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Finally the house was there's and they got to move in. The pool cle aning service has been there and the pool is usable. The Mews has been constructed and inspected. Everyone had attended and had been instructed on the training and feeding of birds of prey and had taken an examination and passed it so they were all certified to have a falcon or hawk. Now all they had to do was go up there when they were ready and capture their hawks. Not the easiest of jobs since the mother always thinks otherwise. But they were all going to go and even Mr. Peterson was going to be in on the capture to be sure it was done properly.

The boys, James and Jay decided to take a trip to the nest and see just how close to flying the hawks were. They walked the two miles and hid behind the tree as before until the mother left to go get more food. Then the boys went up first since Brad really had more knowledge about what was going on than any of the rest of them. When they reached the nest Brad said, "See the wing feathers. They are almost fully developed I would say days not weeks. We had better tell Mr.Peterson what we have found and see what he says. Even their body feathers were almost fully developed. The boys went down and let James and Jay go up and have a look. While they were up there the shrill call of the mother could be heard coming in. They had been instructed by Brad to exit stage left without appearing scared but definitely leaving the scene so as not to present any more danger to the mother hawk. When they got down Jay said, "There for a minute I wasn't sure I wasn't going to have an accident in my pants. I was sure scared I know that."

Jay added, "Yea I didn't want to appear scared but I thought I was gonna shit my pants too when I heard the incoming shrill cry of the mother hawk."

They all sat under the tree and ate the sandwiches they had brought and drank the Pepsi they brought to give them the strength to go the two miles to get back to the van.

They finally made it to the van and headed for the new house. It was becoming home now even after just a few days. Already some of the neighbor boys were curious about the Mew as they didn't have any idea what it was for. When Brian told them they all wanted to see the birds and watch the training too. Brian told them they would be welcome and that they could even use the pool if they wanted too. This pleased several of them. They could hardly wait for the new hawks arrival.

James drove past Mr. Peterson's house to tell them what they had found. He said, "You know boys more than once I have waited too long and ended up loosing my birds. Why don't we all go back up there tomorrow they might be old enough to be kicked out of the nest and fly enough to glide safely to the ground."

"Wow! Mr. Peterson do you really think so."

"Well by the way all of you describe the wing feathers I'm sure of it. If we wait too long we stand to loose some or all of them and I know you don't want to do that. I built the mews to hold three hawks so lets get up there and make sure we get three hawks."

"You bet Mr. Peterson. What time do you think we should go up there?"

"Well to be honest with you I think it would be wise to get our butts up there early in the morning. What you say we meet at the college library at 8am."

"Wow that is early alright. You must really think they sound ready."

"Yes Jay by all indications they are ready. Now we will need three dark colored blankets to throw over the birds when they are on the ground. We must cover the birds com pletely and avoid at all cost getting grabbed by even one of their talons. I will bring my falconry gloves which are heavy leather, which you will also need right away.

"Also like I taught you in your training we will need the jess's that you made and also the bells that hook on just above the Jesse's. If you remember the Jesse's are the leather straps that go around the leg and then back through a slit to hold them on like a lariat. The straps allow us to control them when they are trained especially. But they have to get use to wearing them right away so they can be leashed to the perches in the Mews. Hoods are not usually necessary on Red Tail Hawks but are essential if working with a true falcon like a peregrine."

"Why is that Brian asked?"

"Well a true falcon is much more easily scared by side movements than a hawk is. A true falcon has longer wings that allow them to reach speeds of up to 200 miles an hour in a stoop dive to capture their prey. Where a hawk goes after mainly ground animals like rabbits etc. That is why ferrets a small Wiesel like animal is used a lot in hawking as you can train a ferret by operant conditioning that a certain sound means food and when you make that sound the ferret will come running back to you. By training them this way you don't loose your ferret if you send him down in a rabbit hole to scare out the rabbits for your hawk to attack."

"Wow! This is even getting me excited," said James.

"So who is going to furnish the blankets. We must plan ahead." said Mr. Peterson.

Jay said he had a couple of dark brown blankets. James piped up that he knew where a black blanket was so that made three.

"Good be sure you bring them with you. Also bring the Jesse's we made and the bells that go above them. The purpose of the bells is that if a bird gets away you not only have eyes to find him you also can hear his bell if he moves in the brush."

Brian said, "Man there is a lot to this hawk stuff."

Jay spoke up and said, "Yea when I started talking to Brad about it I didn't have any idea what all it entailed."

Brad chipped in, "You know I have read a lot on the subject but when you get right down to actually doing it, it is an entirely different story."

"Well boys what you say we meet then at the library at 8 in the morning and get one of the most exciting days of your lives out of the way."

They all agreed and then got in the van and drove home to find the blankets, the Jesse's and bells etc.

"We are also going to have to find the right kind of food for the birds. They prefer rats, mice, rodents of any kind, rabbits, snakes, even bats. Now Brad said , "I learned how to make a can trap out of a coffee can. You take rabbit wire and cut a square that will just cover the can top and hook a mouse trap to the can with wire or small bolts. Then you hook the wire square to the part of the mouse trap that kills the mouse. When a mouse goes for the bait the wire snaps shut on the can because it can't reach the mouse it just bats the mouse into the can until you retrieve it. You can catch several mice a day especially around a barn like you already have."

Jay said, "Why don't we go down to the hardware store while we have you with us Brad and you can pick out the things we will need to make a live mouse trap."

They stopped and bought all the equipment and the hardware store owner even has several old used coffee cans so they were in business. The boys spent the evening with Brad constructing the traps and then went out to the barn and set some wi th peanut butter on the trigger and some with sharp cheese on the trigger. They left them there for the night.

Brad said, "You see a hawk must have hair with each meal which soaks up anything not digestible and the hawk cast(vomits) a ball once or so a day to rid itself of this unusable food. It sounds kinda sick but that has to be done or the hawk would get sick and die. If you feed the hawk raw liver then you must add some animal fur to it to form this ball to be cast."

Jay said, "You are a walking hawk encyclopedia Brad."

"I am sure you will be hearing this all over again from Mr. Peterson when he teaches us how to feed and care for our young hawks." Brad added.

Well let's get the blankets ready, along with the Jesse's we made and put the bells together with them and put it all in a paper sack so that we will have everything ready for morning. Also Jay sa id, "I will go and get the three blankets and the bag when you have it ready and put it all in the back of the van so we don't even have to think in the morning it will be all ready."

After all was ready they decided to rest until Brad had to go and meet his mother at the cafeteria. Jay and James wanted some private time so they went in their bedroom and shut the door. The house rules were never enter a closed bedroom door with out first knocking and waiting for an answer.

Brad didn't quite know how to say it but finally said, "Brian do you like to mess around with guys my age?"

"It's funny Brad I was thinking of the same thing and how to ask you."

So they decided to go into Brian's private room and shut the door. Brad said, "Should we take off our clothes or what?"

"I'm for stripping, after all we see each other all the time without cloth es in the shower and other places."

So they both stripped and lay down on the bed. Brian suggested they 69 first and Brad knew what that meant and so it wasn't 20 seconds until both of them had a hard on in their mouth. They both loved this so much. Brad wet his middle finger and pushed into Brains ass which only made Brian do the same thing to his ass. They were both like Jay they loved ass play. They sucked and finger fucked for a while when Brian let go of Brad's dick and started rimming him. Brad moaned a huge moan of pleasure and just lay there with Brian's dick in his mouth enjoying what was happening to him. Brad wasn't into rimming yet but after about 5 minutes decided to try it. So he went for Brian's ass hole with his tongue and found there really wasn't any more taste there than there was on his dick. A little musky but certainly not bad. He pushed as hard as he could wi th his tongue and felt Brian push out which let his tongue go clear in. He really got turned on now and started tongue fucking Brian like there was no tomorrow. Brad said, "Brian get my dick wet and I'll fuck you."

With that Brian slobbered all over his dick and then Brad rolled Brian onto his back and lifted his legs onto his shoulders and then found the hole with his dick and said, "OK push."

When he heard the grunt he started in and while not fast he continued on his journey all the way to the hilt. "You OK Brian?"

"OH yea, I love your dick in me. Go ahead and fuck me, fuck me hard."

With that Brad started in full speed ahead. After about 10 minutes he was huffing and puffing like a steam engine and Brian was sweating up a storm. Brian was trying real hard not to cum because he wanted his turn next. All of a sudden a yell came out of Brad, "OH...BRIAN...I'M ...FUCKING...CUMMING." With that Brian could feel the hot sperm flushing into his insides. It felt so good he almost had to let go himself but he gritted his teeth and held it.

When Brad was through he lay on Brian's stomach panting and reached for his mouth and started tongue sucking him. He had to stop every minute or so and catch a few breaths but then right back to the tongue sucking procedure which of course Brian was doing his share of too.

Finally Brad rolled off Brian and said, "I suppose you want your turn now dude?"

"You bet get me sloppy wet Brad."

When he was ready he turned Brad on his back and lifted his legs and found the hole. He knew better than to stick his larger dick in to fast as it would hurt Brad too much so he went real slow until he was seated all the way in. "Tell me when you want me to start Brad as I don't want you to be in pain."

"Go ahead and start slow short stroking me OK?"

With that Brian started the slow short strokes which made him feel like he didn't know how long he could hold out. Brad's ass was like velvet and oh so felt so good to Brian.

"OK you can go at it now Brad said."

"This turned on the machine built right into Brian and he was going so fast he could hardly get a breath. Sweat was dripping off him on to Brad and Brad's face was beat red from holding his breath and then taking deep breaths when he had to to survive. After about 15 minutes it was either cum or collapse so Brian yelled out..."I'm ...CUMMING... BRAD..." Brad could feel the hot liquid filling his insides and he loved that feeling. They again went into tongue sucking and did that between taking breaths for another 5 minutes or more.

Finally they both sat up on the bed to catch their breath. Brad told B rian Jay always had him sit on the toilet and push out the cum so it wouldn't get all over his bedding or clothes so they took turns grunting out the sperm into the toilet. Then they took a quick shower which was quick because they had their sex buttons already taken care of. They dried, got dressed and went into the living room and watched TV until Brad had to leave to meet his mother. By now Jay and James had come out of their bedroom and were watching TV with the boys. Before Brad had to leave Jay made sandwiches and they all had a couple sandwiches and a Pepsi.

"Before you leave Brad let's run out to the barn and see if those traps have caught anything yet."

Jay said, "Your best chance of that is during the night but go ahead and check them anyway."

It wasn't long before two excited boys carried in one of the cans with a live mouse in it. They didn't know what to do with it now.

"Wow that was fast. Let's see James didn't you have a fish tank with a lid on it you use to keep something in." "Yea that's when I had that white rat I bought at the pet store. I think I can find it I'll go look in the basement."

It wasn't long before James came back up from the basement carrying a small fish tank type cage with a wire top that a mouse couldn't get out of. So he opened it and they let the mouse out of the can right into the tank and slammed the lid like they were trapping a monster.

Brad said, "I'm glad I went with you now Brian. But I really have to go. See you at 8am at the library. Good night guys."

They all chimed out good nights and Brad was gone. They all settled down and watched TV until bedtime. They turned in at 10 because 8 was going to come early. They decided they better get up at an ungodly 6:30 which was early for all of t hem.

When they got up things were slow going. They all showered themselves as there wasn't much sexual feeling in the air at that hour. And then James was the good guy and fixed scrambled eggs and toast. He also cooked up some bacon.

After they ate Jay made some sandwiches to take along in case they got hungry.

Brian went running for the barn to check the traps. He came in so excited they had caught three more mice during the night. They took the fish tank out to the barn to unload them safely so there was no chance of them getting loose in the house. And then they left the fish tank on the workbench after putting some crackers in for the mice to eat. After all they didn't want to starve their food before they got to use it on the hawks.

Everything was loaded so they put the sandwiches in the van and about 7:50 they headed for the library.

They waited in the car until Mr. Peterson arrived and then they all greeted each other. Brian could hardly wait to tell Mr. Peterson about the mice they had caught with the tin can traps. He was impressed and said, "That is very good Brian. This will give the new birds some good healthy food that they would normally eat in the wild and so they will get the proper amount of fur mixed with the meat and everything. You guys were really thinking ahead. I'm proud of you."

"Hey guys wait for me," yelled Brad as he came running down the street. He and Brian gave each other a hug they were so happy to see each other after just a few short hours apart.

They distributed the load between them with the blankets and Mr. Peterson had brought three small cages that had been blackened in so the birds couldn't see out. He said, "This will keep the birds from being scared and possibly hurt ing themselves flopping around from fear. He said it was not terribly uncommon for a bird to injure a wing or tail feather and it takes forever to be right again.

Well it looked like they were ready. Everyone was really nervous as no one other than Mr. Peterson knew what to expect and even he knew that no too bird catchings were exactly alike. Far from it.

(To be continued)


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