as I looked deeply into the pools of blue I'd fallen for those many years ago.

"I'm cool," he responded seemingly relieved that I'd forgiven him.

I'd always wondered what had happened to my boy's years after we'd parted ways. Their minds and hearts most specifically. I hated the thought that society might have gotten to them and made them feel guilty about what we'd once done so secretly (and passionately) together. Until then, I'd never had the chance to pose the question.

"Do you ever feel bad about...?" I asked him as I looked deeply into his still young boy eyes. I didn't actually have the courage to finish my sentence. Luckily I didn't need to, he knew what I meant.

He shook his head as he answered. "No, it was fun... I just found something I liked better," with a look that told me he meant what he'd said.

Phew! That was a load off of my mind.

Then he blurted out that he had to go. "The other pizza's are gonna get cold. But order another cheese pizza again and I'll make sure I do the delivery, K?" he told me with another twinkle in his eyes.

I handed him two twenty's and told him to keep the change. Likely, it was the best tip he got all night. No, I wasn't trying to buy his silence. It was more of an expression of how much he'd meant to me those many years ago.

What did he mean by that I wondered as I watched him fly down the walkway towards his car? Thoughts of what I was going to say to Sam were also racing through my mind as well. Surely he was going to have a few questions for me.

And he did. "Who was that?" he asked as soon as I entered the living room. However hungry he was, the boy was as polite as always and had waited for me to return before he attacked his pizza.

Uhmmmm. I didn't know what to say at first. But then I figured that the truth, or at least some of it, would be the best thing. "He was a boy I used to know," I told him as I sat down next to him.

He looked at me for a long moment before he asked the big question. "Did you and him do it too?" he asked as a big grin spread on his face. He wanted to hear the dirt it seemed.

I wondered what exactly he meant by it, but whatever. Too bad for him... I don't kiss and tell (or at least not to people I know anyway). "If someone asks me that question about us, do you want me to tell them what we've done?" I asked him while I looked most seriously into his eyes.

He looked stunned for a moment before he found his tongue. "No way!" he nearly shouted as he shook his head vigorously.

I just raised my eyebrows at him and waited to see if he got my point. He did big time. His eyes lowered as I heard him say, "I'm sorry" with his soft little Arkansas song.

I pulled him into an embrace as I whispered to him, "Its OK. All I will say is that we were really good friends for a while... until he decided he wanted to try other things," as I reached out and pulled his face back up to mine.

He contemplated what I'd said for a few moments before his expression changed. That's when I could tell that he'd finally figured it out. He, like the boy's before him, was going to explore and try new (and very pleasurable things). If he decided he didn't like it, now or in the distant future, he could stop doing it if he chose to. Yep, he seemed quite pleased that he'd resolved that nagging question once and for all.

His cute grin spread across his sweet face before he nearly shouted, "Let's eat!" Yep, he's all boy.

With much relief that he'd found his answers, I flipped open the pizza box and grabbed a slice. I could see him watching me out of the corner of my eye. There he goes with his politeness again. He was waiting to be served instead of just digging in like so many others that had come before him. So what was I to do but honor my young lover?

I held the slice up towards him as I raised my eyebrows seductively. At first he didn't get my meaning. Then a light bulb went on above his head as he let his slippery little tongue slide out of his mouth and glide across his luscious pink lips. As before, it only took a hint of something new and he was all for trying it, whatever it was. OK, so maybe it took him a little while sometimes... whatever.

The gleam in his eyes was nearly blinding as I pushed the slice to his sweet little mouth and began feeding my young omnivore. His took his first bite ever so gently, and quite seductively, I should add. He slowly sunk his small teeth into his quarry and tore away a bite all the while keeping his eyes doe like eye's locked to mine. Shit, he even chewed with his mouth closed. But it held a huge grin as he swallowed what I'd just fed him. Then, much to my surprise, he opened his mouth and let out a soft whimper to let me know he was ready for more. Yeah, he definitely liked to beg for it. My mind was racing with dirty thoughts as I wondered if he'd do the same thing while I was feeding him other things. I bet you can guess the answer to that question.

Once again, the boy showed his sense of fair play. As soon as I finished feeding him his first slice, he picked up a piece and held it up just a little ways away from my mouth. He seemed to be waiting for something before he was going to allow me my first nibble. Not until I gave a whimper of my own did he begin feeding me with the same seductive teasing as I'd done to him, for him.

The only difference being that he wasn't nearly as accurate with his aim as I was. I ended up with sauce all around the outside of my mouth. But, as I came to find out, that was a very good thing. He giggled a bit at first when he saw the sauce dripping down my chin. Then he surprised me like I'd never been surprised before. He leaned in and lapped his tongue from my chin up to my lips in one long stroke. Holy shit, I'd lit the boys fire just a few hours before and it had already turned into a raging inferno. After his first taste of me with sauce, he pulled away and looked into my eyes to make sure that I was OK with what he'd just done. Was I ever! I just turned my head slightly to make it clear that I wanted (needed) him to lick the sauce off of my cheek as well. With a twinkle in his eyes, he leaned in and finished the job, quite thoroughly I should add.

After that, his aim seemed to get worse as our banquet progressed. And yes, he was doing it on purpose. Whenever he missed my mouth, he'd lean in and cleanse me before he'd allow me another bite. I had to keep whimpering as well if I was to be allowed to get another taste of pizza and subsequently the boys tongue.

And that was how our first pizza party went down. We took turns feeding each other until the pizza was almost gone. He ate nearly twice as much as I did. Yeah, he had a typical post boygasm appetite if I'd ever seen one. Somehow my aim became as bad as his before our feeding frenzy came to a climax. And what a climax it was. He made me take the last bite so he could once again slather my face with sauce. Then he set down the unfinished slice, jumped into my lap, and he attacked my face with frenzy. As soon as he'd cleaned me up on the exterior, he immediately set to work on cleaning the inside of my mouth with his hot pink tongue.

I'd say that we kissed for all of five minutes non-stop, but that wouldn't really be the truth. He was doing all the kissing, all I did was lean back and allow him to take complete control. All the while during his attack, he was letting little whimpers and moans pour out as he repeatedly worked his slippery probe as deep into my mouth as it could go. That was the first of many times we played that game.

Once he came up for air, he looked into my eyes for a brief moment before he put his arms around my neck and collapsed into me with a huge sigh of contentment. For a full minute I could feel his sweet hot breath dancing in my ear until he softly whispered "Thank you, that was the best dinner I ever had," before he giggled madly. I love the sound of his laughter!

He pretty much melted into me as I replied "Your welcome and me too." It was too, I've never, before or since, had such a tasty and satisfying feast cross my threshold. At least with food anyway.

He just giggled again as he squeezed me even tighter than before. And then he remembered his magic word. "Can we watch a video now... please?" I heard him squeak out shyly.

What else was I supposed to do? I had to get him to be more specific, didn't I? "What kind of video?" I asked him softly in his ear before I continued. "I have Star Wars around here somewhere." FYI: If you don't have at least one episode of Star Wars in your house, you're not allowed to call yourself a boylover.

He pulled away and looked into my eyes with what appeared to be total confusion for a brief moment. Then he got my point. He rolled his eyes at me before he quite clearly stated what it was he was really after. "Can we watch a porn video now... please?" Yep, he'd elongated the word porn so I'd have no doubts as to what he wanted and needed to see.

I nodded my head as I grinned back at him before replying, "Is there anything special you want to see?" My mind was mulling over the possibilities as he sat there trying to find an answer to my question. How far should I go with this? Man and woman stuff, boy and girl action, boy on boy... or should I go for the gold and show him some man and boy exploits?

He was at a loss for words apparently. Or it was likely he didn't even have a clue what he wanted to see. He just shrugged his shoulders as he blushed ever so slightly. He was getting better at not being embarrassed, but he still had a ways to go before he lost all of his socially induced shame.

I asked him to go lock the front door, and told him quite seriously that it needed to be locked whenever we were doing stuff in my house, just too make the very important point. Yeah, I already knew the door was locked. I just needed him to try to be aware of things like that.

While he did his duty, I went to my bedroom and retrieved a few DVD's from my secret stash. I picked a couple of different types so that he might sample a few of the possibilities.

When I returned, I found him half lying on the couch, sans shoes, and wearing a giant grin on his sweet ten-year-old face. Yeah, he was as eager as I was to take the next step. When his eyes saw what I was carrying I swear I saw a devilish gleam flash in his soft brown eyes for a brief moment.

Then he made it clear what he wanted and needed once again, just in case I'd forgotten. "Hurry up and put one in, then come lay down with me," he commanded as he patted the cushion he was now fully reclined onto. Then, as always, he remembered his manners and added a very sincere, almost desperate, "Please?"

I filled my DVD changer with the naughty disks and quickly found my place at his side. Or more precisely, I slid in behind him and pulled him tight into me, much to our mutual satisfaction. It hadn't been that difficult a decision about what to watch after all. I knew what I wanted to do next for my young master. So I figured he should see what it was and how pleasurable it was going to be for him. I navigated to the file I was seeking and just before I hit play, I whispered in his ear "If you don't like this, we can try something else, OK?"

He just nodded his head before he grabbed the remote out of my hand and pressed the start button. I guess I was taking far too long to make it happen, so he took control. I did hear a soft whimper flow out if him, but I don't think he thought remotes weren't really a part of the deal. Are they ever?

The screen came to life with an image most boy worshipers can only imagine, and I'm sure often do. A entirely naked young boy, just about Sam's age and size, was lying flat on his back with his legs spread out on top of a king size mattress. Sans bedding, with only a few pillows surrounding the preteen lustlings head, the white-sheeted cloud that was to be the boy's chariot to heaven seemingly had him magically floating a few feet off the floor of the day lit bedroom.

On his belly and stroking the preteen boy's cock, a man was lying between the child's legs getting ready to perform the sacred rituals that have been ingrained into our humanity for eons. They chatted briefly about what was likely going to happen in the next few moments, or so I've imagined so many times before. Since there wasn't any sound, as usual, one could really only guess at what was being said. My presumption, if you must know, was something along the lines of the boy pleading with the man, "Will you suck my dick... then I'll do you?" Or at least that's what my nasty mind imagined the many times I'd watched this particular clip.

Sam turned his head to look at me for a moment, and the fear I'd hoped wasn't there, well, wasn't there at all. He looked just about the same as when he'd first seen my "big" cock those precious few hours ago; curiosity, wonder and surprise filled his not so innocent eye's as he gleamed at me with excitement. Then he turned back around and tried to adjust the volume with the remote. When nothing happened he blurted out, "Why can't I hear anything?" with a slight whine sneaking into his charming Ozark twang.

"Sorry pup," I replied as I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into me tightly. "Most of these types of videos don't have sound," I whispered in his ear before adding, "Just use your imagination, and if you have any doubts about what is happening, just ask me." Just so you all know. I want to hear the boy squealing with delight if you ever choose to share your private videos. Come on, I'm begging... please?

He just nodded his head and turned back to the action. And to his surprise, the action had already started. Even though both the boy and the man had most of their faces obscured through the fine art of pixelization, leaving only their mouths unaltered. It was quite clear that the man was sucking and slurping on the boy, down there. It was also very clear that the boy was enjoying himself immensely.

Once again Sam turned his head back to me, however briefly, wearing his biggest grin yet, before he quickly turned back to watch the show. I guess he didn't have any questions so far about what was going on. Yeah, it was pretty obvious he knew what was happening. And it appeared as though he liked being witness to it. Maybe he'll be interested in a little first hand experience in the not too distant future I was hoping.

Young Sam was mesmerized by what he was seeing. As I slowly stroked my hands across his tight chest, my boy stared intently while the boy on the screen had his little cock sucked as if the world might end tomorrow and it just might be the last time the man would have the pleasure of serving his young lover.

Not until about a third of the way through the 8-minute or so video did Sam speak. And even then, he didn't let his eyes leave the screen. When the boy on the screen lifted his arms above his head and grabbed two handfuls of pillow, Sam whispered softly, "He likes it a lot, huh?"

I just put my mouth to his ear and replied, "Who, the boy or the man?"

Sam tore his eyes from the screen so he could look me in the eyes with disbelief. Yeah, he looked at me like I was nuts before he said, "Duh! The boy."

I just laughed for a second as my Sam turn back so he wouldn't miss anymore of the action while I whispered in his ear, "I think the man likes it a lot too."

He paused for a moment, as he seemed to study the moving images flickering before him before he nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah, I guess he does, huh?"

"Maybe even more than the boy," I replied softly.

I saw Sam look at me through the corner of his eye as a sinister smile crept across his face before the squirming boy on the bed once again captured all of his attention.

And then I think my usually polite boy forgot his manners for a brief moment. He grabbed my hand that was still stroking his chest and pulled it down to his nylon covered boy cock and deftly locked my fist onto it. Heck, it had already been over an hour since I'd last stroked him, who was I to question him and his needs. I'd started his engine. I was now duty bound, for at least a few years anyway, to rev it up for him whenever he desired it.

After a long and pleasurable moment for the boy, he seemed to suddenly realize that he missed something. "Will you jack me off... please?" he begged. So what if it was an after thought, he'd still remembered.

I just started gripping him harder in response to his request. As I buried my nose in his dirty-blond locks, I whispered words of encouragement to my little lover. "I think he's getting pretty close... look how much he's squirming now."

Sam just nodded his head eagerly as he seemed to lean in just a bit closer to the TV. Yeah, he was nearly as excited as the boy on the screen. He cock was as hard as the boys anyway.

I wanted to feel the real thing so I slid my hand up and skillfully slipped my hand under the waistband and inside his silky shorts. Just before I reached his boy cock I whispered in his ear, "Can I touch your dick again... please?"

He nodded his head and blushed ever so slightly at my choice of words before he reached around and pulled his shorts down to his knees in one quick swoop. Then he pushed his fiery boy crack right into my hard cock and moaned with a sigh of contentment.

I guess that answered that question. I caressed him everywhere my hands would reach for a few moments before I took a hold of his straining little prick and slowly squeezed and stroked it. Another mew escaped his lips but he was otherwise preoccupied with the blowjob being performed nearly right before his eyes. Again, he'd witness it first hand (if he could keep his eyes open while I performed my magic) before the night was over, if I had anything to say about it.

The boy on the screen was now pumping his hips as he thrust his raging, and quite slobbery, hard-on into the man's hungry mouth. The man, for his part was helping his young slut reach Nirvana as best he could. With one hand underneath the boy's ass assisting him in shoving the entire length inside his hot wet mouth, the other hand was freely roaming the ecstatic boys chest and tummy with just the tips of his fingers. Yeah, the boy was almost there... any second now Sam would be seeing his first ever preteen-boy orgasm. Unless of course, he'd ever watched himself in the mirror. Something that wouldn't have surprised me one bit.

Sam seemed to catch on to the pumping of the boy's hips. Ever so slightly he began thrusting his stiff boyhood into my still stroking fist as the sound of mews seemed to gently float out of his mouth and rise into the air above us. That was the first time I'd ever heard a soundtrack to go along with the visuals on screen. Surely the boy on the TV had been making noises similar to those that were coming from my boy whilst he was receiving the greatest gift known to man (or boy). Yeah, it was pretty fucking hot, all the way around, just in case you were wondering.

Then the boy on the screen suddenly leaned up slightly and said something to his manservant. While I can't read lips or anything, it was obvious that the boy was warning the man that he was about to blow his imaginary load. Sam must have recognized the signs too. He soft utterance "He's gonna do it" as he leaned even closer to the erotic images made it clear that he knew what was going to happen in the next few seconds.

And happen it did. The on-screen boy's hands slammed down at his sides and grasped the mattress tightly in his fists. His head tilted back so far as to entirely obliterate his face from our view. It didn't matter though; you could still see his pleasure pouring out if him even through the chucky blocks of pixels he'd disappeared into. After several seemingly exhaustive seconds of boy orgasm, he started to come down from his ultimate high. And it appeared as though he was begging the man to stop before he really exploded, or more likely, imploded.

After a few more bobs of his head, the man seemed to realize that his task was completed and he needed to stop torturing his young lover. He raised his head up off the boy and allowed his still steely hardness to fall with an imagined plop onto the boys heaving belly. For a few seconds, man and boy gazed into each other's eyes displaying the true bond only those that have ever experienced it could ever understand. Then, quite unexpectedly, the man must have decided he needed one more taste of his sweet boy cock. Much to the boys pain (and pleasure), he leaned back down and took the boy back into is mouth and seemingly swallowed everything the youngster had to offer.

Yep, the young boy literally flew up off of the bed and hovered above it for a long second before his man reached up, put a hand on his chest and pushed him back down onto the mattress. Only when they boy's knees flew up towards his chest did the man finally release his prey from his clutches. The boy seemed to lose all control of his muscles as he sank into the bed while his body shivered uncontrollably with the pain-pleasure of over stimulation. As the video started to fade to black, the boy's mouth moved back into clear view. And he wore a smile reserved only for those who have seen their god first hand and survived the ethereal encounter.

Before the last frame was black Sam blurted out, "Can we watch it again please?" He had his thumb on the back button before I'd even had a chance to answer.

Much to my boy's pleasure (and pain), I reached out and hit the pause button before the video had a chance to start again. Then I whispered in his ear, "Only if I can have a kiss... please."

Sam didn't waste one millisecond. He flopped over, wrapped his arms around me tightly and attacked my tongue with his own. That was when I got to cop my first feel of his tight young ass cheeks. As our tongues dueled, I caressed and squeezed and otherwise lavished in the luxury of his hard little boy butt. My erotic touch only seemed to fuel his fire as he pretty much leaned into me even harder than before. He let me have it, so to speak, for a full two minutes before he pulled away and asked quite nicely, "Now can we watch it again... please?" Yep, he was begging with his soft brown eyes too.

I just nodded my head and watched as the boy flipped himself back over and snuggle up into me once again. After he hit play, I heard a soft whimper coming out of his mouth continuously. That could only have meant one thing. I reached back around and grasped his boyness once again. Yes, that did the trick. The whimpers quickly changed to mews as I sped up my actions and buried my nose in his feathery mop once again.

The second time through the video, Sam was much more interactive. Not only was he giving a play-by-play of the action on screen. But he was humping his cock into my fist, and subsequently my cock into his ass, as he was seemingly keeping time with the boy on the screen. As his newfound hero was getting closer to orgasm with every second that passed, so was my boy.

While I would have been happy to have the boy reach his orgasm that way. I'd have been much happier if I made it happen with my mouth. "Do you think you'd like that done to you?" I whispered in his ear. And that was all it took for the boy to lose interest in what was happening on the screen.

His head turned towards me so fast I was surprised he had the strength to stop it from spinning all the way around. The shimmer in his eyes as well as the whopping grin on his eager face was by themselves answer enough. When he started nodding his little head eagerly he pretty much sealed the deal. Or almost, I guess I should say.

I just raised my eyebrows again and waited for him to say the words I needed to hear. Actually, I'd been dying to get him to say them since I first laid my eyes on him that afternoon. Was he actually going to do it?  For the first time that day, I began to wonder. I could almost hear my words echoing in his pretty little head. "I won't do it unless you ask me to," seemed to be set in repeat mode as he looked up at me contemplating his options. On the one hand, all he had to do was say a few simple words and he'd get to experience the pleasures that were still playing on the screen behind him. On the other hand, he actually had to say those words out loud. A quandary, if ever there was one.

He tried a soft whimper and begging eyes at first to get me to go down on him. But when I just whimpered back at him he realized he was actually going to have to use human speech to get what he wanted, more than anything ever before by the look of him. My brave little soldier finally came to the conclusion that he needed to speak up about what he believed in. "Suck me off...please?" came out of his mouth so softly I barely heard it. Yeah, his faced turned red again. Neon red, just so you're clear.

I just pressed him for more. I know, I know, but it's so hot to hear.

"Say it nastier," I whispered down at him before I leaned over and licked his lips. As I watched his face light up my living room, I wondered what he might be able to come up with in his inexperienced mind.

Apparently, watching porn with sound can give a growing boy plenty of useful phrases for times like those. "Can I have a blowjob... please?" he asked with his lusty eyes. I guess he was getting impatient again. The shame in his face had vanished to be replaced by rampant desire... with a bit of annoyance mixed in. Yeah, he wanted it, big time.

He'd said it, so was time for me to do my duty to God and my country. I slid out from behind him and then to the floor on my knees. Isn't that how you are supposed to pray to your God? As if he could read my mind, or maybe he was culling cues from the boy on the TV, he rolled onto his back and grinned down to me with more desire than I'd so far seen in him.

"Can I take your shorts all the way off... please?" I asked him with my own very desirous eyes.

He just nodded his head as a wicked smile filled his sweet face. I guess nakedness wasn't an issue with the young cherub. Just saying things like "Suck me off," was still a little hard for him to say out loud.

So I hooked my fingers in the waistband and slowly slid them off of him as I stared with wonder while his entire lower half was completely revealed to me for the first time. As soon as the shorts cleared his feet, he spread his legs letting one foot fall to the floor and the other stretch out on the couch. So far, I'd had an extended top down view of the boy's wonder. Then I got shorter profile view on the side of the road. And while those where pretty fucking awesome sights to behold, they were nothing compared to the view I had just then.

The boy laid spread out before me in a fuck me pose as I sat there for a few long moments nearly drooling. Mind you, not a minute later, the real drooling began. His lithe little legs miraculously transformed into incredibly tight boy butt cheeks that were seemingly acting as the gateway to heaven itself. And his doorway was cracked open ever so slightly revealing what must have been Gods image personified. And God seemed to be beckoning to me. His small handful of jewels hung precariously in their smooth hairless sack seemingly biding the time until they were called to action. Not just yet you two, we've got quite few more years before your services will be required.

His boy cock seemed even longer from this perspective. Straining up and away from me, his prick was as ridged as a fire hose being feed by a hydrant. I made another new and exciting discovery just then; his boy dick was slightly crooked when it was as hard as a steel pipe. As the head of his little rocket appeared to be flying a couple of inches over his taut belly, it hooked left ever so slightly pointing more towards his nipple than the center of his chest. I always wondered what caused things like that to happen. Oh well, it still feels and tastes as good as anything else I've ever had the pleasure of devouring.

I slid my hands from his knees, across his thighs and hips, over his belly and onto his chest in one long stroke. His shirt ended up above his nipples and crowded around his neck as I leaned into him and began tonguing his belly button while my hands attacked his chest and shoulders. Slowly, I worked my way up his tight torso, licking everything in my path, before I attacked his right nipple with both my tongue and my teeth. Don't worry; I was gentle on my boy. I know how to bite down with the power of a vise, yet never leave a mark or cause an ounce of pain.

His hands clamped onto the sides of my head none-the-less, just in case I went to far with my ravaging. He'd also begun whimpering again, much to my pleasure. While I was sure he was enjoying my attentions and his mews were an expression of that, he also was apparently wondering when it was going to begin.

I worked my tongue up his neck, over his chin and into his mouth with my own lust powering my assault on him. His hard cock was poking me in my stomach as we kissed and drooled all over each other for a long minute before he turned his head and whispered in my ear, "Suck my dick now... please?" with a desperation I'd not yet heard from the boy. Either he knew exactly what I loved to hear or he knew exactly what he needed. Yeah, probably both I think.

I leaned into his exposed ear and whispered, "I'm going to suck your balls too," before I took a little nibble of his lobe while I exhaled my hot breath right into his canal. Oh god did he shiver and moan. I like to imagine that he was shivering with excitement because I was going to devour his young testicles, but I somehow doubt that even he was that horny, not yet anyway. Maybe it was even a little scary sounding. Heck, hearing "Suck" and "Balls" in the same sentence when I was his age would have either been terrifying or just plain funny... but not at all erotic. That is until I experienced the pleasure for myself. Then came a whole new definition of horniness.

I worked my way down his neck, across his collarbone and stopped briefly at his nipple again before I continued my journey to the center of his world. This time I bypassed his little inny-button and made my way straight to his pulsing boy wonder. I didn't even bother to take it a hold of it with my hand. In one fell swoop; I engulfed everything the boy had to offer until my lips were halted as they came in contact with his groin.

Oh shit! The way the boy bucked his hips as he just about leapt into the air caused his boy cock to come within millimeters of the back of my throat. Could it have swelled and grown even longer when I slid it into my mouth? I think yes, though I wasn't about to let it go just yet so I could take a measurement. We'd get to that game later. And we'd have to document the event on film for future reference.

Instead, I tightened my grip with my lips and pushed my tongue into the underside if his prick before I began bobbing up and down on it with the passion he deserved. Oh man, he (it) was a perfect fit within the confines of my hungry mouth. Have you ever actually held a steely hard boy cock in your mouth? Don't pass up the opportunity, if at all possible, is all I can say.

Fresh waves of Arkansas squeals caused me to tilt me eyes up to his face. Oh my god! He'd let go of my head and brought it up to his own. And he seemed to be pulling his hair out, or nearly so anyway. With his eyes closed and mouth agape, he was alternating between tugging on his dirty blond locks and trying to push his fists in his skull whilst he squirmed and squealed with seemingly impossible ecstasy.

Only when I stopped bobbing up and down on his pole and began slurping and sucking on just the tip did he stop punishing his own head. His hands flew back down to mine, grabbed a hold and pushed down with all his might while he lifted his hips in an attempt to shove his not so little boy cock down my throat.

Yeah, I have to admit I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to spend a lot of time on his first blowjob. And sadly, I never got a chance to suck on his boy balls either. At least that first time anyway. As soon as my lips made contact once again with his completely hairless groin (yes, he was in for a minor disappointment) he went off like no other boy before ever has.

Did you know that boys pretty much know how to have sex without ever having the need to be taught the basics? Its kind of like breathing, it just happens without any conscience effort on their part. Sam held my head in place as he began thrusting his boy cock into my mouth as deeply as he could while he let out a thunderous groan that had me slightly worried. Only one being on this planet makes that unearthly sound. And only while that creature is orgasming can it be heard. Good thing Granny is near deaf!

The boy held my head for nearly another minute as he slowed his rhythm down until it was only his heavy panting that was causing his boy cock to be slipping back and forth ever so gently across my lips. Oh man, that was the orgasm to end all orgasms, or at least until I did it to him the second time. But we set the bar pretty high on our first trip to heaven together.

I then heard a slight whimpering noise floating down from above as he used his hands to push me away from his now sated boy prick. He was done and he wasn't at all shy about letting me know.

I looked at my young stallion as he lay there as limp as a teenage GHB victim. And I didn't even have to use the drug to turn my boy into Gumby. Luckily, there were several signs that he was still alive. The rapid rise and fall of his chest, the visible pounding of his heart and the flaring of his nostrils on his very ecstatic face all gave me proof that I hadn't killed the boy with pleasure. Hey, I've heard it was possible.

When I leaned down to give the boy a kiss on his tummy, he clenched every muscle in his body and tried to block my head with his hands. I guess he didn't want me to try to pull the same mean trick the man in the video had done to his boy. Slurp! Don't worry; I'm not that cruel... usually.

He relaxed and collapsed back into the cushions when my lips came in contact with the soft boy flesh just north of his rocket launcher. Then he seemed to spread his coltish legs apart slightly as I began kissing ever so softly while tracing the outline of his boyhood masterpiece. When I got to his balls, I tried not to cause the boy any pleasure-pain as I worked my hot mouth across the sack that held the code to his future generations locked deeply within. I just lightly dragged my lips across them as I exhaled my steaming hot breath onto the very thing little boys are made from. Isn't it ironic that the very thing I love most in this world is the thing that makes more of the things I like the most? Unfortunately, the duplication process also has something to do with what I like the least.

Again he started with the whimpering. This time however he was trying to get my attention for a different reason. When I looked up at him he was indicating to me that he wanted my face up by his own. Was I to keep my young master waiting any longer than necessary? I think not. I took a short cut right across his still hard boy cock as I nuzzled his hard little everything until my lips reached their destination. His own soft sweet boy lips.

Unexpectedly, his scrawny little arms flew around my neck as he opened his mouth, closed his eyes and pulled me inside. The whimpering sounds floating out of him quickly turned from pleas to moans of pleasure as our tongues meet for the umpteenth time that afternoon. I guess he just wanted (needed) to make out for a while as he came floating back down to earth. Whatever you desire my young master. Whatever!

When I pulled away a few minutes later I looked down at the boy before me and truly fell in love with the young Adonis laying before me. He looked so fucking hot lying there in a state of bliss that I suddenly felt an urge to freeze the moment so I might remember the experience for all time to come. I was just about to suggest we take our first pornographic pictures (of him) when he opened his mouth and spoke before I had the chance to begin pleading my case.

With the most pleading eyes I've ever seen, I heard the soft sounds of his sweet Arkansas lisp as he begged the question, "Are you going to do that every time I ask you to?" Please, oh please say yes his eyes seemed to be shouting.

I just cocked my eyebrow and asked him to clarify himself. "What? You mean kiss you?" I said with a sinister smile on my face.

"Huh uh," he replied hastily before adding, "I meant suck my dick," with his pleading Ozark slur. Jeeze, he didn't even blush that time. It seemed that was a serious business we were discussing and not some childish schoolyard musing.

"So, I guess you liked it?" I asked softly before I leaned down and kissed his soft boy lips ever so gently.

He just nodded eagerly his head and let the gleam in his eye go blindingly bright for a brief moment so he could let me know without words that he in fact liked it more than anything else that ever was, or could ever possibly be. Boy was he in for a few more surprises before I was done with him.

"Only if you say please," I whispered down to him before I planted another kiss on his luscious lips once again. Who was I kidding, the kid could have barked orders at me to like a drill sergeant, and I would have gladly submitted to his every whim. Luckily for me, he liked to beg instead of demand as Keith had done those many, many times during our time together.

He just beamed up at me as he again nodding his head eagerly while his pretty eyes flashed with the power of his now unleashed desire. That is until he turned his head and looked at the TV.

His expression suddenly changed to... well, the only word that comes to mind is alarmed. I quickly followed his gaze and saw the source of my boy's distress. Yeah, I guess it would have been frightening to just about any kid. A preteen Spanish boy's head, and man cock - that nearly filled the screen - had replaced the images of the ecstatic boy getting blown on the bed. Though the boy's face and a big man cock was all that was in view, it was obvious that the kid was on his knees before his master while he was being face fucked with what could only be described as an uncontrolled passion.

In the beginning of the new video, the young lad was eagerly licking, sucking and slurping the man for about five minutes with a passion of his own until the man took control and finished what the boy had started. Unfortunately, my boy only saw the last 30-seconds where the big hairy man beast was being pushed deeper and deeper into the young cocksuckers mouth with ever increasing speed and ferocity.

And then the grand finale took place much to the obvious shock of my own pre-cocksucking puppy. The man stopped with his big dick stuffed so far into his boy's mouth it was likely touching his tonsils. At the same time he grabbed a hold of his young sluts thick black mop of hair and used it to pull the boy onto his cock the rest of the way as he shot bucket loads of cum down the youngsters throat, or mostly anyway. The boy choked on what appeared to be the fifth blast of sperm. The sixth and seventh shots backed up in the child's mouth before the eight shot left only one alternative path for the hot sticky goo. It dribbled out of the corners of his mouth on onto his chin in what quickly became a river of man juice dripping down onto his boy cock. At least that's where I'd always imagined it dripping onto anyway.

The man must have realized the boy's throat was clogged. He quickly started pumping his cock down his boys throat again in what appeared to be an effort to use it like a plumbers snake and force whatever was stuck to push right on through. As the man prick slid in and out across the kids soft lips, streaks of cum glistened in the light on the side like some oil lubricating a piston in the cylinder. Not until the big cock was entirely cleansed of all the remnants of sperm did the man finally pull it out of the boy's mouth, much to the relief of one of my all time favorite movie stars. The show ended with our fearless hero staring at the camera with what can only be described as a stunned look of awe as the last little bits of jiz clung to his checks and chin. Fade to black.

I could feel Sam's eyes on me before I even turned my head back to him. Yeah, who wouldn't have felt those eyes on them? They were as big as saucers and seemed to hold the same look of awe the young cumeater on the TV had just displayed. I think I should mention that they also held a little bit of fear for the first time as well. Who could blame him? His first ever boy sucking a man video was about as hardcore as anything I had ever seen, at least in the licking and sucking department.

I grabbed the remote and hit stop. It definitely wouldn't help the situation any if the next few videos played to the innocent eyes of the young boy. I honestly hadn't meant for him to see that particular clip just yet, at least not without some fair warnings. Apparently we'd been so involved in our own sexcapades, we missed two other short clips of boys getting served by their master. Well, I guess that cat got out of the bag. And there was no way to ever put it back in.

Then young Sam opened his mouth and simultaneously titillated me and tore a new hole in my heart. "Did you want me to suck you off?" he asked almost fearfully. No, I guess there was nothing `almost' about the fear he was openly displaying. Yeah, he was definitely frightened that I might want to emulate what we had just watched and shove my "big" cock down his throat while shooting my load into his hungry belly before I sent him home to Grandma.

Well, he didn't say please. And it was far more a question of my intentions than a lustful inquiry from my young lover. So I did exactly what I'd promised earlier that afternoon. "Not until you are ready and you ask me too," I whispered down at him before I leaned over and kissed him reassuringly. Then I added, just so he'd try to keep an open mind, "And when your are ready to do it, it won't be rough and hard like that. It'll be soft and gentle and at a speed and depth you can easily handle," I said lovingly as I nuzzled him in an effort to release his doubt and fear.

What can I say? He was going to do it eventually. As sure as the sun was going to rise tomorrow, my new boy was someday going to feel my cum shooting into his mouth. And he was going to learn to crave it. At the time I had no idea how right I was, both about him sucking me all the way off and about the correlation with the sunrise tomorrow.

As he lay below me contemplating all that I'd just said, I could see his young mind processing everything. Relief, the most obvious of his feelings, was showing in his eyes more powerfully than the fear it had replaced. But there was something else in his expression as well. And I couldn't figure out what was going on in that preteen head of his until he spoke.

"But that isn't really fair," he said as he gazed up at me somberly before adding, "You did it to me, I should do it to you." He words spoke of honor, duty and fairness. His eyes however spoke the whole truth about his true feelings. "I don't think I can do that... yet. But I`ll try it if you want me to."

I guess his sense of fair play was even stronger than I'd previously thought. It was then that I knew for certain that young Sam would be mine, in all number of ways, before too long. It was only a matter of time and proper preparation until I had him begging me to let him suck my cock, and then... But not until he was ready to do it. And ready to beg for it. Just so you know, I am so NOT into forcing or coercing my boy's into doing anything. My mind just isn't that cruel, for one. I need to be able to sleep at night! But more importantly, I can talk a boy into eating sand, and then send him home with a smile on his face as if he'd just eaten the best candy ever made. All I need is a bit of time to allow my magical powers of persuasion to permeate every nuance of the child in question.

I leaned down and gave him a really long kiss as I stroked my fingers through the boys dirty blond locks for a full minute so I might help ease his pain and suffering. Then I pulled away and made it clear just what was expected of him. Absolutely nothing!

"Sam, you don't ever have to anything to me you don't want to. And I'll still gladly suck your dick, or any other body part, anytime you ask for it." I raised my eyebrows a few times to help lighten the mood. Yeah, he blushed yet again as he let a small smile creep back into his sweet face. Can you say reverse psychology?

Phew, we were just about over that hurdle. And it seemed young Sam had a new thought racing through his little brain. He brought his foot up off the floor and put it right into my crotch and ever so gently caressed my very hard cock as the sultry gleam he was soon to be wearing full time came out in full force.

"Would you shoot your cum on me again... please?" He must have summoned every bit of lust his young soul had available into his sweet Ozarkian voice box. His soft, seemingly ethereal, prepubescent song carried with it a subtle, yet clearly seductive pleading that was only outdone by the pleading in his beautiful brown eyes. Yeah, he wanted me to paint him white with my sperm. I was only too happy to oblige him.

"Can I take my shorts off... please?" I asked trying to emulate his seductive begging. While I could never come close to being as erotic with my voice as he was, he still responded to my efforts. Just not in the way I was expecting him to.

He shook his head for a few moments before he surprised me yet again. "Huh, uh. I want to take them off. Stand up... please."

Without question, I was on my feet in an instant. And my half naked boy was sitting up and rubbing my cock with his hands in another as he looked up at me most dreamily. He played with it through my shorts for a few seconds before he must have decided it was time to try it without its protective coverings.

Even after several months of very intensive training, Sam still had lots to learn about life's secret games. That being said, the one thing he never forgot after that night is to be very, very careful when you unleash a "big" man-cock from its cage. It just might jump up and lash out at you.

The boy grabbed a hold of my shorts at the leg openings and pulled them down without bothering to make sure my very hard prick was going to make it past the elastic waistband. Yeah, I'm sure you can guess what happened next. My dick was pulled downward with the shorts until it was just about pointing down at my feet. I tried to warn him, but it all happened to quickly for me to react in time. As soon as my head cleared the flexible fabric band, it sprung up like some coiled up snake striking out at its prey.

Thwack! My cock hit his chin, bounced across his lips and smacked his tiny little pointed nose before he even had time to blink. And that was just the upstroke. While the obstacles my cock had encountered on the way up had slowed it down considerably, there was still enough force built up behind it to blast its way through and keep going until it slapped my belly with what seemed like full force. Then the only thing that could have happened next did. The laws of physics, most specifically gravity, came into play. My hard dick fell right back down into his sweet little face and nearly poked his eye out. Then, and only then, did the boy finally make an attempt to jump out of harms way.

I have to admit, it hurt quite a bit. He has one bony ass chin and my manhood had hit it with full force. Pretty much the only thing that kept me from yelping out in pain was the fact that the whole incident was completely hilarious. That, and the fact that my leaking cock had left visible evidence of its first ever contact with my boy's sweet face. Yep, a trail of precum went from his chin, across his lips to just below his little nose. He even had a few splotches high up on his check.

I tried very hard not to laugh out loud, but I just couldn't help it. As Sam looked up at me with what can only be described as total shock... well, I pretty much laughed my ass off. Only when he squeaked out "I'm sorry," did I finally stop giggling madly.

I took a hold of his pretty little head and told him it was OK. "You're not hurt are you?" I asked quite seriously. Honestly, I was kind of surprised he didn't have a bloody nose as a result of the experience. Yeah, we were definitely going to need to work on his reaction timing.

He just nodded his head up at me seemingly relieved that I wasn't mad that he'd just beat up my cock with his face. His next action just about set me off right then and there. Luckily for him I held myself in check, albeit barely. Otherwise, my cock, that was pointed right at his pretty face I should add, would have likely blasted his head clean off.

The little slut in training had stuck out his tongue and slid it across his pre-cum coated lips as if in an effort to find out what it was that had just coated them. I'm not sure exactly what he was expecting by his explorations, but I'm pretty sure that the taste of semen wasn't it.

I had expected him to react entirely differently that he actually did. Using his fingers to scrape the icky goo off his tongue would have been my first guess. Followed by spitting sounds as the boy tried to extricate all traces of the gross man slime from his little boy mouth.

But, as always, my boy was full of wondrous surprises. His eyes narrowed and his brow furled as he looked up at me making it quite clear that he was analyzing the very new flavor invading his taste buds. Holy shit! I guess it didn't bother him at all. After a few seconds he slid his slippery pink probe out and gathered another sample to bring back to the lab for further study.

Yes, I was quivering as I stood before the half naked boy doing a taste test of my juices. I wanted to reach out and stoke my fingers through his streaked locks to so he might feel my love (and lust) flowing out of my fingertips. But I thought that mightn't be a good idea just then. He might think I had ulterior motives, or something.

Then a look of surprise washed over my little lover's pretty face, yet again, before he spoke volumes of what was to be in the near future. And he only had to use a few sentences to make his cum eating future crystal clear to me.

"It doesn't taste bad or anything, just kinda funny," before he added more magic dust to my fire. "It kinda makes my lips and tongue tingle too."

Hey Mikey, he likes it!

My mouth opened before I had a chance to use my brain. "Want another taste?" I asked pleadingly as I took a hold of my still leaking monster and wagged it back and forth in front of his pretty little cum depository. Well, it was surely going to become one (of two) sometime in the near future anyway. Just in case he said yes, I gave it a few strokes so there would be a fresh supply for him to sample. Drip, drip, drip...

He just grinned up at me for a moment with his devilish eyes before he nodded his head eagerly. He immediately moved his finger up to the tip of my cock and had me seeing stars in an instant. He ran his tiny little finger all around my head for a few seconds until he'd coated it with my slippery goo.  Then, without hesitation, he brought the finger to his mouth and, while looking me right in the eyes, took a great big swipe with his hot pink tongue.

Yes, his face went brilliant again. But that didn't stop him from cleaning his finger entirely before he made a move to go back for another round of man au jour.

Before he even got his finger back onto my prick, my mouth seemingly started moving all on its own. "Just use your tongue," I said most pleadingly before I quickly added the magic word. "PLEASE?"

His eyes immediately shot up to mine and they made it quite clear what he was thinking. "I thought we already talked about this?" they seemed to say.

I quickly spoke out before the situation turned unpleasant for him. "I swear I won't move or try to put it in your mouth," I blurted out as I crossed my heart and hoped to die. I even held out my pinky to make it clear just how trustworthy I could be.

It seems as though young Sam has had a few prior let downs in his short life. He was looking up at me as if he was trying to peer right into my core and discover the real truth about me. Could I really be trusted not to jam my cock into his tight mouth and straight down his even tighter throat? I must have passed the soul scrutiny he was doing on me. He let his wicked grin creep back onto his sweet little lips as he nodded his head (not quite) eagerly and started to lean in for a direct taste of my natural "fucking" lube.

I'm sure some of you will think I'm pretty fucking stupid... whatever. I had to do it. Both for my peace of mind and to set the proper mood for the upcoming event. Just before the tip of his tongue lapped across the head of my dick, I turned away slightly causing him to miss his target.

He looked up at me both questioningly and somewhat annoyed that I'd made him miss his mark. When I raised my eyebrows and let out a small whimper it only took him a quick moment before he rolled his eyes as he remembered the rules of our game.

"Can I lick the pre-cum of off your dick... please?" he asked me with his fuck me hard Arkansas lisp. I bet he was going to be the star of the English class next year. He'd just learned the word pre-cum only a few hours ago and he was already using it properly in sentences. One could only hope it would become a part of his everyday vernacular.

I just nodded my near spinning head as I swung the other one back in front of his awaiting mouth.

This time he took no chances. He grabbed a hold of my cock so he could be sure that it wasn't going to miss this time around. He probably wanted to make sure I didn't try to push it in his tight little mouth as well. The boy leaned forward once again as he stuck his very hot tongue out and lapped it across my head just like he had done to his index finger a few moments ago.

Electrifying! Absolutely In-Fucking-Credible! Near-Orgasmic! Nope, not one of those words could be used to describe the sensation as the softest tongue I've ever felt danced across my dick head. The near orgasmic part was pretty real though. Once again I had to concentrate very hard so I wouldn't shoot my load all over his sweet face, mouth and tongue. I did however shoot out a little more pre-cum just as his probe made its way across my slit. I don't think he noticed though, either that or he didn't seem to care.

He brought his tongue back into his mouth so he could sample the full flavor of my love juice. And once again he seemed to be savoring it for a few moments before I saw him swallow. Gulp! Literally.

Whatever fears my curious young pup had just a short while ago had entirely disappeared it seemed. I'd kept my word and licking it wasn't nearly as bad as the boy might have thought it would be when he'd woken up that morning. Yeah, I'm sure that was his first thought when he'd opened his eyes in the wee hours of the day. Not!

With that, the boy just leaned in for more fresh man juice. This time, he let his tongue take several swipes until he'd lapped up all the slime he could find. It became obvious to me that he wasn't getting enough when I watched him pull his head back so he could use his eyes to find more of his newest delicacy.

I whispered words of encouragement down to him. "Stroke it and more will cum out," I said softly before I quickly added, "Just not to fast or I might shoot, K?"

A look of fear briefly flashed across his face before he nodded his head while giving my cock a few very careful tugs. It was kind of amusing to watch him at work. It was if he was grabbing a loaded gun by the barrel and he was praying that it wouldn't accidentally go off in his face.

The site of fresh pre-cum quickly caused him to get over his fears of an unexpected explosion. All boys like to play with loaded guns, don't they? Even if it means they might get shot in the process.

He just leaned in for more of the man honey he now seemed to find irresistible. For whatever reason, my cock wasn't leaking fast enough for my boy. It only took him a few swipes of his tongue before his once again had to stroke it so it would keep flowing. My impatient pup seemed kind of frustrated for a moment because I wasn't feeding it too him fast enough. But my bright young boy figured out a solution to that problem much to our mutual pleasure.

Without a word, he leaned in a bit further than before and stuck his thick pink lips right onto my pleasure center. That got my juices flowing again! I could feel my muscles contract slightly as I shot out what was surely a small flood of pre-cum directly into his luscious mouth. I'd bet a billion dollars that there were quite a few live wigglers swimming around in my river vainly searching for an egg to impregnate. Not one of `em will ever get the chance if I have anything to say about it!

I wanted to remind him that he forgot so say please... but fuck it. Instead I reminded him that I might go off, with real bullets, if he kept that up for much longer. He just nodded his head as kids do when they are being warned about the potential dangers of whatever it is they're doing. "Yeah, yeah, yeah... whatever," he seemed to be thinking as he continued sucking and slurping on the tip if my dick as if were a straw and he was trying to suck the last of his soda from the bottom of the cup. Then I saw the light bulb go off above his head again before he looked up at me with an evil smile.

"You can shoot it onto my face if you want too. I've seen that in porno's lots of times," he said with what looked like pride on his sweet mug. It seemed as though he was quite happy with himself for cumming up with a fair way to pay me back for my efforts in pleasuring him. I was pretty fucking happy with him as well, just in case you were wondering.

I didn't even bother trying to get him to ask for it. I think it was my turn anyway. "Can I cum on your face... Please?" I begged my young cock licker as I reached down and tugged at his shirt.

He just nodded his head again while he lifted his arms allowing me to remove that last of his coverings. "Just warn me before it happens, K?" he said as soon as his shirt cleared the top of his head. Without even awaiting my response, he put his lips back on my cock and began stroking my cock in earnest.

Oh my fucking god! The sites and sounds [slurp, suck, slurp...] of my now entirely naked ten-year-old cocksucker actually trying to suck the cum right out of my raging prick was fucking mind-blowing. Two little nuances made it the experience better still. Number one: His four inches of boyness was still as hard as a steel pipe and was dancing around with a life of its own. Number two: I could see my shorts gathered around my ankles as the boy worked his lips and tongue across my dick head with a passion. I don't know why it is I like to see shorts around the ankles, either theirs, or mine. Whatever the reasoning, it has always been a huge turn on for me.

Then the boy seemed to get braver. Ever so gently he started slipping the tip of my cock into his wet hot mouth as he looked up at me for approval. My load groan as I exhaled deeply seemed enough of an answer for him. After five seconds, he had more than half of my head inside his entrance. At ten seconds he let his lips slip over the flange allowing the entire head slip into his steaming hot mouth. Then, to top it all off, he worked his tongue all around just as he did when we were kissing. Yep, he was definitely a quick study.

The boy kept the tip of my cock in his mouth for a few moments before he let it slip back out so he could swallow again. While he letting my juice slide down his throat, without any gagging I should add, he gave me a few more strokes until another little puddle of pre-cum appeared for his dining pleasure. And just like a typical overindulgent boy, instead of licking it off, he stuck my head back into his mouth and greedily slurped my juices into his hungry throat. Amazingly, the boy figured out on his own how to swallow while a man cock was still inside his mouth. A very useful trick I must say. One I was going to get him to master before to long.

I guess the boy found his true calling. Without any encouragement from me (I swear, I didn't move even a fraction of an inch) I watched incredulously as my prick began to slide in and out across my young lovers tightly wrapped lips. The boy was a natural born cocksucker, that's all there is to it. With each cycle, he let the very tip of my dick just slip out of his mouth yet somehow managing to keep it in contact with his puckered lips before he reversed course and let the head and nearly an inch of my shaft slip back inside him. As soon as he went as deep he dared to go, I could feel his tongue racing around in circles as he lapped up the juice that was pouring out of me non-stop.

And then the little slut let out a soft whimper while his lips were still wrapped around my shaft. The shockwave from the vibrations of his muffled voice raced through my body and abruptly sent me over the edge. I pulled my cock out of his sucking mouth as quickly as I could as I yelped out "Cumming", most likely unrecognizably. But I guess I wasn't quick enough. At least half a shot of my jiz blasted into the boy's mouth before my head cleared his lips and he found the wherewithal to shut his trap.

As much as I'm sure the boy wanted to quit his task right then and there, he followed through with his commitment and kept stroking my cock as it blasted shots of man cum all over his lips, nose and cheeks. Luckily for him, he closed his eyes too. If he hadn't, he might have been lost an eye, maybe even both. The famous line from the movie A Christmas Story always comes to mind when I think back on that moment. "You'll shoot your eye out kid!"

As the last of my sperm dribbled out I unconsciously broke my word to the lad. I leaned forward ever so slightly pushing the tip of my cock onto his soft lips again and painted them a nice shade of off-white. The boy's reaction was everything I could have hoped for. He took control of my paintbrush and began rubbing it across his lips as he hummed out some unknown Arkansas melody.

 Holy fucking cats and dogs Batman! I don't know where he came up with idea, not that it matters really, but the kid was giving me a hummer. Something I don't ever recall having received before then. He kept it up for a few more seconds until I couldn't stand the pain anymore and pulled my cock away from his vibrating lips... much to his dismay.

As I looked down upon my cum covered young masters face, I watched as his very sinister eyes opened up and look directly in my mine for a brief, and very terrifying, second. He was thinking something, and whatever it was, it was evil through and through. He was still holding onto my cock, so he really didn't have any trouble following through with his wicked plan. He leaned forward for the last time that evening and took almost half of my still dripping cock into his mouth. He closed his lips tight around it and gave it a few bobs.

Yeah, he did to me just what the man did to the boy in the video. Slurp! Fucking hell ouch! Yep, I reacted the same way the boy did. I jerked as every muscle in my body tensed up while I yanked my trembling dick right out of the boy's mouth. Thank whomever his teeth didn't snag me! As I stood shivering over the boy, he grinned up at me for a few moments before he let me know exactly why he'd chosen to punish my cock for it's transgressions.

"That's what you get for shooting your cum in my mouth," he said with a snicker before I watched him swish the remnants of my load around in his mouth as if it was mouthwash. I looked down at my still hard dick for a moment before I looked back at his face, or his lips more specifically. In his quest for payback, he managed to removed all traces of my sperm from both my cock and his soft little lips. Yep, not only had I shot some cum directly into his mouth, but also he'd, of his own accord, cleaned the sticky goo off both my cock and his lips.

 That got my own wickedness that I usually kept buried deep down within to raise up to the surface in a hurry.  I wrapped my hand around the tiny little paw that still held me and I leaned in again and began rubbing my throbber all over his cum coated face. At first, he seemed afraid I was going to try to shove it down his throat or something. But when he realized that I was going to stay on the outside, he tilted his head back and let me spread the mess around. Little did he know that I wasn't trying to wipe it off, I was trying to gather up as much as I could.

As soon as my prick was saturated with my seed, I took aim at his lips and just barely planted the tip right at his entrance. His eyes went wide again for a moment, that is until I started whimpering down at him and ever so gently rocked my hips back and forth causing my head to bang on his door.

While it was obvious by the look in his eyes he wasn't really thrilled with the idea I was proposing. Like the good boy that he was brought up to be, he let out a whimper of his own as if he was questioning my intentions. My response made it quite clear just what I was hoping and begging for. I echoed his whimper repeatedly and I continued with my efforts as trying to get him to open up and say ahh.

My plea's worked better than I could have hoped. He released his hold on my prick and let me take control as he opened his mouth and let me slide my cock back into his mouth once again. At first I only slid in just past the head, before I quickly retreated back outside. Just like before, he closed his lips and squeegied off the cum that was clinging to me, to it. Without hesitation, my preteen cum-eater swallowed, then open his mouth back up and gave a me another pleading whimper.

Un-fucking-believably he wanted the rest of my cum inside his mouth and he was begging me for it. Quite a turn around from just a little while earlier. So I did what anyone standing in my position would have done. I slowly slid my cock back into his mouth again. I got it about a third of the way in before he closed his lips back around my shaft and began swirling his tongue once more.

Yep, I was seeing stars. And it was kind of painful as well. I was still way to sensitive to be playing that game right then, but it was way to fucking hot for me to pass up the chance. I slowly pulled out until just my head was still inside before I surprised him and reversed course for another trip back inside. Another pleading whimper was all it took to get him to let me keep sliding my cock just a little further than before. That time I hit the halfway point, as far as he himself had put into his mouth, before I started backing out again. This time though, I didn't pull it out as far as I had previously. I left about two inches inside him before I changed direction again and made a very dangerous attempt at going further than we'd gone before.

Just as I reached the halfway point again, I let out my most pleading whimper yet as I slowed to a near crawl until he gave me a whimper of his own. One that said I could keep going just a bit further. And so I did. I managed to get another inch into his mouth before he let out another whimper, or maybe it was a groan that time. Whatever, he'd made it clear, both by his sound effects and the widening of his eyes that I'd gone as far as he could handle. As I slid my cock back out of his mouth I was mesmerized by the high-tide mark his wet lips had left on my prick. Nearly four and a half inches from the tip of my dick, his spittle left clear evidence that my cock and been inside his mouth that far. And I hadn't even felt his tonsils.

I watched as he once again swallowed everything I feed him until he collapsed back into the couch seemingly exhausted. I quickly followed his lead and dropped to my knees and began kissing his pretty little face all over. So what that it still had loads of my juice all over it, he was worth it.

Then I leaned in until my lips were touching his ear lobe and whispered softly, "Tonight was the fucking hottest experience of my entire life. And you are the hottest fucking boy to ever walk the face of the earth," before I drug my lips across his cum coated cheeks and attacked his mouth again.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me in even more as he returned my passion. We made out for a couple of minutes before I pulled away and looked into his dreamy brown eyes.

The words "Thank you," found their way out of my mouth without effort. I guess his politeness was starting to wear off on me.

The boy found his own manners just then. He leaned up and gave me a quick peck on the lips before he whispered, "You too!"

And then he made it known that it was time. "Can we clean up now... please?" he begged for the second time that day. I nodded my head and slid my t-shirt up and over my head. Just as I was about to start wiping down my cummy bear, I spied my cell phone on the table next to the coach. Would he let me do one more perverted thing before the night ended? I was willing to bet he was going to.

"Can I take a picture of you before I clean you up... please?" I begged him. I even added a few soft whimpers as he contemplated my request.

He seemed to think about it for a very long moment before he relented and let me have my way. His only stipulation. "No one can EVER see them except you and me, K?" he replied with more seriousness than I'd yet seen from him.

Them? Did that mean I could take more than one? Once again, I crossed my heart and hoped to die as I reached out and grabbed my phone. After I took a few close-ups of his cummy face, with both smiles and frowns, I took a couple more wide shots that clearly showed his still mostly hard boy cock. Did that thing ever go soft?

I tossed the phone on the coach next to him, grabbed my shirt and set about wiping the boy clean. While the cotton shirt did a fairly good job of getting the goo off of him, he still had what seemed to be the start of crusties all over his face, neck and chest. Yeah, I guess quite a bit had dribbled past his chin and made its was downward onto his tight torso. Thank god I'd thought to remove his shirt, or I might have had some explaining to do to Grandma. I decided that I needed to do a better job of cleansing him before I sent him home... the was absolutely no sense in taking a chance that Grandma might remember the smell of sperm that was surely pouring off of him like some eromatic perfume.

I whispered for him to stay put as I got up to go get a box of baby wipes from the bathroom. He just nodded his very sleepy head in response as he closed his eyes once again. Yep he wasn't going to last much longer before he conked out on me.

It took me a few minutes to find the wipes I usually kept in the bathroom... they were hiding under my bed from the last time... Anyway, by the time I got back out to my boy, he succumbed to his exhaustion from a very busy afternoon and evening. Yep, he was out like a light.

Apparently his not so little boy cock does go soft after all. I got on my knees before him again and softly whispered to him that I was going to wipe him down a little better. His response? More heavy breathing that was very near to the rhythm of dreams.

As creepy as it sounds, I couldn't help myself. I picked up my phone and clicked of a few more shots of my sleeping angel. Most specifically, I took a few close-ups of his limp 3-inch boy dick. With I finished with my stealthy photo shoot, I went to work and wiped the boy down from head to toe. Yes, I did spend a little extra time on his soft cock. Wouldn't you have?

I'm not so sure you would have done what I did next though. As soon as I'd gotten him cleaner than he'd probably been in quite some time. I once again returned my attentions to his penis. I know, I know... but I couldn't help myself. Besides, I really don't think he would have minded if I tried to get him off again, even in his current state of unconsciousness. That and the fact that I don't think anything was going to wake the boy. He was out cold.

At first I just leaned into him and nuzzled it a bit as I watched his face for any reaction. There wasn't any, so I kept going. I decided I might as well try an experiment with my sleeping lover. Could I get him off one more time... whilst he slumbered?

I set to work immediately to find the answer. I slurped his soft prick into my mouth and slowly started working it around with my tongue. Almost immediately he began to respond. At least his cock did anyway. While he didn't move a muscle or even change his breathing pattern, the boy cock that was sliding around inside my mouth once again grew back to it's full four-inches becoming hard as stone for the (second?) time that day. Just the way it was meant to always be as far as I was concerned.

Yeah, it was pretty fucking hot is all I can say. I sucked and slurped and, well, sucked on the boy for nearly ten minutes as I made every effort to give the boy his fifth orgasm of the day, that I knew about anyway. I even followed through with my promise to suck on his balls. It was pretty much all I could do not to devour them as I slipped one, then the other, then both at the same time into my very ravenous mouth repeatedly. Just in case you're not clear on the definition of the word repeatedly; it means over, and over, and over, etc... And then over again before I returned my attentions to his steely hard boyhood and made one final effort to make the boy cum in his sleep.

To be honest, I'm not really sure of I achieved my goal. He did seem to exhale a little bit harder for a second or two and his cock may have actually pulsed in my mouth a few times before I finally gave up and let it slip out of my now numb lips.

I took one more picture of his spit saturated hard boy cock before I decided it was time to quit while I was ahead. It was actually kind of tricky to get him dressed while he was so limp. The shorts weren't that hard really. But his t-shirt was a bit if a challenge for me. My first attempt at holding his arms above his head while I tried to slip the shirt onto him only resulted in him falling over and crashing landing on the coach. Oop's! My next attempt worked out much better. Head in first and then once I had the shirt pretty much covering his torso, I slipped his scrawny arms through his sleeves. Funny, I'm a master at removing their clothing. Putting them back on, well, I guess I'll need to practice. Thank god for baggy clothes! I decided not to bother with his shoes. He'd just have to come back over in the morning and get them. I really liked the idea of them spending the night at my house too, even if he couldn't be there with them, if you must know the truth.

I leaned down and whispered words of encouragement to him for a few moments before I leaned in and gave him a soft kiss on his lips. Just as I was about to pick him up and carry him home, I had a sudden inspiration. No! Not more sexual perversion. I ran to my bedroom and looked through my jewelry collection until I found just what I was in search of.

A plain brown leather bootlace that had seen many years of use around my own wrist was now going to find a place on his. I took the lace and my knife out to the still sleeping boy and put my mark on him. I used a reef knot and I heated it up with a lighter before I pulled it taut and trimmed off the excess. I gave it a few tugs to make sure it was locked onto him for as long as he chose to wear it, or he outgrew it. Yep, he was tagged making it clear to anyone in the know that he was all mine. Keep your fucking hands off!

I Then picked up my young lover and carried him home to Grandma. She was both surprised and elated when she found myself, and her dead to the world Grandson, waiting on her porch. "He fell asleep as we were watching TV," I lied. What was I supposed to tell her? The truth? I think not!

I offered to carry him right to his bed and she immediate led the way and pulled down his covers right before I plopped the boy into his nest. I so wanted to lean down for one more kiss goodnight before I left the boy to his dreams. But I didn't dare to, not with Grandma watching over me.

As she walked me to the door she thanked me profusely for spending time with him. And she made it quire clear that she hoped I was willing to let him do it again, if I could spare the time, that is. The words that clinched the deal; "He really needs a nice man like you in his life to teach him all those boy things I'm no good at."

Hey, I know all about "boy things." Lucky me! Yep, just like that I was nominated to be the man in his life. An honor and a privilege I readily accepted, much to our mutual satisfaction. Actually all three of us were completely satisfied, though she was never going to find out just how much so it was for me and my new boy.

I pretty much floated all the way home as I fantasized about the many things young Sam and I were going to do for the next few years. Right after I hid all the incriminating evidence, I crawled into bed, closed my eyes and watched images of my Sam dance across my eyelids.


The End?

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