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After the morning feeding that went amazingly well Jay, James, and Brian went clothes shopping for Brian. He would be the best dressed dude at the Jr. High. Then they went to the hardware store where they found a scale that weighted in ounces up to 6lb which certainly was ample. Going to the fishing dept they found a fishing reel that could easily be mounted on a two by 12 for weight that no bird could ever carry. They asked for suggestions from the hardware salesperson as to how to attach it and he took it in back and attached it for them as he had all the necessary bolts and hardware to work with. He also cut about 18" off a two by 12 that he had had back there for quite a while by the looks of it. It was fairly dusty. Then he got a clip and fastened it to the end of the line and they were in business. Jay thanked him so much for helping them out and he just answered that it was his job to please the customers.

When they pulled into the garage after the door opened automatically they were immediately gr eeted by BK and one of his friend who he introduced as David.

Brian said, "Welcome David I suppose you came over to see the hawks?"

David said, "I hope you don't mind. BK thought it would be OK with you."

"No we don't mind at all. My name is Brian incidentally."

"Will you be going to the Jr. High this year Brian?"

"Yea, I am 14 and will be in the eighth grade." said Brian."

"Oh good I am also 14 barely, and I will be in the eighth grade too."

Brian was happy to hear this as he would at least know someone at the school besides just Brad. Well since you came to see a feeding I guess we can let you see that. We have some things to put away first though why don't you just come on in with BK and take a seat in the living room.

Brian went ahead of them with all his packages and went up and put them on the ch air in his room. They took up the whole chair. He could hardly wait to hang them up and put them away but he thought the hawks had to come first.

In the meantime Jay and James had taken the new spool attached to the 2x12 out to the Mew so when they got there they were already there.

Brian said, "We have to go to the barn and get the food first David."

This didn't bother David at all as he expected packaged food of some sort.

Just then from across the barnyard Brad yelled, "Hey wait for me."

When Brad got there Brian greeted him and said, "Why don't we flip a coin to see who is going to prepare the meal?"

This was all very confusing to David. Brad had sure given David the once over and so had everyone else. This kid was taller than any of them and had light brown hair and hazel eyes that went right though you. He had a swi mmers build and what a butt. It was letter perfect. Brad in checking it out found himself getting a hard on so he had to get his mind back on the task at hand.

They flipped a coin and Brian won the honors. Brad said, "Good I was hoping I wouldn't have to be the executioner."

When Brian reached in with his gauntlet and grabbed a mouse by the tail Davids face went white. Brian swung it at the post killing it instantly. Then he laid it on the board and started cutting it into three pieces.

David said, "Oh God I think I'm going to be sick."

Brian said, "That is the way we all felt at first just look away out across the barn lot for a minute and think of something else and you should make it."

David did as he suggested and regained control of his stomach.

Jay, Brad, and Brian all took their share of the sacrifice and headed for the Mew. David followed at a distance.

The birds were really getting a lot stronger by the day as they had been beating their wings as if in flight while holding on to the perch.

Jay went first and decided to try something. He hooked the jess to the new fishing real line and unhooked the bird from the perch. David was all eyes now.

Jay showed the piece of mouse to the bird and walked about 6 ft away and made his sound. The bird would have to fly to make it or he would hit the ground. When the bird heard the sound it got all excited as usual and finally flapped its wings and took off for Jay's hand and landed on his gauntlet that had the mouse in it.

"Wow! That was awesome." Said Brad.

Jay started walking his bird and walked half way to the barn and back with out the bird abating. He put him back on his perch and transfer red the clips so that he was now hooked to the perch.

Next Brian changed the line to his bird. He stepped back about 7 feet to be better. He sounded his sound and the bird didn't even hesitate but took off and flew to his hand. Brian was so excited. After eating he did the same walk half way to the barn and back and put him back on his perch.

Brad stepped up and hooked the line to his bird. He had to try one better so he went around 10 feet from the perch and sounded his sound. The bird did not take off but was going ape shit. He blew it again and the bird took off landing kinda hard on his gauntlet and ate his portion. Brad walked him almost to the barn and back and hooked him to his perch.

Then Jay appeared with the scale and a clipboard. They put the birds one by one on the perch that had been built of the scale with the scale reset to 0. Each birds we ight was recorded for the first time. This would give them much better information on just how well their birds were doing health wise and how sharp set they were after a few weigh ins.

With that done they all went back in the house. Every one of them were proud as punch at what their bird had accomplished. Jay said, "You know boys those birds can fly now but I'm not sure they fully know it yet. We will go a little further with each feeding."

They all drank a Pepsi and while James cooked up some pancakes the boys and Jay decided to go swimming. Brian said, "David we swim in the raw and if you aren't up to that you can watch TV in the living room.

David said, "No worry about me being bashful after two years of showering with the guys in Jr. High. Where do I put my clothes?"

"Just pick any of the chaise lounges and put them there. You can get a towel out of that cupboard and it will be your towel for all week so keep it clean. That is if you plan on coming back over again."

"Wild horses couldn't keep me away as long as I am welcome. You guys just say if you have had enough of me and I won't come around OK?"

Brian said, "I doubt that will ever happen you are an alright dude."

"Thanks Brian." said David.

With that they all stripped and of course all eyes were on David's dick and his superb ass. Even Jay was looking. It must have made David self conscious as he was the first one to dive in the water.

They swam and played Marco Polo and a few other games until they were all tired and ready to get out. They dried off and BK shouted SHOWER GO ROUND.

Brian quickly spoke up and said, "Hey wait a minute BK David might not be for that. Being nude and SHOWER GO ROUND are two diff erent things."

David said, "I'm game for almost anything. What is SHOWER GO ROUND?"

Brian explained it to him and could see David getting hard just thinking about it.

David said, "Hey that sounds sexy and cool sure I'll do it."

When Jay heard that he decided to join the crowd. He had half a hard on too. Jay said, "David it is common for us to get hard ons during a SHOWER GO ROUND so just ignore it and have fun OK?"

"I was wondering about that as I am getting hard already." said David.

To the shower they all went and believe it or not the shower was big enough to hold them all and at least two more. Brian explained that in a SHOWER GO ROUND everyone washed everyone like one big happy family. There are no hold backs we wash each other everywhere.

David said, "I know I am going to like this then."

Everyone was given a bar of soap and could start anywhere they wanted. Jay was first to go for David and started washing his hair. When the others saw this everyone was washing someone's hair if their head wasn't being washed. Jay continued down David's front and when he got to his dick it was as hard as a rock. Jay opened his hand and cupped his dick and balls and started rubbing the whole works with soap. David started making moaning sounds like he was really enjoying this. Then Jay took his dick and started soaping it in a jack off fashion. You could tell by David's face that he really liked this. Then after about a minute or so Jay decided to start at his shoulders and do his back as he knew he would cum and spoil the minute if he kept jacking on his dick. When Jay reached Davids ass he kept right on going. He told David to spread his legs as he wanted to spread his ass and get a good look at the ass hole. It was letter perfect and oh ho w Jay wanted to put his dick there and push. But he instead started rubbing his ass hole back and forth bringing out even loader moans. Of course sexual sounds were all over the shower now as everyone else was having fun too.

David said, "Gosh this is the first time any one has washed me since I was a baby. It sure feels good especially that."

Jay hearing that started pushing harder and harder on his ass hole as he rubbed. Then he took his middle finger and broke through the sphincter muscle and David just said, "OH GOD". Jay could tell by the sound of his voice that he was liking it so he pushed his finger in about three inches and then said, "How does that feel David."

"Absolutely awesome. It makes me feel like I could cum with little effort."

Jay said, "Don't worry before this is over we will probably all have had a good cum." Jay started finger fucking David now getting louder sounds of pleasure. He then pushed his finger all the way to the hilt and got even louder sounds. Then he switched to two fingers. He reached around and took hold of David's dick and started jacking it slowly with the soap and then knowing what was going to happen plunged his two fingers fast and all the way home. When his fingers hit all the way in he felt the spasms start. This kid was cumming and cumming hard. The spasms were as hard as he had ever felt. He could even feel Davids heart beat up in his ass. That really turned Jay on. After 7 or 8 spasms Jay knew he was through and pulled his fingers out and looked to see where the cum had gone. It was all over Brad's back so Jay wiped as much of it as he could with the side of his hand and had a feast royal. David's cum was like honey. Just a tiny salt taste to it but mostly honey flavored. Ja y knew he wanted this kid to cum in his mouth sometime.

"OK David, your turn. Do you want to do me?"

"Oh Yea Jay."

Jay handed him the soap and he started on Jay's hair first then he went down the front of Jay and took hold of his hard on. He rinsed it a little which surprised Jay and then took Jay in his mouth all the way down his throat. This kid was experienced. He gave Jay head like a mad man. Then while doing it he reached around and stuck two fingers all the way up Jay's ass. That was all she wrote. Jay started cumming and cumming and cumming. He couldn't remember cuming so hard. Wow! what a kid. Then David looked up at him and smiled with cum all over his lips some of it had leaked out as Jay had pumped out so much. David took his tongue and tried to get it all in his mouth and was able to get most of it. Jay was sweating lik e a pig now. David continued washing the rest of him and then rinsed Jay off and himself and they got out. They had both had enough. Jay heard Brad go off making loud, "I'm cumming" sounds. And it wasn't 5 minutes later that Brian went off too. Now they were all drying off and went back to poolside to put on their clothes.

David said, "Boy I certainly glad I am welcome here. That was so awesome. I think I came harder than I ever have before."

Jay said, "Just be sure you keep what happened, to yourself, as we could all be in trouble if you didn't."

David said, "Don't worry I have learned that anything I do sexually stays with me. I won't tell a soul."

That made Jay feel better and so they all went the living room and talked for a while. A lot of talk surrounded school starting in a little over a week. Of course Jay and James had to go and register this coming Monday.

The doorbell rang. Jay answered it and it was Mr. Peterson. He welcomed him in and asked him to have a seat. He offered him a Pepsi which he turned down.

"The reason I stopped by is to see how the training is going."

Jay explained to him that it was going great and that all three birds had flown at least 6 to 10 feet to get their food the last feeding.

"Oh I am happy to hear that Jay but really not surprised as once any animal knows what it has to do to get fed it usually does it consistently. You should have no more problems getting them to fly even greater distances as they seem to be capable of it. How long do you have until next feeding time?"

"Actually we are just a little past it as we had some things to get done. We now have the scale that weighs in ounces to 6 lbs. And we have a contraption made of a fishing reel and a piece of board I want to show you. Would you like to go out with us now? I mean do you have the time?"

"Yes Jay I was hoping on getting in on a feeding."

Jay hollered for Brad and Brian to come on we are going to do a feeding for Mr. Peterson.

"How are you doing on the mice population Jay?"

"Really quite well we made four more traps and now have eight. We are also going to start raising mice in fish tanks as they multiply so fast."

"Sounds like you are really getting ambitious," Mr. Peterson said.

"Jay I was going to suggest that you have five or six rabbit hutches made and then start raising rabbits for food too. Your birds are going to get much bigger when they are fully mature and need more food than you might be able to supply with your mice. Besides if you have rabbits you can have some real fun with your hawk s. You can release a rabbit in the middle of a field and then with your arm sort of toss your bird in that direction. Your bird will see the rabbit and nail him real quick. You have no danger of loosing your bird as the bird will stay attached to that rabbit with his talons until you forcefully remove it. You allow the bird to have a small feast and then take the rabbit that is left for future feeding. A rabbit is too much for a hawk in training at one time as it would become UN sharp set real quick and you couldn't fly him until he was once again sharp set."

"Wow! This is really getting exciting Mr. Peterson." said Brian.

"Yes that is why it takes a true falconer with falconry in his blood to truly enjoy the sport of kings."

They all went out side and Mr. Peterson wanted to see the birds before the feeding. He felt of the breast on each bird to see how m uch if any fat was on the bird. Then he said, "Jay I think since they are growing so fast that we should step up to three feedings a day for a while and give each hawk a full mouse. At first you can continue killing the mice and having him eat off your hand. But after the bird becomes fairly trained and of course with the fishing line attached for a while, you can let the bird get use to catching a mouse after you release it in a wide open space so the mouse doesn't get away."

"So we need three mice now then?"

"Yes Jay as we are dealing with growing birds that need their nourishment."

With that they all went to the barn and each person got their own mouse and killed it against the pole. Then they carried the carcass out to the Mew. They kept the mice out of sight until each person was going to work with his hawk.

Jay went first by hooking the bird to the new fishing line reel that would let out line as needed. Jay went about twenty feet out and made his sound. The bird took off right away and landed on Jay's gauntlet seeing the full mouse the bird used his talons instinctively to make sure the mouse was dead. Then the bird tore into the mouse with his mouth and with in 5 minutes there was no more mouse and the hawk was looking very content. Jay walked him all around the field and then back to the perch. He hooked him to his perch and then unhooked the fishing line and gave it to Brian.

Brian repeated the procedure that Jay had done making his bird fly twenty feet also. He held the mouse in plain view and made his sound. The hawk hit the air the second the sound was made and landed grabbing the mouse with its talons just like the first one had. He then had his meal.

Brad was next and repeated the same. His bird m ade the twenty foot flight really quick and grabbed the mouse even quicker and then had his feeding.

When all was over Jay suggested they go back into the house and discuss how things went with Mr. Peterson.

Mr. Peterson was delighted at how well things went. He praised the boys for their excellent job in operant conditioning the birds. Then he asked Jay, "Would you like me to build you six rabbit hutches Jay?"

Jay looked at James for an answer as after all even though they were married it was their money. James nodded and Jay said, "That would be fine if you have time to do it."

"Yes right now I have plenty of time I should be able to finish them before school starts. You will need to check the paper and find some rabbits for sale as you will need six pair of rabbits to get started."

James stepped in and said, "I will start checking right away.&n bsp; I could always buy the rabbits and take delivery when the hutches are ready."

"Sounds good to me James." said Mr. Peterson.

And with that Mr. Peterson said, "Well I really must be going it is getting along toward dinner time."

Then Jay and the boys talked about all the things that were happening in their falconry life. They were all excited. Jay said, "Wait until it gets around school and it will, you are going to become two popular boys. That will be fun as imagining the fun SHOWER GO ROUNDS that will be coming up. Be sure you only invite over guys you trust to keep their mouths shut. It doesn't take long to tell who the gossips are and who stays to themselves. Don't invite the gossips and you will do yourselves a favor."

James suggested the bunch of them go out and have pizza and a pitcher or two of Coke. They all agreed that so unded great. It wasn't long before they were loaded in the van and off to the pizza parlor.

(To be continued)

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