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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


Monday came and everyone was off to school. Jay and James both had classes but they were in the afternoon . Jay had one at 1pm and James had one at 2pm. So they basically had the morning free.

Jay said, "You know James we have never paid a social call on Mr. Peterson after all the help he has been to us. Would you be into going over to his place and visiting with him for a while and let him know how things are going?"

"That's a great idea Jay. We have kinda slighted him. Even though he has always been there for us."

So they both put on decent clothes to go to school in later and went and got the van out and headed for Mr. Peterson's house.

When they pulled up he wasn't outside anywhere so they decided to ring the doorbell.

Mr. Peterson answered and said, "Well what a pleasant surprise. Come on in won't you. Can I offer you a cup of coffee or a pop."

Jay said, "Coffee sounds good to me if you have a little sugar." With that they all headed for the dinette and sat around the table. Mr. Peterson brought them their coffee and the sugar bowl and just sat the milk on the table for James.

Jay said, "Well we wanted to tell you how things are going on the hawk, mouse, and rabbit farm. ha ha"

"Yes I have been wondering how things were going with you."

"Well yesterday we tried something new. We used live mice and kept them hidden in our gauntlets until we were clear across the pasture. Then one of us at a time had our bird released and made our call. When the bird took off to come to us we threw the live mouse in front of us and watched the mouse take off running. Well it didn't fool the hawk at all he nailed the mouse and killed him with his talons and started eating on the mouse.&nb sp; We went directly to the hawk and took hold of the jess and got the hawk on our gauntlet and let him finish his meal. Then we walked around the field for about 5 minutes and took him back and hooked him to his perch. All three of us did the same thing until we had fed them all."

"Well that sounds like an exciting feeding I wish I could have been there to see it."

"We have more good news Mr. Peterson, you know the rabbit hutches you built. Well as you know we bought a pair of brown rabbits for each of them and they all have a litter of from 7 to 9 baby rabbits. We even took a few of the bigger fully furred ones out and played with them on the grass. They sure were cute. It makes one almost want to keep them as pets instead of using them as food for the hawks." said Jay.

"I know how you feel Jay but you will get over it when you see the ancient art of falconry really go int o action. When the rabbit takes off and your bird takes the prey you will be very proud of your bird and the feeling for the rabbits will disappear. You are at the threshold of a great ancient game of falconry. It is still falconry even if it is a hawk because the bird is catching prey for the dinner table so to speak. You see many falconers when getting rabbits in the field take the rabbit from the hawk and gut it and let the bird have the insides for their meal and then take the rabbit and skin it and put it in the freezer to eat themselves. You might do that a few times just to have the satisfaction of eating the prey your bird produced. Just be sure that you pull some fur and put it on the parts of the insides that you feed the hawk like the heart, liver and actually every thing. In the wild the birds aren't particular as they just need food. The insides will fill your hawk plenty and actually if you let the hawk eat the entire rabbit you would automatically make your bird not safe to fly again for a while as he would not be sharp set. It is so important now that your birds are maturing that you keep close watch on those weights. Otherwise you stand a chance of loosing your hawk in a fly away. If you see where it lands you can wait a few hours and then sound your sound and recover your bird. You should put the bells on the top of the Jesse's now Jay just for the purpose of finding your bird should you loose it like that."

"Wow! You sure know your hawks. I am so glad we came over. I see now that the rabbits we are raising are also going to feed us." said James.

"That's right James that is what the art of falconry is all about is to feed his owner."

Jay said, "We will put those bells on the birds sometime today then."

Mr. Peterson went on and said, "You know you have a lot of young boys that are getting a lot of entertainment from your hawking. Why don't you build a sparrow hawk trap and take them all out in the van and catch a sparrow hawk right in front of all of them."

"How does one do that." said Jay.

"Let me get mine and show it to you."

When he came back he was carrying a small cage that was shaped like a half of a softball. The bottom was wire and had a little door in it. "How do you use it Mr. Peterson."

"Well if you will notice it has tiny fishing line lariats all over its top. Try passing your finger over the top of the trap."

Jay did and found he was immediately caught up in two of the lariats and the harder he pulled the tighter they became. He was trapped and had to use his other hand to release the lariats that had him bound.

"Wow! That thing is dangerous." When Jay did this the trap landed right side up and ready to catch anything that came near it.

"Now you see why the lead ring is around the bottom. It makes the trap always land round side up with the lasso's ready. You can buy lead like that from any deep sea fishing store. People buy it by the pound to weigh down their nets and other gear. Well you only need enough to make a circle the size of the bottom of the trap. Which is about 7 or 8 inches in diameter. To shape the rabbit wire use a soft ball or something similar sized that is round. And then fasten it to the lead weight you have already shaped round. Lead is easily bent to any shape. Now before putting on the bottom of the trap put your lariats all over the top of it. It takes time as you have to put a drop of glue right at the base of the lariat where it touches the wire. When the glue dries it will keep the lariat standing straight up and ready to catch the sparrow hawk."

"What makes the sparrow hawk want to get on the cage?"

"Well see the little door right here in the bottom," Mr. Peterson said as he picked up the trap.

"You put a live mouse in the trap through this door. Now as you are driving along slowly on any of our back paved roads and see a male sparrow hawk, which is easy to spot as they are very colorful and actually beautiful. They are about twice the size of a full grown sparrow. You will see them either sitting on a fence, a pole, or hovering over the ground in one spot, waiting on, which is what they call it. He does that to dive down and catch anything from a gras s hopper to a mouse. Now when you see the hawk and are right even with it don't stop the car as it will fly away. Keep rolling slowly and toss the trap with the mouse in it on the side of the road. The sparrow hawk will instantly dive on it and be caught. It works every time. You could actually catch a half dozen of them in one afternoon. The female sparrow hawk is almost twice as big as the male and has no colors at all. It's feathers are sort of a Grey tan and not very pretty. They can be just as easily trained the same way you did your red tail hawks, but I prefer the males because of their beauty."

"Wow that sounds like an exciting afternoon with the boys this week end."

"Yes and it will be exciting for you too. As the birds are caught so easily and you, Jay or James, will have to be the one to get out of the car and go and unleash it from the lariats. It ma y be caught in several." said Mr. Peterson.

"Wow! I can see where that would be exciting alright. James lets go this morning and get the stuff to make our own trap."

"There is one more thing. You can use this same principal for catching any kind of bird. Many hawkers catch pigeons this way but you don't need to build a trap for this just buy a three foot square of chicken wire and lay it flat on the ground and hook the lariats on it the same way with glue so they will stand upright. Now sprinkle some pigeon food or any grain on the wire and you will definitely catch pigeons if there are any around. You might pick up a dove or two or any number of different kinds of birds as the lariats are not particular who they catch. One caught you Jay. ha ha" said Mr. Peterson.

"Yea your right is sure did." said Jay.

"Well thank you again for all your knowledge. You have h elped us in so many different ways. I'll tell you what we will have you over for our first rabbit dinner that our hawks get for us."

"That's a deal Jay, I would love to come for that."

With that the boys said good by to Mr. Peterson, got in the van and headed for the deep sea diving store downtown. They picked up the lead they needed and then went to a general hardware store and got a softball to shape their trap with and also some of the right size rabbit wire. It had to have a mesh that a mouse could not get out through. They also picked up a square of chicken wire and thought the boys would have a lot of fun putting lariats on it and the trap. Jay remembered to buy some airplane glue as it dries fast to use to fasten the lariats straight up so they would catch what ever came along.

Jay and James went home and spent the rest of the morning constructing the traps. They would leave the lariat tying to Brian and Brad and whoever else was around.

Brian got home from school before Jay did. So he took a look at the odd contraption on the table. He was so curious as to what this half circle made out of rabbit wire was he called BK and asked him to come over.

BK said, "I sure am glad you called me over Brian. I haven't been around for a while as you always have a house full and I don't want to interfere."

"INTERFERE, INTERFERE, Man you belong here as much as any of them. The only one that has seniority over you is Brad and he is senior with Jay to me even. So always come over anytime. You don't need an invitation dude."

"Gosh, you make me happy saying that. Brian are you up to giving a back rub. I have been jacking off to thoughts of you doing that to me and it would be so great to have it happen for real again." They both went to Brian's bedroom and Brian waited until he took off his shirt and pants.

"Should I take off my under-ware too. I have a boner..."

"It is totally up to you dude. I think I am going to be seeing your boner anyway. I hope so anyway."

Off they came and he through them on his pile of clothes. Then he lay down on the bed on his stomach.

Brian was hard as a rock too now. He started at his shoulders and worked his way down to his butt. He spread his butt wide open and put his nose down and almost touched Bk's ass hole with it inhaling hoping to get some ass smell as he loved that. So much of the time back rubs happen after a shower or swimming so Brian never gets to real in any of the smell he loves. Brian wet his middle finger and rubbed it all around on his ass hole then smelled h is finger. Oh God he never wanted to wash it again. He loved that smell so much. He couldn't stand it so he pushed his finger all the way to the hilt. "How does that feel BK?"

"Like I want to cum that's how it feels. I love that so much Brian."

Brian didn't care if he just got out of the shower or not he put his tongue on his ass hole and started tongue fucking him. He even loved the taste of Bk's ass hole. He gathered lots of spit in his mouth and told BK to push out and to keep pushing out except when he had to take a breath. Then he started wetting the hole really supreme. He pushed and pushed more and more spit up the hole until his tongue was going in as far as it would reach. He was listening to the pleasure moaning over and over again. He never wanted to quit but his tongue was getting really tired. "BK can I fuck you."

"You have got me so hot Brian I'm l eaking like a fountain and so horny you could do anything to me you want to right now. Yes go ahead."

Just what Brian was hoping to hear. He rolled BK over on his back and put his legs up on his shoulders. Knowing how big he was and how small BK was he was going to take it real easy.

After wetting his dick slobbery wet he put it against Bk's wet hole and said, "OK now push out."

When he heard the grunt he was in past the sphincter muscle. He said, "Are you OK BK."

"Yea it hurts a lot but it's you Brian so I can take it. I have been wishing for this for a long time and now I am not going to be a cry baby about it. Go ahead and fuck me. I'll grit my teeth and bare it."

With that Brian started in slowly as he still didn't want to hurt BK he liked him too much. When he got all the way in he started a slow long fucking. BK was going ape shit. Both sounds of pain mixed with pleasure were coming out of him. Brian speeded up a little.

"Brain go ahead and fuck me, fuck me hard and fast I want you too."

Brian hearing that turned into a fucking machine. He was young and strong and experienced and was going like hell bent for election. He kept it up for about 10 minutes with sweat running off his face onto a soaked body beneath him. He kept eye contact with BK and saw nothing but love staring back at him finally BK let go and started cumming everywhere. He was cumming the white creamy stuff and lots of it. This of course set Brian off as his dick was being squeezed by the contractions of Bk's ass hole. Brian pushed in hard and let go of the first rope. Then he short fucked him fast so that each time he came it would be all the way into Bk's ass. He must have shot at least 8 times as he was as turned on by it a s BK was. When he finished he lay forward and hugged BK for all he was worth. He put his cheek next to Bk's cheek and kept hugging this wonderful boy. When they both caught their breath they went into a French kiss and stayed that way for at least 10 minutes.

Then Brian went down on his stomach and started cleaning him with his tongue which had BK going ape shit again. Brian cleaned up all he could and then took his dick in his mouth and tried to get more out of it. When he finished he smelled his finger and it still had some of the ass smell on it. He wanted to preserve that smell but knew it would dissipate by morning and he would barely be able to smell it.

BK said, "Brian I don't know how to thank you. That was the most wonderful sexual trip of my entire life."

Brain said, "Yea it rates right up there on top of my own sexual experiences and I have had a lot more of them t han you have BK. Let's go have a Pepsi. Get your clothes on dude."

They walked toward the kitchen just as the garage door closed and it was Jay.

"Jay can you tell me what this contraption is here on the drainboard?"

"I thought you might be a little curious about that. Well Brian that is a sparrow hawk trap."

"Bull shit, how could you fit any kind of hawk into this tiny door."

"No you don't put the hawk in it you catch the hawk with it."


"Well Brian and hello BK, that is where you guys come in. See the fishing line sitting by it. It is number 6 line which is a little stiff. We are going to stand a whole bunch of lariats up on the outside of the trap. Here let me demonstrate. I will do one and you can do twenty or more OK?"

"You know I would never say no to anything you asked me to do Jay."

"OK now take a piece of line I would say about this long. I haven't done this either I just saw how it was done over at Mr. Peterson's house this morning."

"How is he doing Jay?"

"Just fine, he was happy to see James and I and taught us a whole bunch of new ideas. Like you know the rabbits we are raising. Well the hawks won't be eating them just the heart, liver and the other innards. We will skin the rabbit and put it in the freezer until we have enough to have a meal for the family. Rabbit taste a lot like chicken in case you didn't know. We have to pull an bunch of hair out of the dead rabbit and put it all over the part the hawk eats so he can have his daily cast to stay well."

"Now back to the lariats. Tie a loose knot in one end of the line. Now bring the other end through it making a lasso. Then take the loose end of the lasso and tie it to the trap like this. When Jay finished the lasso was laying down. Now here is the tricky part. You twist the part that is tied to the cage until the lasso is standing straight up like this. Now take this airplane glue which I have already opened with a pin and put a drop right where the lasso is attached to the cage. Now leave it alone for a few minutes and let the glue dry while you make the next lasso. By the time you have it made you should be able to tie it about three squares of rabbit wire away from the one that is already there. You continue like this until the whole trap is done and has lasso's everywhere. When a sparrow hawk touches it anywhere he is immediately caught."

"What makes him want to touch it?" said BK.

"Well BK that is what this little door is for. We put a live mouse in here and close and wire the door shut. Then we take it in the car and toss it out a window while we are still rolling slow with the van and the sparrow hawk that we have spotted on a pole or a fence will see it and be down on it instantly and instantly he is caught."

"Wow! That is so kewl. When are you going to do this Jay?" said BK.

"Well BK WE are going to do it this Saturday when a whole bunch of boys will be spending the weekend, you included I hope."

"Wow! I'll ask my mom right away. I am almost sure she will say yes as she really likes all of you and especially Brian."

"Good I would be disappointed if you couldn't go."

"Now BK while he ties lasso's on the trap I want you to do the same thing to this piece of chicken wire. We will use this to catch pigeons and other birds to feed the hawks too."

"Oh I see you want a lasso every three spaces on the chicken wire too?"

"Yes that should work fine."

With that the garage door shut again and in came James. "Oh I see you already have a team busy on making lariats."

"Yea James, how did class go."

"Well I might ask you the same but I am going to definitely have home work. I can see why you don't spend much time in class you have so much to do out of class."

Jay said, "Yea I kinda got the same idea."

Not one person asked why Brian kept smelling his finger ever few minutes.

(To be continued)

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