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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


Everyone took their share, trying to divide it as evenly as possible according what each individual could carry . It was a good thing that there were five of us going or we wouldn't be able to carry everything we were bringing.

It took a while just to get to the canyon and then we started the long slope that would eventually end us up at the nest. It was starting to warm up. The early mornings are usually very cool in the Pocatello area. After climbing about 45 minutes they all decided to take a break. The boys ate one of their sandwiches as they were already hungry. Just like a teenager.

"While we are resting let me tell you how I plan on handling this." said Mr. Peterson. "I will be the one that climbs up to the nest when the mother goes for food since I have the gauntlet gloves. I can protect myself better if it came to that from the mother. I don't expect any trouble from her as I think I can pass the birds out of the nest in a short time. Now this is where all of you come in. The birds won't be able to fly well so they will fly like they had rocks tied around their legs and hit the ground pretty good. It shouldn't hurt them but they will be very scared. You will all be down on ground watch. Have the blankets open and ready to toss over them. Jay you handle one blanket. James you another and you two boys, let's see Brian you handle the blanket as you are the older and Brad you help him get it over the bird OK?"

"Wow! You sure have this all figured out." said Brian.

"Well you have to remember I have done this a few times. Should one of the birds run and get into the brush just surround him and let me handle it when I get down here with the gloves. Remember those talons are used to kill. And if you get into them you will wish you could die. It would hurt a lot. And even worse would be trying to get the bird to let go of you so be careful."

We all started the trek again. The weather was warming up fast and the smell of the pines and sage brush was strong in the air. It's funny one doesn't usually get to smell both scents at the same time. But at a certain altitude the sage is giving up and the pines are taking over making the mixture rather pleasant.

There it was ahead. They could now see the Cliff and no mother. Was she already on a hunt. Just when they thought she was gone she reappeared from over the hill. She took what she was carrying to the nest and apparently fed one or more of the birds with it. When we got to the tree where we usually hide we started getting everything ready. Jay, James, and Brian opened up their blankets and draped them over their arms for fast movement. Brad was so excited you could see it all over his face. His dream for two years was now about to maybe come true. He hoped all would go well.

After waiting about a half hour the mother took off on another hunt. This is when Mr. Peterson started up the hill to the cliff. He was pretty quick considering he was in his fifties. When he got to the nest he made a yes signal with his head indicating they were ready to leave the nest.

Mr. Peterson picked up the first baby hawk and held it by the wings so it couldn't flap and hit him in the face. He gave it a gentle toss toward the canyon. It headed down pretty fast but it was sort of gliding in Jay's direction. Jay said, "I'll take this one."

The bird was going to land about 25 feet ahead of Jay so Jay took off on a trot to get there about the time it did. When the bird hit the ground it sort of bounced. Jay gently tossed the blanket over the bird and then tried to get his hands around where he could tell the wings would be by the shape in th e blanket. He had it. He just held it by the wings keeping it covered until Mr. Peterson came down and helped him cage the bird.

The second bird was launched and flew in the opposite direction. It had better flying skills than the first but was still very much in a downward flight. Brian said, "Let's get this one Brad I can run and catch up with him. When the bird hit the ground Brian had the blanket over him real fast. Brad saw where the wings were again by the shape in the blanket and so Brad put his hands around the wings and held on tight without hurting the baby hawk.

Then the third bird was launched and this one had to be James' bird. James could see it wasn't heading in his direction and tried to get to it but it hit the ground running. Brian let Brad have the bird he had hold of and headed off the running baby. The baby didn't know what to do so it reversed direction and it lan ded him right in James' blanket. Brian got hold of the hump in the middle knowing it would be the wings and hung tight. James' said, "God thanks Brian. I would have screwed this one up without you."

"No James it would have just taken us a while longer but I believe we still would have captured it."

Mr. Peterson was down now and ran for the cages. The mother was back and screeching to beat the devil as her babies had disappeared and she had no idea where they were. She started soaring over head looking obviously for her young. Since a hawk has eyesight that could read news paper headlines at 100 yd she was frantic that she could not see her young.

Mr. Peterson reached under the blanket that Jay had and got one foot and kept the rest of the bird covered. He took one of the leather Jess's and quickly put it around the leg and back through the slit to make it lar iat around the leg holding tight. The bell could wait until later as they knew where the bird was and it wasn't going to get away if they could help it. He then took one of the cages and reached under the blanket and took hold of the bird again by the wings but the talons were reaching for anything they could grab. He got the bird in the cage and shut the door.

Then he went to Brad and Jessed and put his bird in another cage.

Lastly he went to James and helped him with his bird. First with the Jess's and then with the caging. It had been a truly successful day. The mother was still frantically circling but now it would be impossible for her to even get a glimpse of her young.

They put the cages in the shade of the tree and all collapsed to eat their lunches on the blankets that were now free. They had brought some pop and it was still semi cold so they enjoyed t hat too.

When they finished their lunch they looked up and saw the mother now circling higher and higher in hopes of getting some glimpse of her young.

They packed everything up for the trip back down. The cages were quite a bit heavier now with the young birds in them but it didn't seem to matter to anyone. Everyone was ecstatic with joy. They had accomplished what a short time back would have seemed impossible.

When they finally got back to the van everyone knew they had had a day of it. Mr. Peterson said he would follow us home in his van so we all arrived about the same time. James pulled the van around back where the pasture gate was and left it there. The Mew wasn't far from where he parked. Mr. Peterson said to bring the birds and he would get them set on their perches and then we were to leave them alone for several hours. Watching that they did n't end up hanging upside down by their Jess's every now and then.

Mr. Peterson had built each perch with a leather strap with a snap on the end to hook to the ring on the end of the Jess's so it wasn't too long before they had the birds out and sitting for the first time in their lives on a branch like perch made of doweling.

When they were all secured and had quit trying to get away because they had hung upside down once or twice and knew they couldn't get away, Mr. Peterson had us all back away slowly and watch them for about half an hour from a safe distance so they didn't feel threatened by us.

Finally he said, "Well they will be hungry in a couple of hours. I'll come back over and show you how to feed them. Feeding each time is part of their training to become a trained hawk. I'll explain that to you later. In the meantime James or Jay why don't one of you go down to Jakes leather goods a nd buy three pairs of gauntlet gloves as you will need to wear them when ever you are around the birds. Here I will leave you mine in case one or more of the babies ends up hanging up side down again you can help it back on its perch.

Jay said, "Thank you so much Mr. Peterson and we insist on paying you for your efforts. Without you we would probably still be up there trying to figure out what to do first." They all laughed at that.

James said, "I'll go after the gloves now. Jay keep these gloves of Mr. Peterson's right with you as you may have to rescue one of the baby's from hanging upside down to long.

When James came back he had bought four pairs of gauntlet gloves made of heavy leather. He wanted Brad to feel important too, after all there wouldn't be any hawks without Brad.

Everyone put on their gloves and laughed at each other. It was like wearing a costume from the mid ages when f alconry actually fed families with the prey the birds took. Of course they were using true falcons like the peregrine that took birds in flight by stooping on them at 200 miles per hour. Hawks for the most part take ground animals like rabbits, mice, snakes, and any rodent type animal even squirrels.

Everyone took turns going out every 5 or 10 minutes to see if a bird had hung itself upside down and then righted it using the gloves. There was no danger from the hawks beak as they, unlike falcons, use their beak to eat and not to fight. Their talons were for killing and fighting and were the things to avoid without glove protection.

Jay was sitting on the couch in the middle with Brian and Brad on either side of him. Of course they couldn't keep their hands off one another and so all of them had unzipped zippers and a hand inside massaging the hard on present in all three of them. James was in the kitche n and missed out on all the foreplay. They didn't want to start anything too sexual as they expected Mr. Peterson would be back for feeding any time.

They were right about 10 minutes later the doorbell rang. It had been almost 2 hours to the minute since Mr. Peterson had left. They let him in and then he told them the most gruesome things they were going to have to do. Each mouse when ready to be fed would have to be killed and divided into three parts. The head, the front leg section, and the back legs with the tail included were the sections that had to be made with a sharp knife so each bird got a good portion. This would have to be done several times a day during training as this was the training. Mr. Peterson explained that he brought each of them a sound making device. One a police whistle, one a loud horn, and one a loud bell. Each bird had to have a separate sound to be tau ght to come to or they would all three be trying to get to whoever made the sound. He asked them to bring one of the mice by the tail to the cutting board out by the Mew.

The boys looked at each other and even Jay and James were looking at each other. Who was going to be the one to get the mouse by the tail. They were all kinda afraid of the mice. Brad finally said, "I'll do it." And with that they went out to the barn where the mice were caged. They looked and saw all four traps were full again so Jay emptied them into the cage. Brad put on his glove and reached into the cage and grabbed one of the mice by the tail.

Mr. Peterson had brought the cutting board to the barn so everything could be done out of sight of the birds. He said, "Brad now with a good hold on the tail hit the mouse on the head on that post killing it humanely. Brad took a deep breath and swallowed in a gulp and then closing his eyes swung the mouse at the post killing it. There was Brad now with a dead mouse in his glove. Mr. Peterson said, "Now I want a volunteer to do the cutting as I am not going to be here but once in a while each day during training. Jay stepped up and took the sharp knife, laid the mouse body on the board and made the necessary cuts to make three equal parts.

Mr. Peterson said, "Now you all have your sound makers with you right?"

They shook their head yes.

"OK Brian I want you to take the head part, Brad you the middle part, and Jay you take the tail and back legs section and carry them in your glove to the birds Mew. When they got to the Mew he said, "OK Jay you have the horn. Now expose the piece of food to the end bird. I think it wise that each of you stick with the same bird each time so the bird gets use to who is going to feed it." "Now Brad, you have the whistle which is really loud so blow it softly at this close range and while blowing it feed your bird."

Brad did as instructed and the bird did the same thing and accepted the mouse piece with great delight.

"OK now Brian Ring the bell softly as it can be really loud if you ring it hard and we don't want to scare the bird to death. While you are ringing the bell feed your part of the mouse to your hawk.

James was taking all this in and said, "What do I get to do Mr. Peterson."

"Don't worry James you will be one of the busiest during training as you will take the bird in stages further and further away from the trainer so that when the bird hears it's sound it will fly to the glove of its trainer to be fed. Remember, this bird will never develop feelings for you, only like you because of the food attachment."

"So they will never become pets then Mr. Peterson," Brian said.

"No and if you ever fly your bird when it is not sharp set it will take off and you may never see him again."

"What's sharp set." asked Jay.

"Well I want you to pick up a scale that weighs in ounces. You will find that each of the birds have a particular weight that they will do anything to get to you to be fed. If they are above that weight by even two or three ounces they will not have enough interest in food to come to you and may just take off. So you see how important it is for you to know how much your bird weighs when it is sharp set. You will learn this during training as the birds will never fly free until they are trained and you trust they will come to you. You use fishing line to hook to their Jess's when you are flying them at first so they can't fly away even if they wanted to."

Jay said, "You know there is a lot more to all of this than I could ever have imagined."

Mr. Peterson said, "Yes it sounds complicated but this is how they train animal even at Sea world. The attraction to the trainer, and the stunts they do are simply operant conditioning, using food as the reinforcer. They also use some sound maker while training to let the animal know when they have done what the trainer wants them to do and then the reinforcer (food) is given to the animal to eat."

"Oh I see we are using food as a reinforcer for flying to our hand is that right?"

"That is correct. You are catching on," said Mr. Peterson. "But you also have to realize that the bird could fly to your hand all day and without hearing the sound first there would be no food given."

Well with that done Mr. Peterson said, "I think you can handle the simple feeding for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we will start actually making the bird do something before he gets fed."

"Wow! This is really getting exciting." said Brian.

Brad backed him up by saying, "Yea it is."

Mr. Peterson left and all four of the trainers to be just stood admiring their birds.

From the pasture fence not 20 feet away came a voice. "Can I ask you guys what you are doing." asked a brow n haired, blue eyed, approximately 11 or 12 year old.

"Sure my name is Brian and we are getting started training the hawks that we captured early today. What is your name?"

"Oh I'm sorry, my name is BK. At least that is what everyone always calls me at school and at home."

"Can I see the hawks closer," BK asked.

"Sure BK come on through the gate and over here."

Jay spoke up and said, "Be sure you never approach the birds without one of us with you though as it could be dangerous for you."

BK answered, "Oh I wouldn't even come on your property unless invited you don't have to worry about that."

"Fine." said Jay.

"Gosh they look like baby hawks." said BK.

"Actually that is exactly what they are." said Brian.

"We have to give all credit to our start in hawking to Brad here he is the one that found the nest and showed it to me first." said Jay.

Brad blushed a little and said, "Yes and I am so glad I did Jay as you have become like a brother to me. You see neither Jay or I have a real brother or for that matter a father."

BK said, "Gosh I don't have a brother or a sister and my dad travels most of the time with his job so I am here with my mother or a baby sitter most of the time. I live right over there in the yellow house."

"Well it sounds like you wouldn't mind having a few friends in the neighborhood then?"

"Gosh no I would love that."

"Jay could we take BK and show him the pool?" said Brian.

"Sure and he is welcome to use it as long as he goes by the rule, Never swim alone. and incidentally that goes for everyone even James and I."

Come on BK and I'll show you the house. They all went inside and BK said, "Wow, this is a mansion compared with out house."

"We like it," Brian said grinning.

Come on we will show you the pool. And with that Brian and Brad led BK into the enclosed pool area. "Gosh, this has to be the nicest pool I have ever seen." said BK.

"Would you like to go swimming now." Brian asked as he wanted to see him without clothes.

Well I would but I don't have a bathing suit with me. "Well if you don't mind Brad and I always swim in the raw. Are you embarrassed by that?"

"No it wouldn't bother me. Where do we leave our clothes."

"Just pick one of the chaise lounges and put them there. There are plenty of towels on the shelves in that cupboard when we get out OK?

"Yea that's fine," said BK.

With that Brad was already nude and Brian was well on his way. It took BK a little longer as he was obviously a little shy.  ; When he was nude the boys looked at his body. It was beautiful. His skin was so tan, except where his bathing suit would cover where he was white as a sheet. That made his butt stand out even more and boy was it a nice butt. Brian wished he could go over and spread his cheeks and take a peak at the butt hole but that would have to wait until the time presented itself and with him and Brad he knew that would happen for sure. When BK turned to face them he had about a 4inch soft cut dick which Brad wished was hard. Brad was starting to get a hard on just looking at this gorgeous kid. Brian also was well on his way. So Brad and Brian thought they better get in the water quick to hide what was happening to them. So they dove in the deep end and started swimming toward the shallow end. BK got on the diving board and made an excellent toe pointed dive without hardly any splash. When he ca me to the shallow end Brad said, "Nice dive."

BK explained that he was on the swimming team at summer camp and was also thinking about going out for the Jr. High team.

This quite impressed both Brad and Brian. They all horsed around and did a lot of things that brought body contact which they all seemed to enjoy.

After a half hour or so they all got out and dried off. Brian said, let's go into the triple shower and rinse off all this chlorine. BK said nothing but just followed them. They all carried their clothes to Brian's bedroom and laid them on a chair. Then they went to the main bath shower and Brian started the first nozzle adjusting the water temperature and then turned the on nozzles for the other two shower heads. BK said, "Wow! Some shower you have here."

Brad said, "Yea we usually play SHOWER GO ROUND when it is just us here in the house."

"Wh at's SHOWER GO ROUND mean BK asked?"

"Oh nothing really we just soap each other down. Would you like to play it?"

"Sure I'm game for anything new." said BK.

Brian and Brad looked at each other and smiled. Brad said, "The way this works is we all get to wash each other. We will show you by us soaping you down. Brian will take one side and I will take the other side. Then when we are through you can help each of us do the other one. Sound OK to you."

"Yea kinda sexy even." said BK.

"Well we do like to mess around when we get a chance," Brad said.

BK said, "I think I'm gonna like this place."

With that Brian took his front and Brad took his back. They worked their way down slowly rubbing the back and oh that smooth stomach until they reached the personal areas. They continued as after all he co uld complain if he didn't like it. Brian soaped his dick and balls and rubbed way more that needed on them until BK had a raging hard on. Brian was doing the same with the butt rubbing his finger back and forth across the anus. BK said, "Oh this is so awesome I have never felt so good."

"Yea we always like it too." said Brian.

Brad said, "Now I'm going to clean inside your anus. Push out like you had to take a crap." When he did Brad shoved his finger in and out and then started deliberately hitting on the prostate. Meanwhile Brian was soaping his now hardened almost 6 inch dick in a jack off fashion. All of a sudden BK cried out, "Oh how embarrassing I'm going to cum..." and he started cumming and cumming and cumming all over Brian and the wall.

Brian said, "Don't worry that happens to all of us all the time. Did it feel good to you?"

BK coul d hardly answer he was so engrossed at what had just happened to him but finally said, "Oh I have never in my life cum that much. It felt so good. Thanks guys."

Brian and Brad smiled at each other now they had another mess around guy their own age or just a little younger.

Next Brad handed his soap to BK and told him they would do Brian now. BK could hardly wait. He took the front on purpose as he wanted to see that dick hard. Brad took his favorite the back and the ass hole. They washed him down and BK did just like he had been done and started soaping Brian's balls and dick in a fast motion until he had Brian hard as a rock. Then he started soaping him as he jacked on his dick. Meanwhile in the back Brad had his finger all the way up in Brian and started hitting on the prostate on purpose. Brian could take no more and hollered out, "OH...GOD....I'M...CUMMING..." He came all over BK whic h tickled BK as he was really enjoying this whole seen.

Next Brian started on Brad's ass as he knew BK wanted to see his dick get hard. BK started down over Brads smooth stomach and again cupped his scrotum area and started rubbing fast and hard until Brad's dick was as hard as a rock. Then BK started jacking him for real, enjoying every second of it. Brian already had his finger all the way up Brad's ass and was giving his ass hell. Needless to say all of a sudden Brad yelled out, "ITS..MY...TURN...I'M ...CUMMING!" The cum went all over BK once again.

They all rinsed off and got out to dry. BK said, "I'll SHOWER GO ROUND and time you guys want to I never enjoyed anything sexual so much. As a matter of fact that is the first time I ever did anything sexual with another person."

Brian liked the sound of that as he was going to eventually get another cherry if Brad did n't get to it first.

They got dressed and went into the living room where Jay and James had been messing around. It didn't seem to bother them that BK caught them in the act as they knew what the boys had been up to they could hear them clear downstairs when they came.

Jay and James got their pants re-buttoned and zipped and then suggested that they all go out for another feeding.

So they all went out including BK. This time Brian got the mouse by the tail and killed it with his eyes closed and then Brad cut the mouse into three pieces. BK almost lost it and had to turn his head away. BK said, "How gross."

"Well BK that is what we have to do to keep our babies alive." said Jay.

"Well if that is what it takes I'm glad they are your birds." said BK.

They went to the birds and in turn each made his sound and fed his bird. The birds alrea dy knew when they heard that sound they were going to get food. It is amazing how fast operant conditioning is.

When they finished feeding they went back into the house and sat in the living room. Jay gave every one a Pepsi and after that they gladly accepted them.

James asked them if they would all like to go and have something to eat out. He said how about the pizza parlor.

BK said he would have to call his mother. He did and got permission. Brad said he had till 8pm anyway so he would just go.

So they all took off for Pizza.

(To Be Continued)

To answer a few questions Yes I had falconry as a hobby while I was an undergraduate. I trained red tails and sparrow hawks during those years in Idaho.

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