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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


It was easy to see where the term Blue Monday came from around here as after a full weekend of boys and fun it was ba ck to school for Brian and back to college classes for Jay and James.

After feeding the hawks and Brian leaving for school Jay and James decided to go to the Student Union Cafeteria for breakfast for a change. When they got their food James said, "I've been wanting to talk to you in private Jay."

"Yes what about?"

"Well I checked with my investment broker the other day and my money is growing faster than we are spending it. Not that I want to spend money but I have been thinking what a wasted life we will have if we just go on living on our money and don't really accomplish anything."

"Yea I know what you mean James, I have thought that way a few times myself."

"Well what I have been thinking of doing Jay is changing my major which at this point can be anything, to pre-med. I have always wanted to be a doctor and I just never gave it a serious thought until now because before dad died it was impossible."

"Wow! That is a decision. And I might say an admirable one. James I have been thinking in terms of education and becoming a teacher. But more than that since you will be in college so long I might as well go ahead and get a major in education and then a degree in education administration. That way if I decided to I could go into administration."

"Now you are surprising me Jay. That sounds like just as admirable thing to do as what I want to do."

"Thanks, I think a doctor and an educator could live together in the same house happily." said Jay.

"I know I could be happy living with you in any situation. I can't see me ever not loving you Jay." said James.

"Ditto, James." said Jay.

"OK then lets both go and talk to our councilors either today or tomorrow and tell t hem what we have decided so they can give us a path to follow to reach our goals." said James.

"Good I will talk to mine this afternoon right after class then." said Jay.

With that settled they both decided to go back home and clean up after the weekend guest. They really didn't make a mess but they were after all teenagers and things needed to be put back in place and the house could be dusted and vacuumed.

After cleaning house they went swimming. Then they showered off the chlorine and got ready for their afternoon classes. They took off thinking in the back of their minds they had to talk to their councilors too.

Later that evening they told Brian what they had done and he was really tickled for them. He said, "Gosh I won't ever have a doctor bill. ha ha."

The week flew by as most weeks do. It seemed like they were either in classes, s tudying or feeding hawks. Jack had been stopping by for the evening feeding of Rusty and was really getting attached to that bird. Rusty was improving daily now and was free flying completely now.

When Friday rolled around they loaded up on groceries for the gang of guest they were expecting. When Jack came by for the evening feeding he wanted to know if he could bring Gary Spellman over in the morning. So he could see the morning feeding.

Jay said, "Of course Jack you are both certainly welcome."

James said, "Has he been checking you out in the showers this week Jack?"

"Yea but every time he sees me look toward him he turns his back real fast as I am sure he has started a hard on."

"Well you will get to know him much better one way or the other this weekend Jack."

"Yea I hope it is the way I want."

"Time will tell." said Jay. "Good morning dads." He could only call them that when they were alone.

"Good morning Brian. Say Brian would you do me a favor." said Jay.

"Sure thing just name it."

"Well when the boys start arriving will you let them in. I don't want to spend the morning answering the door."

"Sure Jay." said Brian.

About 5 minutes later the bell sounded. Brian jumped up and ran to the door. It was Jack and his friend Gary. Wow! was this Gary a looker. He had the look of strength but why wouldn't he after all everyone isn't quarter back. Quarter back's had to be sharp in the head too. He had light brown hair, blue eyes, and was tall and well built for his age. His muscles were God given not the kind you get from a gym lifting weights. When he smiled his teeth were perfect and white as snow making him even more handsome.

"Come on in Jack and introduce us to your guest."

"Well Gary these are my good friends Jay and James and the guy that let us in is Brian. I have grown to think of this place as my second family. I feel so comfortable here."

Jay spoke up and said, "Well Jack we think the same way about you. And I know one Rusty that would hate to see you go."

"Yea, Rusty is my sparrow hawk, Gary."

"We will be feeding in a little bit would you like a cup of coffee or a pop."

Jack said, "I'll take a cup of coffee with sugar and cream."

"Gary said, "Yes I'll have one too but just sugar in mine."

Jay said, "Well Jack you know where everything is go ahead and help yourselves. That way you can make it the way you like it."

The boys helped them selves and brought their cup of coffee to the table. "Gosh I can hardly wait to feed Rusty." said Jack.

"Today I want you to try something a little different with him Jack. When you sound your horn and he is flying to you don't throw the mouse while he is on the way. I think he will go into "waiting on" like sparrow hawks are famous for when waiting for food. If he does then throw the mouse hard and even try to get it past him and lets see what happens. OK?"

"Sure Jay. The worst thing that would happen is he would land on my hand instead looking for the mouse."

With that they finished up their coffee and the doorbell rang again.

Brian was right on the job and it was Brad who had come for the morning feeding too.

"Come on in Brad and let me introduce you to a new guest. This is Gary Spellman Brad."

Brad said, "Well it's nice to meet you. I have seen you many times leading the football team but I never thought I would get to meet you."

"I'm just another guy who happens to know how to throw a football, Brad."

"Yea you sure do. You win almost every game."

Jay said, "Shall we go outside and get started gentlemen."

They all followed Jay out to the barn to get their mouse. Gary was all eyes. Jack reached in with out even a gauntlet and picked up a mouse by the tail. Then he transferred it to his gauntlet so he could hide it from Rusty.

They all took their mice and went to the mew. Jay said, "Since you have a guest why don't you feed Rusty first Jack."

This pleased Jack as he was wondering if he could get Rusty to "wait on".

Brad stepped over to Rusty ready to release the jess when Jack was ready. Gary just stepped back.

Jack walked all the way across the wide field about 10 feet from the fence and sounded his horn. Brad released Rusty and it was beautiful watching him fly. Sparrow hawks are so much more graceful in flight as they are true falcons. When the mouse didn't fly Rusty flew high over Jack and started waiting on, just as they hoped he would. With that Jack threw the mouse way up. Rusty caught the mouse way up in mid air and brought him to the ground. Actually he had to bring him down as he was too heavy for him to fly far with. Jack walked over and took hold of the Jess and got him on his gauntlet where he watched him chomp down his mouse. Jack walked him over to the rabbit hutches and then back to the mew. Gary said, "God that was awesome Jack."

Jack thank him and said he would hav e never known where to start without Jay and Brian and of course James.

Jay went next. Jack released his bird when he was ready to sound his call. Jay did so and the giant bird, compared to little Rusty, took to the air. Jay threw the mouse out in front of him. The mouse had time to take off on the run toward the barn but it didn't do him any good as Jay's hawk was on him in an instant. Jay took the jess and walked his bird and then took him back to the mew.

Gary said, "Wow those are beautiful birds up close. I have never been this close to a hawk."

It was Brian's turn to feed so he went over and released his bird took him on his gauntlet and handed Gary one of the extra gauntlets which he put on. Then Brian transferred the bird to Gary's gauntlet and told him to hold the jess until he heard his call. Gary acted almost scared of the big bird but he was smiling so he was enjoying himself.

When Brian got to the field he sounded his call and the bird was released and started toward him. He threw he mouse and the bird was on him right away. Brian took the jess and walked his bird while it was eating and brought it back to the mew.

Gary said, "I have never seen anything as awesome as all of this. This is so cool."

James decided to feed the last bird and repeated all the steps and brought the bird back to the mew. He said, "Here Gary take him for a walk."

Gary looked so happy as he took the giant bird on his gauntlet and grabbed the jess. He walked him way further than usual as he was quite enjoying this. Finally he brought him back over to his perch and fastened the jess after he got on the perch.

Gary said, "Thank you James that was more than I ever expected to be able to do. I re ally enjoyed it. He is so beautiful up that close. I love the colors of tan, brown and red in his feathers."

With that they all went back into the house. The doorbell rang and when Brian answered it it was BK and right behind him Jimmy. They both had overnight bags so they took them up to the bedroom.

When they got back down someone suggested they all go swimming. Gary smiled at this but when everyone stripped naked in the living room Gary backed down. He said, "If you don't mind I think I will just skip swimming for now, I have had a slight cold and don't want it to get any worse."

This really disappointed Jack as he had been waiting for this moment so he could see Gary in the raw and he couldn't keep turning his back on him.

Jay knew never to force a boy to do anything they didn't want to so he told everyone to go ahead and he would get Jack something to do while they swam. They all took off and when they were gone Jay said, "Would you like to see what is on TV or you could surf the net, either one while I go swimming with the boys."

"You have a computer Jay?"

"Yes, follow me it is in the family room which we hardly ever use. Here I will get it on line for you and I suppose you know all about search engines etc."

"Yea Jay I have had a computer for a long time."

"OK enjoy yourself."

With that Jay went swimming. They played king of the hill and Marco Polo and in general everyone got a feel of each other because no one really cared.

Jack usually ended up being king of the hill unless James got involved as James could beat he and his team member once in a while. Jack loved the feel of balls and dicks rubbing his neck.

After about an hour Jay dried off as he thought he might go and check on Ga ry who had to be feeling left out by now.

As Gary saw him walk in he quickly closed whatever he was looking at and was on when Jay got there. "Well how are things going Gary."

"Oh fine Jay I love to surf the net."

Jay said, "Scoot your chair over its on wheels. Jay sat in another chair just like it and said I just wanted to check my email OK?"

"Sure Jay have at it."

Jay knew he wouldn't have anything but garbage email so he deleted it all and then hit history. When he saw what came up he knew he had him. I just checked history and I see you like a lot of the sites I go to. Jay clicked on one he knew had thumbnails of naked men and then looked at Gary's face. He was beat red and looked terrified. Jay then hit another of his sites and guys were giving each other head and fucking each other and there were plenty of cum sho ts. With this Gary broke out in tears.

"What is the matter Gary, I go to these sites myself once in a while. I see you have all male sights and not female sights. I prefer the male sites too."

By now Gary had covered his face and was crying softly into his hands. "What is the matter Gary?"

"Oh God...sob...I have never....sob....been so humiliated....sob... Jay Please don't tell anyone else what I was looking at. It would totally ruin me at school and ....and everywhere."

Jay took him in a hug and told him his secret was perfectly safe with him. "How long have you known you like boys Gary?"

"For a few years now I ...sob....guess."

He put his arms around Jay now for support. Jay said come over here on the couch so we can talk. I will go and lock the french doors that come into this room so we can talk OK?"

" b."

"Now tell me Gary have you ever been sexual with another boy?"

"Oh God no, I have had to keep this a real secret from everyone."

"Well Gary it really isn't so bad. James and I are partners and have been gay since we can remember but we don't go around telling the world."

Gary sparked up a little and said, "Really you are gay too."

"Yes Gary. Here why don't you let me get some of that tenseness out of you. Lay here on the couch on you stomach and let me massage you to release your fears."

Gary lay down just as Jay had asked.

Jay started working on his shoulders.

"Oh that feels so good Jay."

With that Jay reached under his shirt and with his light brown hair he felt the softest skin he had felt in a long time giving Jay a hard on.

"As long as no one can see I could take off my shirt if you want."

"Yes Gary that would be a big help." He had stopped crying now and was enjoying the attention of Jay touching him.

Jay worked down his back and rubbed his butt threw his pants and right on down his legs.

"Here Jay let me take off my pants it feels better on bare skin."

Jay wasn't going to argue with that as a matter of fact Jay was just about to ask him to remove them. This was much better.

Jay continued on his legs and then gave each of his feet about a 5 minute massage and now he could start hearing the pleasure moans he was waiting for. Jay started back up and asked him to spread his legs a little so he could reach the inside of his legs too. Gary opened his legs as far as the couch and Jay's body sitting there would allow. Jay went up the inside of his thighs and heard more moans. When he got to the top he started massaging the p erineum area as he knew this would get him good and hard. And with in two minutes he could feel the area harden just like a rock.

Jay said, "Are you enjoying this Gary?"

"Oh yea I've never had anyone touch me like this before and it feels so good."

Jay asked him if he had ever massaged his own prostate while jacking off. He said no he didn't even know how. So Jay said, "I'm going to show you something you will really like Gary but I am going to pull your briefs down so I can reach your prostate."

With that Gary lifted his body so the briefs could come down as far as Jay wanted them. Of course Jay seeing this went ahead and pulled them down past his knees. Jay took out a tube of Vaseline and put some on two of his fingers. Then he started massaging Gary's ass hole with it.

Gary said, "Oh I have never felt anything that good Ja y."

Jay said, "Now I am going to massage your prostate which is inside your butt so push out like you had to take a crap." When he did Jay launched his finger all the way in to the prostate and started massaging it. Gary said, "I feel like I'm going to cum if you keep that up Jay." That's OK Gary. Here I tell you what roll on your side and I will show you something else you will like.

When he rolled on his side he had one massive hard on. It had to be close to 8 inches. He was cut and had a beautiful head covered by pre-cum. Jay reached down and licked the head bringing loud moans of pleasure from Gary. Jay took him in his mouth and went down on him and found even with his experience it was hard to get all of this down his throat. But after two or three bobs he had him all the way down.

"Oh God I didn't ever think anything could feel this good Jay ."

Jay started bobbing up and down keeping him deep throated and Gary was coming unglued. After about five minutes of this Jay knew he had to be dying to cum so he took both fingers at once an plunged them hard all the way up Gary's ass. That did it Gary yelled, "Oooooo... Gooood.....I'm ....cumming..." Jay took the first two shots down his throat and then backed off because he wanted a mouthful. Gary's cum tasted so good to Jay. Just a hint of salt they rest was sweet as pie. Gary shot at least 8 times and then collapsed. Jay went to his mouth after he caught his breath and told him to stick out his tongue. When he did Jay was on it sucking like a baby calf. Gary had never kissed anyone before so he just let Jay suck. Then he decided to stick his tongue in Jay's mouth and suck too. This went into a full blown French kiss that lasted and lasted. Finally when the y came apart. Gary said,"Oh thank you Jay I needed that so bad, for years I've needed that."

Jay said, "Now don't feel obligated Gary but usually a guy returns the favor of a good blow job. Would you like to try it?"

"Yea sure I have been wanting to do that for years too. Ever since I started seeing it on the Internet."

So Gary opened Jays pants and pushed them down, of course with Jay's help. Jay just went ahead and took them off. Gary was right on him he didn't even lick first he was bobbing up and down like crazy and enjoying every minute of it. Then he decided to get brave and put his finger on Jay's ass hole. Jay handed him the tube of lubricant and he put some on his first two fingers and went back to Jay's hole. He rubbed a little and then came off Jay's dick and said can I see what your ass looks like Jay?"

"Sure your in charge now."

Gary spread Jay wide open and looked for about 10 seconds. Then he put his nose down to it and smelled. There was no smell at all because Jay had come out of the pool so he licked the ass hole and started tonguing Jay. He said, "I saw this on the Internet too and have always wanted to try it." He kept licking and then Jay pushed out and he pushed his tongue inside Jay. This guy had a strong tongue as Jay couldn't remember anyone getting in him that far with his tongue. Gary kept it up and was loving it.

Jay said, "Why don't you try something else you have seen on the Internet. Put that hard dick in me."

Jay didn't have to say it twice Gary was all smiles and got up to get on him. Jay rolled over on his back and raised his knees and said, "Here you can get in further this way."

Gary was beside himself. He put his dick on Jay's hole and Jay said, "Stop Gary y ou have to one finger, fuck then two finger fuck, and finally three finger fuck me to get me ready. Then you have to lubricate your dick real good too."

Gary being totally inexperienced did as he was instructed. He loved doing it anyway. He spread Jay wide as he could and put his finger in as far as it would go and started fucking Jay with it like crazy. Then he went to two fingers and did the same. Finally three fingers and while he was fucking he was lubricating his rock hard dick with the other hand in a jack off motion. Then he said, "OK now Jay?"

Jay said, "Yes when I push out you go in slow. Your dick is bigger than most and so go in slow at first."

So Gary started in and Jay could tell he was really going to get fucked when this quarter back got going. Gary pushed it slowly past the usual point for a dick to go and on in another inch or two. Jay was thinking my God what a dick.

Jay said, "Now long stroke me pulling almost out and then back in slowly at first and then speed up."

Gary did as he was told and was enjoying the feeling of velvet squeezing his dick as he went in and out. Finally Jay said, "OK now go ahead and fuck me hard and fast."

He might not have said that if he knew what he was in for. Gary started in like there was no tomorrow and soon was going faster than Jay had ever had anyone go before. He was flat ass flying. After about 15 minutes of this he cried, "I'm going to cum Jay." And he started cumming and cumming and cumming. Jay was gritting his teeth as he didn't want to come. He wanted this virgin ass next. When he was through he fell forward on Jay and Jay reached around him and hugged him so hard he could hardly breath with his dick still deep in Jay. Finally his dick went down and popped out and he jus t lay there on Jay enjoying the moment that he had wished for so long.

After about 5 minutes Jay said, "Now lay on your stomach on the couch. Somehow Gary suspected what might be coming and was a little scared. Jay started one, two, and three fingering Gary. When he got to the third finger he pushed it all the way in and Gary said, "Oh that smarts some."

Jay said, "Yes it usually does on your first time but the pain will let up in a few seconds wait and see."

Sure enough it did and Jay started twisting the three fingers as he was really enjoying this ass play. Especially in this beautiful God given ass. It was letter perfect. Now I want you to kneel on the floor and bend over the couch and spread your legs.

Gary did as told but was obviously anxious.

Jay got behind him lubed up his dick and told him he was about to loose his cherry. With that Jay pushe d in just beyond the sphincter muscle and stopped. "How you doing Gary."

"It hurts a lot but I'll survive."

Jay told him the hurt would go away soon. Then Jay started up in this tight tube of velvet. He could tell nothing had ever ventured this way before. When he was all the way in he said, "OK now tell me when you are ready Gary."

Gary didn't say anything for about two minutes and then said, "OK it has quit hurting so bad go ahead Jay."

With that Jay started slowly long fucking him to give him the full feeling of being fucked. Then Jay started speeding up and about 5 minutes later was going full speed ahead. Gary was grunting and groaning and oh yeaing. After about 20 minutes Gary said, "I'm going to cum again...I can't believe it."

When he started cumming that was all Jay could take so he buried his dick as far into him and let loo se. Jay must have shot 8 or 9 times he didn't think he would ever stop, Oh what a fuck this was.

Gary said, "You know what Jay. I feel like I have been fucked. But you know that was the most awesome experience I could have ever had and I felt better knowing it was being done by an expert, an expert who really cares about me."

"Well you are right there Gary and now I want to have a little talk to you that I think will make you even happier."

"Like how could you make me any happier than I am right now, Jay?"

"Well you see I knew why you didn't want to go swimming in the nude with all the boys. You were afraid of getting a hard on in front of them weren't you?"

"Yea that is the reason alright, especially Jack."

"Well what if I told you that Jack has done everything you just did and more?"

"Really Jay?"

"Yes a ll the boys in this house right now are either bi or gay but they keep it among themselves. What goes on in this house stays in this house so you see you can have a ball and not worry about anyone outside out group ever knowing about it."

"That's fucking awesome Jay."

"And now let me tell you that Jack feels toward you like you feel toward him. Tell me, and be truthful, when you are masturbating what do you think of Gary."

Gary thought and said, "I think of doing things with Jack."

"Well have you ever thought that maybe he thinks of you the same way?"

"Wow that is really awesome."

"Now you can feel free to be nude or mess around with anyone who wants to anytime you are here in this house."

"Oh Jay I never thought it could ever be this way. And safe too."

"Yes it is very safe as every one likes to come here as mu ch as you probably will and no one would dare tell anyone out of this group or the group would 86 them and never let them back in."

"Boy am I ever glad you looked at the history on the computer. I could have gone right on being deeply closeted and spent my entire teen age years afraid of who I really am."

Jay said, "Now let's go join the other boys. And expect a SHOWER GO ROUND which is where everyone washes everyone in the shower and many other games that happen around here all sexual."

"Oh I can hardly wait now. Thank you so much Jay you have given me a new life." With that he gave jay a two minute hug and then they unlocked the French doors and met the others coming in hungry and wanting to eat.

There should be a lot of fun this weekend...

(To be continued)

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