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The bus pulled into the bus station in Pocatello. Jay was surprised to see that the country side for t he last zillion miles had been nothing but sage brush and high desert. So when he got close to Pocatello and saw some trees it made him feel better. He got off the bus and waited for his bag and then took a taxi to Idaho State University Administration building. Thank God someone was there. The lady looked at his letter of acceptance and told him where his room was going to be. He may have a room mate later on after school started but for now he would be alone. This made him happy as while he certainly wasn't antisocial he wasn't used to having a room mate either.

After he checked in with the house master and got things put away in his room he noticed what a nice view he had out his dorm window. He guessed the big building was the library so he decided since he had until Monday before he had to start working he would check things out.

His first stop was the library which was almos t vacant as school was not in session. He walked around and found a section on animals and birds. He had always had an interest in wild birds so he started thumbing through the falcon and hawk section. He noticed a boy about 14 looking through the same section. The boy asked him if he liked hawks.

Jay answered, "Yes I do. By the way my name is Jay Carson."

"People call me Brad but my real name is Bradley, which I hate. My last name is Shelly."

"Well it is nice to meet you Brad Shelly. I am going to be going to school here when it starts and I have to start working in the cafeteria next Monday morning at 8am."

"Gosh, that is where my mother works," said Brad.

"Then I will probably meet her sooner or later Brad."

"Yea everyone sort of knows everyone if you know what I mean."

"Yes Brad small towns or cities are usually that way." said Jay.

"Jay could we sit at one of the tables I have some pictures in this book I would like to show you?"

"Sure go ahead I'll follow you."

Brad picked one of the many long tables and sat right next to Jay as close as he could pull a chair to him.

"See this bird. This is a red tail hawk. I know where there is a nest of them. I have climbed up to it but the mother if she is around has a fit. The baby's are not ready to leave the nest for a couple of weeks probably but I still keep a watch on the nest. Would you like me to show it to you tomorrow." said Brad.

"Gosh! You bet. That is one of my favorite topics as far a hobby's go. I have just never lived where any birds of that type live." said Jay.

"You look about 18 or 19, how old are you Jay?"

"I am still 18 until November 14th." said Jay. "How old are you Brad?"

"I just turned 14. I'll be in the 8th grade this year." he said.

"That is what I would have guessed. Has anyone ever told you that you are a mighty fine looking young lad? Jay asked.

"Yea people say that all the time. But it doesn't bother me I'm used to it."

Jay was thinking to himself, this kid is an Adonis. There are not many 14 year olds that could hold a stick to him. He had blond hair that was trying hard to get streaks of brown in it. He must have been a tow head when he was younger. He was tall for his age and had a swimmers type body with a perfect ass for his size. Jay got a hard on just looking at it. But he shoved it down his leg so it wouldn't be so noticeable.

"Do you have quite a few friends you hang around with?" Jay asked.

"Yea, during the school year. But not many guys my age ar e into birds like I am." said Brad.

Jay thought, interesting I can be your bird pal. Jay was always thinking of a way to get closer to young guys as that was his sexual thing, young teenage boys.

"You know Brad I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Is it very far to where this nest is?

"I would guess a couple of miles. Its up in a canyon on a Cliff. Jay can I ask that this be our secret as I have friends who might try and do harm to the baby's. I mean they wouldn't probably deliberately harm them, but they might cause them to fall out of the nest and be hurt bad since they can't fly."

Jay said, "I'll tell you what let's keep it a secret then. Also anything we talk about that might be thought of as private let's promise to keep that a secret too. OK?"

"Yea I get you. Like adult subjects too you mean?"

"Yea it's like you might have some questions you want to know the answers to or I may say something adult. Any way I want to be feel free to talk in front of you like we were say bird buddies." said Jay.

"OK my lips are sealed. Our conversations are secret as far as I am concerned OK?" said Brad.

"Good I think we will both feel more comfortable around each other that way." said Jay.

"Gosh it is almost 8pm, that is when my mother gets off and unless I have made other arrangements I am suppose to meet her at the cafeteria. So I better get going. What is your dorm and room number and I'll come by in the morning."

"You know I'm not sure I just know where it is. Why don't we meet on the steps out in front of the library at say 9:30 in the morning is that OK?" said Jay.

"Yea that would be easier. I'll be here with bells on. God I'm so glad I met you Jay. You are like an answer to my prayers. You are so cool and you like birds too. That is great." said Brad.

"OK see you in the morning then Brad. And Brad I consider myself Lucky to have met you too." said Jay smiling real big.

Brad waved and smiled looking back at Jay and almost ran into a bookshelf he was so excited.

Jay walked around the campus checking out the different names of buildings and making himself familiar with the campus then he went to his room as it had been a long day and he turned in around 9:30 as tired as he was.

The next morning I got up at about 7:30 and since I had two hours before I met Brad I decided to have breakfast at the cafeteria. When I got to the cash register since it was a line where you took what you wanted and paid at the end, I introduced myself. I said, "My name is Jay Carson and I will be working here starting Monday at 8am." & lt;P> "It's nice to meet you Jay, my name is Mrs. Shelly, and I already know quite a bit about you Jay. My son has done nothing but talk about you since he got home last night. He met you in the library and you both like wild birds." she said.

"Well yes, Mrs. Shelly we do. And it is nice to meet you too. Brad told me you worked here but I of course had no idea where."

"Well it will be great working with you Jay and I suppose I will be seeing you on and off if you eat here in the cafeteria even before Monday. Why don't you have breakfast on the house this morning. Brad said you were going to meet him and go look at a nest with him at 9:30. Why don't I pack you a couple sandwiches each and then you will have something to eat while you are up in the canyon." she said.

"That would be real nice of you ma'me. And I will get a couple cans of pop just before we leave campus so it will be colder."

"OK then Jay I'll bring the sandwiches over to your table when I finish with them and then you will have them when you leave." she said.

"Thank You." With that Jay went over to a table and sat down. The place was almost empty since school hadn't started he was glad he ran into Brad so he would at least have someone to talk to.

Mrs. Shelly brought over the sandwiches just as he was finishing breakfast and he thanked her. Then when he was through he took his tray to the busing window and left and went back to his room. Since there was a phone in the hall he thought he would try and get James on his credit card. James answered and he was so glad to hear Jay's voice on the other end of the line. They talked about all the news to date and Jay told him he still of course hadn't even had a chance to look around Pocatello for the job market etc. Jay a sked James to call his mother and tell her he arrived OK and that he would call her tonight. With that they both ended the conversation.

It was 9:15 and so Jay put on a pair of shorts and a T shirt as it was going to be in the 90's today. His shorts were very thin material and his undershorts kinda showed through but he thought so what no one but Brad is going to see me anyway.

At 9:28 he got to the library and Brad was already there and waiting. He too had thought ahead and had on a pair of very light shorts too. Jay could see his under ware easily and it aroused him a little. Wow was this kid cute. Jay said, "Brad I met your mother when I had breakfast and she made a lunch for us. Where is the nearest pop machine and I'll get us each a cold pop to take to have with our lunch."

"There is a pop machine right inside the library on the left Jay."

Jay thanked him and went ahead and climbed the stairs and went inside and to the pop machine. Brad was right on his heals so he asked him what kind of pop he wanted. He said Pepsi would be fine. So Jay got two Pepsi's and put them in the bag. Then he put the bag into his back pack that he had brought along. He also liked to carry a light blanket when ever he was going to be out in the open with no place clean to sit.

"Well let's play follow the leader Brad and it looks like your the leader seeing you know where we are going and I don't." said Jay.

Brad led him to the far end of the campus and then walked toward the hills. When they got to the hills he didn't climb them but rather followed the canyon between them. Jay could start to smell the pine tree smell with the sun heating up. The smell of hot sage was also in the air. Yes indeed this was wilderness and so close to the campus. The canyon also cli mbed and they were huffing and puffing after a while. Then after about two miles of this hard walking Brad pointed at a cliff.

"That's it Jay. See that area that goes back in a little. That's where I found the nest. See there is the mother watching us now. Now the best thing for us to do is play the watching game with her. She has to take trips out to get food for the baby hawks and when she leaves the area that is when we can climb up there and get a look."

"I understand," said Jay. "She would just fight us if we went up there now."

"You better believe it Jay. See hawks fight with their talons. Falcons fight with their mouths. Well she is a hawk and if she ever sunk those talons in you it would really do some damage Jay."

"Yea I guess it would alright. How long do you usually have to wait for her to leave?"

"Well we kinda gotta hide ourselves a little and then stay kinda still until she thinks we are gone. It probably will take somewhere between a half hour up to an hour I've waited. But it is well worth the wait. We can talk low but not do a lot of moving around. I usually hide over there behind that big tree. We can see her but she doesn't seem to see us that much. Hawks have great eyesight though and so we really have to be careful about any movements."

"OK Brad why don't we go over there and I'll spread my blanket so we can lay still."

"You've got the idea Jay. God this is so cool. I didn't ever even dream of meeting someone like you. I am an only child so I don't know a lot of things that older brothers teach their brothers so I'm kinda slow at some things. But I do keep my ears open at school."

Jay said, "Would this be a good place to put the blanket. It is sort of a dirt brown so it shouldn't show too much."

"Yea Jay although I think it might be better a little over this way so we can see her and she has a hard time seeing us. OK?"

"Your the expert. I am just learning things kinda like from my little brother. I don't have any brothers either and I always wanted one."

"Me too Jay lets just say we are blood brothers for the fun of it. I would love to have someone as nice a you are as a brother. And brothers keep each others secrets too don't they Jay?"

"You bet they do sport."

"Here Jay lets just lay down here behind the tree trunk. It kinda hides us."

They lay there quietly for about ten minutes when Brad whispered, "Did you work while you were in high school Jay?"

"Yea, I made quite a bit of money hanging out with kids when their parents went out for the evening, usually just a mother who had divorced her husband and was alone."

"Wow! I'll bet you were a favorite of theirs you would be mine." said Brad.

"Yes Brad we got along really well. Some of the boys I hung out with were older than you because they were on probation and the court gave orders they couldn't stay home alone at night. So this la dy attorney would always call me when she had a probation guy that needed to be watched or as I called it hung out with."

"Gee Jay what did you guys do watch TV. No most of them liked to do other things with me."

"Like what?" Jay felt that question was coming. He was starting to get aroused just thinking of the things that they had done. But he couldn't tell Brad too much he didn't want to scare him. He seemed pretty naive about things being an only child.

"Oh I usually did what ever they wanted to do. Like I had one boy that always wanted to play doctor, another that liked it if I gave him a shower and washed him, it really turned him on, and then lots of guys would like to talk about the sights they had been to on their computers after I looked at their history and found that most of them cruised around the sex sites."

"I don't have a computer. Jay you said I could ask you anything?"

"Yes Brad after all we are now blood brothers. I like that idea as I really like you a lot Brad."

"Do you really mean that or are you just saying that to make me feel good?"

"You will learn after you know me a while that I never say anything unless I mean it Brad. I also follow what my grandmother taught me and that was, If I can't say something nice about someone I shouldn't say anything at all. That alone keeps me out of a lot of trouble. So you know Brad that any thing I say about you will be good or not said at all."

"Wow! Your grandmother was a pretty smart lady Jay. Look Jay she is starting to make wider circles from the nest that is how she eventually disappears when she goes hunting for food. But she will still take about 10 or more minutes before she leaves."

"You sure know what you are doing little brother."

"God I like it when you say things like that Jay. I already love you like I would a brother if I had one." And with that Brad gave Jay a big hug. Jay of course hugged back real hard burying his face in Brad's hair. Oh how he liked the smell of a clean boys hair and he could tell Brad had taken a shower this morning.

Jay suggested they both take off their shirts so they would blend in with the blanket better.

Brad had his shirt off in a flash and folded it and put it on the corner of the blanket with Jay's. Jay couldn't believe his eyes. This kid had the smoothest skin on both his back and his stomach it made him really horny.

Brad told Jay that she was on her wide circles and that she should disappear very soon. Brad also mentioned that if she did return unexpectedly that they needed to climb down steadily but not like they were afraid. He also mentioned that they should be very protective of their eyes if she ever did attack. If she grabbed hold of them she couldn't lift them and would eventually let go. He also said try not to cry out as that would make her sink her talons even deeper.

Jay was amazed at the information this kid had on hawks. He said, "Gosh, Brad you are like a walking Hawk encyclopedia."

"Thanks Jay, I have spent many hours reading books on them. I'll bet there would be a lot about them on a computer but he wouldn't even know how to go about finding it."

"Jay told him he was going to set up his computer when it got here. It was being shipped from his old home."

Wow! That sounds awesome. Jay...maybe I shouldn't ask you....But since you won't tell Mom I asked you...that's right isn't it Jay."

"Dude I will make you this promise right now and it is until death does it stand. I will never say anything you say to me to any other human bei ng as long as I live. And if you are a good blood brother you will treat the information I tell you the same way."

"Until Death Jay. Which might not be too long if she comes back while we are up there. He chuckled."

"OK dude now ask me what you had on your mind."

"Well... I was just wondering..."

Jay cut him off and said, "You don't need to stutter when you ask me anything I won't think anything you ask shouldn't have been asked. After all if you can't ask then you will never know what you wanted to know."

"OK Jay I trust you so I'll just say it. When you get your computer set up will you show me a sex site. There are some you said."

"Oh Brad there are so many things you don't know NEVER STOP ASKING. Brad there are well over a million sites on line that deal with sexual material. Many or maybe I should say most deal en tirely in pictures called thumbnails. They are small pictures that turn large as the screen when you click your mouse on any part of them."

"Do you mean some of them don't have any clothes on Jay?"

"Almost none of them have any clothes on Brad. It shows guys with hard ons and girls with their legs spread open so you can see clear up in them."

"And they allow that?"

"Yes but they always say if you aren't 18 you shouldn't be looking at them and the models also are suppose to be at least 18."

"Jay can I tell you that just talking about this is giving me a woody?"

"Well that makes two of us Brad."

Brads eyes went immediately to Jay's crotch. "Wow Jay is that all you."

Jay answered, "Yep it is all me and I might ask the same thing is that all you?"

Blushing a little Brad said, "Yea it's me alright."

"W ould you like to see mine Brad, I know I would like to see how developed you are?"

With that Jay pulled his shorts under ware and all down to his knees.

Brad said, "Wow! you sure got a boner just like me." And with that Brad's shorts and under ware were down to his knees. They both just stood there looking at one another.

"Brad would you like to touch mine?"

"Could I? I mean yes more than anything right now." With that he reached down and touched Jay's dick. He even took it in his hand but had absolutely no idea what to do with it.

Jay reached over and rubbed his dick, which was uncut, in a jacking off motion. Brad just shut his eyes for a minute and moaned.

"Does that moan mean you like it I know I sure like you touching mine?"

"Yea Jay I have never in my life felt any thing better." Then Brad looked at the sky and the ha wk was gone. So he said, "We gotta go now Jay if we want to see the babies but can we do this again when we get back?"

Jay said, "And I can teach you a lot more just like big brothers should if you want me too."

"That would be so awesome. Can you even tell me what the guys are talking about when they talk about sperm and cum and jacking off and stuff like that. I always feel so stupid like they are in another world or something?

"Yes my favorite little brother I can teach you that and a lot more if you want?"

"WANT...WANT...WANT, I have wanted that for at least two years now. It makes me feel so stupid when they talk, and you know what Jay, I am."

"Well you won't be long little buddy." And with that Jay took him in his arms and gave him the most loving hug a person could give and hugged him that way for at least 20 seconds.

"Oh Jay I do lik e you so much. I hope I can be your friend for a long time."

"Well I certainly won't ever stop liking you Brad. I am so glad God put you in my life."

"Me too...Me too... Now I think we better start climbing Jay."

(To be continued)

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