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The next morning we were all tired due to jet lag. Seeing that it was now midnight in Pocatello. Wow! starting a day at midnight was going to take a few days to get used to. Jay looked in the refrigerator in the cabin and found it to be fully stocked with all breakfast items. Eggs, sausage, milk etc. it was all in there. So he looked in the cupboards and found they were also stocked mainly with cereal, pancake powder, and other things primarily for breakfast. So he and James made up a good breakfast. It was a little hard eating at midnight for our stomachs but after all we hadn't eaten since last night so we were hungry.

At about 9:20 we headed out for the house. We were to meet Evan and probably Shawn at 9:30. When they saw us walk up they came right out and greeted us. They took us for a walk around the facility. It was quite large. We however, didn't go out into the hunting fields.

Then he took us to the mew. Evan said that today he wanted to see just how well our hawks were trained before deciding what to do next. So he told us to do the morning feeding as if we were at home. He asked the sharp set weight for each bird. He wrote it on a clipboard and then had us one at a time weigh our birds to see what weight they were at now. They were all a couple ounces under sharp set as they hadn't eaten much in the last couple days. They were plenty safe to fly. Evan asked what we normally fed. Jay told him Rusty the sparrow hawk ate mice normally and that the others had either a mouse or the insides of a rabbit they killed. Evan told us that would be fine. "Now lads when you will be hunting with your birds all day you don't feed them much with each kill or they would go out of sharp set and you could loose your bird. Even though we usually get the bird back because he will come down out of the tree, or what ever he decided to escape to, fairly easily after several hours and he is once again sharp set. But we want to prevent that from happening if at all possible because people have lost their birds if the bird flys to an area where they can't find it. Here in the grassy hills there are not many choices for a bird to retreat to so we usually find him in a nearby tree and then have to wait him out."

"Shawn will you bring the mouse cage out here and we will just feed mice this morning. That should make the birds sharp set for the noon hunt."

Shawn returned with a cage type contraption and told us we could get a mouse when we were ready for it.

Jack was so anxious to show Rusty "Wait on" that he got the first mouse. He took it about the same distance across the field from the mew as at home. Then he sounded his horn and Rusty was released by Brad. Rusty immediately went high surprising both Evan and Shaw n. When Rusty got right over Jack he started his beautiful "waiting on" procedure. Jack threw the mouse hard up in the air right past Rusty. Rusty caught the mouse on the way down and took it to the ground where he started eating it. Jack took hold of the jess and put him on the gauntlet and let him finish his meal. Then Jack walked back to the mew and was greeted very warmly by both Shawn and Evan.

"My that was a magnificent show Jack, I have never seen a sparrow hawk trained to "wait on" before. That was truly amazing. I have an idea for Rusty later on."

Jack thanked him for his support and then put Rusty on the perch and attached the jess.

Brian went next and took a mouse out on to the field. When he made his sound Jack released his bird and again it was a low but perfect flight. When the bird was about half way to him Brian threw the mouse about 10 feet out in front of him. The mouse hit the ground running and it was beautiful to see the hawk turn in mid air and nail the mouse. Brian went and took hold of the jess and just sat on one knee and let the bird eat as it didn't take long for a red tail to finish a mouse. Jack put him on his gauntlet and took him back to the mew.

Evan said, "Well it certainly appears to me that your birds are in good shape for a hunt."

Jay took the next mouse across the field. This time when the bird was about half way Jay tossed the mouse out to the left forcing the bird to turn in flight and nail the mouse. Jay had to walk aways to take hold of the jess. But then he took the bird on his gauntlet and took him back to the perch and hooked the jess.

Evan and Shawn were very happy with what they were seeing.

Brad took the next mouse out and did the same that Jay did.& nbsp; The same successful catch was repeated and Brad brought his bird back and hooked him on the perch.

Evan said, "Well it is obvious you have been taught the hawking world by someone who knows what he is doing. It is rare that I get a group of birds who are all as ready as yours are. Now we will fly at game right after an early lunch. As you saw we completely furnish the cabins with breakfast food. The rest of the meals we all eat together in the house. So why don't you take some time to look around or whatever you want to do until then."

James thanked Evan for the lunch invitation and said they would be there at 11:30 sharp.

With that Jay said, "Well boys do as you please until then. That is about an hour away." So the boys paired off and went their own ways. Jay and James went back to their cabin and Shawn honed in on Jack and asked him if he would like to go with him . Jack was thinking the same thing himself. This Shawn guy had him bone up, every time he looked at Shawn's ass especially. Shawn and Jack walked back to Shawn's room and talked. Shawn was very interested in how things were different in the United States etc. Shawn also mentioned that there was a boy who was 15 that came Thursday's through Sunday's and cleaned dog pens and other odd jobs and that he usually stayed on the bunk bed in Shawn's cabin. We took the top bunk and put it on the floor as we like two beds better. Jack thought to himself how interesting.

When it got to be 11:25 Shawn told Jack they better head for the house as lunch would be ready. So they went to the house. Shawn didn''t have to knock so we walked in to where the table was. Everyone was already seated and waiting. So we took our seats just as Evan brought in a platter of sandwiches. Each place setting already had a glass of milk in front of it and napkins. So everyone picked a half sandwich and started eating it. Evan had cut them in half diagonally.

After eating for a few minutes Jack asked, "Can I ask you what the sandwiches are made of Evan, they sure are good."

Evan spoke up and said, "Aye lad, those are left over mutton sandwiches we don't ever let food go to waste on the farm."

"Mutton is that sheep meat?" Jack asked.

"Aye lad, that is exactly what mutton is. We eat a lot of mutton around here since we have a pasture full of sheep in one section of the farm. We also have a lot of venison which is deer meat for those of you who haven't done much hunting."

Jack was thinking of all this and thinking of the poor little lambs and Bambi's that they would be eating. He was jolted out of his deep thought by Jay. "Jack it is common even in the United States t o eat venison. I have eaten it lots of times. My grandpa use to kill his deer every year and we always got some back strap steaks from it."

"What's back strap mean?" Brad asked.

"Well that is a section that comes from along the backbone kinda like T bone steaks on beef. It is the finest of the eating and is very tender.

"Oh I see, I guess." said Brad.

"We might even be butchering a sheep while you are here I'm not sure but if we do you will see first hand what he is talking aboot lad." said Evan.

"How do you plan on starting hunting with their hawks Evan?" said Shawn.

"Well I think it would be taking a chance using ferrets the first day until the hawks get to know that these animals are actually helping them make their kill. Hawks are smarter than we give them credit for Shawn. So we will start with the pointers, that is dogs for thos e of you who might not know. The hawks are not likely to try and take an animal as large as a dog as they are smarter than that."

"What field do you plan on starting in Evan?" said Shawn.

"Field one hasn't been used yet this year. Actually you are only the second hunt for this year as our season starts really in Sept. next week and goes until Christmas or so. We don't bother the animals during the breeding season and of course during the time they are raising their young. If we did it wouldn't be long until there would be very few rabbits to hunt." said Evan.

"That makes since." James said followed by a nod from many heads.

So since they were through eating Evan took the platter and washed it and told everyone they would be responsible for their glass and napkin. He showed them where the trash was for the paper napkins. All the boys got busy and it wasn't 5 minut es until they were ready to start.

Evan said, "Well lads, let's head for the mew. Shawn will you get out three pointers?"

Shawn got up and took off to get the dogs. When he returned to the mew he kept the dogs well back from the mew. He told them to sit and stay and they all minded perfectly.

Evan said, "Dogs that work herds of sheep have to be extra obedient as they are a real asset for their owners. These dogs can work sheep herds, as well as work as pointer for hunting, so they are doubly trained you mite say."

This really impressed all the boys and Jay and James too.

"Well lads get your birds, except for the sparrow hawk as I have something special planned for him later, and follow me to field one."

They walked for about half a mile and Evan said, "This is the beginning of field one. It goes to that fence line way up there on top of the hill and to the fence lines you can barely see on either side of us. My fields are large as they have been in my family for generations."

Evan told Shawn to lead out with one dog and have Jay follow him. Then he said, "Jack you can just follow along while the two of you with hawks walk up here close to me."

Shawn and Jay took off to the left and Evan and the boys took off to the right. Evan said, "Now we can't have two birds chasing the same rabbit so why don't you Brian release your bird first. When you see a rabbit take off make your sound so your bird knows it is time to go."

They all started walking forward with Brad and Jack following behind and Brian walking right with Evan. All of a sudden the dog scared out a rabbit, Brian made his sound and his hawk took off like he knew what was going on. The hawk followed the rabbit who was running for it's life, not like the tame rabbits the hawks had worked with at home, and finally swooped down on him and the rabbit tumbled to a dead stop with the hawks talons deeply embedded. The rabbit was squealing really loud like nothing we had heard before. After about 5 or 10 seconds the squealing stopped and the rabbit lay still. Evan said, "OK now Brian get the jess. Jack open the rabbit and gut him, you do know how don't you?"

"Yes we have done it with the tame rabbits at home." So Jack opened up the rabbit with his sharp knife and pulled out all the entrails.

Evan said, "Now lads we must keep the hawk sharp set for our hunt so only give him a small piece of the liver to eat, here is some fur to put in your pocket Jack."

Jack handed the piece of liver to Brian who made the call again and took the bird on his gauntlet and fed him the hairy piece of liver. The rest of the entrails we will just leave as they will feed the wild animals. Put the rabbit in the sack on my back Evan said. And so Jack put the rabbit in a large cloth sack on Evans back. Then they started onward on the hunt with Brad moving up to walk with Evan. They hadn't gone 10 yards when another rabbit scurried away. Brad jumped but made his sound and released his hawk. The hawk flew beautifully weaving back and forth following the speeding rabbit but the end came when the hawk went feet first into the rabbit and grabbed hold with those sharp talons. Again the rabbit made a squeal I am sure we will still hear tonight in bed. It is so wild a sound. The rabbit squeals like an animal dying in agony. Soon the rabbit lay still and Brad got his bird on his gauntlet and waited while Jack got the piece of hairy liver and gave it to him while he made the birds unique sound for him to eat by.

Meanwhile Shawn and Jay had gone in another direction. It wasn't 4 minutes before the dog had a rabbit on a death run. Boy could those rabbits run. Jay made his bird's sound and the bird was off and flying like crazy trying to catch the rabbit. But wings always win if it is a clear field and his hawk went down on the rabbit rolling it as it squealed it's death sounds. It was so scary listening to a dying animal. Jay got to the hawk and got it on his gauntlet. Shawn gutted the rabbit added a little hair to a piece of the liver and told Jay this was all they could feed at one time to keep his bird sharp set. Jay put the cleaned rabbit in a bag on Shawn's back. They continued on. It wasn't very long less than 5 minutes than the dog had another rabbit fleeing for it's life. Jay made his sound and the bird was again airborne. It followed the rabbits zigs and zags in the air and it wasn't long before the dying sound was being heard I'm sure for a long way. Then silence. Shawn gutted the rabbit and gave Jay the food for his bird and Jay put the rabbit into the sack with the first one. This continued on for another couple hours until Jay and Shawn were tired out and so was the hawk. They had gotten 13 rabbits. They decided to try and find the other group. They finally found them and they were pooped too. They had 19 rabbits because of two birds hunting. Evan said, "Why don't we head back we still have to take care of Rusty." Jack was sure happy to hear that.

When they got back to the mew they put their birds on their respective perches and hooked the jess's. Evan went to the barn and got it looked like a small bird. When he got there we could see it was indeed a small sparrow like bird. He had tied a line to the leg of the bird that was so light you could hardly see it.  ; It wasn't as thick as a hair. Evan said, "Now this line will go about 50 yards giving the bird quite a workout to catch it." He sent Jack with Rusty way out on the field giving Jack the sparrow to keep hidden in his free hand. When Jack made his sound with the horn Rusty took off from Evan and flew toward Jack. When he was about half way to Jack he released the bird and the chase was on. It was amazing to watch this true falcon on the hunt. Rusty shot way up above the bird and then folding his wings to his body went into a stoop and hit the bird so hard with his talons it knocked the bird to the ground and Rusty was right on him. Jack let Rusty have the bird on his gauntlet and walked back to the mew. Evan said, "That was so fine Jack. That is an amazing sparrow hawk you have there." Jack was about to bust his buttons with pride. He couldn't have been happier with Rusty. He let him eat his bird right on his hand not wanting to put him on the perch. He just wanted to hold him.

Finally the bird was eaten all but a few feathers and Jack had to put him on the perch.

Evan said, "Why don't you all go and rest, shower or whatever and come to the house for dinner at 5:30."

No one disagreed with this. It was 3 now so that really wasn't very long. Shawn said, "I will see you at dinner Jack. Why don't you stay on the bunk bed with me in my cabin. I am alone until the other kid comes to work on Thursday."

He couldn't have said anything that would have pleased Jack anymore as Jack was still eying that beautiful perfect ass. Jack said, "You bet Shawn I would like that a lot. See you at dinner then."

They all returned to their cabin and no one was into showering they just all collapsed on their own bunks. Some of them even to ok a nap. About 5:20, Jay said, "Well guys it is time for dinner."

No one moved very fast but they all put on their shoes and headed for the house. Evan had a lady cook who had a beautiful dinner for us. The main event was mutton back strap steaks. She had baked potatoes and sweet corn on the cob. Lots of biscuits and plenty of butter and apple butter. Everyone ate their fill and then all of them talked about the day and how much fun it had been. Evan told them tomorrow they would be hunting with the ferrets. This should be exciting as none of them had ever hunted or for that matter even seen a ferret.

When the talking was over everyone agreed to go back to the cabins and meet again at 9:30 in the morning. Jay, James, and the boys except Jack all headed for their cabin. Jack went with Shane walking slightly behind him drooling over Shawn's ass.

(to be co ntinued)

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