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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


WARNING some of the things I am telling you I have actually done when I was in college. It is illegal in all states to capture a bird of prey without a properly inspected Mew and being certified by the game warden. A HUGE fine goes with doing this illegally so please don't. I don't want anyone getting in trouble because of reading what I write. It is not illegal to use a Matt trap to catch pigeons most cities would love you to take them off their hands. But leave songbirds alone. If you catch one let it go. Thanks.

With the noon feeding done Jay thought now would be an ideal time to take them out and try out the sparrow hawk trap. He had to be careful carrying it out to the barn to load it with a mouse because he knew how easy it was to get caught up in those damned lasso's. The traps were all full as usual so he took a mouse out of the can trap and stuffed him in the small door in the bottom of the sparrow hawk trap. Now he would go into the house with the trap and explain to the boys what they were going to do.

"HEY EVERYONE PLEASE COME TO THE LIVING ROOM FOR A MEETING." All the boys came from every part of the house and had a seat. Jay said, "Before I tell you what we are going to do I want to talk to all of you on a serious note. As you know a lot of messing around goes on in this house and I trust you never to let it out of here even to your closest friends unless you bring them here and get them indoctrinated."

Jack said, "Yea boy did I get indoctrinated and I loved it."

"But you see Jack had you said no, or I would rather not have a back rub, it would have never happened. I think you know that. Boys you are a member of a very tight secret club here. I don't ever want the words fagot, gay, lesbian, dike or any such adjectives used in this hose in a negative way. If you do you will probably be 86ed from this property as we can't trust you to be around us. Remember every thing said here and everything done here is strictly confidential and so IT STAYS HERE. Is that understood by all of you?"

BK said, "That's why we like coming here Jay we don't have to worry about being called names, like fag etc."

Heads were shaking yes all over the room along with yeses being said.

"Well I am glad I got that out of the way. I trust all of you 100% or you would not be here now. Now this afternoon I have a special treat for you. Yesterday Mr. Peterson told me how to make a sparrow hawk trap. I can legally use it because I am certified by the state of Idaho to be a falconer. A sparrow hawk is a true falcon. It has long wings and is capable of hovering in one spot like a helicopter waiting for prey that it dives on. The mail sparrow hawk is a beautiful multicolored bird that is a real sight to see. The female however, is about twice the size of the male and is a Grey tan color. Certainly not a beautiful bird like the male. So today we will be looking only for males. We will find them sitting on poles or on fences or perhaps "waiting on" which is the term used when a bird is hovering in one spot waiting for prey to show itself. It will dive on any thing from a sparrow to a grass hopper to get food."

"We will drive along real slow on a back paved road until we see one, and then without stopping the van throw the trap out the window on the side of the road. Mr. Peterson says the bird will be down on the trap and caught within seconds. So we have to turn the van around and get back to the hawk before it hurts itself. Using only gauntlets to handle it as a true falcon fights with its mouth not it's talons like the red tail hawk does. So he can bite mighty hard. Don't worry I doubt he can get through the heavy gauntlet gloves so we are safe. Now is there anyone who would rather stay here than go?"

Jay got only replies like let's go etc.

Jay said, "Oh one more thing I want to show you is that the lead weights on the bottom of the trap makes it always land on its bottom leaving the lasso's in the up position." Jay gently tossed the trap onto the rug to show this fact and indeed it landed on it's bottom with a very shaken up mouse in it.

They all piled in the van after Jay pulled it out of the garage. And off they went. Jay said "You guys know where the back paved roads are a lot better than I do so take me to one will you."

Jack spoke up and said, "Jay turn right at the next stop sign." When Jay did Jack said, "Now just keep going and in about three miles this turns into a country road."

Sure enough it did. Ja ck was riding shotgun because no one was going to argue with him he was bigger. Jay told Jack that he would be the one to toss the sparrow trap. He warned Jack to handle it only by the bottom as otherwise he would get caught himself. "Roll down you window Jack and be ready."

It wasn't a mile before all the boys spotted our first sparrow hawk and it was colorful so it was a male. He was sitting on a fence post waiting for something to show itself to eat. When we got right to him Jack tossed the trap out the window and it landed on it's bottom just like it was suppose to. Jay looked in the rear view mirror and the bird was already on the trap and caught. So he turned the van around as quickly as he could and went right to the trap. Jack and Jay got out wearing gauntlets and took hold of this beautiful bird to try and release it. It had two lasso's around it's legs and it was hard to loosen them wearing gauntlets, especially with a bird that didn't want anything to do with them and was biting at the gloves like crazy. They finally got him free and put him in a paper sack. Then they took the sack and the trap which had a dizzy mouse in it back inside the van.

Jay said, "Mr. Peterson said this was easy but I had no idea just how easy." It only took us 5 minutes of driving to catch our hawk.

Jay pulled into the driveway and parked. He left the van out as it was so much easier to off load all the passengers. They all went into the house. Jay constructed a jess made of thinner leather than what they used for the red tails. He took a razor blade and made the slit so that they could put it around the leg and back through the slit and it would virtually be a leather lasso. He reached into the sack with his glove and pulled out the bird . Holding its wings the bird became quite helpless. He asked Jack to hold the bird around the wings while he put on the jess. Jay then went ahead and applied the jess giving them control of the bird. Then Jay said, "OK Jack take the bird and put it on it's feet holding on to the jess with the other hand."

Jack sat the bird on his hand and just froze. It wasn't two seconds before the bird abated and found itself hanging from the Jess. Jack picked it up again holding the wings and sat it on his hand again. This time the bird lasted about 5 seconds and abated again. Jack put him back up and this time the bird stayed put. It didn't like hanging upside down.

Jay said, "Now Jack without blinking your eyes or moving any part of your body except your legs start walking him slowly around the living room. Then rest of you boys sit very still and try not to blink any more than you have to."

Jack slowly started walking. The bird obviously nervous stayed put but when Jack had to blink his eyes the bird once again abated. Jack put him back up and continued walking this time when he blinked the bird stayed put. So he continued walking and blinking and the bird just stayed put.

Jay said, "Amazing Jack you are doing a fine job humanizing our new falcon. Now lets take him out side and I will get the perch I built for him out of the barn and put it in the mew. You just stay in the mew area with him so he won't be so scared."

Jay went to the barn and brought out a perch which was a 12x12 board with a dowel stuck in it straight up and another dowel attached across it at about a four foot level for the bird to perch on. It was a smaller doweling used for the perch as obviously the birds feet were much smaller than the Red Tail Hawks were.& nbsp; He sat the perch well away from the red tails at the edge of the mew.

"Now Jack see if you can get him to sit on his perch and attach the jess to the ring with the clip."

Jack very carefully put the bird behind the perch and brought his hand forward forcing the bird to step up on the perch or be knocked off his hand. The bird took the step and was now on the perch. Jack clipped the jess and then came back away to where Jay was standing.

"Wow! Now I can breath again," said Jack.

Jay replied, "No one could have handled the job better than you did Jack."

All the boys stood back and looked at the bird. He was indeed a beautiful bird. While the Red Tails had brown and red colors this bird was a rainbow of different hews. He was indeed beautiful.

Jay said, "Why don't we all go swimming and let the sparrow hawk get good and s harp set then we will feed him a mouse. We will have to keep a watch on him to be sure he doesn't abate and hang himself." said Jay.

Jack offered to put on his pants once in a while and come out and look at him. Jack was taking semi ownership of this bird as he had done so much in the initial training.

Jay said, "That will be fine Jack. We will call you the sparrow hawk man." ha ha

They all went into the house and had a pop. Then Jack went to check on the bird and the rest of them got nude and were in the swimming pool when Jack got back. Jack thought while in he was nude and in the pool too in just a minute or so.

The boys were having a ball. They loved being naked with each other and even touching each other under water. Jack loaded Jimmy on his shoulders and Jay loaded Brad on his shoulders and they played king of the mounta in for a while. Jack was so strong he gave Jay a real challenge to stay on his feet. So one time Jack would win and the next time Jay would win. They kept this up for about a half hour with one boy after another getting on their shoulders. Jack loved those balls and dicks on his neck and was hard under water. Jay noticed that and when he was close to Jack took hold of it. Jack just smiled and reached for Jays. They jacked each other a little under water. Jack though he had never had such freedom this was great. Then Jack realized he had to get out and go check on the sparrow hawk so he pulled his pants on with out under ware and went out bare foot to check on the bird who was still sitting there now looking toward the red tails. Jack went back in rinsed his feet in the shower and then jumped back in the pool for some more fun. They all swam about an hour in all and were tired s o they got out and dried and went into the living room. It was now after 3 and still not feeding time. Jay didn't want to start anything sexual until after the evening feeding of the hawks so he decided to teach them something they could use all their lives.

He went to his computer and printed out enough copies of something so that each boy had one.

"Now boys is there anyone here that would not like to have a photographic memory."

They all looked at each other puzzled. And then all agreed that there wasn't anyone who wouldn't want that.

Jay said, "I want you to memorize those ten rhyming words on the paper." (The paper said, 2.zoo 3.tree 4.door 5. hive 6.sick 7.heaven 8. gate and 10. den.)

"Now close your eyes and see if you can repeat them without looking as they all rhyme with a number."

"OK Jack, say them out-loud."

Jack s tarted in and repeated all of them without a stumble.

"OK then I will assume you all have these put to memory. Now I am going to tell you what to think about with each rhyming word. always think about a horse running down a race track way ahead of the other horse but it doesn't have a jockey on its back. Now you take and put what you want to remember on the horses back in the saddle. It doesn't make any difference how small or how large the object is you will remember it. For instance this time lets make it an elephant. Picture in your mind an elephant riding that horse and the poor horse is going bowlegged from it all.

2.Zoo... Always think of the chimpanzee in the zoo. You make the chimpanzee playing with, riding, eating or what ever it takes to put you object there. Let's say that he has a toy fire engine. Picture him playing with it. It is bright red and he is having a ball.

3. Tree, Always think of a Christmas tree all decorated but something is strange about this tree it has something weird on top of it instead of a star. Let's say for our example it is a quart of milk. Picture that quart of milk laying up there dripping milk all over the tree.

4. door..Picture a revolving door in a dept store. What ever the object is it is stuck in the door and people are trampling it. Lets use a dozen eggs for our example. Oh what a mess as people stomp on those eggs.

5. hive..always picture a glass beehive. You can see the queen bee sitting at the top with a red carpet leading to her feet. You have the worker bees pulling, carrying or whatever, the object up to give it to the queen as a present. Lets use a Cadillac convertible it is blue with white upholstery. The bees are pushing and pulling but they are going to get it to that queen.

6. sick.. Always think of a quack doctor. He gets his feeling of importance by having a capsule of every size hanging on his office wall. What ever you want to remember you open the capsule it will fit into and put it in there. Don't worry it will still be there a week from now if you try to remember it. Let's say it is a package of rice. Stuff the rice in the right size capsule to store it in your memory.

7.heaven...always think of the stairway to heaven. What ever you want to remember you place it on the stairway blocking people from getting to heaven. Let's use a marble, a gold marble, it is on the staircase and everyone that tries to go up falls on the marble as it rolls out from under their feet.

8.gate.. always think of a garden gate. Place your object balanced on this gate. It is always almost ready to fall off. Let's use a rolled up green garden hose and set it on the gate.

9. wine...always think of a wine vat in Italy. Women are stomping the grapes with bare feet. What ever the object is they stumble on it, kick it hurting their foot, or have to climb over it you decide. Let's use a diamond ring. The lady steps on it cutting her foot and reaches down in the purple goo and pulls out the diamond ring dripping with grape juice.

10. den...always think of Daniel and the Lions den. What ever your object is Daniel has to successfully kill the lion with it. Or at least be able to escape the lion using it. Let's make our object a loaf of bread. Daniel sees the lion charging and when the lion opens his mouth to eat him he shoves the loaf of bread down in his throat and the lion dies because it cuts off his air and he strangles.

Now believe it or not if you can remember the key words you will be able to remember the object you associated with it. I even passed a test in history in high school using this method to put events in the right order of happening for an essay test. Of course I used many more memory pegs as there are rhyming words to the number 20 and then I made up one for every letter of the alphabet. Like I made A apple and I would associate anything I needed to remember with the apple etc. I had a word for every letter giving me 26 more pegs.

"OK now back to our work. Jimmy what rhymes with one. Jimmy though for a moment and said run. I said what do you think of when the word run comes up.

"I think of a race horse on a track with something on its back and this time it is an elephant. I did it."

"Great Jimmy, now Brad what is the word for 2."

Jack said, "Zoo. And I always go to the chimpanzee cage and he is playing with a toy red fire truck."

Jay said, "Great. Now Jack what is the word for 3."

Jack said, "Tree. And on top of the Christmas tree is the quart of milk and it's leaking all over the tree."

"Great. Whats the word for 4 James. James said it's door and it's a revolving door and in it the people are stomping all over a dozen eggs."

They continued all through the numbers and were amazed they could remember all of them.

"Jack start with the object in 10 and say them backwards to one."

Jack started, "Loaf of bread, diamond ring, garden hose, gold marble, then rice, blue Cadillac with white upholstery, dozen eggs, qt of milk, toy red fire engine, elephant.

"100% Jack how do you like having a photographic memory."

"Hey Jay this is great. When mom says I want you to pick up some things from the store on your way home I'll write you a list. I cansay just tell me what you want mom I'll remember them. She won't believe me but I'll have her tell me and then I will repeat it right back to her and shock the shit out of her."

Jay said, "This also works in reverse. For instance Jimmy what number is the diamond ring?"

"Jimmy popped right out with 9."

"Brian, what number is the quart of milk?"

"It's 3."

All the boys were now quizzing each other and found they all knew them backwards and forwards. They seemed happy with their new skill as they could even use it in school.

"OK boys it is about feeding time for us shall I call for Pizza."

"They all cheered."

James went and called and in about half an hour they were all sitting around the table eating pizza. Some were still quizzing each other on the ten items. They were so proud of themselves. Jay said, "From this day forward the sparrow hawks name is Rusty."

Jack smiled so big.

They all went out to the mew. Brad, Brian, Jay, and now Jack went to the barn and got a mouse. Jay made sure Jack was given one of James gauntlets. Jay said, "I hate to tell you this but in the beginning training the mouse has to be dead. So hold it by the tail and hit its head hard on that post."

Jack swallowed hard as he didn't want to murder the little mouse but he did like he was told and hit the mouse on the bloody post.

They all returned to the Mew. Jay told Jack to wait until last as his mouse wasn't fighting to get loose like all of theirs were.

Jay went across the field fi rst and made his sound. The jess had been released by Brad. The bird took to the wing and had the mouse on the run. Jay retrieved his bird and started walking him. He hollered out. "Go ahead and feed Brian or Brad."

So Brad went next. Brian released the jess and Brad made his sound. Brad threw the mouse way ahead of him but that didn't fool the hawk as he nailed that mouse in short order. Brad got his hawk on his fist and said, "Go ahead Brian."

Brian repeated the steps with Jimmy releasing the jess and his bird nailed the mouse as fast as the other two. He got his bird and started walking him.

By now Jay was back to the Mew and placed his hawk on the perch and fastened the jess. Then he went over to Jack and said, "Now it is your turn Jack."

"What do I do Jay."

"OK just hold the mouse in the palm of your gauntlet. But first release his jess holding on to it tight. It is long enough for you to take a step away from your hawk and make him jump to your hand for the mouse. It may take a minute but he will."

The sparrow hawk paced back and forth on his perch going crazy because it wanted the mouse so badly. Finally the bird jumped onto the gauntlet and Jacks hand and started feeding.

"Congratulations Jack, you just had him take the first step in training. Next time the bird will have to fly a few feet to your fist and we will get you a sound maker to use to represent food. Every time your bird hears that sound he will eventually associate it with food. This is called operant conditioning like they do at sea world and many other places they train animals.

"Wow! Jay look at him. He is so beautiful and he is trusting me to eat out of my hand. This is so great Jay. How can I ever th ank you. I am so glad that Brad invited me over I sure hope he invites me again."

"He doesn't have to Jack as I am inviting you on a permanent basis. You want to learn about sex and feed your bird so you are welcome any time."

"You mean I could come over after football practice and feed the bird every day."

"You bet you could and spend some time during the evening if it is OK with your folks."

"Oh they wouldn't care Jay they both work all the time and are hardly home anyway. Besides they trust me 100%."

"Well from what I see Jack I trust you the same way Jack. That is why you are so welcome here. I just want to remind you that we have a very tight club here and if you ever want to bring a friend make sure it is someone who never gossips and you trust with your life."

"Oh I understand Jay. Don't worry about that." As they walked to the house Jack said, "You know Jay I think this is going to be one special night. I can hardly wait."

"I don't think you will be the least bit disappointed Jack."

(To be continued)

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