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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


"You go ahead Brad, you know the trail." "Be careful Jay the rocks up ahead are slippery and you can land on your ass. I know I have."

They kept climbing toward the nest. Jay had to try and concentrate on the trail his eyes kept looking at the cute ass ahead. He wanted to reach up and pull his pants down over his butt and look at his ass hole so bad, but he knew there was plenty of time for that later.

As they neared the top Jay's eyes were searching the sky for he sure as hell didn't want any unexpected guest like the mother hawk.

Brad said, "We are here. Look down in this hole. See the nest." As Jays eyes adjusted to the light he could see three of the little birds. They sure were not very cute as they hadn't feathered out yet. Brad said, "Well there still all here and OK so I think we better go back down while the going is good. We don't dare touch them as the mother might not accept them with man smell on them."

As they worked their way back down the cliff a shrill cry came from the sky. The mother was returning but Brad said, "Don't worry she will be more interested in getting to her babies than chasing some thing that is leaving and non threatening."

Sure enough the bird landed on the nest and started feeding what she brought back to the baby birds.

Jay was really sweating and not all of it from the climb. He couldn't remember when he had been that scared of an animal. But he was sure glad that mama wasn't after them. As they reached the bottom of the canyon Jay sighed a sigh of relief. Brad didn't seem to be nearly as scared as he was, but of course he would not tell Brad he almost shit his pants.

"What did you think of them Jay? Weren't they little."

"Yea how long do you think they will be before they are ready to fly on their own?"

"I'd say, since I watched last years, that t hey will be ready in 3 to 4 weeks from now."

Man this kid knew his hawks. He was glad he met up with him as he had always had a love in his heart for falconry.

"Jay you may not realize it but what you just saw is a true miracle. Hawks almost always have either one or two babies. It is extremely rare to see one have three chicks. As a matter of fact in all my reading they just say that a red tail hawk has one or two offspring. They return to the same breeding site each year and mate with the same mate. Almost always using the same nest as they did last year. So there should be another bunch here next year. Probably only one or two though.

"Wow! Brad you really impress me dude. I am so glad I ran into you as I have always wanted to see what we just saw.

"Jay it is illegal to keep birds of prey without have your Mew inspected by a game warden and be able to pass a test on the care and feeding of a bird of prey."

Jay said, "Really you can't just take one and keep it?"

"Not without a permit. It has a huge fine involved with it if you do it without a permit."

"Boy I am sure glad you know all this stuff bro I could have gotten myself into a lot of trouble knowing what I know and that is virtually nothing.

"Yea I know what you mean that was some climb. Don't you feel pressured climbing up there where something could eat you alive?"

"Not as much anymore Jay as I have done it several times. I was scared the first time though."

"Jay why don't we open the bag and see what is for lunch. I am not only hungry but thirsty too."

"Yea me too. Yum deviled egg sandwiches. I like them." said Jay.

"That is why mom packed them because I do to. They are one of my favorites."

"Well we are having more and more in common dude." continued Jay.

"Here's your Pepsi, want me to open it for ya?" said Brad.

"Sure dude that would be nice. You are such a thoughtful person Brad. Good looking too."

"Thanks Jay, has anyone ever told you you aren't such a bad looking guy either. I am proud to have a big brother that looks as good as you do."

"Let's eat before we fill up on bull shit." Jay said, chuckling.

They finished their sandwiches and decided to start the long walk back.

"When are you going to hook up your computer Jay?"

"Well I guess the answer to that is when it gets here. I imagine it will be here this next week."

"Oh good Jay. Will you show me some of those pictures when it comes."

"Well can you get written permission from your mom." Jay laughed and then said, "I'm just kidding you of course. I will as long as it is just between us and I know you well enough now I know I can trust you."

"Oh yea that is for sure Jay."

"Seems like we have been walking forever. Well here comes the campus finally. Are you tired dude?"

"Yea I always get tired walking all the way up there. Up there and back is about 4 miles."

"Would you like to see where I live since I can't remember the numbers to tell you?"

"Yea, Jay I would like that a lot. I want to be able to know where I could find you if I needed you for something."

"OK it's that building over there. If anyone ask you are my cousin OK. But I don't expect anyone to ask or for that matter even see us." said Jay.

They entered the building and took the flight of stairs right inside the door on the right. When they got to the second floor it was only one apartment down. Real easy to sneak in and out if you had to sneak.

Jay put the key in the door and opened it up. He took Brad by the shoulder and pushed him in ahead of him. "Well this is my castle dude."

"This isn't so bad. I kinda like it. You have a little kitchen and a study room with a desk on one side and a bed on the other side.  ; Then there is a bed and another desk on down before the bathroom. Is that because two people usually use one of these rooms together?"

"You guessed it bro. I am going to use the bed and desk closest to the bathroom since I am the first here."

"Yea Jay I think that is what I would do if I were you."

"Why don't you have a seat on my bed and I'll get you a Pepsi from the fridge. I bought some last night."

Jay got them both a drink and sat next to Brad on the bed.

"Jay you know when we were out there on the blanket and I was telling you about how the guys talk about stuff and I don't even know what they mean. Well I was wondering since we are alone can I ask you some of that stuff now?"

"Sure Brad ask away."

"Well what about sperm, cum, jacking off and stuff like that. I mean I should know all about that stuff because it seems everyone else does."

"Well why don't we do it this way. Lay on your stomach and I'll show you a few things OK?"

"Yea Jay that would be fine."

Jay started rubbing his shoulders and then down his back. He knew he wouldn't mind so he rubbed right on over his butt and down his legs. On the way back up he said, "Spread your legs dude."

Brad did so right away. Jay started up the inside of his legs and when he reached the shorts went right up under them until his finger was touching the perineum area. He started rubbing that area and said, "How does that feel to you Brad?"

Brad could hardly answer, "UH awesome, Jay."

Jay started pressing a little harder and rubbing up and down. The area was becoming quite firm so he knew Brad was getting a hard on. He licked his finger all the way in his mouth to get it good and wet and went back under his loose shorts and under ware and rubbed his finger all around his ass hole receiving back a moan of pleasure. "You kinda like that don't you?"

"Oh yea!"

"Here lets slip these down OK?"

With that he reached for the waste band and Brad lifted up so he could slide the shorts off. Jay was facing one of the finest butts he had ever seen on a kid. He started getting hard himself. He pulled the cheeks apart and looked at the ass hole. It was so perfect. It had no hair on it at all and was cylindrical in shape. Almost like God had made him perfect everywhere. Jay licked his finger and got his ass hole really wet which wasn't hard as sweat was helping a lot. He started rubbing back and forth pressing harder and harder and the moans got louder and louder. All of a sudden Brad said, "Would you push your finger right where my hole is that is where it fe els best."

Well a person didn't have to tell anal Jay that more than once. Jay started pushing his middle finger on the hole. He said, "Now I want you to push out like you had to take a shit, that will relax your muscle." When he heard the grunt in went the finger. Brad said, "Oh God Jay that feels soooo good."

Jay knew that this boy had never experienced an orgasm. He had as much as spelled it out for him in everything he had said all day. He knew if he pushed in hard that is what would happen and he didn't want to waste that virgin shot of cum. So he told Brad to roll on his side and when he did he licked the end of his dick which was full of pre-cum. It tasted like pure honey no salt taste at all. He took the beautiful dick and pulled back the foreskin with the other hand and then put it in his mouth and it reached past his gag reflex. This boy had quite a dick for his age to go past his gag reflex point. It had to be between 6 and 7 inches to do that. Jay started giving him his first blow job. Brad was coming unglued with sounds of pleasure. He was experiencing feelings he had never before experienced. Jay sped up sucking harder and harder and then he wanted Brad to have the best cum ever so he shot two wet fingers up his ass hard. Brad shouted, "OH MY GOD.....OH...OH... OH GOD. and he started spasming over and over again shooting virgin cum into Jay's mouth. Jay didn't swallow but tried to keep it in his mouth as it tasted so good. Better than any cum he had ever tasted. When the orgasm ended Brad collapsed. Jay took his mouth off of his dick and his fingers out of his ass. Then Jay with a mouth full of cum said, "How was it Brad."

"What happened to me Jay. I felt like I was turning inside out or something. I have never had anything feel so good in my whole life Jay. What was it?"

"Stick out your tongue Brad." When he did Jay took his tongue in his mouth and shared the cum he had stored there for that purpose. He started sucking on Brad's tongue and then Brad caught on and started sucking on his tongue. They French kissed until both of them were out of breath.

"Now I can tell you what just happened to you. You know when the boys talk about sperm and cum, well that is what you are tasting after you shot it into my mouth. You had your first orgasm. Now jacking off is the other thing you were curious about. Well by taking your dick like this and rubbing up and down like this you are jacking off and it will cause that same feeling that you felt when you came in my mouth. Only it won't be quite as fantastic as when someone else does it for you. That is what sex is all about and how a man and a woman please each other. Sometimes it is two guys doing it to each other like we just did. And if you told people about us doing it they might call you a fag or gay. So the best thing is never tell anything you do sexually with someone to anyone else, as it is really no ones business except you and that person and no one else. You understand what I mean Brad?"

"Yea, don't worry Jay it will stay between us. If I rub up and down on my dick would I get that feeling again now?"

"Well possibly but it is better to Wait at least an hour or so so your balls have a chance to recharge. Also looking at pictures of nude people you find attractive will help you cum quicker and shoot more sperm."

"Oh Wow! I am sure learning a lot from you Jay. Is that all there is to it?"

"Oh no Brad there are many other things two people can do to pleasure each other as well."

"Jay would you show me some of those other things?"

"Sure dude but why don't we wait until tomorrow and you will be fully recharged and I'll show you some more stuff. If you want to give me some pleasure you could suck on my dick for me now though. I haven't cum yet today. But don't do it if you don't feel right about it as you should only do things you enjoy."

"Oh I know I would enjoy that because it's you Jay. Why don't you take your shorts down and I'll do it for you?"

With that the shorts came down and off in just a few seconds. Jay was hard as a rock as he was hoping he would do that. "Now what do I do Jay?"

"Well start out by licking it where the pre-cum is on the end so you can taste my sperm and then you will know what it taste like and decide whether you want me to cum in your mouth or you could pull off when I say I am going to c um and I can shoot it on my stomach."

With that Brad went down slowly and licked the end of Jay's dick. It felt so good it made Jay's dick spasm once. "Wow it moved by it self." said Brad. "Jay I like the taste of your cum it is sweet and has a little salt taste in it. But I really like it because it's coming from my blood brother."

"OK Brad now go ahead and slip your mouth over it and try not to touch it with your teeth OK."

Brad did as instructed and soon was all the way down and started gaging. Jay told him to breath through his nose and swallow and he should be able to get past the gagging point. So Brad did and after a couple more gags he was able to get it all the way down in his throat. Brad really liked this and started sucking and pumping up and down on Jay's dick really fast. Then Brad wet his finger and started probing Jay's ass hole. "Is it OK if I play with y our hole Jay?"

Jay said, "Go ahead dude and do anything I did to you if you want to."

Brad smiled, licked his fingers to get them really wet and pulled Jay's legs up so he could see his ass hole. He looked at it for a minute and then started pushing around on it. Then he said, "Push out Jay." When Jay did he pushed his finger inside Jay and found it to be so warm and nice. He went ahead and pushed his finger all the way in and then started finger fucking Jay without saying anything more. He went back down on him at the same time and Jay was coming unglued. This felt so good to Jay as it had been a while since he had had someone give him head. Brad was really sucking now and pumping and decided to push two finger into Jay like Jay did to him. He pushed them in fast and hard and of course that set Jay off. Jay said, "I'm going to cum dude...I'm cumming now." Brad decided to ride it out like Jay did and took all the cum down his throat and into his mouth. When Jay was through shooting he collapsed just like Brad had and Brad reached up and stuck his tongue in Jay's mouth. Jay of course started sucking his tongue and they French kissed for about 5 minutes before Brad pulled off exhausted.

"Wow! Jay that was so cool. I didn't have any idea sex could be this much fun. I feel like I been missing out on something great for quite a while now."

Jay said, "Yes Brad had you known you probably could have started cumming when you were 13 some time."

"Well I am still glad I had my first experience with you Jay. It was so kewl."

"Well little bro it's getting toward time for you to go and meet your mother. And I want to call my own mother and see how she is doing. Do you want to meet me tomorrow and show me around Pocatello." < ;P> "Sure Jay what you say we meet at 9:30 again, and I'll just come here would that be OK?"

"Sounds like a winner Brad."

"Jay could we mess around, you know, like we did today sometime tomorrow?"

"Sure Brad I'll show you some other fun stuff too."

"Oh gosh, I can hardly wait until tomorrow Jay."

"Well it will come sooner than you think dude."

With that Jay showed him to the door and before opening it gave him the biggest hug. And then he let him out and he went right down the stairs and back outside on his way to meet his mom.

Jay had to go to the bathroom and after he finished he headed for the phone. He used his credit card and called home. "Hello Mom."

"Yes Jay oh it's so good to hear your voice son. I miss you so much."

"Yes mom I feel the same way. How are things going?"

"Well here at home everything is fine, but I'm afraid I have some bad news for you it's about James."

Jays heart leaped into his throat so he asked, "What about James mom?"

"Well he was called out in the middle of the night and to his fathers bedside. It seems his father had a massive heart attack and isn't expected to live. He called me from the hospital to tell me and he gave me this number where you can reach him."

"Let me get a pen and paper Mom I'll be right back." Jay litterly flew to the room and got a pencil and paper. Then he went back to the phone. "OK mom go ahead and give me the number now." She gave him the number and they talked a few more minutes and then Jay said mom I gotta go I want to call this number right away."

So they said their goodbyes and Jay dialed the number James had given his mother. He found out that James' father had passed away soon a fter he got there and that he had gone home. So Jay called his home number. James answered, "Hello."

"Hello James this is Jay. The hospital just told me the horrible news. How is your mother taking it?"

"My mom died several years ago, I guess it never came up so I didn't tell you. Jay I have been crying because I have no one left on earth that cares if I live or die except you. I need you now so bad."

Jay said, "Do you want me to get on a bus and come home?"

James said, "No I will just be a couple days before everything is settled here. My father wanted to be cremated so it won't take long...sob...I am the only heir to his fortune which changes my status considerable."

"Your father was rich James?"

"Yes he was major stock holder in a large corporation and also left me a million dollar life insurance policy, so I won't have to work for a while. I am also going to sell his shares as I don't know anything about the business world and they are worth around 56 million I am told."

"Oh my God James. That is so much money. Are we... I mean do you... well have the same feelings about me now?"

"Oh God yes. You are all I have left in the world. I wouldn't want to live without you."

"Well you know I feel the same way about you too. I love you so much James."

"Ditto dude, I will get on a plane probably the day after tomorrow and fly to Pocatello and then we will be together again. I can hardly wait to see you Jay."

"Well you just let me know when you will be arriving because I will be at the airport when you do."

"OK I will let you know probably tomorrow. Since you don't have a phone why don't you call me about 5 tomorrow afternoon."

"OK James I sure will. The phon e I am talking on is just outside my room let me give you the number on it as I might hear it if you call." Jay gave him the number they exchanged loving goodbyes and Jay hung up in shock. Talk about things changing Wow! They were going to be rich.

(To be continued)

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