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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


They finished their pizza and then went in the kitchen and cleaned everything up. They took the boxes out to the trash and then went to the living room. They all watched a movie and then Jay suggested since they had had quite a day that everyone turn in. Since Jimmy was Brian's guest he would sleep in Brian's room. Brad left to go meet his mother saying, "See you guys tomorrow. Say Jay could I ask you something."

"Jay I have been dying to stay over night too. DO you think I could invite a friend of mine on the football team next weekend."

Jay said, "Sure Brad but I have to ask you something. You know sex usually takes place because you guys like it so much. What about your friend wouldn't he think it was gay or something being on the football team?"

"You forget Jay I am on the team too. And if anything he would be safer because team members stick together on anything. Besides I have been watching him in the shower and he is always looking at everyone's dick and thinks I don't notice it."

"What's his name Brad?"

"Jack is his name. He is really cool and everyone likes him. The reason he is liked so well is he never tells anything bad about any body. He is probably going to run for student body president as he has the type of personality that everyone likes. And he is very good looking too. He has muscles that God gave him just where he should. He's not buff or anything just well built."

"OK Brad you and he can use one of the other bedrooms to sleep in and I am sure Brian won't mind."

"Good night now Brad. You are a neat person yourself."

"Thanks Jay." and with that he was out the door.

Mean while Brian and Jimmy had gotten to his bedroom and Brian said, "I usually sleep in the buff but if that would make you nervous I can wear my briefs."

"Nervous, after all we have been through. Hell yea I want to sleep in the buff."

They both got in bed and Brian said, "Have you ever done a 69 with someone?"

"I don't think so what is a 69?"

"Well it's where both guys or a guy and a girl go down on each other at the same time. Guys give each other head at the same time. It is really cool."

"Yea I am for that I loved sucking Jay."

With that Brian went down on Jimmy first and then put his dick where Jimmy could easily reach it. Jimmy took the hint and took him in his mouth. It took a couple tries but Jimmy finally got Brian into his throat as Brian was so long and so big. They sucked each other for about five minutes when Brian wet a finger and started finger fucking Jimmy. Jimmy wet his finger and did the same thing to Brian.

After a while they had each other sloppy wet from wetting their fingers over and over and finger fucking each other. "Jimmy would you fuck me?"

"Wow! Yea I will."

"I am going to show you a new way to do it so you can get farther up in me."

"I'm all for that."

Brian rolled over on his back and pulled his knees up to his chest. He said, "Now wet your dick real well, I am already wet enough and then go ahead and push it in me."

Jimmy was so excited he could hardly wait to get into Brian. He wet his dick and put it on Brian's hole. Brian being experienced pushed out and grunted so he could hear it. This signaled Jimmy to go for it and he pushed it in about half way. "Is that hurting you Brian?"

"No I'm used to being fucked go ahead and fuck me."

Jimmy couldn't have heard words he would rather here and started long fucking Brian faster and faster. As he kept doing this he felt like he was going to cum fairl y soon so he went into real fast short fucking, kind of like jacking off with Brian's ass hole. It didn't take long for Jimmy to holler out. "OH GOD THIS FEELS SO GOOD I'M CUMMING."

Brian felt the hot cum shooting his insides and it felt so good he could cum so easily but he wanted to save it so he could fuck Jimmy. Of course Jimmy didn't have any idea he was about to get it.

Jimmy fell forward onto Brian's chest and lay there panting like a dog in heat. He was really out of breath after that work out. But it felt so good and in that position he had gotten clear up in Brian. He loved it.

Brian said, "Jimmy would you mind if I fucked you now. I would like to but only if you want me too."

Jimmy was scared just looking at the size of that dick that was between Brian's legs. But after a few seconds he said, "I'm willing to try. You are pretty big you know?"

Bri an said, "I will go easy and only start when you say it is OK?"

"Alright do you want me on my back with my legs up like you were?"

"Yea I think you will like it that way too once you get used to it."

Jimmy rolled over on his back having caught his breath now. He said, "OK Brian get your dick and my hole really wet OK?"

Brian went down on him and tongue fucked him.

"OH That is one of the best feelings Brian, I love it."

Brian kept at it getting more and more spit in his mouth and trying to push it up in him. Brian said, "Push out as hard as you can and hold it so I can get in further."

Jimmy did as he was told and soon felt Brian's tongue actually going into his ass hole. What a feeling. He would take a breath and push out again trying to get him in ever further. He even spread his legs way out to give Brian more room to ma neuver.

Brian said, "Wow dude you really know how to push and spread to get a tongue up your ass. That is the furthest I have ever been able to get my tongue in anyone."

Brian then wet his dick until it was almost dripping plus he had pre cum almost dripping out the end he was so sexually excited by now. "OK dude here I come." With that Brian put his dick against his hole and started pushing. Jimmy pushed out real hard to get him in. And then it happened Brian went in past his sphincter muscle causing a lot of pain.

"Oh Brian that hurts a lot just stay there a minute."

After a minute or so he said, "OK I'm ready. I am going to do this if it kills me."

Brian said, "Well don't worry dude no one has died from my dick before so I think you will live." And he laughed at that.

Brian went on in all the way and held it there. "How you doing Jimmy?"

"I'm OK you can start slowly. This is the farthest I have ever had any thing up my ass. You are bigger than Jay. I mean bigger and a lot longer. It feels like you are in my stomach."

Brian started long fucking him. He speeded up hearing no objections. Pretty soon he was going full speed ahead and continued for about 15 minutes. The sweat was dripping off him on to Jimmy who was sweating himself. As a matter of fact Jimmy was wringing wet now. Brian started hammering on his prostate with each plunge and it only took a few of those before...


Brian pushed all the way up in him as his spasms set him off too. He short fucked him making sure he was all the way in on each shot of cum. He must have cum 8 shots before he was through. He collapsed ringing wet onto a ringing wet Jimmy. They just lay there for at least 10 minutes huffing and puffing and trying to get their breath. Finally Brian reached up and French kissed Jimmy for about 10 more minutes as they both had caught their breath and were enjoying it so much. Neither one of them ever wanted to stop. But finally Brian got up and said "Lets sneak down to the kitchen and get a pop. I am plum out of liquid."

"Yea me too. I can't remember sweating like I have tonight. You would think it was a hot summer day. ha ha."

As they went for the kitchen they could hear pleasure noises coming from Jay and James room. They looked at each other and smiled and then continued to the kitchen to get a pop.

The noises they heard were Jay and James in a 69 rimming each other. They both liked the anal thing so much they really enjoyed this. Both of them were pushing out as hard as they could and holding it unt il they needed to take a breath. Then right back to it again. James was clear up in Jay as he had the strongest tongue. When they finally had tired tongues Jay said, "I am ready for sure if you will fuck me James."

He didn't have to say it twice as James rolled him over on his back and pulled his legs up on his shoulders while wetting his dick with his other hand. He put it at the wet hole and pushed. Since Jay was so experienced he pushed slowly all the way in.

Jay thought to himself during all of this if James were an inch longer he would definitely be in my stomach.

James started long stroking him and it felt so good to Jay that he was letting out loud pleasure moans. Jay speeded up and got faster and faster. He started dripping sweat on an already sweaty body for Jay too was wringing wet. Finally he started short stroking really fast and let go.&nb sp; He hit Jay with 8 good shots of hot cum.

Jay deliberately held back as he wanted his turn next.

James collapsed on Jay's stomach and they lay there in each others sweat catching their breath. When they finally caught up and could breath again. Jay said, "If it is OK with you James I want to take a turn."

James said "Have at it I'm still wet." Jay didn't waste any time and fucked James for at least 15 or 20 minutes and then started short stroking like a mad man and James couldn't take it he came again. While he was cumming Jay's dick was getting such a good massage from the spasms he let go with at least 7 ropes of hot cum as far up in James as he could put it. Then he collapsed on top of James and they just lay there. They were so content they actually fell asleep like this for about 10 minutes and then Jay rolled off James and they slept the rest of the night in pe ace.

The next morning after showering and getting dressed they all met down in the kitchen where James was cooking hotcakes, eggs, and toast. For meat he was frying sausage links in another pan. When it was all ready Jay had already set the table with the table cloth and they all joined together for a real man size breakfast.

Jimmy said, "What time do you feed the hawks Brian?"

"As soon as we get this table cleaned off and the dishes done. We all do our own dishes and that way they are done and put away for the next time we want to use them.

"Good idea."

They all worked together getting everything clean and then put on a light jacket and got their gauntlets and went out to the Mew. The birds were sitting there obviously sharp set as they were moving all around on their perches like sound my sound I want to eat.

Jay said, "L et's try a new first boys. Let's get three live mice and hold them by the tail real good so they don't get away. Then one at a time take the mouse keeping it out of sight of the hawks, remember they have binocular vision and can see much better than we can, and go clear out in the middle of the pasture with it. I'll go first and demonstrate OK?"

They all agreed and headed for the barn. They emptied the traps which were all full of new mice and then reset them. Then they got three mice firmly by the tail and held them softly out of sight in their gauntlet. The mice didn't even try to bite the gauntlet. Jay took his mouse out to the middle of the pasture. He told Brian to release the jess on his bird only. When the jess was released Jay made his sound real loud and as soon as the bird left the perch Jay tossed the mouse on the ground in front of him. The mouse started running and the hawk saw it. The hawk went right after it and had it in his talons within seconds. Hawks were excellent hunters of small ground game. Jay walked over to his hawk while he was chowing down on the mouse and took hold of the jess for safety and then pulled the hawk who was holding on to the mouse for dear life, onto his gauntlet and let him finish his meal. Then Jay walked around with his bird for about 5 minutes and returned it to its perch attaching the Jess to the perch. "OK you guys saw what to do. Who's next?"

Brad was coming through the gate and said, "Sorry I'm late I got a late start."

Jay said, "That's OK Brad. I want you to watch what Brian does and then do what he does with your bird. Before you do it though you will have to go and get a live mouse and keep it out of sight like Brian is doing right now. But for now just watch."

Brian said, "When I get in position will you release my bird's jess Brad."

"Sure thing Brian."

Brian went all the way to the fence on the other side of the pasture and then took a few steps toward the mew so the fence wouldn't be in the way. Then he sounded his sound loudly and saw his bird take off immediately. He threw the mouse ahead of him and the scurrying mouse started running across the field. The hawk spotted it and it was all over for the mouse the hawk turned in flight and nailed it fast with his talons. Brian went immediately to his hawk and took hold of the jess. He then got his hawk on his gauntlet and let him finish his meal. It doesn't take a hungry hawk long to make a meal out of a mouse. Then like Jay he walked his hawk almost to the barn and then back to the mew and attached his jess to the perch.

Brad said, "Wow! That was so cool." Brad took off on the run for the barn and got a mouse and then went to the same place Brian had gone. He asked Brian to release his bird. When he saw the jess was released he sounded his sound and of course immediately had a bird in flight. He tossed the mouse way out in front of him. Then mouse hit the ground running toward the barn. But it didn't do him any good as the hawk had turned and was on him instantly with his talons making the kill. The hawk just sat there a minute and then started eating. Brad took hold of the jess and got his bird on the gauntlet and proceeded to follow what Brian had done. He ended up at the perch and hooked the jess to the perch.

Brad said, "Wow! what an exciting morning. This was true falconry. Our birds taking their first prey."

Jay said, "Yes this is what all our training has brought us to. Soon we will take our birds out on actual hunts if you want something ex citing.

Brian said, "Oh that would be so awesome Jay."

"Now let's check our cages and see how are mouse and rabbit raising is coming along. It has been a while since we looked. When they started checking the fish tanks they saw all of them had built nest and they were so perfect. Using the gauntlet Jay reached into each cage and chased the mother from the nest. Three of them had given birth it looked like to a dozen babies each. No wonder mice grow so fast in population. The babies were still bald and had not opened their eyes. Jay let everyone have a look at one of the nest while he kept the mother from going close to the nest.

Next they went out to see how the rabbits were doing. The rabbit nest were actual boxes attached to the cage with lids you could open and look in. When Jay opened the first lid he saw a very pregnant mother that should be giving birth soon. They went to the second box and the mother had given birth. Jay with his gauntlet made the mother leave so he could count the babies. There were eight still bald and hadn't opened their eyes either. He reclosed the box and went to the third box and checked. It had 9 babies in it and they were just opening their eyes. They had a little black fur and were really starting to get cute. Everyone got their look and they went on to box 4. There Jay found 7 babies and all of them were still bald and had their eyes shut.

On to the 5th box. Jay opened it and the mother didn't look at all happy to see him much less get shooed away. When she left Jay was looking at rabbits that all had their eyes open and lots of black fur. They would be coming out of the nest box soon he was sure. He picked one up and handed it to Brian. Then he gave Brad and Jimmy each one and took one for himself.& nbsp; They were so soft an fuzzy every one had them up to their face and were rubbing their noses in the fur. It caused Brad to sneeze but he kept playing with the rabbit.

Jay finally took the rabbits and put them back in the box allowing the mother to return.

The last box was similar to that one only it had 9 babies in it. They had fully opened their eyes and had lots of fur. Jay handed one of these to each boy and took one for himself. They were absolutely adorable. Brad put his down on the grass and the little rabbit hopped slowly around. This gave everyone the same idea. And soon their were a bunch of little rabbits hopping around. They couldn't move very fast as they were such babies but they sure created an adorable sight.

Jay pick them up one at a time and returned them to the nest box. When they were all back in he allowed the mother to return. And closed th e nest box.

They were all so pleased. Their falconry hunting might get started in a couple of weeks with all the prey they were raising.

Jay said, "When we have three babies that are grown enough to hop at a good speed and could actually get away real easy we will start using the hawks for a real falconry hunt. We will take them out to the sage plains outside Pocatello and release them one at a time out there. That would be some real fun.

They all went back in the house where they had a pop and talked nothing but the upcoming days for hawking. They were all pretty excited about it.

Jay told Brian not to invite someone this weekend as Brad had asked permission first. He said with what usually goes on around here I think it safer to have no more than one new guest at a time.

Everyone agreed hole heartedly with this as none of them wanted to be labeled at school as a fag, even though some of them thought they probably were. They enjoyed boys so much more than girls that they only jacked off to fantasies of guys and never to girls.

Jay told them that the computer had come and he would have it on line on cable for fast action by tomorrow. At least the guy was suppose to come tomorrow.

Brad just about came unglued. He said, "You mean we will be able to see pictures of naked boys.

Jay said "Thousands of them if you wanted to."

Brian said, "You got to be kidding. I've never had a computer either. Me neither said Jimmy.

Brian said, "Jay would it be OK if Jimmy came back as my guest next weekend. Since he has already been you might say broke in."

"Sure Jimmy is welcome any time now Brian."

This pleased Jimmy a lot. It made him so happy.

"Also you ca n invite BK anytime too as he certainly is safe."

It looked like next weekend would be a fun weekend at the hawk farm.

(To Be Continued)


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