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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


When Jay and Gary came into the house from the family room the boys were all coming in starving. James had come in early and had made a tray of sandwiches to feed everyone. He told them all to get a pop out of the refrigerator and go to the dinning room and eat. They were all eating within a couple of minutes. Gary felt so much more relaxed now. Seeing all the boys in the nude made him get a hard on even after what he had just been through. But he had on his pants and no one noticed. He got a Pepsi and sat down very gingerly on a chair to eat. He was really sore after loosing his virginity.

Jack went right over and sat down next to him. Jack said, "I hope you weren't too bored while we were swimming Gary."

Gary responded, "No as a matter of fact I was on Jay's computer the whole time and then Jay and I had a little talk."

Jay asked Gary to come in the kitchen a minute. When he got there Jay asked him for permission to out him to this group.&nbs p; Gary said, "Well since you say it is safe and I can trust these guys then it is about time I got outed."

After everyone finished eating Jay called for a group meeting in the living room. He was faced with a group of naked boys all over the room. Jay said, "You boys have been here for several weeks now and I want to tell you how proud of you I am for not telling the groups secret to anyone. Now I want to add to that secret. Remember what is said or seen here, stays here."

They all responded with you bet or something to that effect.

"I just had a talk with Gary while you were swimming and he told me he wants to join your confidential group as he is a closeted gay himself."

Everyone cheered and welcomed him. Gary had tears in his eyes. You could tell how happy he was. Jack also teared up his dream had come true.

Jay said, "After we finish the noon feeding which I want all of you to obviously get dressed for, then let's indoctrinate Gary with a SHOWER GO ROUND OK?"

This brought on another round of cheers.

Jack went over to Gary and said, "I am so happy you are a member of the group now. I have wanted this for a long time."

"Boy if you could only know how long I have wanted to be out even to just one person. And now I have a whole houseful that know. This is great Jack." And with that Jack gave Gary a welcome hug that lasted about two minutes.

The boys were coming back down from the bedroom dressed to go out and do a feeding.

Jay said, "I have another announcement. Today we are going to use the largest rabbits. They are almost the size of the mother and we can't wait any longer or the meat will start getting tough to eat." The hawk will only be allowed to ea t the entrails, the heart, liver, etc. The rabbit itself will be skinned and put in a freezer bag after washing it and kept until we have enough for a meal."

Brad was really happy to hear this and said, "This will be the first time we use our hawks for true falconry. Like the kings that use to feed their families with what their hawks caught."

With that they went out to the rabbit hutches where Jay opened the cage, as the rabbits were no longer in the nest box since they had grown up, and using one of the cages put three rabbits in it and closed the hutch door. The mother rabbit looked concerned but not really all that unhappy.

Jay carried the box of rabbits out to the end of the field so they wouldn't have to be handled more than once. Then told Brad he would go first. "Now Brian and Brad as soon as the kill is made get your hawk on your gauntlet while we open the rabbit with a knife and pull out the entrails. Then in the box there is a bunch of rabbit hair that I took out of the nest. The entrails have to be full of hair before we let the hawks get it. This is to ensure a healthy cast. I want both of you to get into gutting the rabbit so I want Brad to come out when my bird is released, after I have the jess, and the bird is under control. Brad here is a very sharp pocket knife. You are to start at the throat and make an incision all the way to the balls or if it is a female all the way to the vagina. Then reach in with your bare hand and pull out all of the insides you can."

"Oh how gross."

"Well this is what people who hunt deer, rabbits, ducks etc. have to do with their kill to keep them from spoiling. So get brave Brad."

"You know I will do it for you Jay, but it doesn't mean I have to like it."

With that Jay walked out to the box that held t he rabbits and took out a rabbit and laid a wad of hair on the ground by the box. Then he turned the rabbit loose about ten feet from where he would make his call and then when in place he made the call. The rabbit was hopping slowly toward the barn. The hawk spotted it and by pure instinct nailed it but quick. He killed it with his talons and started eating on the neck. Jay quickly went to the hawk and took his jess and forced him onto the gauntlet. Brad was right there. He opened up the rabbit as told, and pulled everything out in a big bloody pile. Then he reached over and got the hair and spread it evenly all over the rabbits insides. Jay then told Brad to pull the rabbit away and just leave the entrails. The hawk was released to the bloody mess and started having a feast hair and all. Brad carried the caucus back to James who helped him skin it and then they went in to wash it and put it in a freezer bag. Of course Brad couldn't wait to wash the blood off his hand and arm. Then they put the rabbit in the freezer and went back out to the mew.

Brian was getting everything ready out on the field for his rabbit to be released. Jack spoke up and said, "Give me the knife I'll take care of this one Brad."

Brad gladly gave him the knife and Jack waited.

Brian had the hair in a pile next to the box and took the next rabbit out to the middle of the field and let it go. His hawk was watching and waiting for the call. Brad made his call and the hawk flew as fast as it could landing feet first on the rabbit. The rabbit squealed but only once as it was dead in a matter of seconds. Brian took control of his bird and Jack opened up the rabbit and pulled out the insides. Then Jack went and got the hair and put it all over the entrails. Brian then r eleased his bird to start eating. He had to wait until the hawk had finished before taking him up again. Jack had carried the rabbit back over where he and James skinned it and took it in the house to prepare it for the freezer too. When they had cleaned up they returned to the mew.

It was Brad's turn so he went to the box and got out the last rabbit and the rest of the hair and put the rabbit about ten feet ahead of him and returned to position while the rabbit started running toward the barn. Brad didn't want the rabbit to escape so he quickly made his call. His bird was on that rabbit so fast it was amazing. They were experiencing what really happens daily in natures wonderful world. Jack once again cut the rabbit open but Gary had come with him and so Gary pulled out the insides showing Jack he was able to do it too. Gary carried the rabbit back for the skinning while Brad let h is hawk eat the hairy entrails.

The only bird left to feed was Jacks sparrow hawk, Rusty. So he cleaned his hands and went back out to the barn and got a mouse out and went to his stand. He sounded his call and Rusty took off on a beeline for him. Seeing no mouse Rusty again went into the hovering called "waiting on". It was amazing seeing a bird flying but staying in the same place like a helicopter. Jack threw the mouse way up and Rusty had it before it started down. He brought it to the ground and started eating. Jack walked over and just held the jess and let him eat his meal right there on the ground. Then he picked Rusty up on his gauntlet and walked him back to the mew. Jack was so proud of being able to do this in front of Gary. He was just beaming.

Jay said, "Well that about takes care of feeding lets all go back in."

When they got to th e living room Jay said he wanted them all to go and get in the van as they were going to visit Pocatello's small zoo. Jay had never been there and some of the boys hadn't either. So James backed out the van and they all got in and were at the zoo within 10 minutes. It was in a well tree lined area and really quite beautiful. They walked around for about an hour looking at the animals and just things in general. Even though it was late September it was in the high 80's so everyone was sweating some. Jay stopped at one of the pizza places where you bake the pizza at home. He picked up three large pizzas each with a different topping or combination of toppings. Then they drove home. It was getting toward 4 by the time they got home.

When they got in the house Jay thought it would be easiest for Gary to get accustomed to other people looking at him if he had them all go for a swim as they we re all hot anyway. So Jay said, "OK boys lets all head for the pool and cool off, OK?"

Everyone ran for the bedroom and got out of their clothes and headed for the pool. Jack told Gary to follow him and took him in a bedroom that was empty and they undressed in there. Jack had a hard on seeing Gary in the nude and soon Gary joined him hard as a rock. Jack walked over and took hold of Gary and Gary took hold of him. They both found themselves on the bed sucking in a 69. Both of them had wanted to do this for so long. Jack wet his fingers and put them up Gary's ass. This prompted Gary to do the same thing. So they finger fucked each other with their middle finger and sucked like they had never sucked before. Jack then plunged two fingers all the way home and Gary let go. Jack swallowed most of it but kept some in his mouth. It tasted so good as he really liked Gary a lot. Wit h this Gary wet his two fingers and as strong as he was he was all the way up in Jack in a second or so. That did it Jack started cumming and pumped out about 8 or 9 shots. Gary swallowed some and also kept some in his mouth. He thought of how many times he had jacked off to this fantasy and now it was a reality. Jack reached up and stuck his tongue on Gary's lips pushing and Gary opened his mouth and they started a full French kiss that lasted about 15 minutes. Neither one of them wanted to break free but just stay that way the rest of the day. But finally they broke and Jack said, "Want to go swimming Gary?"

Gary said, "You bet I can hardly wait to see all those naked guys. But I have always wanted to be able to look at you Jack in the shower but I would always start getting hard and have to turn around."

Jack said, "I knew that all the time, but I was afraid to say anything as I didn't want to loose your friendship."

With that they headed for the pool and dove in.

Jack told Gary about the king of the hill game knowing Gary would be a strong contender being in football and such good shape. When Jack Yelled KING OF THE HILL all the boys beelined to try and be one of the first on someone's shoulders. When they saw Gary was going to be one of the horses to climb on they all wanted to be first. It ended up Brad climbed up on Gary. With that Brian got on Jack. This would be quite a battle. They pushed a tugged for about ten minutes until Brian tired and Brad was able to get Jack off balance and down went Brian. They all came up laughing. Then Jay and James acted as horses and Jack got on Jay and Gary got on James. This wasn't too much of a contest but it did last about 5 minutes as James was two years older than Jay and so Jay and Jack went down.&nb sp; They continued different versions of this until everyone had had a turn. They really enjoyed themselves. Finally Jay and James got out and dried off and it wasn't long before the boys also got out.

When they got back in the house the SHOWER GO ROUND call went out. Jay made an announcement. "You guys...there are too many of us to get even in to the big shower so why don't we let James, Gary, and Jack go first. Then when they are through you can flip coins for who goes next. We can be done in three showers. Have fun but don't use up all the hot water. "Actually boys this house has a huge quick recovery hot water heater so don't worry about it." said James.

So James, Gary and Jack took off for the shower first. This was Gary's first experience with this so Jame suggested they do two on one and do Gary first. Gary just stood there wondering what was going to take place.& nbsp; James and Jack started both shampooing his hair at the same time. This was a unique experience for not many people have had their hair washed by two people at once. Gary was loving it as it felt so good. Then James started down the front of Gary doing his chest until he had his nipples hard. Jack seeing James take the front started down the back. He could hardly wait to get a good look at Gary's ass hole. When he got to the ass he spread it wide and just looked at it for about 5 to 10 seconds before starting to massage it with soap. Gary's ass had two black hairs on it and that was all. It was so beautiful to Jack after waiting so many years to see it like this. Jack finally after rubbing his anus for a while stuck his finger in about half way. Meanwhile on the front James was jacking Gary with soap and had him huffing already. Jack pushed his finger all the way in and felt the liquid up in the colon. This really turned him on. So he took two fingers and buried them as deep as they would go. Hearing no complaint he went ahead with three fingers hard and fast which with James jacking him like crazy set him off. He came and came hard hitting James all over his front. But James loved it and so did Gary. Jack on the other hand was totally turned on by the spasms squeezing his hand as Gary came. Then he put just one finger in and felt for the heartbeat. This really got him excited as it was beating so fast.

Next they started in on Jack. Doing his hair first and Jack just moaning with pleasure. Then James took the back leaving the front to Gary which pleased him very much. After all he had been trying to see this dick all season and kept getting caught. Gary rubbed the nipples hard and then spent about two minutes on his stomach as it was so soft and smooth . He then took hold of a very hard dick and started jacking it. He even rinsed it and took it into his mouth as he wanted all of that he could get. While he was sucking away of course James was doing a professional job on his ass hole. When James saw him sucking on Jack he decided to get Jack to cum in his mouth. So he took two fingers and attack the prostate gland. Jack went ape shit when he started this and it was only a few seconds before he was filling Gary's mouth with cum, just exactly what Gary wanted so bad. Gary reached up and shared the cum with Jack for about 30 seconds as they knew it was James turn.

They both started in on James next. After doing his hair they took sides. Jack took the front this time and Gary took the back. Jack had gotten the idea from Gary and wanted to see if he could take all of James in his mouth so he went down on him. He gagged two or three times but finally managed to get the whole almost 8 inches down his throat. Gary saw this and started really finger fucking James. He wasn't exactly sure how to attack the prostate so he decided to just give him hell with two fingers. James really felt this double attack and it only took him 8 or 10 minutes to fill Jack's mouth with cum. Jack had to swallow some but he saved enough to share. First he shared with James and then he went to Gary and shared with him which ended up in a French kiss royal. When they were through they all dried off as they knew there were people waiting for the shower.

When they got back to the living room they found that the coin toss put BK, Jimmy and Brian up next. That left Jay and Brad for last. Which was fine because they thought so much of each other.

Brian led the way and Jimmy and BK followed. Brian started the water and got the nozzles going. They got in and BK and Jimmy did Brian first. Jimmy got the back and could hardly wait to get to the ass hole. This left BK for the front. They washed his hair and started down him. Jimmy got to the ass fast, as he could hardly wait. He got his middle finger clear up in Brian and asked Brian to sit back. Brian sat on his finger hard. Bk took Brian in his mouth and started sucking which felt so good to Brian he was moaning. Then Brian said, "Hey guys why don't you take turns fucking me. They smiled and agreed to that so Since Jimmy was already back there he pushed his dick in and Brian sort of push back like he was going to sit on it pushing it all the way in to the hilt. Jimmy went wild. He started fucking Brian like there was no tomorrow. After about 8 minutes Jimmy gave it up and pumped all he had into Brian. Brian felt every spurt as it was hot. Then BK got behind him and sai d, "Bend over Brian." When he did BK stuck his dick all the way home in one thrust. He grabbed Brian around the waist and hugged him as he fucked like he never fucked before. He was sweating up a storm but after 10 minutes or so he let loose and shot at least 8 loads really filling up Brian after Jimmy had shot his load in there too.

Brian said, "I'll be right back." He went to the toilet and pushed out the cum as there was so much of it he felt like they had given him a sperm enema. Then Brian came back ready to go again. He said, "OK now both of you get me one at a time. He said, "I'll only be able to cum one time so I will fuck the first one about 5 minutes and switch." So he took BK first and said, "Now you bend over BK." BK did and Brian was all the way in him with his huge dick right away. BK said, "Oh Ouch ouch...You are so darn big." Brian took it easy after that but finall y got to full speed with BK moaning and groaning. Then Brian thought that BK had had enough and he was afraid of cumming so he told Jimmy it was his turn. Jimmy looked a little scared as that was one big dick he was going to take. "Please go easy on me Brian I'm smaller than BK."

Brian said, "I will dude I don't want to hurt anyone." So Brian went slow and pushed in past the sphincter and waited a few seconds. Then he slowly put the whole thing clear up in Jimmy. It felt like he had reached Jimmy's stomach. "How ya doing Jimmy?"

"It hurts but I'm getting used to it."

With that Brian started slowly long stroking him. It felt so good to Brian as he was so tight. Then Brian speeded up and started really fucking Jimmy. After about 6 or 7 minutes Jimmy said, "Oh Brian I'm cumming." and he shot cum all over BK. BK took it on his fingers and put it in his mouth. Wit h Jimmy cumming and that tight ass Brian lost it too. He pushed all the way in each time he shot another load and didn't finish until he shot 8 loads into Jimmy.

When all was through they all rinsed off and got out to dry. Jimmy hit the toilet and got rid of a lot of cum. They could hear it spurt out of his ass and hit the water. Then they all went to the living room where Jay and Brad were waiting their turn.

Jay said, "Come on Brad let's go." Brad followed him and it wasn't long before Jay was washing Brad. Jay actually loved Brad like a brother and really did a good job on his hair. Then he let Brad do his hair. Then they washed each others bodies and Jay said Brad let's dry off and go into the bedroom OK?"

"Yea Jay that is fine with me."

When they got to the bedroom Jay lubricated Brad as he could hardly wait to get his dick up in his buddy . Brad knew what was coming so he turned on his back and raised his knees. Jay put his dick to his ass hole and Brad pushed out and grunted. Jay was all the way in when he heard the grunt. Jay was in heaven. He pumped and pumped and pumped. Brad was really enjoying it as he had had Jay so many times before. And besides Jay's dick was just 6 inches and he could take that. Finally Jay let loose and let 7 or 8 ropes go inside him. Brad just layed there looking in Jay's eyes. Oh how he loved Jay.

Jay said, "You got enough strength to do me?"

Brad said, "I'll sure give it a try." So Brad had Jay lift his legs as he wanted eye contact and he lubed him and then pushed in all the way. Brad was surprised he had as much get up and go as he had. He started fucking and went for about 15 minutes. Finally Jay said, "I can't fucking believe it I am cumming again." Of course the spasms set Brad off and he pumped 6 or 7 loads into Jay loving every second of it. Then Brad lay on top of Jay in Jay's cum and just lay there exhausted. They lay that way until they both almost fell asleep. Then Jay said, "Hey dude we need to rinse this stuff off us."

So they both went back to the shower and just rinsed. They dried and returned to the living room where everyone was collapsed in front of the TV watching a video.

Jay ordered Pizza as everyone was too tired to cook anything. And they still had an evening feeding to go. What a day...

(to be continued)

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