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Funny how time flys. Weekends come and weekends go but with them months go by. MID SUMMER OF THE SAME YEAR

James was surfing the net and put into the search engine Hawking. He was surprised to find several entries. One that struck him as most interesting was a place called HAWKING IN THE HIGHLANDS. It was in Scotland and seemed very interesting to James. He called Jay in and asked him if he would like to take their hawks to Scotland and fly them in a game quarry. There was a place called Hawking in the Highlands that would take up to six hawkers and their dogs if they had one or two. If they didn't dogs would be provided free of charge. They even had a price list.

2004 season One Falconer 800..00

  Two Falconers 400.00 ea

&n bsp; Three " 275..00

& nbsp; Four " 200..00 ea

And 200..00 per Falconer thereafter

&n bsp; (maximum of six)

You can bring your own dogs and ferrets. But both can be supplied free of charge.

He really didn't know how to convert pounds to dollars but that didn't matter as money was of no consequence. It went on to say.

Here at Hawking In The Highlands, we offer many different activities to cater for the needs of Falconers both experienced and novices. Just a few examples of what we offer:- Hawking Weeks (with own Hawks or your own) on rabbits, ducks, geese & woodcock. This will include a self-catering cottage. Al l inclusive, bedlinen and quarry. G.C.H. payed at cost. Electric free. All cottages are of a high standard of cleanliness and comfort.

This really sparked both James and Jay's interest. Jay said, "That we could bring up to six of us. Who would we bring James?"

"Well Brian for sure since he is our son. And Brad since he is your brother, well almost, BK who is always here, and Jack could bring his sparrow hawk. That makes six. What do you think?"

"That is perfect James. When would we go?"

"Well it says here that one should plan on coming around the end of August or beginning of Sept. We could set it up where we go two weeks before school starts and that should be a perfect time for the place. They don't do any hunting until all spring offspring are raised and have become adult. This keeps their population up on hunting prey. Look here it says that one gro up last year brought back 135 rabbits in just one week. Sounds really exciting huh?"

Jay answered, "Yea it really does. The boys would love it too."

"Gosh Jay you know it is mid August now I better make plane reservations."

"Yea they say it is best to make them a month ahead to save money."

"Well, Jay that is nice but we really don't have to worry about the money part anyway."

"Well let's see the 18th of August which is next week would put us back on the 1st of Sept. Just in time to start school the following week." said James.

Jay said, "Look here they have a phone number listed to make reservations at the Hawking in the Highlands. Let's call it and see if they can take us those two weeks."

James took the phone and called the number whick was several digits long being an overseas call.

"Hawking in the Highlands, this is Patrick , how may I help you?"

"We would like to make reservations if possible for a one or preferabley two week stay starting on Sept. 18 and going through the 1st of Sept. There would be six of us and four hawks, three red tail hawks and one sparrow hawk."

"Well laddy let me look at me schedule. Yes I have a cabin for 6 open during those dates. Would you like to reserve it?"

"Yes we would," said James.

"Well sir we take only advance payment to hold a cabin do you have a credit card that you could give me the numbers of."

"Yes sure it is Visa Number ************* . That will be fine sir. I will confirm payment and email you your reservations receit. What is your email address?"

James gave it to him and that was that. He went on to tell James things to bring and asked if he would be bringing ferrets or dogs. James said, "Neither."

"We ll needent worry lad as we will furnish dogs as needed."

James thanked him and ended the call.

"The next thing we have to do is make airline reservations to Glasgow, Scotland. There a van will pick us up and take us to the hawking place."

James went to the computer and made the reservations for 6 adults. It would take 13 hours to get there.

Then he called the airport and asked about transporting 4 birds of prey. They told him they needed to be caged and that they had a special pressurised space on all the airlines for animals to travel in safety.

This relieved Jay as he was worried about the health of the hawks on such a flight. They would have to over feed them just before going to the airport and then feed them as soon as they got to a place they could.

Since it was now Friday and a bunch of boys were expected this weekend, as usual, i ncluding one new boy who had never been there before which always made James and Jay nervous. Jack said he was trustworthy and so they trusted Jack completely. He said he was also on the football team and a good guy. Jack said, "Besides I have been wanting to see him naked other than in the locker room where he only got a glimpse or two." His name was John Harrington.

So Jay and James had dinner with Brian and then watched TV. The guest were due to start arriving at morning feeding time so they had the evening pretty free. They decided to rent a movie and watch it to fill the time. But first they went out to do the evening feeding.

They decided to just use live mice as they wanted them good and sharp set to show the new boy, John, tomorrow.

Brian said, "Do you want me to set it up where I suggest John try one of your famous back rubs Jay?"

Jay s aid, "Yea that would be fine he can always refuse."

During the movie Jay knew Brian hadn't showered for quite some time and he wanted to put his finger in him so he could save the special smell. He was another one that liked the musk smell of a guys ass. So he pushed him forward and put his hand down the back of his pants. Brian immediately knew what he was after and leaned sideways to allow Jay's finger to reach it's targer. Jay had wet it enough that it slipped right in. Brian moaned as he like it so much. Jay finger fucked him for a few minutes and then unsnapped his pants and laid him across his lap with his head on James lap. This of course brought James right up hard. So Brian opened his zipper and pulled out his dick and started sucking on it. James was now doing some moaning of his own. Jay meanwhile had slipped Brian's pants below his butt so he could see his ass hole as well as work on it. He just loved Brian's perfect ass. He kept wetting his finger and got him so slippery he put two fingers in and fucked him fast and hard. He kept this up until Brian said, "Jay I'm cumming...."

Jay reached under his dick and caught all the sperm he could in his hand and then licked it off with his tongue. Boy did Jay love that taste. Then Jay knowing Brian was through pulled his pants back over his ass and let Brian fasten them himself. Jay sat there the rest of the movied rubbing Brians ass through his pants and smelling his finger periodically.

The movie ended kinda late so they all took showers and went to bed. After all tomorrow was going to be a big day, what with John to break in and all.

They all woke up kinda early the next morning as they were excited about the day coming up. Especially getting to meet this John guy. Jay fixed eggs and pancakes with sausage and the three of them ate their fill. It was now 8:30 so things should start happening soon.

The first to arrive was Brad. He was always Johney on the spot. Not long after Bk popped in followed by Jimmy. It wasn't long before Jack arrived and he had John with him. Why is it that football players all have to look like someone who belongs on the cover of a magazine. This guy was fantastic looking. He had brown hair and a body that only God could have put together. Like Jack he had muscles that were God given and looked hard. His upper arms looked like they could move a mountain.

Jack said, "John I want to introduce you to my hawking friends." And he went on to introduce him to everyone.

Jay smiled and said, "Well John you are certainly welcome here as any friend of Jack's is a friend of ours. We think a lot of Jack here."

Jack said, "Thank s Jay I think the same of all of you guys. When do we do the morning feeding?"

"Right now Jack. We were waiting until you showed up for Rusy's sake."

With that they all started out to the mew. Of course John just followed along as he had no idea where they were going. When they got to the mew Jay said, "Today we are going to continue butchering rabbits as they are all grown now. We need to get them in the freezer before they get too old and tough."

So they followed Jay to the rabbitry to each get a bunny. Jack of course went to the barn with John to get a mouse for his sparrow hawk. John said, "You mean you have to handle those things."

Jack said, "Yes this is what I feed Rusty. I used to have to kill the mouse at first and that was gory but now I feed live mice to him."

Jack reached in with his gauntlet and pulled out a live mouse . He asked John to get the can traps and empty them in the fish tank. John looked at him kinda like "are you crazy or something." But he didn't say a word. He picked up a can trap and looked in to see the creepy little mouse in there. He said, "Jack how do I get him out of here?"

Jack said, "You don't have to touch him John just open the fish tank top and dump him in. The top of the trap opens up."

So John held his breath and opened the trap and dumped the mouse in the fish tank. "Now it still has the bait on the trigger so he reset it and put it back down."

John followed directions and then did the rest of the traps the same way. They were as usual all full.

Jack led John back to the mew where everyone was waiting. "Who goes first," Jack said.

"Well Jack since you are the one who has a new friend here why don't you and Rusty g o first." said James.

This pleased Jack no end as he wanted to show off his hawk. "John see this piece of leather attached to this ring. That is called a jess and keeps the bird from escaping while we aren't here. Would you release the clip when I get out in the field. I'll tell you when."

Jack went all the way across the three acre field and said, "OK John release Rusty now."

When John released him Jack sounded his horn and Rusty immediately took off in a beautiful flight getting higher and higher as he got out close to Jack. John thought he was going to just fly away and it scared him. When Rusty got right over Jack he went into his wait on, and stood still in mid air above Jack. John was really impressed as he had never seen anything like this. Jack threw the mouse way up in the air and Rusty caught it on the way up and brought it to the ground where Jack w alked over and took hold of the jess. He let Rusty eat most of the mouse and then put him on his gauntlet to eat the rest. Then Jack walked over to the mew seeing a face of amazement on John.

"Wow! Jack that was really cool. I can't believe how he could fly in one place like that. Like a humming bird can."

Jack said, "That is called waiting on and in the wild they hunt that way waiting for something to show itself and then they dive down on it and eat it."

"That is awesome Jack. I am so glad I came over here with you."

Jay went across the field next. He motioned for Brad to release his bird as he tossed the bunny out in front of him. The bunny started hopping back toward the rabbitry and in seconds the hawk had him with his talons. The rabbit made a dying squeal and then silence. Jay opened up the stomach with his knife and threw in some hair and let his bird eat the insides. When he had finished he took the bird back to the mew. John said, "That was just as awesom watching that huge bird take that rabbit.

Next went Brad and when he was finished James took a sound maker for the next bird and flew it.

When all the birds were fed and back in the mew Jay told John to follow he and Jack and they would go to the barn and skin the rabbits. Jay showed him how to do it with the first one. Then Jack did one and finally John was given a try. He was a little awkward never having done anything like this before but he finally finished. They then went into the house and washed the rabbits in cold water and patted them dry with a clean towel. Then they put them in freezer bags and than in the freezer. That was that.

Everyone ended up in the living room wanting to rest a while.

Brian said, "John you should ask Jay to give y ou a backrub. He is so good at it it totally relaxes you."

John said, "I wouldn't bother Jay with something like that he is just as tired as we are."

Jay said, "If you want one I don't mind I sit on the bed while I do it so I am still resting anyway."

"Well even Jack told me how good your backrubs are, I guess I'm for it if you are. Where do you want me?"

"Well follow me and I will do it in my bedroom where you can be comforable."

"Lay down on the bed with your head on the pillows. Oh will you take off your shoes first."

John did as he said and acted kinda nervous. It isn't every day some person rubs your back especially someone you just met today.

Jay decided to start on his feet to make him more comforable. He rubbed each foot for about 5 minutes. John was moaning even to this and even said, "Oh Jay that really feels g ood. I have never had anyone rub my feet before."

Jay said, "I'm glad you are enjoying it."

Then Jay went to the shoulders and when he felt he muscles through the shirt he thought to himself this guy is built like a brick shithouse. Jay asked if it would be OK to rub under his shirt. John said, "Sure Jay."

Since he didn't offer to take his shirt off Jay just pushed it up onto his neck baring him completely. He started in rubbing and massaged on down his back. Jay was thinking I guess I am going to be rubbing his legs through his pants. When he got to the waiste line Jay just continued on down throught the pants but rubbed over the butt anyway with no complaint. He continued on down the legs and was glad the boy had on denims as he could feel the muscular legs so much better through them. He reached the feet and rubbed them again for a minute or so and then back up.  ; When he got to the thigh he asked him to spread his legs which he did. Then he got to the prostate area and went right ahead through the pants but pushing a little harder than normal. "Oh that feels really good Jay."

Jay said, "Yea I used to have a buddy that rubbed me here and I loved it. But I was usually in my underwear so it felt even better."

John said, "Gosh I never thought of that here let me take off my pants so I can feel it better too."

When he did Jay could see his dick was already hard from him rubbing through the pants. So he continued rubbing the perineum area until he had him really moaning. "John has anyone ever rubbed your prostate for you I know I used to love it when my friend would."

"No I know we studied about it in class but I really don't know where or what it is."

"Well here let me show you. I will have to pull your shorts down is that OK with you?"

"Sure Jay whatever you need just do."

Jay pulled his shorts down and decided to take them below the knees. Then he wet his finger real well and started rubbing on his anus telling him his prostate was just inside of here. This made John go ape shit. "OH GOD I'VE Never been touched there before that is awesome Jay."

"I thought you would like it John." Jay continued wetting and rubbing and looking as he had one beautiful ass. Jay opened his cheeks so he could see the hole. It was clean and so perfect. Yes indeed God had put this guy together one step at a time. Jay held him open real tight and pushed his finger against the anus. "Push out like you had to take a crap John and it will relax these muscles."

When John grunted Jay's finger entered about two inches. Jay reached for his prostate and started massaging it knowing it would be like an e lectric shot to John.

"Oh I've never felt this good. Push harder Jay."

Jay started finger fucking him hard after he said that. Hitting hard on the prostate each time.

"Oh Jay my dick is so hard I think I could cum."

Jay said, "Here roll on your side facing me."

When he did Jay took hold of his almost eight inch dick and stroked it sending John in to moaning heaven.

"John has anyone ever given you head?"

"No I don't know anyone quite that well."

Jay said, "Well do you mind if I do?"

"God no I would love it."

Jay took him in his mouth while he continued finger fucking him. He ran his tongue all around the head of his cut dick. And worked real hard on the sensitive spot receiving more ..."OH GOD's and moaning."

Jay then went ahead and gave him the experiece of deep throating and took all e ight inches of his dick all the way down it seemed into his stomach. He kept it down there and bobbed on it recieving more sexual pleasure sounds than you can describe on paper.

Jay kept this up for about ten minutes and when his mouth was getting tired he though this is it he pulled off and wet two fingers really well smelling the one he had been using and loving it. He went back down on him but this time worked on him in his mouth as he was going to make him cum and wanted every drop in his mouth. So while tickling his sensitive area Jay plunged his two fingers all the way to the hilt. That did it John hollered out..."OH...MY...GOD...I'm...cumming OH God...Oh God..."

He sent at least 8 or 9 ropes of cum into Jays mouth forcing Jay to swallow fast or loose it.

When he was through he said, "That is without a doubt the most sexual experience I have ever had. Jay that was so good."

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"Jay could we keep this to ourselves as the guys would call me a fag and never let me live it down?"

"John can I tell you something. I will keep this a secret if and only if you will let me tell you one thing."

"Anything Jay."

"Everyone in this house has experienced what you just did and a lot more."

"Really are they all gay?"

"No we don't use those words in this house. Gay, lesbian, fag, faggot, dike are all no no words in this house. We just enjoy each other and never tell anyone outside our group. You are now a member of our group as long as you don't tell anyone about this."

"God I would be crazy to tell even one person. Does Jack have fun like this...I mean would he....Has he....I mean.. I don't know how to ask."

"The answer is yes he would and so would any of the other boys that come here on weekends. They all have one thing in common and that is they love sex and they love learning the new things I teach them and they learn from each other."

"Wow! I think I just found heaven. Jay would you allow me to... well what you just did to me to you.?"

"Sure that is what it is all about giving each other pleasure."

With that Jay took off his shirt with John's mouth open and then pulled his pants and under ware off leaving himself naked.

John said, "Would you turn over on your stomach for me?"

Jay said nothing just rolled over and put his head on the pillow.

John went directly to his butt and spread his ass. He held it open and kept looking.

To make it easier for him Jay said, "That's fine John you can look at it for an hour I don't care. What ever you want to do just do it." &l t;P> John said, "Really." And with that he wet his finger and rubbed Jays ass hole. Jay looked back to see him smelling his finger and thought just like me. He started rubbing Jay's ass and then after getting it real wet he pushed his finger against it and felt Jay push out. SO he went right on in with his middle finger as far as his really long finger would reach. He said, "Gosh Jay this feels so neat and warm and it is wet way up in here."

"Jay told him that was fluid that kept his bowels moving instead of being constipated."

"Oh." He continured on finger fucking Jay and then entered finger two. "Would you roll on your side facing me Jay?"

Jay was hoping for that and did it immediately. John licked the pre cum, which was abundant off the end of his dick and then took it in his mouth. He did what Jay had done to him. But when he reached the gag point h e gagged. He tried again and again and finally he had it all the way down. Then he started giving Jay head like there was no tomorrow. Finally when his mouth got tired he went back to working on the ass he loved to play with. Jay lay back on his stomach wanting so bad to cum by now he felt ready to explode. "John wet your dick really well or here let me do it for you."

John came to where Jay could reach his dick. Jay got it soggy and then said, "Now I want you to have a new experience John. Stick your dick up my ass."

"Really? Fuck you..."

"That's is what I mean have at it I'm experienced."

John couldn't believe anything this good could be happening to him. So Jay lay over on his back and raised his legs up over his head. Jay said, "There that way you can get further up in me with that huge dick of yours."

John thought to himself my dick has never, never, been this hard. He got up and put it to Jay's ass hole and heard Jay grunt pushing out and he was in. He slowly went in until all eight inches, which felt like 10 to Jay, was up in him. John said, "Oh that feels better than anything. It is so soft and hot in there. Are you sure you want me to fuck you in and out?"

Jay said, "Yes John as fast and as hard as you can go. The faster the better."

John went absolutely beserk. He started in and out and found himself speeding up beyond what he believed he could ever go. He kept it up since he had already cum for about 15 minutes with sweat running off his face and dripping on Jay. Jay was trying his best not to cum but finally had to this was just too good. Jay said, "I can't hold it any longer John I'M CUMMING...OH GOD..YOU ARE SO FUCKING GOOD JOHN.."

John had never felt anyone cum from the inside and the feeling of Jay cumming squeesed his dick over and over and he came and came and came.

When he had shot 8 or so times he collapsed on Jay's stomach and their faces met. Jay put his mouth on Johns and John opened up for him and they huffed and puffed in a French kiss. But they had to stop and catch their breath as they were worn out.

Jay finally said, "I hope you have room for more John as it gets pretty sexy around here in the evenings.

"Now I know I have found Heaven Jay."



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