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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


The next morning everyone had breakfast together at the new dinning room table. It was just like a family al l three of them. Brad was coming over by 9:00 because he knew it was going to be another training day and he was looking forward to it.

Right after breakfast Brian said, "I'll go and check the live traps. He went to the barn and all 4 of them had gone off again. This is an old barn and is crawling alive with mice sort of like an old building and coach roaches. Anyway he carefully dumped the mice, one at a time, into the fish tank cage and put the lid back on it quick. These little things couldn't really do him any harm but he was afraid of the creepy little things anyway.

Brian reset the traps and went back to the house. "We caught four more guys."

"Really Jay said. You know I have been thinking since we certainly don't have any shortness of supply of these wonderful little creatures may be we should make another couple traps. As our birds get older it is going to take more and more to feed them."

James spoke up and said, "Maybe we should get a few fish tanks, their are cheap, and start putting a male and female in each cage. They reproduce so fast we could insure our food supply that way. If we ever run out Mr. Peterson said we could use raw liver with hair on it from a rabbit or something. The birds must have hair with their diet as they need to cast every day to stay healthy."

Jay said, "Hey that is a good idea. And then maybe the little creatures might start looking cute to us since we are raising them."

Brian said, "Speak for yourself Jay. Yuk"

The doorbell rang and of course we had a general idea who that would be. Brian opened the door and it was BK he had come to watch the training. They had no sooner sat down in the living room until the door bell went off again. This time it was Brad. When he came in he was pleasantly surprised to see BK there again.

"Hi BK glad you came over." said Brad.

"Yea you kinda got my interest up with this hawking thing. He whispered to Brad, I kinda liked the SHOWER GO ROUND too. ha ha."

They had all in all fed the baby hawks four times yesterday. So they were kinda getting use to the gross job. "Why couldn't they just eat dog food or something." Brian said.

"Yea dry dog food would be a little easier to stomach." said Brad.

"I thought I was going to upchuck when you cut that mouse up the first time." said BK.

Then the doorbell went off again. It was getting a workout this morning.

"Hello Mr. Peterson. Welcome aboard."

"How many times did you feed the little darlings yesterday." Mr. Peterson chuckled.

"Four times all told before dark. We also caught four more mice last ni ght so we are going to make a few more traps.

"That will be fine boys. I will take my shotgun out and kill a jack rabbit so you can freeze it and have extra meat around in case you run out. The jack rabbit comes complete with the necessary hair."

They all laughed at that.

"Well today we are going to do some formal training. It will be a lot easier in about a week when the birds will be able to fly fairly well. But for now we know they can fly downward we all saw that. So that is what we are going to have them do. The biggest step in training is the first time the bird jumps from his perch to your hand on command of your call sound. So lets all go out and get the first mouse of the day ready."

"Gosh it sounds like the last mile for some poor unsuspecting mouse doesn't it." said BK.

"Yea I guess you could say that," said Brian.

They all went outside and headed for the barn. One of the traps that Brian had just set had gone off so Mr. Peterson said, "Oh we have a new volunteer. Grab him by the tail with your gloves Brian."

Brian swallowed hard then opened the can and grabbed for the mouse getting the whole mouse in his glove afraid he might let it go. Then he reached with his other hand and got it by the tail. He closed his eyes and swung it toward the now bloody post.

"Yuk," said BK. "I may get sick yet."

Brad said, "After all the times yesterday I guess I am kinda getting used to it now."

"Oh OK Brad here's the knife do the honors." said Jay.

"Now Brad was making a yuk face."

Brad took the mouse and cut it in equal pieces wishing he could do it with his eyes shut.

Each trainer reluctantly picked up his piece of mouse and hid it in his gauntlet. Mr. Peterson led them to the Mew. When they got there he said, "OK now Brad take your sound maker and sound it with your hand slightly down from the perch so the hawk can jump to it."

Brad made the sound and the bird was coming unglued because it couldn't get to the piece of mouse it could plainly see. Brad sounded the sound again and this time the bird had all it could take it jumped off the perch and landed on his gauntlet taking the mouse in its mouth and chowing down.

Mr Peterson said, "Now Brad when he is through eating the mouse unhook the jess and hold on to it tight and walk around with your bird getting him use to being moved by you."

Brad unhooked the jess and started walking slowly and the bird abated and ended up hanging from its leg. Mr. Peterson said, "Offer it your other gauntlet to climb back up on to but keep hold of the jess at all cost.

Brad go t the bird sitting up right again and started walking slowly around again. This time the bird stayed put. After all it doesn't take hanging from your leg many times before you give in to whatever is asked of you.

Mr. Peterson said, "OK now that is long enough for the first time take him back to his perch in the mew and attach the jess to the perch before letting go of the jess."

Brad got him back on his perch and hooked his jess for safety. Then Brad let a sigh of relief as he hadn't been breathing to well for a while holding his breath a little not knowing what to expect.

Mr. Peterson asked Jay if they had any fishing line. Jay said, "I think so down in the basement."

"Go and get it if you do and I'll show you a safer way to do this."

Jay left and was back in about two minutes carrying a spool of fishing line. Mr. Peterson took the spool from him and ran off about 25 feet of line. To one end he attached a snap clip and the other end was left tied to the spool as it was heavy enough to keep any of these birds grounded if they flew.

"OK now who wants to go next?"

Jay said, "I'll go next."

Mr. Peterson told Jay to attach the clip with the fishing line on it to the jess as he unsnapped the snap from the perch. Now the bird was attached to the line not the perch. He told Jay to hold the spool under his arm so as not to give the bird too much lee way. Then he told him to go ahead and make his sound.

Jay made the sound and his bird also came unglued trying to get at the mouse it could see. Finally on the third sound he jumped from the perch flapping his wings and landed on Jays gauntlet that held the mouse piece. The bird quickly gobbled up his morsel. Jay knew to walk around slowly with the bird for a minute or two and his bird stayed put and didn't try to fly. He took him back to the perch and put him on it. Then he refastened the jess to the perch taking the fishing line off the bird.

Brian took a deep breath and took the spool, put it under his armpit and then hooked it to his bird as he unclipped the bird from the perch. Then he stepped back far enough the bird had to jump if he was going to eat and made his sound. This bird only had to hear the sound twice and it flapped its wings and jumped to Brian's gauntlet taking its food the second it got there. Brian had good luck walking around also. The bird stayed put on his gauntlet as he walked a couple minutes with the bird around the pasture. Then Brian came back to the perch and his bird was happy to get back on firm ground. He re-snapped the jess to the perch and undid the fishing line.

"Well boys let me congratulate you on a job well done. You will see that each training session will get easier and easier as the bird learns what is expected of him to get the food. When they are flying they will come the full length of your pasture to you with the fishing line on a moving spool that is fastened down so that the bird is always hooked even though he doesn't really realize it. Then the day will come for your first free flight. This is when you have to know the weight that your bird is sharp set at so you don't stand a chance to loose him. He has to want the food more than flying away and that is why you must make sure he is sharp set. Jay I would say to pick up a scale that weights in ounces to about five pounds. So the scale will still be usable on a full grown bird." said Mr. Peterson.

"Well you know what to do for the rest of today. Try and feed them at least four to six times and weigh them each time.&nb sp; It is just as important to know if your bird is getting too light as that could affect its health. So the scale is a very necessary thing every day and every feeding."

They all thanked Mr. Peterson for his help and went into the house with him where they all had a Pepsi and collapsed after a trying ordeal since it was their first time around. It would get easier every time.

With that out of the way for a couple hours Brian suggested that they all go swimming. They all headed for the pool including Jay and James. The boys were all eyes as Jay and James uncovered what had to be beautiful bodies and they weren't disappointed. The boy were undressing too and everyone got into the water one way or another. Some jumped in, others dove in and BK used the diving board as he seemed to like that best. They played different water games for about a half hour or more and Jay said, "I've had enough for a while." James followed Jay out and the boys were just gawking at those cool asses they could see as they got out. Brian said, "We might as well get out too. He went to the towel cupboard and handed each of them a towel saying, "Since we will probably be swimming quite a bit why don't you hang your towels up somewhere to dry as they aren't dirty and can be used several times."

When they got into the house Brian led the boys into his bedroom. He deliberately left the door open in case Jay or James decided to join them. BK said, "How about a SHOWER GO ROUND."

Brian said, "You said yesterday you were interested in learning new things BK."

"Yea I'm game."

"Well we have another GO ROUND game we play on the bed. Have you ever given or received head BK."

"No, like I told you all this is new to me." He was getting h ard now just thinking about sex.

"OK here is how it works. Brad lay down on your side facing in. When Brad did this Brian got right on his dick. He could hardly wait to get Brad in his mouth. Brad said, "Come over here where I can reach you BK. BK was a little nervous but did as he was asked. Brad took his dick all the way in the full almost 6 inches of it. BK moaned he had never had this before and it felt great to him. Brad came off to tell him to take Brian's dick in his mouth to complete the GO ROUND. BK very carefully licked Brian's dick and found some pre-cum there. He tasted it and decided it was OK tasting and then he took Brian all the way into his mouth until he gagged. Brian told him to relax his throat muscles and kinda swallow and eventually he could get it all the way down his throat. So BK feeling his own dick was already down Brad's throat decided if they could do it so could he. So he really worked at it taking a little more with each down stroke until he did it he had it all the way to the base and down his throat. He started up and down on it just like Brad was doing to him. Hey this was getting to be fun. And oh the feeling he was getting from Brad's mouth. After about 5 minutes Bk's said, "Brad you better get off I am going ... to.... cummmm...." Brad didn't move off but swallowed the whole load and kept some in his mouth to taste. Brad knew that BK would be very sensitive now so he took his mouth off of his dick and wet his finger and started playing with BK's ass hole. It wasn't long before he had his middle finger buried to the hilt up BK's ass. BK was moaning and had gotten hard again just like that. All of a sudden Brian let go without any warning and BK felt the hot cum going down his throat and backed up a little and filled his mouth. It was slightly salty but oh so sweet too. He liked it. Then just like the others Brad let loose in Brian's mouth but Brian was expecting it and loved every drop of it.

"OK now BK come over to me." said Brad.

"Stick out your tongue BK." When BK did he found Brad sucking his tongue and he could taste two different distinct flavors of cum. While similar they were a little different. BK really got turned on by this and started sucking Brad's tongue too. Brian feeling left out waited for Brad to take a breath and got on BK's tongue himself. BK didn't waste any time sucking his tongue too. All these new experiences were great. He didn't even know guys could have so much fun with each other.

Now BK said, "Can we SHOWER GO ROUND now?"

Brad said, "Sure lets go to the master bathroom and get started. They went through the same routine as yesterday except Bria n and Brad started fingering BK with one, two and then three fingers.

"Ouch that really hurts" said BK.

Brad said, "It will quit hurting as soon as your ass hole stretches to this new size. Just like when you poop out a big turd the hurting stops after your ass hole gets use to it."

"Yea it is letting up now but it still hurts a little."

Brad started all three finger fucking him now slowly. He speeded up and then motioned for Brian to take over with his bigger hand. Brian was into BK quickly and it didn't take him long to go through the different finger routine and was now fucking him with all three fingers fairly fast.

BK said, "I'm getting used to it now it isn't near as bad as it was at first."

Brian kept at it now hitting on his prostate each time until BK hollered out...Oh...MY ....GOD...this is going to make me Cummmm.... again..."& nbsp; And with that he had Brad's mouth on his dick instantly drinking down the cum as it exploded in about 7 shots.

BK said, "Wow! That is such an awesome feeling cumming with something up you ass."

"Yes BK and it won't be long before you will be ready to give up your cherry."

"What do you mean Brian?"

"Well that is when instead of three fingers you have someone stick their dick up your ass. It is the same feeling only better."

"Really guys do that?"

"Oh yea, all the time. You have been so isolated from the outside world you haven't experienced the pleasures that sex can give you."

With that they all rinsed and got out of the shower and dried. Brad wanted to get a really good look at BK's ass hole so he took the lotion into the bedroom and said, "Now so you won't be sore tonight and tomorrow I'm going to put lotion on your as s hole where the soap was. Brad spread his cheeks and just held them open. He even blew air against the ass hole as he knew how different that felt too.

BK said, "Oooo that feels so cool when you blow like that."

Brad was thinking to himself if you only really knew I am doing it because I want to look at your perfect ass hole for a while. Brad was as hard as a rock looking at it. Then he put lotion on two fingers and started in with them. When he was all the way in he said, "How does that feel to you BK?"

"Really cool and good. I like it with lotion. It is much more soothing than the soap is."

"I thought you would like it."

"Now would you like to do the same thing to me BK?"

"Yea I would."

"OK here is the lotion." BK took the lotion but he too wanted to just look at Brad's ass hole and saw it was pe rfectly round. He just held the cheeks open and stared. Of course Brad knew what he was doing and it didn't bother him at all. Finally BK put lotion on his fingers and started up into that velvety tunnel. It felt so good to BK he wanted to stay in there forever.

Brad said, "Now you are going to become a man BK." With that Brad rolled over on his back and raised his knees up to his chest exposing his entire butt to BK. "Now BK put lotion all over your dick real heavy." BK did and it felt so good it made him even harder than he was when he was just looking at his ass hole.

"Now put your dick against my ass hole and push."

"You mean you want me to fuck you Brad?"

"You have the idea BK now push and push hard, I can take it."

BK was shaking from nerves but he pushed it in and right up the velvet tunnel. Oh God did that feel go od. He had never experienced anything like this in his life time.

"OK now turn on your motor and start fucking me fast and hard dude."

BK started going faster than he believed possible. He was literally flying into that velvet tunnel now. He felt his dick expanding and then he knew he was going to loose it. He said, "I'm gonna do it again Brad, should I do it in your ass?"

"Yes BK that will feel good to me too."

BK let shot after shot go clear into Brad he found himself pushing as hard against his ass as he could to get it to go as far as possible up his butt. After his orgasm he fell forward and onto Brad's wet stomach as he had cum again too. He just lay there in the cum trying to catch his breath. He looked at Brad and he was beat red trying to catch his breath too. After a minute or two he started French kissing him. They continued this for another 5 minutes or so.

Brad said, "Well dude I think we need to go and rinse off again don't you."

"You bet I have your cum all over my stomach."

Brian had been watching all of this and had jacked off while it was going on and he too had cum all over his stomach so they all headed for the shower. There was no playing around as everyone was beat they simply rinsed off and got out and dried off.

Jay was talking to James and mentioned that they had to register for classes Monday. That meant school would officially start for everyone the following Tuesday after Labor Day. He was getting a little excited about it all. "What major are you going to go for James."

James answered, "I think it would be wise for us to go for a bachelors in business. That way if we decide we want to open a business someday we will have the knowledge on what to do. We may get tired of living without a career of some kind. It's nice not to have to ever work but is is also nice to have a good feeling about ones self.

Jay went up to the boys bedroom where he found them in the final stages of dressing. He said, "You know what we just thought of downstairs."

"What Jay?"

"Well we have this week and next and then Labor Day comes along and we all have to start school. James and I will be on different schedules as every class in college doesn't meet every day. A three credit course meets three times a week and a two credit course only meets twice a week. So even though we will have a lot more free time than you guys do we will also be studying a lot too."

"Wow! It is getting close." said Brian.

"Yes and I want you boys to go shopping with me for school clothes sometime this week." (To Be continued)

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