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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


BK said, "I don't know about you Brian but my fingers are really getting sore working with this wire and the se damn lasso's."

"I agree, I think my fingers will be bleeding soon. ha ha."

"Well it will be worth it if these things work like Jay said they will."

"Yea Jay is usually right, and for sure Mr. Peterson should know what he is talking about."

Jay walked in and said, "Well how are you coming along boys?"

"Our fingers are getting really sore. You should try this for a while Jay."

Jay said, "I did remember I did the first one. My fingers were a little sore from that one. That's why I thought of you boys and how good workers you would make." ha ha

"Well I sure hope this works after all this work." said Brian.

"I'm sure it will as after all Mr. Peterson has been doing it for years." said Jay.

"It looks like you are almost through. How much longer do you think it will take to finish?"

Brian said, "Oh I only have about three more to go."

BK added, "I think I'll be done in about 5 minutes Jay."

"Why don't we take the big flat wire down near the zoo and see if we can pick up a pigeon. I can stop and buy some grain that pigeons like to eat."

"Hey that sounds like fun Jay." said Brian.

In taking the 3ft square to the van BK got caught three times. He was beginning to get pissed. "This damned thing."

Jay laughed along with Brian and said, "Well it is doing what it is suppose to do BK."

"Yea I suppose it is."

They put in the back door of the van and headed for the pet store. They told the guy they wanted to buy something that they could feed pigeons. He sold them a bag that looked like corn kernels and popcorn. He said, "This should work fine for you."

Jay paid him and then they took off for the zoo.  ; They didn't want to do any trapping right on zoo property so they went to the end and found a field where there were already pigeons feeding. Jay put the square out on the ground in the grass and sprinkled the food all over it and then got back in the van and moved it back a ways so as not to scare them away.

They sat there about 5 minutes when the first pigeon walked over to it. He looked at it and cocked his head. Then he pecked some corn without stepping on it. He must of thought this was good because a bunch of pigeons came over to it then. They started being careless and two of them walked right out on the wire. Instantly they were caught and flapping. This of course scared the others back. Jay and the boys jumped out and undid the pigeons legs, it wasn't easy because the harder they pull the tighter the noose. But they got them free and took them in a burla p sack back to the van and waited. After about 10 minutes the pigeons were back for another try. It didn't take long for another few to step onto the trap. Of course they were also instantly caught up in the lasso's. They all jumped out and finally freed the birds. Jay said, "Hey that is 5 birds in less than a half hour I think we better pull the trap and take the birds home for hawk feed."

With that they went home, parked the van in the garage and since it was feeding time,9am, took the pigeons out to the barn and put two of them in the cages they carry the hawks in. They took the other three and tied a fishing line to their legs so they couldn't fly away as the hawks would not even try to catch a free pigeon. They took one of the pigeons and staked it down across the pasture about where they released the live mice. All the bird could do was take off and fall back down. All t hree hawks had their eyes on the bird. But of course they all knew to fly would just put them in an upside down position hanging from their Jesse's. Jay stayed with the pigeon and told BK to release his birds jess. When Bk released it Jay made his sound real loud. The hawk was airborne immediately. It took the pigeon in mid air and took it to the ground killing it almost instantly with his talons. He started eating around the neck area. Jay went right over took hold of the jess and got the bird up on his gauntlet and stood up. He let the bird eat until he had pretty well cleaned the breast and some of the innards and not wanting his bird to loose sharp set. He took the remaining bird from the hawk and walked over and put him back on the perch.

Brain said, "Wow that was cool."

In the meantime Brad showed up and they explained to him what was going on.  ; He wanted to be the next pigeon feeder so Jay went with him out to the stake out and took another pigeon out of the sack and staked it out to the ground with fishing line. Jay got back out of the way. When BK let his bird loose he made his sound. His hawk wasted no time getting to the pigeon. Brad knew to get hold of the jess and get his bird back up on his hand to eat. He followed Jay's advice to keep his bird sharp set he only let him eat about the same as Jay had."

Brian was right there staking the last bird in the bag to the ground. After the jess was released he made his sound and went through the same procedure the other two had done. He too took the bird away at the right time so as to keep his hawk sharp set.

They cleaned up the mess left by feathers and other parts of pigeons and then went into the house. Jay said the feathers that were ingested by the hawks woul d allow a normal cast.

The week went by fast and before they knew it they were all sitting around the table having breakfast on Sat. morning. All the guest for the week end would be coming by noon. They did the morning feeding of the hawks and then went in and watched TV awaiting their arrival. Brad called Jay aside and asked him, "Jay you know Jack who I invited has never been around this sexy place. I wonder if I suggested it if you would give him a back rub to get him in the swing of things."

Jay said, "I will but I will ask him if he really wants one first. We don't force anything on anybody. That is what keeps our secret so tight."

"I understand Jay."

With that Brad told Brian what was going to take place. Brian suggested that after he suggested it he would call out BACK RUB A THON getting everyone involved with someone. All the rest of the guys had alrea dy experienced it and would want to.

Brad said, "Hey, you come up with the neatest ideas Brian."

"Thanks." said Brian.

The door bell rang and it was BK. Brian let him in and gave him a big hug which pleased BK no end. Brian told BK what the plan was and he was all for it. BK said, "That Jack guy is one fine hunk of a man already and he is just in the 9th grade. I'll bet he does get elected student body president."

"Yea I would sure vote for him." said Brian.

"Me too." BK said not to be left out.

The doorbell rang and this time Jay answered it. It was Jimmy smiling from ear to ear. He had a paper bag with clothes in it for tomorrow.

"Come on in Jimmy and have a seat we still have Jack to arrive."

The boys filled him in on how they were going to try and get Jack started on the sexual thing. They all agreed it w as a good plan as Jay was a real pro at that.

After another 15 minutes or so the bell rang again. Brad knowing it had to be Jack answered it as Jack was invited by him. Sure enough it was Jack. He was tall and had a swimmers body complete with God given muscles and what a winning smile. He had brown hair and blue eyes which made the girls go ape over him. "Come on in Jack we are all in the living room."

Jay had prepared sandwiches for an army and invited them all to the dinning room table and sat the sandwich platter stacked high in the center of the table. He then told everyone to go to the refrigerator and get what they liked to drink as he had bought several different kinds of pop, Strawberry, grape, root beer, and Pepsi and Coke.

When everyone got to the table there wasn't much said for awhile as they all scarfed down the sandwiches. They ate all but one half sandwich. Isn't it funny how people will leave the last of anything so as not to appear to be a pig.

Jay picked up the platter and Brian collected the cans and that was all the cleanup there was.

Jack spoke up and said, "When do you guys feed your hawks. I have never even seen one up close."

Jay said, "Well Jack to be honest with you that is what I was about to suggest. We only feed a couple times a day now as we are allowing the hawks more of a meal each time than we used to when they were babies."

They all went out to the mew and Jack said, "Gosh they are beautiful."

Brian said, "We think so too. They are called birds of prey for one reason they catch animals on the ground primarily."

"Wow! When are you going to fly them?" asked Jack.

"Right now." said Brian.

With that they decided to feed live mice this feeding. Brian, Brad and Jay told everyone to stay at the mew while they went and got the mice to feed them.

Excitement was really in the air. Even Jimmy and BK were excited. Jack was besides himself he had wanted to see this for so long.

Brad took his mouse out to the other side of the pasture first. BK knew to release the jess and Brad sounded his sound. The bird took off immediately and flew toward Brad. Brad through his mouse out way in front of him. The mouse landed running but not to outdo a hawk. The hawk had him nailed right away. Brad went over and took the jess for safety and picked him up mouse and all. They would allow the birds to eat the entire mouse because that would not affect sharp set for this evenings fly.

Jack said, "That was the most awesome thing I have ever watched."

Brian went to the other side o f the field next and duplicated what Brad had done. Excitement was still in the air every time a bird took wing.

Finally Jay repeated the same procedure with his bird. When he walked back to the perch with his bird Jack said, "Do they care if you touch them?"

"Well Jack they are not pets. They just put up with us because they depend on us feeding them. They have never been loose in the wild as we captured them right out of the nest. But if you would like to hold one of them here put on my gauntlet on your right hand."

Jack immediately did as Jay said. "Now Jack Brad's bird has finished eating so reach up an push on his chest like you were going to slowly push him off his perch and he will step on your hand. Now unclip the Jess with your other hand from the perch and take the bird for a walk around the field being sure to keep a good hold on the jess."

Jack did as he was told and was soon walking around the field like king tut. He looked so proud of himself. You could tell by his face and his eyes that he was in another world of make believe but it was really happening. Finally he brought the bird back to the perch and re attached the jess.

"That was so awesome Joe thank you so much for letting me do that."

Jimmy said, "I have never done that Jay could I do it too."

"I'll tell you what Jimmy I will let you do it after the evening feed is that alright with you?"

"Yea that will be so kewl."

Jay said, "After the evening feeding we will also show you the baby rabbits and mice we are raising."

"Neat," said Jack.

Jay suggested they all return to the house now. And so they all followed him in.

Brad said so Jack could easily hear him, "Jay w ould you give Jack one of your famous back rubs we have all had one of them."

Jay spoke up and said, "Well Brad I would be more than happy too but he would have to want one. You know we don't force anything on anybody around here."

Jack spoke right up and said, "I'm game if you are Jay, I would love especially you, to give me a back rub."

With that Brian yelled out, "BACK RUB A THON". Everyone knew that was coming and all agreed. They paired off and headed for different bedrooms. Jay took Jack to his and James room and shut the door. Brian asked BK to go with him. And so that left Brad and Jimmy and so they headed for an empty bedroom on down the hall.

Jay said, "Would it em barres you to take off your shirt Jack"

"No not at all. Would you like me to take off my pants too or do you do the legs?"

"Yes I do everything so go ahead a nd remove them if you want."

Jack was in front of Jay now with the most beautiful body Jay thought he had ever seen on a 9th grade boy. He was letter perfect in all respects.

Jay said, "If you will lay down on your stomach with your head on the pillow I will start."

Jack immediately did as asked. Then he turned to Jay and said. "Jay, Brad told me that you are the only person in the world that he trust completely. He won't even tell me one thing you talk to him about. Well...I ...I...what I'm trying to maybe I better not, I'm scared. Jay went to the boy and put his arm around his shoulders and noticed he had tears in those bright blue eyes ready to fall out on his cheeks.

Jay said, "Let me tell you something Jack. What ever you say here stays here. I wouldn't even tell Brad. I never tell any ones secrets to any one. They will go to the gra ve with me. Can you believe that?"

"Yea that's what Brad told me. Well Jay I have a giant secret that I haven't shared with anyone in the whole world."

"Yes Jack do you care to offload it now. My shoulders are broad and I am totally non judgmental."

"Well, Jay." He took a deep breath and held it a minute. "I..think.. no I know...Jay I'm gay. Now do you hate me?"

"Jack now I am going to share a secret with you that is even more secret so you know I won't ever disclose what you told me. James and I flew to Boston last week and got legally married. Yes, Jack we are gay too."

"Oh that makes me so relieved Jay. I thought if I told you you would not have any more to do with me."

"Now I will tell you something to protect you Jack. You are running for student body president and people are very prejudice against gay people they all think we chose to be gay. You know, and I know, that we didn't choose our sexuality any more than we chose our skin color, and we couldn't change it if we wanted to. So while you are in high school and Jr. high you just have to play it cool and mess around with guys you trust won't tell anyone. Other wise you stand a chance for the word fag to come up and you don't want that. I would suggest that a guy in your position date girls, take them to a movie, and then home. Kiss them at the door and then change girls often so you never get in a position that they expect sex from you. Now you don't have to do this every week just once or twice a month and that will make everyone think you are straight. Some guys come out in high school but they lead a miserable life with everyone looking at them like some weird kind of human, a fag. It is terrible that our society and especially our young society i n high schools has to be that way but they are. People like looking down on other people making themselves look better. But let me ask you this. Is it better to make yourself higher than others by them holding you up on their shoulders, like they apparently do you, or is it better to talk people down in the mud so you can step on them and be higher up. I think I would rather be like you and be on peoples shoulders Jack."

"Boy was Brad ever right about you Jay. I really have respect for you now. You are one cool guy. I am so proud to know you."

"Well I think I can see a real friendship developing Jack. And believe me I will never betray you."

"Oh I really believe that now Jay I trust you completely."

"Now do you want a back rub or would you rather do something else?"

"No now I really want a back rub since it's from you Jay." "No Jay I have been afraid too."

That told Jay he was going to have a wonderful experience in the next half hour or so. Jay continued down his back and worked across his butt over his briefs. He must have put a new pair on for this trip because they were blinding white. Jay kept going on down his legs and when he got to his feet he pulled both socks off and massaged each foot for about 5 minutes or so. The whole time he could hear low pleasure sounds coming from Jack. Then Jay started back up the legs doing the inside of his thighs. Jay told him to spread his legs a little so he could reach better. Jack spread them a lot. Jay kept right on going until he got to the perineum area. This was the magic spot that got to all of them. He put his middle finger in an up and down position and stated softly rubbing his finger up and down. When he started the area was sort of soft but now he could feel it harden so he started pushing harder as he went up and down. Pretty soon it was as hard as a rock telling Jay of course that he was hard as a rock in the dick area. Jay then went on through the under ware and started adding the anus to the perineum rub. He started getting louder and louder pleasure sounds. Jay said, "Is that feeling good Jack?"

"Oh yea I'm hard and leaking cum like crazy."

Jay said, "Now I'm going to rub your prostate for you Jack but I will have to pull your shorts down is that OK?"

Jack didn't hesitate he reached down and took them clear off and threw them at his pile of clothes. Jay wet his finger and started rubbing his anus. Jack was going ape shit now. Jay put his finger to his nose while wetting it some more and got his musk smell. Jay loved that smell so much. He deeply inhaled several times and them wet it again and went back to work. He asked Jack to push out like he had to crap and when he felt it release he slid his finger in about two inches. Jack said, "Oh God that feels so good I feel like I could cum."

Jay didn't want that to happen and him miss out on all that precious fluid so he rolled Jack on his side and gave him his first blow job. Talk about going ape shit. Jack was moaning and groaning and ahhhhing and every other pleasure sound in the book. He was uncut which pleased Jay no end as he loved to stick his tongue up under the foreskin and play with his dicks rim. This sent Jack through the ceiling with pleasure. Then Jay took him and deep throated what had to be 8 inches to go as far down his th roat as it was going. Jay expertly kept going up and down swallowing him every down stroke. Finally Jay thought it is time I want to taste this guy so he wet two fingers really well and went back down on Jack. When he was pumping fairly fast with his mouth he surprised Jack by plunging two fingers all the way to the hilt as far as he could reach and he did it fast. Jack said, "I... I...I'M... GOING ....TO .....CUM... JAY." And with that he started rope after rope of cum going down Jay's throat. Jay pulled up so he could fill his mouth but the guy was still cumming so hard that Jay had to swallow once more to keep up with him. He must have shot at least 8 times almost full spurts each orgasm.

When he finished Jay said, "stick out your tongue Jack." and when he did he found himself tasting his own load as Jay was sucking on his tongue. He had never done this before not even with a gi rl. He really got into it and started sucking Jay back and they ended up French kissing for at least 10 minutes.

When they came apart. Jack said,"That was the best cum I have ever had I didn't know sex could be that much fun. Oh Jay I loved that so much thank you so much for being who you are."

Jay said, "There is a lot more to gay sex than what we just did and it is all just as much fun."

"Oh Jay will you be my teacher?"

"You bet Jack anytime you want."

"Now Jack you don't have to do this but since you are gay and need the experience why don't you go down on me."

"Sure if it is OK. I mean you being married and all that."

"Jack James and I have an agreement that it is OK for either of us to mess around with you guys if you want us to so it is OK."

No more needed to be said, Jack was down on Jay like a flash. He gagged a few times and Jay told him how to avoid that. Then he finally got all the way down on Jay and was loving it. He wet his finger and pushed it in Jay's ass as far as he could reach and then started finger fucking Jay like crazy. Then he wet two fingers and went back to sucking like a mad man and shoved the two fingers in deep just like Jay had done him. Jay said, "I'm cumming Jack if you want to move."

Jack didn't want to move he wanted every drop of it. Jay was so built up by all this with a guy as good looking as Jack that he came and came and came. Jack swallowed and swallowed and ended up with a mouth full which he went right to Jay's mouth with and started another French kiss which lasted another ten minutes.

Now both of them exhausted, Jay suggested they put on at least their pants and go have a pop. Jack was all for this. But before he would let Jay go he gave him one of the strongest hugs that Jay could remember experiencing and of course Jay was hugging back just as hard. This lasted at least 3 minutes and they broke and headed for the kitchen.

On their way to the kitchen they heard sounds that sounded like someone getting fucked.

Jack said, "Do all of these guys mess around."

Jay answered him, "Yes".

Jack was wearing the biggest smile of his life.

(To be continued)

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