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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


Everyone straggled in to the kitchen in the morning. All of them were walking a little funny as all of them had a night of it with their ass hole being butt plugged and fucked all in the same night.

Jack staggered in walking real funny. Jay noticed this and said, "Having a little trouble with walking this morning Jack?"

"Oh Yea. Wow! What a night. I'm sure I will never forget that one as long as I live."

James and Jay cooked up a stack of hotcakes and made plenty of bacon for everyone to have 4 strips. They kept the pancakes in the oven on warm until they had enough to feed everyone. James had bought two gallons of orange juice too the other day for the weekend so he filled up enough glasses to cover everyone. Then when everything was ready Jay called out, "COME AND GET IT."

That brought the heard on the run, well lets say a slow run. Each was told to take a plate and get how many pancakes they could eat out of the oven and take 4 strips of bacon. Then they were told to carry a glass of orange juice and go to the table which was already set with silverware and napkins.

Everyone sat down kinda gingerly and started eating. It was such a sight for Jay and James kinda like a dream coming true. All these boys and everyone was happy and liked everyone else.

When they were through eating James told them he had a surprise trip for them. James went out with Jay and loaded all the hawks in their carrying cages. Then he took the mouse fish tank and loaded it in the back of the van behind the seats. That is also where the birds were loaded so as not to be in the way. There was plenty of room back there for lots more stuff should they need it.

Jay said, "OK boys we are going on our first hawk field trip everyone get dressed and get ready we are leaving in 20 minutes."

James backed out the van and turned on the air to keep the animals comfortable. Pretty soon the boys started coming out one by one and getting in the van.

After everyone was in Brian spoke up and said, "Can you tell us where we are going Jay?"

Jay said, "Well when James and I were having a meal at a cafe in Blackfoot, the lady told us about a private lake called Grey lake about 10 miles inland from Blackfoot on a primitive road. So we thought we would check it out today."

All the boys got excited at this as boys love exploring new places.

When they got to Blackfoot James stopped at the same cafe to let the boys have a pop and ask directions. He parked the van in the shade and left the windows open for ventilation as there were a lot of birds and mice to keep alive in the back.

When they went in the same waitress was there and greeted them with a big smile. She obviously remember ed the tip James left. She said, "What can I get for you boys?"

"Well to make it easy why don't you bring us all a Pepsi as we are just thirsty."

She delivered the Pepsi and Jay asked her, "Do you remember the lake you told us about on the Blackfoot Reservation, we stopped to find out how to go to get to it."

"Well you take this street right out here East and it will turn into a dirt road. The road is a little primitive in places but it is dry and you won't have any trouble on it. I think it is about 12 miles or so until you come to Grey lake. It is a large lake and you will see a beautiful place when you get there."

They finished their drinks and all loaded up and started out again. Sure enough the road got primitive and they could only drive 15 or 20 miles an hour in places so it would take almost an hour to get there. On top of the hill the re was a sheepherders cart with big wagon type wheels sitting among a flock of sheep. "Now that's something you don't see every day boys."

They kept going and it started going down hill into a valley. There a few miles ahead was Grey Lake in all its glory. They finally got to it and all walked around splashing rocks on the water and trying to skip flat rocks etc.

Jay said, "There is a field we can fly our hawks in. The grass is short, I guess from the sheep eating it and the mice will be easily seen when we throw them. We will have to fly rusty on a line as he isn't trust worthy yet as he hasn't had that much training.

So they took one hawk out at a time starting with Jays. James held him on his gauntlet holding the jess until the sound call was made by Jay. Jay walked a good block away turned around and made the sound really loud. The hawk was airborne instantly heading for Jay. What a beautiful sight to see a hawk flying in its natural habitat. Jay threw the mouse out ahead of him and the hawk was on it instantly. Jay walked over and got hold of the jess first and then got the hawk on his gauntlet and let him finish his meal. Then Jay walked him down by the lake and back to the van. He put him in his cage and let Brad get his hawk out.

Brad handed the hawk to BK who was wearing James' gauntlet and told him to hold the jess until he made his call. HE walked to about where Jay had been turned and made his call real loud. His hawk was flying toward him instantly and he threw the mouse up in the air. The second the mouse hit the ground the hawk had it. And Brad walked over and took hold of the jess and took him on his gauntlet. He walked down by the lake as the bird finished his meal and then back to the van putting the Red Tail back in its cage.

Brian took the last hawk out and handed it to BK. And the same thing repeated itself. After Brian had put his hawk back.

Jay handed Jack the horn that he had bought for him to use on Rusty. Jack took hold of Rusty's jess and took him out of his cage. Rusty wasn't near as nervous as he had been as he had seen Jack before. He also knew Jack had something to do with him eating. Jack handed Brian Rusty's Jess and Brian took Rusty on his gauntlet. Jay told Brian to try getting back about 10 feet as there was plenty of fishing line tied to the jess. Now sound your horn and show the mouse to him. He did this and Rusty didn't hesitate. He took to the air and flew to Jack's hand and started eating the mouse. Jay told Jack to keep blowing the horn lightly as the bird ate so he would get to associate the food and horn as going together. It didn't take Rusty long to devour the mouse. Jack told Brian to follow him as the line was attached and he wanted to walk Rusty to the lake and back like everyone else had. Rusty never once abated so Jack was really proud of Rusty. You could tell by the look in Jack's eyes. Jack put him back in the cage. They left the sliding door open for ventilation and all went for a walk part way around the lake. This was sure wilderness like you rarely see in America today.

After a half hour or so they all headed back for the Van and started the trip home. They got back in Pocatello about 3 and everyone was starving so James stopped at a Pizza parlor and treated everyone to Pizza which pleased everyone.

When they got back to the house the boys took their hawks back to their perches in the mew. The birds actually looked happy to be home on their perches, as that was the only place, other than the ne st that they had ever been kept. Rusty didn't abate at all when Jack moved him to his perch. Jack was so happy with Rusty.

Then the boys joined the others in the house all drinking a pop. So they went and got one for themselves.

Jack approached Jay in the kitchen and asked if he could spare a minute that he wanted to talk to him. Of course Jay always was happy to help the boys in any way he could. So he took Jack in his private den, which was really the family room with a fireplace they hadn't even used yet. Jay said, "What's on your mind Jack?"

"Well first of all I want to thank you for making me feel so welcome here. I am happier here than any other place I go. I don't feel like an odd ball around here. Jay would you mind if I come over after foot ball practice every day and keep training Rusty. I know you will have to feed him in the morning and at noon but I c ould do the evening feeding and I really want to."

"Well Jack I can't think of anyone I would rather have stopping by every day. Sure it is all right with me."

"I have some thing else on my mind too. You see Jay there is this guy, who plays quarter back on our team. Well every time I shower with him his eyes start looking at my dick. And when he starts to get the slightest bit of a hard on he turns his back on me so I can't see it. I suppose he doesn't think I notice all of this but I do. He is a real fine guy Jay. I mean tops in my book. I have known him all through school and he never talks people down or says anything bad about anybody so I trust him completely. What I am getting at is would it be alright if I invited him to come here to spend the weekend with me next weekend. Please say no if it isn't completely alright with you Jay."

"Well J ack as you know, we have a very exclusive club here and he may or may not fit in. So I would limit it to one weekend as it could cause the other boys a lot of grief if he stands in the way of them getting together if you know what I mean."

"Jay with your expertise I know you can bring him out one way or another and I am almost sure he likes boys. At least me."

"Well we can give it a try Jack. What is this young fellows name?"

"It's Gary Spellman Jay. And let me tell you he makes me look ugly. He is so handsome he always has a bunch of girls hanging by his locker but he just smiles and talks to them but he never dates anybody."

"That is a good sign Jack. We will give it a go OK?"

"Oh thank you Jay can I tell you I like you a whole lot. I have never had anyone I respect more than you Jay. You really care about us and not many people are like th at in this ugly world."

"Well I try Jack."

With that they went back in the living room where every one was wondering what to do with themselves. Jay suggested after being cooped up in the van all day that they all swim at least ten laps. So they all started undressing on their way to the pool. Jack joined them and it wasn't long before the pool was full of boys swimming laps. James and Jay joined in and did laps too. They were tired of sitting too.

When the laps were over they played King of the Mountain again for about half an hour. It was evening feeding time so they got out and dressed and headed for the mew.

They got their mice and this time Jay suggested that Jack use a live mouse and throw it way up in the air. Sparrow hawks are great live catchers in the air.

Everyone fed their bird and then it was Jack's turn. Jay said to t ry him without the line. It would be his first free flight. Jack was a little nervous but went out about 20 feet and had BK release the jess. The bird didn't realize it was free yet. Jack simultaneously showed the live mouse by holding it out in front of him by the tail. Of course the mouse was anything but still so Rusty really had his eyes on him. Jack sounded the horn and Rusty took off toward him. When he was half way Jack tossed the mouse way up in the air and Rusty went right after him. He caught him in mid air and took him to the ground. Jack went over and took hold of the jess and got Rusty on his gauntlet again. Rusty ate his meal and Jack was bursting with pride as Rusty had successfully made his first solo flight. Jack put Rusty back on his perch after walking him and clipped the jess.

Then with that over the boys went back in the living room. Brian yel led out, "CIRCLE SUCK" and the boys headed for Jay and James bedroom. Jay told Jack to lay facing which ever way he could easily suck the next guy up from him. So it was one facing in and one facing out all the way around the circle. They didn't have to be told to start sucking as all of them were already at it. Jay had Jack in his mouth and James had Brian in his. After about 5 minutes Brian yelled, "CHANGE", and every one moved up one. Jay got out the tube of Vaseline and lubricated two fingers and passed the tube to the next guy who knew what to do with it as Jay had just stuck two fingers up his ass. This went on all the way around the circle until every one was getting finger fucked with two fingers. Jay moved to three fingers and that triggered everyone one at a time to do the same. Now three fingers had some of them getting off. So every now and then someone would yell, "I'M CUMMING.. OH GO D..." or something to that effect. After about 5 minutes everyone had come. Jay suggested that they all have a pop and recharge then we would do something else.

So they all went to the kitchen and had another pop. They were all nude but no one cared. They sat in the living room taking each other in and some of them started getting hard again already.

Then Jay said, "OK now pair off and have some fun with each other. Suck, fuck, kiss whatever comes to your desire.

James grabbed Jack and took him to their bedroom. So Jay took BK and headed for an empty room. Brian took Jimmy. Brad was left out so Jay said come on with BK and me.

When James got Jack to his room he told him he needed to learn how to rim someone. We have all been in the pool so we are real clean so try it out. Jack hesitated as it sounded a little sick to him but he didn't want to be a party pooper so he spread James ass and licked his ass hole. There was no taste at all other than chlorine from the pool. So he pushed his tongue on in. He was beginning to taste a little musk but it tasted good to him so he went at it whole heartedly with James doing the moaning. James said, "I'm going to push out and keep pushing out Jack so my anal muscle will relax for you."

Jack noticed the difference right away. He gathered lots of spit and started forcing it up into James. Jack had a strong tongue and really got it up in there. He tongue fucked James until his tongue just gave out. So James took his dick in his mouth and got it super wet. James then said, "OK Jack I want you to fuck me if you will."

"Will I ever," said Jack. So he put his dick to James hole and pushed and with James pushing out he was half way in in a couple seconds.

"I'm experienced Jack go ahead and fuck me. Let's see how fast you can go."

That was a challenge Jack couldn't resist so he started in like a mad man. He was going so fast he couldn't breath and the sweat was starting to stream down his face. James wasn't sure he had ever been fucked this hard in his life. This guy could really get with it. Jack started hitting on James Prostate and that did it. After about 20 minutes of extreme pounding James let go and came and came and came. Of course Jack was feeling all this inside on his dick and it set him off and he hollered, "OH ...GOD....I...I.. I'M...CUMMING..." Jack shot more cum than he could ever remember it felt so good to him that after 8 or 9 shots he collapsed on James back and lay there hugging James and huffing and puffing. It took him at least 5 minutes before he had the strength to move. Then James rolled over and started Fre nch kissing him which Jack loved. This went on for at least 10 more minutes. Then James said, "We gotta rest lets go have a pop.

After sitting in the living room with other people in their resting period. Jack said, "James you have never fucked me. Will You?"

That was like music to James ears as that is what he was hoping for. He wasn't sure Jack would want him because he had suck a long big dick. So they headed for the bedroom once again.

"Jack lay on your back I like to see your eyes while I'm fucking you."

So Jack lay on his back. James picked up his legs and started rimming him so Jack pulled his knees to his chest to give James a better go at it. He also pushed out like he knew he was suppose to and felt James experienced tongue really go up in him. It felt so good he didn't care if he ever stopped. But, finally James tongue muscles gave out and so he h ad Jack get him good and wet by sucking on him. Jack loved this part too as he could taste the precum he loved so much. James then put his dick on his hole and said, "Now Jack you are almost still a virgin so I will go easy for a while."

James pushed in the head and could see in Jack's eyes he was feeling it. So he waited. Jack then said, "OK go ahead James."

James went slowly ahead and finally reached all the way in. Jack said, "That's further than anything has ever been up my ass even the butt plug."

James said, "Yes I am well endowed. Is it hurting you too much?"

"No it is just starting to feel good. Go ahead an go slow at first."

Jay started slowly long stroking him all the way out to the head and all the way in to the hilt.

"Man when you are all the way in it feels like you are clear up in my stomach man."

"Are you still OK?"

"Oh yea I'm ready for some action now go ahead and give it to me James let's see what you can do."

James loved to hear that and speeded up. Pretty soon he was going full speed ahead and he knew he could keep it up for a long time having just cum not too long ago. Jacks velvet tunnel felt so good to James he wished it would never end. After 30 minutes or so James started deliberately hitting on his prostate. Jack who was so full of sweat he had salt water running in his eyes felt his prostate being pounded and knew that was all she wrote. He hollered out, "I'm Cumming James."

James pounded extra hard while he was cumming to give him extra feeling and then James gave up the ship and started cumming way up in side of Jack. It felt so good to Jack he felt every spurt and it felt so hot and so good to him he wished he could cum forever. But after about 9 sh ots James collapsed down on to his front and lay in his cum. They were now both exhausted and just lay there dripping sweat like crazy. Jack Frenched him when he caught his breath and then after that James cleaned all the cum on his stomach with his tongue. He had the best tasting cum. Hardly any salt taste at all and James was in heaven. He took Jack in his mouth and tried to get all the cum that might still be in his dick. He did get some but not much.

They decided they had both had it so they got up and went to the shower and washed each other. When James soaped his ass hole he did like he had seen Brian do and sat on his finger. This really set James off. He loved this Jack guy and wanted more of him. But so did everyone else. He was such a nice guy. No wonder they were going to make him class president he deserved it so much.

They went to the living room and found a few completely worn out boys in the same shape they were in.

The time had come to call it a weekend. So Jay called everyone in for a meeting before they left. He reminded them that what happens here stays here and they all agreed. He asked Jimmy "What was number 9 Jimmy." Jimmy immediately said "A diamond ring." Jay smiled and thought about the help those memory pegs would be throughout their lives if they used them. Then Jay said, "Boys you are all invited back next weekend if you can come and Jack will be bringing a guest with him. So be careful what you say or do around Gary he is your quarter back on the team, until I get him indoctrinated OK."

They all agreed and told Jay they knew that if anyone could do it he could.

Jay liked the confidence they showed but he knew not everyone would play along. He would know next week end. He also knew that he had to be careful as it was playing with fire.

(to be continued)

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