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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


John and Jay after catching their breath got dressed and went back to where they found everyone watching TV.

"You guys ready for the evening feeding?"

Everyone jumped up and they went to the mew. The evening feeding went well and they had three more rabbits for the freezer.

When they got back into the house Jay suggested he order 3 pizzas for everyone.

That got a resounding cheer.

"You guys go ahead and watch TV until the pizza gets here. Say Jack would you and John come with me for a minute?"

They both followed Jay up to his bedroom. Jay said, "Jack your friend John loved his back rub, and I told him about how things are around here and that we don't use words to put down anyone like fag etc. He was happy to hear that weren't you Jack?"

"Oh yea this place is like heaven I told Jay."

Jack I want to introduce you two so would you both get nude.

They both blushed a little but Jack started first and was nude about the time John was taking off his pants. Finally when they were nude Jay told John to lay on the bed face down. "Now Jack would you mind showing John what one, two, three finger stretching means."

"Wow! No I sure wouldn't mind." With that Jay gave him the Vaseline and he told John to push out. John already knew this much of the procedure he had just a while ago done it with Jay. So he pushed and Jack put his middle finger all the way into him.

"Oh God, you guys know how to make a guy feel great."

Jack said, "Yea we have a lot of fun around here alright." Jack kept right on fingering him and got him up to two fingers. This brought on a little louder moan from John. So Jack started twisting and turning his fingers as he fucked really loosening him up. "How are you doing John?"

"OK its funny it hurts a little at first but then after a bit it just sta rts feeling so good."

"OK John I am going in with three fingers now this will hurt again." So Jack started in slow with three fingers and buried them all the way in and stopped for a minute. "Tell me when you feel like I can move them John?"

After about 30 seconds John said, "OK I'm ready, actually anything you do Jack I would like. You are my team mate and my buddy."

Jack started fucking him in and out faster and faster and then started the turning and twisting procedure and kept going. Jay handed him the butt plug and Jack just smiled.

Jack pulled out and said, "Now the next step we use is the butt plug it won't hurt at all at first but when it reaches this point, and he showed it to him, it will smart some but just like everything else it will subside and feel better in a minute."

Jack lubricated it really well and started it in. As he went in John started getting red in the face but said nothing. Then after holding it in the biggest position for a minute or more Jack plunged it in, and it seated itself all the way up in John's ass.

"OH GOD that hurts. It feels like it popped into my stomach."

Jack said, "That is the way it felt for all of us. But we had to take it before we could take a dick."

"You mean you have been fucked Jack?"

"Yes John by now several times and I really enjoyed it after being stretched like this. Jay wants us all to learn how to do things right so we won't get hurt."

Jack took hold of the butt plug and pulled hard to get it out.

"Jack I didn't tell you but Jay let me fuck him and it was great. I want you to do it to me. Will you?"

"If you want me to sure. Turn over on your back." Jack said as he was putting lots of Vaseline on his dick whi ch was so hard now he couldn't believe it. The impossible was about to happen.

"OK now John push out." Jack said. Then Jack put his dick on his hole and pushed just the head in and stopped. "You OK dude?"

"Wow! My ass is tight but yea I'm OK because I know it's you. Go ahead on in."

Jack pushed all eight inches all the way in and then started short fucking him real slow. He kept this up for about two minutes.

"I'm used to it now Jack go ahead and go faster. It is starting to feel real good now."

Jack then started long stroking him hitting on the prostate on each stroke in. This of course sent John into extreme pleasure.

"OH JACK that feels so good speed up as fast as you can and harder."

Jack needed hear no more he was going like the wind. He kept it up for about 20 minutes until both of them were wringing wet. But then all of a sudden John said, "OH...I...Can' anymore... I'M CUMMING Jack."

Of course the contractions on his dick sent Jack into orgasm and he shot harder than he ever had before because this was the guy he had loved as a buddy for years. It felt so darn good he wished it would never end. But finally he collapsed on top of John in John's sperm and just lay there huffing and puffing and trying his darnedest to catch his breath. John was just as out of breath. Finally Jack thought after catching his breath there is one more thing this guy needs to learn and so he put his mouth to John's and pushed his tongue into John's mouth. John was a little surprised by this but went along with it and it wasn't long before they were sucking tongues and exchanging spit like crazy. This lasted at least ten minutes. And then Jack got up and said, Lets rinse off this cum in the shower OK?

John s aid, "Yea I am all for that."

When they were in the shower John said, "If I had known you were having this much fun over here I would have asked to come with you a lot sooner."

They both laughed. Jay who had watched the whole affair was hard as a rock now so he went in another room and relieved himself.

One of the boys yelled down the hall. "HEY YOU GUYS THE PIZZA JUST CAME."

With that they all went in and feasted. John never quit smiling and neither did Jack the whole evening. After pizza they all went swimming for an hour or so and then watched TV until time for bed. Jack and John paired up in one bedroom and everyone else paired off and went the ways they wanted.


When we got to the airport we were all worried about getting out birds and as to their health after such a long flight. As they were walk ing toward the baggage area they saw a young guy with strawberry blond hair, about 6ft tall with a swimmers type body, holding a sign Hawking in the Highlands Bus. Jay went right over to him and we couldn't help but hope this lad worked for the place. He was very good looking and real smooth faced. Jay introduced himself as a member of the party that was going to the Hawking in the Highlands and the young boy said good. "Lets go where we can pick up your birds and put them in the air conditioned bus first."

So we all followed him to an area that was obviously for animals as we could hear dogs barking and whining. The boy introduced himself to Jay as Shawn. Jay in turn introduced him to all of us. Then Jay and James watched as the boy who every one obviously knew found the birds and checked on each cage to make sure the birds were OK. They were all OK but we knew they had to be starving so Jay t old Shawn how long it had been since they had eaten, about 15 hours.

Shawn said, "Aye then they be good an sharp set. We will feed them as soon as we get to the Highlands."

With that we showed our claim checks for the birds to the attendant and reclaimed our birds. Shawn took us to the bus and it had a special place in back to put all the hawk cages. Then he led us to the baggage area where we claimed our bags and took them to the bus and put them in on some shelves built for that purpose. Shawn said Well that is about it let's all be on our way. So we all got in and Shawn said it would be about an hour drive. We had already been traveling about 13 hours and so many of the boys fell asleep on this ride. Jay and James stayed with it as the country side was really beautiful. Rolling green hills which looked like they were taken care of by a gardener but of course we were way out in the country and knew that would be impossible. "Shawn how do these hills stay so well kept looking."

"Well Mr. Jay this area is a sheep area. They move the sheep around to have enough to eat and so all the grass stays clipped pretty short until it is time for the herd to be put back on it again."

Jay thanked him and now realized why things were so beautiful. Every now and then we would pass a sheep herd with a man and a dog attending them. Shawn said, "You see those dogs with the man. They are as well trained as your hawks. They keep the herd in one place until the man wants to move them and then they move the herd as directed by the man. They are quite skilled and actually have contest once a year to name the best sheep dog for handling sheep. They give out a trophy to the best dogs owner and believe me it is kept with much pride."

Jay said, "That would real ly be something to see."

"Well I'm sorry to say that you missed it this year as the contest is held in the spring and it is almost fall now."

Jay just acknowledged him.

After a long while Shawn spoke again. "You see that second hill over there. That is where the Hawks in the Highlands is located. I think you will like it. The cabins are comfortable and even have inside facilities instead of outhouses."

Jay and James looked at each other like "Outhouses"!

As Shawn pulled into the place we woke the boys so they could get a first hand look at where we had come. They were all eyes. There were several large cabins and down at the end there was a house. Shawn said, "We will go to the house first so you can meet Evan, he is the owner and runs the place. I just work for him and he lets me have a small one room cabin to myself." < P> Jack said "You must get lonely out here."

"Aye, but the pay is good and I like the work."

"Maybe we could get together in the evenings and play cards or something." Jack said. Jack was really wanting to get this beauty alone somewhere.

"Yea Mate I would sure like that. It is kinda boring at night here."

As he pulled up in front of the house we saw a man come out of the door and figured it must be Evan, the owner. Shawn said, "That is Even there."

As they got out James introduced all the members of our team. Evan told us his name and then said, "Let me show you to your cabin. I can let you have a deluxe cabin since our season is just barely starting and we won't be full booked until September." He led them to a cabin that looked like it had a garden growing on the roof. Jay wondered how that could keep rain off the inside bu t it was plenty dry inside.

The cabin was broken into four rooms. A small kitchen, another room with a lot of stuffed chairs in it served as a living space,and then there were two bedrooms with a bunk bed and a single bed in each. The inside privy was small and between the bedrooms. It had a small stall shower and a commode and sink. Very primitive but would do the job. Sure better than an outhouse anyway.

Evan said, "Now you guys have to be very tired. When was the last feeding of your birds?"

Jay said, "It's been about 15 hours."

Evan said, "Then for tonight lets put them in our mew and feed them right on the perch. They are tired as well. Have you been flying them regularly enough they are trained?"

Jay said, "Yes we fly them usually three or four times a day."

"Good then we can start right out hunting. Have your birds ever hunted game?

Jay said, "Well we raise mice and rabbits and let them go just before we make the birds individual sounds and they are quick to take either rabbit or mouse."

"Well then they are really ready to go. Have they worked with dogs or ferrets?"

"No we have neither at our place."

"Well we will have to be careful with the ferrets then but the dogs will be OK they are too large for a hawk to attack and are used to hawks being around them all the time. The ferrets are put down a hole to chase out the rabbits that could be down there. The main thing you have to be careful about is not releasing your bird until game shows. If the ferret comes out alone just don't release your hawk."

"How do you keep from loosing your ferrets when you put them down in holes?" Jack said.

"Well they are trained to a call just like the ha wks. Since we always want to have the call with us we use our mouths and make a kissing sound like this." He made a real loud kissing sucking sound with his mouth. "That way we can always call the ferret back at anytime. You see we keep the ferrets sharp set too. When they are hunting they are hungry that is what makes them want to find a rabbit down in the hole. But the rabbit always gets away and is captured by the hawk as he comes out of the ground on the run. I doubt your birds have ever seen a wild rabbit run like one that is running from a ferret so you have some excitement ahead of you."

"Yea all our rabbits are semi tame so it will be very different." said Jay.

"But don't ye worry lad as your hawk has built in skills you probably have never actually seen in action. Now I will go. We will meet out in front of my house at 9:30 in the morning. Y ou are all so tired I am sure you will sleep well tonight."

"Yes I am sure of that." said James.

Jack approached Shawn and said, "I think we are all going to turn in tonight as we are really tired. How about we get together tomorrow night?"

"Aye that would be fine lad. I am tired tonight after working all day and then driving the bus for two hours. So if you want you could come over to my cabin tomorrow night."

"That would be fine with me said Jack." Jack was 15 going on 16 and so he wasn't much different in age from Shawn. He knew tomorrow night would test his skills he had learned at Jays.

Everyone sat around the living room and talked about the trip and how changing airplanes all the time was not neat. But they had made it.

Jack asked BK if he would like to go into the bedroom. And of course anyone would gladly go with Jack so BK go t up and off they went.

Brad took Brian and they went into the other bedroom.

This left Jay and James alone in the living room. Jay reached over and French kissed James and that got them started. Pretty soon Jay had James pants undone and was giving him head. It felt so good to James as sex always did when he was tired. It was so relaxing. Jay asked him to get down on his knees on the floor and lean over the seat of one of the chairs. Jay started rimming James immediately. James held onto the cushions as Jay gave him pleasure. He was pushing out between breaths so Jay was really getting in there. Jay wet his dick with spit from his hand and pushed his dick into James. James just groaned. Jay got faster and faster until James was squeezing the pillow on the chair really hard. Then James let loose all over the chair and the contractions sent Jay off in his ass. Then the y got a damp towel and wiped the chair and changed positions where James got his turn at the same thing.

Jack wanted BK because he wanted to fuck him. So he had BK lay down on his stomach and put a pillow under his dick. Then Jack reached under him and loosened his belt. He unsnapped and unzipped him and pulled his pant down over his cute ass and spread his cheeks as wide as he could. Bk's anus looked so good to him. He rubbed his anus without wetting his finger and then smelled his finger. Oh how he loved that smell. He then started rimming him asking him to continue pushing out. Jack probably had the strongest tongue BK had encountered and it wasn't long before he was deep inside BK with his tongue. Loving every minute of it as it had a musky taste that he loved so much. He kept the finger next to his nose so he could smell him at the same time. This made his dick so hard he thought he would burst. He asked BK to get him wet. BK went down on him and loved sucking this eight inch cock so much. It was picture perfect in all respects. After about 3 minutes of wetting it Jack said, "Can I fuck you BK?"

BK said, "I was hoping you would ask that. Yes have at it. But you are so huge take it easy till I get used to it."

Jack put his dick on his hole and started pushing harder and harder until the sphincter gave way and he was inside about two inches.

"Oh..wait there a hurts..."

Jack waited until finally BK said, "OK go ahead I want you all the way in my stomach."

Jack slowly pushed until he was balls to balls. He held it there feeling Bk's heart beat with his dick. He could just lay there like this for an hour it felt so good. BK was not only tight but hot and soft as velvet in his tunnel.

"OK Jack show me how a football player does it."

Jack started long stroking him and heard him make loud moans of pleasure. He got faster and faster until he was full speed ahead. He was really rabbit fucking Bk's little hole. He kept going for about 25 minutes with every sound a guy can make coming from BK. Then BK said, "Ooooooo......Ahhhhhhhh....IIIII......mmmmmmm going to cum..."

When BK came that was all she wrote for Jack as the contractions on his dick set him off too. He shot at least 9 times as he wanted BK so bad he didn't know when he had enjoyed a fuck this much.

BK turned and said, "God that was good."

Jack was so out of breath he couldn't even answer him. It took about 5 minutes before either of them could communicate.

BK said, "Now can I do you?"

Jack said, "What goes around comes around, you bet." Brian and Brad loved to be together. They had known each other longer than any of the others since they were the first two people Jay met. Brad felt honored as he was the very first. They messed around and kissed and soon were both naked and in a 69. They both sucked so good and then got into finger fucking at the same time sending Brad off first and then Brian couldn't hold it as Brad pushed three fingers into him really fast causing him to loose it too. They went into a french kiss and fell asleep. They ended up sleeping on a bottom bunk bed. The next thing they knew it was morning.

Boy what was today going to bring.

(To be continued)


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