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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


The next day the boys got up thinking of all the fun and games that might happen today. The phone rang. Jay an swered it. It was Mr. Peterson asking if he and the boys would like to take the hawks out after jack rabbits in the field. Mr. Peterson added that he would have to shoot the jack rabbit and wound it before we let the hawks go near it. Jack rabbits are strong and beat a red tails feathers really bad. Broken feathers can be bad for a hawk so he didn't want to take any chances. Jay told him that sounded like something all the boys would enjoy but since a gun was involved he would have them get their parents permission to go. Mr. Peterson said he understood and that he would be over around 9:30 so don't have a morning feeding.

Jay called all the boys in the living room and explained the situation to them and asked them to all call and get permission to go since there was a shotgun involved. Jay said to be sure and tell them that Mr. Peterson was the one that would handle the gun and they would not be i nvolved in any shooting themselves.

All the boys called and got permission without any trouble as the parents all trusted Jay and James. After all they let them come over almost every weekend.

BK asked Jay, "You know Jay David has been overseas with his parents for over a month but he is back now. Remember how he enjoyed the SHOWER GO ROUND.

Jay said, "Yea I remember him real well. He was the tall kid with the swimmers body and the perfect ass."

"You remember him very well," said BK. "Anyway would it be OK if I call him and ask him if he can get permission to go with us?"

Jay said, "Sure we can always pile another one in the van."

BK went to the phone and called. David got permission and was tickled to death to be invited. He said he would be over in about 15 minutes.

Mr. Peterson and David arrived almost at the same time. Dav id was all excited as he wasn't sure he would be still welcome here after being gone so long.

Mr. Peterson said, "Well boys put the birds in their carrying cages and load them up. Then he turned to Jack and told him to go ahead and feed Rusty that Jack rabbits were definitely not his game. So David followed Jack out to the mew and then to the barn to get a live mouse. David had never seen Rusty WAIT ON so he was in for quite a pleasant surprise. Jack gave David an extra gauntlet and let him hold Rusty and his jess until he got in position across the field. When Jack sounded his horn David released Rusty and he was airborne and headed for Jack. David thought how beautiful. Then all of a sudden Rusty went way up in he air to wait on, and David thought maybe he was going to fly away and he would loose him. But just then Jack tossed the mouse way up in the air and Rusty got i t before it even started falling back down. Rusty took it to the ground and started his meal. Meanwhile Jack was right there getting hold of the jess. He let Rusty eat his meal on the ground. David had walked across the field to the feeding place and said, "Jack that was so awesome how he went up in the air like that. He looked like a helicopter flapping his wings like that."

Jack said, "Yes David that is called waiting on, it is common for sparrow hawks to do this when hunting."

David said, "Well it sure impressed me Jack."

Jack took Rusty back on his gauntlet and transferred him to David telling him to hold the jess and walk Rusty back to the mew. This really made David feel like he was part of. When he got him back to the mew he put him on his perch and then hooked him to the perch.

Jack watching David walk across the field ahead of him showing off that beautiful little ass had gotten a semi hard on. David picked up on it and rubbed the back of his hand on it since he remembered Jack and everyone had done SHOWER GO ROUND and wouldn't mind. Jack really got hard then. David did too. Jack reached down and squeezed his dick and so they now both had a dick in their hand. No one was around so Jack reached down inside the back of David's pants and fingered his ass hole without any lubrication. He fingered it long enough to get the aroma from Jack's ass on his finger. Jack did the same thing to him after Jack did it to him. They both pulled their fingers out and put them to their nose. The smell was great. Both of them wanted it to last all day.

Jack said, "I'd like to continue this when we get back David if you are game?"

"Boy am I ever." said David.

Both boys walked back toward the house smelling their fingers every now and then.

By now the van was loaded and they all got in and followed Mr. Peterson. It was only about a 15 minute drive until he turned off on an old road that didn't look like it was used much. Really it was just tracks through the sage. He drove in about a quarter mile and then stopped and got out with his shotgun in hand.

"OK boys get your hawks out and ready. One never knows when a jack rabbit will show himself and we might have to do a lot of walking to scare some up. This will be good for your birds as they need the walking with their trainer to get use to hunts like this."

All the boys were so excited. Even their eyes showed excitement. They followed Mr. Peterson through the sagebrush for about 10 minutes and then he raised his shotgun and fired at a jack rabbit. The rabbit leaped straight up in the air and you could sure tell it had been s hot. Mr. Peterson said, "OK Jay why don't you release your bird first. When Jay's bird saw the rabbit flipping around on the ground he was airborne immediately and right on the rabbit. It only took him about 20 seconds until there was no more movement from the rabbit. Jay took his pocket knife and split the rabbit wide open and just let the hawk feast on it as it would get plenty of hair along with the meal. The jack rabbit would not be any good for human consumption as they had worms and all kinds of things that people didn't want as food. Jay's bird was feasting so he just hooked a line to the jess and let him have his way. Jay stayed with his bird and the others in the party followed Mr. Peterson again.

They walked about 5 minutes until a jack rabbit shot out from behind a sage bush and Mr. Peterson shot. The rabbit was wounded but not as badly as the first. Mr. Peterson told Brad to r elease his bird on this one. So Brad released the jess and motioned his arm toward the downed rabbit. His bird took to the air and flew right to the rabbit and nailed him. It was a battle royal but the hawk and his talons came up the winner of course. Brad also hooked a line to the jess and let his bird feast after he split it open.

Brian was hot to go now. He followed Mr. Peterson another 5 minutes or so and saw a rabbit take off to the right. Mr. Peterson fired and missed. So they continued walking. Finally another rabbit his the ground running and Mr. Peterson was successful this time. The dying rabbit was hopping all around in circles when Brian's hawk hit it. The talons suck into the vulnerable spots that the hawks instinct taught him to go for and soon the rabbit was laying still. Brian went over and cut the rabbit open and hooked the jess to a line like the others had done. &l t;P> Mr. Peterson said, "This is very good training for the birds because it is as close to the real thing as you can get. If these were just regular cotton tails the hawks could take them without shooting them first."

Jack and David were in back watching all this and Jack reached down with a wet finger and stuck it up David's ass as far as he could reach with the pants in the way. David did the same thing to Jack and it looked like two buddy's standing their with their arms around each other. They finger fucked each other until Mr. Peterson started walking back toward Jay. Then they both pulled their hands out and almost simultaneously smelled their fingers. They took a deep breath of this aroma and both loved it. Both boys had hard ons from hell. This would be one fun afternoon when they got home.

One by one the boys with the hawks showed back up. Their hawks all looked sati sfied. Mr. Peterson said, "Well how's that for a feeding boys."

They all agreed that that was a lot of fun. Kinda like going on a hunt with their hawks.

"Well it's too bad there aren't more cotton tails in this area. Then you could go hunting for real. But I'm afraid this area supports only jack rabbits. Cotton tails are few and far between out here. Cotton tails like green stuff to eat and you can see there isn't anything out here that approaches green."

The boys all agreed that was sure true all there was was sage brush. When ever there was a fence row you could see where sage brush had broken loose during a wind storm and piled up against the fence.

They all loaded back in the van. The boys put their hawks in their cages for traveling. And then Mr. Peterson said good bye for the day and left to go to his house. James drove out the dirt road following h im to the highway and then on home.

When they got home the boys took their hawks to their perches. You could tell they were glad to be there as they started preening their feathers and looking contented. They weighed them and found them up two ounces so it would not be wise to fly them at this weight. So they thought they would wait until morning and feed them then. Jack however, went and got a live mouse and asked David to hold Rusty while he went to the other end of the field. When he sounded the horn Rusty took off and flew a little higher than usual Jack guessed it was because he knew he was going to have to wait on. When he got there he indeed started his wait on procedure. It was so beautiful to watch as sparrow hawks are one of the few birds in the world that can sit in one place in the air, kinda like a humming bird. Jack tossed the mouse up and of course Rusty was right on it and b rought it to the ground. Jack took hold of the jess and just kneeled there letting him finish his meal on the ground. Then Rusty turned and hopped on Jack's gauntlet as if knowing what was expected. That was the first time Rusty had done that of his own accord. Jack took him back to his perch and then put his hand of David's shoulder and said, "What ya say we go in the house."

When they got in there they could hear everyone had gone to the pool and were swimming quite loudly. Jack told David to follow him and they went to one of the bedrooms. Jack turned and locked the bedroom door as he knew the rules of the house were no one came into a closed door without knocking but he locked it anyway. Then he turned to David who was smiling and took him in a hug. He moved his lips to David's and they French kissed for quite a while. Jack moved his hand down and took hold of a raging har d on through David's pants. This made David do the same to Jack. They were really enjoying this kissing and foreplay. Jack reached around David and put his wet finger down his pants and stuck it in his ass. Of course it was only a few seconds until he had a finger up his ass too. Jack still kissing pull him over and down on the bed. They both pulled their hands out as it was cramped and started rubbing each others backs and belly's. Jack couldn't believe how soft David's skin was. It was as soft as anyone he had messed with.

Then David undid Jack's belt and unsnapped his pants. Taking hold of his zipper he pulled it down and took Jack's dick in his hand through the under ware. Of course Jack started doing the same to him. It wasn't long until they had each others pants down and off. Then they each took off their own shirts. David said, "I really like being with you Jack you are so kewl."

"You aren't so bad your self David, I love being with you. You know this is the first time we have really been together? You were only here one other time is that right?"

"Yes and that was my first and only sexual experience except now with you." said David.

"So what all did you do when you were here last time David?"

"Well we did a SHOWER GO ROUND and really that was about all. Mr. Peterson came over and everything sort of broke up." said David.

"So then you are a virgin? said Jack.

"Yea I have really never done anything with anyone except what you and I have been doing. That was really my first kiss and I loved kissing you Jack." said David.

"Wow! You have got a lot to learn David. Here take this Vaseline and finger fuck me with your middle finger." said Jack.

David could hardly wait as he loved playing with Jac k's ass. So he pushed his middle finger all the way up in Jack until he could feel the wetness of Jacks colon way up in there. It was so warm and tight he wanted to just stay there.

"Now David use two fingers and then after a bit use three and keep fucking me all the time."

David was really happy now he put two fingers in and started fucking him. His ass was so warm and tight and it felt as soft as anything he had felt almost like velvet. He then went ahead with three fingers and heard Jack moan. "Are you alright Jack?"

"Oh Yea David it's just tight but it's you so I don't care. Finger fuck me hard."

David went ape shit he really enjoyed this. His dick was harder than it had ever been in his life and was leaking precum like a faucet.

"OK now David I want you to get an experience you won't soon forget. Put Vaseline on your dick and jack off with i t to spread it good. Then take your long dick and put it all the way up my ass."

David couldn't believe his ears. He had jacked off to fucking someone but certainly not someone like someone on the football team. And also not someone this good looking with an ass that was sent from heaven. David put his dick at the hole waiting for instructions.

"OK now David I'm going to push out like I'm trying to take a shit. This will relax my sphincter muscle and your dick will be able to go right in me. Go ahead now." With this David heard him make a grunting sound and started pushing his dick in slowly. He kept going until he had his long dick all the way up into his colon.

"OK now David start fucking me. Go slow for about 15 seconds and then lets see what a man you are and how fast you can go."

David did as he was told and it was feeling so good to him he wanted to cum.& nbsp; But he held off and started going faster and faster until he was going faster than he ever believed he could move. Jack was moaning and groaning, oooooing and ahhhhhhing all pleasure sounds. Finally Jack couldn't hold back any more and said, "OH GOD I'M CUMMING David..."

David didn't know he would be able to feel him cum inside on his dick as the spasms started squeezing his dick. That was all she wrote for David and he let go. He shot more cum out his dick than he had ever shot before. It must have been 8 or 9 shots at least he thought. He just knew he had never felt anything this good in his entire life. He finally collapsed on top of Jack and started hugging him like there was no tomorrow. He loved this guy or at least he thought he did. How could anyone be any better.

Jack said, "That was so awesome David. I have never had anyone fuck me that good before.&n bsp; You are really something David. I could lay here with you forever."

David said, "That's ditto for me too Jack."

They lay there in each others arms until they caught their breath.

Then Jack said, "Now David let's see how you do with me finger fucking you OK?"

"OK Jack, I think I will like it since it's you doing it."

Jack lubricated his fingers all three of them real good. Then he started with his middle finger and said, "Push out." When David grunted he slipped his long finger all the way in as far as it would go. He just held it there because he loved the feeling of the water or liquid up in there that far. He pulled back about an inch and started short fucking him so he could stay in that area.

David moaned and said, "That feels awesome Jack."

Jack kept doing it as he loved that feeling way up in there. Then Jack b acked up and started long stroking him with just his middle finger so he could still reach the wet area. After about 5 minutes he knew David was ready for two fingers. SO he went up in him with two fingers slowly. He could hear David moan loader and kept right on going up in there. He short fucked him for a while and then started two finger long fucking him. David was going ape shit and the sounds he was making were all pleasure. Finally Jack took all three fingers and started in him and when he got about half way David said, "OOoooo that kinda smarts. I've never had anything, in my ass except during the SHOWER GO ROUND and that was a long time ago."

Jack said, "It is normal for it to hurt for a minute or so but then your anus will relax to the size and it will feel OK again. I'll just stay right here until you tell me to go on."

After about 3 minutes or so David said, "Go ahead it ha s quit hurting now."

Jack pushed on in to the hilt and stopped once again. "How you doing buddy?"

"It's OK now Jack, I'm used to it now."

So Jack started long stroking him with all three fingers. He speeded up making David moan real loud now. Once he spouted out "Oh God." Jack kept fucking getting faster and faster and started hitting on his prostate.

"Oh Jack if you keep that up I'm going to cum."

Jack didn't want that so he pulled his fingers out and took his dick in his mouth and sucked for a few minutes. He wanted to get him so turned on he would want to be fucked. Then Jack raised his legs and went down and started tongue fucking him. He licked him first and then doubled his tongue and pushed. Jack said, "David push out and keep pushing only stopping to take a breath I want to get inside you."

"OK Jack I'm pushing now. "

Jack folded his tongue and started pushing in every time he pushed again he got in farther and farther. David was coming unglued.

"Oh God Jack I have never had anything feel so good. Who would have ever thought that an ass hole could feel like that." said David. Jack would you try your dick on me?"

That is what Jack had been hoping for and he said, "OK you are well lubricated. Lubricate my dick by sucking on it and getting it real wet.

When David started sucking on his dick it did two things, it did get it wet, but it also got him harder than a rock at the same time.

Jack said, "That should be enough David. Now push out real hard."

When Jack heard the grunt he pushed his dick in about two inches and stopped.

"OH MY GOD THAT HURTS!" said David.

"Do you want me to take it out David?"

"No just hold it there a minute and let me get used to it."

After a few minutes he nodded and Jack started in real slowly. David had a skinny ass even though it was perfectly shaped. So naturally his ass hole never having been used before was tight. Jack finally hit bottom all the way in. He held it there and watched David breathing rapidly. With each breath he made another sound. Jack after two minutes or so started short fucking him. He knew his dick was big and long and wanted to take it easy on David he liked him so much.

David finally said, "OK Jack it has quit hurting and feels kinda good now go ahead and show me how good you can fuck."

Jack started in getting longer strokes and faster. Pretty soon he was really going like only a football player in good shape can. If you could start a fire rubbing dicks against ass holes I'm sure his ass hole would be smoldering now. & lt;P> "Oh God that feels so fucking good Jack."

Jack hearing that even got faster and started deliberately hitting on his prostate. Jack had been fucking him for 15 minutes or so and knew he was going to be one sore lad tomorrow so he wanted him to cum.

"OH Jack that feels so good when you hit that spot I'm going to ... cummmmmm......" and he came and came and came.

Jack feeling his dick getting squeezed with each spasm of course couldn't hold back any more and he came way up deep in David. Each time he spurted he was all the way in as it felt so good to him.

Jack finally collapsed on top of David laying in his cum. They lay there trying to catch their breath for about 5 minutes. Then Jack got up and started cleaning all the cum off of David with his tongue really turning David on again he even got hard again. Jack saw this and took his dick in his m outh and sucked it a few times to make sure it was dry.

David said, "That was the most awesome time I have ever in my whole life had. I had no idea sex could be this good."

Jack said, "I'm glad you liked it David, your sure no longer a virgin."

"I wouldn't want it to have been anyone else but you that took my cherry Jack." said David.

"Well I'm glad it was me too. What you say we go shower off and join the guys swimming if they are still in the pool."

So they both went and took a quick shower and dried and sure enough the boys were still in pool games so they joined them. The water felt so good after all what they had been through.

(to be continued)

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