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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


After dinner was over everyone gathered in the living room. BK said, "Are we going to play any games tonight, Jay?"

"Sure I have a new game for you come on into my bedroom."

When they got there Jay said, "Now most of you have already lost your virginity but it never hurts to keep up with the stretching exercises so it doesn't hurt when someone fucks you."

Jack said, "You mean some of these guys have been fucked, Jay?"

"Yes Jack all of them at one time or another and they love it."

A bunch of "YOU bet we do" "I sure like doing it to someone else" and a bunch of such statements filled the room."

"Doesn't it hurt them?" said Jack.

"Well Jack without stretch exercises it would but they get used to having something big in their ass and then it doesn't hurt anymore."

"Wow, how do you do that?"

"That is what we are going to show you now Jack. Now will everyone pair up. Brad why don't you take Jimmy. Brian you go with BK. and Jack if you don't mind I will work with you?"

"No I don't mind at all. As a matter of fact I prefer you."

"OK here are two tubes of Vaseline. Take some and pass it around. First one of you stretch the other and then trade places and the other one gets stretched. I want you to go the full three fingers and then finger fuck for at least 5 minutes to get them ready for something else I have planned."

Jay took some Vaseline and told Jack to get naked and lay on the bed face down. It didn't take him a full minute and he was there. Jay then rubbed his perineum for a minute until he was hard as a rock. Then he took his middle finger and said, "OK Jack push out its time."

Jack pushed out and Jay was in about two inches. "You OK Jack?"

"Oh Yea I love this."

Jay went ahead and pushed all the way in until he felt the juic e in his colon. Then he started finger fucking him to a bunch of moans of pleasure coming from Jack.

Jay changed to two fingers and heard Jack moan louder now. He slowly went all the way in. Jack said nothing but moaned louder. Jay finger fucked him with two fingers for about 5 minutes twisting his fingers around to loosen him up for that third finger.

"Now Jack this is going to hurt a little. I am going to add the third finger like all the other boys have already done. Just grit your teeth and bare it as the pain will only last 30 seconds or so."

With that the third finger went in and he heard Jack groan anything but a pleasure sound. "Are you alright Jack?"

"Yea but it sure hurts. Just leave it there for a minute."

Jay waited. Finally Jack said, "OK it has quit hurting so bad now."

Jay slowly went in all the way. Jack was mo aning and groaning but the sounds were getting more pleasurable as time went by. So Jay started three finger fucking him. Jack was taking it like a champ moaning all the time. Jay decided to twist the fingers to loosen him up some. Jack said, "Ouch that smarts."

"I know Jack but it will quit hurting just like everything else did just give it a minute."

Jay continued with the twisting and turning until the moans turned to pleasure sounds.

"OK Jack you are through for the minute. Now its your turn to do me."

"Oh good I was hoping you would say that."

Jack lubricated his fingers and went all the way in with one and started finger fucking Jay. When he was all the way in he said, "Hey you have water up there too."

"Jay said that was just normal lubricating juices so that your bowels move shit through easier."

Jack understo od and added two fingers and kept fucking.

Jay said, "I'm experienced Jack you can go ahead with the three finger fuck now."

Jack started the three finger fuck and he twisted and turned just like Jay had done to him. But Jay was able to take it because of experience.

Jay said, "Are you hard Jack?"

"HARD I don't think I have ever been harder in my whole life."

"OK Jack lubricate you dick and push it all the way up my ass."

"You really mean it. Fuck you Jay?"

"I'm not just whistling Dixie."

Jack was so excited he started leaking like crazy while he put on the lubrication. He put it to Jay's ass hole and started pushing. It went through the sphincter easily and he kept right on going in and in and in as his dick had to be 8 inches long. Jay could tell he was in for it when he finally got it all the way up in his colo n.

Jay said, "Hold it there for a minute Jack."

Jack just waited feeling how soft and velvety it was inside Jays rectum. He had never felt anything so good and it was hot in there too.

Jay said, "I'm ready fuck me Jack."

Just what Jack had been waiting for. He had never done this before just jacked off to what it must be like but now he knew. He started long stoking Jay sending Jay into euphoria. Jay said, "OK now Jack show me what you can do, Fuck me hard and fast."

Jack being the football player athlete he was started in so fast that Jay knew this was the fastest he had ever been fucked. Jack was huffing and puffing and sweat started forming all over his face. He had never enjoyed anything like this in his life. He kept this up for about 15 or 20 minutes and then Jay couldn't take it anymore and let loose and came and came and came. The spasms on Jacks dick set him off so he pushed his dick in as hard as he could each time he shot and Jay knew he was being fucked royal. Jack shot at least 8 or 9 times before he collapsed on Jay's back. He lay there hugging Jay and trying to catch his breath. It took a good five minutes before he was able to breath normal again. Jay turned over and said stick out your tongue and started sucking on it. Jack loved this and started sucking right back. This went on for about 5 minutes when Jay broke loose because he had a room full of boys he had other plans for.

"OK boys you are all through with the three finger fuck?"

Yea came from all over the room.

Jay said, "I want all of you to lay side by side on the bed I have something I want to show you that will help in your stretching.

Jay got the butt plug and lubricated it. He started with Brian and told him to push out. Of course all the boys were watching intently. Jay started at the small end which gave no pain at all and steadily moved it in until it was starting to hurt. When he reached the biggest part Brian said, "Ouch that thing is big."

Jay said, "Yes Brian it is big. Just hold it there for a minute until you are used to it."

Brian said after at least a full minute, "OK I guess it has quit hurting."

With that Jay went ahead and seated it all the way in until the big part went clear in him and the small part at the end was all that showed. "Ouch OH God Jay that thing is clear up in my stomach."

Jay said, "You will get use to it after a few minutes and I'll take it out."

"OH I don't know about this."

Soon Brian with sweat pouring down his face said, "OK Jay it has finally quit hurting."

Jay reached for the small p art and knew it was going to hurt again when he pulled the big part out. But he grabbed hold and pulled hard to get the thing out of him.

Brian said, "God Jay I should be able to take a horse up my ass now."

Jay looked down the bed and saw nothing but anxious faces wondering if he was going to do that to them.

Jay moved to BK and said, "Think your ready BK?"

"Well I've lived through everything else you have done and eventually loved it so yea I'm ready, I guess."

Jay washed the butt plug and re-lubricated it. Then he started with the small part and pushed slowly watching Bk's face start to redden as it went on in. When he reached The biggest part BK had tears streaming down his face and was sweating like a pig but not a sound came from his mouth. His hands were gripping the pillow like a death grip.

Jay waited at the big point a minute o r so and then slowly pushed it on in until it seated.


"It may feel that way but the pain will stop in a minute give it time."

After several minutes BK said, "It has quit hurting now Jay I just feel like I could shit a mountain right now."

Jay took hold of it and pulled hard and unseated it watching Brian grit his teeth as it passed the biggest point once again on its way out of him.

Jay rinsed it off and re lubricated it.

Jay wondered about Jimmy. Could this little guy take it. "Jimmy do you want to try it. You are smaller than the rest?"

"Jay if they can do it so can I. It may hurt but I can take it."

Jay sighed and started it up into Jimmy. Jimmy's face got redder and redder as it proceed to the widest point. He was sweating like a horse and his face was so red he looked like he could have a nose bleed but he didn't make a sound. Jay went ahead and seated it. Jimmy started tearing. Tears were streaming down his face but he didn't say a word. He was holding on to the bedding like he was in the last moments of life but he lay there. Finally he said, "Jay other than the fact I feel like I could shit the rest of the day, it has quit hurting."

With that Jay got a good hold on it and pulled it up over the big part and out of Jimmy as quickly as he could.

Jimmy said, "I wonder if I will be able to walk or sit down for a day or two."

Jay took the butt plug cleaned it and came back to Brad who looked like he wished he was anywhere but here right now.

"OK Brad this shouldn't hurt you too much as you have had plenty of fucking experience so here goes."

With that he started it in. Brad started turning red as it neared the biggest point but not a sound came from him. When it got to the biggest point he was sweating some but not like most of the others had. Jay went ahead and seated it.

Brad said, "I see what everyone means about having to take a king size shit. But it really doesn't hurt me that bad Jay."

Jay said, "I didn't think it would Brad as you are becoming quite the bottom and you like it."

So Jay pulled it out and went to wash it once again.

When he came back he was looking at Jack who looked like the cat who swallowed the canary. But he rolled over like a true football star and waited for Jay to put it in him. Jay knew he was older and bigger but had really had no anal experience other than the three finger fuck so he knew it was going to hurt him.

Jay started it in slowly and Jack looked relaxed but as it continued the relax turned to gripping with both hands. When it reached the biggest point he had turned red as a beat and seemed to be holding his breath. But not a word of complaint from his mouth.

Jay gave a little push and seated it. Jack buried his face in the pillow as he didn't want anyone to see his eyes streaming tears. After about three minutes he said, "Jay believe it or not it has quit hurting and almost feels good to me now. But I agree with everyone about the king size shit I feel I could take."

Jay pulled it out and he gritted his teeth at the widest point but not a word.

Jay went and washed the butt plug and put it away.

Jay said, "That is the final stretching exercises. Now you all should be able to take almost anyone up your ass with out much pain. Always do the three finger stretch first however, as your anus will return to normal after a little while and e ven though it will stretch much easier each time you still want to give it a chance to open before a fuck."

"I think you have all earned a pop. What you say we go to the living room stopping at the kitchen for a pop. You won't need to dress as we are all comfortable around each other now and no one even bothers to look at a hard on anymore unless they are ready for sex."

With that they all went to the kitchen and then to the living room and sat around talking. Some quizzing on the ten items to remember and some talking about the butt plug experience. But all were in a good mood and really liking one another.

The garage door shut and in walked James who had been doing some errands and necessities. "How is everything going boys?"

The boys all had nothing but positive things to say. They told him about the memory thing and also the stretching exercise s. They mentioned that the butt plug hurt some but they knew they needed it if they were going to be able to enjoy fucking more.

James said, "Have you taken them out and showed them how the rabbits are doing Jay?"

"No I haven't would you boys like to go and look now. We don't have another hawk feeding today but we can sure look at the baby rabbits."

They were all in favor of this so they followed James and Jay out the door and out to the barn yard where the rabbit hutches were. Jay opened the first one and shooed the mother out of the nest box and even he was surprised how much these had grown. They all had their eyes open now and were moving around quite easily. The boys took turns looking in and oooing and ahhhing. Then they went right on down the cages one by one and when they came to the last two they saw bunnies that were almost full grown. Jay handed each boy a rabbit and the boys loved it. They buried their noses in the fur which wasn't as soft as a white rabbit would be. But Jay purposely got the brown more course hair rabbits as they would be more like natural prey for the hawks. He was happy that Mr. Peterson said they didn't have to feed all the meet to the hawks, just the innards with hair spread on them. The rabbits would be skinned and put in the freezer he told the boys for a rabbit feed eventually.

The boys all liked that idea as most of them had never even tasted rabbit.

Jay took the rabbits one by one and put them back in the nest box and then took the boys to the mouse fish tanks to show them and himself how they were growing. A couple of the cages had almost grown mouse babies that would be used for feeding the hawks soon.

Then James told the boys to check the mouse traps. The boys went to e ach can trap and found it had another mouse in it. Jay showed them how to carefully dump them in the already crowded mouse fish tank which was bigger than the others but still getting full. Jay said," We are going to have to start feeding 4 mice a feeding for a while until we use some of these up as it is getting two crowded and soon they would be having babies in that tank too.

The boys all agreed with Jay. Jay said, "Tomorrow is Sunday lets have a morning, noon and evening feeding with just mice. That will get rid of 12 mice.

They all agreed and were excited about that as they all loved to watch the hawks in action and now they would start seeing the sparrow hawk in action soon.

When they finished up all their looking they reset the can traps and headed for the house. When they got in the house James had rented a movie for them to watch that had a lot of sex in it.& nbsp; So they all got another pop and James made popcorn and they watched the movie. There was a room full of hard ons when the movie ended about 9 O'Clock.

Jay said, "Well it is time to turn in. He asked Brian to come over to him and whispered "Who do you want to sleep with you." Brian said, "Well how about BK."

Jay said, "BK it is Brian."

Jay then called the newest guest over and said, "Jack who would you like to sleep with?"

"Jay would it be OK if I slept with you and James."

Jay looked at James and saw a smile. "Sure it would be OK with us."

Brad will you come over here. "Brad would it be OK with you if Jimmy slept with you."

"Sure Jay I've kinda been wanting to fuck his little ass."

Jimmy would you come here a minute. "Do you have any objections to sleeping with Brad?"

"No none at al l I have been wanting to fuck him and suck him."

Jay said, "Well it is all settled why don't you all shower together with the person you are sleeping with to give you a little start at getting hard. There is a shower with each bedroom."

With this they all headed upstairs with big smiles on their faces.

Brad got in the shower with Jimmy and already was hard as a rock and so was Jimmy. Before they started soaping each other they hugged for about 30 seconds which ended up in a French kiss. When they started washing, Brad washed Jimmy first and he couldn't wait to get to that little ass. He rubbed his finger across the anus at least ten times sending Jimmy into heaven. Then Jimmy sat back on his finger and when it started in Jimmy sat down hard on it. He stayed down on it for at least 10 seconds and then got up and went back down. Loving every minute of it. Brad's dick wa s so hard he thought he was going to loose it right there. Jimmy turned his back to Brad and Brad knew what he wanted so he stuck his hard dick all the way up in Jimmy. Jimmy moaned and told Brad how he loved that. Brad went absolutely ape shit. He started fucking Jimmy like he had never fucked before. Jimmy was helping because on each upward thrust Jimmy sat back on his dick making it go in even further. Finally Brad gave it up and filled Jimmy up with hot cum. He must have spurted at least 8 if not 9 times. He grabbed hold of jimmy around his shoulders and hugged him like he never hugged before with his dick still up in him. As his dick softened it slipped out. Jimmy said let me wash you now. Jimmy gave him the full wash job and told him he wanted to save his fuck for the bedroom. Brad had no complaint on that he could hardly wait to get Jimmy up in him. They dried off and headed for bed. J immy said, "Lay on your back I want to get as far in you as possible. Brad lay on his back and after lubbing Jimmy pulled his legs up on his shoulders and pushed it clear in. Brad moaned a pleasure moan and said, "Oh Jimmy fuck me, fuck me hard."

With that Jimmy went absolutely crazy. He was fucking so hard it made him dizzy. He couldn't tell which way was up but he was enjoying every single second of it. After about 15 or 20 minutes Jimmy let loose pounding his body against Brad's butt as hard as he could with each shot. He had never cum like this that he could remember. This indeed was the fuck of his life. Then he fell on top of Brad and found that Brad had come again too. He lay there in Brad's cum and hugged him for all he was worth. It ended up in a French kiss that seemed like it would never end. Then he got his mouth down on Brad's stomach and licked every drop of cum he could find. He took Brad's dick in his mouth and squeezed it with his hand to get any more that might still be in there. Then they both collapsed and were asleep in minutes in each others arms.

Jay said, "Jack I'm glad you picked us. I think a lot of you man. You took that butt plug like the true man you are."

"Thanks Jay, but you know you are the first person that ever knew about me being gay and you made me feel good about it. Now after all I have seen and done here today I am proud to be gay. And I love every minute I am in your house."

James spoke up and said, "Jack you are a real gentleman and I can see why you will definitely become class president. You are a perfect little man Jack and both Jay and I love you for that."

"Gosh thank you James. This has been the happiest day of my life."

Jay said, "Well let's see if we can't make it even hap pier. Jack you are about to loose your cherry."

"You mean you are going to fuck me."

"If you will have me."

"I can't think of anyone in the world that I would rather give my cherry too Jay than you."

"OK first roll over on your stomach. Now I am going to one, two and three finger fuck you to get you ready."

"Go ahead Jay whatever it takes to get you up in me."

Jay didn't take long in the prep stage as his dick was leaking cum like crazy and was as hard a a rock. "OK Jack roll over on your back," And when he did Jay put his legs up on his shoulders. He lubricated his dick and put it to the hole. "Now this is going to hurt a little but not too bad after the butt plug. Push out like you had to take a shit Jack."

When Jay heard the grunt he was halfway up in him looking him right in the eyes. Jack's eyes were saying keep going so he did. He pushed in to the hilt.

"Oh God that feels good Jay."

Jay hearing that started long stroking him. It wasn't long before Jay was going hell bent for election keeping eye contact with Jack. Jack's eyes were saying nothing but love. He kept pumping and was getting wetter and wetter until he was dripping sweat onto Jack. Jack's face had grown redder and redder and he was perspiring like crazy too. Then it happened.

"Jay I.. am...going... to...Cum."

When James heard that he was instant on Jack's dick and didn't miss a drop of that precious virgin cum. It tasted so sweet and good James hoped he would cum forever.

Jay's dick felt the spasms of the ejaculation setting him off like a time bomb. Jay pushed hard to try and get he cum in his stomach if possible, even though he knew that wasn't possible. Jay let go of at least 8 ropes and then fell forward as James came off Jacks dick. Jay just lay there and Jack put his arms around him in the most loving hug he had ever given another human.

James joined the pile French kissing Jack to let him taste his own sweet cum. Jack didn't realize that his cum was so good until James did this. There were arms around everybody in this pile of happiness. Finally Jay said, "Well how did it feel to loose your cherry Jack?"

"Awesome Jay, I loved every second of it. And I am so glad it was you."

Jay thanked him and they all layed lengthwise and were asleep in nothing flat.

BK and Brian showered together and decided to have the sex part in bed. BK fucked Brian until they were both red in the face and then came more than he could remember. Then Brian rolled BK over and started rimming him. BK loved this so much. Brian told him to push out and to only stop pushing to take a breath. Brian then could get his tongue in farther than he ever had. His tongue was getting stronger from using it so much. But Brian wanted that ass smell so ' bad he would do anything to get it. Finally Brian's tongue got tired so he rolled BK onto his back put his legs up on his shoulders and pushed his dick clear in looking in Bk's eyes for any sign of pain. Seeing nothing but happiness he started in and if any one knew how to fuck Brian did with his 7 and a half inch dick. BK sure knew he was being fucked that is for sure. Brian kept this up for at least 20 to 25 minutes when BK let go and it set Brian off too. They both came together and it felt so good. Brian was looking in Bk's eyes and saw nothing but happiness. Brian finally fell forward and BK started hugging him. They both lay there panting and when they caught their brea th it went into the longest French kiss either of them had ever experienced. They finally collapsed and were asleep in seconds.

(To be continued)

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